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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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for a killer in the north east , after police say that 28 shots were fired, in an execution style murder. a shouting match between attorneys' rupturing a pretrial hearing for bill cosby sex assault case. we are live with what they were arguing about and what we can expect from day two today. and shock and sadness in hollywood after beloved tv dad alan thicke suddenly passes away at 69. we are taking a look back at the huge impact he made on entertainment. well, today is wednesday, december 14th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets get you out the door and check on the forecast with the roads and kate i and meisha. >> everyone is back together. happy hump day. the road are looking good. they are nice, dry, looking busy. we have had a scattered accidents out there i'm not sure why, katie but hopefully it will stay dry. >> it will stay dry. today was a quiet the day all things considered too but arctic air is working its way in with time.
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arctic cold front is scheduled to cross tomorrow very early in the morning. as it does so that is when temperatures take a hit. for now storm scan is quiet. not finding much more than a couple clouds and there will be more sun then anything but let me give you a frame of reference here, so the at the moment we have a very modest breeze, hardly noticeable. it is making it feel like 30 at the airport. teens, 20's, we can deal with that. let me give you perspective. in central canada run out of colors it is so cold on the map. look at this, up at international falls it is 29 below zero in terms of the wind chill. the feels more like 33 below in winnipeg, commonly known as winterpeg because of the obvious. it is so cold outside. even in sue city, it feels like six. we are not going to be battling that kind of vicious wind chill but that is the source of the cold that is coming our way. so for now we will eventually end up in the lower 40's which is only a few degree shy of average, but we will have to deal with a very brutal chill
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as early as tomorrow. it is going to be with us, right through end of the week, meisha. >> that cold, just looking at the midwest. >> yes. >> yeah. >> i will be entering it next week, katie, if you can believe that. we are looking outside right now it is very dark outside. we are starting to heat up. this is also where we had disabled reek will pulled off to the far right shoulder. schuylkill eastbound past king of prussia. the head up, you can see headlights, taillights letting us know it is getting busy that we have crack this is the 5:00 o'clock hour. the as we know it will only get busier. vine street was closed now that it the has been cleared, you can see west and eastbound side opened, we can see brake lights on the schuylkill, vine westbound but overall we're holding steady there. the vine's looking okay. but we still have this accident involving serious injuries in west hampton, new jersey, east park drive near rancocas road. avoid the area. you will want to do so. be prepared to hit those brakes or stop completely around that area. another accident in lindenwald
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white horse pike at stone road and we have construction to talk about in a little bit, jim, over to you. new this morning police are investigating a deadly crash in the cobbs creek section. eye witt the necessary news at 58th and baltimore avenue where a five two-year old man crashed his car, around 1:00 this morning. police say victim hit another car and then a tree, no details on what led to that crash. also new this morning a man is dead after a shooting in philadelphia's frankford section. overcome with grief, a family member learned of his loved ones murder last night 28 shell casings were found around the victim on the 1400 block of adams avenue. police believe that the 27 year-old victim was targeted. we do have several witnesses, they were transported to homicide, they are being interest rude by whom identify detectives, at this time, so this is mainly a residential neighborhood on one side of the street and a vacant lot where the victim's body was found laying on the street. >> detectives are also recovering surveillance video
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from nearby businesses. and another deadly shooting in frankford last night, it happened on the 5,000 block of frankford avenue last night at chopper three captured the scene. police say a man died after he was shot in the chest and back , another man was rush to the hospital, where he is listed in critical condition. this morning, no word yet on a motive. in just a couple hours bill cosby will head back to court for a second day of pretrial hearings in norristown. >> his lawyers will battle over who gets to testify over his upcoming sexual assault trial. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live outside montgomery county courthouse breaking down the case, good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning, that is right, today is defense attorney to take center stage. bill cosby's attorneys want this judge to bar other cosby accusers from testifying at his upcoming spring trial and they are expected to attack these women today by calling into question their credibility and their rel advance. bill cosby, back in montgomery county court today for second day of this pretrial hearing,
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first day was testy from the start. judge steven o'neill often warning the prosecution and defense to maintain decor um after shouting matches erupted inside the courtroom. prosecution wants the judge to allow testimony from 13 cosby accusers at the comedian's upcoming trial. montgomery county district attorney kevin steel says their testimony will show cosby had a long history of drugging and molesting women. lawyers from both sides, clashed yesterday, over the identification of those women, the defense wanting all of their names made public. prosecutors suggesting cosby's lawyers were just trying to intimidate them. ultimately the judge ruled cosby's attorneys could name 11 of the accusers since they have already told their stories publicly. cosby is facing felony sexual assault charges and accused of drugging and molesting former temple university employee, andrea constand at his cheltenham mansion in 2004. a prosecutor at the time declined to file charges but since the case reopened, 50
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women come forward with similar accusations against the 79 year old. the defense is also questioning the motive of these women saying allegations go back sometimes for decade, that they never went to authorities and that the allegations are vague. as for bill cosby, he has always denied wrongdoing saying any sexual contact was always consensual. it will be up to the judge to decide if any of these women can testify, cosby's trial is scheduled for june of next year. we're reporting live from norristown, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now back to you. meanwhile happening today a bucks county man charged with killing his own moth ever head to court. police say 30 year-old zachary cope, confessed to the murder. five two-year old rebecca cope was found dead inside of her home in lower makefield, the cause of death is unknown, and investigators say his mother appears to have been stabbed. philadelphia police are searching for an armed, dangerous robber in feltonville. take a look at this surveillance video. it shows suspect barging in the deli on rose hill street
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saturday afternoon. he shot the clerk as you just saw there and ran off with money and lottery tickets. now on sunday evening the same guy walk into a nearby corner store, shot the store employee in the leg and then stole money. we spoke with neighbors who say despite all of this they still feel safe in their local stores. >> it is hard for me to feel unsafe, even though i know what goes on, at the same token, my home. >> both employees are expected to be okay, if anyone recognizes man in the surveillance video you are asked to call police. business leaders in silicone valley are heading to trump tower. leaders of the apple, amazon, and fear president-elect trump will curb hiring of immigrants and infringe on consumer's digital privacy. as hena daniels report the president-elect is also defending his choice for secretary of the state. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump brought his thank you tour to west allies wisconsin mocking recent recount earth.
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>> all that money, all that time, all that effort, we got 131 votes more then we had before. >> speaker paul ryan, where is the speaker. >> going to bat the for paul ryan in his own home state. >> he is like a fine wine, every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. >> mr. trump stood by his secretary of state mom minute knee exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson who tastes a tough confirmation, because of his ties to russian president vladamire putin. senate democrats have enlisted help of account than thes and legal experts to look into tillerson's business dealings. >> rex is trendily with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with and some people don't want that. >> reporter: earlier in the day president-elect tapped montana congressman ryan z enk e to lead interior department and rick per toy head department have of energy while holding more talks at trump tower with some big names, including rapper kanye
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west. >> we have been friend for a long time. >> reporter: microsoft co founder bill gates. >> we had a good conversation about innovation. >> job creation will be at top of the agenda today as president-elect sits down with the leaders of other major tech companies, including apple's tim cook, and amazon's jeff bezos. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, to still ahead this morning we will tell you a little bit more about the sudden death of the the beloved tv dad alan thicke and how celebrities are remembering the actor. plus fresh hope in the fight against alzheimer's, we will tell you about the popular drug that is already being used to treat something else that could help prevent the disease. and president obama has a bff and first lady is revealing who it is, find out host find real joy in spending time with. coming up.
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♪ >> well, growing pains was one of the most popular sitcoms in the 80's, every week millions tuned into watch the family. now hollywood has lost one of its most iconic television dads after alan thicke has died. >> thicke was talented actor, song writer, composer but first known and best known for his rolling as doctor jason se vear on growing pains. danielle nottingham has more on his career. >> reporter: alan thicke was best known for his role as a dad. >> ♪ >> likable tv dad, doctor
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jason severee on growing pains >> ♪ >> reporter: and real life father of singer, song writer robin thicke. >> tough standard living up to him, when i come home in real life, tougher to parent without eight writers, and without the benefit of he had its. >> reporter: he also had two other sons. >> generally i feel like i don't some of it the right because, i'm madly in love with all of them. all three of my boys are quite fabulous. >> reporter: thicke was a composer penning several popular tv theme songs including different strokes, facts of life and original theme to the wheel of fortune. >> wow. >> reporter: his current role was as a recurring guest as a grandfather on the netflix original series fuller house. a reboot of the full house family sitcom from the 1990's. thicke was a popular talk show host in his native canada before coming to the u.s. his publicist says that thicke died of a heart attack in los angeles. he connect with his fans, just
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hours, before he died. he tweeted about the progress of season two of fuller house, and thanking canada's film festival for the icon award. in his tweet he promised to stay iconic. alan thicke was 69 years old. daniel nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". alan thickest son carter tweeted this picture saying today i lost high best friend, my idle and world lost one of the finest. you are a legend, i love you pops, until the next time. >> can days cameron who work with thicke on fuller house tweeted i am sad beyond word alan thicke passed away, i have known him since i was eight. her brother kirk cameron starred as thicke's tv son as growing pains. >> tweeted this vintage pick, that is thicke on the left with phil esposito, gordie how and wayne gretzky. thicke, who grew up in ontario , canada was a
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passionate hockey fan. >> a lot of people talking about that today. >> condolences to his family. >> what can we expect today. >> we know temperatures will be taking a dip real soon. >> they will be, yes. absolutely. i will say growing pains was my number one favorite show, i loved it, yeah. that is one, that is tough. condolences to the family. lets look at storm scan, nationwide zoom, because really not too much is happening east of the rookies. there is a little moisture but overall basically quiet. certainly is here. this storm, that is moving on shore is what will eventually bring us our next round of snow. and very likely ice and rain with it too. but lets talk about how we get to that point. polar plunge that jim was referring to that is moving in as early as tomorrow with an arctic cold front scheduled to cross. jet stream taking a huge dive allowing that cold air to carve out space. core of the cold looks like it is just clipping us, what we will end up with here are
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temperatures ten to 15 below average but then factor in the wind. that always makes or breaks you, right. we are talking about single digit values try morning especially up in the poconos, lehigh valley, more like teens , you go into the urban ized area, i-95, immediate virginia interest is , 20's closer to the open ocean water but you have to knock 10 degrees off for how it will tiehl factoring in the win. the as we mentioned today is quiet. sunshine, crowd, no harm, in foul, smidge below average. we will take that 41 degrees. dropping down to the 20's tonight. there could be a stray snow shower but arctic cold front crosses tomorrow, bringing with it, yikes, mid to upper 20's if you are lucky but then you have to factor in the wind bundle will up adequately and when you see that snow/ice mix before it turns over to rain, meisha. >> all right, katie, thanks very much. it is coming whether we like it or not. good morning everyone. happy hump day to you. ninety-five south before girard we can see a steady influx now it is heating
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upright the now. would i say 95 is an area that is starting to heat up the quickest and it will continue to heat up as we push toward our main hour of the rush hour this is what we're looking here, 422 headlights moving eastbound past oaks. would i say 422 is looking okay. really typical. i-95 is starting to heat up, a faster spots this morning. then we have a more serious accident here with a very serious injuries, west hampton , new jersey, east park drive near rancocas road, around here or anywhere would i avoid the area if you can. if you can't and you have to get out there would i say, at least another 25 to 30 minutes on that at least. we have more to talk about in a little bit but first we will take a quick break, cw. three "eyewitness news" will be right
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now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> on the cover of the trenton ian country lost another world war two hero this week when sam out romano senior in hamilton township passed away. former trenton policeman romano was recipient of the purple heart, flying cross and prisoner of war medal. romano survived a year of captivity before allied forces liberated him from a prison camp in nazi, germany. he was 94 years old. from the intelligencer, penndot is getting mixed reaction over its plan to replace a historic one lane bridge in tinicum. around 80 people attended a public hearing at pal said high school last night. some say they want to preserve
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204 year-old stonework while others say they are tired of waiting to drive across tinicum creek. finally from the front page of the times herald this week st. patrick parishioners paraded down marshall street cars decorated in holiday lights in devotion to the our lady of quad loop. >> wow. >> and that is a look at newspaper headlines there around the delaware valley. >> yes, trying to add international flare there. so you know talk of the br omance between president obama and vice-president biden >> first lady michelle obama and doctor jill biden talk to people magazine. the mrs. obama says biden is big brother her husband never had and find joy spending time with him. they say the two really love each other. that gets a whole new meaning to all of those memes we have seen between biden and obama. >> that is nice to know. >> they seem like they enjoy each other. >> good examination there. >> i like them. >> frick and frank. well, arctic cold is
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coming, wow, katie tells us when temperatures starts to plumet coming up next. inhe healthwatch, promising weapon in the the fight against alzheimer's, we will tell you about the drug that could cut risk of developing the disease. the plus this. >> i'm chris mar teen necessary sacramento, california where one woman's generosity is helping hundreds of an has find new homes for the holidays. i'll tell but her incredible
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welcome back everyone, weekend just a few days away and we are going to see very dramatic changes, up to the point that we hit weekend here , very cold leading up to the weekend but we see dramatic warming trend saturday and sunday, along with that a storm system moves in that will bring ice, snow, saturday morning, that will eventually turn over to rain, guys, back inside to you. in this morning's healthwatch are statthises key to preventing alzheimer's disease. >> a new study shows regular use of the cholesterol lowering drugs could cut risk of developing alzheimer's by 10 percent. all brand of statins have the same effect. researchers say it has something to do with the power of the drugs to remote good blood flow to the brain. pokemon go is getting couch potatoes moving but doctors warn mobile app does not give users enough exercise the game involves search for cartoon characters, a new
6:26 am
study out of harvard says it does improve physical activity but effect is only moderate and tend to decrease, after a few weeks. well, it looks like any other baby gift registry at target but this one is different. >> just a bit different. >> that is because it is for a unique mom to be, baby registry is actually for an expecting orangutan. it has over 300 items on it, most on the list are ones, any human babe would i need, blankets, bowls, bubble bats, mommy orangutan is due last week of yan. but why do people care so much about the orangutan. >> i don't know that confusing me. coming up next on "eyewitness news", top google searches in philadelphia this past year. it can be tough looking for a job, too many applicants , not enough positions but up next we have creative ways to make your resume stan out. courtroom screaming match at bill cosby's pretrial
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hearing, what we can expect from day two in the courtroom, meisha. looking at 42 freeway, it is heating up and serious accident in west hampton new jersey and construction that can start to slow you down. we will get to that coming up but first we will take a quick break, stay right where you,
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fire fighters bat telling house fire in gloucester county happening on west howard street near intersection of goodwin lane in clayton. we are told fire broke out just a few minutes ago, as you can see here, still a very active scene. there is no word on injuries. we certainly hope everyone got outside okay but we will continue to follow this, as new information, comes out. good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> reporter: bill cosby will be back in court this morning. >> bill cosby's attorneys want the judge to bar the other cosby accusers, from
6:31 am
testifying, at the his upcoming spring trial, they are expected to attack these women's credibility and relevance. heart wrenching scene in philadelphia's frankford section, following a fatal shooting. >> police believe 27 year-old victim was targeted. hollywood has lost one of the most iconic television dads, actor alan thicke has died. >> ♪ >> best known for his role as doctor jason on the 80's sitcom growing pains. ♪ great singing but those shirts there, they were strong >> i think less is more. less for such.
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>> i agree. that was car pool car oak which bruno mars on the late, late the show with james corden last night, certainly always a funny show. lets get out to katie. katie, these cooler temperatures will in the last long though. >> we're talking brutal conditions, actually in the next few days, my friend. today not that day, it is cold enough to require heavier winter weather gear, we will end up a smidge below average, couple degrees below average here but nothing like what we end up with in the next few. lets start off by talking about the variety pack of daytime highs, that we have seen, and are about to face. we came from the 30's, 40's, the 50's even, heck on monday, but by tomorrow, we won't break out of the 20's and it will feel that much worse factoring in the wind, a bonus , right. looking at storm scan all is quiet right now. this is, you know, going to stay this way. we will have a few clouds, nice bright sunshine, chill in the air but nothing terrible. it is currently 36 degrees at philly international.
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thirty-six in atlantic city. twenty-seven, up at mount pocono. a very modest breeze, and northwest, i would say, that the breeze out of the currently but it is nothing that is terribly harsh. the as long as you wear your typical stuff, scarves, gloves , very likely needed here, to be out identify for more than a couple minutes, and that is definitely necessary, and highs in the the lower 40's. we will expect to see that 40 's, lasting us all day to day. by tomorrow all bets are off, those temperatures will plumet and then we will find potential for some snow, we will talk about the timing on that later on. >> snow, no snow, thank you very much. good morning, happy wednesday to you. happy hump day we are looking outside, 42 freeway north bound we were seeing flashing lights, i would say overall congestion levels on 42 are looking as they would pushing in the north bound treks, headlights moving in the northbound direction. we had a disabled vehicle pushing southbound, pulled off to the side that has been moved out of the way, it is just northbound side i'm
6:34 am
keeping my eye on approaching 295 and we are looking okay there. this is what we are looking at here near media swarthmore. you can see what it looks like on the blue route, well, busy, blue route is an area where you will be dropping less than posted speed any moment thousand but i want to call your attention to the serious accident involving serious injuries in new jersey, west hampton, east park drive near rancocas road, you will certainly want to avoid that. if you cannot i would say give yourself extra 30 or 40 minutes approaching that area. we have construction, reminder , city avenue between lancaster and 54th street is blocked between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. lingering out there through try, rahel and jim, back over to you. the tea fence takes center stage in the second day of pretrial hearings in norristown. bill cosby's attorneys want the comedian's other accusers barred from taking the stand in his upcoming trial. the cosby is accused of assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand. a decision of will be
6:35 am
allowed to testify could come as early as today. well, investigation continues as authorities try to determine what caused a deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. it has been over a week since ghost ship went up in flames killing 36 people. investigators held a press conference to announce they have not figured out what caused the fatal fire. >> we're working closely with now the oakland fire department to make sure that we are thorough, we are methodical and calculated in how we are able to analyze every piece of information, as well as surrounding circumstances. >> officials say that there are in record of the fire department, inspecting warehouse fire but say they would have had they known people were living there. president obama has signed a bill that invests in the war against cancer, drug abuse and mental health issues. twenty-first century cures act includes $6.3 billion over neck decade. white house invited max schill from williamstown new jersey to be at ceremony and lobbied
6:36 am
for the bill. he has noonan syndrome a rare genetic disorder that effects how his body develops as he ages. >> it was really exciting, to be meet the president. >> open act provision that max push for aim at repurposes drug for rare diseases did not make it into the new law but president and vice-president signed this those asking max's teachers to excuse him from school. after the billing signing vice-president wild even held a round table where he discussed cancer moon shot task force among those taking part included john stewart and they discussed military and first responder cancer care. are you thinking of find ing a new job? if so when was last time you tackled your resume. if it has been a while you may want to consider it with a dash of creativity. lloyd amron is looking for a job in journalism and wants her resume to stand out. >> it took me sending this message that hey, i'm a
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creator and maybe you should hire me. >> reporter: she streamlined it, made it pop adding color, info graphics and logos. >> i tried to make my resume. >> reporter: budding video producer is among new generation of job seekers giving the old resume a new twist. from video cover letters, to time lines, that tell your life story, to what amounts to works of art, job seekers especially in creative field are showing their skills as well as listing them. >> people are trying different things to say look at me i'm interesting. >> reporter: but career coaches warn it is important to taylor your message to the potential employer you are targeting. >> you have to speak to the people you hope to hear you, and you have to say it in a way they want to listen to. >> reporter: author of personal branding for dummies says it also helps to brand yourself with a head line or statement that captures who you are, and what you can do. now, experts say it is important not only to focus solely on making your resume look eye catching but content
6:38 am
does hatter, make sure your information is accurate because they will check, and spelling are grammar and gram mar are correct too. >> so not just style but substance. >> yes. this morning we are getting a snapshot of the things people in philadelphia are curious about. >> well, google has just released the most searched terms of 2016. did i mention them all. >> number five. >> in the top trending, was the flyers, they are, by the way, on a nine game winning streak. in fourth, copa america, big soccer tournament. >> number three. >> power ball was second. and number one, most google searched trend in philadelphia >> number one. >> septa strike, walk out last month forced commute tours search for other ways to get to work as you may remember, union members walk a picket line for nearly a week. >> i can understand that number one though. >> that one but rest of them, i don't know, whatever. up next, dolly parton's
6:39 am
star studded tell-a-thon helped victims of the tennessee wild fires. plus a shelter that just saved hundreds of animals, how her generosity is giving those dogs new hope just in time for the holidays, hi there, pat. good morning, guys. we are on very serious reporting this morning. i want to show you something. look at this lovely ginger bread house i just made how awesome is that? with the help of franklin square we will show you how this is part of the something you can do when you come here for christmas season. look at that. that takes skills, right. >> ♪ >> the boss is making ginger bread houses out there, franklin square and boss's playing music we have a great dy here. >> apparently jim, we get 50,000 lights out there.
6:40 am
>> five-zero,. >> that is a lot of zeros. >> big electric bill. >> um-hmm. >> beautiful though. >> what are they making there are those adult beverages, no, doughnuts. >> jim's it is only 6:00 in the morning i don't know why you are worried about adult beverages. but we will be right
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it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. i want to be around just to be a grandma.
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learn more at well, our eye of sharing toy fest is in full swing, we hope that you'll pick up a toy for a child in need. for a list of drop off locations head to cbs philly .com/toy fest. you can also find them on the cbs local app. >> or you can also just join us right here at our cbs-3 studios tuesday december 20th for our big drop off day, we will be here from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., helping film a truck with toys going to deserving families in our area we have more information on cbs fest, we
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hope to see you here. well, hundreds of the animals in california are getting new homes this holiday season, thanks to one woman's generosity. >> they are covering the cost of all adoptions at the a sacramento animal shelter. chris martinez shows us the response has been overwhelming >> reporter: you'll fine surplus of smiles at trent street animal shelter, thanks to a in the so secret santa. >> hi sweety. >> reporter: she says it began with a simple idea. >> i could not believe there was a thousand animals here waiting for adoption. i said, well, then i'm sponsoring to empty the shelter. >> reporter: she posted this video announcing her plan to cover 20-dollar adoption fee for every animal for the entire month. the it went viral overnight. >> the next morning, there was 250 people out here. >> reporter: the lines, have led up to this in just first two weeks nearly 600 an has found new homes. >> give them another hug. >> reporter: including this dog named mellow.
6:45 am
>> good boy. >> but that really pushed us over edge to come, bring a dog home. >> reporter: response has been so overwhelming, other area shelters are you this bringing their animals here to meet demand. >> it has been a move black try. beauty they are this is buying a tv, or a gaming system but they are hear to save lives. >> you're so welcome. >> reporter: kim said she never dream her eye tea would lead to so many adoptions. she hopes her gift will inspire others to follow her lead. >> my hearties so full, i told my husband the other day i don't think i have ever been this happy in my whole life. >> reporter: chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> every sunday morning we do pet project, we have a dog, cats, all kind of animals and they are here. >> carroll comes? >> one concern i have around holidays don't get a pet unless you give throughout, people get wrapped up in the holiday season and end up with a puppy and then forget about it. >> they are a lot of work.
6:46 am
temperatures are dropping but we don't have have snow at least not the yet. some of us not the so lucky. check out this video from outside pittsburgh, icy, slushy mess on the roads yesterday in the western part of the state, got it first taste of winter, these wintry conditions may in the be far down the road either. >> early snow tall means business, for areas ski resorts, skiers hit the slopes , in susquehanna county yesterday. yesterday's warm temperatures were tough on ski resorts with many opening late in the season. it doesn't look like to this will be the case this year, arctic chill, currently gripping parts of the central u.s., and expected to move east, it could face temperatures 20 degrees below normal. new england could see record breaking low temperatures by tomorrow. i'm seeing people talking about this, everybody feeling concerned. >> we're in for frigid cold. >> yes, we are. >> what do you got, katie. >> yeah, just wait, folks we will not break out of the 20's
6:47 am
next couple days. today not terrible. the it is below average talking about the daytime high , eyewitness weather, and, checking their reports, here, this is cold, we want to get those as well, in dover, eddie reports 36 degrees. we have 28 degrees from maryann in browns mills. as we roll it down just below freezing from kyle, and eileen at 30 in gilbertsville. generally low to mid 30's, and , across the good portion of the area. outside live neighborhood network shots, a hint of cloud cover but more than anything, clear skies at the moment, pretty modest breeze, but out of the northwest, we do feel a breeze, it is coming from the colder place and will make it feel chillier. it is not something we have to worry about. all the way out to california, oregon we will see our next storm system just in the beginning stage, it will cross over rockies, basically make a beeline for us and come this weekend we will end up with our, fair share of some precipitation. so for now, arctic cold front
6:48 am
is main story. that will cross through early tomorrow morning, probably bringing a passing snow shower but win, chillies bigger story , again we won't break out of the 20's. the note that is win. please bundle up, and get through just fine. similar scenario on friday, more sunshine but mid 20's. we are calling for 26 in the city. at best. so outline suburbs, even colder, then comes warm trent and this will usher in early saturday morning around a snow and ice. but because it is all moving in with warmer air it will eventually turn from the snow and ice to rain through time or with time. so everyone sees that change over. it might take longer the further north you are. by sunday we are back in the 50's. a lot of turnaround here. >> there is. >> no one can complain about the 50's not saying no one will not complain about the 20 's, they might. >> i'm not going to. >> schuylkill at boulevard, pushing in the eastbound direction, not the quite sure
6:49 am
is what happening here westbound side you are heating up as would you off the boulevard jumping on the schuykill westbound at city avenue we are looking slow there. then i-95 south pushing this is southbound direction brake lights there as well, give yourself some extra time, i would say on i-95 pushing in that southbound direction, that being said, however we are looking pretty typical as we push toward our main hour of the rush hour. couple rehinders, construction north broad street roosevelt boulevard lanes block between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. running through late january. another area just a reminder schuylkill river wall repairs mlk inbound is closed between sweet briar drive and art museum nine to three. and then seven to 5:00 a.m. through january 20th, jim, over to you. very lucky jk rowling fans with big pockets has scooped up a hand fine. >> handwritten copy of the beatles, with illustrations, included, sold for a staggering $470,000. copy belonged to publisher
6:50 am
barry cunningham to gave her her big break. the book was sold at an auction with rowling's permission, a portion of the auction proceed will benefit charity. time right now 6:50. there is a lot coming up this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with the preview , good morning, charlie >> good morning jim and rahel. ahead a look into how russian hackers targeted the american election, david sanger of the new york times is here with the paper's investigation. former secretary have of state and white the house chief of staff james baker, his view of the top names in the trump administration. and looking back at alan thicke's career after his sudden death, news is back in the morning, see new ten minutes. >> okay, we will be watching, thank you. country music legend daly parton hosted a tell-a-thon to help people affected by wild fires that devastated eastern tennessee. >> ♪
6:51 am
>> kenney rodgers, remember a macintyre and hank williams junior air monk entertain shore gave her a hand. she says it is personal. tennessee native feels a pen chant to those who lost so much. >> it was really devastating, when this happened, so many of these people, who are like family to us. they are all our people and i'm just so happy that it turned out, and that they turnout to be here to do this. >> the flames killed four people, and spread to more than 2500 homes, and businesses. take a look, mail carrier is called a hero after going above and beyond, the call of duty, when flames erupted, on a mail truck in wake forest, north carolina instead of running away, the mail carrier and good samaritan did the opposite, the two rushed to save as many packages as possible, some members of the neighborhood say, she saved christmas. >> i bet she did. >> holiday spirit is also filling the air in
6:52 am
philadelphia's franklin square >> lights show electrical spectacle features 50,000 lights, and "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live there this morning, patrick. >> reporter: good morning, guys. there are always things to to in philadelphia but if you are coming here to franklin quarter for the holiday season then you are missing out. i mean lot this, right here hot chocolate, i appreciate that, blazing hot but i'll try it any way. um-hmm. um-hmm. yes, very, very good. here we have got hot chocolate they have a bar back here as well. freshly hade bow nuts. take a look at these, can i get in there? i've got to get in there. thank you. is that in the beautiful. freshly hade doughnuts this morning. that is not all, there is fudge over here as well. freshly hade fudge. is that not beautiful. you got the to love it. i will get in there in a little bit.
6:53 am
chocolate, vanilla, the whole 9-yard. amy needle is here, good morning. >> good morning. >> we have hot chocolate, bar, doughnuts cooking you guys have so much happening here. >> we do, we are so excited, great partners here and they have hade this screens just fantastic for families. so much to to ape you are warm too. >> outside you've got 50,000 lights, lot happening out there as well. >> we do, we are very grateful our trend at peco, ibew helped create this electrical spectacle show. every half an hour people cane this great holiday lights show and in between they can come in here, ride the park carell is, lay mini golf and, of course, see santa and lots of events coming up. >> what are those other events , star wars, is that part of it. >> star wars this friday night good who doesn't love that. >> doesn't love that. >> you can come and do jedi training, characters from star wars will be here all evening long. >> love it good and then saturday, there is cookies and
6:54 am
milk with santa and then he will be here and take your picture, tree with him. >> mayor kenney will be here dressed as buddy elf. >> that is tomorrow night, buddy and santa will be here, mayor kenney and councilman squilla, bring your list. >> bundle up, guys great you do cookie decorating and, come on over here, take a look at this masterpiece, this is the ginger bread house that we helped make. the let's finish this off. we made wreath. we have to put this on the back. let me see if i can get this ready just to put finishing touches. i guess we can call it our cb cbs-3 house. >> ahh, yes. >> right there. >> here we go good put that on there like so. >> are nice. >> is that beautiful. >> look at pat showing his artistic side. >> i swear to you we made this , this morning. >> i trust you. >> i know you don't believe me he but we did good i live in
6:55 am
the neighborhood in olde city and every year i go to franklin square. it is always great. food, stuff. kid to get out there at nighttime and watch the lights >> kids and big kid. >> yes. all year licensing we have been bringing you stories of heart and hepp with our brotherly love series. >> now join us for a look back the at people bringing us together with brotherly love. tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3 perfect way to get in the holiday pitter of giving and we hope you join us , we will be right back with three to go.
6:56 am
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were you start your day it three is to go. >> judge in bill cosby's sexual assault trial may decide if other accusers can testify that they were drugged and maine less ted in the same way as andrea conn stan. popular tv sitcom dad alan thicke has died, star of the growing pains was 69 and suffered a heart attack. and, trump tower today conversations with the president-elect are likely to include jobs, and digital private cyst. next up on cbs this morning, former secretary of state and reagan chief of staff james baker weighs in on the top names in the the trump administration. >> join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a great the day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it is wednesday, december 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. the fragile cease-fire in aleppo collapse. thousands of civilians are at risk. the u.n. calls it a complete meltdown of humanity. >> president-elect trump meets silicon valley tech giants today after clashing women during the campaign. plus he defends choosing an oil man for secretary of state. former secretary of state james baker tells us why he likes the choice. re we are alan thicke. the beloved tv dad from "growing pains" who died suddenly of a heart attack. he was just 69. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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