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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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traffic tragedy on the roosevelt boulevard. two people die in a fiery crash involving a car and a school bus. >> they went for the win instead of a tie. in the end the come back attempt for the eagles come up short, hear the heart break from the fans. as a woman who was famous for, well, being famous, not to mention numerous marriages, remember actress zha-zha gabor. >> today is monday, december 19th, i'm jim son van i'm rahel solomon. good morning. >> good morning, day gentleman shoe here. >> that's right. >> we'll just kind of talk traffic while we're at t morning, guide, happy monday.
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roads are looking good, but man justin it is cold out there. >> nice yesterday not wearing a winter coat, up to 06 degrees. nod today, though. >> you need that umbrella. >> we will be dry today, but cold. temperatures are struggling to get back above freezing. >> quiet, roadways dry, so nothing to deal with. right now, 30 degrees, north breeze, kicking up a bit, 9 miles per hour, does feel like 22, windchill value in the city, so add few degrees to that, windchill, and into the morning hours, so certainly wear the gloves, hat this morning, as the winds kicks up for the next few hours. currently 14 in mount pocono, 26 in reading, cold air moving in from the north and winter weather advisory, freezing in south jersey, millville, wait until the clouds come out, temperatures may drop couple of degrees before sunrise, 25 in quakertown pottstown, but like i said, that breeze kicking up little bit at about ten to 15 miles per hour the morning into the afternoon.
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windchill values down close to sickle windchill values down to single digits. chilly day today. despite clearing skies, temperature only gets up to about 35 degrees in philadelphia. the clouds hold on little longer, upper 30's, and the cold day in the poconos remain below freezing with high of 28. milder temperatures headed into christmas weekends. talk about that in just a few more minutes. let's hit the road with meisha. >> justin, it is nice and quiet. roads are dry. yes, looking just that is should this early monday morning, things will change but what we are looking at, some early morning construction, a lot of it around this area of 95. so let's talk about what's going on here,. >> southbound onramp was closed, that has now reopened, nine the a south between academy and bridge street, dealing with two right lanes closed, 95 north, at cottman, left lane is closed. a lot of cones, a lot of action, a lot of construction, right now, we're still looking
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good. you might stretching in the 5:00 hour if it is not moved out of our way. vine, nice, not closed for overnight construction, looking good here, moving in the westbound and eastbound direction, right before the schuylkill on the westbound side looking good, see brake lights, and then talking about more construction delaware in about ten minutes, rahel, over to you. >> see you then, meisha. police still trying to identify two people involved in a fiery crash on the boulevard. trang do live in the northeast with more on what led up on this crash, trang, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning rahel. police say they see far too much tragedies like this on the roosevelt boulevard. despite being 45-mile per hour speed limit. there were many witnesses to this crash including two off duty police officers who were traveling in the same direction as this accident. they both say that this car was traveling far above the speed limit here. but take a look at some of the video we shot last night of this accident. it happened just after
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9:00 p.m. sunday on the roosevelt boulevard near woodward street. police say school bus was headed northbound on the boulevard, and was stopped add a red light. that's when a 2,000 silver mercedes ex traveling extremely fast crashed into the back of the bus and caught fire. the male driver and the female passenger in the mercedes were killed instantly. the driver of the bus, 40 year old woman, was not hurt. fortunately, there were no passengers on that bus, which we're told is owned by huntingdon valley christian academy. >> interesting thing about this accident, the school bus driver told me that three minute, about three minutes, prior to the accident, he had dropped off 28 teenage student at a nearby church. so we are really, really fortunate that there were no passengers in that school bus. >> the impact of the crash was so strong, that that mercedes went underneath that school bus. the mercedes so heavily
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damaged that police couldn't tell the make or model until they ran that license plate. again, police have not yet released the name of those two victims, but for now live in the northeast, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. part of philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood gathers to remember a young girl killed in a hit-and-run. family and friends held vigil for diana powell, dozens every people released balloons into the air for the eight year old. >> (crying) no mother should have to go to no cemetery to see their eight year hailed. >> jayanna was killed last month, they've arrested paul wood wind, including charges death by vehicle. >> will meet around the country today to formally elect donald trump as the nation's 45th president. they say first they need more
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information about russia's alleged roll in the election, one of the 80 electors, from texas, republican, part of the incoming cabinet members says this effort is under mining the system. >> i think this is the first time in america's history where we have someone clearly unfit for office. >> think about democrats that can't except the outcome of the election, it is about ill legitimize g the american system. not going to work. >> us intelligence officials are reviewing the possibility vladmeere putin of russia, hacked emails in toward get trump elected. >> new jersey state legislature scheduled to vote today to allow the governor to profit from book deal before leaving offers. governor chris christie second term ends in january of 2018. the bill would also give legislative staff, judges, and other officials a salary boost. reports say this salary hikes could cost taxpayers an additional $10 million. >> in sports, another heart breaker, at the end for eagles
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nation, just few seconds to go, just seconds, as the birds strift state lost, carson wentz and eagles looking for their first one on the road since september. fourth quarter, birds down by three, ravens scores 16-yard touchdown, giving baltimore 27 to 17 lead, 12 seconds left, eagles are down seven. seven. scrambles for 4-yard touchdown run. birds could tie it with a extra point. instead they went for two and the win. throws to jordan matthews, fifth and i and incomplete. eagles fall. afterward, coach doug pederson about going for two. >> i wanted to win the football game. the other thing is even, even our chances in over time were less than 50% every winning this game. so, you know, as an underdog going in, i was going to win the game in regulation. >> this showed coach aggressive, and his belief in us, and i thought that we had it, we had it, they made a
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good play, they got their hand on the line of scrimmage. just didn't go our way today. >> and with the season a bus, many eagles fans says need to be little more consistency. >> i don't know. i just think we need to play better in the first half. i know second half they looked a little better, that last draw looked good with carson wentz, but going for two, big call, and i don't know, i think going for one would have been a little bit better. >> eagles performance could have been just a little bit more. they played well. just not quite enough. >> i think it is rebuilding year for them. i think they'll be better next year for sure. need wide receiver. >> always next year, until then, it is a short week for the eagles, host the north new york giants at the linc thursday night. >> none more for her glamorous life, zha-zha gabor has died. >> her greatest role was being
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herself. she made career out of her the marriages, obvious wealth. you may recall when she slapped a police offs here pulled her over for traffic violation back in 1989. the star appeared in films like ruge, and scene every outer space in the 19 50's, died of a heart attack at her home yesterday. she was 99. >> there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", hundreds put on their running shoes to help phillies homeless get back on their feet. >> and santa claus puts the ho-ho-ho in operation ho-ho-ho. back in two minutes.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> how sweet is that? philadelphia christmas tradition comes alive quite literally, in old city. this is live look at the
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nativity scene at the old first ooh formed united church at fourth and race featuring live animals, if you couldn't tell there the animals will wile there 24/7 through december 27th. >> really cool thing there. >> hundreds of people gave hands to the homeless by being back for run in south philadelphia. runners and walkers pounded the pavement in fdr park at the third annual homes for the holiday race. event hosted by pennies for kevin, foundation that raises money just to help philadelphia homeless population. >> around the sit irks around the country, the more we can do, we will continue to grow it as much as we can. >> and at last check, the run raised more than $5,000. >> homeless of women and children got chance to enjoy the holidays, resources for human development family shelter in north philly hosed the operation hoe hoe hope christmas party. dozen every advises purchased more than 2,000 new toys for
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the kids and moms also good morning some presents, too. >> our "joy of sharing" toyfest is underway. just pick up a toy for a child in need, then, drop it off at one of the toyfest locations, the list on fist. also on the cbs local app. >> and you can also just drop off a toy here at our cbs-3 studios tomorrow, big drop off day. collection runs from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> and justin and i and meisha will all be there. the time right now 4:43, let's get over to justin with a check of the forecast, what will it look like tomorrow? i know today is a little chilly? >> little chilly, yes, cool, dry, sunshine, temperatures get back up to close to average. until then we have the cold surge running in for about a day or so. look at the big change every temperatures, 30 degrees colder at this hour in mount pocono compared to this time yesterday. i mean, yesterday was well above average, made it up to 6 degrees, temperatures in the 50's, rain moving, in now 21 degrees cold nerve philadelphia, 22 in wilmington, check it out, near
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freezing in millville, dover, delaware, at this hour below freezing, still cloud cover over us, clear skies, temperatures probably even colder around philadelphia. thirty at the airport, 25 in chalfont, cold air starting to move in north and west, 24 in allentown, 14 degrees mount pocono, ski resorts loving this ideal snow making conditions. band every clouds moving through, front pushed off shore, back edge of it, will spin out later this morning, sunshine, clouds today, moving back into dry pattern, to big storm system coming at us as we head into the winter season by the middle of the weekment increasing sunshine today, maybe few clouds around, tonight, again, temperatures cold, into the 20's, tomorrow, good deal of sunshine, helps warm things up little bit. windchill values still rough this morning, teens in some spots, into the afternoon gets little better. still feeling like the 20's when you factor in the winds. that will be the trend late this afternoon, even into tonight. once again, windchill values overnight tonight may dip down to the upper teens in some
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locations, so colder day today, 35, for the high temperature, sunshine, clouds, tonight, quiet, cold, 25 in the city, colder in the suburbs, and the forecast, pretty quiet this time of year. take advantage of it, maybe some showers later thursday. christmas weekends, we are warming up, look at 50 for christmas day, maybe some rain late in the day, overall travel conditions loot good. how is the travel this morning? >> look being nice and quiet, still dark out there, but what we are dealing with really the only story of the morning so far. and knock on wood, some of the construction we're seeing on 95. no current accidents out there, what we're looking at, 59, at cottman, northbound off ramp closed, now reopened. some of this start to clear up just little bit. fifty-nine south between academy and bridge, two right lanes blocked, heads up on that. that will start to slow you down, 95 north at cottman, left lane blocked, a lot going on on 95. heads up on it, no matter where you are on 995, my advice, especially on a monday morning, always give yourself extra time, live look at 95 at
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cottman, you can see, quite a few vehicles out there. we will see them progress pushing into the 5:00 morning. southbound direction looking good, looking just as it should as you approach the schuylkill. looking good on the boulevard. we do have construction delaware, 59 north delaware, that left lane blocked around 5:00 a.m. then you have two left lanes blocked between 295 and mlk boulevard and fourth street. heads up. a lot of construction out there. overall typical nice monday morning. >> meisha, thank you. how much will you pay at the pump if you are going home for the holidays? that's still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning. and get those cards, letters, and packages in the mail. why today is the busiest day at the post office.
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men and women in blue help out the man in red. police officers in camden are making sure that dozen of kids have a merry christmas. >> if you are looking for an
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unusual holiday gift for that special someone, the archdioces every philadelphia has an idea, and they've been all season, but one more chance performance at the philadelphia boys choir. check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1006 on your a.m. dial. time now 4:49. time for check on business news. money watch's hena daniels joins us live this morning, from the new york stock exchange, hena, good morning, so today expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year. what can you tell us about that? >> of course the holiday packages, that's according to the u.s. postal service, which says they'll also be their busiest on line day. overall, usps expecting 150 million packs to be delivered this holiday season up 12% from last year, rahel? >> hena, on personal note, i still have my christmas cards to send out. i'll try to get those out today. after opek's recent meeting, consumers apparently going to
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see jump at the pump. what's that about? >> average price of jobs has gone up 6 cents a gallon over the past week, now the average cost per gallon is about 2.26 nationally. that's according to industry analysts, lund burying. which also says the hike most likely direct result from recent opek meeting, nations agreed slash oil output. now the current price at the p.m. some 20 sent hire per gallon, than it was this same time last year. >> thank you, you see you soon. coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. plus, special arrangements for some special guesses. we will be right bac
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>> weather much quieter than yesterday morning, we were dealing with fog, and rain, but we had the mild temperatures, big change this morning, grab the heavier coat, temperatures certainly dropping over the next few hours, still left over cloud,
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from yesterday's cold front, that's now moving off shore, clouds will thin out. see decent amount of sunshine, expect to see a lot of sun over the next several days, look at the actual air temperatures, mid 20's lehigh valley berks county, 30 in philadelphia at freezing dover, delaware, part every south jersey but the windchill values have dropped lower 20's, what it really feels like when you factor in the wind. look at allentown feeling like 12 degrees at this hour, extended forecast, on our way up to 35 degrees, that's it today, with increasing sunshine, tomorrow, still slightly below average, 40 degrees winter officially arrives wednesday, milder mid 40's, cooling off to late thursday, not whole lot of rain. 44 degrees, leading to up christmas weekends, look tell temperatures, up fourth's saturday, to around 50 degrees, maybe some showers late christmas day, but most areas staying dry. what's snapping. >> justin, looking like fairly typical monday, looking good, nice and dry, construction been the story of the morning, so happy monday just waking up
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with us, so glad you're here, looking at 95, at cottman, northbound off ramp closed southbound the onramp was closed now reopened, 95 south, between academy and bridge, also dealing with two right lanes, 59 north at cottman, the left lane closed, you can see, a lot of construction going on, i'll let you know as soon as it clears, but for as long as this stays out there, push toward the 5:00 hour, and then push through the 5:00 hour, this is really going to start to slow you down little bit. heads up on. that right now we look at the amount of the vehicles, actually looking okayment construction delaware 95 north between 141, 95, left lane blocked, two left lanes blocked between 295 and mlk boulevard and fourth street. heads up on that, route one northbound, southbound, at route 72 delaware city on and off-ramps closed, seven a.m. and 4:30, paving project. plus, talking about this now for little while. just reminder, schuylkill river wall repairs, mlk inbound closed between sweet briar drive and art museum
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between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and seven p.m. to 5:00 a.m. through january 20th. rahel, over to you. >> thank you. children diagnosed when autism enjoyed free holiday party at the please touch museum. non-profit group, supports families impacted by autism, organized first annual event in partnership with fate in god family preparation, provided free toys, gift bags, foot, for families like the power family, have three children on the autism spectrum. >> it is first couple of years at home, don't feel like coming, and we know they're okay because everybody under stands. >> there are a lot of events about this, children can't go to, and they can't be still all the time. snow is important to have an opportunity for families to connect, to collaborate, and as well as allow children just to touch and to see whatever children do. >> and the party featured sensory friendly lighting. therapists and other resources were also available to help families help the kids to enjoy it. coming up in the next hour
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of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", feeling christmas, some family says the grinch ruining the season's festivities for them. what they say he did over the weekends, that has them so upset. >> shots fired, man is identified after police say he opened fire in a georgia hospital. the connection investigators say he has for the facilitiment back at the top of the hour.
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>> live from the cbs center in philadelphia.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> a fatal fiery wreck, a crash involving a car and a school bus, one of the area's most dangerous roads, what witnesses say they saw was, and what the bus driver did just minutes before. president and members of the electoral college, will formally cast their votes today, the request some electors are making ahead of the vote, how the trump transition team is responding. heart break-in baltimore, the birds lose their last road game. in just a matter of seconds. the play that caused the eagles a potential win. >> today is monday december 19, good morning, i'm rahel solomon, all of that plus the busiest mailing day of the year. but first, we will check on the roads with meisha and the forecast with justin. good morning. >> good morning, guys have, a good weekend? >> happy monday. >> our weekend, yes,. >> you were working yesterday. i worked both days. >> yes. >> extended weekend. >> how was your weekend? >> great. although i say visiting minneapolis, bad idea, don't
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ever do that in the winter. just don't know what will happen. looking outside, looking good, just as it should, nice and dry, and it will stay that way. >> it will stay that way for the next few days, you missed out on saturday, freezing rain, ice, lots of craziness going on. >> you heard that. >> yesterday up to 60 degrees, now back to typical wintertime temperatures, you know, winter officially arrives coming wednesday. temps warm up. but for late december pretty lucky if you don't like storms. moving into quiet weather pattern. right now we check in with some clouds over the region, drops another degrees. cold arctic air starting to funnel on in. last 24 hours or so, north wind at 13, feels like 19 degrees on exposed skin. those windchills little rough this morning. actual air temperatures ranking from teens, up in the mountains, to low 30's, freezing right now, capitol city of delaware, 25 up in reading, 29 again at the airport, wilmington, and in philadelphia, and the suburbs, getting really cool now. quakertown, pottstown, low and mid 20's, mt. holly checking in at 2


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