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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 19, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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morning minute. >> reporter: police say they see far too many tragedies like this on the roosevelt boulevard, there were many witness toss this crash, including two off duty police officers who were traveling in the same direction. >> the 5238 members of the electoral college will meet around the college today to formally elect donald trump as the nation's 45th president. >> what i want is the information to be out there. >> but some electors want more answers now about russia's interferance. >> she was known more for her glamorous live and they are acting, hungarian born actress zsa zsa gabor has died. >> he spins, went is in. touchdown. eagles going for two. for the win. the pass rush. and incomplete. >> going for two, that was a big call. >> i think rebuilding year for them. i think they'll be better next year for sure. >> and with that, the eagles are officially eliminated from the playoffs with that lost in
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baltimore. they have a short week. will host the new york giants. not the best news to wake to up on a monday morning, we toss it over to justin. no more rain? that's nice. >> i do have quiet weather but cold. >> you know what? i'm being an optimist, justin, let me and optimist, knock. >> that's right. i warned you yesterday. were you all oh, 06 degrees is great. i'm like wait until tomorrow morning. >> i definitely did not go alfresco. >> even though it did feel good being able be thawing out, but here we are back to the arctic air. lasted for about a day or so, then leading to up christmas weekends, slow warming trends, may make run at 50 degrees, even for christmas day, until then though, cold start to the morning, nice and quiet, still some clouds over the region, roads dry, so no issues there. 29 degrees, north winds at 13. so windchill at 19 degrees. feels like on exposed skin. look at the temperatures, yesterday, in the 50's, not in the low 20's, allentown, 29 in wilmington, 13 mount pocono. suburbs same situation.
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low to mid 20's, doylestown, willow grove, 28 in mt. holly. north winds, that's bringing in the cold arctic air, 14-mile per hour sustained in allentown, three in millville. but the wind will continue about ten to 15 through the day, windchill values right now low teens to the upper teens across philadelphia and areas to the north. still into the 20's, windchill values in new jersey. some clouds cover over us right now, not producing any precipitation, will continue to thin out, cold front moves off shore, increasing sunshine today, doesn't help much. up to 35, that's it for the high temperature, clouds linger at the shore, upper 30's, for the high, remember, we used to be mid 40's this time of year. poconos 28 degrees. good news, there they can crank out some snow, put down good base for the upcoming holiday, pristine riding conditions in the forecast. talk about the next storm system, that warm up coming up as we head toward christmas, in a few more minutes, meisha, what's snapping. >> justin, looking pretty good out there. looking nice and dry, as you know, but also, dealing with some morning construction,
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good morning, everyone, happy monday to you. so, what are we talking about on 95? south academy and bridge street two, right lanes are still blocked, in fact, you can see the cones still out there. also see the flashing lights way up in the distance letting you know that russ are still out there. hopefully this will get moved out of your way by hopefully the 6:00 hour it is not though, just know we have these cones out there in the morning, during the 6:00 and i would say pushing moved toward 6:00, 6:30 hour, that's when we will start to slow down. give yourselves extra time there. then look at the vine, not closed overnight for the construction, westbound starting to see brake light go off jump in the front. schuylkill. eastbound side actually looking pretty goodment peak into new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road, 95, that's what you are looking at, not bad. pretty typical. definitely starting starting top there. construction route one north, at 72, on and off-ramps are closed. they will be closed between seven a.m. and 43:00 p.m. that is for a paving project. the lanes blocked between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
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that's going to go through late january. rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. >> police are investigate a deadly crash in northeast philadelphia. they say hi speed may be a factor. this is the scene last night at woodward and the boulevard. you can see the front end of the silver mercedes was completely smashed in. according to police, the car was speed whg it slammed into the back after school bus and burst into flames. the crash killed two people inside the car. >> interesting thing about this accident, the school bus driver told me that three minutes, about three minutes, prior to the accident, we had dropped off 28 teenage students at a nearby church. >> and the driver of the school bus was not hurt. >> a woman is in critical condition this morning, after she is stabbed with kitchen knives in west philadelphia. police arrived to a gruesome scene at 49th and thompson streets last night. there they found 25 year old woman stabbed multiple times by a man who then left the
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scene. blades and breeze end handles of knives littered the outside of the home. concerned wounds to the victim's lower back which may be life threatening. >> today the members of the electoral college will meet around the country to formally elect donald trump as the 45th president of the united states. but 80 of the electors, almost all democrats, want more information from us intelligence about russia's role trying sway the election result. they say it is for the sake of transparency. one of trump's incoming cabinet members, how much, responds dollars saying that the effort under mines the election system. what i want is the information to be out there, so that the american public and electors know who has been involved, and make sure that we protect the integrity of the american determine okras. >> i it is about democrats that can't except the outcome of the election. it is about illegitimizing the american system, not going to work. >> us intelligence officials reviewing the possibility that vladmeere putin had roll in hacking the campaign emails in order to get trump elected. >> the state legislature in
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new jersey plans to vote today on a bill that would allow governor chris christie to profit a book deal before leaving office. the second term doesn't ends until january of 2018. the bill would also grant the legislative staff, judges, other officials a salary boost. report say the salary hikes could cost taxpayers additional $10 million. >> well, time now 5:36. and in business news this morning, how one company is trying to fix the soft market and car makers suv recall. money watch's hena daniels joins us live. friday, markets ended the trading day lower, the dow twice. >> egger more than 50,000 of its out lander sports suv. auto maker says rear hack lift gate could suddenly fall on people, due to faulty support. some 2011, 2012 and 2016 models are affected. mitsubishi tells money watch no injuries have been
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reported. fabric softener sales are slumming, that's because millennials don't know what it is. procter & gamble running new ad campaign to get millennials to use fabric softener, sales of downey brands fell 26% between 2007 and 2015. fabric souveniers became popular in the 1916's because clothes came out of washing machines feeling rough and scratchy. rahel? >> that's some words, hena. >> you know, that's a step i skill, too. you know? >> you know. >> tough enough to do all of the laundry. hena, thank you. first lady michelle obama, gives final one-on-one interview before leaving the white house. talks about accomplishments for eight years there, and what's in her future now? >> your husband's administration, everything, the election, all about hope. do you think that this administration sees that?
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>> yes. i do. because we feel different now. now we're feeling whatnot having hope feels like. >> and you can see the entire interview tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. a week before christmas, some parents are fuming. they took to facebook saying they paid for their kids to take to the neshaminy mall. when they arrived he was no where to be found. some parents say they paid nearly $40 in advance for photo packages of their kids with saint a but the mall said the grinch will not be returning at all. >> we explicitly, the only mall offering it, and we went there just for him to take our money, you should have been little more professional, responsible, and let the families know what was going on. >> not clear why the grin lincoln financial field no longer be making appearances in response to individual facebook posts, the mall operation reference dollars unfortunate circumstances. please touch museum held holiday party custom taylor children with autism.
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jaden's soils, non-profit voice, that supports families affected by autism, organized first annual event in partnership with fate in god, family restoration corporation. they provided toys, gift baskets, food for family-like food, for families like the power family, have three children on the autism spectrum. >> it is like first couple of years comfortable, we feel at home, don't feel like jumpy or anything else, we know that they're okay, because everybody understands. >> there are a loft events about children can't go to, and they can't be still all the time. so this is important to have an opportunity for families to connect, collaborate, and as well as allow children to just do whatever children do. >> the event features sensory friendly lighting, therapists and other resources, also there to help families for the kids to hang out and enjoy the party. >> well, some big news in the music industry. music, a member of one of the top group overnight. plus group every rescuers makes christmas special for a
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young boy who asks for only one thing from santa. we'll tell you what it was. >> and our "joy of sharing" toyfest is underway. pick up a toy for child in need, then just drop it off at one of the locations, full list on fells, and also on the cbs philly local app. just drop it off here at the studios spring garden tomorrow. it will be drop off day, collection runs 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. high in afghanistan. want to send a message to my family and friends in
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>> major news in the pop music world, fifth harmony drops down to four. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> name change may be in store, one of the members started to quit. singer contract with fifth harmony up yesterday giving her the chance to face the quinn at the time to pursue her solo career. re plane four members released statement overnight, wishing their colleague well, but vowing to stay together. i have to tell you the power of the force is strong. as the new star wars film debuts at the top of the box office. >> ♪ >> what chance do we have?
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>> star wars story brought in. opening exceeded the expectations, muoana dropped to 11 million, office christmas party came in third with 58 and a half million. will smith movie handed -- landed in fourth. fantastic beasts, where to find out rounded out the top five. where to find them has been on that box office list for like months. >> strong. >> probably not month, weeks, maybe a little dramatic. >> so emotional, up and down, all over the place, 20, 30, saturday, ice, yesterday 60. now back to 20's. >> right? >> we're going slowly warm up again coming up to the christmas holidays. >> we need to take notes to keep track of this. >> this time of year, delaware vale, you know, it is all over
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the place. at least we stay quiet the next several days. looking live here at bethlehem now. northampton county good shape. again yesterday, dealing with the fog. but now, visibility looking good. again, most periods our roads are at least dry, maybe few patches of left over water, black ice in there, some of the sidewalks, but most areas should be pretty good for that morning commute, christmas city is in good shape this morning. let's check in with weather watchers, temperatures everywhere, below freezing, so widespread 20's, low 20's, some of the northwest suburbs, still farther north, up through the poconos here. southern poconos, saylorsburg, mostly cloudy skies, 17 degrees. that's not even factoring in the wind. he's got wind out of the north around 7 miles per hour, so it feels like single digits up there. most likely during the morning hours. doesn't get much better than northampton county mid 20's, and we have some low 20's, just north and west of philadelphia. still here, 20's, eileen's house, clear skies, so further north and west you are, start seeing the clouds thin out.
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even closer to home here, in philadelphia, mid 20's, 26 degrees currently, barbara lane, she is out in willow grove. partly cloudy skies. below freezing, 29, david dutch's house in clementon. lisa quiet, look at yesterday's high temperatures, 06 for philadelphia. 70s in saulsbury maryland, warmer air ahead of the front, front, squeaking through the region yesterday afternoon, and now the cold air is rushing to the east. so, highs today, struggling to get back to the mid three's around philadelphia. and down in saulsbury, maryland, upper 30s at best. overall trend though, slight warm up head to the middle of the week. forty-four where we should be this time of year, well below that today. winter arrives wednesday. we will be little above average. then temperatures keep climbing close to 50 as we head to the upcoming weekend, still left over cloud right now but dry. clouds thin out north and west, increasing sunshine throughout your monday. windchill values still problem. feeling like the teens, throughout the morning, not much better this afternoon, still feeling like the 20's, overall temperature outlook, when you average everything
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up, from december 26th, to the start of the new year, january 1st, looks like we will be dealing with above average temperatures, across the eastern half of the united state, the pattern starts to remain on the warmer side this time of year. extended forecast quiet, mid's the middle of the week, christmas, maybe some rain late in the day. meisha what's happening? >> i i am liking the sounds that far, above average temperatures, right? little warm. in december, i'll take that. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you. looking outside. looking good. the blue route headlights southbound direction approaching mcdade. looking good. any direction look at the blue route heating up. of course expect that. overall looking nice. boulevard, moving in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill. this is what you are looking at, just jumping out, there good company with some of your friends, that's also an area starting to heat up. along with of course our good friend, interstate nine # five. in the southbound direction, academy and bridge. you can expect one lane to be blocked still from the cones. see them lining the roadways now. not to mention the fact you can satisfy the brake lights starting to go off, letting us
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know we are starting to slow down a little bit in the area. definitely on 95, pushing in the southbound direction, even in the northbound side, give yourself couple every extra minutes, you will need. >> this busy monday. then, transformation fire, upper darby, saying avoid the area if you k heads up on that, for those every in you upper darby, avoid this area between byewood avenue and walnut st. again, transformer fire. i will be reminding you, we will be talking about that, new information that comes n also some construction, route 72, on and off-ramps closed between 7:00 a.m., 4:30 p.m. for paving project. back to you. >> thank you. hollywood is saying good-bye to one of its most glamorous gals, actress zsa zsa gabor dice at the age of 99. >> what is wrong with me? all the women finds love and happiness. >> the hungarian actress died of heart attack yesterday. she was best known for her nine marriages and numerous scandels, including one where gabor slapped a police officer
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in beverly hills. a periods in fillments like mulan rouge. lost in outer space. she was 99 years old. >> hundreds of runners and walkers hit the pavement in south philly for a good cause. people braved the chilly weather yesterday at fdr park for the third annual homeless for the holidays 5k race. hosted by pennies for kevin. it assists the homeless population, in memory after advocate for the homeless. >> he was very selfless advocate for homeless people, and people who were disadvantaged and used to walk around the streets of philadelphia, and just willingly give of himself, whether finance lip, he would buy people meals, woe bring people into the department to sleep, because he just didn't understand why there were so many people who didn't seem to have the base takes we all, you know, take for granted. >> the run raised more than $5,000 for the homeless. >> is a a visited over 250 homeless women and children in north philadelphia.
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this news went to the resources for human development family shelter yesterday for the operation ho-ho-ho hope party. bought the kids more than 2,000 new toys and also some getter for the moms, too. and the extra gifts went to local shelters. >> when you think of letters to santa claus, you imagine maybe a child asking for a toy. but one little boy in texas is asking for healthy heart for his mom. photo journalist charles fisher shows us how fire fighters texas respond today this emotional request. >> social worker brought this letter to our attention from to one of the local schools. >> dear santa i believe in you and the miracle. santa i don't want toys from you. i only want a healthy heart for my mom. >> been on transplant list, being really selfless, that's all he wants for christmas. we opened the letter, seeing maybe we could give him something from the toy drive. as far as we know, the child does not know we're coming.
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>> merry christmas. >> so we will go ahead and surprise them and drop off some toys. kids need their parents, and, you know, they really don't know the circumstances when it is life or death for the most part. >> the letter to santa claus made us aware you're wait fog r a heart transplant. >> that's all i want for christmas. >> for him to be selfless, not ask for anything else than his mom to be healthy for christmas, really put us back. >> my angel. >> maybe christmas miracle might happen. >> we need her for many years more. me and my dad will pray, all day for my mom. and all we want is to see my mom happy. >> wow. really surprise sometimes. you know the saying true love wait. well it waited 41 years for one couple. it dated four decades, before tying the knot. what they say is the secret to
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their relationship's longevity.
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>> after 41 years, yes, 41, years of dating, a texas couple gets a special christmas present. a wedding. bill and linda decided it was finally time to do this after dating 41 years, love and time had been key, but also credit one thing to their longevity. >> just try to make the other person happy, just make it a goal to make that other person happy. >> and when asked what does the couple so long to tie the knot, they say this year just seemed like the right time. >> receipt time after 41 years, that woman, very patient. >> like right. >> so we have a little conversation during the break that justin -- >> listen to these two over here. >> forty-one years?
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just saying. >> ya, justin. >> we need some men in here. >> justin, you're doing just fine over there. we will be back in a few minutes, ya.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> mercedes crashes into a school bus on the roosevelt boulevard killing two people, what witnesses say they saw right before the fiery accident. >> eagles with the game on the line, they lost, it is the call we're all talking about. >> good morning, i'm are hell solomon, jim donovan has the day off. so out the door checking with weather and traffic with justin and meisha. >> good morning, you guys, happen mine day, welcome back, the roads are looking good. we are certainly starting to heat up little bit. give yourself extra time. justin, are the roads going to stay dry? >> the weather is boring. >> oh, i like. that will we like that. >> specially this time of
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year, things done a lot worse. it is coal. little cooler than average. but break out the winter coat. windchills into the teens, 20's this morning, big difference than yesterday though. no big storm system. so, road conditions for the most part looking good, maybe few patches of black ice, on some of the secondary roads, that's it, still, little bit of cloud cover over us, 28 at the airport, north winds at nine, feeling like 19, factor in the winds. there is the cold air rushing in from the north. thirteen in mount pocono at this hour, 24 in reading, still sitting at freezing, in dover, delaware. look at the suburbs, low 20's, quakertown, pottstown, mt. holly checking in at 29, 27 degrees, north winds ten to 15 throughout the morning into the afternoon. so again that puts the windchill values down to the teens through the morning, doesn't get much bet they are afternoon, still feeling like the mid 20's even with the sunshine, look at those real feel values, allentown, 14 in trenton at this hour. cloud cover over us right now, no precipitation, that cold front has moved off shore. that cold arctic air, moving


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