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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we will begin with break ing news from germany a holiday tradition is turned into a tragedy in berlin. a truck plows through the german capitol's popular christmas market leaving a number of people dead, and injured. a witness on the scene in berlin says it was deliberate. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. german police say nine people are dead after that truck, plowed into the crowded market in the center of berlin. dozens of rescue vehicles rac ed to treat the scores of injured people there. authorities say that the driver, was arrested at the scene. a large truck can be seen with a shattered windshield. police say they are still investigating whether the incident was an accident or an attack, "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brownies live at philadelphia's christmas village with live at what police are doing in the wake of the tragedy and more, natasha. >> reporter: police are telling us there has always been a strong police presence
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here at surrounding the christmas village in philadelphia here at city hall , but the light up today's tragic incident in berlin, security is even more visible tonight. the ripple effects from an attack at a christmas market this berlin, germany is felt here in philadelphia with the city police stepping up security details around the christmas village at city hall >> we have increased our patrol over there. it is in terms of the you know , this type of incident happening, you have for mindful of it. you cannot be naive but in the same sense we don't want to create panic, unnecessary panic but same sense we do have increased presence over in that area. >> reporter: at least nine people were killed, dozens injured when truck plowed through a crowd at a popular christmas market in berlin on monday. >> at christmas markets, it is not only this berlin but cities throughout germany it is a festive time. we have a lot of people that are there shopping, enjoying different foods, drinks. >> reporter: we caught up with the the honorary german consul in philadelphia as the news
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broke. >> it is quite distressing. i know people that live in berlin. we're uncertain as to exactly what happened and who is involved and hot the victim's are. it is very distressing for me personally. >> reporter: of course, motive behind whatever happened there in berlin is still very much a mystery at this hour, and still under investigation. police here in philadelphia tell us is there always a security presence at all christmas venue is here in this city at franklin square, river rink and that will continue to be the case even now. they are also telling people to stay vigilant about your own safety. if you see something, say something. that is very latest live tonight, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there will be much more on the tragedy in germany tonight on the "cbs evening news" with the scott pelley at 6:30. despite pressure from some circles and protest the electoral college made it official today, donald trump surpassed 270 vote mark and will be the nation's forty-fifth president. "eyewitness news" reporter
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greg argos is live in the sat center with more. >> reporter: inside state house process was calm, and civil. all 20 elect tors casting their vote for donald trump but protesters outside made it clear they don't want the businessman inside the white house. >> it is my honor to welcome you to the 58th electoral college of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> reporter: as pennsylvania's 20 elect tors gathered in harrisburg, casting their votes for donald trump and continuing traditions that has stretched centuries. >> today's proceedings remain consistent with the procedures followed with the first electoral college convened in pennsylvania 227 years ago. >> reporter: outside the capitol building, a different national tradition, peaceful protesting, also unfolding. >> hopefully they will hear us , hopefully they will see us , hopefully they will walk by us. >> reporter: dozens contesting the election results on the steps of the capitol asking the 20 men and women casting electoral votes to not vote
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for trump is what being as being a baselessee electric for. during the larger protest against trump, harrisburg police arresting at least a dozen immigration activist. when they blocked the street near the capitol building. but despite commotion outside, inside decorum as all 20 voted unanimously for donald trump securing him as the forty-fifth president of the united states. the vote for president of the united states, was 20 votes for donald trump, and vote for vice-president for united states, 20 votes for michael pence. >> reporter: now, once again those protesters arrested were not there to protest against trump but rather they were immigration advocates. police did not arrest any trump protesters. i'm live from the sat center, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there will be much more on
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the electoral voting and the state by state tally at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at "cbs evening news". a philadelphia judge has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to block the cities tax on, sugary beverages. this move paves the way for the kenney administration to move forward with the tax. the taxis 1.5 cents per ounce, and it will take effect next month. proceed will be used to fund prekindergarten. >> we're moving forward, kid can't wait. they have waited too many generations for this. i would hope that the soda folks would understand how important this is to our children's future and cities future and we will see what happens. >> attorneys for the plaintiff s in this lawsuit which was brought by the beverage industry, announced they will appeal the judge's decision. as we wind down last few days of autumn, the very cold temperatures, we are experiencing will start to change. get ready for, a warm up as we get closer to the first day of winter, on wednesday, it is
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topsy turf i sent it, kate. >> it is, it is a cold day but nice looking day. the here's time lapse from behind me you can see blue sky out there today wind gusting to 18 and current temperatures at palmyra cove nature park only 29 degrees. look at this beautiful sunset tonight. we have more sun on the way over next few days. it is brisk, chilly. wind out of the north east at five to 10 miles an hour. that is not a strong wind but enough to make it feel a lot colder then thermometer is indicating right now. temperatures are in the upper 20's. here's how it feels like teens in many spots right now, feels like 18 in allentown. nine in reading. it feels like 21 in philadelphia, heading tonight out, bundle up. our high fell 10 degrees above average. high of 34. thomas we get closer and look at how this line goes upward as we head in the very important weekend, lot of holiday travel happening this weekend, christmas eve, christmas take, hanukkah and kwanzaa on hon, i'll break town that full forecast, for
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now, back over to you. a couple falls victim to the violent home invasion in philadelphia's olney section and entire thing was captured on tape. now there is a search underway to find suspect's responsible. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh join us live outside police headquarters with the very latest on this investigation, anita. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. as you can imagine that elderly couple is badly shaken up but did return to work this morning. now they are hoping that surveillance video will help police catch the culprits. take a good look at the faces on this surveillance video, it shows three armed men pushing an elderly man back into his home in the 100 block of west godfrey street in olney while fourth acts as a look out. >> they grab my dad's bag and gun and run out of the house. >> reporter: it happened just before 3:30 around the time that the elderly home owner and his wife return after closing up for the night. >> my dad usually goes in the front of the house, walks my mom in the house, comes back
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and then tries to park the car >> reporter: this time it was far from routine says michael sau the home owner's son ran downstairs screaming to fend off robbers. they show four men running off toward howard street in the white or silver sedan. >> they have been there for some time, they knew that they were going to be home, at that specific time. it is really scary. >> reporter: that is were were he satisfaction beyond losing $3,000 they lost a sense of security. >> it is sad, scary. i'm feeling angry that i could not do more to help. >> reporter: he says his parent have been extra cautious because authorities have been investigating at least a dozen armed robberies targeting asian owned business ness recent months. >> i'm hopeful that we can get these guys so it doesn't happen again especially this close around christmas. it is not the best time of the year for something like this to happen. >> reporter: police say they are looking for three black men in their 20's and a fourth
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who acted as a look out. anyone with information is asked to call police. live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, short week for eagles after yesterday's disappointing loss to the ravens, that officially knocked them out of the post season. they will host the division rival new york football giants thursday at lincoln financial field. >> don bellies live now will bird get some help on the offensive line. >> how much help, he will be remains to be seen when he hasn't played in a few months. lane closure lifted suspended right tackle lane johnson returns to the eagles after serving ten game ban for using performance enhancing drugs. eagles have a short week as they get ready to play giants on thursday night at the link, that means johnson can officially join the team. during his suspension he was not allowed in the the practice facility. to take doug pederson talk about lane's return. >> i'm sure, you know, he is an athlete and i'm sure he work out and kept himself this
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shape and stayed relatively around, he was about 318, 319 when he left us. we expect to see him about that weight i guess later today and, you know with the injury situation, you got to go. >> wow. >> that is sudden. >> when the eagles, when lane johnson was still in their line up they were three-one. new they are five-nine on the season. coming up later in sports now seemingly sour relationship between nerlens noel and the sixers. >> we all hear about that. >> i'm looking forward to that as we continue tonight headaching spirits bright for little patients, just ahead. a convoy of toys, this holiday cheer arriving at children's hospital with the police escort, this little girl with brain cancer is giving back to the friend she made during her treatment at children's hospital of philadelphia, kate. winter warm up is on the way coming up i'll tell you when it last into the big
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holiday weekend, we will be right back.
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health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the story of a special, toy deliver toy day. >> reporter: wait until you see this, heart melting, i'm telling you this toy drive is inspired by a little girl who was being treated for cancer at children's hospital of philadelphia. well, it got a lot bigger than ever expect, and today, it was delivery day. convoy of toys arriving at children's hospital with a police escort. leading the special delivery,
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four year-old jillian massy with brain and spine cancer. >> we're just so happy to have her home for the holidays. this is the best christmas lesson we could have gotten. >> reporter: after being hospitalized for six months, jillian was released but wondered about all of the kid who could not go home for the holidays. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: here's group that helped put together zazi massy toy drive that is jillian's nickname. >> just amazing to see turnout and how many people supported this cause, and we just can't thank everybody enough for what they have done and what they will be doing for people down at chop. >> reporter: chop toy delivery convoy started at ridley township police station and this gift to her from the officers. >> your one and only bmw you will ever own. >> reporter: deck out in her christmas finest jillian thanked officers and got busy with the snacks. it is your second breakfast, right. >> chocolate chip pancakes. >> chocolate chip pancake. >> goal to collect 100 toys
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but once word got out about zazi massy donations poured this. >> she has been through so much. just something we can do for her, just really i don't even have word. >> reporter: spirit of the season is all about giving and sharing some love with the zazi little girl, in the fight of her life. >> she is such a little fighter. she's amazing. these toys will provide so many shines for kid here and it means so much for all of the patients and tam list that will be here over the holidays >> reporter: now when asked about chop, jillian doesn't talk about a hospital, she says, that is the place that she goes to play. and she wanted to make sure her friend there had lengthy of gifts for the holidays. zazi has i. >> that is right. >> she has a big heart. >> that was session. >> a hazing. >> thanks, stephanie. >> kate bilo joins with us a forecast and on saturday i was putting down salt. on sunday i almost put on the shorts. crazy. >> it has. we have had snow and ice on saturday. yesterday you were outside
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without a jacket. in your 60's. the then that front came through and cold again but it was try today. no ice, salt needed today for sure but we have a nice little warm up on the way as we head toward start of winter and first weekend of winter, in the city and holiday weekend. let get into the start of the storm scan three which is showing a bank of clouds, moving through the area right now. we are not seeking any precipitation with this it should clear out overnight. we will mainly clear. it is a quiet stretch on the way over the next several days but it is a little cold outside. and temperatures outside, today, 15 is overnight low in mount pocono. we are dropping to 11 in allentown, 25 degrees in philadelphia, and 26 degrees in wilmington. it is chilly. i want to show you this graphic. look at the high temperature yesterday acro t maryland. norfolk virginia got the to 79 we hit 60 here in philadelphia after that front came through yesterday we know difference, we held it today, here are today's highs, in philadelphia
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, only 28 in new york. and 37 degrees in norfolk. so that is more than a 40- degree drop in temperature for on parts of the area and in the heading into the more seasonal pattern. we will see jet stream lifting north, all that arctic air will be locked autopsy cross canada through remainder of the week and that means we have got a nice seasonal stretch on the way and possibly even a bit of the warm up this system will come through thursday, our one chance for couple hoff showers this week. the not a big deal. rain or snow shower possible late thursday, into thursday night, but watch how he is temperatures bars start to lift to the north as we head toward christmas eve. milder air from the south beginning to invade. now if you will remember last year we had a warm christmas eve and christmas day. it is not that warm this year but we're talking about above average temperatures. if you have any travel lance, next few days are pretty quiet quiet pattern. sunny skies, right through tuesday, wednesday, friday, saturday, one chance for showers on thursday and then gradual warming trend as well. we will have at least a couple
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degrees to that high temperature every day, toward the christmas holiday. overnight mainly clear, very cold, down to 25 for the low in the city. teens in the suburbs. you will need to bundle up those kid, sending them off to the bus stop. tomorrow despite lots of sun it is chilly at 40 degrees. your christmas forecast is good. it doesn't look like snow. forty-nine on christmas eve. 51 degrees on christmas day with the chance for few late day showers working their way in. tomorrow is our toy fest drive it will be a great the day. not a lot of win. 40 degrees. lots of sunshine. wednesday looks good we are back above average. thursday chance of the few showers and then quiet right into the the christmas holiday weekend and hanukkah begins saturday night, kwanzaa beginning on monday so a lot of people outside on the road heading to their holiday destinations and it looks like weather doesn't have any vices in store. >> love it. thanks, kate. >> don's up next with sports. this from a blast from the past jimmy rollins has a new contract, details on that. seeking of new deals
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nerlens noel wants one but it will not happen here in philadelphia it doesn't look like.
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what is the deal with nerlens. >> tough situation. >> is what the deal. >> i don't know. >> let's talk about it. >> it has taken a turn for worse, nerlens noel has been benched for foreseeable future he doesn't like log jam at center, the team seemingly doesn't like his attitude. noel played only eight minutes against lakers on friday. said that the team needs to figure that blackout. so in last night's loss to the nets, he didn't play at all. they beat the nets. my bad. my beef. before the season began he had knee surgery. brian colangelo explaining the team's position with surgical precision. >> i think he feels the clock ticking on his potential for an extension, sorry, not an extension, a new contract, and
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, you know, that is going to lead to some frustration, it is natural but had nerlens been healthy and been able to compete in the preseason and been able to present himself as a tradable player maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. so there is all kind of factors that, you know, are unavoidable and now that he is healthy, hope there i he will be in a position where there is enough of a body of work that someone can see him healthy and active, and performing at a level that is worth looking at. >> stay tune. the flyers host nash volume predators. orange and black looking to bounce back after lose nothing dallas over weekend. they snapped their ten game losing streak. i'm sorry, lets start a new winning streak. j roll will get one more shot, jimmy rollins signed a minor league tiehl with the san francisco giants. rollins is now 38 years old and he he has 17 years
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experience under his belt. hopefully he will make it happen. meanwhile, cleveland browns if that is your squad you can go watch them play, in cleveland, for about six bucks that is what the tickets are going for. basically, the cost of a, subway foot long. >> wow. >> happy meal. >> or that guy. >> they are zero and four. on saturday they play zero and 146789 and yes, six bucks will get you in the house. >> it has come to that. >> it has come to that. >> they could go win less. >> you know what. >> things could be worst. >> it is all relative. >> thanks, don, appreciate it. >> phillies and fanatic making season bright. >> we will take you to a special holiday meal next.
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our joy of sharing toy fess is underway, pick up a toy for child in need and drop it off at one of the toy fest locations, and that list is on cbs fest, and also on cbs local app. >> tomorrow you can drop off your toy right here in our cbs-3 studios, it is our big drop off day, the collection runs from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 at night. phillies are embarking on their most important season just yet, season, of giving.
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today members of the phillies family served holiday dinner to 200 home less people in north philadelphia, and philly 's front office members prepared, donated and served food, of course, phillies fanatic stopped by. the event was made possible in part by the price right of camden, it donated 25 turkies. >> good work. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" tonight more on the tragedy in germany where many are dead after what appears to be an attack on a christmas market, in berlin. scott pelley anchors from new york, take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: tragedy in berlin. a truck prows into a christmas market. many are dead. police are investigating the possibility of terrorism. also tonight, russia's ambassador to turkey is assassinated by man shouting, "remember aleppo. " a warehouse full of knockoffs. beware a counterfeit christmas with a sinister motive. >> funding terrorism. >> pelley: the arctic blast turns deadly, and they're rehearsing her opera, and she's 11 years old. >> i've seen this all in my imagination, how it would sound


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