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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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warm. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." u.s. intelligence officials now believe russia's president personally approved hacking attacks to disrupt our presidential election. how will the future trump administration respond? >> brutally cold weather invades much of the country and in some area the snow can be measured in feet. >> california orders uber self-driving cars off the road hours after testing began on city streets. it's a battle between innovation and regulation. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> cold continues to be the story and windchill advisories
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are out from the dakotas to new england. >> brace yourself. it will feel a lot more like the north pole this morning. >> a deep chill freezes millions. >> people are running across the street to get to where they need to go. >> the city of portland, oregon was brought to a virtual standstill after a rare snowstorm. >> go, go! >> a new report claims vladimir putin, himself, directed the russian hacking during the election. >> why didn't they tell the house intelligence committee? no one is speaking and no one at all on the record. if it is true they are leaking it and that is a crime. >> reporter: the president-elect said it could have been some guy in new jersey. >> if it's a 400-pound guy it was a 400-pound russian guy. >> in aleppo, syria, a fragile cease-fire appears holding at least no now. >> 1 billion yahoo! users is what is called the largest security breach in history. california put a halt in
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uber's self-driving cars. regulators ban the company until the company has a personality. >> amazon made its first drone delivery. >> it took just 13 minutes. >> all that. >> a man about to jump from a ho rooftop of a 30-story building was saved. >> the grill! >> some of the top names in the tech world gathering at trump tower in new york city. the ceo of twitter did not meet for donald trump i'm guessing for the reason dr. frankenstein never went out of hi ws way to meet the monster. >> on "cbs this morning." >> donald trump signed his "time" magazine cover to kanye. >> saying you are a good friend and everybody knows a great gift to a great friend is your autograph. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota.
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let's go places! ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." american intelligence officials say they are convinced that russian hacking of our presidential election was approved by president vladimir putin. sources close confirm to cbs news they believe putin was aware of attacks that began in july of last year. >> now an official investigation is still going on, but this is the first time that the hacking that played the democratic national committee until election day is linked to putin. jeff pegues has more. >> reporter: the hacks were so widespread and sustained over such a long period of time that u.s. intelligence sources say it could not have been carried out without knowledge of senior levels of the kremlin. cbs news has learned that investigators believe the initial cyber attack that initially crippled the democratic national committee
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involved thousands of militia e-mails aimed at u.s. military, government, and political organization. first an attempt to disrupt the election came in the form of malware and phishing e-mails which investigators say allowed russian-backed hacking groups to burrow into the democratic national committee. cbs news has been told this type of cyberhacking could not have happened without vladimir putin's blessing saying, quote, the order to do it would have have hto come from the highest level. after the breach it took months for federal investigators and dnc official to take action. >> the fbi called the dnc help desk. >> reporter: adam hodge is with the dnc. it took several months before the dnc realized it had been contacted by the fbi? >> to verify the authenticity of the fbi agent who said who he said it was. it's hard to beli the reality.
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>> reporter: devin nunez argued lawmakers are being denied a briefing on the hacks. we want to clarify press reports that the cia has a new assessment it has not shared with us. but director of national intelligence james clapper released an intelligence community statement, which said, we will not offer any comment until the review, requested by president obama s complete. republican senator lindsey graham said wednesday the feds knew who cracked his e-mails over the summer. >> we were told by the fbi in august that we were hacked in june so they pointed us to the fact that the russians did. it. yes, the russians did it. >> reporter: plu president-elect donald trump has brushed off intelligence assessment blaming the russians. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. >> reporter: mr. trump's doubts about russian involvement are also add odds with the obama administration. >> their involvement was having a negative impact on his opponent's campaign and why he was encouraging them to keep
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doing it. >> reporter: in addition to damaging the prospects of the democratic national committee in the 2016 election cycle some u.s. officials are confirmed about the hacking attempts yet to come to light. the thousands of malicious e-mails yet to be launched may be probing for u.s. cyber strikes. the response to putin and russian hacking will be a key question during rex tillerson's confirmation hearings for secretary of state. this week former defense secretary robert gates endorsed tillerson's nomination. he called him a person of great integrity. last night on asked gates about tillerson's relationship with vladimir putin gates say he looked into putin's eyes and saw a, quote, a stone cold killer. . when rex tillerson looks into vladimir putin's eyes, what does he see?
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>> i haven't asked rex that question. i would make the case being friendly is different than being friend. i think rex had an understanding of what his interests were. i think he dealt in a business-like fashion with putin. i think one of the challenges facing the next president is how do you thread the needle of stopping the downward spiral in u.s./russian relations that is potentially quite dangerous, and, at the same time, push back against putin's aggressiveness, bullying, and general thuggery. and having somebody who understands where putin is coming from, who knows him and knows how he negotiates, i think is a big asset. i think it's a mistake to think that because rex tillerson successfully did business in russia that he is best friends with vladimir putin. i think that is a completely false narrative. >> what is is not false this is a very serious business now. >> yes. >> because of the revelations about putin.
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michael morrell was on with me last night and said the united states and president obama has to respond and has to respond in a very public way, including sanctions and other means. >> sooner, rather than later. >> as we learned that president obama delayed blaming the russians publicly during the campaign. he was afraid about politicizing intelligence even though this has been known within the administration. but the repercussions that a foreign government tried to influence our election is serious one and has to be a serious response. >> michael morrell equals it an equivalent to a political 9/11 e. >> it should be chilling whether you're democrat or republican. this is not a partisan issue. >> it has to happen by president obama. it's not something that can wait because it happened on his watch. >> to be continued for sure. a cbs news poll out this morning americans adeeply dividd over the president-elect. 36% he will do a poor job and 34
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think he will be good or very good. he met with tech leaders yesterday including the leaders of apple and amazon and google but not twitter. mr. trump calls it a great form of communication. our poll shows that 60% of americans believe he tweets too much. nancy cordes has the highlights of the tech meeting at trump tower yesterday. >> reporter: they did not get a dressing down by mr. trump the way media executives did a few weeks ago. even though silicon valley leaders were largely critical of the president-elect when he was running. instead, he and they declared the meeting very productive. and he told them his door would always be open to them. >> we are going to be there for you and you'll call my people or call me opinion doesn't make any difference. we have no formal chain of command around here. >> reporter: mr. trump's meeting with sheryl sandberg and tim cook and others lasted more than 90 minutes. the group discussed jobs, taxes and, quote, specific innovative
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solutions blocked by narrow thinking in washington. >> i won't tell you the hundreds of calls that we have had asking to come to this meeting. >> reporter: it's a shift from the campaign when some of these industry leaders kept their distance from mr. trump. wikileaks revealed google's eric schmidt had been working with hillary clinton's campaign since 2014. tesla's elon musk said mr. trump is not the right guy for america. and amazon's jeff bezos publicly duelled with the president-elect. >> that is not an appropriate way for a presidential candidate to behave. >> you know it's amazon. he wants political influence so that amazon will benefit from it. that is not right. >> reporter: twitter ceo jack dorsey was not invited to the round table, even though mr. trump is a famously a vicious id tweeter and led some to assume the trump team has a grudge
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after special emoji to go with the #crooked hillary. >> the conference table was only so big. >> reporter: rnc communications director shawn spicer insisted no attempt to shut twitter out. >> if you did down the list of the top tech companies, i guarantee you you'll find additional ones that weren't there. >> reporter: and twitter is smaller than the other companies that were represented in the room. also in the room were mr. trump's two sons, eric and don, jr., despite his vow to turn his business over to them and create a wall, charlie, between the business and the white house. >> thanks, nancy. john heilemann is the managing editor of bloomberg politics. welcome. >> hello. >> hello. >> happy almost holidays, guys. >> good morning. >> i see you all have magnificent plans coming up soon. >> let's talk about vladimir putin and these reports. >> yes. >> is there going to be increasing pressure, political pressure on president obama to respond and respond in a strong
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way? >> well, in terms of -- i think there are two different kinds of pressure. the first question is how to investigate there and you can see the way in which this debate is lining up with the question of whether there should be a congressional inquiry on a bipartisan basis or whether go to more of a 9/11 commission kind of model. a lot of democrats want to do that and a lot of republicans in control of the congress want to do the investigation in congress. a risk that -- >> but the white house investigation is under way right now and come out before the president leaves office. >> there will and whether or not there is a question there will ab response. remember joe biden when the first reports of this came out in october joe biden threatened the notion there would be a response whether a cyber response or other kind of response. i think beyond news reports, if there become more credible reports from this investigation, that putin may further, for example, was directly involved in this i think a strong national security case being made by many people that something needs to be done about this, as opposed to just looking
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for the truth of the story which is important on its own. >> what can be done? supposed everything is true that he was involved and knew about it. what can be done? what does it change? >> well, there is a -- the united states engages in cyber war fare also and against a variety of states in the past. one of the pieces of thinking that has always been the case in this area you could strike back against russia, against putin personally, against his assets, exposing information about putin's his holding much which is a shrouded mystery as donald trump's financial assets. you could do that if you were -- i don't think the right thing to do but certainly an option on the table is considered and considered in the future i think. >> i guess the more interesting question to me is the most interesting is why would putin want trump as president? and what are the implications of that? and how does that affect who his secretary of state is? does it make it more or less likely that rex tillerson -- >> those are large questions and
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they are saying quickly in my ear! vladimir putin has always had bad feelings about hillary clinton because of the fact that she was one of the leaders of sanctions against russia after the crimea invasion and donald trump has made more conciliatory toward ruscsia. how that plays into the tillerson nomination is a huge question. the tillerson confirmation hearings i think will be exclusively about this issue. >> good debate to have. >> and norah's question is going to be, i think, the central question of that confirmation hearing. >> john, you did it very quickly and very nicely. >> what did donald know and when did he know? >> and what did vladimir know and when did he know it. >> and what is going on with donald trump and kanye west? >> that is another question and more complicated than anything else we have talked about, gayle. >> millions of americans are waking up to the coldest temperatures of the season. windchills right now below zero from the northern plains to the
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great lakes. some places 20 or 30 below. now that cold air is fueling lake-effect snow and making driving conditions dangerous in the northeast and part of uld g feet by tonight. demarco morgan is in adams, new york, which is under a snow warning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. about 10 inches of snow have accumulated so far and it's almost knee-deep in this sitting area in the strf town. the holiday lights are still on so that is always a good sign that things are okay. but officials are telling people, if you just have to get out on the roads, you want to play it safe. a camera captured the moments the lake-effect snow barreled into buffalo, new york. the storm brought along some rare thundersnow. strong winds reduced visibility to zero making driving even more dangerous. a few good samaritans helped this driver whose car struggled with the heavy buildup. >> we need to be on our game at all times. >> bruce reom has been operating
7:16 am
a snowplow in jefferson county about five years. he says dealing with lake-effect snow can be like playing a never ending game of catch-up. >> you get your roads cleared up and removed from snow and ice, and then another band comes through, and you're right back to square one starting all over again. >> reporter: another major challenge, impatient drivers. >> people will try to pass a plow vehicle and be -- we will find them in the ditch after they have passed us. >> reporter: lake-effect snow, very unpredictable? >> it is. >> reporter: jefferson county sheriff says the nature of these storms make them especially dangerous to drivers. >> it's a clear sunny day out. you hit the lake effect band and the visibility is zero and change just like that. >> reporter: lake-effect snow warning will be in effect until friday morning and windchill advisory, i should say, will be in place this evening. you have cold temperature and the snow, a tough combination for a lot of people, but you're
7:17 am
always welcome to join me on this little bench here, gayle, for a nice warm cup of coffee and you have to keep your heels on. >> demarco, please don't hold your breath! >> she won't get here. >> i'll give you a hug. thank you, demarco, very much. chief weather caster lonnie quinn of wcbs is tracking the cold. looks bad out there, lonnie p.m. >> it's a rough situation where demarco is. i want to talk, first, about the cold air. this is our third arctic blast of the season. international falls is 12 below zero what it feels like when you factor in the wind. the warmest point of the day, guys! point of snow to go along with the cold air which will stretch into the northeast. today, we focus on, you got it. the great lakes. that lake-effect snow putting bands of snow. tough to pinpoint exactly where it's going to be but i bet you watertown, new york, where demarco is a hot spot and two feet of snow out of it.
7:18 am
the big story is what is brewing out west. the storm pushes onshore and drop snow anywhere from portland, oregon, to boston, massachusetts, and by the time you get to saturday, an interesting setup. a him warm front pushes in and all of that snow is going to turn to rain, except for maybe northern new england. charlie? >> lonnie, thank you very much. a desperate evacuation is under way right now? the syrian city of aleppo. video appears to show a convoy of ambulances bringing injured people from the tiny area still held by rebels. syrian government buses are ready to remove thousands of trapped civilians. holly williams is following the story from istanbul. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have obtained a video that appears to show an attack on a convoy of civilians and injured people by pro syrian regime forces. reportedly wounding at least three. the ambulances and cars were trying to ferry people out of aleppo and to safety.
7:19 am
instead, they came under fire. this man was apparently shot while traveling in an ambulance. this comes a day after yet another cease-fire fell apart and an evacuation of fighters and civilians was cancelled. an offensive by the syrian regime backed by russia and iran has left the rebels with only a tiny pocket of territory in aleppo, around two square miles, where several thousand civilians are thought to be trapped. after four years of fighting, the syrian government is in control of the rest of the city. it's a victory for the regime and its allies, russia and iran, but it's come at a horrendous human cost. regime forces hav indiscriminately bombed civilians. there are also unconfirmed reports of more than 80 civilians being executed in aleppo by pro-regime forces. norah? >> awful situation there.
7:20 am
holly, thank you very much. ahead, new research that raises serious questions about the mental health of hundreds of
7:21 am
yahoo! reveals the largest reported data breach in history. >> ahead, 1 billion accounts hacked and what it means for your personal information. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪ ♪ life is better when we celebrate together during toyotathon. toyota. let's go places. but when we brought our daughter home,
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. search is on for two robbers after a woman ace tack outside parx casino in bucks county. the seven three-year old victim was leaving with her daughter on sunday when a man robbed her in the the pardoning lot, bensalem police say he roamed around casino several hours plotting the attackand anyone with information is urged to call police. lets check the forecast with katie fehlinger. it is already cold but will feel colder, later. >> absolutely, already feeling really just pretty significant wind chill have seen wind gusts peeking as high as the mid to upper 30's and it is allowing it to feel like this, go by these numbers, guys. even though technically we're in the 20's in most spots it feels like single digits,
7:27 am
teens at best in most locations and that is your forecast for rest of the day, guys. tomorrow morning is worst. sat take morning early on, snow, then some ice, then turns over to rain, another round of rain, meisha by y soy. much. looking outside very busy accident i-95 south near academy road, also an overturned vehicle northeast extension northbound past lansdale that right lane is blocked and another accident roosevelt boulevard north wound at red lion road overall you will have to have give yourself some extra time, rahel. >> good advice, thank you. next update 7:55. up next this morning 1 billion yahoo users are locked. nicholas thompson is in to discuss the breach. i'm rahel solomon, make
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a lot of overnews this week. people got to use a new technology when the ride sharing service uber introduced their self-driving cars to the city of san francisco. yeah. because we are looking for a place to roll out an experimental driverless car, you always want to pick the city with the steepest hills! waa! >> that is actually funny. >> yeah. they are very hilly in san francisco. >> yes, they are. >> i'm worried about self-driving cars. >> i'm picking one up tomorrow. >> are you really? >> yes. >> news breaking. let us know how it goes. >> let me know how it goes. what kind of car is it? do we dare out sk? >> the tesla. >> okay.
7:31 am
i'm a little worried. >> merry christmas to myself! yeah. >> i love me! we do. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm scared! coming up in this half hour, the roadblock that uber ran into just hours after putting self-driving cars on the streets of san francisco. why regulators said stop. >> the airline pilot at the controls during your flight could be clinically depressed or even suicidal. okay. startling new research launched after the germanwings crash finds many are afraid to seek treatment. ahead how the faa is trying to remove the stigma. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" reports on the federal reserve raising interest rates for the first time this year. they cited increased optimism about the economy and increasing rates by a quarter of a percent. the fed expects to raise rates next year by another three-quarters of a percent. lo "usa today" has a disturbing abuse claims by young gymnasts.
7:32 am
the paper reviewed police files and conduct cases over the past 20 years, at least 368 gymnasts have alleged some form of sexual abuse. they name 115 adults at every level of the sport, including coaches and gym owners. the investigation of usa gymnastics is a prominent olympic organization, found accused coaches were allowed to move from gym-to-gym. they were undetected by lax oversight system. in a statement, usa gymnasts said nothing is more important than protecting athletes and pointed out several initiatives >>outh carolina post and ks have courier reports on the closing arguments in the church shooting case of dylann roof. jurors yesterday heard emotional testimony from a shooting survivor. if convicted, roof could get the death penalty. the "los angeles times" reports on the demand for federal investigation after the police killing of a 73-year-old
7:33 am
man. relatives have been in mourning since francisco cerna died on monday. they say he had dementia. he was unarmed when a bakersfield officer fired seven shots at him. police thought had he a gun. they found a cruisecifix in his pocket. residents are warned to use only bottled water in corpus christi. the chemical involved is not known. official say the water cannot be made safe by boiling or any other method. yahoo! is urging users this morning to review their accounts after the largest reported security breach in history. the company said hackers accessed more than 1 billion accounts in august 2013 and believe it's separate from a 2014 breach that affected 500 million accounts. yahoo! says it has taken steps to secure accounts. the company does not know who is behind the hack.
7:34 am
cbs news contributor nicholas thompson is here from the new yorker website. this is incredible and unprecedented attack and happened in 2013. how is it three years later we are just learning about the extent of it? >> this attack is a very disturbing attack and disturbing we didn't know about it for three years and disturbing it only came to yahoo!'s attention because federal authorities were looking at a fed base and said it may have been compromised. it's disturbing that yahoo! doesn't know how it happened and disturbing there a sa clear pattern hacking into yahoo! suggesting very strongly they didn't make security enough of a priority. >> what did they get? >> user's names and birth dates and answers to security questions and dates of birth. if you had a yahoo! account and you typed in your mother's maiden name or the name of your first pet all of that information was accessed by hackers. >> what is your message to yahoo! customers today? >> my message?
7:35 am
delete your account. >> yeah. >> you never said that id not sr but i've had it! all of the reporting come out this was kind of a choice by yahoo! to depriorityize security. it's like putting bars on your window, right? it costs money and makes the view a little less pretty, right? yahoo! it seems, over the previous years, decided not to prioritize is the way other tech companies did and no benefit in your quarterly earnings and no immediate benefit to it. in the long run it's really important and they didn't do it which may be why. >> are you blaming marisa myer? >> it was certainly her choice while leading the company. >> >> if i was a lawyer at veriz verizon, i would be making suggesting that we pay a lower price for yahoo! >> suggested in earlier times? >> the rumor they are saying maybe the price should not be 5
7:36 am
billion but 4 billion or a little less and so maybe the number is 3? or maybe they back out. this looks really bad for yahoo! >> thank you, nicholas. >> time to play let's make a deal, i guess. thank you, nick. new research finds hundreds of airline pilots worldwide are likely flying while depressed. a harvard university study found some pilots even reported having suicidal thoughts. the study was launched oof after the germanwings crash last year in the french alps. a pilot crashed the plane killing himself and 149 others. kris van cleave is at reagan national airport to explain why some pilots keep quite about their depression. >> reporter: good morning. the study uses a commonly used questionnaire to help pinpoint signs of depression and comes at a time when the faa and its european counterpart are stepping up efforts to address mental health issues. the researchers say there is more work to do.
7:37 am
>> pilots identify with their job, with who -- it's a part of us. >> reporter: in 2008 airline pilot colin hughes said he made the decision to ground himself after being pretty bad anti-depressants. >> having that dream at that time it felt like it was being shattered. >> reporter: he told us is know flying again but depression is still a topic the industry doesn't like to talk about. >> pilots are people. we have feelings and emotions just ironically everybody else. >> reporter: new research found 12% of airline pilots surveyed met the threshold for clinical depression and 4% admitted to having suicidal thoughts. >> the current system is set up and designed around self-report. >> reporter: joseph allen worked on the study just punished in the online medical study environmental health. >> for many of us and in the general population you can see counseling but if pilots if they do so, they run the risk of severe impact to their career. >> reporter: seeking treatment or reporting an issue can result in a pilot being grounded.
7:38 am
since 2015 the faa has started working with airlines and pilots union to increase the understanding of mental health issues and the symptoms while trying to reduce the stigma of self-reporting while improving treatment options but issues like impression are believed to remain underreported. >> pilots are not fit to fly should not fly but we need to make pathways for them to come back to work when their issues are revolved. >> reporter: retired airline captain sully sullenberger is a cbs news safety expert. he has tried to reduce the stigma of mental health issues after his father took his own life after a battle with depression. >> it's likely given these statistics i have flown with someone who had these thoughts. sel sel self-is important. >> reporter: there is no convincing evidence it would increase safety. now pilots taking antidepressants can be grounded.
7:39 am
it's comparable to other high stress jobs. the trade group that represents the airline declined to comment and the airlines pilots association says airline is still the safest mode of transportation. >> pilots are people, too. got to take the stigma out of mental health issues. thank you. a setback for uber to test self-driving cars on the streets. how wi that is ahead. just hours after they began, they asked them to stop their self-driving tests. we are very excited to announce this. this is big, guys. our "cbs this morning" podcast has been downloaded more than, dr drum roll, please. what is the number, norah o'donnell? >> 2 million times. >> that is big. >> very big. >> we invite you to subscribe. if you have, we invite to you continue to subscribe on itunes and apple podcast app. >> it's huge! >> this is a big deal. 2 million. >> i did a podcast yesterday. >> in a short period of time. >> you'll get the news of the
7:40 am
day, extended interviews, and podcast, what, charlie? podcast what? >> originals. >> that's what we do here, original reporting. we will be right back.
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♪ california says uber must stop testing its self-driving cars on streets. uber started offering self-driving rides in san francisco yesterday. hours later, state regulators told the company to knock it off. dash cam video yesterday captured what appears to be a self-driving uber blowing through a red light on a busy street. uber blames human error for that one. john blackstone it in san francisco with why uber says its new program is not breaking any rules. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, we are here at the spotlight where a pedestrian was stepping off the car as that uber car equipped for self-driving sailed through a red light. no one has was hurt here but uber is on a course with state regulators saying they need to
7:45 am
test self-driving cars in california. only hours after a uber cervical driving cars went into service in san francisco, the department of motor vehicles ordersed the testing to start. in letter the dmv warranted it is illegal for the company to operate its self-driving vehicles on public roads until it receives an autonomous vehicle testing permit. uber contends it doesn't need a permit because the vehicles are operating with a safety driver behind the wheel. in a blog post on wednesday, uber said complex rules and requirements could have the unintended consequence of slowing innovation. >> uber has a long history of just barreling into places where it wants to be. >> reporter: alex daveys is the transportation editor for "wired" magazine. >> it's gone into cities all over the world without really announcing itself to regulators and without much regard the way the taxi industry is regulated. >> reporter: on wednesday dash cam video captured what appeared to be one of uber's special equipped vehicles sailing
7:46 am
through a red light as someone stepped off the curb. uber called the incident human error and said the vehicle was not part of the pilot program and was not carrying any customers. >> the pedestrian had already coming off the sidewalk. i mean, it was pretty concerning. >> reporter: jessica felix was behind the wheel of the cab whose dash cam recorded the incident. >> we were on a busy street. it was 10:30. there was rush hour and people crossing the streets. it's just neglectful. >> reporter: in its letter to uber the dmv notes that 20 manufacturers have already obtained permits to test runs of cars on california roads and uber shall dot same and if it doesn't the dmv threatens legal action to get uber's test cars off the road. >> no matter what happens in california, uber is going to move ahead with this technology. it's a huge business 900 for it and lots of other companies in this space. >> reporter: it's not clear whether or not uber will be pulling its self-driving technology from the roads here until it gets a permit. as for the driver who went through the red light here, uber
7:47 am
says that that driver has been suspended. the company will investigate. norah? >> there you go. john, thank you so much. it's important to keep an update on how that is going. it is the future. >> it is the future. >> it scares me. maybe i need to see more that it's working but so many things happen on the road you need your instincts to react and i don't know if a robot can do that. >> i like to drive. >> i do too, actually, but sometimes in which a long drive -- >> it would be nice to sort of chill. a champion surfer trades sunny skies for the northern lights. ahead, how surfer mick fanning captured the magical moment on camera. first, it's time to chec
7:48 am
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7:52 am
northern lights as the backdrop. he went with two photographers to northern norway last month to find this sweet spot. fanning managed to escape from a shark attack in south africa last year. he said norway gave him once of the prettiest serves of his life. >> one of a shot too. nicely done, mr. fanning. nicely done. a florida neurosurgeon moves fast to help stroke victims. the idea that is helping him save time and lives. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back.
7:53 am
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. president-elect donald trump brings his thank you tour to hershey, pennsylvania today. this is coming amid new revelation about russia's medaling in the 2016 election. u.s. intelligence sources thousand believe russian president vladamire putin was personally involved, in the effort. let's send it over to kate i for a look at the weather. >> weather, jimmies very cold outside, lease headache sure you bundled up adequately, it is more than thinking about wind chill, for the next two days. with this arctic blast is there cold air in place but you have to factor in the wind. it feels no better than generally the teens here, for the rest of the day, tonight, more like five to ten if you are lucky and this to friday morning i won't be shocked to
7:57 am
see sub zero values on our feels like happen outside city to the north and west especially. new storms come this weekend with the warm it it brings a mix have of snow ice and rain. >> this good for commuters. >> no. >> thank you so much, katie. looking outside right new we have an accident on the blue route northbound approaching saint david, villanova pulled off to that right shoulder and you can see traffic slowed by there, it is not that bad but give yourself a couple extra minutes. accident ac expressway westbound before garden state parkway two lanes blocked there and northbound ramp to ac expressway westbound is closed right thousand, jim. >> ex-our next update 8:00 to. coming how to you trump's voters feel about his choice for secretary have of state. republican strategies shares his insights. i'm jim donovan. make it a g
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is thursday, december 15th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including a look back at the year in news. the stories and moments that we remember best from a historic 2016. plus, this is one of gayle's favorite songs. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> u.s. intelligence sources say the hacks could not have been carried out without knowledge of senior levels of the kremlin. >> this is a very serious business. >> but the repercussions that a foreign government tried to influence our election is a serious one and there has got to be a serious response. >> and michael morrell calls it an equivalent to a political 9/11. >> suppose everything is true, what can be done?
8:01 am
>> you could strike back against russia, against putin personally. i'm not saying that is the right thing to do but certainly an option on the table. this is really our third arctic blast of the season in terms of snow to go along with all of this cold air which will stretch all the way into the northeast. today, we focus on, you got it, the great lakes. that lake-effect snow. you have a cold temperature and the snow, a tough combination for a lot of people. what is your message to the yahoo! customers today? >> delete your account. >> you have never said that about br. >> i didn't say it in september but i have it hit. >> they did not guess a dressing down by mr. trump a few weeks but silicon valley lireaders we critical of the tech skews. >> they wanted to figure out if they could figure out his itunes log-in. ♪ i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. u.s. intelligence sources say they are convinced russian
8:02 am
president vladimir putin approved hacking attacks that inferred with our presidential election. the hacking began in july of last year. the democratic national committee was the original target. putin denies any knowledge of the attacks. >> but u.s. intelligence sources tell cbs news this type of hacking could not have happened without his blessing. president-elect donald trump disputes intelligence reports that russia was responsible. president obama's press secretary said there is no doubt that russia did it and said it's clear that president-elect benefited from the hacking. josh earnest defended the president's communities to announce the hacking and not to rush the process. >> given that the president had endorsed a candidate in the presidential race, he believes it was important for the intelligence community to make this announcement and that's why you saw a statement from -- a joint statement from the ic and from the department of homeland security department. again, that was an effort to
8:03 am
ensure that this information avoided even the appearance of being politically motivated. >> the obama administration had evidence of russia's connection months before revealing it in october. improving u.s. cyber security was a topic when president-elect met with industry tech leaders. sheryl sandberg and tim cook and elon musk and nine others were there. their companies have a combined market value of 3 trillion dollars. they talked about america's jobs and trade ghak and competitive trade dynamic and market access with china. >> mr. trump's two eldest sons were at the tech summit and so was ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner. he said he will separate himself from the business and let his sons running it.
8:04 am
70% think mr. trump may still have conflicts of interest even with his family in charl. >> frank luntz is a cbs news strategist and cbs news contributor. he is talking with members of congress about their plans for the new year. good to see you, frank. >> thank you. >> did you talk to members on both sides of the aisle? you're called a republican strategist. >> i did. i think the democratic response is more interesting, particularly in the senate. they are the ones who are going to determine whether or not donald trump can get 60 votes which is what he will neat to replace obamacare and what needs for tax reform. something called reconciliation which is a complicated process and which requires a budget to be passed. you can repeal obamacare through reconciliation and a simple majority vote. for almost everything else that donald trump wants, he needs 60 votes and that means 8 democrats have to break party ranks. there are about a dozen who are more independents, who are willing to buck their leadership. the question is how far do they go? will this be like 1980 with
8:05 am
ronald reagan he got a considerable number of democrats in both the house and senate, or closer to what obama had to face when republicans basically presented a wall and did not cooperate. >> the obama administration didn't think they got cooperation. do you think the democrats are indicating to you they are willing to cooperate? >> they are nervous about it and they are nervous because they think there could be retribution. we are approaching christmas but no christmas spirit in politics right now. >> were the republicans upset when obama talked about reconciliation? >> yes. it repeats itself. do you have a bill clinton situation where he and republicans got along. do you have a reagan/tip o'neill situation or a obama/republican situation where it doesn't work. >> let's back up a minute. republicans control the presidency and both houses of congress. >> and the governors and the legislature. >> in 70 years, republicans have only done that six of those 70 years.
8:06 am
they have an enormous opportunity to push their agenda that they want through this. can they get it done? what will they get done? speaker paul ryan, many policy walks who have wanted for years who have been working on tax reform immigration reform. can they get done or will the. party lose that because of infighting? >> they can get it done in the house and you're right. there are differences on immigration policy and budget policy and taxes. the question can it get through the senate? in the end the house will pass
8:07 am
everything in a hundred days. >> looking for a quick answer here. the new president, when will he select a supreme court justice? >> it will be within the first two weeks. i believe within the first two weeks and i think there will be two picks within the next year based on who is hiring clerks and who isn't. >> thank you, frank. >> frank, thank you. long awaited evacuation of parts of the syrian city of aleppo is under way right now. syrian government buses are ready to remove thousands of civilians from the tiny area still held by rebels. we have obtained video that appears to show an attack on a convoy of civilians and the injured by pro regime forces. at least three people were reportedly injured. this is what aleppo looks like before the war's devastation. the ancient city was serious commercial hub and home to more than 2 million people. but after four years of fighting, look at this. this is what aleppo looks like now. the syrian regime won with help from iran and russia and its
8:08 am
victory came with the indiscriminate killing of civilians. both sides have decimated the city. this is the ancient in the old city before the war and this is what is left of the world heritage site now. >> every day you look at the pictures and it gets worse and worse and doesn't seem to be changing. it's heart breaking. >> and you ask yourself why? >> children killed and schools bombed. >> no one has an answer. federal regulators are launching a review of car's safety and response to a cbs news investigation. national highway traffic safety administration says new research program will look at ways to prevent seatback failures like the one in this video. cbs news identified more than 100 cases where collapses resulted in serious injury or on death. most victims are children in the back seat. automakers say the seats meet or exceed federal standards but those standards are almost 50 years old. our reporting prompted three members of congress last month
8:09 am
to send a letter demanding action. now this is the agency's first response to that. the research is expected to start earlier next year. >> this goes to show you how good reporting and good investigation can bring about change. >> quickly, too. >> right. every minute is critical for saving a life when someone has a stroke. ahead, one neurosurgeon in florida shows david begnaud how he is light the way to get to his patients faster.zv
8:10 am
over the course of 2016, we covered what, charlie? >> all and all matters. >> that is charlie. we look back at the year that was from president-elect's historical presidential victory and a look at sports. i can't wait to look back at this. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back.
8:11 am
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♪ in our "morning rounds" sun surgeon's effort to save crucial time for victims after stroke. on average a stroke kills one american every four minutes. the odds of survival improve
8:15 am
when emergency treatment begins quickly. that is because almost 2 million brain cells die every minute during a stroke. david begnaud met one neurosurgeon in florida who found a new way to rush to the emergency room to help his patients. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good to see you. there is just one surgeon who operated on all of the stroke victims at palm meadow general hospital outside of miami. this guys performs about a hundred emergency procedures every year and he needs to be there whenever the call comes. that means if he is with his family on the weekend it doesn't matter. this guy feels an obligation to respond. >> if there is a stroke now? >> yeah. having just announced it. >> reporter: please. >> find out what it is. >> reporter: absolutely. in this case the doctor was already here at palm meadow general hospital but he often has to drive in to treat stroke victims, depending on the time of day, his 15-minute commute can easily stretch into 45 minutes. >> just the amount of damage that can happen and just about half an hour delay would be spectacular.
8:16 am
>> reporter: but now, damage control for his patients. he uses emergency lights on his personal car, speeding his arrival to folks like robert bustlow whose family dial 911 when he suddenly had trouble tying his shoes and sweeping the porch. >> how bad was it? >> it was considered a fatal stroke if it wasn't taken care of. >> reporter: the neurosurgeon did take care of it before bustlow knew what has happening. >> he got this there very quick. the moment i got in there i was in the scanner going from one to the other and he got it out. >> reporter: just as he did for the patient that arrived when we were there. the doctor pulled out a tiny clot like this. >> if i did not have the lights or taken me another half an hour to get to him things would have been very different and he potentially probably paralyzed on the right side and never able to speak. >> the reason i have no ill effects is because, you know, dr. cash o got there very, very quick. >> reporter: no sirens? >> no.
8:17 am
>> reporter: do you honk your horn? >> if i need to. >> reporter: we mounted a camera inside of his car to see how it works. the lights allow him to drive on the shoulder of the highway around traffic backups. the fire department installed this after first checking to make sure it was legal. >> has to abide by all traffic laws. >> reporter: he has to stop at the traffic, go the speed limit. he can sort of move through the backup on the freeway? >> as people see the vehicle coming, they usually yield. >> it does have risks. there are accidents that occur, crashes that occur. >> reporter: dr. douglas cooper of the national association of state ems officials say ems medical directors sometime respond to scenes with lights and sirens on their car but that this is the first time he has heard of a surgeon using emergency lights. >> whenever there is a jam. otherwise, i never use the lights. >> reporter: the doctor worked 350 days last year. and he measures success by the minute. >> what we see is that any of these delays, those brain cells translate to this person being able to walk out of this
8:18 am
hospital on his own or go to a nursing home and be paralyzed for the rest of his life. >> so health officials suggest the best way for stroke victims to watch for signs. watch for a drooping face. arm weakness or speech problems. and to get help as soon as possible. the doctor says he has used the lights about seven times since he installed them in september. here is a lighter moment. he had to take talk to his wife if he can do this. she said, sure, just gets some extra life insurance and he did. >> so crucial and to know you're having a stroke. >> charlie, we watched him while we were there remove a stroke from a man's brain and it was the size of a rice kernel! he walked in and he couldn't move a limb! >> shows you right there. >> it's so nice to have you at the table. >> so good to be here! so good to be here! i tell you what, i'm in a suit and feel like a fish out of water! >> you're usually crawling through the snow or being batted
8:19 am
by winds. >> not walking. it's so good to see you guys. happy holidays. >> we love what you contribute. >> feeling is mutual about you, david begnaud. thank you. the first car that bruce springsteen ever bought is for sale. first how much it could cost you so own this historic '57 chevy. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by centrum. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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♪ it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines around the globe. we are checking the papers a lit earlier than usual to provide time for our upcoming look back at 2016. "the boston globe" reports that recreational marijuana is legal today in massachusetts. voters backed the change on election day. selling pot, smoking it publicly and driving under its influence are still banned. >> britain's "telegraph" a medical breakthrough. a woman thought to be the first to give birth of a baby using an ovary that was frozen when she was a child. she had her ovary removed when she was 9 before undergoing chemotherapy. she gave birth in a london hospital. the new mom said it's like a miracle. >> it is! absolutely! >> how could that be possible?
8:24 am
>> new jersey asbury park press says e bay is listing a '75 chevy comfortable was was "born to run." bruce springsteen bought it for $2 and now it's auctioned for 2200 for days of bidding left. the boss sold it only after a year because it attracted too much attention. >> they will will have no problem selling that car. we are produced to announce that cbs news will receive the alfred dupont columbia university award and considered the highest honor in electronic journalism. cbs news is recognized for the news of the mygrant crisis overseas. holly williams and mark phillips and charlie d'agata reported from half a dozen countries including hungary and germany and croatia.
8:25 am
good morning, i'm rahel solomon. 1 billion yahoo users were hack. largest in history. stolen user account information may have included, names, phone numbers, possible account pass word, security questions and answers. breach happened in august 2013. >> lets check the forecast with katie fehlinger. this is as cold as it has been in a long time. >> in fact since last february, coldest it has been, it is not like we ever dealt with this cold but it has been a very long time since we have had to deal with it. twenty-three is current temperature outside palmyra cove, 24 at philly international and off this is distance you can see betsy ross bridge there more blue skies then anything. very innocent looking picture but definitely frigid.
8:26 am
here's how it feels, almost, everyone, it is feeling more so like it is into single digit territory and i don't anticipate it will feel much better than teens at think point during the rest of the day. so less headache sure you bundle up adequately, tomorrow, similar scenario then by the time we hit early sat take morning some snow, eventually turning over to ice and then rain, it is on the way. meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you. winter's here, no doubt. we have an accident here vine eastbound pass broad street before eighth, people are outside their vehicles, this will slow you down but not to mention this will slow you down because of gaper delays, very slow moving past there and speaking of lets look at the backups, schuylkill eastbound at boulevard, thinks as you a roach where that accident is on the vine eastbound past broad street before eighth and look at how heavy this traffic is, schuylkill between blue route and vine eastbound will take you about an hour, so you certainly see think where around here to avoid this you will want to. if you cannot you have to pack
8:27 am
in an extra hour, hour and 15. >> what a helps. >> our next update 8:55. ahead this morning a look back at the year in news, legend lost and the election. i'm rahel solomon, good
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." we are taking time to look back at 2016. it was a year that will leave its mark on generations to come. >> we reported on a historic presidential election and the worldwide struggle against isis. >> we also saw our heroes break records, bring home the gold, and in the longest drought in american sports. >> here we go! ♪ >> democratic rivals bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck. ♪ >> 12 candidates are in the republican race. >> god bless the great state of iowa! >> thank you, new hampshire. >> if you don't have a seat belt, go get one! >> i love to win.
8:31 am
>> god bless you. >> what a super tuesday! >> for john kasich to win the nomination. >> he would have to bring some new states into the union. >> thank you. >> billionaire businessman knock out 16 opponents and is the last candidate standing. ♪ we are the champion >> he is a man known for a large personality. >> i am with you. i will fight for you. and i will win for you. >> donald trump! >> this is not a politician. to me a good thing. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. >> he snosis not a groper. that's not who he is. >> what do you want? >> locker room talk. >> either people are excited about your candidacy or mortified by your candidacy. >> i don't think mortified. i think people have respected mortifie mortified. >> we will make america great again. ♪ this is my fight song >> when there is no ceiling, the sky is the limit!
8:32 am
>> they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. >> do you think it's it fed a trust issue? >> i am sure it didn't help. >> our doctor diagnosed she has pneumonia. >> i'm back. >> it's not nice. >> okay. >> she doesn't have the stamina. >> it's just awfully good donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> this is wrestle mania. >> they even want to try to rig the election. >> do you make the bet that you will absolutely accept the results of this election? >> i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> that is horrifying. ♪ >> the nastiest presidential campaign in our lifetimes has finally come to an end. >> this is a historic night. >> the 2016 election ended with a thunder clap that is echoing
8:33 am
around the world. >> no on matter how improbably, the presidency was trump's. >> buildings with trump's name on them became beacons for thousands of protesters. >> this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for. >> usa! >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. ♪ >> the british people have voted to leave the european union. the pound has fallen like a rock. the stock market has fallen off a cliff. and david cameron is gone. >> everything is black. >> two bombings hit brussels international airport. >> everybody has to evacuate. >> witnesses say they heard
8:34 am
gunshots and people shouting in arabic. >> i saw blood just everywhere. >> bomb went off near a busy subway stop. >> at least 31 people are dead. >> if you don't degrade isis, then we will face an attack like this someday here. >> orlando, the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. >> we are learning the names of the 50 people who were in the club and did not survive this horrible attack. >> somebody please tell me where my son it! >> i'm thinking, i'm next. i'm dead. >> the attacks on any american is an attack on all of us. ♪ >> the deadly terror attack rocked istanbul's main airport. at least 41 people were killed. >> three suicide bombers detonated themselves in
8:35 am
different parts of the airport. >> a truck slammed into a crowd gathered to watch the fireworks in a southern coastal city of nice. >> france in shock and mourning. >> at least 84 people were killed. an american father and son are among the dead. >> just on the front lines in fallujah. they just cleared this area a few days ago and they say the entire thing is a mine. >> iraqi and kurdish forces are now within ten miles of mosul. they are meeting fierce resistance from isis. that sounds like quite a lot of resistance, i have to tell you. >> isis claims responsibility for a series of devastating bombings in damascus. >> the devastation is epic. the fronts of all the buildings have been blown clean off.
8:36 am
♪ >> in just two days, captured two deadly police shootings of black men. >> i told him to get his head out! >> the officer just shot him in his arms. >> jesus! >> protesters in baton rouge rallied overnight to demand justice. >> sniper from up here somewhere. >> get down! >> gunfire ambushed police in an unprecedented attack on downtown dallas. >> five police officers have been killed. >> the night began with a protest march in solidarity with the victims of this week's police shootings. >> this must stop. this divisiveness between our police and our citizens. ♪ >> a dangerous new wildfire in southern california has exploded in size. >> can i feel the heat radiating
8:37 am
behind me. >> what are we going to do? i have nowhere to go. >> go, go, go. >> 14 people died in tennessee's biggest fire in a hundred years. >> many homeowners like this one say they didn't even get a warning. >> we are heartbroken. >> they haven't seen this kind of flooding here in east texas in more than 100 years. >> east baton rouge parish is now a federal disaster zone. >> a string of damaging tornadoes across the midwest. >> oh, my gosh. starbucks got blown over. there are people in there. >> this tornado flattened this starbucks. >> this is matthew! >> matthew churns its way up the east coast. >> i lost my home, my car. >> at least a thousand reported deaths in haiti. >> there are people that are lucky enough to survive and live through hurricane matthew are now facing real catastrophe. ♪ ground control to major tom
8:38 am
>> god speed, john glenn. ♪ grounds control to major tom >> searching for music is like searching for god. ♪ take your protein pills and put your helmet on ♪ >> my hope is to be bright, to be faithful, to my oath. ♪ >> i wish all of you the best on this fascinating journey. it ain't over. ♪ purple rain purple rain >> float like a butterfly and i'm going to sting like a bee! ♪ purple rain purple rain >> steady as a rock. >> yeah, but i shoot with this hand! ♪ hallelujah hallelujah >> this is what the war in
8:39 am
vietnam is all about. >> you wouldn't have done anything differently. i mean, how could you talk about a lucky, blessed life as a journalist? ♪ hallelujah hallelujah >> let's get this stadium shaking! >> in the end zone for the touchdown. >> broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> peyton manning is now the oldest starting quarterback ever to win a super bowl. >> hey, charlie, thanks very much. you don't have to keep reminding me about that oldest quarterback theory. i'm very aware of that. >> i know. >> i said you would be moved, inspired. was i right? >> do you realize what you've created? >> yeah. yeah. i do. the guys are really sweet. ♪ >> it's over! cleveland is the city of champions once again! >> if you want to see something that is really on fire? look no further than team usa, both in the pool and on the mat.
8:40 am
>> hey, chicago! what do you say? go all the way! ♪ >> the cubs win the world series! the longest drought of american sports is over! >> the curse is dead. >> go, cubs, go! >> we have waited so long for this! and now we can celebrate! >> what a year! >> wow! >> loss of a lot of great people but a lot of highs and then some lows and here we are again. a lot has happened in a year. >> 2017 looks to be even more challenging. >> that's true. >> looking forward to it, though. as many people who watch this show know, you never know where the conversation is going to turn to. >> nor do we! >> no kidding! >> they allow us to make it up on the fly.
8:41 am
sometimes it's funny. sometimes it's funny. next, our favorite moments. oh, no! oh, no! >> we are going to share them with you again. all of the fun we have here in studio 57!
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♪ >> what you trying to do? 24 carat magic in the air! that is bruno mars. we like to say the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning" but after sharing the stories of the day, we did manage to squeeze in some fun. we like to have fun around here. here are some of our favorite moments from studio 57 to the streets of havana, cuba. ♪ >>7/:z congratulations on the s. >> thank you. >> really great. >> first thing you watch in the morning? >> i watch it. i do. >> another sunrise. >> this is hair by everest. there you go. you look like adrian! >> let's go, let's go, let's go! ♪ i thank god every day that i woke up feeling this way ♪ ♪ >> good morning from copacabana beach. >> love those shay shaieds out, man. >> best thing.
8:46 am
these dark socks, they really breathe. >> thes are the days i hate my job. >> looks like something out of a movie, mr. doan. >> let's say hi, my name is norah o'donnell. let's meet charlie and gayle and they say, yes! >> those are must win pants. >> if i get them, i'll bring them tomorrow. >> we would pay money to see charlie rose in those. >> 800? >> yes. >> hello! $800! >> ah! >> this is today! versace! ♪ keep your hands to yourself >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> i like a cold bedroom. >> very luring. >> tom hanks, do you need any scratching? there you go! >> this kiss was gentle and urgent. >> charlie, pucker up.
8:47 am
you're next, man! >> wild ride in a yellow dress. >> somebody get ryan, please! naked or clothes? >> oh, naked. >> were you a bad boy? >> were you a bad boy? ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ >> havana, cuba! >> what is it about your boys? >> it goes by itself. you know? your boys. >> all that. >> everybody knows charlie rose. >> and all that matters. >> you asking me? >> i'm here to see if you want to be vetted. >> look at his flexibility. >> all that. >> drop the microphone, mr. rose. >> and all that matters. ♪ freedom freedom >> we are on the front lawn of the smithsonian african-american music of history and culture. >> some thought it could not be done and here we are. >> i've been holding back tears.
8:48 am
so many of the exhibits remind me of the struggle. ♪ riding along in my automobile ♪ >> would you sit in the driver's seat? >> you're supposed to treat artifacts with respect. but, of course, i sat in there! >> all that. >> and all that matters. >> oh, baby! >> on "cbs this morning." ♪ i got that sunshine in my pocket got that good soul in my feet ♪ ♪ >> all that. >> you know what it's like to be cute and good? >> and smart. throw that in there too. ♪ and all that matters >> i'm telling you, it's a great place to be, boys and girls. you would love to be here. ♪ on "cbs this morning" woo! >> i want to work there! >> my gosh! >> i want to work there and meet those people! that was great fun. that was very well done! >> now you know how much fun we
8:49 am
have. >> whoever did both pieces, very, very well done. we should name some people, ryan. that deserves a round of applause. >> craig and katie and brian and many more! thank you! >> many more, especially. >> thank you. the many more especially. that was uawesome. >> craig edited it and what a great year of 2016. here is to more fun in 2017. >> that is smithsonian opening i'll never forget it. >> one of the most interesting tables in the world right here. >> i think we should come back in 2017. >> i'm doing it. i'll be here! >> charlie, yes, i'll marry you! yes! >> all right. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> a w
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
that was the greatest video. >> i know. loved it. so much fun. >> shows you how lucky we are.
8:53 am
that does it for us. be sure
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i'm jim donovan. triple a says a record number of americans will be traveling for christmas this year, officials estimate a little more than 103 million people will make a trip between test 23rd and january 2nd. increase have of a million and a half. well, here in the philadelphia region 1.1 million people will be traveling. here's katie with a look at today's weather. >> weather is turning wintry, jim. we have feels like values that are currently bottom out in the teens, and even single digits for most of you, even colder up toward mount poke they where it is well below zero when you factor in the wind. these are not your actual air temperatures if you we have to use it as a gauge because wind will be harsh. is there a storm system
8:56 am
brewing, that arrives as early as overnight hours try but especially saturday relevant i morning starts off as snow, row duesing a modest accumulation and then turns over to sleet, freezing rain situation right around sunrise and temperatures are hovering at treeing. noon time though warmer air will have taken over so everyone even mountains will see precipitation turning over to rain. by sun take cold trent will cross through, much, much, milder, we will see rain with that, and, it is something we can bank on strictly rain no ice and snow. then cold again, on monday: meisha. >> speaking of wind take a look at our camera, they are just blowing all over the lays. only reason i'm showing you this is we have a accident, flash of lights i-95 north past bridge street causing significant le downs there. another one ac expressway westbound before garden state parkway two lanes block there garden state parkway north bound ramp to ac expressway westbound that is still closed. we have some salting on the roadways, get used to this, ac the expressway between ac convention center and route four two almost entire
8:57 am
length of the ac expressway and then we will go wide 17 on the schuylkill, 13 on i-95, start to go look better on the rine but ten moving in the the northbound direction on the the blue route, jim. >> thanks, meisha. that is "eyewitness news" for now join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. make it a great
8:58 am
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to his own son. >> plus it's dr. travis' revolutionary new diet. >> i thought my bikini days were over until this. >> amazing results with mouth walker recipes. >> veggie nachos. >> that's today. >> hello, everyone somewhere welcome to the show. as doctor ordon knows i spent my summer working on something hard that i'm passionate about. i call it the lose your belly diet. change your gut. change your life. here are a few folks trying it out the past few months. >> i have lost 26 pounds. >> i have lost 14 pounds. >> i have lost 15 pounds. >> i have lost 17 pounds. >> i


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