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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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20 in ac. ten in the poconos. and then, why mother nature, why must you add wind on top of that wind chill. fifteen to 25 miles an hour, with those higher gusts in the 30 and approaching 40 miles an hour, range, our wind chill value right now in philadelphia, 5 degrees. feel like one in reading and feeling like seven below, in the poconos, and overnight tonight, actual air temperatures dropping down, to 14 degrees. it will be coldest temperatures we have felt, since february, my mouth is starting to freeze, wind chill values this evening about five to ten above, and then tonight feeling like 5 degrees and then by tomorrow morning, those wind chill values approaching near zero. that is in the city likely sub zero to the north and west. we will talk shore about this frigid forecast, and some sat take snow, also in your full forecast, coming up in just a few. >> wow, feeling like one in reading. this arctic blast is tough on those who work outside,
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among them postal workers. eye witt the necessary news reporter joe holden spent the day outside and as deliveries were being made in ridley park , delaware county right now, tell us about it, gentlemen. >> reporter: we are all shivering out here, but this weather is no match for mail carrier nancy betson. >> i definitely like it out here better. >> reporter: with the biting wind chill of 13 degrees nancy betson loves her job. she has been with the postal service for 31 year, 26 carrying mail in this little section of ridley park. >> i kind of call it my gym time, like exercise, you know, fresh air, keeping me there being sick, and, in the building. >> reporter: nancy is a stapel on these streets. >> born and raised around here , you know, how are you doing. happy holidays. merry christmas. the. >> reporter: while some are new most of her customers have known her for decade. >> merry christmas, to you john. >> reporter: with the warm smile nancy takes to weather in stride. the she's bundled in four
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layers, thermal underwear, turtle neck, good gloves, she has done post office jeeps no heat in those vehicles. >> these big things now that hold our packages they have heat so that is news. >> reporter: she dreads the summer and those cold, rainy days. >> the feeling a little oldies more, yeah, on the rainy, rainy cold days, when it is in the 20's and even 30's on a rainy day. that is cold day. i say, how many more winters can i take. >> reporter: while on the beat she stays sharp counting which home receives the most christmas card. today's winner had seven. >> maybe sometime i'll win christmas card. i don't count bills just christmas card. >> reporter: as they say nothing stops the mail not a biting wind orbiter cold and nancy makes the best of it: great day with nancy betson there and not temperatures that is bad at all just the wind and it is how long out here tonight. we are live from ridley park, joe holden for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". >> this isn't nancy's first rodeo. we thank her and her collogues possible wintry weather at your fingertips. down load the free weather app s on itunes and google play president-elect donal old trump will be in pennsylvania on his thank you tour where mr. trump will rally supporters a the giant center in hershey. it is all happening as calls for louder for an investigation in the hacking, of the democrat's e-mails. u.s. intelligence, officials tell cbs news hackers could not have penetrated the democratic national commit the e servicer, without the blessing of russian president vladamire putin. president-elect donald trump denies these claims, but while campaigning last july, mr. trump seemed to encourage russia to hack into hillary clinton an e-mails. >> russia if you are listening , i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails, that are missing. >> reporter: today mr. trump tweeted if russia or some
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other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act. >> the president has gone to great lengths to retech the intelligence community, from even the appearance of being used as a political weapon. >> reporter: mr. trump held a meeting with the u.s. conference of mayors, he travels to hershey, pennsylvania later today to attend a thank you rally with supporters. meantime a new cbs news poll shows americans are still deeply derided over incoming administration. 59 percent think that trump's business relationships create a conflict of interest, that is likely to affect how he makes decisions as president. >> if people feel like they are getting jobs, everything works. if they don't feel like they're getting jobs, nothing does. >> reporter: poll also shows 34 percent say mr. trump will be a very good or good president while 36 percent said he will be a poor president. poll found 60 percent of americans think president-elect trump tweets too much. ivanka trump is poised to
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assume some of the duties signed to the first lady. melania trump is expect to play a role in the the white house source says ivanka will be the washington hostess and advisor to her father. she will reportedly also have an office in the east wing and she has been spotted house hunting in, georgetown with her husband and children. student from randolph technical school has been taken in custody after a handgun was found this his school back. according to police weapon was found as student entered this morning in the city's nicetown neighborhood. >> sometime this morning, during the admission at school here, a student arrived, with a gun in his backpack. he went through the scanning process where a school police discover the weapon. police and school police searched the building, there was no other weapons. >> police also tell us that the building was placed on lock down for about an hour while authorities investigated in one was injured in the incident. a jury find dylann roof guilty in the racially motivated killings of nine black church members in south
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carolina. as cbs news reporter don champion tells us tonight jury reached its verdict after less than two hours of deliberations. >> reporter: dylann roof showed no emotion thursday as the federal jury found him guilty on all 33 charges against him many for the 2015 charleston church massacre. during closing arguments prosecutors called him a hate filled coward, who shot and killed nine black worshipers at east manual ame church. they said roof sat there and waited this will they were at their most vulnerable to open fire. during the six day trial, jurors were shown roof's videotaped confession to the fbi. >> did you shoot them. >> yes. >> what did you use. >> a glock 45. >> reporter: they also heard seven two-year old survivor pauley shepherd's chilling 911 call. >> there is so many people dead, oh, my god. >> reporter: during defense's closing arguments roof's
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lawyer argued under successfully had his client was a impressionable loaner motivated by what he read on the internet. roof's lawyer tried several times to address his client's mental status but was overruled. roof faces death penalty and has said he will act as his own attorney during that part of the trial. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the driver involved in last month's school bus crash, that killed six children appeared in a tennessee courtroom today. johnanthony walker faces five counts of vehicular homicide. a sixth charge will be added. police say he was going 20 miles over the speed limit and using a cell phone before the deadly crash. thirty-seven children were on board that bus when it left the designated route and then wrecked off a curvey road. two children remain hospitalized. up next, a measure before new jersey lawmakers could pave a way for tell all book from governor chris christie but passage of that measure could cost new jersey taxpayers a lot of money in the process. why the governor's book deal
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could affect your bank account , at 5:30. best by that date sell by that date are you ever confused by food labels? well, help is on the way, nicole. well, there is something very special, happening here on smedley street in south philadelphia, even santa claus decided to stop by, so coming up, we will have more on this special block, but also, if you can just make the naughty or the nice list, santa what do you think. >> ho, ho, we will see. >> we will be right
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you know, most of the food in your refrigerator has a dayton it but many times the labels use different language and it is not always clear what they mean. >> as the ad ohio castcy group says nine out of ten americans , 90 percent find best buy or used by or sell by dates all confusing. so to clear up the confusion, the u.s. department of agriculture now just lets one label, best if used by. it is asking egg, meat, dairy
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manufacturers to use it. the average family is actually, throwing away about $1,500 a year in food that is perfectly good to eat. >> the grocery manufacturer's association, would not say if it plans to adopt the label but it did say that the food in consumer products industry is committed to providing consumers with the the information that they need to make informed decisions about safety and quality of the products that they purchase and consume. it is, a time of the year forgiving. >> our joy of sharing toy fest is in full swing. we hope you'll pick up a toy for a child in need, for a list of drop off locations head to cbs fest. find them on the cbs local app or you can join us right here at the our cw. three studios on tuesday, december 20th, for our big drop off day, we will be here from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to help fill a great big old truck with toys to go to families served by salvation
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army, boys and girls club of camden county and uso. we have much more information on our web site at cbs philly .com/toy fest. and this time of the year, of course means plenty of decorations and beautiful holiday light displays are brightening the city tonight. >> nicole brewer is live on the 2600 block of smedley street in south philadelphia and nicole, it looks pretty amazing behind you. >> reporter: my gosh, it is just beautiful. i told you jessica and ukee, something special was happening out here on smedley street in south philadelphia. you can see why, right? for over 50 years, every year, these residents have put up over 100,000 lights, and what i like best about these holiday traditions is there isn't one grinch among them. everybody pitches in, everybody does something, and here's how it is to tell us shore about that is peter sir ron one of the residents on this block. how cool is this. >> this is cool.
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>> do you love living here. >> i love it, yes. >> reporter: you said not one grinch, right? everybody has a hand in this. >> everybody, in grinch's on the street, everybody helps out making cookies, helping us decorate, it starts at halloween and we all put it together. everybody pitches this. great little block. >> reporter: they put in their time. it is so cold out here tonight that they are sitting in a warm, heated tent surrounded by a fire. we will get these folks out, at some point tonight but peter, again, it is just adds to the festivities of the holidays. it must create, sort of a community around here. >> after being tortured for last year with political stuff , what a nice way to get away with it and relax and grab some hot chocolate and come up the street and getaway from life a couple minutes. i was always for the kids, for the kid. i think it is for the adults too. >> reporter: you can't get enough. >> no. >> reporter: it is very special around here, even santa has had to stop by and
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santa, um, he has inside scoop on our anchors, and whether or not they made the naughty or the thighs list what do you think, let's start with ukee. >> ukee is still up in the air he is borderline. i have to double-check about ukee. but jessica is on the definite nice list. >> she said, ukee, jury's still out. >> oh, come on. >> by the way, yeah, by the way, we're not loan out here. wogl is also out here for cbs-3 toy fest and they are collecting new unwrapped toys, for kid in need, of course, part of our joy of sharing and if you are able to do so, stop by, bring a family bring a toy and in the meantime take a look at these lights. the it is just gorgeous out here. is there so much to see. and we really want to know, if you got something to show us, right? if you've got a fabulous holiday display, that we just have to see, let us know on facebook or twitter, use the #
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cbs-3 holiday lights. >> i see a few kids over here. hey guys, real quick, say hello and send it back to the studio. they say ukee and jessica back to you. >> ready. >> ukee and jessica,. >> back to you. >> that is it. >> it is too cold to stand out here. >> well, thank you. see you soon. santa never brought my g.i. joe with kung fu grip, about 45 years ago. i was upset. he never got over it. he never got over it. >> i have to do something about that. >> you better get on that nice list. >> you come up with your plan, lauren, tell us what is in store for tomorrow, because it will be interesting weather. >> we're all on her naughty list because she's not being very nice to us. the it is brutal out there. as soon as you step outside, o h, yes, tears streaming down your face, as a cold wind hits you, 21 degrees our current temperature as we look live at center city philadelphia under twilight. wind are whipping out of the
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west at 23 miles an hour. our current wind chill temperature, it is five. feels like five when you step outside. temperatures are brutally cold all across our region. 19 degrees in allentown. ten in mount pocono. twenty in millville. this arctic air is entrenched, compliment of the canada, thank you very much, it could be worse at seven in chicago, one above right now in minneapolis. cold air, we have wind on top of that as well, check out our top wind gusts today, gusting to 50 miles an hour in atlantic city. close to that in reading. close to that also in reading, with a wind gusts reported at 46 whiles an hour, as we head into tomorrow morning, our actual air temperatures will be down in the single digits and part of the lehigh valley and poconos, along i-95 corridor, philadelphia and surrounding counties in the single digits and along the coast as parts of the delaware dropping down into the 20's but we will still have that wind with us especially as we head late into tonight. forecast wind chills for early friday, below zero this is
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poconos, below zero, lehigh valley, berks county down to near zero for philadelphia and surrounding counties. you will want to be bundled up from head to toe heading out tomorrow morning. overnight tonight our air temperature dropping down to 14 degrees in the city. still very cold, tomorrow but the one nice element, wind speed will let up especially in the afternoon, hours only five to 10 miles an hour. wind chill impact will be less for our friday. storm scan three is showing us we had a couple flurries, cloud around through the day-to-day, skies starting to clear on out. that won't be the trend heading in the weekend on saturday. our next storm system moves in tomorrow night, brings us a period of snowfall, potentially some icing as well , some light accumulations in and around the city, we will quickly change over mid-morning to rain but will create very slick travel conditions. you want to use caution, stay off the road on saturday, not a great day to be out and b future ice amounts, our models are differing a little bit but definitely giving us potential to see ice and ice
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accumulation as we head late friday night and saturday morning especially as we go toward berks county and lehigh valley. we could see ice amounts up to an tenth of an inch, scattered power outages. we don't want that with colder temperatures. temperatures will warm up in the middle 40's as we head into saturday afternoon but before that we could accumulate three to six the in the parts of the poconos of snowfall and a slushy mix in and around philadelphia, i this think 3 inches might be pushing it but again we will stay tune to the evolving forecast as model data continues to come in and across parts of the shore seeking less than a inch of snowfall as we head friday night into saturday. for tomorrow, quiet and very cold, still a high of only 19 degrees in the poconos, saturday, light snow, changing over to a wintry mix, changing over to rain because temperatures rebound up, to 46 t sunday 54 degrees, but a very wet day in store period of rain that could be heavier at times. just a bad holiday shopping weekend but if you had to pick a day to hit the road would i
5:20 pm
pick sunday. >> okay, thanks, lauren. west philadelphia, it sense bank volunteers made a session delivery. more than 100 stockings of hope, care packages were donated to local families in need. they include bat products, tooth brushes and a few toys for the kid. donations will be giving to 53 local families just in time for the holidays. love it. a new cbs film shows heroes of the boston marathon bombings. in our next half an hour an inside local star hashing wahlberg who talks about his family and the devilish reason he loves the who will will day season, ton done. santa's making his way south and we wonder if he has been watching the eagles this season. if so hopefully he is paying attention to merrill reese's wish list, santa, we need you,
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks pocket pearl, this man says something many people have exploded, causing serious burns on his leg. new tonight on "eyewitness
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news" at 6:00 potentially dangerous device and i know what you are possibly thinking , it is not a cell phone. plus what is being done so it does not happen to you tonight at 6:00. don bell joins us now, a lot of people getting their final christmas lists together , what they might want >> um-hmm, um-hmm? for eagles fans out there, you know, some are harder to get than others. >> you know what, but the list is long, by the way. i don't know how much people will get. what is that all you want for christmas is eagles to make the playoffs. they have a 0.0002 percent chance of getting in, that is one in 5 million. basically you have a better chance of being struck by lightening, on fivetive rent occasions. however, merrill reese has his own wish list and here it is. >> i have three christmas wishes. it is that the eagles lay well , in each of the three remaining games. you know, on the surface you say what is the big deal?
5:25 pm
they are not going to the playoffs this year? if they win another game or two games it will not make muchtive rent and also will not affect their draft pick because their draft pick is new property of the cleveland browns they will get minute so the first round draft pick. looking at eagles and way they have a end ised under various head coaches, go back to dick vermeil. before eagles made playoffs this 1978 they finished strongly with two wins, consecutive wins against giants and jets. so to end that 77 season. you look at andy reid who came in 99. and andy reid last couple games against the, as they rounded out that 99 season and donovan chill values that be was starting quarterback, you could see that they were on the way. the same thing with this team. this is a team that has the ability to come together in these last three games, and even if they don't win them, to show that they are in the right direction, you watch carson wentz.
5:26 pm
he has had an outstanding rookie year. he is going to need to put together a solid finish. young owe tense i have lineman stepping up, so my three wishes for the eagles, are that they lay well, play will solid football, and they end this 2016 season, on a up note we can all get behind that >> i'm with merrill. >> 0.000.2 percent of getting this. >> so you are saying there is a chance. >> there is a chance. >> a rebater it. >> a lot more coming up in our next half an hour. >> what is it like being part of the president-elect trump's inner circle or was there more to the george washington bridge circle then heat the eye. how state lawmakers can help the governor make honey if he ever wants to tell all. a bomb shell announcement the in the jonbenet ramsey murder case how a media investigation and new technology could hold the
5:27 pm
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new jersey governor chris christie, tell all, he is a step closer to securing a
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controversial book deal, "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. hi everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lawmakers are considering a bill that will loosen a state ethics law permitting governor christie's book deal. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells you the move comes with a heavy price. >> reporter: if new jersey governor chris christie's christmas wish is to tell all and make a pretty penny he might be in for a happy holiday. thursday both houses of the legislator considered bills to change state law by allowing governors to profit from book deals while still in office. >> i personally have no issue with the governor writing a book, whether it is this governor next governor. >> reporter: while christie's approval rating is the at an all time low just 18 percent his close connection to donald trump could draw readers. >> maybe governor can title his book the art of the dirty deal or crime and no punishment or come out with a list of things, and i don't want to make light of it because i think it is a serious issue. >> reporter: some people
5:31 pm
oppose saying cash advances from publishers like $700,000 new york governor andrew cuomo got two years ago for his book could make for merky politics. >> we're not suspending any of the conflict of interest rules >> reporter: both bills have bipartisan support but public support. >> no, absolutely not. that is just not ethical. >> reporter: yes. >> as a pun official, i don't believe it is fair because he is already if thing, you know, a salary from the taxpayers. >> reporter: also when the bills are list of salary raise s for judges, prosecutors and other public employees, republican senator jennifer beck doesn't like any of it. >> it is being rush through, a little cloak and dagger, late in the agenda late tuesday here in both houses on thursday and pass it on monday in the middle of the holiday season when the public really doesn't have a chance to weigh in. >> reporter: now through committee all lawmakers could vote the on the bill as soon as monday. no word from the governor's office if he has any intentions of putting out a book in the near future. in trent object i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news"
5:32 pm
to take delaware supreme court vacated death september ens of a convicted killer, of a police officer. georgetown police officer chad spicer was gunned down by derek pole in 2009. back in august the court invalidated delaware's death penalty law. the justices ruled their decision must be applied retroactively, today's decision means powell, and 11 other former death row inmates will now serve life in prison. authorities in colorado are going to use new dna testing technology in hopes of solving the 20 year, jonbenet ramsey case. prosecutors have said that any new results will be, only be significant if they can be matched with other evidence, authorities already have. jonbenet's body was found december 26th, 1996 in the the basement of the family's home this boulder. no one has ever been charged, in that case. traces of explosives have been found on some of the victim's have of an egyptair
5:33 pm
flight from par that is crashed in the mediterranean. flight 804 disappeared from radar in may and plunge 38,000 . plane never issued a distress call, all 66 people on board were killed. crash came just seven months after a russian passenger plane was blown up over the peninsula in an attack claimed by isis. now to florida where law enforcement showed off its work, we are looking at 26 tons of cocaine, worth an estimated $715 million. coastguards and royal canadian navy ships seized cocaine in international waters in the eastern pacific ocean off the coast of central and south america. thousands of desperate residents are rushing to evacuate a rebel held pocket of the syrian city of aleppo. buses, ambulances and cars are trying to get people out and one convoy reportedly came under fire, this violence comes just a day after yet another cease-fire fell apart. and syrian regime backed by russia and iran has left rebels with only about two square miles of territory in
5:34 pm
aleppo where several thousand civilians are thought to be trapped. archbishop chaput celebrated mass with the inmates and staff at curran-fromhold correctional facility in our town today. "eyewitness news" in holmes berg where prison gym was transformed into a church. officials from the archdiocese says they are trying to maintain a constant presence in the correctional facility's located within its boundaries n2015 pope francis also visited the curran-fromhold facility during his visit here in philadelphia. just in time for the holidays, south jersey food bank, local food pantry found its way to gloucester county. tractor trailer carrying 45,000-pound of food, and parked in glassboro, new jersey to take. volunteers strengthed drinks, canned goods, potatoes and other items. the food bank was also presented with a check for more than $13,000, from state farm insurance. a dog given months to live , makes a miraculous recovery and new doctors say the treatment, used on the dog
5:35 pm
could work for humans. health reporter stephanie stahl has details on what could be a miracle drug. plus this... >> ♪ >> lah lah land comes out tomorrow national thely and there is oscar buzz, we will talk to the writer/director about the movie and he has ties to our area lauren? milder temperatures are in store as we head in the upcoming weekend but we will start off on the wintry side, with morning snow showers, even down the the shore, we could see light accumulations before that does change over to rain quickly with high temperatures up around 50 degrees on saturday and down the shore in the middle 40's in the city and then rain looking likely all across the region as we head into sunday. we will be right
5:36 pm
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u.s. is facing not so sweet shortage of the canned whipped cream, nitrous oxide which is used in air will sol cans of whipped cream thinks short supply. it is all because of an slowings, at a nitrous oxide
5:39 pm
plant, in florida. coffee chains have already cut back on whipped cream in some drinks. well, this is pretty cute, tiger cubs and mir cats at a london zoo woke up to some very special gifts today but they weren't just any other gifts, gift boxes here were scented and filled with meek. all to encourage tigers to practice their that are abilities. the six month-old cubs use that newly learned skills to rib open those boxes. mir cats got the in the action pulling treats off of a tiny little christmas tree. you can wrap up some meat scented boxes. >> how about that. >> just like that too. >> i could watch that all evening. >> they are getting into it. >> yes, they are. >> that is something you have to get the right gift for the right species, right. >> wow, that was it. >> wow. >> lala land getting a ton of oscar buzz i'll have a preview and connection to our area when we
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
drop, pegasus away. >> nasa launched eight mini
5:43 pm
satellites from the belly of a plane flying high above cape canaveral this morning. the 157 million-dollar cyclone global navigation satellite system, or cignet is meant to improve hurricane forecasting. the satellites will measure surface roughness of ocean is allowing scientist toss calculate wind speeds and storm intensity. dogs providing more than just love and companionship, now man's best friend lead way in cancer research. health reporter stephanie stahl has details from the einstein health care science center. >> ♪ >> reporter: science of can't er research has dogs, humans testing an experimental drug. a dog named abby was one of the first, four legged patients. abby was arrest coup pup that albert and genevieve parcells enjoyed, they were shocked, when this happened. >> she looked like she was going to yawn or something and stretched her legs out and then i realized that she had just completely lock up and
5:44 pm
started having a convulsion. >> reporter: abby had a deadly brain cancer, only option an experimental drug called pack one and it work. >> 8 percent reduction in the size of the tumor. >> reporter: abby's toll up, mri showed no tumor growth. >> we have seen positive results, especially in combination with other widely used cancer drugs. >> reporter: in another dog treated with the drug there was a tumor reduction of nearly 50 percent and now researchers are testing the drug on people with brain cancer. >> we have still in the phase one trial. >> reporter: twenty people were part of the phase one study. >> we usually see ten, 15 percent response rate. as i said we are still early to come up with the final conclusion report report researchers say like with dogs , there has been minimal side effectness people taking the drug but it is at least five to eight years away from being widely available to human passions. they just say it is glad that it worked for abby.
5:45 pm
>> we're just happy with every extra day that we get and if we get six more months then that would be amazing. >> reporter: in addition to patient was brain cancer, drug is being tested on other malignant see, including patient was hell nome a, breast cancer and lymphoma. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lauren casey joins us now. that is something. now lauren joins us now with our forecast. old man winter stopping by with a carry on bag for just a couple days. >> carry on bag. >> and a big block of ice. >> get your stuff and get out of here old man winter as he will in the upcoming weekend but not before cold air lingers and gives us a snow chance but yeah, we are looking at snow being made right now. manmade snow and mother nature made snow looking at sky scan three. we are seeing this is poconos it is definitely cold enough to get those snow machines going and we will check with our weather watchers and see is what going on right now. they are commenting on this cold as we all are as soon as we step outside and check out
5:46 pm
these current conditions. temperatures in the teens and 20's, and that is still the evening, yeah. we have a long way to go overnight tonight. we will check with cherry hill where it is 19 degrees at cbs-3 weather watcher lynn's house. she says mostly clear conditions. her comment is the win is painful explanation point. i think we all feel that high wind gusts to 41 miles an hurry to day. philly international, we will go north and west of the city where it is 16 degrees right now at eileen's house with clear skies in gilbertsville and she says throw another blanket on the bed. stay inside if you can. i think that is some good advice, get netflix going, fire going, that is where you want to be this evening with these cold temperatures. we will head down to delaware even chilly there 19 degrees in jason's house in middletown delaware and he also is commenting on the blistering cold with the winds, it feels like 3 degrees, out there at the moment, if you were up, a little late last night you saw something wintry, snow showers moving through parts of the area, we picked up a quick
5:47 pm
inch in mount holly, florence picking up close to an inch and in philadelphia our first measurable snow of the season did fall last night with .2 of an inch of snow but storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, a few flurries with that cloud deck starting to break down right now and overnight tonight just a few passing cloud, windy and frigid dropping down to 14 degrees. wind speeds ten to 20 miles an hour but good news for tomorrow is it will be breezy in the morning, that is not the good news but wind will start to wayne as we head in the second half of the day, so wind chill impacts will not be as brutal tomorrow but temperatures still very cold. 28 degrees. the sunshine to start and then increasing cloud. future feels like temperatures taking us in the overnight period, and you know we will be at inning is will digits, near zero and sub zero in some cases, down to three below by 8:00 in the morning tomorrow. about six in philadelphia. so you will need all of thorough winter weather accessories as we head into our friday. still bitter cold with arctic high pressure in control and we will see that cold air
5:48 pm
lingering in to saturday morning but warm front will pass through but before that happens, we will see a period of snowfall late tomorrow night and into early saturday morning and it could accumulate in some areas watching out for potential of icing as well and transition over to rain as we head into midday saturday and then on sunday an extremely mild day in store with high temperatures in the 50's, and that will yield all rainfall but it looks like a wet day on sunday but you for sat the day , it is the concern, for this wintry weather, we could see three to 6 inches of snow in the poconos. newer models have snowfall totals down and icing totals higher but one to three in berks county, lehigh valley, thrush changing over to rain by midday and changing over to rain in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs by mid-morning but we could pick up a quick this much of snowfall as we head into friday night and saturday morning with the wintry weather and as i mentioned on unday a much milder take in store, 54 degrees the high temperature, with that rainfall looking likely and then some 30's return but not nearly as brutal as we head
5:49 pm
into monday and tuesday with highs in the upper 30's, guys. >> lauren, thank you. check out these students at lasalle university. 303rd graders took off in the guess for success program. they are moving this program helps develop a fund days of college as preparations for elementary age children. students at lasalle campus after the ceremony, junior achievement of southeastern pennsylvania, helped make the take possible. earl are in the week when golden globes were announced a throw back to the glamour, emotion of cinema and classic musicals. >> lala land received seven nominations and writer/ director damon stopped by the studio to help me preview the film. the 31 year-old is from our area, kind of. >> i have not the been back here in a while. i went to nursery school randomly, right on the main line. >> reporter: but now he hails from the city known of lala land. los angeles serves as backdrop
5:50 pm
of the life changing life affair a song and dance journey featuring a hopeful actress played by apple a stone and jazz piano player with ryan gosling in the role. >> i didn't always love musicals. i used to have that problem that i think a lot of people have which so i understand it, when somebody starts singing out of where it used to be like what the hell are you doing? every cast member was affected by this idea that you could re imagine these great old movies. >> ♪ >> reporter: film begins with an amazing routine on a actual los angeles freeway. >> heading toward downtown and we shut it down for a saturday , sunday, packed it with cars. so everything you see on the screen is, practical and there is no backdrops or anything. >> reporter: this is where
5:51 pm
lead couple lay eyes on each other for very first time. everything looked to be running smoothly between stone and gosling. ryan has a small music background but he revved things up with his piano laying. he did witt a great coach and greater dedication. >> i think they wind up doing lessons once a day, for, you know, the the four whose leading up to shooting. >> reporter: singer john legend is seen in his first major acting role and lays a instrumental part in the development of the film's message, message about two dreamers and what brings them together and what could tear them apart. >> part of me appeals that you know ryan, emma will be a couple, you can see them, imagine them together, like fred and ginger, a classic hollywood screen couple. >> reporter: couple cast and crew that is in the a ward buzz and golden globes conversation. >> when it comes to whether it is award buzz or whatever my hope is just that it gets people to see the movie
5:52 pm
>> ♪ >> you saw it as well, right. >> i loved it. >> you saw it in new york. >> it is a joy to watch, so original, that is it. >> that opening scene takes your breath away i don't think i have ever seen anything on good on stage and in the movie he is coming off success with last year's big hit whiplash, young man is on a role, lala land opens up nationwide tomorrow and his parents are still in the area they are very excited. >> he he is crazy talented. whiplash was amazing. >> inn teed. new cbs films movie patriots day stars mark wahlberg. >> insider caught up with the actor to talk about the film, holidays, family and what he tells his younger self when he was known as marky mark. the scoop on the other side.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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7:30 join us for stories of heart and hope all year we will bring you stories of brotherly love. >> tonight ukee abe i will take a look back at some people making our community just a little bit better. brotherly love special airs tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> for patriots star mark wahlberg the holidays are a big deal. >> insider's michael yo joins us from los angeles with the reason behind all that, michael. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, for one reason alone: black mail. >> what is top of your holiday wish list this year. >> just, you know, doggy can to use the holidays as a tool to make my kids behave.
5:57 pm
>> i'm about to be a fat inner how much, give me a piece of advice. >> you don't need advice, wait until you have a girl and that will give you advice. >> having a relationship with girls ace macing but i have now a teenager and that posing a whole new set of challenging >> there won't be no dating. >> but also knowing the kind of dad that pete is, like i would let, emmitt, not thousand, because he is 17 and my daughter is 13 but that is kind of boy i hope my daughter will be around. >> i got you an autograph, of, you know, i'm sitting in high kitchen, watching wendy williams. all of a sudden he comes out. i aid what is wrong with you this guy is very, very funny. >> you move to the vibrations. >> yes. >> you can have it
5:58 pm
tonight, back tout in the studio. >> you also talk to them as well, is that right. >> yes, i talk to them about the film. did tyler perry know about that picture. >> i talked to him again and hear from them in january. i talk about patriots day the film, obviously and from the explosions, to when brothers were captured is there so much involved that we didn't know about but they have got the to the source of it all. they did it. it is intense, riveting portrayal of the whole thing. that is in january. >> yes. >> we will hear more bit between now and then. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 we are feeling the freeze. arctic cold has people bunled up all across the region but not just biting cold, causing the shivers, lauren. >> reporter: it is brutal out here, arctic air, and bitter wind, ape how long will this bitter blast last? i'll have details on that and when we can expect measurable snow coming up in your
5:59 pm
forecast. just a loud sound and then a explosion. i looked down, i was in complete shock. >> reporter: it was something in this man's pocket that sparked it all, the common device that he says, caused third degree burns and it is not a cell phone. plus donald trump's thank you tour takes him to our area , we're live with the the preview of the president-elect 's visit tonight. it is kind of weather that has your teeth chattering, arctic blast is in our region and feeling chill and praising for shore. if the cold wasn't enough whipping wind make it even worse, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will go right outside to meteorologist lauren casey on the cbs-3 skies deck and everyone wants to know what is the latest on these temperatures. >> they are cold, really, really cold and then we have wind on top of that, winds
6:00 pm
gusting to 40 whiles an hour, throughout the day-to-day, the at philly international in, combination with this cold, polar air. check out our current temperatures right now. we're at 20 degrees in philadelphia. teens in berks county, same in the lehigh valley, 10 degrees in hunt poke though. twenty in ac. to add insult to injure we have these windy conditions, wind up around 15, 20, 25 miles an hour with those brutal wind gusts, one that hits you in the face, it is so horrible, 36 miles an hour, wind gusting to in wilmington right now, our feels like temperature is four, in philadelphia, it is zero in reading. nine below in mount pocono and temperatures as we wake up tomorrow morning will be town into the single digits and teens, that means wind chill values will be sub zero in many locations, near zero along i-95 corridor and about five to ten across parts of the delaware. we will talk about more about this a


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