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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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there, still early, so not too many people, but wow look at all of those toys. get started early this morning. we certainly hope you'll come and visit us with new and un were wrapped toy, we try to fill an entire salvation army truck. and jim, you and i will be out there, too. >> i think unlocking it right now. >> good morning, everyone, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. here's what you need to start your day in our morning minute. >> i saw a truck barreling into a crowd. >> german police now say that a deadly incident in a popular christmas market was a deliberate attack. >> we've increased our patrol over there. >> people coming to the market later today and throughout the week, expect to see more police officers patrolling the market. >> police are searching for the identity after woman found unresponsive on a street in the fair hills section of philadelphia. >> the vote for president of the united states was 20 votes for donald j trump.
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>> it is a done deal for president-elect trump. the electoral college formally cast their ballots that made him america's 45th president. >> what is your prayer for our country? >> it is hope. i hope my desire for this country is that we remain hopeful. and that we find a place in our hearts to love each other. >> and that was michelle obama giving her final one-on-one interview to oprah winfrey, as first laid. >> i final one. checking on weather justin drabick. we just saw the toy of sharing truck out there. we'll be out there. so what's it looking out there today? >> cold, colder this morning than yesterday. at least the winds being g up, but we're dry, by the afternoon decent amount of sunshine, should feel pretty good outside, temperatures close to average this time of year, then each day gets little warmer we officially start the winter season tomorrow morning. not much happening this morning, it will be like this
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the next several mornings. 21 degrees now at the airport in philadelphia, dropping another agree. we may get down to about 20 before sunrise. northeast breeze, very light, 6 miles per hour, but enough to bring the windchill value down to 13. that's what it really feels like. twenty-four hour temperature change, 8 degrees coal nerve philly, nine mount pocono, allentown and trend, to so clear skies this morning helping temperatures to actually drop. 4 degrees, that's what it is, mount pocono, not factoring the winds. sixteen in reading. low 20's dover, delaware, part every interior south jersey, look at the suburbs, quakertown rough there, 10 degrees, 16 in doylestown, 18 in mt. holly, new jersey, and like i said, the winds are much calmer than yesterday at this time. 5 miles per hour or less in most locations. the windchill values kind of hanging out mid to upper teens, sections every mount pocono, minus five for the win chill. so riding later this morning, you will need the winter gear. bring the goggles, too, cranking out snow guns, ideal conditions there. look at that, a loft clear skies over pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, so sunshine coming at us this afternoon, nice rebounds, to up
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40 degrees for philadelphia, low 40's at the shore. breezy, high in the poconos. warms up. talking 50 degrees temperatures head in the through christmas weekends, we'll let you know the details on that in a few more minutes. >> i like the counts of is that -- the sounds of that. good morning, happy tuesday. we are looking at the schuylkill, tail light moving in the eastbound direction at girard. way up in the distance, crews, kind of moving out of the way. but either way, looking at the eastbound and the westbound side of the schuylkill, right now, looking good. looking really good. looking just as you should, heating up obviously through the 4:00 hour, hey it will be busy tuesday. ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound direction, into center city. what you are looking at there. you can see, good company. again, just like what i was saying about the schuylkill, heating up little bit there and also 422, headlights moving in the eastbound direction, just past oaks. so, my thought is it will be pretty busy tuesday, i would say give yourself extra time, basically where ever you are going specially on 95. then we do have accident, first one of the morning, still out there, limerick,
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lewis road at oklahoma street for those every in you that neck of the woods, know it is out, there i would give yourself extra time around that area. if you can avoid it you probably want to do. that will also new jersey turnpike northbound near delaware memorial toll plaza, left lane block until 5:00 looks like that's clear right now, jim, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank youment philadelphia fire fight remembers investigating the cause after overnight house fire in talcony. "eyewitness news" was on the 6,000 block, where krause arrived after 3:30 this morning, one firefighter suffered minor injury. so far, though, no word on cause. >> german police are investigating the deadly truck crash at christmas market, overnight removed 18 wheeler that plowed through the market in central berlin. the crash killed 12 people, injured 48 more. police now believe the truck was stolen in poland. the only passenger on board died shortly after the crash. he was polish national. authorities throughout europe and the us have now increased security forces at similar events. that includes right here at philadelphia's christmas
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village outside philadelphia city hall. last night's incident showed the need for more security, police not willing to take any risks, especially when the city own display of seasonal shops is very similar to the one attacked in germany. >> we increased our patrol, in terms of what this type of incident is happening, you have to be mindful of t we can't be naive, ac like it didn't happen. but in the same sense we don't want it crow ate panic? calling the berlin tragedy terrorist attack, forcing many christmas markets across the nation to increase their security this holiday season. >> well, electoral college has cast their votes certifying donald trump as our next president. electoral college voters gathered in state capitols across the country yesterday, texas, officially put mr. trump over the top. despite two republican electors casting protest votes. >> the time now 5:35. business news this morning, who is getting the most extra cash in their year-end bonuses in. >> and the newest service
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coming to facebook. money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange with those answers, good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, guys, stocks on wall street finished higher, thanks to gains in phone company and real estate stocks. technology and industrial stocks continue to trade at all time highs. the dow jones gained 39 points, the nasdaq gained 20. >> new survey from linked in has ranked profession that is brought home the highest annual cash bonus this is year. the survey finds investment banker associate brought home the most extra cash, on average, $100,000. surgeons and radiologists ranked second, and third. and facebook messenger is starting a group video chat. up to 50 people can listen, join in, by sending andy mosey, facebook messenger has 1 billion users. facebook hopes the new service will entice people to spend more time on line, creating more opportunities to generate revenue. back to you. >> i bet they do, hena.
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>> thanks, hena, we will check in with you tomorrow. >> another thing for me to learn how to -- >> right. talking to one person is more than an enough for me. >> in other news this morning, police need your help identifying multiple suspects they say are connected to a violent home invasion in olney. the attack happened around 3:00 yesterday morning. security footage shows three armed men pushing an elderly man inside of his home in the 100 block of west godfrey street. the fourth acted as a look out. had just returned home from their restaurant, their son believes they were targeted. >> they had to have been in the alleyway for sometime. new that they would be home at the time. >> now, authorities are investigate a string of other armed robberies, targeting asian-owned businesses over the last few months. well, the mayor of new orleans announces more than $13 million in a lawsuit settlement over the deadly police shootings following
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hurricane katrina. now, total of 20 new orleans police officers were charged in a series of civil rights investigations following the natural disaster back in 2005. >> i'm hopeful that apology on behalf of the city, and then forgiveness from the family, has almost unfair of us it is to ask that, i am hoping that in some sense the strength every these families will help the city find peace in our future. >> now, three people were killed in two separate police shootings after the hurricane, and fourth person was beat glenn after social media outcry, neshaminy mall now apologizing to parents who say the grinch stole part of their christmas, they say they paid nearly $40 for photo packages of pictures with their children and grinch but the grin of did not show up.
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they would not specify why he did not show up. now parents are calling photographers for refunds. >> got to showcase buses holiday make overs, pretty cool. "eyewitness news" was at the blue cross river rink winter fest yesterday where the hot wheels were parked. all part of the philly holiday festival on the city waterfront. the buses had all kinds of decorations, they had candycanes, snowmen, apparently a frozen theme, as well, let go. on display and representing one of septa's eighth district. >> who won? >> it was a tie. >> oh,. >> that is pretty impressive, and i'm not even a big elsa fan. don't tell the kids. well, preserving, protecting and wrapping? >> we'll take to you mt. holly where officers became elves and wrapped hundreds of gifts to some lucky families. >> happy holidays, philadelphia. this is major general jim, commander of the us army
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japan. >> i want to give big shout taught my mom, carry smith in doylestown, pennsylvania, to my brother and their families, we will miss you very much this christmas season. >> and to my parents down in wilmington, north carolina, my brother that's there with them, too. happy holidays to you. >> shout out to all of my friend, charlie guards the only guard, and most importantly, go eagles.
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>> i just got to tell but early christmas present for one of notre dame's fighting irish. >> first thing i told her ... >> after the basketball team's 77th win over colgate, the brother of junior guard, mat pharrell, was supposedly sending a message from afghanistan on a jumbo tron. but, what matt and the rest of the pharrell family did not know, bo was actually in the arena, head coach and few other staffers were in on the surprise. >> the salvation army experiencing a rise in donations after a football player makes a surprising celebration gesture. >> in the end zone ... >> that would be dallas cowboys running back, elliot, celebrating touchdown against
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tampa bay sunday night. jumping into a big salvation army kettle on the side lines. the salvation army said donations winds up 50% immediately after the celebration, and donations before the amount of $21, elliot of course wears number 21. he just had an incredible year. not that we're cowboy fans around here. >> no, no, no. ways going say, you better watch your words. >> but you can appreciate -- >> the gesture, yes. >> and can you imagine if he got hurt if he did that, though, jumping in there? >> oh, ya. and i think then insure every part of their bodies when they're athlete. did you know that? >> we're going way off track. >> they do! >> quiet weather wise, not much happening. >> cold morning today. and through the day, through the week, actually we warm things up little bit, christmas, we focus on, that looks like dry, good travel conditions, as women. ski resort are going to be in good shape this week, excellent snow making conditions happening each
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night, even though temperatures will warm up during the day, they've been cracking out the snow the past 44 hours, live look at big boulder, throwing down good base on all of the major resorts, so excellent conditions, dry weather coming at us. showing awe new report in just a second, fix, we check in with the weather watch they are morning, after a lot of suburbs, coldest morning we've had during the season, yes, we had the arctic air, late last week, but we had wind around, that kind of mixed up the air little bit. we didn't get whole lot of single digit temperatures. now seeing that this morning, with the clear skies, calm winds. check it out. gilbertsville at this hour, eileen murray, clear skies, 9 degrees, at at least the calm wind. that's the actual temperature. but windchills could be worse, if we had little bit every a breeze, so mainly it does feel like mid teens, pretty much where the actual air temperatures r barbara lane, willow grove clear at 14 degrees, really doesn't get any better in new jersey, right now. still upper teens, at this hour, john carol's house, in mullica hill. and few spots, up around
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20 degrees. slow improvement throughout the morning into the afternoon. a loft sunshine coming at us, helps to warm us up. here is the ski report, big bought err, to up 36-inch base, camelback good shape, blue mountain, and trails this week, with the snow making conditions, perfect at night. cold, dry. that's what you want. so this week, quiet weather pattern, pretty remarkable this time every year a lot of sunshine next few days, slow warming trend. not going to be as warm as we had last christmas, temperatures will be above average by the weekend, but looks like we will be staying dry for the most part, at least for the next five days or so. that's compliments of high pressure, and you can see, not much happening over the mid-atlantic, northeast good shape, even the great lakes, all of the cold arctic air starting to energy back into canada and it stays therefore at least the rest of this year. temperatures should remain above average headed into january. high pressure over us today, tomorrow, starts to move off shore, into thursday. that allows the next storm system to move in. you can see, real now precipitation chances coming until thursday, real weak cold front, not a lot of moisture
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with it at all. maybe stray shower. i think most areas stay dry, some clouds around thursday. like i said overall temperature trends from december 27th, into january 2nd, well above average temperatures for much of the east coast. today on our way up to 40 degrees, sleet zero slightly below average, each day little miler. by the weekends highs upper 40's, about ooh for christmas eve, christmas day, looks like christmas stays nice, monday, next some rain. >> justin, thank you so much for that. happy tuesday. so, what are we looking at right now? our eyes are primarily on 95, construction, what we were dealing with yesterday. you can see the cones in place blocking left lane, both sides southbound, northbound. is it going to slow you down? yes it, absolutely is going to. yesterday it is going to, again today, and already not even in the 6:00 hour. you can see how many vehicles are already out there. and as they progress toward center city. seeing some brake lights go off already. so indicator that it will be very slow on 59, give yourselves couple of extra minutes there. kinds of nice birdseye view every the vine at 95. see the movement around this area, actually looking pretty
5:48 am
good for early tuesday, going to start to heat up past that once we do break into the 6:00 hour. now our first accident of the morning, limerick, lewis road at oak street, cleared. construction however still out there, 59 southbound ram to route 896 closed between 9:00 a.m., construction for you, for paving project, that's in place. and the northeast extension southbound between quakertown and mid-county intermittent lane closures therefore more construction. overall this tuesday morning, it will be busy, but it is dry out there, rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you will, meisha. north carolina on the fast track to repeal the state's so-called fast bill. outgoing republican governor has called special session for tomorrow to repeal house bill two. the law excludes sexual orientation and gender identity, from anti-discrimination protection. it also requires people to use rest rooms, corresponding with the sex on their birth certificate. governor christie will have to wait to crash this on book deal. yesterday lawmakers supposed to vote on measure to change
5:49 am
an ethics law that prevent the governor from profiting on a book deal while he is still in office. leadership has signed off on the bill, but rang and file members of the assembly were not fans of the measure, so a vote is not going to take place. so far no comments from governor christie. well, the beverage industry says they'll appeal judge's decision to dismiss lawsuit against philadelphia's tax on sugary drinks. tax is one and a half cents per ounce, and takes effect new years day. now, a judge dismissed the lawsuit yesterday. but the fight could make it all the way to the pennsylvania supreme court. mayor kenney says the revenue will funds pre k and other programs in the city. >> well, only five days until christmas, so, santa and his elves, all need a hand now and then, rid? got it from the mt. holly new jersey police department. the second annual operation saint nick, officers wrapped hundreds of holiday gift. the presents were collected during their annual toy drive. so now it will go to ten families in the community.
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>> it is a special day here at cbs-3. let's take a look. we have a live picture, these are our photographers out there, little quiet in the parking lot but we sure hope it is buzz withing activity soon. that's huge kettle. probably not as big as the one that elliot jumped into. not quite. but big nonetheless there, this our drive-thru drop off day for/toyfest, the truck is ready to be filled with toys. all do you have do bring in new unwrapped toy to our cbs-3 studios, drop it off. >> we will be starting at 6:00 a.m. i'll be outside. you can drop off toys until 8:00 tonight. you can find us at 1555 hamilton street. that's in philadelphia. the toys will be donated to the salvation army, the uso and the boys and girls clubs. >> well, coming up: young cancer patient comes to the u.s. as part of his treatment. >> and some members of law enforcement roll out the welcome mat. we will tell you how agencies from two states are making sure this day is a memorable
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>> special call for one little boy, calling home away from home. >> people love me, very nice to them. and i'm just happy. >> alex goodwyn is nine years old, he traveled from the united kingdom to children's mercy to undergo tests and hopefully treatment to fight czar comb, a rare cancer in his feel or. when he needed to travel to kansas city, a relationship started between his father jeff and trooper, because jeff is a constable in the uk. >> just couple of month ago i metal ex through social media channels. now here i am getting a chance to visit him and talk to his dad, jeff, and his mother, he his little sister sophie. just to have a conversation outside of his treatment, outside of this hospital, about the things he enjoys. >> trooper isn't the only cop who has visited alex. law enforcement agencies from
5:55 am
across kansas city and miss your have i stopped by for a special visit. >> nice, friendly, protect the innocent just like i want to protect the innocence. >> while he fight a battle with his own body, he is still thinking of others, with a special message for everyone. >> well, i'm very happy, you guys, a i want you guys to have a nice day, and don't worry. who ever is following me, i'll alwaysing in your hearts. and your thoughts. so have a nice day. and i hope to see you soon. >> as the day ends add special embrace between two new friends. >> oh, that was -- >> i can't watch. you know me, i'm like an emotional sponge when i watch those stories. >> i know, but what adds to that, i have this thing about children with accents, i just love it. oh, he is such a sweet boy. >> we wish him well and great for those police officers spending some time with him.
5:56 am
coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", our picture, we will take a look at this, oh, they're getting ready. exciting. "joy of sharing" toyfest drop-off is just minutes, just minutes, i tell you. >> from getting underway. we will tell you where to go and how your donation will help make a child's christmas merry and bright. look at all every those boxes. >> look at that. and rahel, how much sugar is too much shoeing smash. >> well, we will tell but a new study that is having some doubts on those new sugar guidelines. >> oh, my. >> okay, we will will be right back.
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>> new from overnight, removing truck that barrelled into a crowded christmas market in berlin, killing a dozen people. why authorities say all signs point to a terror attack. >> and, security is tight in our area, in response to that tragedy, in berlin, liver at the christmas market in center sit way look at how police are keeping residents and visitors with the holiday. >> turning to happy news, "joy of "joy of sharing" toyfest drop off day is getting underway right now, come say hello, drop off toy, help a child have merry christmas, here until 8:00 tonight. >> coming up in this hour.
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good morning, it is tuesday, december 20th, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. justin and meisha are getting us out the door this morning, keeping an eye on things. >> busy day. >> yes, it is a busy day, a lot like it was yesterday. the good thing is we have a lot to be counting or blessings for, no snow, ice on the roadways, no rain today. dry conditions. but they're heating up certainly, getting bus. >> i weather will be quiet today, next several days. you saw the picture, there those guys wearing the hats, winter coats. that's what you need this morning. it is coal. don't get me wrong. >> including you, justin. >> i had my coat. i have my coat. yes. so you know, i'm wearing a coat, it is cold. >> yes. >> colder than yesterday morning. twenty-two right now at the airport, philadelphia, suburbs down to the single digit, but the wind, that's huge. north winds, only around 6 miles per hour, so yes, windchills values notice teens, could be whole lot worse. yesterday, actually felt colder, when you factor in the wind. so 6 degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. 11 degrees colder, up into the lehigh valley and allentown. there you go, 12, the official


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