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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an arctic air mass blows in overnight sending temperatures tumbling below freezing, people out there bundle up today to protect themselves from the extreme cold and the winds, really the problem, gusting up to 40 miles an hour. all of this cold air was ushered in overnight by snow showers, the snow coated
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grassy areas, and forced drivers to take few minutes center city. as if the low temperatures aren't making it colds enough, factor in the windchill it, feels like the teens out there. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. right over to meteorologist, katie fehlinger in the cbs-3 weather center, with the arctic blase, katie consideration really be dangerous if you're not prepared for it. >> so true. i feel like a lot of times we can sounds like broken records on this kind of stuff, all very calm bundle up adequately, this is the kind of cold that can be dangerous if you don't do those things. let's go ahead, just take a look at the general bullet points for the day here. so, both today, tomorrow, talking daytime highs, afternoon highs into the 20's at best. the winds is a critical piece of the story because it is what you will want to use as a
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gauge when you factor it in for windchill when you walk out the door. it is knocking anywhere from ten to 15 degrees off for feels-like value. so come tomorrow morning specially, it will feel particularly brutal. look at these current winds speeds, these aren't even gusts, this is your current sustained wind. atlantic city, just pounding through at 33 miles per hour sustained, 25, is your current temperature, imagine what that will do to your feels-like. it feels more like 8 degrees there. so, we may not even break out of single digit territory for windchills, depending where you are, that said. now, we do even have couple of flurries their report on storm scan3, quite few clouds have actually rolled into the city of philadelphia. that's all you will see, precipitation wise here today. but i mention this earlier. eventually, a fresh round of snow, and even ice and rain, make return appearance to this forecast, we will get you through all of the details just a little later on, rahel? >> katie, see you soon, thank you. millions of americans are facing the coldest
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temperatures of the season with windchills below zero from the northern planes to the great lakes. part of the area could see 2 feet of snow. in new york with what people are feeling there. >> a camera captured the months lake effect snow barrelled into buffalo, new york. the storm brought along some rare, thunder snow. strong winds, reduced visibility to zero, making driving even more dangerous. a few good samaritans helped this driver whose car struggled with the heavy build up. >> we need to be on our game at all times. >> bruce, has been operating snow plow in jefferson county for about five years. he says, dealing with lake effect snow can be like playing a never ending game of catch-up. >> you get your roads cleared off, removed from snow and ice, and then another band comes through, and you're right back to square one, starting all over again. >> another major challenge, impatient drivers. >> people will try to plow a
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vehicle, and we will find them in the ditch after they've passed us. >> lake effect snow, very unpredictable. >> very unpredictable. >> jefferson county sheriffs says the nature of the storms make them specially dangerous to drivers. >> clear, sunny day out, then you hit the lake effect band, and the visibility is zero, just like that. >> lake effect snow warning, is in place, until five morning. a chill advisory will be in effect for later this evening. demarco morris, cbs news, adams, new york. >> in other news this noon, police are looking for two men who attacked and robbed a woman leaving parx casino in bucks county. >> this happened in the casino's parking lot on sunday. the 73 year old victim and her daughter getting ready to leave when this man soil her hands bag and took off. bensalem police say the suspect roamed the casino for several hours, plotting the attack with accomplice. "eyewitness news" spoke with police who believe the men targeted the woman. >> you see anyone get
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attacked, but a 73 year old victim, really sad, just a shame in today's society you have to worry about things like this. your mother goes to the casino to enjoy herself and then you get a phonecall she is robbed. she is obviously shooken up, we're just glad she's not hurt. >> police believe the suspect are from the newark, new jersey area, i hear they shot of their get away license plate. anyone with information is asked to call bensalem police. and the philadelphia police are on the hunt for the man ooh see in these surveillance pictures, accused of stealing officer's uniform patrol jacket, hat, and badge, from the criminal justice center yesterday. police say he stuck the items into white macy shopping bag, walked out of the building, anyone with information is asked to call police. pennsylvania attorney general elect, josh shapiro, announced his pick for first deputy attorney general, michelle henry. twenty year veteran prosecutor will become the first woman to hold a position and modern pennsylvania history. first deposition out i, henry will be responsible for overseeing all legal criminal and civil matters in the office of attorney general and
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will report directly to the attorney general. president-elect donald trump heads to pennsylvania later today. he will make another stop on his thank you tour this evening, in hershey. meanwhile, cbs news has learned the orders to hack democratic computers in an effort to interfere with the us election came from the highest levels of the kremlin. but as roxannea reports, president-elect donald trump has dismissed those claims. >> us intelligence sources say when russian hackers broke into democratic e-mail systems in july of 2015, they did so under orders from the kremlin. the sources tell cbs news, the attack could not have happened without russian president vladmeere putin's blessing, saying the orders would have had to come from the highest levels. russia denies the claims, and so does president-elect donald trump. this morning, he tweeted: if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost? the white house did name russia the source of the
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attacks for the election in october, but they did so months later. the obama administration says it waited in order to keep political pressure off the intelligence community. >> that was an effort to ensure that this information avoided even the appearance of being politically motivated. >> more than a month after the election, americans remain deeply divided about president-elect, donald trump. the new cbs news poll shows 36% of those surveyed believe mr. trump will do a poor job as president, 34% expect him to be very good or good, 23% say he'll be average. >> the polling does not suggest that americans are yet ready to put the 2016 campaign behind them. >> for better or for worse, majority of americans, 62%, expect mr. trump will bring real change to washington. that number is even higher among republicans. roxannea, cbs news, new york. the driver involved in last month's deadly bus crash that killed six people in chattanooga, tennessee is in
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court today. faces five count of vehicular homicide, six charge will be added, they believe walker was driving 20 miles above the 30-mile per hour speed limit when the accident happened. thirty-seven children were on board when the bus crashed. two children are still in the hospital. >> closing arguments are underway today in dillan root's trial, where guilty of 33 charges, including federal hate crime. twenty-two year old accused shooting to death nine black worshippers at a church in charleston, south carolina in june of 2015. if found guilty the same jury had decide if root will be sentenced to death or life in prison. >> thousands of desperate residents are rushing to evacuate the steer yan city of al epp owe a mid fragile exit deal. trying to get out and one convoy reportedly came under fire. >> correspondent holly williams in turk which more now from istanbul. >> we have obtained video that appears to show the attack on
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that convoy of civilians, and injured people. reportedly wounding at least three. the ambulance and cars were trying to carry people out of aleppo and to safety. instead, they came under fire. this man was apparently shot while traveling in a ambulance. this comes a day after yet another cease-fire fell apart, and evacuation of fighters and civilians. offensive by the syrian regime back by russia and iron has left rebels with only tiny pocket of territory in aleppo, around two square miles, where several thousand civilians are thought to be trapped. after four years of fighting, the syrian government is in control of the rest, mystery for the regime, and it allies, russia and iran, that has come at horendous human cost, raging forces have inch
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discriminately bombed civilians. also unconfirmed reports that more than 80 civilians have been executed in aleppo by pro regime forces including children. holly williams, cbs news, istanbul. >> well, an e-mail warning this noon, coming up on cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> why you need to be worried about more than just your yahoo account after staggering 1 billion accounts are hack. that and also some advice on how to protect yourself. >> what to expect when hitting the roads during the holidays, those stories and much more when "eyewitness new
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new this noon, the latest from smugglers in the waters off the eastern pacific, 26.5 tons of it. the cocaine seize in the 27 several, five recovery operations off the coast of central, south america. the hull stilted street value more than $700 million. if you use yahoo, listen up, yahoo wants its use tears change their e-mail passwords after 1 billion accounts were hacked, digital highs the largest in history. says stolen user account information may have included names, phone numbers, possibly account passwords, security questions and answers. now the breach happened back in august of 2013, internet expert suggest the stolen information makes yahoo users vulnerable elsewhere. >> if you have similar passwords floating around for different e-mail accounts, or
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bank account, on line banking, or if you're answering security questions, the same for every site that you log into, that's is worse case scenarios, hackers can take advantage that far. >> also says, if you you are hacked, change the passwords to all important accounts. yahoo is working with law enforcement to find out who or what is behind the breach. triple a says record number of americans will be traveling for christmas this year, officials estimate little more than 103 million americans will be making a trip between december 23rd and january 2nd, that's increase of 1.5 million. and the philadelphia region, little more than 1.1 million people will be traveling, and 90% of them will be driving. a lot of people traveling. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", nasa's latest launch. >> a rocket blasts off from the belly of a plane. cool video and why this mission is so important to forecasters. katy? >> looking forward to. that will and we are also looking ahead to a weekends that also warms up. but we are going to have to deal with a storm system as a
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trade-off. pretty significant one. no ice, rain, all in the forecast, for both saturday and sunday, and i will gave you a lot more details on the impact, who gets what, and what when it all goes down, that's coming up right after the break. (alex)tor) if you have medicare or will be covered soon, here are some important things you should know. first, if you think medicare covers everything, you may be in for an expensive surprise. second, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. which brings us to number three. a medicare supplement insurance policy from colonial penn life insurance company can help you save money by helping to pay the bills medicare doesn't.
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>> three, two, one. go for release. >> pegasus is the way. drop pegasus is the way. >> just watched the nassa launch of in the belly after plane flying high above cape canaveral this morning, the 757 cyclone navigation satellite system, to improve
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hurricane forecasting, satellite will pleasure surface, rough necessary of oceans, allowing sinus to calculate, we'll get it again. here goes again. releasing the pegasus rocket with the attached satellite. fired, employ pelling the saturday lights. >> oh. >> boy, all of these pieces involved in that one. lots of stuff going on. >> hopefully will help us forecast hurricanes more easily. >> and readily. >> and said with such excitement. the weather geek. >> bring it on. one thing we definitely know the cold is here. i mean, you don't need a satellite rocket to tell you, just step outside. wait until you see some of the windchills. actually have short list here for you of some of the coldest air, some of the coldest went chills that we reported earlier on this morning, it is still very brutal outside. don't get me wrong. but we take you through the short list, show you some of the most extreme chill we did see. where we bottomed out in terms of windchill values, mount
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pocono, at eight below zero. it has been pretty brutal, as will, even here in philadelphia, 7 degrees is how it feels, even right now. when the winds blows, but tech particular initially your temperatures are into the 20's, different, since the very same time yesterday. in temperature readings, not accounting for the wind. we actually dropped almost 20 degrees from this same time. soy while yesterday was even little cooler than average, now that arctic air has clearly settled in. we are not alone. take a look at this, frigid pattern affecting pretty much the entire united states say for hawaii, couple of other choice states here, you are below the freezing mark in 45 of the 50 state. with temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below their average, record lows are very clearly possible. specially if you head up toward some of the northern most communities. meanwhile, we are expecting that there is a possibility that some of you end up having to lose your water because of this. so couple of frozen pipes prevention tips. make sure you're checking the insulation, you can feel cold
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air leak, drain any outdoor faucets, that's a good one, you don't want anything freezing up on you. and also, just a slow faucet drip. we used to have to do this all the time in the house i grew up in, one of those old homes, row home in allentown, because of that our pipes froze all the time in cold like that. keep the thermostat the same, as well, and storm scan3, looking at wide zoom. storm system actually moving into the inter mountain west, radar doesn't pick it up as readily. once this streaks out into the planes it is headed our way bridges with it, yep, some snow. because the cold air is here now, to set the stage for its move in, even though warmfront comes in saturday t won't be anywhere near warm enough until we hit the mid afternoon to see it turn over. so here is a good synopsis what's going to happen. after 1:00 in the morning saturday morning, snow moves in, looks like light accumulation. come 7:00 a.m., temperatures hover near freezing so we see it turn over to sleet or freezing rain mix. then eventually over to rain for everyone, by noon. so, this is all initial snow.
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it does turn over to rain. but initially, early saturday morning, we are talking about an inch, give or take, around the city of philadelphia, but could you actually end one nearing a half foot. if you are up far enough north, say, toward i80. now this is a camera shot that was just rocking and rolling with all of the winds that's out there, starting to pick up little bit out there right now. but wind is the thing. that is what you really need to factor in here for today and tonight. frigid conditions, because of it, and even though it warms up, jim, rahel, over the weekend, we have the storm system to deal with, as well. back to you. >> thanks so, katie. >> this weather is also tough on our pets. >> even though they have a fur coat still do need protection from the cold and snow. dogs can get frostbite, and in severe cases could lose part of their ear or paw, also the little dole booties, not just for fashion, do keep their paw's save. dry air, wind, really leaves them dehydrated, so lot of
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water. things for me to think about, too. >> did you say kitty booties? what are they called? >> kitten mittens. >> kitten mittens. >> just the little things. >> oh, we got to get your little pups. >> so i got to get on that. >> you know it is all about accessories. >> local college student pitch in to make sure thousands of families have traditional holiday
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>> coming up tonight at clock 30 join us for more stories of hearts and hope. all year we bring you stories of brotherly love. >> ukee washington and jessica
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dean will look back at some of the people making our community a little bitter. our brotherly love special airs tonight at clock 30 right here on cbs-3. >> first coming up today, later "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a dog given months to live makes a miraculous recovery. doctors say the treatment used on the dog work for humans. health reporter stephanie stahl has details on what could be a miracle drug that's coming up today at 5:00. >> our "joy of sharing" toyfest is in full swing. >> we hope you'll pick up a toy for a child in need. for a list of drop off locations head to our website you can also fine them on the cbs local apps. >> or join us right here at our cbs-3 studios on tuesday december 20th for our drop off day. we will be here from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. help us with toys, the boys and girls club of camden county, and the uso. we have more information on our website >> around 13,000 local families will be able to enjoy
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holiday turkey dinners this year. >> that's all thanks to drexel university's 43rd annual alumni holiday turkey project. "eyewitness news" at university city today where drexel student, alumni, staff, help community groups load up their vehicles with turkeys, this year locations from drexel surpassed $35,000, to help those in need. and, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, for today, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, for katie, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at of course the young and the restless is next. stay warm. >> you said it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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