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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  December 18, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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fighting back pizza delivery man opens fire on the would be robber who tried to set him autopsy and police say this case may be connected to similar crimes in northeast philadelphia. a massive storm system brings snow, cold and car crash toes parts of the midwest and east, i'm wendy gilette in new york city with the the story coming up. and back here at home, a warm up is on the the way, along with some rain, to help wash away this snow and icy slush.
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>> not too long, it is december, you will not get an extended period. it should be mild, 50 to 60 degrees, little taste of spring. >> i have brunch plans we might to it outside. >> no, you need umbrella. >> okay. >> and we will be on the road. >> in my dreams. >> yes. >> or toy disappoint. >> but we have needed rain back in our forecast, and it is late this morning, in the afternoon but until then temperatures on the warm side and start dropping later today big difference compared to yesterday, and wet breeze at 14 miles an hour, and nice warm front pushed through, look at temperature change, 24 hours ago, 24 degrees warmer in philadelphia. twenty-six in wilmington. twenty-eight in dover delaware .
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it will continue, to push from the west, steady rain as i said a few hours away, it will move through early this afternoon. fog, not so much of an issue the exception, lehigh valley, poconos, cold air stuck, with that icy mixture on the ground warmer air on top of it, that forms some to go but that will dissipate once the wind kicks up. sixty for philadelphia. sixty-two at the shore. forty's this is poconos. waking up tomorrow morning big difference, winter again, because that will in the last too long, we will show you in the seven day forecast, back to you. well, new this morning police are investigating a cause of an officer rolfe crash and police and philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. a crash happened around 7:00 this morning at intersection of the kensington avenue and east lehigh avenue. no officers were believed to be seriously injured. a 23 year old woman was taken to temple hospital.
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her condition is unknown. police say that a pizza delivery man shot one of two suspects have after they rob him in northeast philadelphia last night, cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news raid yeah is live at police headquarters with the very latest, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: yes, pizza delivery driver was lured to a home, where he thought he would be delivering pizza but he was rob, by two men, but he turn, the table, on those suspects, take a look at the video that we have here for you, police say that the five two-year old driver, who is licensed to carry, fired at the two men grabbed him from behind and robbed him of about $82, all of this happened, around 9:30 last night, in the 1400 block of welling ton street in the north east, the driver's gunshot struck one of the suspects in the ankle as two robbers thread down an alley way on saint vincent street the but this was in the the their lucky day, couple lane clothes officers just happened to be nearby, they saw the suspect, including the
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man who was shot, go into a house, they arrested that suspect who was the shot, he was then identified by the driver. philadelphia police captain tru-techare in says what is interesting is this isn't the first time that this type of robbery has happen. >> there has been a pattern, of, robberies, in this area, of pizza delivery personnel, so, we will be looking at this male, who has been arrested, maybe in connection with these other instant tents, that have occurred over the past several weeks, up in the north east. >> that male, now under arrest has not yet been identified, good news, that pizza delivery man is expect to be okay. live at police headquarters, cherri gregg kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and this one in southwest
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philadelphia, auto repair shop and, and police say officer shot suspect three times on the 6800 block of pascal avenue last night. suspect was arrested and taken to presbyterian hospital. there is to word on his condition, authorities have not charge the business owner. a fire score chest two re poems in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. fire fighters arrived here on the the 4200 block after 11:30 last night. you can see them dragging large chunks of material out of the building and placed tire just before midnight. one man we spoke to said we lost everything in that fire.
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around 1:30 this morning. they say fire was in the apartment building, they had it under control in a few minutes. this were in injuries reported well, for most, a early brush with winter is becoming a distant memory but the country is still dealing with the after effects of snow, ice , cold, storm caused deadly car crashes and a handful of states. the as wendy gilette reports worst accident was in baltimore pair of pile ups involving 60 vehicles that killed two people and injured two dozen others. witness captures the destruction when a tanker filled with gas, overturn, and burst into flames. >> i'm going right this to the fire. >> reporter: on i-95 in baltimore early saturday. >> stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: tanker tumbled over an embankment. police say there present many more accidents on the same ic ed over stretch of highway involving 67 cars and trucks.
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>> i have never seen anything of this large scale, magnitude of crashes. >> reporter: northbound side of the busy interstate was closed in to saturday evening. the huge, storm system brought half foot have of snow to central michigan. >> i think we will get a lot of snow this winter, so it is just a matter have clearing everything out so we have room for rest of it to come. >> reporter: as well as minneapolis, but bigger threat there is the cold. temperatures are dropping to minus 20, the lowest it has been in test this 16 years. >> we live in minute so the a we had a beautiful fall, and winter was about to come at on point. >> reporter: several inches fell in new york city but won't be here for long. temperatures is predict to hit almost 60 degrees on sunday. but that is not the case in parts of the midwest and south east still under the back end of the system. icy road and snow is possible throughout the weekend. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come this morning have you ever wondered what is going on in your brain every time you make a decision?
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how all have of those choices can overwhelmed you. the best ways to battle deis fatigue, apparently a relishing. and best high tech who will take toys, how new technology is putting a modern spin on the classics, justin. good sunday morning, have that umbrella ready we are tracking rain, and also mild but for now workweek will start off on the cold side we will talk about the drastic drop in
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back now on the search, created a life saving, heimlich maneuver for choking victims has died. doctor henry heimlich was director of surgery at jewish hospital in cincinnati when he devised the treatment. it made him a household name. doctor heimlich died saturday after suffering a heart attack
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last week at the age of 96. there is deciding to change drops or just what to wear to work we make tens of thousands of decisions every day. making all those choices can wear you down. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how to avoid the problem known as decision fatigue. >> reporter: julian small on different days but always in virtually the same outfit. the public relations executive has a closet full of, the same clothes. >> i can just wake up, i know exactly what i will wear report report she says it cuts down on decision fatigue feeling overwhelmed from constant decision making. >> i have been able to apply my decisions to, other more important aspects of my life. >> reporter: she's not the only one mark zuckerberg wears the same thing every day for the same reason. president obama says i don't want to make decisions, and i have too many others to make.
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and studies choy making says it is a choice move. and, you have the energy, it takes to focus on the ones that matter a lot. >> reporter: she says decision overload can lead to bad outcomes. >> when we start using shortcuts like i will just pick the first one or everyone else is choosing. >> there is science behind the phenomenon decision making depletes brain of glucose and had can lead to less self control. >> each time you headache these decisions you get less ability to resist impulses, why? because it is running out of glucose. >> reporter: experts say it helps to make important decisions early this is day and plan some downtime. and i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". every saturday night, sunday is my monday. every saturday night i look at your forecast, justin drabick forecast and plan my week's outfits. i know exactly what i will wear tomorrow, tuesday, yes.
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>> not me, wake up, whatever. >> throw whatever on. >> biggest decision i made was going for 50's or 60's for the high. >> what are you going with. >> i'm going with 60. >> i like it. >> number one. >> we are close to it, 56 degrees, good chance of making that in the poconos, we will warm up to 40's. to the mountains that good this time of the year. and nighttime we will be able to crank out more snow, ideal conditions at night. major resorts, jack frost big boulder 12 to 36-inch base, ten trails opened at frost and nine at boulder. they are opened today. that is 50 percent open. cammal back 12 trails, blue mountain nine trails, 36-inch base. with that arctic base in place
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they put town a good base. yesterday morning with the lower 30's, at 7:00 this morning. 56 degrees, temperatures huge jump huge taste of spring coming at us for next few hours before we get cold front through here knocking temperatures back down. again near 60 today. well above average high of 44. tomorrow below average in the 30's, so, little bit more typical for december, but temperatures start to climb back up to seasonal levels by wednesday which is official start of the winter season. by even of the week slightly above average and it looks like that trend will continue as we head into christmas weekend. couple light rain showers around the city on just to the south and west just north of i-95, chester county in to delaware county as well, steady rain still confine western and central pennsylvania, that still need to move through, later this morning in the afternoon. strong front, on the the back side that cold air moves into western pennsylvania. we are seeing snow flying but here across the region liquid event from this front. moisture will be gone by the
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time cold air gets here. late this morning, pockets of heavier rain moves through but by two or three, we will dry out mostly off shore. we will be dry, to evening plans, just cool this time of the year. temperatures up around 60. then cold air moves in receipt i quickly. so by evening hours, we could be dealing with temperatures already down in the 40's. that is a coal start monday morning, check it out, a lot of the suburbs, in the lower 20's, mid to upper 20's here around the city and we struggled to get back in the 30's for daytime highs on monday. overall trend is foresees nal pattern. i don't think we will see arctic air the past few days for rest of the who. jet stream kind of flattens out, cold air, wells to the north, warm air stays to the south, we have more pacific air building in. that means temperatures at or slightly above average. there is no big dips or ridges in the jet stream here so
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generally temperatures, average in the 40's, maybe headaching a run at 50, by even of the week. today well above average at 60 bottom falls out tonight waking up to 20's, lower 20's in the coldest spots. we will feel colder when we factor in the win. quiet pattern for test. enjoy. that don't like stormy weather , 30's to 40's by wednesday. we coulde showers late in the take thursday and then heading in to christmas eve good travel conditions, temperature 50 for the high on saturday. rahel. >> what a forecast, thank you. time 8:17. lets check with a manned a muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, amanda. >> i have got some good news, earlier we had a lot to talk about but road are looking better out there as accidents that we mentioned are beginning to clear. accident on 76 eastbound in new jersey from the ramp from 295, as well as the september to the off ram, and we had a
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disable vehicle on west germantown pike at north trooper road, near east author it ton but we have receive word that is also cleared out. taking a look today 76ers taking on the brooklyn nets at home, be ready for your regular traffic delays, in the sports stadium area, you will see 95 southbound at broad street this morning, couple rain drops on the camera there but that is what road are looking like this morning in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler thousand back to you. the philadelphia fire department, shares the holiday spirit with one kensington family, engine seven ladder ten through a christmas party for this family in need yesterday. you can see the kid wish list. neighbors toll fire fighters that the family has fall than on hard times so fire fighters brought plenty of snacks, games and, of course, lots of toys for the kid. very sweet. local non-of the filled these glean bags with toys. support center for child advocates collect them for abused children in philadelphia as part of the
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annual toy drive. eighty volunteers came center city yesterday morning to load ties up to deliver them to the children's home. this holiday season toys are blending the technology to modernize some classics. but with the help of our partners at collette jan carabao shows us high tech guys in the holiday gift guide . >> love playing super mario brothers in nintendo this is a blast from the past. nintendo's new classic addition is 60-dollar mini version of original. console preloaded with 30 classic games including super marco brothers, pack man, and donkey congress, and it comes with the classic controller which also work with the wii you. memory game simon gets a tech upgrade with simon air which retails for $20 and instead of touching color blocks wave your hand and use gestures like swiping to match the
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light pattern. ninety-nine dollars ai racing systems uses sensors to guide cars around a special track. racers ram the controllers, for different skill levels and game mode including hand free auto drive. during the race, launch virtual hazard to mimic oil spills or blown tires to slow down your competition. the $40 play doh shape to life studio put clay creationness to a virtual game. they mold dough ape take a picture to create a virtual world they cap add more shapes and colors to transform the scene. tap in your inner jedi were four span, $80 wrist controller lets you drive, droids without a phone. it makes sound like you are shooting a blaster and if you wear it all dau you can play a pokemon go type game. for more high tech gift ideas check out c jan carabao for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". we also want you to know that our joy of sharing toy fest is underway, pick up a toy for child in need and drop it off at a toy fest locations list is on cbs fest and on cbs mobile apps. drop off the toy here at our cbs-3 studios on tuesday, our big drop off day, and collection runs from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and both justin and myself will be there, we will hope to see you. still ahead, caught on camera, from the front of your home the celebrity that became the victim of
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catches thieves catching items from the front porch of none other than hulk hogan. robbery took lays last weekend and we can see four women pull in the former wrestling star's driveway. three of them run up the steps they open up and leave, but the problem is they only grabbed $15 worth of beauty products. probably not the right person to target, just saying.
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academy award and stand out performance has earned nicole kidman respect in hollywood and around the world as cbs sunday morning tracie smith tells us, her latest film is add to go her stature. here's a preview of interview you will see later on cbs sunday morning. >> you might say nicole kidman is, larger than life. she's nearly 6 feet, without shoes so she kind of stand out even on a quiet street this her nashville neighborhood. but, as a kid growing up in sidney australia, she didn't always like being the tallest, girl in the room. >> i think maybe when i was little, i would, you know, i would try to sort of a way where you can look shorter where you put your hip out and stan like that which i started to do as a teenager to look the same height as the boys, but, you know, then i just started to go, i will stan out , pull my shoulders back and stand up straight and hold my head up high. >> reporter: if it is possible
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she stand even taller, on film >> in the hoff i lion she plays fellow australian sue briarly this is true story of a couple who adopted a lost indian boy and helped him find his birth mother. >> but she's also a mother, un conditional love mother. and, had you laying down on the train track and getting up , to life just like that if you have to. >> actress nicole kid hand plus a gifted artist who gift wraps. that is this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. still ahead, next half an hour period of the past a place for children to get a new look the at christmas, our meisha johnson takes us on another dream drive. shoppers navigate around snowy slush, storms impact on the retail day known as upper
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saturday. and it is a wet but warmer start to the day, justin's back to tell us about some of the milder temperatures we can expect
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i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is on the sky deck, and not wearing a coat which you are known to do on a december day. >> yes, you will not need that heavy coat today. rain jackets, yes. we will see some showers. we have a couple light showers moving through past few hours but steady rain is still, to the west of us. later this morning in the afternoon we will start to get period of heavier rain moving on through ahead of the strong
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cold front. so, over later in the afternoon, certainly not feeling it this warm. enjoy it the now. look at temperature change compared to this time yesterday. twenty-four to 25 degrees warmer from the the city south and east, almost 30 degrees warmer in mount pocono at this hour. we are waking up with temperatures, 40's, 50's, even 60 degrees in dover delaware at this hour. fifty-five at the airport. 58 degrees in wilmington. we will get close to 60 degrees, later this morning , and early this afternoon before that cold front passes. you can see light showers moving through from time to time in the past few hours with the steady rain still west of harrisburg. few more hours to go yet. then it will roll through. let's expect morning hours, we will see that fog, which is diminishing, rain will start to develop, 50's and 60's, for those temperatures and then through the afternoon that rain comes to an end and temperatures start dropping as that cold air rushes in. we will make our way up to 60 for philadelphia, lower 60's at the shore, 40's up in the poconos. tomorrow morning,tive rent story, it is back to winter-
8:30 am
like conditions but that is not going to last, as we head through the official winter season. temperatures warm up once again and i will show thaw in a few minutes. rahel, back to you. >> see you soon, thank you. delivery man is lured to a home in northeast philadelphia to deliver a pizza but instead is grabbed from behind and then robbed. police say it is the victim who hot one of the suspects. cherri gregg from kyw news radio is live at police headquarters with the very latest, what can you to tell us. >> good morning, that pizza delivery driver did not go down without a fight five two-year old man is licensed to carry, so when those robbers came after him he took a couple shots. take a look at the video that we have here, all of this took lays, just before 9:30 last night, that is when, the pizza delivery man, went to make a delivery at a home in the 400 block of wellington street. he was lured on to a dark porch, and then instead of dropping off the pizza he walks into a trap where two men grabbed him and robbed him
8:31 am
of $82. he shoots, hitting one of the suspects in the ankle, as they ran through an an alley way to escape. philadelphia police captain drew techare in says it wasn't their lucky dau because they saw suspects flee. >> plainclothes officers observed the robbers going in to a house, including the male that was shot, in the ankle. and, the house was, secured, and the male was arrested, and after police, brought the complaintant, the pizza delivery mant around on saint vincent street and they positive identification. >> reporter: what police believe is that the suspect who was currently under arrest could be linked to other similar robberies, of pizza delivery personnel, all of those robberies have taking lays over last couple weeks in the far northeast. that suspect has not yet been identified. live from police headquarters,
8:32 am
cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> okay, still a lot of questions for investigators, thank you. there are new details in the murder of a could be show who can even woman. officials say on friday matthew wertz junior stabbed to death his aunt catherine wannamaker, it happened at ninth and hallow well street. investigators say wertz had been staying with his aunt after his release from prison earlier this week. they say he threaten her with a knife in july. wertz is now charged with murder. police are investigating the shooting after a man was found outside a gas station this park side. officers found the victim inside of a car at sunoco station at 52nd and lancaster avenue yesterday morning. he was transported to penn presbyterian in critical condition. at the this point no arrests have been made. authorities are investigating a fire after a woman and child escaped out of the second story window, the fire happened yesterday, in the 1400 block of north 61st street in west philadelphia, and 26 year-old woman and four year-old child suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation,
8:33 am
both are in stable condition. philadelphia police and fbi are looking for suspects after two bank robberies, authorities say that the the man, on your screen there walked into citizens bank on the 8600 block of germantown avenue yesterday morning with the handgun. they believe he is one that demanded money and then ran off. at noon investigators say these two men robbed a td bank on the 5500 block of ridge avenue also holding a gun. if you have any information call the number on your screen (215)418-4000. get your letters, card, holiday packages ready because tomorrow is expect to be the busiest mail day of the year. that is according to the u.s. postal service which says it will be their busiest on line day. overall postal service anticipate 750 million package s will be delivered this holiday season and that is up 12 percent from last year. still have to get the my christmas cards out. trip is in the future for me as well. this winter wet ther hasn't stopped holiday shoppers from hitting the stores, people still searching
8:34 am
for the perfect gift, braved the cold to find it. "eyewitness news" reporterral sand contract hoff was at gloucester outlets in new jersey last night to hear what brought these folks out. >> reporter: last year was in the 70's, didn't really feel like christmas this year people more in the spirit because it does feel like christmas and it does feel like the holiday season. >> reporter: at gloucester premium outlets small snow mound and warming fireplace added to the festive feel. >> it is certainly a challenge , you know, with the snow this morning and inclement weather but beautiful thing is we have a lot have of shoppers out here. lots of bags, early. people are coming out. we opened up at 8:00 this morning. >> reporter: super saturday rush pushed well into the evening. >> as far as i like it sometimes. >> i absolutely hate shopping, so i usually shop on line but we just needed to come out and get last minute things. >> reporter: but there is a plus to last minute shopping, and here holiday discounts encouraged some to get on down in a season of giving it can be hard not the to think of a few gives for yourself, or ebb , several of the same gifts for multiple, recipients.
8:35 am
>> pocketbooks. >> you want pocketbooks for yourself. >> yes, she does, she does. >> reporter: multiple, wait a minute. >> reporter: but all of this depend on one big question, have you been naughty, or nice >> yes. >> long year. >> reporter: shops here closed up at 10:00 p.m. but will reopen each day through christmas eve. reporting from camden county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is much more still to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, coming up next we will check with face the nation's john dickerson for a look at the
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the obama's are enjoying their final vacation as the first family. here they are arriving in honolulu, hawaii friday night. president will meet the japanese prime minister, pay tribute to the lives lost in
8:38 am
the pearl harbor attacks. president-elect donald trump completed his tour after visit to alabama yesterday. this happened as cia and president obama continue to question whether russia tried to help trump get elect to the white house. john lawrence has more on those stories. >> thousands of trump supporters, lined up for hours to see the president-elect, at his final thank you tour, stop in mobile, alabama. for weeks now trump has traveled across the country holding post election rallies, in several key battle ground states like ohio. >> thank you, to ohio. >> reporter: north carolina. >> you know, these are great people in north carolina. >> reporter: iowa? >> thank you to the the great, great, people of iowa. >> reporter: and pennsylvania and recently florida where trump admitted his supporters got violent during the campaign. >> i mean you were that isty and mean, and vicious and you wanted to win, right. but now you are mellow. you are cool.
8:39 am
you are not nearly as vicious or violent; right? because we won. >> reporter: victory that has been at the center of controversy. the intelligence community noteably cia believes that russian hackers interfered with the 2016 elections. trump has call those claims ridiculous. president obama said he delivered a warning to vladamire putin on cyber hacking during the g20 summit. >> there will be some serious consequences if he doesn't. in fact, we did not see further tampering of election process. >> reporter: president warned he will retaliate against russia for hacking in what intelligence officials conclude was an attempt to help donald trump win the presidency. i'm john lawrence reporting. and, cbs face the nation will be coming your way later on this morning, at 10:30 here on cbs-3. joining us now with the the preview live from
8:40 am
washington is moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson, good morning. >> well, president-elect donald trump has pick his secretary of state this week. we thought we were look the at challenging he will face, almost every president faces a challenge from overseas early in their administration. we will talk about that with former secretary of state henry kissinger who not only those about making tough decisions on national security , but it is very familiar with two of the key hot spots in the world, russia and china. then our conversation continues, with tom ton tonlen former obama national security advisor about the world that donald trump will inherit but in the legacy of president obama a reflect on that a little bit in his press conference this week. then we will talk to kelly ann conway trump advisor about how that transition is going and then to more in depth conversation was graham wood, author of the way of strangers , encounters with the islamic state. he has reported with isis
8:41 am
fighters and we will get insight there him about those experiences. and is there a piece call my president was black based on a number of long interviews over a long period of time, with president obama, reflecting on , race and being the first african-american president. sound like a very interesting show, john, we will be watching, thank you. still to come this morning no heavy coats required today but you do need an umbrella, justin back to tell us how long these mild temperatures will stick around and what ace head for the workweek. eagles quarterback carson wentz gets ready way match up, watching right here, and, that is just ahead in "eyewitness sports". and people for its holiday lights find out how long it takes this family to set up this ela
8:42 am
8:43 am
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welcome back. this house in germany is drawing crowds of visitors and you you can see why, thousands of lights and figurines separate the house, rosa crammer's granddaughter help set up lights every year and it takes six to eight weeks but wouldn't be christmas without it. it is a beautiful light difficulties lay. it wouldn't be christmas without snow, but it looks like we will have to make to this year. >> i think so. we are moving in the milder pattern, tomorrow will be colder but leading up to christmas, temperatures look like they will above average and no real big storms to talk about. we have one late in the week but our best chance is just to see rain coming at us on thursday, and, tough spring this morning we are waking up with temperatures 50 to 60 degrees with some locations , let's check with weather watchers, everybody is reporting mid to upper 50's at this hour as we check with jenny jenson in cherry hill at this hour, cloudy skies at 57 degrees, we will go further south in new jersey, where john carroll in mullica.
8:45 am
mostly cloudy skies at 57. even north of the city, normally we are finding coldest spots. not this morning. 54 degrees at michael riley's house in sanatoga with overcast skies but that warm front pushed through, even in the lehigh valley and poconos we will see, warmer air, still fog in the lehigh valley that should difficulties pay later this morning. south delaware, live look at rehoboth beach, neighborhood network we're in the sunshine maybe touching 60 degrees, in the the coastline, few people out in the boardwalk and walking the dogs. and here in sunday morning, eventually they will see some rain showers, coming in from the strong cold trent that is just off to the west, and this trent toss mean business, it will bring colder air in for a day or so but we will just see liquid from this system to notice snow on the back side, western pennsylvania, but by the time cold air gets to the delaware valley, all of the moisture is gone. so, we will see dryer conditions tonight, temperatures dropping down in the 20's.
8:46 am
steady rain moves through late this morning, into at least first half of the afternoon, with this front. here's noon time we have pockets of heavier rain over us, start to clear out western pennsylvania a few snow showers and then tonight, we will be dry, cloud break up, but we will bring in that cold , brief arctic air tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 20's, highs in the 30's high pressure locks itself over the region and that keeps us dry tuesday, wednesday and first half of thursday, and then, once that storm passes we will move back in the dry pattern again for christmas weekend. that is how it looks like at this point. rainfall amounts, generally a quarter inch of rain, good news, we can use it, more north and west, close to half inch possible, up in the poconos and parts of the northern, lehigh valley but like i said this front has cold air with it, head of it, temperatures surge go to 60 in philadelphia. maybe mid zero seven's to the south. norfolk, virginia potential high seven , four and, here
8:47 am
it comes through today and, big difference for high temperatures. thirty's. upper 30's at best. we have to deal with wind chills here, win kicks up a little bit, and, in the teens, rounding out, in philadelphia not quite as bad as it was. thursday and morning it was below zero at times. you need gloves and hats. afternoon wind chill get better still in the zero's. still chilly but then that cold air moves out by middle of the week. here's temperature out look you have average everything out lows and highs together for christmas, for the end of december, it looks like much of the eastern half of the you had is expect to be much above average, so expect another warming trend, so i don't see any arctic air coming in for several days, for the rest of december, so, december finishes off on the warm side, just like it started, first day of december, high in the low 60's. today near 60. period of rain, well above average, 15 degrees a have above average and then tonight , dry out cloudy skies,
8:48 am
partly cloudy and then colder, 26 for city. colder in the suburbs. those wind chills could feel like the teens early on monday morning, quiet pattern, monday , tuesday, wednesday, wednesday we are backup to 46 degrees, above average and that is when winter officially arrives late in the day thursday, some rain and then we will dry out friday, good travel weather leading up to christmas eve 50 degrees with some sunshine, rahel. >> justin, thank you. 8:48. lets check those roads with with amanda muhler. i know earlier you were tracking accidents. what are you seeing now. >> we are looking good out there. earlier extent we testify our eye on, those are now, cleared here's the schuylkill expressway near belmont exit running smooth like all other majors including i-95, 202, 30 and boulevard. good news there no reported delays at this time but if you are planning on using norristown high speed line we have one to tell you about, trains are not stopping in the beachwood brooke line station due to construction.
8:49 am
set to reopen tomorrow morning for weekday commute. taking a last look at ben franklin bridge your drive looks clear heading this or out of the city. cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. eagles are on a short road trip, don bell, has more on the match up with baltimore. >> literally throwing caution to the wind, with rookie quarterbacks throw a lot bad things typically happen but doug pederson has carson wentz tossing at an alarming rate. eagles with the ravens this afternoon, and at this rate, carson is on pace to throw more than 569 passes, which would break donovan mcnabb's single season rorrer. mcnabb set that mark in his tenth season. >> i didn't anticipate him throwing the ball quite as much, we felt, or i felt, that he was capable of doing it the but you never want to expose a young rookie quarterback to that, and he has done outstanding thing in the running game and passing game. >> you go in the game with the the game plan, we want to be balanced every game but
8:50 am
sometimes you get down, sometimes it is what they are giving you, so i guess it is hard to say that i expect to throw this much but just the way games have gone so by no means am i complaining about it or anything. >> carson and eagles taking on the ravens at the one, they are trying to snap a four game losing streak, we will get you ready for game with toyota sunday kick off at 11:30 this morning on cbs-3 and coming to you live from baltimore. that is all for sports i'm don bell have a great take. so still ahead on "eyewitness news" meisha's dream drive she's taking us on a tour of christmas past, hand make techniques that your children can duplicate when we come
8:51 am
8:52 am
welcome back. there is a place where children can learn how some of their great, great grandparents might have celebrated christmas. here's meisha johnson with today's dream drive. >> we're heading to chestnut
8:53 am
hill and if you are in the holiday spirit we have a really cool place but not just for you but for your kid too. >> we're in wind mere art museum in chestnut hill and i think chestnut hill actually owns the holidays every year. >> it just sparkles. we are here embedded in the wissohickon, germantown avenue , chestnut hill is lighted up and so is museum. >> reporter: museum director bill gave me a tour. inside this victorian mansion is constantly rotating display of philadelphia art. and in december... wind mere unveils christmas past. >> we have a special exhibition that brings to life a night before christmas. >> awesome. >> on ton donor and briten. >> we took poem and took works of art from our direction that tells the story of a poem. >> this was called a... >> kid can see toys, ornament they might have enjoyed back
8:54 am
then. >> a great treasure thinks hand carved noah's arc set which would have been made by their parents for their children. >> reporter: another treasure a doll house. that is really a doll, row house. >> so who is this darling, santa claus i'm looking at? is it santa? >> this is santa's great, great, grandfather, his name is, bell snickel, beautiful nicholas a german family brought this with them sometime around 1840 to fail. they have used real fur to line his jacket. he was imagined as a street pedestrian willer, -- but he has dustpans and gifts for kid that he will bring over the holidays. his teeth aren't that great. >> i know a great dentist he is in good hand. >> reporter: the glass other than also and hand made ornament, some of them more
8:55 am
than 100 years old. >> tinsel was invented in germany. they used tinsel to make decorations, creatively. here's a type that was a ornament that you might give to your dad. >> and volunteers make ornament inspired by pennsylvania german ornament that were made 100, 150 years ago. >> i found one. >> this is my favorite. >> i actually don't even know how it made it on the tree every year but he does, and. >> windmere art museum is place to enjoy christmas past, and the imagine the future. there will be one day where kid walk in here and there will be an iphone in this case meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". really cool. >> cool stuff there. >> a lot there. >> well, you need more than your iphone, for a forecast, we need justin drabick. these kind of details you
8:56 am
don't get from your iphone. >> all weekend long, it is warm, we have rain coming but by even of the afternoon big tropical in the temperatures but until then couple of light showers, next couple hours, have the umbrella around, most steady rain gets in here later this morning into early afternoon and then moving off shore. dry conditions by three or 4:00 this afternoon as that trent passes but will bring in that cold air. initially later this morning we will get close to 60-degree but by sunset we could be back down in the the 40's already. we are dropping in the 20's tonight. and then tomorrow we will struggle to get back in the 30 's. slightly below average with some sunshine but each day warms up, wednesday, winter officially arrives, we are not feeling like it. few degrees above average at 46. next storm system will come in on thursday with the round of some rain, upper 40's, dry again for friday, and then into christmas weekend, so christmas eve, look at that, making a run at 50 degrees. i don't see any big storms for the weekend, that is good news there. >> no complaints.
8:57 am
>> true, but no complaints because we know at some point it is january, february, we will get it. >> it will get here. >> yes. >> thanks, justin. that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line cbs sunday morning is next have a great day, stay dry.
8:58 am
oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning, i'm jane pauley and this is "sunday morning." the holidays are fast approaching with next saturday doing double duty as both christmas eve and the first night of hanukkah. that much, at least, is not in dispute. as for just about anything else in the news these days, there's the nagging question, is it fact or fiction? rarely hashe


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