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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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back in court, comedian bill cosby returns to a montgomery county courtroom this morning, one day after a fiery hearing, we will tell you the decision, a judge is expected to make. and, new this morning, dozens of shell casings concerned this scene on adams avenue where a man was shot and killed overnight, we will have an update on the violence authorities are investigating a deadly crash overnight the in the cobbs creek section, we will have the latest. today is wednesday december 14th, i'm jim done ran. aim rahel solomon. lets get your day started with a check of weather with katie and meisha. >> everybody is back, finally. >> back from spain. >> yes. >> how are you feeling. >> well, let's just put it this way i'm channeling my
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inner demi moore i sound a lot worse, so if i start to break out, in coughing, please excuse me, but we will try to save you. >> i will keep my distance. >> good morning. >> i will try not to cough on any of you. >> katie, weather was really nice yesterday. we're looking like it is nice and dry as well, just a lot of construction, no accidents. >> still dry throughout the entire area that is helpful, right. we will see plenty of sunshine we have some cloud still out there but those will be thin ning with time and as sky continues to clear temperatures will continue their decline through early morning hours and if that happens, of course, it will be a chilly start. not terribly breezy which is helpful but it is cold. looking at area temperatures not terribly out of the ordinary, guys, right around freezing mark in allentown, trenton, little bit, dairy say milder but not as harsh in philadelphia, for example, millville is at 37 degrees at this hour. again, we are at square one here, kind of the par for the course, throughout the course
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of the day we will eventually end up in the lower 40's at the shore and here in the city couple cloud, certainly but more sun then anything and that is definitely the story up in the poconos. the it will be chilly up that way as well. if you want chill, boy, do we have you covered. coming up here for tomorrow and friday, temperatures, do not break out of the 20's. so, very, very cold air, is waiting in the wings not to mention, meisha even shot for some snow which we will discussion, later on. >> it is real. >> i know, it is finally, sin king in. >> yes. >> katie, thank you so much. looking outside right now good morning, everyone. happy what day are we on, happy hump day to you. we have construction 95 south between academy and cottman two lanes blocked there as you push in the southbound direction. northbound side looking quiet. really southbound side that has been very busy all week long. two lanes are block for construction. i will let you know when it clears. for those taking vine that is
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also closed between schuylkill and broad pushing west and eastbound direction, crew is still out there, still very dark and closed. construction new jersey turnpike north bound near 168, left lane blocked, that will linger longer until about 6:00 . i will let you know when that clears as well. forty-two north and southbound at route 41, one lane blocked until 5:00 a.m. jim and rahel, back to you. police are investigating a deadly crash in the cobbs creek section. "eyewitness news" the 58th and baltimore avenue where a five two-year old man crashed his car around 1:00. police say victim hit another car and then a tree, in details on what led to that crash. also new this morning a man is dead after a shooting in philadelphia's frankford section. overcome with grief family member learns of his loved ones murder 28 shell casings were found around the victim on the 1400 block of adams avenue. police plea of 27 year-old victim was targeted. staying in frankford now police are also on the hunt for a shooter after one man is shot to death and another seriously injured.
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chopper three over this scene on the 5,000 block of frankford avenue last night. they tell us man died have after being shot in the chest and back, officers rush the other man to the hospital, where he is in critical condition, no word on a motive happening today in the second day of the pretrial hearings bill cosby's lawyers will battle will over who gets to testify during his upcoming sexual assault trial. it got heated inside a norristown courtroom. cosby is accused of assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand, the prosecution and defense got in the shouting match, over whether 13 additional accusers can testify against cosby, should be name. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao will have a live update the on the case in about 30 minutes. philadelphia police are searching for a violent robber in feltonville and they say this guy is quick to pull the trigger. this surveillance video shows suspect barge nothing to the double deli on rosehill street sat the day afternoon. he shot the clerk and then ran off with money and lottery tickets. on sunday evening the same guy
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walk into a nearby corner store, shot the store employee in the leg and then stole money. even with the recent robberies , neighbors say that their local stores are safe. >> it is hard for me to feel unsafe, even because i know what is going on. the at the same token, this is my home. >> both store employees are expected to be okay, if anyone recognizes the man in the surveillance video please call the police. homeowners in east kensington are once again left scratching their heads, the the binary bandit who struck months ago stealing address numbers is now throwing the community for another loop. back in september, more than dozen resident reported having the one's, zero's stolen from their dress numbers. take a look at this new surveillance video the suspect returned the stolen numbers to one of the homes. police say if caught the bandit could face charges of theft and trespassing. bill gates ande lon musk are two of the tech giants meeting with president-elect trucking at trump tower. he continued his thank you
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tour in wisconsin where he praised paul ryan. the president-elect also asked for support for his choice for secretary of the state. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump rallied in wisconsin tuesday night, one of the states that helped him push through the so-called blue wall, to secure the presidency. >> thank you to the people of wisconsin. >> reporter: supporters packed the expo center just hours after the president-elect un veiled his choice for secretary of state, exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. >> rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and has the insights and talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. >> reporter: tillerson has no formal government experience and faces a tough senate confirmation battle due to his previous relationshipness foreign countries. the oil and gas executive has
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close ties to russia, and its president, vladamire putin, who even awarded tillerson the russian order of friendship in 2013. >> tillerson did not make an appearance here at trump tower tuesday but president-elect welcomed a steady stream of guests from sports figures to rapper kanye west. mr. trump used visit to pose for pictures and called west a friend. >> microsoft founder bill gates also paid a visit, on wednesday mr. trump has meetings scheduled with many of the world's tech leaders including apple's tim cook and tesla'se lon musk. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". after his meeting with the president-elect kanye west tweeted that the difficult cussed bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums and violence in chicago. >> west added it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future president if we truly want change. police made an arrest following anti trump graffiti battle in the grocery store in the chestnut hill.
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evan brown of brooklyn is one of the two men caught on surveillance video approaching the fresh market store in germantown avenue november 25th. this happened just after midnight, that day. officials estimate the cost of damage between three and $10,000. an eight year-old from our area is there with president's bam as he signs an important piece of legislation. we will hear from the young man about the unforget table experience. also this this morning we will look back at the life of actor alan thicke who died last night at the age of 69. why you may nose more of his work then you realize, we will think
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welcome back, hollywood is mourning loss of the tv sitcom legend actor alan thicke has died, best none for his role as doctor jason severe on the 80's sitcom growing pains. he appeared on net flick's fuller house, and entertainment tonight reports that the thicke suffered a heart attack playing hockey with his 19 year-old son. here's something you may not
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have known, in addition to acting thicke wrote theme songs for the facts of life andtive rent strokes. alan thicke was 69 years old. areas of pennsylvania are already getting hit with snow, first major snowfalls of the season, slushy, icy, slick roads for some. allowing and people wok outside pittsburgh area and frozen power lines caused outages, as with these wintry conditions may not be too far down the road for us, either. >> it definitely needs new tires. if you our there get them new tires because these roads are no joke. >> and for those whose job involves tackling wintry weather, it the may be time to get to work. plows, salt trucks and shoveling doors are bolstering up their manpower for this fast approaching winter season and it is here. >> it is here. >> 4:41. >> it doesn't mean we have to like it. >> i'm back from vacation. katie's back from sick leave but you sound very intriguing
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with your voice today, katie. >> thank you. >> intriguing is what i was going for, jim, yeah. you are right, cold is here, regardless of whether we're ready or not and especially in the next two days we really see it settle in. let's talk about a couple cool statistics for philadelphia itself. coldest high, ever, we only hit 5 degrees but that happened in 1899. that happened in february, which, at least, early february is still part of the coldest part of the entire season. record low for this day of of the year is 10 degrees, setback in 1960. it the will not that be cold. but the coldest temperature ever, that we have ever, recorded, was back in 1934, when we bottomed out at 11 below zero not counting, wind chill. all is calm for now. but we have to go out to the nationwide zoom to show you this a new storm system beginning to roll into the golden state the of california , and bringing with it some snow and rain, right
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now, and that is what is going to cross the country and head our way. it will be bringing to us. so come friday night into saturday morning, we have ended up with a mix of snow and ice, cold air to set the stage for that comes as early as tomorrow but especially friday morning. this will be brutal stuff, folks. it will feel no better than low single digits. the it may feel no better than a goose egg for some of you. it is not worse for friday morning. that is the most harsh time frame, for now, sunshine, couple of cloud, high of 41. this isn't terrible. but we are close to that value already. we are not going to see too much moving through the day. watching for a stray shower, but we will bottom out to 24 and then 20's at best, thursday and friday, and then early morning, into saturday, again some snow and ice, turning over to rain, meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy wednesday to you. we are looking outside at construction here 95 south between academy and cottman, two lanes blocked there, i'll
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let you know when that clears but heads up, thinks moving in the southbound direction, whenever we have construction in the southbound direction on i-95 it can slow you down fairly quickly. vine is still closed between west and eastbound between schuylkill and broad, still closed, we will let you know when that clears usually around 5:00 o'clock. we have our first accident of the morning in doylestown. the route 611 northbound at easton road, heads out for those in that neck of the woods. it looks like it is easy but heads up it is out there. construction new jersey turnpike northbound near route 168 that left lane blocked and that will linger until 6:00 a.m., hopefully clearing earlier. i'll let you know when it does forty-two north and southbound route 411 lane blocked and that is clearing in the next 15 to 20 minutes or so. then we have more construction route 55, north and south at route 322, one lane is blocked there also that should be clearing in about 15 to 20 minutes for those of you in that area, pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past downingtown that right lane is block there. jim and rahel, back over to you. president obama has signed a 21st century cures bill.
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>> it gives more than $6 billion to cancer and medical research. eye witt the necessary news reporter david spunt has story of an eight year-old from south jersey at the ceremony because of his own health battle.. >> we are bringing a reality of possibility of new break throughs to some of the greatest health challenges of our time. >> reporter: twenty-first century cures act now a law invests approximate thely $6 billion, for cancer research, opioid abuse and mental health issues just to name a few over the coming years. >> it is really exciting, to see the president. >> reporter: eight year-old max schill from williamstown, new jersey was invited to be at the ceremony. he has noonan syndrome a rare genetic disorder that effects how his body develops as he ages. the how are you feeling? >> strong and proud. >> reporter: last april around the time he made his round on capitol hill, to fight for the
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open act, aimed at repurposing drugs for rare diseases. he visited 83 senators in just two days. he convinced new jersey's two senators to get on board. >> very happy. >> reporter: open act provision did not make it in the final law, white house officials wanted max at this ceremony, the president and vice-president, even signed this note asking max's teacher to excuse him from class. >> i will give my teacher a copy. >> reporter: now max plans to fight specifically for open act aimed at disorder like his , he is taking sometime off for the holidays but you can bet you will see him back on capitol hill next year, excited and feeling great. >> on a scale of one to ten i would say 100. >> new law is aimed at fulfilling vice-president joe biden's cancer moon shot, an important subject to him, following the death of his son , former delaware attorney general, beau biden. he died from cancer in 2015. reporting from the sat center,
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david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, still ahead this morning we will tell you about the one form of holiday shopping, exceeding expectations. also this morning, big plans for future of camden we will tell you about a new grant the city received when we come right at longhorn, tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. you can't fake steak.
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longhorn steakhouse.
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stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister to station kyw news radio 1060. the wholesale tax on gasoline sold in pennsylvania, is going up, january 1st. why officials want your next new car to talk to other vehicles, and, area school students, will be learning more than just dance steps in their ballroom dancing classes check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. a neighborhood in our area is about to get a much needed face lift. camden, new jersey is among five sit toys receive grants dedicated to redeveloping severely distressed public housing. the members of the congress
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announced yesterday that 13 million-dollar will be invested in the mount ephraim neighborhood. money will be used to replace housing like grant village. >> this is about restoring what martin luther king called the beloved community. if camden doesn't make it, then the american dream is a lie. >> i feel like if the money is infused in the right place, i have no doubt in my mind that this area will flourish. >> grant money will be used to create new educational and job opportunities. well, time is 4:50. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. markets opening up at record highs what are investors watching today. >> reporter: fed is expected to raise interest rates today, it is wrapping up a policy meeting this afternoon, fed has kept interest rates at record lows as a waste to pir is economy after the financial crisis. this would be only the second increase in a decade. so definite the liz going to move market, jim and rahel.
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>> jill, couple weeks until christmas and we hear on line shopping has reached, exceeded expectations. >> reporter: yeah, more people are buying their holiday gifts on line and ups and fedex are actually having a hard time keeping up with deliveries. wall street journal reports that shipping volumes have blown past their expectations, companies are extending delivery windows and they are also suspendinging delivery guarantees. i hope have one ordered early. >> i hope that is not a bummer >> remember gifts did not make it. >> i want my christmas cards to get where they are going. jill, let the me know if you don't get your christmas card on time, okay. >> i will. >> thanks, jill. here's a police chase that doesn't happen very often. >> just wait until you see this comical yet adorable theme as officers try to catch unlikely runaways, that is the donkeys wondering around a burlington county home in south jersey saturday morning.
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the it turns out they escaped from their enclosure. mount laurel police officers were able to carol the animals and return them to their homes , unharmed. >> does that qualify as a chase. look at how slow they are moving, more like a stroll. >> wasn't eyor a donkey. >> yes. >> coming up, we will check weather and traffic. >> plus we will show you a philadelphia christmas tradition, we will be right
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welcome back, good morning to you. expecting to see a pretty quiet day all things considered and technically a typical day for mid december standard. at the moment all is calm here , not necessarily bright, the sunnies in the just up yet but we will see more sun then anything. your current temperatures 37, feels like 37, even despite the that north westerly wind flow it is not breezy so it will not add a wind chill issue. today is a drop in the bucket.
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tranquil, quiet, if you have outdoor plans maybe in the next couple days, today would be my suggestion to to it. for now, it is nice and quiet out there on storm scan, other than lingering clouds but again you'll see more sun then anything, now, tomorrow, major difference, we don't break out of the 20's as an arctic cold front crosses and bringing a passing snow shower. we will keep that into friday before a huge, turnaround and a big warming trend by this weekend, meisha. >> tis the season, all right, katie, thank you so much. looking outside right now the at the boulevard we are looking good. we are looking as we typically should, you should see how dark it is, you can see a couple headlights, overall though, turning to the boulevard anywhere right now we are looking g we are in good company. we do have some construction on i-95 south between academy and cottman, two lanes blocked here now it looks good that construction now has cleared and this is what we're looking at on i-95, again roadways nice and dry so we are looking good there. however, we do have an accident here in west hampton, east park drive, near rancocas
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road, by the way, very serious injuries here, so, if you are anywhere around this area i would say hold off, maybe don't go around there right now you will start to slow down, probably in that area sometime soon and another accident in doylestown route 611 northbound at easton road, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. who will will day tradition continue is here at the kimmel center. >> ♪ >> verizon hall hosted the annual soul full christmas concert 500 choir members from different philadelphia church es and community officials performed holiday spirituals and gospel's favorite. it looked like a packed house too. >> wow. welshing coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live in montgomery county as comedian bill cosby returns to court this morning. also ahead, president-elect donald trump is making a major change to his routine, we will tell you now how often he will receive his intelligence briefings. we will tell you why this christmas display is causing
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controversy in one major city, we will be right back,
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it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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well, bill cosby is back in court one day after a fiery pretrial hearing, we're live, with more on the decision that a judge is expected to make today. and new this morning a man is gunned down and a burst of bullets more than two dozen shell casings are found at the scene on adams avenue, we will have more on the search for suspect. also this... >> ♪ >> remembering actor alan thicke who passed away suddenly yesterday. we will tell you how he is leaving his mark on more than just acting.
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today is wednesday, 11:14. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm ra who will son. >> good morning. >> katie's feeling better. >> yes, i do not sound much better. >> well, we will get the through it. >> not quite yet. >> yes. >> oh, thank you. >> good morning. >> yes, that is right. >> out are outside right now your commute is okay, we have a few accidents popping up even though roadways are nice and dry. will they stay dry. >> they will stay dry for now. bigger weather headlines for next few days is cold coming our way. today is a quiet the day, par for course day, temperatures eventually rebound to lower 40 's. we are close to that as we stand. we will get to temps in a second. just a quick check you can see hint of moisture exiting, out to the atlantic here but at the moment you just have to a couple cloud and it the stays that way throughout the entire day. so that is some good news. we will not be battling any rain or ice or snow, certainly but you wil


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