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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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so, take a look outside your window some are waking up to snow and that is not the all, arctic blast is dramatically dropping temperatures throughout the region. what you can expect, as you head outside the door. and thanking pennsylvania, president-elect donald trump is bringing his thank you tour to the keystone state a take after meeting with top tech leaders, promising he is making to the new industry and new controversy he is facing this morning. hitting road, number of people expected to travel for christmas holiday this year and just how many of them, will be sharing the road with you. well, today is thursday, december 15th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. some may have to plan that time to remove snow from your time and deal with slick roads on the way to work. we have complete coverage of the weather and its impact on
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your commute, jan carabao is in collinswood with this morning where we see snowfall. meisha's tracking conditions. but we will begin with katie fehlinger and frigid forecast. >> we had a little snow squall. there went my camera. we will go to the graphics. i'll be with you momentarily but we did have a snow squall and looking at three hour loop here on storm scan three that is pulling away and are beginning of the loop you see how it pulls out to sea. chill is in place. and we're starting to see that cold air catching up. temperatures are already beginning, to crash, on us, looking the at the area temperatures as we stan, this is the best it will be, all day, folks. we are at 34 degrees. we're already hitting our daytime high. later on today, we will not be breaking out of the 20's anywhere and currently in the teens up in mount pocono. even with a westerly wind here at 21 miles an hour, it is awfully brutal. let walk you through a couple
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feels like value. mount pocono is always going to be in that high terrain but look at how bad it gets elsewhere. feeling like teens up and down i-95. matter of hours, it will feel no better than single digits, folks. take this seriously. but we're talking single digit feels like values throughout the day, very likely here and up at the poconos it is even that much more colder. so i want you to be smart about this. our highs, officially, hit the 20's here in the afternoon even though we are hitting what will be the official high, but, regardless, you got to factor in the wind. the those gusts could leave you peak go into the 30's if not a couple 40's. that meisha, will make it feel so much more harsh, so just bundle up, we will be okay, just limit time outside too. >> no, absolutely, and also katie, leave your home early. you will need to. i got the to say even though it is not fun to drive, in snow i conditions or having snow anywhere on the roadways,
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it is, gorgeous. when i woke up and drove out my condo building i saw snowy got to tell you my jaw dropped. i was excited about it. that being said i know, everyone is like no, but it is so press i, so christmas like. so seasonal. ninety-five south between academy road and bridge street. that left lane looks like it might be cleaning out of our way. we cane flashing colors pulled off to the side. hopefully that areas clearing now. vine it is closed. westbound and eastbound still very quiet, dark out there, that is now again in the 20's we know anything that was wet, will freeze over. we have to be on the look out for slick conditions. we do have an accident in new jersey route 41 closed at route 47, use these alternates. the route 55 or black horse pike will be your best bet, rahel, back over to you. this is the scene overnight as snow we again to fall in center sit a long south broad street near city hall. snow flurries aren't only thing falling temperatures have dropped since you went to bed. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter jan air bay owe live
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from collinswood, new jersey with more on the arctic blast, good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel, good morning. we are coming live just off haddon avenue knew atwood lane avenue this morning where the snow has stopped falling but there is a big, bit of accumulation on those grassy surfaces and cars, there, thankfully not a lot on the sidewalk, and roads are cleared this morning. however, if you see any wet spots, it could be icy so definitely want to take it easy. fortunate thely now we're not dealing with the snow but we are dealing with very cold conditions, and take a look at the video. this is what it looked like earlier on in the morning, this snow was enough for some early risers, to brush off their cars. here in will collinswood with the bit of the clean up that was needed. folks have to bundle up, because it will only get colder and similar sites philadelphia as well overnight, "eyewitness news" on south broad street just south of the city hall where snow was falling at a good clip earlier. now in philadelphia there is a code blue in east affect for this cold weather, office of emergency management the wants
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to you call to second 152-32-1984 if you see someone in need of shelter. no one need to be out here in the cold because they have no where else to go. for the rest of us we need to think ahead before heading out the door. >> i mean i've got my serious jacket the here. that is what i do. i have my puffy coat, and staying warm. >> reporter: back out here live in collinswood, this morning, no accumulation on the sidewalks, road, so that is good news but cold weather is now here. so this is just sign of the times, and what is to come later this winter. reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim, back to you. be sure to stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the arctic blast, we will have have another live report on how things are looking outside from jan in our next hour. meanwhile you can always find our coverage on the cold on cbs and cbs local app. speaking of apps you can stay ahead with the cbs philly
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weather app available for apple and android devices, search on the apple store. in other news police are searching for two robbers after a woman is attacked outside of parx casino in bucks county. seven three-year old victim was leaving with her daughter on unday when this man, that you see on the screen, robbed her in the parking lot. bensalem police say he roamed casino for several hours, spot thing the attacker, the accomplice, police say they were looking for an easy target. >> to see anyone get attack, but a seven three-year old victim is sad, just a shame, in today's society you have to worry about things like this. your mother goes to the casino to enjoy herself and she's rob. she's shook up. we're glad she's not hurt. >> as we say they do have those pictures of the the two suspects and a license plate number of their get a waste car. now they need their names and where to find them. anyone with information is asked to call bensalem police. a man is in critical condition after a shooting in north philadelphia.
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"eyewitness news" on the 4900 block of north 13th street, police say shortry before 7:00 d in his 30's was shot three times in the abdomen. so far no arrests. well, president east electric donald trump and vice-president elect mike pence will be in hershey at 7:00 tonight for another stop of thank you tour. the visit to the giants center comes one day after mr. trump met with tech ceo's at trump tower. during the meeting mr. trump pledged to work with tech companies to create jobs, cut taxes, and improve cyber security. the president-elect continues to face scrutiny over his new hotel, down the street from the white house, currently leased from the federal government. mr. trump is facing a contractual dispute with a celebrity chef, jose andres, trump sudan drays for breach of contract after he cancelled plans to open a restaurant in washington d.c. andres said he pulled the plug in response to trump's controversial remarks about mexicans. they are scheduled for a
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deposition early this month. 1 billion yahoo users are hacked, digital heist is largest in history. yahoo says stolen user account information may have included, names, phone numbers, possibly account pass word, security questions and answers. breach happened in august of 2013. we have spoke with the cyber security expert who say that even though credit card data was not part of the breach, pass word and security questions can be used elsewhere. >> if you have similar pass word for different e-mail accounts or bank accounts, on line banking or answering security questions the same for every site that you log into, that is a risky scenario because hackers can take advantage of. >> garber says if you were hack change pass words to all important accounts, yahoo is now working with law enforcement to find out who, or what is behind this breach. yahoo is warning users from down loading attachments from suspicious e-mails. new this morning triple a says a record number of americans will be traveling for christmas this year, officials estimate a little
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more than 103 million americans will be making a trip between december 23rd and january 2nd. now that is an increase of about a million and a half, in the the philadelphia region, little more than 1.1 million people will be traveling and 90 percent of them will be driving. happening today national constitution center is celebrating the 225th anniversary of the bill of rights. the festivities include a public reading of the constitution's first ten amenities, bill of rights birthday cake and a special appearance by james madison. visitors can also view a rare, original copy of the historic bill of rights and learn more about the document through interactive games and workshops. to join the party it will cost five you dollars and again, that is today. in sports sixers hosted raptors last night looking for their third straight win, and in the second quarter we will go, tied at 36, joel embiid with the go ahead jump shot. he had nine points. later in the second innings isers up by two, but harris
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rot of the raptors make the steel, watch him go and with the wind fall. former villanova star kyle lowery in the fourth with this one from downtown. sixers loses 123-114. and they say jim, friendly competition is gay thing. >> i believe that is a good thing asbell. there is advice from police officers and high schoolers who took to the the court. >> that is it. that is it. >> new jersey state police officers challenged some student athletes last night, pennsauken high school's birth and girls basketball teams hosted the trendily scrimmages, and spectators flooded the gymnasium for a night of light hearted fun. well, when drivers blow through a red light it doesn't usually make the news. >> but when self driving car does it is a different story, dash cam video shows an uber self driving suv seemingly ignored a red light and crossed an intersection,
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reason uber says the cars automated system is in the the to blame. man falls victim to a common wenter time mistake when he leaves his car running to warm up, but what he decided to do next the not so common. the his reaction when he saw his car rolling away, stay with
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welcome back. self car running a red light in san francisco. this video is wap toured by a cab's dashboard video, yesterday. as the the cabdriver stops for the red light the role ohio uber passes it on the right side. uber later released a statement saying that the person was behind the wheel, in this incident and that person, had been temporarily suspended from uber. regulators say uber's self driving service must stop until it gets a state permit. a driver in milwaukee learns a hard lesson for all of us and chases down person who stole his truck.
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daunte eli says he ran inside to get his son tuesday morning leaving his truck outside to warm up, right, it is cold. when he came back someone else was behind the wheel of his truck. >> i was mad. i want might to tough back. i ran through the street trying to catch the car and then a lady almost hit me. i jumped in and say can you take me to me car please it is right there. >> he began streaming the car chase live on facebook and thief got away with some money and credit cards but he did get his truck back. that is good news. a winter storm has hit portland, oregon catching many people off guard, 4 inches fell yesterday afternoon, startling traffic, causing crashes and promising drivers to abandoned their cars on snow covered highways. some folks were stuck in traffic for hours trying to get home while others, just opted to get out and walk. well, time right now is 4:44. >> lets get over to kate which a check of the the forecast.
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we know that we may see snow, as well, we will not feel cold but hopefully won't cast that here. >> timing could be a heck of a lot worse the way this will pan out, guys. storm system is still moving its way, and you can see had that plume of moisture being pushed into oregon as well as northern california. so some of that snow is starting to streak out, however from the rockies into nebraska and it is heading our way. what we will find, happened here, jumping all the way overnight into saturday morning here. pardon me. you might to have deal with that throughout the morning. the police be bear with me. we will see a warm front. it is coming in darkness at 1:00 in the morning and we are dealing with very cold air. the in the meantime that sets stage for this. it will start out as snow for everyone. then as we go through the course of the morning we will whoever near freezing mark just before the sun comes up, so 6:00 o'clock in the morning or so, 7:00 o'clock or so we will see city and any points south this change over take
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place where it is freezing rain, sleet, but note that is line lifts north, as the sun comes up and the warmer air invade. even near the poconos snow turns over to ice eventually turns over to rain as we get into the mid 40's. it is much milder. we will catch a break second half of friday and especially on saturday into saturday night but then sunday, the cold front comes. that is whole we see rain but too mild for anything but rain. these are your current feels like values. this is the best it is going to get, that says a lot. it feels like the 20's now. it will not feel much better then that anytime the rest of the day. so even though we will hit 28 this afternoon, factor in those wind gusts they could peak as high as 40 will toll accounts. it will feel no better than teens if you're lucky. tonight it feels like anywhere from ten to even sub zero depending on your location, please take this seriously we deal with this cold almost every single season but you have to be smart. i don't want anybody getting
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hurt by not bundling up. look the at warm up by sunday 54 degrees but there is rain on the way, this weekend, meisha. >> piggy backing on what you are saying now it is the time to put that emergency kit, windshield scrapers, blankets in the back, extra set of gloves, mittens or whatever you use, you want a flashlight and always, always, always in winter conditions your tires, take a lot. make sure to have those tires check that they are properly aired and you have a spare, as well. vine street expressway is closed west and eastbound you can see that right there. looking good at the vine. looking quiet. that will clear sometime soon. we are all right there ben franklin bridge this is what you are looking at. looking really quite it this morning. that is what you can expect around 4:30 in the morning. we have an accident. what you're waking up to is slick conditions. when we're below freezing, which we are right now in the the 20's, anything that was wet will freeze over and that will cause real issues including hydroplaning, whatever it is, make sure you
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drive slowly. the accident in new jersey here, 41 closed at route 47, you will see, route 55 or black horse pike. the plus we have water main repairs we will talk about this in ten minutes. jim and rahel, back over to you. federal reserve, increased interest rates, what it means for you. plus the whipped cream shortage, say it ain't so, that is next, i know in, this morning's money watch report.
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this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america. at ctca, our experts examine a variety of therapies, treatments and technologies to identify a plan specifically for each patient. my doctor understood that who i am was just as important as what cancer i had. we talked about options. my doctor told me surgery robotic
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that was less invasive. we have excellent technology that allow us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. at ctca, it's all about what you can do. i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. time for business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. so fed announced an interest rate hike, what will that mean for consumers. >> reporter: well, fed raised interest rates a quarter percent in the second rate hike since the financial crisis, now fed also says it will raise rates three times next year, not two as previously thought. increase will push up rates for mortgages, credit card and car loans. jim and rahel.
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so, jill this next one has gotten me very upset. just in time for the holidays, i understand there is a shortage of whipped cream? what is going on. >> i know, i know. >> reporter: this is a crazy one, the u.s. is facing a shortage of whipped cream. nitrous oxide, which is the gas used in aerosol cans of whipped cream is in short supply because there was an explosion at a manufacturing plant in florida. so, coffee chains already cut back on used whipped cream and ready whip won't have full sly up and running until february. >> i should point out around the holidays, might be fools but we make our own whipped cream. it is not out of the can. >> we have been talking about that all morning. you can make your whipped cream. >> yes. >> it is a for than concept to me. >> you just to have make it
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myself. >> jill, everything i make is in a container or a box. >> reporter: me too, i'm with you rahel. >> you cannot put ready whip on apple boy. >> oh, yes you can. >> coming up we will check weather and traffic. >> plus the latest on those frigid temperatures. >> that is right, guys. we are looking ahead to some very, very cold air, and over the course of the next few days, set the stage for some snow, we will time that out for you you here and have your full forecast after the
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let it snow, we saw a little squall, roll through here unsecondly last night at beginning of the arctic cold front, starting to work its way in, and as a result, we ended up with some very modest accumulation. what is goodies we're not having too many issues on the road because of it the but you may need to actually, go into your trunk and find that brush, to, you know, brush off
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windows and windshield. mount holly where national weather service regional headquarters is located ended up with an inch of snow. florence had just .9 and we had a half inch in forked river. northeast philadelphia .4 of an inch fell for you, not much but it puts new that holiday spirit or maybe it brings you down if you don't want to be dealing with that. regardless we have got that cold whether we like it or not, folks. you can see lake enhancement coming from the great lakes region. the wind is the thing today. temperatures are bad as it is in the 20's if we're lucky but keep in mind wind gusts could peak as high as 40, today meisha and that means it will feel in better than teens if you are lucky. please bundle up, adequately. we were just talking too not only bundle up but make sure your car is ready for winter driving. i cannot stress that enough. our tires are going to take a beating. make sure you have ample amount of air and you have a spare in your trunk, you have your emergency kit. we will go through this a lot over the next few months,
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we're here, good morning, everybody. schuylkill eastbound past king of prussia what we are looking at here. roadways looking good here but anything that was receipt or damp is now frozen. we have to be careful for those slick spots. overall schuylkill right now past king of prussia is looking okay. new jersey is heating up 42 freeway north bound at creek road to 295 is what you're looking at a lot of neighbors; that is why, it might be busy out there earlier then what we see on a thursday. why? because of the conditions. because we had snow and a accident route 41 closed at route 47 this jersey. the route 55 or black horse pike, jim and rahel, back to you. in the next hour of "eyewitness news" flyers are on the road hoping to extend their incredible winning streak, we have got the highlights. also the arctic blast brings heavy snow to parts of the country, including buff lose, where they saw, thunder snow. kanye west got more than just this photo op with done owe trump, and we will show you when we come right
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well, it is a snowy start this thursday morning if you are just waking up chances are there is a dust to continuing of they where you live, but it is arctic cold, air, that is really going to hit you walking outside. how low will it the go? plus this. >> u.s. intelligence officials say russia's influence in the the election couldn't have happened without a blessing from the top. i'm hen adan qualifications in new york and i'll have more on why the white house says president-elect trump may have known about the foreign medaling all along. also what yahoo users need to know right new to protect themselves from a sign's tack. it is thursday, december 15th, bundle up, good morning i'm jim donovan.
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i'm rahel solomon. a lot of weather to talk b lets talk about the traffic and check on the roads, with katie and meisha. >> good morning. >> lots to talk about in both weather and traffic right now, just because you will be dealing with the slippery conditions. but i have to say what a surprise it was to see snow, up there, i have loved it. >> yes. >> you are from sweden. >> yeah, okay, all right. >> it really was pretty. with that being said don't get mad because i'm your teammate today. roadways are looking okay. you just want to take it easy, all of the reasons katie's talking about. >> at least we are done with it. >> i saw that one. it is great. so, okay, snow is gone, and left behind a little dusting i do think that more than anything you'll be dusting off your car windshield for sure but it isn't having a very easy time leaving behind too much slick


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