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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 14, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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's temperatures because bottom business to fall out. arctic blast is heading our way. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment but here's what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute. well, a man is dead after a shooting in philadelphia's frankford section. twenty-eight shell casing were found around the victim. happening today defense takes center stage, bill cosby 's attorneys want the why to bar the other cosby accusers from testifying at the his upcoming spring trial, they are expected to attack these women's credibility and relevance. it is a tough standard living up to be jason. >> hollywood mourning loss of the tv sitcom legend alan thicke has died, he suffered a heart attack while playing hockey. >> big news story to day was donald trump's meeting with kanye west. what could these two have to talk about though, i can't think of anything that they could possibly have in common, trump goes on these crazy twit
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ter rants at 3:00 in the morning and kanye, well, he also does that. one of them constantly claiming the award show are rigged and the other sets a bad example. trump has ridiculous looking fake looking yellow hair and, oh, come on. >> he does have a point there. >> i will plead the fifth. >> yes. >> so, katie, what about you, how is weather looking like out there. >> you know, i'm also going go to complete thely, bypass what has just happened and not comment, let's switch gears completely. let talk about the weather and frankly at least today not a lot. it is par for the course, there are a handful of cloud, skies beginning to clear, we will eventually warm up, i don't want to say necessarily but we will rebound to a typical daytime high. current area temperatures, we are off to a chilly start. wind is pretty calm, a very light hint of a breeze out of the northwest, and not enough to make it feel too harsh,
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though, we're at 28 at mount pocono, and 38, in atlantic city. now, as the day progresses we will expect to hit lower 40's here at the shore and in the the city with more sun then anything. we're only rebounding in the lower 20's or up to 20's, in the poconos but regardless, chillier day as it is typical in the mountains. coming up, there are a part where the bottom gets pulled out as arctic air ushers its way in from the depths of the arctic. so the coldest air since we saw last february waiting in the wings, how cold are we talking ? well, you have to stick around. i've got the answer to that question and also we will talk about the possibility of some snow, here in the area, just a bit later on, meisha? >> all right, arctic blast, snow, i want to have joy, good times, good morning everybody. happy wednesday to you. we are looking at ben franklin bridge moving in the the westbound direction toward center city.
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looking calm and quiet. it is looking g fairly typical for an early wednesday morning ben franklin bridge for those who have to take it right now, do so, looking really nice. schuylkill eastbound at spring garden both moving in the east and westbound directions this is what you are looking at the schuylkill slowly starting to heat up. it is pushing more toward the 6:00 o'clock hour. way than the to call your attention to this accident, serious injuries involved in this one in west hampton, new jersey. so east park drive near rancocas road if you can avoid this area you will want to do so. whenever we have serious injuries involved we will slow down and have gaper delay, we will have a lot of activity in that area. avoid it if you can. another accident, lindenwald white horse pike at stone road just a head up, for those in and around that area but we have a lot have of construction this morning, new jersey turnpike northbound near route 168 that left lane block, lingering out there for next half an hour or so, i will let you know whether that clears and also just a reminder on this schuylkill river wall repairs, mlk inbound is closed between
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sweet briar and art museum, this will be 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 0 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. this will run you through january 20th. we have a little while on that but head up i will tweet this information out as well but also, reminding you over next couple weeks this is going on as well, back over to you. happening today, it is back to court for bill cosby as his lawyers battle over who gets to testify over his upcoming sexual assault trial. things got heated yesterday inside of the norristown courtroom, cosby accused of a all thing former temple university employee andrea constand. prosecution and defense got in the shouting match over whether 13 additional accusers who may testify against cosby should be named. president obama signed a bill that invests in the war against cancer drug abuse and mental health issues. the 21st century cures act includes 6.3 million-dollar over the next decade. white house invited eight year-old max schill from williamstown, new jersey to be at the ceremony. max lobbied for the bill.
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he has noonan syndrome a rare genetic disorder that effects how his body develops as he ages. >> it was really excite go to see the president. >> now the opening act provision that max pushed for aimed at least purposes drugs for rare diseases did not make it in the the new law but the vice-president, and the president, signed this note, asking max's teacher to excuse him from school. well, after the bill signing vice-president biden held a round table where he was discussing the cancer moon shot task force, among those taking part were comedian jon stewart and wwe's steph niece mcmahon. they also discussed military and first responder cancer care. well, time right now 5:35. in business news, ups and fedex are busier then expect. >> and dow jones is within striking distance of another milestone, money watch's jill wagner live on the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim
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and rahel, markets opened up once again, the dow jones could hit 20,000 today, jumped another 114 points yesterday, nasdaq, gained 51. the fed is expect to raise interest rates when it backs up its policy meeting today, fed's kept interest rates at railroaded lows to spur the economy after the financial crisis, this would only be the second increase in a decade, also today commerce department will release numbers honorary tail sales for november, it is a good indication on holiday hopping. more people are buying their holiday gifts on line, ups and fedex are having a hard time keeping up with deliveries, wall street journal reports shipping volumes have already flown past expectations, the companies are extending delivery windows and also sus sing delivery guaranties. apple's wireless ear budd, air pod are on sale, just in time for the holidays. air pods original launched in october with the wave apple was reportedly having a hard time getting them to work. they cost 159 bucks and they
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are key accessory for iphone seven because those phones don't have a head phone jack. jim and rahel, i feel like i bout them and lost them already. >> i can barely keep the ones with the cord. >> there is no way i would be able to keep them. i need big ones, that was more socially acceptable would i walk around with the big headphones. >> those are cool, the big bead ones. >> they are, on the plane the other day. >> yes. >> back in time. >> thanks, jill, check with you tomorrow. well, people across the region are getting in the holiday spirit playing the role of secret santa solve paid off department stores, lay away tabs, like the secret santa who does that every year at a k-mart in holmes. another person gave $46,000 for lay away items at an everette, pennsylvania wal-mart. and others have covered elementary school students meal accounts, one person did so in wilmington delaware. another out of hermine, pennsylvania.
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if you know about a secret sanity, we want to hear bit. comment on our cbs philly facebook page. speaking of holiday spirit , check this out, u.s. air force geared up for an operation christmas crop to help those in need. flight santa 62 took off early monday morning, on a mission to spread goodwill, that is a good mission. this years operation has been most successful christmas drop to date delivering critical supplies to 50 island in the pacific ocean. well, mail carrier goes above and beyond the call of duty to help save christmas for a neighborhood in north carolina. >> take a look at this video flames erupting inside a mail truck in wake forest. instead of running to safety the mail carrier and good samaritan did the opposite, they rush to save as many packages as possible, and now locals are calling them heroes if it wasn't for her quick thinking to pull right over, and remove the parcels it could have been tough. somebody did save christmas. >> dozens of packages were
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saved and at most we were told were amazon deliveries, of course. >> what is that saying, through rain, snow, sleet, fire in the truck. >> up next bruno mars and james carden go driving and sing nothing car pool karaoke. we will have the highlights, hi there, pat. >> good morning, why am i riding a cold medal eagles because i'm at franklin square park and they have something amazing going on. it is electrical spectacle, we will tell you all bit and you why need to come here for the holidays coming up next, and how about this eagle. >> patrick, you sleigh me. as we go to break we will invite to you join us for a look back at people bringing us together, our brotherly love specialist tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3 and we certainly think it is a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit, we will be right back.
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some hollywood stars appears to be worth every penny. captain america civil a war star chris evans is hero to fans and studio execute owes love him too. evans tops forbes list of the best actor for the buck. evans brings in more than $135 in ticket sales for every dollar that he is paid, guardians of the galaxy star chris pratt delivers $125 per dollar of salary, and for
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every buck, scarlet johansen makes her movies make $88 in change. another multi grammy winner, goes for a ride with james corden for car pool karaoke. bruno mars is more than sing, he teaches, about fashion, and elvis and if you missed it, here's a taste of their jam obsession. >> ♪ >> the late, late the show with james corden tonight right here, on cbs-3 at 12:37 a.m. now that is probably what arguablably his most famous song. a couple weeks ago and said that song almost never happened, he threw away so
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many first drafts of the song. it just goes to show you. >> i think it is funny people walk by when they are walking by this car, driving right down the street saying what are they doing in that car. >> it the is at a stop sign and you look over and person is jamming, you are like, yeah >> i did it a few times, i don't know what your problem is. >> yes. >> you guys are a riot. >> okay, so as we switch gears talking about the the weather, are you ready for winter my trend. >> oh, well. >> if not, too bad because it is on the way no matter what we want. we are expect to go see temperatures guys that do not break out of the 20's in the next couple days. let me walk you outside, things are very, very quiet. everything dry. you don't have any problems, as we look live overlooking syringe garden street and broad. this is taken from our own station headquarters and it looks like it is still quiet the outside. not just weather-wise but even traffic wise. not too many folks out and about at the moment. we will see not just sun and
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create sun glare issues but also, a pretty typical day, all things considered. the as we check with the eyewitness weather watchers this morning that is what we're fining. we have 20's certainly but the general vast majority up and down at least is franking the delaware river, and, in the 30 's. and, just a couple clouds overhead in mount laurel, and where there is no wind to report. she's checking in at 0 miles an hour. cold enough you will want to grab a jacket, out the door, and nothing too harsh about this. thirty-two from john carroll in mullica, all across the river, lets get you back into pennsylvania, we will go north of the city where barbara lane is recording 29 degrees and chill, obviously out in willow grove. she has a modest breeze at 4 miles an hour, nothing more. the as we go back to the maps though, lets look at storm scan, and, and race majority of the you had is very quiet. all the way out, on the left coast, for the next storm
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system starting to get its act together and still moving on shore for california, oregon. this will cross the rockies, gather moisture and strength as it moves in the plains and then eventually head our way. we will show you future snow amounts. with the arctic cold air settling in tomorrow and friday it sets stage for some snow. so we're taking you all the way through to saturday morning 9:00 a.m. this is the cut off we're looking at least high northampton county where you might end up with three to 6 inches of of this storm one model interpretation. but as we go throughout the morning thinks all going to turn south to north over to rain. even in the mountains even if you did see half foot of show we will get that washed away by what eventually turns over to rain. cold air that sets the stage for this comes again tomorrow and friday where the highs are only in the 20's, but you're talking about lows, actually bottoming out in the single digits or teens and it will feel, near or even below for some of you, zero.
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on friday. so that is, really, really cold, obviously, but frankly dangerous if you are not smart bit. we can get through it. we have dealt with worse, but make sure you bundle up your self and everyone else in your family adequately friday morning. look at this turnaround, we're back in the 50's come sunday, so quite the turn around. >> yes, you are right. i just can't complain, we talk about zero and i role my eyes but then took 50 and say i'm in paradise. there are no complaints here. happy wednesday. we are looking at i-95 south at cottman you can see how busy pushing in the southbound direction on i-95. basically any where on i-95 right now just before the 6:00 e getting there. it will start to get busy but you i will say this is busier then what we would typically see still around, i don't know 5:47 a.m. head up, give yourself a couple extra minutes. ninety-five north at 452 looking good, up to the airport we're fine. also, an accident here in new jersey west hampton serious injuries involved here, east
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park drive near rancocas road, that is still out there. if you can avoid the area, you will want to buzz be careful and give yourself extra time. another accident white horse pike at stone road for those in and around that area and company construction new jersey turnpike north bound. this is route 168 that left lane block, it will be blocked around 6:00 a.m. or so. it should lift in the next 15 minutes or so. we're hoping it will. and then more construction we will be talking about coming up in a little bit but first, i've got some fun stuff for you. so, lets talk about my friend, over at septa, septa is getting in the holiday spirit. i had a chance to be a guest judge for fourth annual all district festive vehicles decoration competition and it was a blast. from jesus in the manger and y oda it is a holiday sight to sees. you can see them for yourself this saturday all on displays a dilworth park. trust me you will not be disappointed. so jim, rahel, i have to ask
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have you ever seen these bus decorations. >> no, in the like that. >> they are amazing. they all do them, they use their own resources. big competition. it is a tamly thing. >> i have seen 34 trolley on baltimore avenue with the holiday lights that is really pretty but that is amazing. >> looks like a road trip to dilworth. holiday spirit is filling air in philadelphia's franklin square as well. >> light show electrical spectacle features more than 50,000 lights, 50,000 lights, jim. >> 50,000. >> 50,000. "eyewitness news" reporter path the path galleys live there for us this morning, path the path. >> reporter: hi there guys, i'm the brightest light out here, is that what you were going to say. >> yeah. >> are you fishing. >> our producer just said, dim bulb. i'm like no. >> only i can insult. >> i know. >> only you. only you. >> hi, pat. >> patrick, that is my neighborhood i saw them putting up the lights recently >> yes, exactly 50,000 lights
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out here at franklin square, one of the great places for the holiday season. the little cold but don't let that stop from you coming out here and seeing the beautiful array of lights and all sorts of things they have going on here. to tell us more about that, amy needle from historic philadelphia, good morning. >> good morning, thanks for coming to franklin square. >> thanks for having us. i know you are chilly. i see a key, kite and we are at franklin square putting pieces together what does it all mean. >> it is the electrical spectacle presented by peco. we do a light sheds here every half an hour beginning at 4:30 and goes until 9:00 on weekend incredible light show synchronized to music of the philly pops and nut cracker. >> yes. >> it is wonderful for holidays but then so much more to do. there is mini golf, liberty carousal and on saturday you can meet santa. >> you can meet sanity, come out, take your picture with him but you can also meet a special friend, i heard that the marries going to come here and he will be dressed as
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someone special from a movie. >> buddy the, ethel if and sanity clause might be known as councilman squilla, but buddy elf and santa will be here tomorrow evening. if you are on the good list. >> i will try my best. >> come on down and give your list to santa, and hopefully he will put tonight for you. >> and the mayor too. >> so not only do we have carousal but we have the lights, we have also got the tent which is an interesting aspect of what you guys are doing. >> yes, we're always looking to make the experience better for the visitor. so one thing that we think is important is warmth. >> aubrey. >> you can warm up in the tent is there fire pits, sitting outside in our garden here but inside the tent there are great things to do for families. you can decorate cookies, make ginger bread houses, see fudge being made, doughnuts out of the hopper. for the adults on the weekend
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there is beer, spirit and cocktails. >> very important. >> yes. >> we will make fudge in the 6:00 o'clock hour. we will do it. we will go inside. we will get warm. for now, we will throw it back to you guys while we're freezing out here. >> they do an amazing job at franklin square every holiday season. good to see that. we will check with you later on, pat, thanks. it is beginning to look like christmas but one town's display is causing a bit of controversy. >> we will show you part of it we will also show you more barbie theme tree when we come right back.
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well, welcome back everyone. our eye of sharing toy fest is in full swing, we hope you'll pick up a toy for a child in need. for a list of drop off locations, you can head to our web site at cbs fest. you can also find them on the cbs local app. or you can also join us right here at our cbs-3 studios on tuesday, december 20th for our big drop off day, we will be here from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., help us fill a truck with toys that will go to families served by salvation army, boys and girls club of camden county and uso. we will have more information on cbs fest we hope to see through. tree in san jose's annual
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christmas in the park is under fire over male and female rules. >> this barbie theme tree has three different scenes in one, dollies cooking in the kitchen , in another she appears to be cleaning the bathroom while third shows barbie waiting for laundry to finish. while many stopping by says that they feel, it is sexist. >> we can do more then cook, iron. i put up my own christmas lights. i get the on the ladder. i can put up my lights. we can do it all. >> i wouldn't want my daughter to appear to be that barbie doll. >> it causes conversation i guess what it comes down to. >> i agree with her. >> the the company behind the tree h2h design build is getting, lots of feedback outreason its facebook page. >> i bet it is. >> yeah. >> i mean, come on, can't come up with a better idea then that. >> would i like to know who was behind the lanning of that >> a man. >> i would guess. >> coming up next, on cbs-3
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"eyewitness news", everyone has a best friend, that includes president other bam. find out what the first lady says is his besttie for life, we will be right
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new this morning a search for a killer in the north east
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, after police say that 28 shots were fired, in an execution style murder. a shouting match between attorneys' rupturing a pretrial hearing for bill cosby sex assault case. we are live with what they were arguing about and what we can expect from day two today. and shock and sadness in hollywood after beloved tv dad alan thicke suddenly passes away at 69. we are taking a look back at the huge impact he made on entertainment. well, today is wednesday, december 14th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets get you out the door and check on the forecast with the roads and kate i and meisha. >> everyone is back together. happy hump day. the road are looking good. they are nice, dry, looking busy. we have had a scattered accidents out there i'm not sure why, katie but hopefully it will stay dry. >> it will stay dry. today was a quiet the day all things considered too but arctic air is working its way in with


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