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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we have team three coverage tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is tracking preparations for the storm but we will begin with meteorologist lauren case which more on what we can all expect, lauren? >> reporter: thanks very much. well, to expect everything a little bit of everything from this system that moves in overnight tonight, and then stays with us through our saturday. temperatures will be warming up throughout this evening. so we will go from snow, to sleet, to freezing rain, to all rain, but today, it was just, cold, and a lot of it. wind chill this morning, 14 below in mount pocono, two below in reading. we had a wind chill temperature this morning in allentown at one below. we have bottomed out with the wind chill in philadelphia at zero this morning. and then conditions right now, we are still a very cold, you can check that out, 24 degrees in philadelphia, 24 in the least high valley, still hanging on to teens in mount pocono but thankfully that breeze hazlet up, wind speeds calm to light across the region despite that we are still dealing with the brutal wind chill temperature feeling more like 15 in philadelphia,
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feeling like one, right now in hunt pocono work this cold air persisting into the early winter weather advisory in east affect for the entire area runs until saturday afternoon, as we will see precipitation starting off as snowfall, storm scan three, quiet for now, cloud deck is increasing with more moisture building in so what to expect from saturday's storm overnight tonight, snow begins, mainly after midnight for most of us, we will see a light period of accumulation and then by 7:00 o'clock in the city and surrounding county we will see a change over to complete, and some freezing rain. by 9:00 o'clock hour changing over to all rain, so we will talk about accumulations and when conditions will start to improve, and some, 60-degree temperatures, in store for our sunday all that is coming up in a few. >> until those temperatures pen to the is gearing up for this latest blast of winter, "eyewitness news" was in norristown today where trucks were loading up. crews are ready for the conditions, that are expected, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is in norristown right now where it
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is shaping up to be busy night for penndot it looks like, alex. >> reporter: in our region loan penndot stockpiled 122,000, tons of salt, and with that, have over 450 plow trucks, ready to do work. crews are working in shifts of 4:00 p.m. to midnight and midnight to 4:00 a.m. and so on, for the preparations, that actually started yesterday, when brine was laid down on state roadways to help with anti icing. the penndot says that for this kind of weather event, the timing is almost ideal, being that this falls on a saturday and it is true rush hour won't be impacted. but given the season, they add that is there still concern about drivers, out holiday shopping, and or traveling, early tomorrow. >> our crews will be working throughout the night into tomorrow morning, keeping roadways passable but we urge motorist to use extreme care, if they must drive-in these conditions. especially since we will have changing conditions, through
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the morning hours, and changing to sleet and freezing rain. >> as always, penndot remind drivers, stay off the roads if possible, and never try to pass a plow. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we could be dealing with tricky morning conditions, so make sure you wake up with "eyewitness news" tomorrow, our team goes on the air at 5:00 a.m. and we will track all of the latest on the wintry mix, heading our way. three pennsylvania officials have been charged with money laundering, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has been following this story all day and he is live in front of the federal courthouse with more, david? >> reporter: hi jessica this is a sting operation that began many months ago and finally came to a head early this morning, we're talking about a bucks county, judge, two members of the law enforcement in bucks county, all had their initial appearance before a if he had judge just a few hours ago. bucks county judge john waltman looked at our camera following his initial appearance in federal court on
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friday afternoon. he, along with lower southampton public safety director robert hoops, seen here from a reeve just interview and constable bernard rafferty are accused of laundering money to the tune of almost half a million-dollar. >> when public officials engage in this kind of conduct it is very serious. >> reporter: first assistant u.s. attorney lewis lapin says indictments were unsealed early on friday, document alleged that the trio laundered $400,000 in cash, and the money was represented by under cover agents, to be proceed from illegal drug trafficking and health care fraud. thirty-nine suspects also allegedly took $80,000 in money laundering fees. >> the defendants made it appear as if the defendants had done work in exchange for that money, they gave them fake invoices and then paid them in a check. >> reporter: safety director hoops has been in office since last february, and he is in charge of the, emergency operationness lower southampton township. rafferty started working as a
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constable in bucks county in 1998. he owns a consulting firm called raf's consulting mentioned in the indictment. waltman became a judge in 2011. mr. rafferty and mr. hoops said that they had tropical vacations planned with their families, already paid for in the next couple weeks. they asked the judge if it would be possible if they could go on that vacation? that decision will be discussed later by a federal judge. each man could go to jail up to 80 years and pay a one million-dollar fine at the maximum. reporting live tonight from the federal courthouse i'm david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a preliminary hearing for suspect in the june shooting of a folcroft police officer has wrapped up, in darby township. according to officials dahntay brooks island is being held on all charges with the arraignment scheduled for january 18th. prosecutors say that the three three-year old fired seven shots at officer christopher dorman, and dorman was responding to a call about a drug deal. and conshohocken police
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say a woman was stabbed to death by her wheelchair wound nephew this morning. that violence happened at ninth and hallow well street. investigators tell "eyewitness news" that the victim was stabbed more than 20 times. she had a troubled relationship with that nephew, and he is facing charges tonight. one person is dead, and another is injured, after a early morning fire ripped through a home in the cobbs creek section of the city. crews rush to the home on the 1200 block of south millick street just after 4c a.m. heavy wind caused fire to spread to two other homes on the block. fire officials say young victim was found in the back bedroom on the second floor. the red cross is assisting five families displaced by the fire. there is new help for people who suffer with depression, and another mental health issues, a special kind of test, from a lab in montgomery county. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins us to explain how it works. >> that is right, ukee and jessica, this is way to take guesswork out of figuring out what drugs will work best for
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patients, struggling with mental health issues. it has been a life changer for a writer who lives in south jersey. even as a little boy, this sparks, was put on, many different drugs for anxiety and depression. >> it is a trial by error. i used to call it medication roulette. >> reporter: common complaint from the millions struggle with mental health conditions finding right drugs can be difficult. >> i have taken ones where side effects were hard to deal with. you get frustrated. >> reporter: vince says a test created that has this lab in king of prussia solved years of frustration. >> it is really personalized medicine for psychiatry. >> reporter: neurologist jay lombard developed the genetic test that can help determine which drugs will work best. >> basically a waliva based gene test where we analyze specific genes that are associated with medication response, for psychiatric purposes. >> reporter: test looks at brain chemicals like seratonin
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or dopamine and analyzes which drugs of the best probability of working. how long does this process take. >> very quick, it takes us, two to three days maximum report report there are skeptics that say technology is too new not proven with enough independent research. >> we know it works, not only from the clinical study that we have completed but we also know it works because doctors, and patients come back, and say, you know, this has helped me so much. >> reporter: vince says it turned his life around. >> i wouldn't have known i needed it, if it wasn't for genemine it gave me a sense of well-being because i knew that it wasn't, me who was questioning the drug it was that the drugs weren't effective for me. >> genetic essay is manager by mental health professional who gets results, and then prescribed the medications. genemine says it has tested about 80,000 patients so far, and that test is usually covered by insurance. >> oh, okay. >> brilliant. >> wow. >> thanks, steph niece. when we come back an annual holiday tradition,
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vittoria. >> reporter: this is what it is all about, merry christmas from the us theo holiday. that is right we are celebrating all of the families that dedicate so much while men and women do so much for us all in their service, we will have more details on the holiday party at citizens bank park and there is a special someone in here that got a special surprise. merry christmas. say hi everybody. coming together for community, table full of toys where philadelphia police and fire fighters were brightening the season for local kids. welshing eagles offensive line is battered, beaten, with so many injuries, and, so patchwork o line for birds, keep carson went health i doug pederson weighs in later in
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well, just a short time ago, a surprise welcome home celebration in clayton, new jersey. family and friend cheered lt. col. jim garcia as he returned home from a six month deployment to the middle east. this family necessary sacrifice, danny and tommy followed dad's footsteps in the military. family is thrilled, lt. col. garcia is home for the holidays. welcome home, sir. we thank you. well, spirit of the season was on advertise play in northeast philadelphia. >> philadelphia police and fire fighters handed out donated toys to the autism center for excellence. toys from law enforcement families across philadelphia will go to deserving children with autism, police, fire fighters who organize the toy drive, are part a local association for italian american law enforcement
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professionals. and as we... >> ♪ and, annual holiday party for military families. >> "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is at citizens bank park where she's hosting this big event. hi there, tori. >> that is right, you know, we had a whole crew behind us and then they heard about presents. they got the their face painted and they have been on a sugar rush all day with all of the kid. they kind of, did just now but we have to mention this is air force veteran sean johnston you were honored tonight, rightfully so, firstly thanks for service you have put forth for all of us but tell us about your story. i necessity you didn't see that honor coming. we will get to that in a second. tell us about your story. >> i served in desert storm, came home, was shot in my neighborhood, this is back, paralyzed, but it was beginning for me for something
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very new, something very special where i have learned to overcome in a situation, that was dire, i was able to teach others the same thing, it is something that i do all the time now. it is something i have dedicated my life to is helping people get through those tough times being it a disability or a mental cballenge. >> reporter: so a hazing you got honor that you deserved tonight, a small token, if you will, for what you have done, it is so hard to pay back our veterans, this is joe brooks, everyone, president of the uso for pennsylvania and southern new jersey. can you explain to everybody the gift that was given tonight to sean here. >> yes, this hero was given a week at philly's fantasy camp a chance to say thank you for his self less service and sacrifice to the nation and that is what uso is about honoring our military families. >> it was such an a hazing ted case but you also got a big, huge, smooch from the fanatic
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did you see that one coming. >> you know, i kind of saw that one coming. he just looked like he was looking at me when he came in the room, i knew he was attracted to me. i didn't know how tar he would go but it was all good, it wasn't all that bad. >> that is good. you don't turn a kiss down from the fanatic. how could you. how could you not if you can or if you have the not, you miss, donate a toy to our toy fest because it will benefit groups like uso and families that need it most. big thank you from 92.5, wxtu, for all you do and, of course, for all you to and our servicemen and women out there, back to you guys. >> what a wonderful moment. that was big old smooch too. >> we have been there when the fanatic comes in like that. >> yes. >> give him a hug back. >> we would love for to you join, and, and, child in in need, and, and list is on the
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cbs and find it on the cbs local app, and, and you cap also drop it off a toy here at our cbs-3 studios, next tuesday, that is our big drop off day, love for you to be part of it, love to sees your smiling faces here. selection runs from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. >> now forecast will be a buzz kill. >> forecast will be great for bringing those toys, and sunshine. >> very good. >> 40 degrees. >> good. >> now going in the weekend, that is whole different story. >> it is getting dicey tonight into tomorrow morning. but, we're going to clear this cold out. so that is good news, getting a live look right now at jack frost big boulder, carbon county, some people out there enjoying cold conditions on the slopes, getting their ski on, their snow board on, and otherwise, we'ret dealing with this cold air, in the city, getting a live look right now at the arctic continue that, i mean center city philadelphia, at 24 degrees right now, wind south at 8 miles an hour, our
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feels like temperature down to 15, and our low temperatures this morning, they just were not right 16 degrees in philadelphia, 12 in the least high valley, bottoming out at 13 in atlantic city. 2 degrees in mount pocono. storm scan three is showing us increasing chowed deck has some period of sunshine throughout the day to daze but snow, it is just up wind and we will start to see some snow developing as a warm front lifts through the delaware valley as we head throughout overnight period. temperatures are actually warming up so we will be at our coolest right now 24 degrees, light rain and snow developing after midnight and tough go early tomorrow morning, snow changing over to freezing rain and sleet but then changing over to all rain with a much milder high temperature at the 47 degrees, tomorrow about 20 degrees more mild then what we had for today. but tomorrow morning is not going to be a good time to be on the road but before 7:00 a.m., roadway, snowy, slushy. 7:00 a.m. and afterward icy, slippery, afternoon things start to quiet down still
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could see lingering showers and possibly ponding on the roadways but tomorrow morning, just hang in there, drink that coffee and relax, stay under blankets. future weather showing us quiet through evening hours and after midnight we will start to see things ram pink up and even best time to see some snow in center city philadelphia will be about three or four or five or 6:00 a.m. in the morning, see that snow encompassing a large portion of the delaware valley. then at seven or 8:00 we will have a period of a wintry mix and transitioning over to all rain likely by 9:00 o'clock, that frozen precipitation will linger to the north and west for latter portion of the morning before transition go to all rain across the area and then we will quiet things down as we head in the second half of our saturday but we he could see some ice accumulations especially berks county, lehigh valley, poconos, maybe along i-95 corridor throughout our saturday morning that will yield very slippery conditions on the roadway as far as snowfall accumulations before we see that change to rain north and west one to
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2 inches, three in the lehigh valley and up to five in the poconos a cross the region tomorrow, yeah, just a mess, good day to stay indoors, down the shore high temperatures do warm to 52 degrees as we head in the afternoon and then near 60 in the city on sunday but it will be a soggy day with rain on and off throughout the day and then your tuesday, for your toy fest, 39 degrees, sunshine winter officially begins on wednesday. >> that is great. >> thanks, lauren. >> leslie's up next with sports. >> sixers they will play lakers tonight but big question is joel embiid suit up and play? and doug pederson should he sit carson went against ravens because of the state of the offensive line. they are not in good shape right now. we will have ans
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right now find the lowest payments ever on all beds. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. lets lee getting things started with the eagles heading to baltimore. >> they are a banged up bunch at this point. eagles will not have darren sproles out with the concussion suffered in sunday's game with washington. so kenjohn john barner will
6:24 pm
see lots of action sunday in baltimore. offensive lineman alan barbre is listed as questionable with the hamstring injury. if he is not able to go isaac samuelo so carson wentz will to have face the best defense in the league with the patchwork o line. since eagles playoff chances are nil should doug pederson sit carson wentz so he should not take a beating. >> no, not at all. i'm a big believer in we finish this thing out the right way and we play our guys, we lay the guys, that have been there all season long and, you know, he has been a big part of that. i don't want to necessarily to that right now, with him, i don't want to send that message to him and to the team. he is a leader, we go with the guys that have battled and guys that got to us this point. >> down at center sixers will take on the lakers. at half time team will honor allen iverson. joel embiid is listed as
6:25 pm
questionable with the left knew contusion. the hottest team in the nhl, your philadelphia flyers, winner of ten straight, they are going to look to make it 11 in a roast against dallas. so life is good for orange and black. >> we're enjoying this streak a lot but at the same time we're focusing on getting better and working on our game and there is a lot of room for improvement. >> it has been absolutely amazing, and, you know, we will enjoy it while it last, it will not last forever but it is important that we just keep riding it as long as possible and one day when we lose we have to get on another winning streak. >> that is the attitude. >> keep it going. >> thanks, leslie, a rebater it. >> when we come back a special celebration in south jersey milestone birthday and her secret to longevity that might advise
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south jersey woman is celebrating a major mile extend birth the day in cherry hill, new jersey. >> today is her 102nd birthday, family and friend threw a big birthday party for her, in cherry hill assisted úliving community. but connie was born in 1914, and she told us that the secrets to her longevity. >> just, don't die.
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eat everything that you see, not over eat. i worked two jobs. i worked at westinghouse as a glass blower. and, and, and emergency rooms. >> i will eat everything in sight. i like that advice. ninety-nine year-old younger sister was also at the place so very happy birthday to her enjoy it, and enjoy your friend and family. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight steve hartman is on the road with secret santa and he brings some much needed, cheer. from new york, here now is scott pelley take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: pointing to putin. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> pelley: the president has no doubt putin was behind the hacking of the democratic party and tells him-- >> cut it out. >> pelley: also tonight, arctic weather makes highways treacherous, and try fighting a fire with ice. gas prices going up. >> they might go up how much? >> some communities across the great lakes have already seen gas prices go up 40 to 50 cents a gallon. >> are we ready to roll. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a dragnet of homes in need of holiday cheer. >> hi, krystal. here's $1,000. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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