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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and in the the past, and cosby defense attorneys, said those relationships were consensual. famed, 79 year-old comedian bill cosby entering the montgomery county courthouse on tuesday. the final scheduled pretrial motion underway, at hand, district attorney kevin steel 's push to allow up to 13 additional witnesses to testify, against cosby. known as a prior bad act motion. the 13, all women who say they have been assaulted by the comedian in the past. on some as far back as the 1960's. tuesday, arguments became tense between defense and state. voices raised district attorney kevin steel objecting to the use of the defense attorney brian mcmonigal naming 13 would hen, mcmonigal shooting back stating your objection is accepted since ten of the 13 have been already named publicly. some even holding press conferences, detailing the alleged assaults. judge steven o'neill instructing both men, multiple
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times to remain civil. o'neill will to have deciding whether or not the to allow witnesses to testify. if so, the trial could become a he said, they said case, compared to one word cosby simply is facing his accuser. that accuser former temple basketball coach andrea constand allege that the 79 year-old drugged and sexually assaulted her at his cheltenham home back in 2004. now, no decision was made today, this hearing, continues tomorrow, we will be there, of course, meanwhile cosby's actual criminal trial is set for june, of 2017. we're live from norristown i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets talk about the weather to day feels like a heat wave compared to how it will feel later this week. meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate bilo on the skies deck with word on a drastic drop in temperatures around the region, lauren. >> reporter: thanks, ukee. not too bad out here certainly by november standard. i don't need gloves, without the hat, temperatures right
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around average. we're at 43 degrees in philadelphia, temperatures in the lehigh valley at 38 degrees, sitting at 40 in ac but what is up wind, cold, arctic air, and that is going to be diving down into the delaware valley as we head into the end of the week. but it is also moving this way in association the cold front wintry weather storm scan three showing a few flurries up towards lehigh veil and poconos, berks county, cold front dropping through overnight tonight and more moisture up wind, so we could maybe see a passing rain, and or snow shower, even in the city, we will the not see much in the way of accumulation and arctic blast when to expect near zero wind chills and also as we head into the upcoming weekend temperatures will rebound but that will give us a chance of the wintry mix of mess and we will have fun in the full forecast in a couple of minutes. >> lauren, thanks very much. after weeks of speculation , president-elect donald trump has announced his pick for secretary of state.
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his choices exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson, but businessman ties to russia could lead to a confirmation fight. president-elect donald trump announced his nominee for secretary of the state in the tweet calling rex tillerson one of the world's great business leaders. >> we just could not be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and ago establishments have been willing to step forward and serve our nation. >> reporter: sixty-four year-old runs exxon mobile and negotiated deals with governments around the world including russia. vladamire putin awarded him a russian order of friendship in 2013. the president-elect's pick has the support of the condoleezza rise and james baker, two former republican secretaries of state, as well as former defense secretary robert gates but republican senators john mccain and marco rubio have both expressed concern over tillerson's close ties to russia, setting up a possible confirmation fight. mr. trump has also settled on
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rick perry for energy secretary, even though the former texas governor once vowed to eliminate the agency. >> he is a good man. >> reporter: president-elect didn't address his cabinet picks during a photo opportunity with kanye west tuesday morning. bill gates also stopped by trump tower. >> we had a good conversation about innovation, how it can help in health, education. >> reporter: and football hall of famer jim brown and former baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis took part in the meeting about job creation, in urban communities. the president the elect travels to wisconsin tonight, for the latest stop on his thank you tour, trump will be in hershey, pennsylvania on thursday, and meantime, as we mentioned the president-elect pick for secretary of state drawing a lot of attention and reaction here at home. coming up at 6:00 our local lawmakers, will weigh in, on all of that. cbs news has learned that the u.s. is likely to impose sanctions on the leaders of the russia's largest intelligence agency for
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allegedly medaling in the u.s. election. senior administration official says u.s. has high confidence, russia hacked into campaign e-mails. intelligence agencies believed that damaging information on the democrats, was then leaked to wikileaks and then other sites to try to help elect donald trump. congressional leaders from both parties support an investigation. >> the actions definitely were more detrimental to one candidate than the other. >> more detrimental to hillary clinton. >> we should approach all of these issues on the assumption that the russians, do not wish us well. >> reporter: president-elect trump has not acknowledged russian involvement in the hack and his transition team says rnc e-mails were not hacked. the russian foreign ministry says this is all part of the turf war between u.s. security agencies. police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia, it happened this afternoon in the cities fair hill section on the 3,000
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block of north ortany. forty-nine year-old male was shot once in the hip and once in the lower back. he was transported to temple hospital where he was pronounced dead. suspect is described as a male riding a bicycle last seen on clearfield street. one teen is dead and another injured after a shooting in burlington county last night. according to police two victims were outside a home on plum tree lane in willingboro when shots rang out from across the street. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene, the other is in the hospital in stable condition. no arrests have been made. man was shot in the face, after leaving a bar in north philadelphia early this morning. the 28 year-old victim was a passenger in a vehicle when a man approached, and announced a robbery. the suspect fired a shot the in to the car, striking the man in the face, the driver of the vehicle was armed, and fired back at the assailant who got away. victim was hospitalized in serious condition. police are looking for the suspect you see here in this surveillance video, he is wanted in connection with two
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different commercial store robberies in the olney section of philadelphia. police say that in both incidents the suspect shot an employee and then demanded an unknown amount of money and lottery tickets, he then took off on foot. if you have any information, please contact the authorities a single car crash in new castle county destroyed a storefront, chopper three over that scene in hockessin, fire crews examining the porsche there which smashed in the brick fisod of reynolds cleaners on lancaster pike. it happened before 8:30 this morning. driver told police, and hit the accelerator, instead of the brake. he was cited for careless driving. temple university, hazmat math rhule successor to lead its the football team and they went to the big time program to find their guy. >> don bell joins us from the campus of the villanova where number one ranked wildcats will be taking on temple not long there now. but first, owls didn't waste anytime who is new guy in charge of the grid iron for the owls.
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>> we were just talking about this a week ago they didn't waste anytime at all. you mentioned it, huge match up here, tonight, villanova taking on temple. we will talk about that in sports. owls making news for whole other reason, the new head football coach is named geoff collins, defensive coordinator over at florida, spent last two seasons there, the last six seasons overall in the sec , as a defensive coordinator. he is 45 years old. this is his first head coaching gig and he inherits a team that has won ten games in back to back seasons. now florida head coach jim mc ill vein very excited for his former collogue. >> coach collins is, we're really excited about the the opportunity for him and his family at temple. it is a place that has done a great job and he will carry that on. >> reporter: just like that we will get an opportunity to meet geoff collins tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. temple will hold a press
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conference to introduce him. meanwhile here at the pennsylvaniaville beyond, top ranked villanova getting set to take on temple. a few record the line tonight and we will talk about that later on in sports when we hear from jay wright, that is story from the pavilion, i'm don bell, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, don. coming up on the "eyewitness news" there is a kitchen gadget recall right now, here's why, some people are finding parts in their food. plus how little boy from our area helped get a bill to the president's desk, it is a bill that the president signed just a short time ago. if you have holiday packages to send out, don't wait too long we will go over shipping deadlines after the break. honored policing, placing wreaths on the graves of veterans. why this years tradition was in
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wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. conn air the parent company of cuisinart is recalling 8 million food processors because pieces of the blade, can break off, and end up in the food.
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the consumer products safety commission says conn air has sealed 70 reports of people that found pieces of blade in the food. thirty of those people sustain injuries to their mouths. this recall covers 22 models of food processors we have got more information at cbs philly .com. this holiday season, the united states postal service plans to deliver 750 million packages, now that is 12 percent higher then last year. there is still time to get your gifts delivered by christmas and first night of hanukkah but as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan explains, the ted line to ship is coming up fast. >> reporter: this holiday season the united states postal service expected to deliver rough liz 16 billion card, letters, packages, that is a lot of gifts. in order to help santa get those presents under the tree, there is some deadlines that you need to know, get your packages to the post office by thursday. that is if you want standard ground delivery. fedex has a friday deadline
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for standard ground service, and ups gives you a couple of that days. >> you have until next monday the 19th for its three day select. if you still need more time to shop, the three major carriers will deliver the week leading into christmas but it will cost you more. get to the post office, fedex or ups by december 23rd to beat santa. the week of christmas be prepared to wait in long lines with others trying to beat the clock. most stores offer express checking but remember order ships to alaska, hawaii, pa address, and international addresses hey take a bit longer. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. catholic school students are getting in holiday spirit. prendergast catholic high school spent the day wrapping 150 toys for more than 50 children. mission's name operation, santa claus, they will give the kid their gifts at archbishop charles chaput's christmas party next week at downtown sheraton. all right. lauren casey's in for kate
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bill other today and were you outside but were you totally fine now. the in the next couple of days , we were saying it will feel like a heat wave. >> i think i'll have on more accessories. >> just a bit. >> i'm forecasting more accessories for thursday and friday as we keep an eye on that arctic blast but right now, today wasn't a bad day. pretty pleasant, quiet, breeze was tame. 43 degrees our current temperature right now. getting a live look at center city philadelphia wind out of the southwest at around 9 miles per hour. feeling more like 38 degrees, but high temperatures today, we didn't do too bad as far as averages are concerned. our average high for today is 45. we hit 43 in philadelphia tapped in the lower 40's in the lehigh valley and low to mid 40's down the shore but 40 's out identify the window as we head into thursday and friday. high temperatures in the 20's, wind on top of that, 15 to 25 miles an hour, and lows, in the single digits, and teens, and feeling like near zero friday morning. now that is in the city, and immediately in the suburbs because north and west we are going to be feeling sub zero, with these wind chills as we
5:16 pm
head into friday morning. so upper bucks, berks county, lehigh valley, poconos, down right brutally cold. potentially dangerously cold if you have exposed skin. you will need to layer on have a glove, hat, everything, as we head into friday morning. storm scan three is showing us , a little taste of winter always in the form of the the precipitation, so a lot of it evaporating before it hit service but producing a few flakes flying in and around poconos and lehigh county as well. heading in the knit we could see a passing snow shower north and west of the city, maybe a rain/mix as we head in the city and i-95 corridor overnight tonight, very light in intensity and clearing out for our wednesday. a lot have of sunshine, in store for wednesday, wednesday night, we could see a passing snow shower and all through the day on thursday we could see a couple flakes moving on through and maybe even a dusting in some places, from those snow showers on thursday , overnight tonight, expecting a little bit of the dusting north and west for some of these snow showers as we head throughout wednesday,
5:17 pm
no accumulation but wednesday night, maybe even some accumulation down the shore a little bit of the dusting and then throughout the day on thursday maybe we could pick up just a couple of snow flakes on the ground throughout the day on thursday in the city. but for tonight chance of a late rain or snow shower, low temperature on the 32 degrees. wind light and variable. wednesday, mostly sunny, chilly, 41 degrees. not too bad a cross the region tomorrow mostly sunny, 29 in the poconos. 44 degrees for your high temperature down the shore, and then waiting on that bitter blast on thursday. 28 degrees the high temperature. windy conditions as well as we head into friday. 25 degrees but we will start the day at 12. that is going to be the worst time frame with those wind still whipping friday morning and throughout the day on friday, our wind chills will likely be in the single digits all day and then keeping a close eye on saturday and sunday for some wintry weather , transitioning over to rain, we are back up to near 50 by sunday but i nose people to have get in that christmas shopping. we will be dealing with messy conditions to hit the mall.
5:18 pm
>> wintry mix. >> malls are inside. >> yes. >> thanks, lauren, appreciate it. today was fourth annual all district septa reek will decoration competition. septa employees from all four districts volunteered to decorate vehicles for the holiday season. our meisha johnson was one of the guest judges at the event earlier today, from santa and elves, tinsel, and yoda it is a holiday sight to see. see it this saturday on difficulties lay at dilworth park. all decked out. >> how about it. this saturday thousands will come together for read across america. >> volunteers nationwide will lay wreaths at at the grave sites of all who served in the u.s. military. this program began the at arlington national cemetery 25 years ago. the wreath company in maine drives the wreaths each year and some say the program will remind people to appreciate the job that the u.s. troops to. >> i think it is important that we teach our children growing up is freedom is not
5:19 pm
free. there is a cost, to freedom. somebody has to pay a price. >> program organizers say that they have struggled in year to raise enough money for every marker but they did get it done, thousands of volunteers came out to arlington cemetery to lay wreaths last year, in all, they placed 240,000. >> they got it done for sure. parents, do you have a hard time hearing what your children are asking santa for this christmas? well, finding out could be one call away. also she's one tough grand mom, see this seven two-year old go for her black belt and expected her to see what hurdle he had to clear, don. pursuit of perfection, continues, why tonight's match autopsy begins temple is really huge for a trio of villanova seniors. we will talk about it when we come back live at the pavilion we will b
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>> kind of. >> but now look at how good they are. they are dancing the days away , doing the tango, swing and tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 how ballroom dancing is helping them learn more than just the right moves >> not bad, they have it going on, very nice. more of the giving spirit this holiday season people across pennsylvania and delaware have been playing their own versions of secret santa. >> some paid off department stores lay away tabs like secret santa toss that every year at a k-mart in holmes, another person who gave $46,000 for lay away items in everette pennsylvania wal-mart others have covered elementary school students, meal account at the their schools, one person did that in wilmington. another over in pennsylvania. if you know about a secret santa let us know, go to cbs and share your story with us. >> that is beautiful. >> that is beautiful. >> that is the truth. >> don bell joins us from the campus of the villanova tonight where wildcats are taking on the temple owls this big five play, big game, don.
5:24 pm
>> match up game, lot of bragging rights on the line here tonight as villanova number one in the country taking on temple. the owls seven-three on the season. they have already beaten a couple ranked teams this year so this game will be massive. but especially for the wildcats seniors, because check this out, so far right now, villanova wildcats 17 straight wins in big five play that is already a record. they are looking to tend that to 18. for seniors chris jenkins, josh hart and darryl reynold they are looking to finish their four year careers un defeated in big five play. that has never happen. differing opinions on what that means. >> you don't want to focus on that as much as we want to focus on winning the next game next game is a big five game. that might sound hard to believe but more so about the next game not so much the next big five game. we want to win every game. we don't go into any game want to go lose. >> i'm not sure if any other class has done that, so this would be a heck of an
5:25 pm
accomplishment that we will look at, at the end of the year and have a little bit of bragging rights if that happens. >> darryl taking the low key approach, josh hart like listen i want bragging rights when i come back to the main line, in philadelphia in general. josh hart scored 37 points along with 11 rebound his last game, saturday against notre dame. he is a guy you want to watch here tonight. coming up later on at 6:00 hear from jay wright and head coach of the temple owls tran dunphy. coming to you live from the pavilion i'm don bell, back to you in the studio. >> big five hoops. >> thanks, sir, appreciate it. coming up next an iconic movie turns 20 a look back at a film that had us, at hello. plus this... >> billions of dollars to the camden waterfront but what about the rest of the city, i'm cleve bryan coming up how federal government was trying to revitalize mount eve tram section of the town. also the silence of the
5:26 pm
decision making, is it sometimes too hard to decide where to eat, what to wear? why experts say to take easy way out on some problems or you will face consequences, we will
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one community in our area is about to get much needed help some might say it is part of the camden that was forgotten but now there are big, plans for the future. five cities across u.s. including camden, new jersey will receive grants in order to redevelop severely distressed public housing. news continues at 5:30. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in camden tonight with more on what this means for the city, cleve.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: more than 220 new housing units are in the works now for the mount evefram neighborhood, as part of the bigger picture, plan to make sure that the revitalization that is going on in camden happens throughout the city. the 76ers new state of the art training complex in camden is symbol of new life for a team and city. billions of dollars are currently being invested in the waterfront. this is not only part of the camden trying to up its game. >> we wanted to choose a place where we have it here. >> reporter: shoe kings is life work of the darren and byron gant, they have autographed sneakers from nba legend and specialize in selling vintage kicks. >> we see their name on the back. we signed it. >> reporter: but location on mount eve tram avenue is not most vibrant business environment. >> you know, it is a lot of vacant buildings, storefronts. >> i feel like we need more opportunities here. >> reporter: that call for help just got a response there
5:31 pm
washington. >> the people of camden can know, that this holiday season , that they have not been forgotten. >> reporter: members of the congress have announce aid 13 million-dollar grant for camden's mount evefram neighborhood through department of housing and urban development, money to create new educational and job opportunities and relays aging public housing like branch village with this 75 years old >> change living conditions, you change attitude of the people living around here. >> reporter: officials say motto camden is rising should be reflect throughout the city >> this is about restoring what martin luther king called the beloved community. if camden doesn't make it, the american dream is a lie. >> i feel like if the money is infused in the right layses, i have no doubt in my mind that this area will flourish. >> reporter: as part of the grant program, includes stores being able to get new fronts on mount evefram avenue. in camden, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, cleve. president obama irons into law legislation that makes new
5:32 pm
investment in cancer research and battling drug abuse. lawmakers gathered around the president as he signed the 21st century cures act during a ceremony at the white house. it includes nearly $2 billion for vice-president biden's moon shot initiative. mr. biden outlined what the honey will be used for. >> investing and promising new therapist like immuno therapy, using bodies own immune system to target and kill cancer cells, enhancing prevention and detection efforts in every community regardless of the zip code in which you live. >> and max show from williamstown was instrumental in getting the bill signed, a seven year-old cancer patient will lobby law makers in washington to pass it. he was at the ceremony today. in honor of the signing of the 21st century cures act vice-president biden held a round table where he discussed the cancer moon shot task force and military and first responder cancer care. among those taking part, included comedian jon stewart and wwe stephanie mcnan,
5:33 pm
vice-president biden is a huge supporter of cancer research and prevention, his son beau died of brain cancer in 2015. prosecutors say they have about a dozen witnesses left in the case of dylann roof, man accused of killing nine black people in a south carolina church. >> you chose that church. >> yes, looking for african americans. i was than the going to go to another church because there could have been white people there. >> at the federal courthouse in, charleston, jurors heard bay handwritten list, found in roof's car, with more potential targets. >> i imagined that there was a bible study going on in this very building the night that happened. >> reporter: prosecutors expect to wrap up their case against roof later this week. syria's battle over aleppo is over, now united nations is
5:34 pm
calling for immediate access to the war torn city. thousands continued to flee aleppo, russia says syria has reestablished control over the last areas of the city held by rebels and military operations are over. aleppo has been a key battle ground in syria's civil war since 2012. hundreds of civilians have been killed. as costs continue to rise, the death toll from the fires in gatlinburg, sort carolina is confirmed at 14. twelve of the fatalities are a direct result from the fire storm that ravaged the area. two came from people fleeing the scene. officials say more than 2400 buildings were damaged or destroyed at a cost of more than half billion dollars. two teenage boys are charged with aggravated arson in those fires. as we continue tonight candy is common gift during the holidays and we have some sweet news for you, price of chocolate is going down. we will tell you why, next. also a grandmother goes for her black belt but there is one unexpect hurdle that he
5:35 pm
had to clear before she achieved it, lauren is this. after a bitter blast in store for thursday and friday we will see a gradual warming trend throughout the upcoming weekend with high temperatures approaching 50 degrees by sunday, but unfortunately it looks like a weekend full of precipitation on at day a wintry mix changing over to rain and rain again looking likely as we head into sunday. we will than
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ahh, sweet news this holiday season, chocolate is getting cheaper. >> heavy rain and drought stricken african led to an abundant cocoa supplies. cocoa futures are at a three-year low pushing down the price of chocolate worldwide. well, maybe you're looking for a new gig, global translation firm in london is
5:39 pm
looking for an emoji translator. freelance specialist will translate how they translate across cultures, languages and generations. so far one hundred people have applied. >> the nose has been a fibber. >> oh, yeah. >> i was reading, yes. >> there you go. there is a high tech way for parents to find out what their children want for christmas. the cloud communications company has set up a santa phone, a parent schedule a call through company's web site. phone rings as scheduled time. kid can tell one of santa's helpers what they want, call is recorded and sent to their parent e-mail and naturally parents will get it back to santa, and then make it happen >> you got to get all coordinated. >> yes. >> very clever, technology is nice that way. >> very cool. >> every couple has that same argument, what do you want for dinner. i don't care what do you want. >> well, is there a science behind this decision making and why for some it can be
5:40 pm
very hard. we will explain when we come
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5:43 pm
over southern chile. >> we see a group. >> scientists are celebrating the successful connection of a japanese cargo ship with the international space station, and, that happened early this morning, and the ship brought four and a half tons of supplies, and mission was a joint effort between the u.s., japan, canada and europe. in health news tonight, chubby babies may be on the decline and doctors say that is a hopeful sign in the fight against obesity. study of children two years or
5:44 pm
younger enrolled in the government assistance program found rate of children at risk for obesity fell from almost 15 percent in 2010 to 12 percent in 2014. that reported in today's addition on the journal pediatric. whether it is decide to go change jobs or what to have for breakfast big or small we make lots of decisions every day. one estimate said average person makes 35,000 decisions a take. it can rare you down and lead to wrong choices. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on decision fatigue and how to avoid it. >> reporter: jillian small on different days, but always, in virtually the same outfit. the public relations executive has a closet full of the same clothes. >> i can just wake up, i know what i'm going to wear. >> she says it cuts down on decision fatigue feeling overwhelmed from constant decision making. >> i have been able to apply my decisions to other more
5:45 pm
important aspects of my life. >> reporter: she's not the only one, mark zuckerberg wears same thing every day for the same reason, even president obama only wears blue or gray suits saying i don't want to make decision about what i'm wearing because i have too many other decision toss make. >> you have to be choose i about choosing. >> reporter: there sheen a says it ace i smart move. >> you want to cut down on the number of decisions you are making so you have energy it takes to focus on the ones that math's lot. >> reporter: she says decision overload can lead to bad outcomes. >> when we start using shortcuts like i'll pick the first one or the one that everybody else is choosing. >> reporter: is there science behind the phenomenon, decision making depletes brain have of glucose and that can lead to less self control. >> each time you headache those decisions you get less ability to resist impulses. why? it is running out of glucose. >> reporter: experts say it helps to make important decisions early in the day, and plan some downtime, top
5:46 pm
priorities, of is what important. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> okay. all very interesting, isn't it >> very interesting. >> let me think on that one. i'll decide. >> by end of the the night you are like, oh, no. >> i know. >> that is right. >> yes. >> decide for warm clothes here. >> better decide on a lot of layers as we head into thursday and friday that big giant comfortable coat, if you have not gotten it yet you are brave and definite the liz going to have to break it out heading in to thursday and friday but right now you, conditions not too shabby getting a live look, in philadelphia, as we see this tuesday. all together temperatures right around average as for as highs and the breeze, it was relative liz tame throughout the day. not too much wind chill impact and we even have had some sunshine break go through the sky, at period throughout date today. checking in with our cbs-3 weather watchers reporting their current conditions for us right now, temperatures, generally in the 30's and 40's right now. we will head down to ocean
5:47 pm
city where it his 2 degrees right now. check in with what is going on with our weather watcher james reporting mostly cloudy conditions in ocean city, new jersey, light wind, made for a nights day at the shore. we like a nice day when we have a bitter blast, in store, as we do as we head into thursday and friday. we will zoom in here, check out another report, we will go to 41 degrees right now north and west at jerry's news blue bell. reporting mostly cloudy conditions and he said a little cooler when sun disappears. we had breaks of sunshine today, definitely felt chillier when that cloud deck got thicker and one more report, 41 degrees, also in north wales at phil's house in pennsylvania, mostly cloudy conditions, he says clouds have moved in, snow a question mark? possibly, you could see a passing snow shower, phil as we head in the next couple of hours. storm scan three is showing us moisture building in the least high valley, berks county, and i'm not sure in the weather graphics there, but as we look at storm scan three showing us
5:48 pm
the snow, moving in, there it is, continuing to move off to the east. we will see snow maybe a few flurries in lancaster county right the now, otherwise just dealing with the cloud cover and overnight tonight a passing rain and or snow shower dropping down to 32 degrees. wind light and variable. as we head into wednesday mostly sunny, chilly, 41 the high temperature. few degrees below our average but quiet day before, this, yes, we know it is coming arctic high pressure settling in across the eastern half of the united states, windy conditions, as well add to go that wind chill elements. still wind any to friday, high temperatures in the 20's, but hey we will have the sunshine to end off the workweek but that won't be the case as we head into saturday. we will have cold air lingering around especially for first half of the day on saturday. we could see an early morning period of snow. that does include for center city philadelphia, light accumulation is possible, before we change over with the warmer air mass building in likely by mid-morning and as we head into sunday more rain in the forecast with an even milder day in store. so that is early look at our
5:49 pm
weekend storm system. for tomorrow all sunshine and temperatures just 29. pretty day california for poconos. in your seven day forecast, split is on thursday, 28 degrees the high temperature. we will drop down to 12 degrees as we head into friday morning. wind chill values will likely be, at or near or below freezing friday morning. high of just 25 degrees. for upcoming weekend, unfortunately it looks wet, wintry as i mentioned on saturday starting off with a wintry mix, transitions over to all rain sunday. we have another chance have of rain but warmer high temperature at 50 degrees, guys. >> thanks very much. grandmother in canada is new member of her family to become a black belt. >> she has to go up against her daughter to earn that title. seven two-year old hanna frazier's daughter, son in law and grandchildren are all black belts. after she had a heart attack the family's teacher trained her for free. >> i wanted to show her moves, you know, i'm hoping she will
5:50 pm
do a sitting kick. >> compared to them, three years away right now, she's much better than before. i think that she copies other normal people at their age. she's stronger and good healthy person. >> frazier also had to break concrete twice, for that black belt. >> wow. >> for second degree black belt next year. >> how about that. >> good for her. >> i love that. >> come on, bring it, great. >> it was 20 year ago today that the classic jerry maguire , hit theaters. >> that is right, show me the money that is right. >> insider's louie joins us from los angeles with more, louie. >> ukee and jessica for a leading man tom cruise, it is still movie that completes him >> you complete me. >> it is one of those experiencing when you make a movie, things come together and it is what we work for when we just know it is just firing on all cylinders, it
5:51 pm
was such a joy. >> reporter: tom was a huge star when he earn second of his three nomination bus renee remembers tomorrow for a different reasons. >> he is a very generous kind person. >> three simple word solidify tom cruise, you complete me, period. >> you had me at hello. >> reporter: renee's line made texas native a household name, she said she was excited to audition for the role. >> to drive to the audition i was laughing, the whole way, down to the studios because i said this is not for me. >> i did not know she was late , she was there waiting when i got in. >> so maybe she was, maybe in her mind she was. >> it was hilarious to me. they let me drive on the the lot and go in the room and i will make a movie and meet tom cruise. >> i said there is magic there with this girl. >> we will have have so much
5:52 pm
more, tonight the on the insider, ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> louie, thanks. get all of your hollywood night and every week night at 7:30 watch the insider on cbs-3. >> i loved that movie, show me the money james corden not the too long ago, did it, it was fun. >> good stuff. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" a beautiful way to give back this holiday season. >> how you can get an original ornament afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
5:53 pm
healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. mymy cookie exchangeripled. is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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all year long, we're used to heart and hope with our brotherly love series. >> now join us for a look back at some of the people bringing us together, with brotherly love, on thursday, at 7:30
5:56 pm
right here on cbs-3 perfect way to get in the holiday spirit of giving, we certainly hope you will join us. on you joy of sharing toy fest is in full swing and we are hoping you will pick up a toy for child in need for a list of our drop off locations go to cbs fest, you can also find them on the cbs local app. well, holiday season is on with the great time for people to give back. >> this years in new jersian artist is using her paint to go help these people in need and our vittoria woodill has they are story. >> reporter: act of giving can come in different forms or in this case, different paintings for beatrice luck, owner of the painting the twist in mount laurel, she's setting her focus on the big picture this holiday season, looking to help others. >> there are other ways to give back, again, one is probably money, but then other thing is, you know, you give someone purpose. i think that is bigger than money. >> use short strokes.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: this year she pulled together a few artists to paint ornament with a purpose. >> i asked my artist ifs they want to donate their time to make all of these lovely ornament and they said they will do it. so they did it. >> reporter: headaching ten-dollar donation from one of their many canvass, not only fills a hole in your tree but fill stomachs of so many homeless in the community, who rely on the kindness of the project soup kitchen for male at christmas as part of the camden's cathedral kitchen. >> it was started by four young people, college students , they went to see mother teresa speak in philadelphia when she came for american bicentennial celebration and they were inspired by her words, she said you don't to have do big things to help people, small act of kindness can be important thing to someone. not the to be simpler then offering somebody a meal but really, some of the most important things you can do. >> reporter: your hand can do so many things but even i learned, putting them in action, helping others, just may be the most important.
5:58 pm
vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is a beautiful thing, small act of kindness, that is a beautiful thing. >> a thing about a ornament too you can use it every year. >> sure. >> you can remember it. >> wonderful thing. >> well done. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> the girls basketball game at west catholic high school is in full swing i'm natasha brown we will tell you why today's game is so emotional because of two of their layers and also, did the so-called binary bandit strike again, a person is caught on tape placing a bag on the porch of a area home, inside that bag, a bunch of house numbers, stolen, weeks ago but a new twist, to this bizarre crime. and another arctic blast is and around, i'll let you know when to expect wind chill temperatures at or below zero coming up in the forecast. also donkey's on the loose this were running wild in one community until police showed up, how these delinquent
5:59 pm
donkey where is captured, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. emotional moment today on the basketball court teenagers retire a jersey of the friend killed in it or land owe nightclub massacre six months ago. akira murray was stand out athlete at west catholic prep high school and tonight her community is making sure she will never be forgotten. good evening i'm ukee washington. and i'm jessica dean. the at 18, murray was youngest of the 49 people killed in the pulse nightclub shooting. our natasha brownies live at west cat rick prep in university city where many say she was an inspiration, natasha. >> reporter: good evening to you both. actually she was described as the heart and soul of this basketball team, and tonight, we will tell you her teammates , played with heart and soul, in her honor.
6:00 pm
for the west catholic high school girls basketball team this is in ordinary game. >> one, two, three, go. >> reporter: this game is deeply personal, as their star layer, is visibly absent. eighteen year-old akira murray was youngest of the 19 victims kills in the pulse nightclub shooting massacre in orlando, florida six months ago. her parents, looking on, as akira's team hates played in her honor. >> i'm honored that they asked , and they are not letting her just go unnoticed >> reporter: half time a heart wrenching moment when team presented akira's parents with her team jersey, one of the the few 1,000-point scorers in the schools history.


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