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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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minor burns, other transported to temple burn center for first degree burns to the face. their injuries are not considered life threatening. >> they said that it was possibly a leak, and smelled, you know, the door, and i could smell the gas outside. >> reporter: philadelphia gas works arrived to determine that there was indeed an underground gas leak and it had caught fire no one else was injured and no evacuations were made. now the fire itself was put the out around 1:30, the fire department is still investigating what exactly sparked the explosion. now pgw crews are still here to see if any of their equipment was damaged, in this, neighbors tell us that they are a bit concerned about heating their homes, this evening, if their service is disrupted. reporting live from west philadelphiaal sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". okay, thanks very much. we have been preparing you all week and now time has come. >> arctic blast of air is just around the corner, this is the coldest air of the season,
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meteorologist justin drabick is in for kate bilo tonight and he is on the cbs-3 skies deck with the first look, justin, these temperatures will go low. >> that is right, yes, sir contact it has to happen at some point as we move in the winter season so coming early, winter arrives next wednesday but now we're talking about the coldest air we have had since february and again, big story will be wind that kicks up later tonight. we will talk about wind chills down near zero in some spots over the next 48 hours. cold air is not the quite here just yet. we made it in the low to mid 40's this afternoon. the close to average, right now we are at 40 degrees at the airport in philadelphia, 33 in allentown, 23 mount pocono. the cloud starting to move in, ahead of the arctic front, actual front is to our west, it will come through overnight and could touch off a snow shower in spots. wind not an issue, less than 10 miles an hour but they will pick up overnight. once that, arctic air mass passes in. through go front will be off shore tomorrow, the core of the cold air is settling in thursday and friday, actual high temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below average but like i said those wind chills
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are going to be brutal. painfully coal. we will talk about how cold it will get and when cold moves out, and potential for some snow and ice as well, those details in a few more minutes. ukee and jessica back to you. a long time delaware county councilman was arrested this afternoon and now facing charges for theft and use of illegal wiretaps. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is in up land delaware county tonight with the very latest on this case, joe, good evening. >> reporter: ukee, good evening to you. did it trick attorney says that he intend to send both of these men to prison thousand. this all start? we are told by law enforcement sources that the boro council president in up land was falsely arrested in february of this year and then there was significant red flags that popped up. do you have any comment. >> no, he doesn't have any comments, excuse me gentlemen. >> reporter: does he deny these allegations. >> he no, sir comment. >> reporter: edward mitchell, 37 years of age is shielded by his lawyers, he wasn't interested in taking a barrage of questions from frustrates, te long time leader from delaware
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county, is charged with taking kickbacks from video surveillance camera contracts to the tune of as much as $130,000. >> we were able to track these kickbacks to his bank account, some of it, solve on it he probably kept tonight cash. >> reporter: prosecutors say it gets worse, mitchell is accused of planting hidden cameras in microphones, throughout the up land boro building, you can see wires left dangling from where those cameras were once mounted. the video system was in place for years. the councilman's lawyer says he denies all of the charges. >> he is a veteran. he denies any and all allegations made against him. >> reporter: prosecutors say ed mitchell hat help, kickbacks were provided by technology owner tom willard of downingtown. sir, do you have anything to say about these allegations? willard went out of courtroom back door and said nothing. but there is more, both mitchell and willard are also accused of submitting phony inn vice voices for police
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dash cameras, the price 30 grand. >> these dash cams never arrived and mitchell, instructs logan to report them as missing. >> reporter: and when suspicion where is raised, prosecutors say mitchell told willard to submit another round of false invoice from his the technology company. it ace alleged mitchell ordered police chief nelson, not to investigate, so up land boro wouldn't look bad. and tonight, mitchell and willard are free, on $100,000 unsecured bond, that was a point objected to by an assistant district attorney from delaware county. she wanted the men to have to at least put up some cash for their release. in the meantime the big question here in up land boro will ed mitchell resign his post as a councilman? live from up land, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". prosecutors say it was an inside job, eight people are charged with stealing nearly $1 million worth of nickel from a chester county factory.
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the suspect are accused of stealing 55 tons of nickel bags from south coatsville, over a period of several years. the authorities say, they resold nick toll a philadelphia recycling company. this investigation began when a plant manager said he noticed suspect george glasgow removing nickel from a bucket. comedian bill cosby is back in court after a fiery pretrial hearing yesterday, at issue here the prosecution wants to allow 13 women to testify against cosby at his upcoming trial. i "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has been golf courtroom developments and he is live outside montgomery county courthouse, greg. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. that hearing just wrapped up a short while ago, the judge saying that he is not going to make the decision right now. he will issue a written decision at a later date. the prosecution though would like to make the actual trial of bill cosby a he said/they said, situation, they want some 13 women to to testify,
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at bill cosby's trial. that is what is at issue here. all of those women said bill cosby sexually assaulted them in the past. will the judge allow 13 additional woman to testify against bill cosby? that is the central question judge steven o'neill must answer after a testy two days of a pretrial hearing. >> it is going to be a huge ruling in the case. >> it is one of the defense. >> reporter: gloria alred represents some of the women named in the motion, all 13 say they were sexually assaulted by cosby in the past. >> that would show a pattern, a signature, and that would be about what would show there was an absolute path by mr. cosby. >> reporter: kevin steel argues woman should be able to testify against cosby's prior
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bad acts. sailing that the similarities in all of the cases, show a distinct method of praying on his alleged victims. at one point telling the judge, the 79 year-old comedian has a life long history of sexually assaulting young woman but in his counter argument brian mcmonigal calls 13 allegations a bandaged band wagon of claims that have been put together in pandora's box. mcmonigal says since 13 women cannot recall exact dates, times or even specific details of the alleged incidents, they should not aloud to testify. now, ukee and jessica, this was the last scheduled pretrial motion before the the 2017 trial. the judge saying that the only possible motion lefties a motion to change the venue, that has not yet been filed but that could be one last thing before bill cosby, faces a jury in, 2017. we're live at montgomery county courthouse i'm greg
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argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the state of delaware has announced its first flu-related fatality, flu cases have have been confirmed in delaware's three counties, in mid-november. officials from the delaware division of public health, say that they will provide more details, on the death tomorrow. officials urged people to get the a flu vaccine if they have not already, noting that it takes two weeks for the flu vaccine fully protect the body. police after rested a woman for a hit and run that injured a 12 year-old boy. according to police five five-year old marcia williams turned herself into tuesday morning in connection to the incident that happened in december 5th. williams was charged with leaving the scene of the collision, and then failure to report a collision. chopper three over the scene of the building collapse in wildwood, new jersey. this left one person, injured. according to police there the building was being raised, early today when it partially collapsed, opinioning that victim under a beam. crews freed the victim and
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that person was taken to the hospital where they are in stable condition. temple university has a new head football coach and we're hearing from him, for the first time, today. >> geoff collins spoke to the media in a press conference this afternoon. sports director don bell was there abe now you are here to tell us what he had to say good to catch up with the guy and meet him in person. when flyers visited atlanta six year-old geoff collins used to go to the game with his dad because he loved the broad street bullies. now collins, calling north broad street his home and he wants temple owls to be tough just like 1970's fly guys. today temple introducing collins to the media at liacouras sent iser. the 45 year-old we comes a head coach for very first time in his career. over last two seasons former florida defensive coordinator led gators d to a top ten ranking. now, he is ready to role with the cherry and white. >> there is a dream come true for me to be a head football coach and to be the head football coach at temple university. i just got to meet with the temple university football team and the look in those
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guys eyes, their demeanor in the room, it is obvious, why what has happened the top 25 ranking, great academic success, it is obvious by looking at those young mens eyes why that happens. >> a big philadelphia welcome to geoff collins, his wife and their seven month-old daughter. first order of business for jeff to meet with the current members of the owls as we heard him talk about there and temple plays wake forest september 27th in the military bowl. he will not coach in that game but he will be watching attentively because those guys will be his guys. >> first impressions, man. >> that is right. >> very nice. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. so what did philly google the most this year. the the list is out. >> so much shopping, so little time, so get in here, shipping companies are getting overloaded and making changes to their delivery policies. we have details you need to nose before you get ready to order those gifts.
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remembering his late father alan after his sudden dead yesterday.
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posting on instagram, he was the best man, i ever knew. the best friend i ever had. let's all rejoyce and celebrate the joy, he brought to every room, he was in. we love you, alan thicke, thank you for the love. love your grateful son. thicke passed away yesterday after playing who can which his youngest son. he was 69. no word on memorial plans. more people are buying their holiday gifts on line and ups and fedex are having a hard time to keep up with the deliveries. wall street journal reports shipping volumes have blown past their expectations, this year. and the companies have have shifted many employees to major shipping hubs and extending delivery windows while suspending delivery guaranties. check out our delivery deadlines on our web site at cbs are you thinking of finding a new job in the new year? well, when is last time you tackled your resume? if it has been a while on your side jim donovan explains you why might want to consider updating it with a dash of
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creativity. >> reporter: lloyd amron is looking for a job in surgeonism and wants her resume to stand out. >> it is sending a message that hey i'm creative, you are creative, maybe you should hire me. >> reporter: she streamline it, made it pop, adding color, inn toe graphics and logos. >> i try to make my resume the way i would understand it myself. >> reporter: she's among new generation of job seekers giving old on rest hey a new twist. from video cover letters, to time lines, that tell your life story, to what amounts to works of art, job seekers especially in creative fields are showing their skills, as well, as listing them. >> people are trying different things to say hey, look at me i'm interesting. >> reporter: but career coach susan says it is important to taylor your message to the potential employer you are targeting. >> you have to speak to the people, you hope to hear you, and you have to say it in a way that they want to listen to you. >> reporter: author of personal branding for dummies say it also helps to brand
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yourself, with a head line or a statement, that captures who you are and what you can do. experts say that it is important, not to focus solely on headaching your resume look eye catching, content matters, too make sure all of your information is accurate and that spelling and grammar are correct, as well, reporting for three on your side, i'm jim done ran. spelling thing. >> yes. >> that is more than anything you miss spell something on that. >> yes. >> well, we're getting a snapshot of the things people in philadelphia are most curious about. >> google has just released the most searched terms of 2016, number five in the top trending searches was the flyers. they are on a nine game winning streak. number four, coppa america the big soccer tournament, prince was third following his death this past year, power ball was second, we have had a lot of huge jackpots. >> number one. >> yes. >> the septa strike. >> walk out last month forced commuters to look to other ways to get to work as union members walk the picket lines
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for nearly a week. i remember that is all anybody wanted to necessity when i was out and about. >> that is true, it was numb one. well earned, indeed. j.d., joining us any, the other j.d., and we will get really low temperature wise. >> coldest morning so far was 26. we will struggle to get that for the high over next few days and the wind, is problem, single digit wind chills. can't we just hibernate and go to sleep for next few days that would be nice. ski resorts, they are loving this, skiers, riders, awesome conditions, they are making snow for next couple of days. check it out. we will take you out to big boulder right the now. the lights are on. big boulder has been opened for business the past few weeks. they have 17 trails opened. they will crank out the snow especially tomorrow, and into the weekend, probably a good 48 hours straight of making snow, so they will be building a big base, across the poconos of all of the ski resorts, good news there for skiing and riding season. temperature wise, nothing cold.
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forty at the airport. the is there arctic air. no too far away. up gear lakes northern plains, minneapolis current air temperature 40 degrees. fifteen in chicago. that cold air is moving east ward and will get here rapidly, after midnight tonight. and actual arctic trent moving through eastern ohio right now leading edge of it. just a to snow showers breaking out. we can see a few snow showers after midnight tonight across the region. the it will not amount to much but wind kicks up with that front and that just allows that cold are canadian air to build in. highs tomorrow struggle to get in the mid 20's. that that is not factoring in the win. same deal on friday, core of the cold air is till in place, and temperatures in the the 20's, wind chill value down around zero at times. but good news there is nothing really to lock this cold air in. it starts to move out, saturday, however, it doesn't move out fast enough, because we will see a little bit of light snow possible freezing rain before changing to rain with the next storm system during the day on at day could be a issue for the front end of the weekend. so as far as the windings, it
5:19 pm
kicks up tomorrow morning, sustained to 25 miles an hour, gusting to 30. we will see gusts to 35 to near 40 for the afternoon. still pretty breezy during the day on friday. check this out, it will feel like, tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., feel as low as 10 degrees on exposed skin for philadelphia single digits, potentially in a lot of locations throughout the day. thursday, thursday night, men to friday. next storm system, sat the take, early morning, light snow, freezing rain, we will get on it some light snow and ice accumulation as across the region that should change to rain by mid-morning as that warm air moves n but sat the day morning will be the problem as far as travel. light snow, possibly south jersey, overnight, tomorrow, mainly dry, maybe a flurry, that is bit, some sunshine around on friday, that doesn't help the temperatures and here we go initially early saturday morning, light the snow, maybe a little bit of freezing rain there and it changes over to rain throughout the morning. snowfall potential, best chance to see the highest amounts would be in the poconos, of course, three or four or more inches. that could change depending on how fast that cold air moves down. for tonight mostly cloudy, snow shower possible. twenty-four for the low temperatures.
5:20 pm
single digits for wind chills tomorrow morning and tomorrow's high is 27, and then three day forecast, yes, we have some sun but it is cold and then saturday we have to watch out for that wintry mix in the morning. it could be travel trouble, early saturday. >> travel trouble. >> indeed. >> thanks, for the heads up. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", tis the season for holiday lights displays. >> and some of the difficulties lays take it to the next level. tori woodill is checking one of them out tonight, tori. >> one of the best places that we find holiday lights every year is right here in south 13th street, that is right, it is the miracle on south 13th in south philadelphia, a place to drive by, walk through, and then even take the most adorable engagement photos. congratulations to the future mr. and mrs. barr can i get in one. so much more to come. more information. more than just dunks and
5:21 pm
three-point shots sixers are stepping up off the court how the organization is giving an area a big time assist, sports is coming up
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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sea a bicycles and every year he has done this. >> 500 bikes, and counting, new tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 the septa, santa, meet the septa employee who retos bike just to give them to kids during the time of the holiday. don't miss this story at 6:00. >> come on back, don, keep the good vibes going, man. >> septa santa. >> what makes you feel better than growing up getting a new bike. really, for me. >> i got the schwinn with the sissy bar in the back, yeah. >> oh, my. >> with the streamers. >> popping wheel is. >> now i know what to get ukee for christmas. >> you will have another in a few days. sixers host raptors tonight highlights at 11:00.
5:25 pm
ultimate highlight of the week comes from the classroom and not court. sixers organization is scoring big in he had case. >> follow through and elect leaders, we need more leaders, and once we get that together, it will be a good world, and better place. >> reporter: innings isers legend world b free talking to students at warren g harding school in frankford. team along with the city of philadelphia, office of civic engagement kick off an after school program called the coaching cafe. >> this is the new pilot program for sixers youth foundation. the purpose of the mission is to how we work with middle age school youth and power of sports to mentor the next generation of. >> reporter: each week foundation will host fun and meal alongside students, parents, and family. >> we see this as a great opportunity to bring additional least sourceness to a school, engage parents, and create these relationships between parents, very excited
5:26 pm
principal, who is very invested in teaching her community and a group like the sixers, who can all work together for common goal. >> reporter: kid played an educational basketball inspired board game called math hoops. >> it is helping me by subtraction especially, multiplication, and addition, really has helped me because it just bringing up my grades. >> obviously we want the kids, to increase their math skills but the real thing is, bringing the parents here to connect with each other and to build relationships and skills so we need them to keep coming back. >> good stuff. >> good stuff. >> amy, stephanie, world b free, ariana there. >> they do good stuff in the community. that is what it is all about. local senator weighs in on president-elect trump's choice for secretary of state, that is coming up next. also the summit on technology who declined a invitation to participate and what the president-elect hopes to accomplish. and good news concerning isis, the number of fighters
5:27 pm
is down, drastically, how authorities are keeping new members from joining, when "eyewitness news" comes right
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clashed with during the campaign. tonight the pledge he made to silicone valley. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. hi everyone i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. president-elect trump told tech leaders they can talk to him directly because there is no formal chain have of command. all of this as a local senator criticizes latest addition to the trump cabinet. as steady stream of the most influential tech leaders gathered for a meeting with president-elect donald trum in new york. >> some of the leading tech ceo's in america, to trump to you tore talk about how we can grow jobs. >> reporter: mr. trump is trying to find common drawn, and smooth things over with
5:31 pm
the group after he attacked some of them on the campaign trail. >> am on is getting a way with murder tax wise. >> reporter: amazon ceo jeff bezos who also owns the washington post was there. mr. trump has criticized his newspaper and last august he tweeted don't buy, boring. >> anything that we can do to help this get along and we're going to be there for you. >> reporter: round table meeting in new york is a shift for president-elect who has been mostly focused on filling his can net. on tuesday, the president-elect defended his nominee for secretary of the state at a rally in wisconsin. exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson has drawn criticism there both side of the aisle for his ties and relationship with russian president, vladamire putin. >> this is a bipartisan concern that reflects the fact that for decade the american people have correctly viewed russia as an adversary not a close alley. >> reporter: democrats need just one republican member of the is that the foreign relations committee to join them to block tillerson's nomination.
5:32 pm
president-elect trump, brings his thank you tour to hershey, pennsylvania tomorrow that it. today marks four years since sandy hook school master, a to year-old gun hand shot and killed 20 students and 56 dult, in sandy hook elementary. gunman later killed himself as police approache t of silence at 9:30 this morning, that is time when shooting started. state of connecticut is also flying flags at half staff to honor the victim. rested their case intion, a the dylann roof murder trial. the gunman is charged with shooting nine worshipers at a black church in charleston, south carolina last year, roof told police he wanted to start a race war. prosecutors called hooting survivor pauley shepherd as their final witness. they say roof allowed shepherd to live so she could tell others what happened. closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow. the number of the battle ready isis fighters in iraq and seer eyes down, lowest in seven years, and top u.s.
5:33 pm
officials say there are 12 to 15,000 fighters remaining. u.s. official to the u.s. and coalition partners, had killed some 50,000 militants, in 2014. tighter surveillance and border controls are thought to be stopping foreign fighters from joining the terror group in iraq and another use. we have received new information that syrian rebels have agreed to resume the evacuation of the fighters and civilians, from eastern aleppo. earlier today, a cease-fire tiehl in the syrian city broke down, leaving tens of thousands, trapped, in rebel held areas. cbs news correspondent holy williams is in istanbul. >> reporter: it is hard to believe, that it is happening in the 21st century, aleppo used to be home to 2 million people, a center of anxious civilization. now, bludgeoned by a barbaric py bombs. after four years of fighting in the city, the syrian
5:34 pm
regime, won back aleppo from the country's rebels except for one tiny pocket but it has done it with total disregard for civilian life. the syrian government has indiscriminately killed its own people and syria has won this victory with the backing of russia and iran, who america ambassador to the u.n. addressed. >> are you truly incapable of shame? is there literally nothing that can shame you? is there no act of bear bar berrism, in execution of the child that just gets under your skin and treats you out a little bit. and some of those apparently still in rebel held areas have been posting, desperate videos on the internet. >> the u.n. says that there are around 50,000 civilians, men, women and children, and
5:35 pm
holy williams for cbs news, istanbul. as we continue tonight, it was a big day for correctional officer cadets in mayfair. >> today the philadelphia department of prisons graduated its most recent class of cadets at a ceremony at abraham lincoln high school. graduating officers completed 13 weeks of training which included first aid and tactical training. they will be assigned a different, locations throughout the philadelphia prison system. pope francis is about to mark a big milestone. >> he is soon to turn 80, we will tell you why he says some well wishers are bad luck. torey. that is right, everybody, it is christmastime and we are live, on south 13th street, say merry christmas everyone. >> merry christmas. >> it is season once again for holiday lights, and it is for people, and dogs, and friend, family and it is a sight to see, lots more to come, coming up on all of the details,
5:36 pm
justin. well, it that is time of the show we start focusing on the weekend, cold air will start to move out, saturday, and take its time, here comes next storm system talking about a wintry mix, poconos eventually some highs, upper 30's, saturday and then lower 40's with rain on sunday even in the city watch out, morning hours at day, snow changing over to ice and rain. by end of the weekend we are talking mid 50's in the the city, upper 50's at the
5:37 pm
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federal reserve raises a key interest rate for the first time in a year, and only the second time in a decade, the central bank's bench mark rate will go up just a quarter point from .5 to .75 percent. the move comes in response to a solid u.s. economy and expectations, of higher inflation. fed anticipates three rate hikes in 2017. now market reacted with a dow jones having its first down day in seven days. to you jones ended down,
5:40 pm
nearly 119 points at 19,000 792. nasdaq was down 27, to close at 5,436. and s and p closed down 18 points closing at 2253. breaking news now about another hack attack, yahoo has discovered a breach of more than 1 billion users accounts. this breach happened in august of 2013. it separate and distinct from the theft of data from 500 million accounts that was reported this september. stolen user account information may have included names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, pass word in some cases encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers. yahoo says it is notifying these town holders, and pope francis on the cusp about 80th birthday. >> don't be too bad to wish birthday in front of the audience he thanked his well wishers and he joke, makes him laugh to
5:41 pm
have people wish him happy birthday early because congratulating someone in advance, brings bad luck. the pope will celebrate his birthday, on at day. >> hold on. >> we won't say it. >> that is right, i'm in the saying it until sat the day. >> saying what, what are you talking about. >> find out about a huge science project taking place in our area to help make our water, cleaner, we will
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
"eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is live in south philadelphia home to the city's favorite, light displays, tori. >> reporter: not only one of our favorite, but also, travel and leisure magazine named it like the number one, place, last year to come and it is going to be number one, again,
5:45 pm
coming to philadelphia. absolutely fantastic. all of the neighbors, all of the family, people are coming from blue bell this lovely family came all the way from blue bell just to come here, why. >> as my daughter just said she says it is christmas, and, they are all over. we have gorgeous dogs, amazing families, gorgeous kid, and, of course, gorgeous lights and a lot of workings into these lights every single year. perry, you are one of the organizers. why does the entire block come together every year to make it bigger and better. >> every year we try to bring happiness to the people in the neighborhood and city, and from outside the city and bring joy to us and brings joy to everybody else. >> reporter: this year you are going to do something different where, you partnered with samsung. >> yes, samsung came to us and, they expressed an interest, and they gave us these smart thin boxes which we can, turn on our lights,
5:46 pm
with and, always wanted to do and we got to do it. >> and this year, where we got 100 percent, participation from the block. look at these light, they are covering every tree, every house, pavement, the sidewalk, and, and, it is right here. >> it is something we look forward to every year, thanks for having us back, and it is something your family will look forward to, every single day, until, it is epiphany, little christmas. >> some do it, epiphany, some show it up at yan first. >> better get here soon if you have a light difficulties lay you need to see make sure you you #cbs-3 holiday lights, because we want to see it. everybody says merry christmas? >> merry christmas. >> right back at you. >> right back the at you. >> thanks, tori. >> tell everybody we said hi. b.
5:47 pm
>> yes, check that out. >> we will be there tomorrow. >> yes, you got that right. >> coldest air of the season arriving overnight tonight, sticks around for two days, nothing to lock it in. it moves out by week end but threat for wintry precipitation. lets go up to the lehigh valley, live look at bethlehem christmas city lit up on main street an awesome place to visit, great restaurants going on. it will be dry, wind will pick up and snow showers possible after midnight tonight, up in bethlehem and then down right cold as we finish off rest of the workweek. they are all getting ready for that cold air building in, temperatures, not that bad across backyard of the region, generally at around treeing or slightly above. north of the city right now where we have treeing temperatures at gilbertville in eileen murray, clear skies at the moment, cloud will build in now, delaware we will
5:48 pm
go, upper 30's. walter's house, newark delaware, mostly cloudy conditions into new jersey. similar conditions as well, 37 y skies at beyond carroll's house in mullica. we have sun cineaud starting tom in. this is ahead of the arctic cold trent mid to high level cloud filtering out sunshine earlier, this evening, in the the best sunset, same deal down at the coast, james, ocean city send us picture of the cloud building in and walter, glasgow park, great place to take a walk with unshine and clouds, also good place to do sledding. we have snow in the forecast, i don't know if it is enough for sledding but we will talk bit. until then leading up to it we have cold air, lets get to the neighborhood network pleasant valley, broad headville, 30 degrees, wind kicking up a bit at the shore right now, we are looking at quiet conditions, as well. there is included streaming from the south and west, snow that restes the lake, that is
5:49 pm
eastward as front passes, wind kick up and even a snow shower may develop throughout overnight hours. not amounting to anything. to issues on the road. over the next six to 12 hours, here comes arctic trent, win kicks up, dry day on thursday, couple flurries possible, high pressure buildness for friday, lots of unshine and it locks in that cold air one more take and arctic air gets kick out ahead of the next system. initially on saturday cold air this place to give us a wintry mix. here are actual air temperatures for the low, try morning, coldest, down into the single digits, and it feels like, sub zero, and, lehigh valley, philadelphia will be in the teens for the low temperatures on try morning and into the 20's south jersey and along the coast. record low, things could be worse, for friday morning, minus 2347 mount pocono. one in allentown, philadelphia has a record of nine. i don't think we will set the any new record but down right
5:50 pm
cold, arctic blast arrives, thursday morning feeling like ten to 15 around the city with the wind at night, single digits, close to zero at times try morning. things could be worse, coldest high ever in philadelphia with 5 degrees in 1899. so, you know, we have had worse. we don't have a snow pack to deal with lock in the cold air. saturday that is watch, early morning snow and maybe freezing rain, before changing over to rain by mid-morning. there is potential for light snow and ice accumulation on at day morning across the region. overnight mostly cloudy skies, threat for a snow shower. but. struggle to get afternoon temperature. and, extended forecast, cold air moves out, back to the mid 40's saturday but we have had mintry mix. fifty's for high with sunday with rain and back with typical december temperatures next week upper 30's to around 40 degrees. here at cbs-3 we are dedicated to bringing you store business
5:51 pm
science and technology as part of the partnership with einstein health care and really cool science project underway at philadelphia waterworks, one that whim improve the health of the local waterways, it includes the nature's hardest working sea creatures, the muscle. >> living laboratory. >> reporter: this is future fresh water muscle hatchery at fairmount waterworks in philadelphia a project that will lead to cleaner, healthier water. idea to let these guys do most of the hard work. >> first of all muscles are an important biological component of our marine systems. they filter, enormous amount of water, so shore, better water quality and in doing owe less treatment, for our processing. >> reporter: you didn't know it the but schuylkill, delaware river are a hot bed of hulls. more muscles mean a bigger benefit to the environment, that is why scientists are building the will be try. >> they were like rocks, not very sexy but we are trying to expose and illuminate beauty
5:52 pm
and power. >> reporter: long term goal to create a commercial hatchery that will provide muscles to repopulate our local rivers and streams and really headache an impact. >> we are helping them get to the placees we need to get to to to their work, over the streams before it gets to the ocean. >> reporter: living laboratory will be an exhibit of sorts, public can get a bird eye view of the hatchery in action. >> also then be able to take a deeper drive through interactive components, lay full installations, to really understand life ape times of the muscle. >> reporter: one muscle can clean 20 gallons of water, per take, pretty impressive. living signs laboratory is peck to be continuish by next fall. >> very i am rest i have. >> learn something new every take good thanks, j.d. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this is a tough time of the year for military heroes. >> our military does not take the oath to defend the constitution for the promise of wealth and richest. >> secret santa's are roving backup to our soldiers and you can help coming up in our story of brotherly love.
5:53 pm
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our joy of sharing toy fest is in full swing, pick up a toy for a child in need, for a list of tropical off locations, head to cbs fest, you can also find them on the cbs local app. some of those toys, will go to the uso. >> we got to see what a few toys can mean to a military family. >> reporter: two famous bearded men, one in north pole red... one in eagles green, both visiting military families at southampton armory in philadelphia. a party arranged by uso of pennsylvania and southern new jersey, these families
5:57 pm
sacrificed not only their time but their safety on deployment but their pocketbooks says joe brooks president and ceo, and southern new jersey. >> they do not make a lot of money. the average salary for an enlisted military, it is under $38,000 a year. how do you support a tamly in this economic climate. >> reporter: army national guard sergeant miles canton is a single dad raising two sons ages four months and four years. >> toys are expensive. the kid want most expensive ones. >> reporter: santa and many invisible helpers are giving these military families a break. one by one, kid picked two toys each from under the tree. >> and some get to play right away. >> and, somebody that cares about me. >> reporter: some of the toys
5:58 pm
were provided by cbs-3's, joy of sharing toy fest donated by viewers like you. >> we're alleviating that worry, from that parent to be able to provide for a holiday season. >> reporter: fifty members of the military families were helped on this evening, but there are many, many more who could use a lift, this holiday. >> you're taking that burden off the shoulders, that is a beautiful thing. >> reporter: it certainly is, you can join us right here on our cbs-3 studios on tuesday december 20th for our big drop off day, we will be here there 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., help us fill a truck with toys that will go to the the deserving families in our area we have much more information on our web site at cbs philly dot the come/toy fest. >> we will fill that truck up. >> yes, we are. coming up tomorrow night join us for stories of heart and hope, all year we will bring you stories of brotherly love and ukee and i will take a look back at some of the people bringing us together. our brotherly love specialist tomorrow evening at 7:30 right here on cbs-3, a perfect way,
5:59 pm
to get your in the the holiday spirit of giving. we hope you can join us. >> indeed. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 we are hours away from an arctic blast. >> it is right, temperatures right now not too bad but coldest air of the season is on the way, we will talk about inning is will digit wind chills and snow and ice for part of the region. cold weather can do real damage to your car, so ways you can get ready right the now plus an expert gives us tips on keeping your house warm. fire in the street, flames shoot-out of the ground, what caused this fire to ignite underground and seriously injured two people. also tonight. >> for the holiday season i'm cherri gregg and i'll tell but a five-year effort that is putting smiles on kid faces and the man, who kick started it all.
6:00 pm
even the dogs are dressed for the cold today but this is nothing, compared to the deep freeze, and it is about to hit. arctic blast is coming and it could bring some snow showers, long witt. >> and a bitter blast could be a shock to your vehicle, come tomorrow morning, but there are four easy steps to take to get your car winter weather ready. the coldest air of the season is bearing down on us tonight. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have live team three coverage of the arctic blast and we will start with justin drabick live on the cbs-3 sky deck, justin. >> it does look like winter arriving about a week early, officially arrives next wednesday morning but we're talking about temperatures more typical for heart of the winter and running 20 degrees below average. to take in the so bad, we were right near average for high temperatures, we will be wishing these temperatures are sticking around, 43 what we made it through airport in philadelphia. thirty-nine in allentown. the here's where we are, right


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