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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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for the west catholic high school girls basketball team this is in ordinary game. >> one, two, three, go. >> reporter: this game is deeply personal, as their star layer, is visibly absent. eighteen year-old akira murray was youngest of the 19 victims kills in the pulse nightclub shooting massacre in orlando, florida six months ago. her parents, looking on, as akira's team hates played in her honor. >> i'm honored that they asked , and they are not letting her just go unnoticed >> reporter: half time a heart wrenching moment when team presented akira's parents with her team jersey, one of the the few 1,000-point scorers in the schools history. >> she meant a whole lot to
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the school and to the community, so i'm glad that they are honoring her today. >> reporter: every tear, every bass death, every point on the scoreboard is meant to keep akira's leg ace a live. >> i loved her, i loved everything that they are doing the warm up shirts. they let us know that, she will never be forgotten. >> she would be smiling down saying hey, listen, i dit, i'm doing it for you guys. her main mission was to make us proud and she succeeded in that. >> reporter: we can tell you it was a blow out win here, for the girls basketball team, they won, 67-eight. i'm certain akira would be road. we're live from west philadelphia, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". natasha, thank you. final pretrial hearing for comedian bill cosby has wrapped up, for date but big issue is who will be testifying in his upcoming
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trial. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was in montgomery county for the hearing. >> reporter: tense day of arguments in the final scheduled pretrial motion hearing before 79 year-old comedian bill cosby's criminal sexual assault trial begins. at hand, a prior bad acts motion. district attorney kevin steel wants to how up to 13 additional witnesses, to testify, against cosby. the 13, all women who say they have been assaulted by the comedian in the past. some as far back as the 1960's tuesday morning, arguments became dense between d.a. steel and defense attorney brian mcmonigal over whether the 13 women should be named. judge steven o'neill instructing both men to calm down, and remain civil. >> how do you feel mr. cosby. >> reporter: all the while bill cosby silently watch the hearing unfold. if the judge allows 13 witt tonightes to testify at trial his fate could be determined on a he said, they said basis, rather than one where he
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simply faces one accuser. the hearing continues tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., the judge will make his decision sometime after tomorrow's hearing, on this motion, for prior bad acts. meanwhile cosby's trial is still scheduled for june 2017. reporting from norristown, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president-elect donald trum april announce his pick for america's top diplomate after weeks of rampant speculation. today trump chose exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson to be his secretary of state. mr. tillerson is a business heavyweight, with a top job at exxon mobile he brokered deals around the world on behalf of the oil giant but critics say he lacks political experience. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in the sat center with reaction from law make hours will vote whether to confirm this unconventional choice. >> reporter: in explaining this move donald trump tweeted i have chosen one of the truly great business leaders of the world. now the confirmation process
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for rex tillerson is expected to be rocky, because of his close ties with vladamire putin and fresh allegations of russian interference in the election. >> well look, i have serious concerns about mr. tillerson's nomination. >> reporter: new jersey democratic senator robert menendez adding his voice to a growing choir of lawmakers. >> there is no doubt that russians and others have hacked. >> reporter: this is after president-elect donald trump announced his choice for secretary of state exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. tillerson has close business ties to russian president vladamire putin much add to that continuing suspicions, russia attempted to interfere in the presidential election. >> the question is did a foreign government try to affect the national elections of the united states for president and maybe even for congress? >> reporter: federal judge on monday in philadelphia dismissed green party challenge, seeking a recount of pennsylvania votes. jill stein has unsuccessfully claimed potential evidence existed of a breach.
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at a news conference this morning pennsylvania g.o.p. officials pushed back hard. >> they accused of trying to derail the electoral college vote next week while dismissing any motion that voting machines were compromise by a foreign power. >> this was a farce, they knew that the goal was to create chaos. they wanted to delay electoral college. >> reporter: long list of senators has promised increased scrutiny of rex tillerson during confirmation hearings as questions about electoral hacking grow only more pointed. >> we should approach all of these issues the on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> reporter: in all of these countries tillerson has, i understand, promoted his company's interest but that isn't the same as promoting the national interests of the united states. >> reporter: both senator menendez sits on the powerful foreign relations commit thee, he expects confirmation hearings a couple weeks after the senate returns to business on january 3rd. we're live from the sat center i'm joe holden for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jill stein says she plans to donate any left over money raised from her recount efforts in pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan, the green party presidential candidate raised 7.3 million-dollar, stein says, that the exact cost of the least counts are unthone but she expects to have money re change. extra money will go to election reform and voting rights groups. police have made an arrest to go the anti trump graffiti found on a grocery store in chestnut hill last night. authorities say three three-year old edwin brown of brooklyn is one of two men caught on video approaching fresh market store on germantown avenue november 25th just after midnight. officials estimate that the cost of the vandalism damaged to be somewhere between three and $10,000. now an update to the story we brought but people stealing a address numbers from homes in east kensington, back in september, more than a dozen resident reported having the one's and zeros from their numbers stolen. this is new surveillance footage that shows a suspect
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returning the numbers to one of the homes. residents could only guess what the suspect wanted with the numbers. >> everybody is speculating this will be used for some type of art installation, or somebody trying to send a message in some way. >> if you come back and we will have a big problem with it. >> reporter: police have yet to find a pattern to the theft , if caught the thieves could face charges including theft and criminal trespassing after more than four years of trying to block a housing project, princeton battle field society says they are losing a precious piece of history. society says that the stretch of land was once the site of the successful, count's tack, led by george washington in the battle of princeton. now it will be developed into faculty housing for instance tooth for advanced studies. the preservation group plans to fightins tooth in court. well, big basketball match up is less than, an hour away now. >> temple is heading to number one villanova tonight and don bell live at the pavilion to
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count down to the tip off, don >> hey guys, music is bumping and players are jacking upshots. big five title is on the line here tonight and we have a preview for you coming up later in sports. >> thanks, don. see new a bit. donkeys on the lamb, how police were finally able to carol four delinquent donkeys after they led them on the chase through a south jersey neighborhood. it was a student addition and at first middle schoolers didn't want to get too close to each other but soon they got in the swing of things. what lessons they are learning on the dance floor. and a big dome of cold arctic air will come blasting in behind a cold front on thursday, i'll let you know when wind chills will drop down to near zero and when we can expect measurable snow in the city in your full forecast in just a few.
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here's something you don't see every day, four donkey where is found wondering around behind a home this burlington county, new jersey sat the day morning. it turns out they escaped there their enclosures and after chasing the donkeys for a little bit mount laurel police officers were able to carol them and they were returned to their homes unharmed. dancing with a little
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stars today, philadelphia children participated in a ballroom dancing competition. >> but they learn more than just dance steps, reporter john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio takes you to the dance floor. >> reporter: after two and a half months of ballroom lessons, sixth, seventh, eighth grade students from the the fair hill section of philadelphia were dancing with the stars, families and friend came to cheer them on as couples danced, the waltz, swing, and the tango. judges kept a close eye, and then it was time for the award , best overall dancers, couple number 59. >> the dancers, were here, and , we are dancing. >> why did you want to be in this program. >> i first didn't want to but it is fun. >> reporter: organizers say that ten weeks ago when these kids started they didn't even want to get into their dance
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positions, they didn't want to touch one another, they were yucky but with practice they got over it. susan shay is president, founder of the non-profit organization dancing with the students. >> we all said, good body language, confidence, and we turned boys and girls in the ladies and gentlemen. >> i learned all four dances and i learned how to standing here, does not, just... >> dancing with the students program is in 15 area schools. john mcdevitt, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". very cool. so nice to see that. holiday season in our area means another long wood gardens christmas difficult place, 016 theme at the garden in kenneth square is sound of the season this years long wood shows off its largest display yet, a 30-foot tree made entirely of thousands of potted plants. entire shift takes over a year to plant but much less time to build, the massive trees. >> everything has to come together in three days.
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it is very organized chaos we have 20 some project leaders and they have a very organized document that says there is three days, because this is, thanksgiving day. so we're opened every day of the year but by thanksgiving, christmas has to be ready to go. >> head up, tickets must be bought in advance at long wood a wintry scene tonight on the campus of the penn state. flurries are falling as students make their way along college avenue, cold and snow important tonight the any lions, and lauren, could that system make its way towards us >> it will, cold trent will come in overnight tonight, not a ton of energy, not a ton of moisture but firing off rain, snow shower here in the city but we will not see any accumulation. maybe a flake passing by, don't be shocked but otherwise >> get used to it. >> yes. >> we have a chance at maybe some light snow as we head into saturday before reaching precipitation, over to rain, so a lot of active weather. lets get to it. getting a live look at center
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city philadelphia all quiet for now. 41 degrees height temperature. we topped at 41. just two above our average high and little breeze impacting the feels like temperature feeling closer to upper 30's. temperatures right now, not too, too bad for december evening. 37 degrees in allentown. thirty-seven in ac and calling in at 38 degrees in dover but just sitting, to our north and west, is this cold, brutal arctic air mass with temperatures in the single digits right now in minneapolis, and that is going to be moving our way as we head into the end of the week. also moving our way, courtesy of the lower midwest is a cold front that is generating some snow showers across portions of western, and central pennsylvania, and even bringing in a few flakes to the delaware valley. might be seeing a couple flakes right now in parts of the lancaster county, up toward poconos as well as again those upper level moisture. so most of it evaporating before hitting the surface but we could see passing light rain and or snow shower in the city overnight tonight, no accumulation, 32 degrees. for the day tomorrow, nice and
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quiet. another round of unshine in store. chilly. forty-one the high temperature and down right brutally cold by thursday. arctic high pressure building in, we will have wind on top of this very cold air, wind elevated in to friday as well as sunny, but very cold and worst will be felt on friday morning with a low temperature to start, at 12 degrees, in philadelphia, we will likely be the coldest temperatures, since last valentines day. it does than the warm your air as we factor in the win, project wind chill temperatures as we head into friday morning along i-95 corridor, philadelphia and surrounding counties, south jersey to near zero, but to the north and west, sub zero wind chills friday morning, so you definitely want to be bundled up no exposed skin for that time frame. now looking ahead to saturday, more fun in the forecast, we will see cold air lingering with the moisture building in, we could see a period of snowfall late friday night, early saturday morning even in philadelphia with light accumulation possible but before we change that over to rain with warmer air building
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and quickly. so we will change over to rain by mid-morning is how it looks right now and shore rain chances as we head into sunday with the milder day any store. but for tomorrow all sunshine and temperatures running at or near average, mid 40's down the shore, close to 30 degrees in the poconos and in your seven day forecast, 28 degrees , on thursday, with those winds, whipping as well, so wind chill temperatures will be in the teens throughout much of the day, and you definitely want to be bundled on friday morning with that 12 degrees reading, a high temperature only at 25 degrees, and we will keep wind chill temperatures in the single digits through most of the day. then we will get a big rebound , look at that double the high temperature by sunday but unfortunately the upcoming weekend people to have get their christmas shopping in, you will be bringing your press in a lit built of the wintry mix and rain. >> some might be traveling down i-95 to baltimore for that football game. >> yeah, it will look a little wet, nasty. >> take your rain gear, fans,
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eagles nation. big match up on the the court tonight temple taking on villanova don bell live at villanova where game will be played tonight, don. >> bragging rights and winning streaks on the line here at the pavilion, electric environment, is what we expect here tonight, we have preview for you coming up in sports.
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sports director don bellies live at villanova tonight. >> playing some hoops. >> yeah, guys, we are here live, at the pavilion, big time night here because top ranked villanova should get a test here from a temple owls, owls are seven-three on the season but like villanova they are also undefeated this big five play. they are three-zero. winner tonight will take home the big five championship, we're about 40 minutes away
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from tip off, i'll step aside to see student body starting to fill in the pavilion. we are expecting an electric crowd, meanwhile when you talk about these two teams, both seasons have been pretty good so tar. you know aboutville know of, they are looking to win a school record 17 straight games, and they are looking to extend their record winning streak in the big five, to 18 straight games. this is one of those contests, that both coaches now, and the guys already fired up. >> i don't think so. i think these guys understand we have been very quiet over last couple days and hopefully that means we're focusing as well. that is where we have to be to play the best game that we can this is a good basketball team , villanova has, it is in their building and this is a great, great challenge for us. >> i think this is one of the hose explosive offensive teams fran has had in a while. they have had good once. they got guys coming off the
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bench, that can light you up and can put up big numbers. >> so as you would expect both coaches throwing verbal bouquets, other guys way because they have a whole lot of respect for each other. let's talk football. college football, on north broad street, they now have a replacement for matt rhule at temple, new head coach is geoff collins defensive coordinator from the university of florida. that was confirmed for us earlier today, and geoff collins, 45 years old, he will be a head coach for the very first time in his career, his defense, with the florida gators over last two years, in the top ten. the interim head coach right now is ed foley and today he talk about how the kid reacted upon learning the news. >> they are a little bit like this at first and looking around but then leaders come out, the guys that have been through it before and literally if you could see it, like i'm seeing it now it has
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gotten better to day. kid were out there at practice today cheering, like on the side line knowing something is going out and they are doing their thing, because they are just trying to get each other through it. >> how about that, geoff collins will be introduced to the media tomorrow morning at 11:00. we will have have full coverage of that. also full coverage of this game here tonight,ville 'nova, temple, tip off at 7:00 highlights at 11:00. that is store friday pavilion i'm don bell back to you in the studio. >> i'm fired up already. >> basketball, foot the ball, nice. thanks, don appreciate it. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley has a look at what is ahead, scott. >> great to be with you in philadelphia, here's "cbs evening news" tonight, donald trump's new direction, he picks an oil man with ties to russia for secretary of state. he chooses a secretary of energy who has vowed to abolish that department. we are tracking record cold
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wet's cross the country and we now you know what happened when a crew of 33 vanish in the bermuda triangle. the those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first, still ahead how area fire fighters and paramedics are helping other local children stay warm. >> and they have great timing with that arctic blast, that is heading our way we will be right back after
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philadelphia fire fighters and paramedics union local 22 are taking part in operation, warm, this holiday season. >> kindergarten and first grade students at the heart ramp elementary school in north philadelphia lined up to get that new coat today. different colors, and sizes on hand there and that digs to providing new coats fire fighters and paramedics will need to introduce themselves to children with that positive , happy environment. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. take care family we will see you tonight. up next, "cbs evening news", we will meet an entrepreneur who makes a profit, jim axle rod has that store a head. scott pelley reports from new york next. was he leave another look at the snow on the campus of penn state. this is "eyewitness news" cameo from state college, we will see big flakes and snow sticking there, winter wonder land in penn state. thanks for being with us, we will see you back here at
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11:00 tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a big oil man tops the trump cabinet. exxon-mobil's c.e.o. with strong ties to russia is the choice for secretary of state. and rick perry could head a department he'd just as soon forget. >> i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> pelley: also tonight, the final words from a doomed freighter, and angry words from a widow. >> i would have thrown the captain overboard and tried the save myself and the ship. >> pelley: a former pro football player faces criminal charges in an alleged health insurance fraud exposed by cbs news. >> how much are they making? >> oh, millions. >> pelley: and a woman who couldn't get a job is now rolling in dough.


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