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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, december 20th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." terror at a christmas market in berlin when a big rig truck slams into a crowd killing 12. new details, this morning on the suspect. and the nypd's john miller is here to look at the potential threat in the u.s. cameras capture the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey. vladimir putin vows to find out who directed the gunman's hand. kennedy center honoree al pacino tells charlie rose why he's born to act and how he almost lost his defining role in
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"godfather" >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> questioning the man of turning a holiday shopping into a scene of deadly carnage. >> a deadly day in turkey. >> police saw say that monday's deadly truck crash was a presumed terror attack. >> russia and turkish foreign ministers have condemned the assassination of ambassador of turkey. >> vladimir putin said we must know who directed the killer's hands. >> despite protests coast to coast, donald trump cements a victory for the electoral college. >> the democratic party will not begin to heal itself until it accepts that it lost to donald trump because they had a lousy candidate. >> three people were shot. >> it is cold outside. >> a warmup is coming for parts of the country that is in a deep
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freeze. >> wednesday, first day of winter. >> developing, china has just returned a u.s. navy underwater drone that are was seized by a chinese ship last week. >> a major weekend meltdown, frontier cancelled 70% of its flights. >> wall-to-wall luggage. >> all that -- >> this guy thought it was a good idea to take a shot on say frozen lake. sure enough, this happened. wide open, touchdown, washington redskins playoffs hopes -- >> "all that mattered." >> the weight of the legacy that you're carrying, has that weight lifted or just shifted? >> knowing that we've made it this far and we survived there is a sort of weight that is lifted. >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> what is your prayer for our country? >> my desire for this country is that we remain hopeful. and that we find a place in our hearts to love each other. it's really simple.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gayle king are off. nancy mason and alex wagner of "this morning" this is are here. >> good morning. security is tighter across much of you're after suspected terror attacks in germany and switzerland, a tractor trailer rammed into a berlin market yesterday killing 12 people. nearly 50 others were injured. police arresteded suspect shortly after the attack. new video shows him being loaded into a police van. >> navid baloch a source tells cbs he's a migrant born in afghanistan. he arrived in germany from
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pakistan nearly a year ago. charlie d'agata is in berlin where all of the christmas markets are closed because of the attack. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, police have confirmed that that suspect was known to authorities as a minor offender. he had registered at a refugee center. a local politician said, look, we are in a state of war, whether people want to admit it or not. the smashed windshield and battered front end bore the evidence of the truck's path of destruction. so did what was underneath. the trapped bodies of victims, as emergency crews scrambled to ave as many lives as they could. the truck jumped the curb and plowed straight into the crowd, american eyewitness sadana durante told us. just went into the market, took down a few stalls and rolled into the market. it happened really fast.
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>> reporter: this morning, forensics teams separated the cab of the truck and removed for investigation. the christmas market is outside of kaiser wilhelm memorial church. witnesses say it jumped on to the pedestrianized walkway, and drove through the area packed with tourists and shopper where is the stalls were set up. many were flattened. the christmas decorations torn down by the truck. the suspected driver was arrested less than two miles away near the berlin zoo. among the dead was the passenger of the truck, a polish citizen, the police were quick to confirm, he was not in control of the truck at the time of the incident. the truck had polish license plates and was republic sistered to a polish transportation company. it was hauling 25 tons of steel. u.s. intelligence officials tell cbs news the horror that unfolded bore similarities to the terrorist attack in nice, france, in july. when a truck tour through a crowd and killed 86 people.
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isis claimed responsibilities for that attack. and has since encouraged its supporters to launch similar attacks elsewhere. we've learned this morning that the polish driver in this attack had been shot and killed. we've also heard that one brave eyewitness actually followed the suspect as he fled. like a mile and a half, pointed him out to police and that's why he was captured so quickly. alex. >> charlie d'agata in germany, thanks. the attack in berlin caused a visible increase in security here in the united states. the new york city and chicago police departments were out in force last night. officers patrolled in and around holiday markets. just in the last month, the state department issued a travel alert. it warns americans of the heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout europe. the alert specifically urged caution at holiday festivals, events and outdoor markets. >> john miller is nypd's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counters terrorism.
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he's also our former senior correspondent. john, good morning. >> good morning. >> what did you think about the nature of this attack? and what does it mean for the security posture here at home? >> i think the nature of this attack is another suggestion that we're seeing that both al qaeda and isil have called on their supporters, their followers, to do attacks within their range. and they have given out, in their magazines, a series of examples using knives, if you can't get a gun. using a truck. using a car, as we saw at ohio state, if you can't get a truck. but basically, what they're asking for is low-tech, low-cost, high-impact. i think we're seeing that again. >> this truck was stolen apparently from a polish truck driver who was killed by the suspect who was born in afghanistan of pakistani parents. when you look at information like this, and you transfer it essentially to the situation in new york where you've had a record number of tourists this year, how do you prevent against something like this, john? >> well, we've got a layered
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approach. and the idea is if you have enough consecentric circles you should follow it. one of the things we did with al qaeda years ago was develop a relationship with the truck and rental truck industry. one of the second things we did after the nice attack was to go back out to 140 truck rental locations and say here's some indications of suspicious behavior. here's how to get us on the hotline. here's how to get me, the detective who has come to see you, on my phone and really raise awareness. >> to what degree is there intelligence services between american intelligences and european intelligence services? >> the intelligence services between european and american intelligence services is actually pretty good. the issues that they're challenged by is intelligence sharing between european services themselves. >> do we have any indication
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that there has been an uptick in the security threat here at home during the holidays? >> no. we see the usual threat stream, which has just become a part of life, norah. but at this point, we don't see any specific credible threat either going towards the holiday season. or in new york in particular. but we've made a lot of adjustments based on these kinds of attacks and other things. >> you heard the berlin mayor was quoted as saying maybe we can't hold street festivals like this anymore. are we going to reach a point where we literally can't do certain things, john? >> you know, this is the most difficult question of my job. people say what do you worry about the most. spend very little time worrying and an awful lot of time planning. part of what happened yesterday is a by-product of that. we see an attack in germany. our european posts flash back to
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their contacts and say, what was the target? how was it done? it was a truck, in a christmas market. we immediately go to the new york overlays, where are the christmas markets. we've got our lists. here, here, here. hercules teams, critical response teams. we try to put that layer as we learn more. it's about being flexible and agile. but he who protects everything protects nothing. you can only spread your resources so widely. and i've got to tell you, when you do the analysis piece, we can figure out what are the high-profile targets. but you also say one of the largest loss of life on u.s. soil in the post 9/11 world in the terrorism attack happened at a gay nightclub in orlando. not in the main thoroughfare. you know, on latino night. you start to see the randomness of the targeting. and that's one of the
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challenges. and have to be flexible at best. >> john miller, thank you for being here. >> thanks. russian investigators arrived in turkey this morning after the assassination of moscow's ambassador in ankara. it was all captured on camera. the ambassador was shot at the opening of an art exhibit in the turkish capital. an associated press photographer took these photos of the man waving his hand gun and shouting. holly williams is in antakya, turkey, near the syrian border. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, russian sources say it was an attempt to disrupt their organization. but on the surface it looks like retribution for russia's bloody air campaign in syria. the russian ambassador was giving a speech in an art gallery, watched by the man who
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would kill him minutes later. remember aleppo, remember syria, the assassin shouted after shooting andrei karlov in the back. murdering him, apparently in revenge for russia's deadly interception in the syria civil war. the gunman was a 22-year-old turkish police officer whose attack left others in the museum cowering. he was later killed in a shoot-out with security forces according to local media. russia and turkey are on opposite sides of the syrian war. recently, relations have improved. negotiating a cease fire last week. this comes just days after thousands in turkey protested against russian air strikes in syria. like many in the middle east, they're serious about russia's lethal support of the regime. it helped the regime draw back control of the city of aleppo.
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but syrians have paid with their lives. and it's forced thousands of civilians to flee. >> is there literally nothing that can shame you? >> reporter: the u.s. has condemned it as barberous. and over 200 people fled aleppo province live until mud and desperation. but even al kamuna, a place of last resort was hit by an air strike in may. the suspected work of either russia or the regime it further fueled anger with moscow. shots were also fired outside of the u.s. embassy here in turkey last night. a gunman produced a shotgun and fired several shots into the air. but there were no casualties. he was later detained. and today, the embassy is closed. alex. >> holly williams in turkey, thank you. the suspect in a shooting at a mosque in zurich, switzerland,
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has been found dead. police confirmed his body was about 300 yards from the shooting scene. witnesses say the gunman stormed in and shot three men during evening prayers. two of them were seriously wounds. the mostive is still unclear. mr. trump attributed the turkish and german attacks to islamic terrorists. he tweeted it is only getting worse. the civilized world must change thinking. it came on the same day that the electoral college formally cast their ballots. but it doesn't happen without a little drama major garrett is following that transition. major, good morning. >> good morning, president-elect donald trump won't the anticlimactic electoral vote. in fact, he suffered fewer defections than hillary clinton. at the same time, mr. trump was reminded of the mayhem that confronts the west and will soon
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confront his white house. >> reporter: from his southern florida retreat at mar-a-lago, the president-elect described the fight against terrorism in starkly religious terms. isis and other islamist terrorists continually slaughter christians in their communities he said in a statement. and these terrorists must be eradicated from the face of the earth. during the campaign, candidate trump said german chancellor angela merkel's acceptance of refugees undermine safety. >> take a look at germany. take a look at certain parts of sweden. take a look at areas, you don't want to go there. >> reporter: since 2015, germany has reportedly allowed 500,000 refugees to go there. >> i'm going to keep radical islamist terrorism out of our country. >> donald trump, 36 votes. yesterday, the constitutionally mandated process of
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state-by-state electoral votes certified mr. trump's victory. >> six votes for donald trump -- >> whoo! >> reporter: shouts erupted. in wisconsin, police carried a woman out. others took to the streets. >> do the right thing! >> reporter: but the ballots themselves were cast with little fanfare. mr. trump received 304 votes to hillary clinton's 227. one of which came from her husband former president bill clinton who was the first to cast his vote in new york. afterwards, he touted clinton's popular vote. >> she prevailed against it. and the russia and the fbi deal and couldn't prevail against that. >> mr. trump called it a landslide victory because the margin was, quote, far greater than ever anticipated by the media. trump is the first republican to win more than 286 electoral votes since 1988. overall, his electoral margin
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ranks 46th out of 58 presidential elections. anthony. >> major garrett, thanks. the u.s. navy underwater drone seized by china is back in american hands. the hands-off took place overnight in the south china sea off the philippines. that's close to where it was taken last week. the u.s. said the drone was collecting scientific data and was removed unlawfully. the procedure drew criticism from president-elect trump. china said the drone was returned after what it called friendly negotiation. federal safety regulators are launching preliminary reports after reports of dodge vehicles rolled away. 1 million dodge ram pickups, durango suvs. the vehicles reportedly rolled away after put in park. this alleged resulted in at least 25 crashes and nine injuries. the models being reviewed are 2013 through 2016 dodge ram
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pickups. and 2013 through 2016 dodge durango suvs. frontier airlines is apologizing for disruptions to customers on hundreds of flights. piles of bags were unclaimed at denver's international airport. that is days after nine inches of snow caused the cancellations. the airline was overwhelmed by the storm. many passengers were stranded. a spokesman blames the delays on staff not being able to get to the airport. we just checked all but one flight out of denver are currently listed on time. the faa is investigating an incident where an air traffic controller apparently told a pilot to fly in the wrong direction towards the mountains. air flight 716 headed for taiwan was supposed to fly south to the ocean. the air traffic controller could be heard sending the pilot north towards the san gabriel mounts.
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>> eva 015 heavy learn test, left turn heading 270. >> what are you doing, turn southbound now, southbound now. stop your climb. >> confirm eva 015 heavy. >> as the plane began turning it was flighting at an altitude of 4800 feet. that's almost 900 feet lower than the top of mount wilson. the faa wants to know if the flight violated regulations by going so close to the mountain. the plane continued its trip and did land safely in taiwan. >> wow. an american hostage pleads for help from the president and the president-elect. the emotional video who shows
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first lady michelle obama ruled out a run for president in 2020. >> ahead in her interview with oprah, she explains why that's too much for one family to take on. >> news is back here in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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and good morning, everyone, i'm rahel solomon, live this morning, from our cbs-3 parking lot. we're here for our final day of the "joy of sharing" toy drive. we'll have a report from here in just a few minutes, first, we will get a check on weather and traffic from justin and meisha. >> cold start to the day. some of the coldest temperatures we've had this season for some of the suburbs, got down to single digits. twenty-one at the airport, 13 allentown, good news the winds is lighter than yesterday morning. so, windchills values not quite as cold as monday. we get up to around 40 degrees in afternoon in the sunshine, 40's at the shore, near freezing for the high today. up in the poconos, winter officially arrives tomorrow morning, back above average, 45 degrees, for wednesday afternoon. and we will keep it in the mid and upper 40's through the end of the week, christmas day
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mainly dry, could see showers later at night. going to be mild, high of around 06 degrees, most 50's will continue into early next week, we check out the traffic. >> let's do, that justin, look behind me right now. we have live chopper three, over another car fire, in the morning, not to mention, it is also on the blue route. so this, on the blue route, saint david's villanova all lanes block, crews out there just putting out the fire right now, in fact, just before i came on, we were literally watching them put that on. and what was happening is some of the embers were flying up in the air, going in these bushes. which started kind of a mini second fire, looks like, they've got that contained, look like the fire in the car is now contained, but mostly going live outside to another picture, this is where we had the truck fire, blue route southbound before broomall. traffic just squeezing by, in that far left shoulder. i can tell you right now it is slow moving. take a look at this, between the schuylkill and 95 southbound. it is going to run you about an hour and a half. and possibly two hours avoid the blue route if you can. rahel, back over to you. meisha, thank you.
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and i can personally a test, it is a little chilly out here, but never too cold, right, to help deserving child. take a look at the screen, out here in our cbs-3 parking lot until 8:00 p.m. tonight. we will be here collecting toys, here at 15th 55 hamilton street in philadelphia. so come say hi to us, help child have a merry christmas, if you not get here today with toy, you can still get involved. all do you have do make 10-dollar donation to salvation army by texting joy to 41444. of course message and data rights apply. joining thus morning, managing partner of twc thanks for braving the colds with us. >> thank you, it is chill. >> i nippy. tell us how you got involved and for how long you have been involved? >> twc has been involved for about six years with the salvation army during our holiday party each year we bring gift for the children. >> that's awesome. so how many would you say that over the years you have -- >> it has to be four, 5,000, yes. just terrific. >> absolutely, ed, we thank you for your generosity, here
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again until 8:00 p.m.
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♪ ♪ why i got you on my mind welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour -- first lady michelle obama say she and the president are trying to send a message during a transition. ms. obama spoke to oprah in her last white house interview. how she said donald trump is getting support her husband didn't when he took office. plus, a homeowner blamed fracking from unusual side effects like heart palpitations and dizziness. ahead, why the epa says the oil and gas extraction process could affect local water supplies. time to show you this morning's headlines. "the washington post" said the president-elect's son is throwing a party the day after his inauguration. the event grants access to
7:31 am
mr. trump. eric and donald trump jr. are inviting well-wishers for $1 million. you reportedly get a private reception with 16 guests with the newly sworn in donald trump. you can also get a multiday hunting and fishing excursion with trump's sons. the invitation is only a draft and contains some inaccuracies. "usa today" reports that president obama set a pardons record. 78 bardins and 153 commutations. the most granted by a president in one day. the president has ordered 1,176 commutations in all. mostly drug offenders. more than half have been freed in the past year. >> the "wall street journal" reports a new york hedge fund has been charged in a $1 billion fraud case. they are charged with defrauding
7:32 am
more than 600 investors. all pleaded not guilty. perhaps the largest fraud since bernie madoff's ponzi scheme. the los angeles times reports on the dismissal of bias complaints against the judge whose sentencing in a sexual assault case was widely criticized. aaron persky gave former stanford athlete brock turner six months behind bars for assaulting an unconscious woman. prosecutors called for six years. judicial overseers turned the ruling within the parameters set by law. >> the "the new york times" says a new video released by the taliban shows an american and her family in captivity. pleading for the president and president-elect trump to secure their release. the couple was kidnapped in afghanistan four years ago. margaret brennan of the state department shows us the
7:33 am
hostage's message. >> good morning. the video shows the first public images of caitlan coleman alongside the two children she's given birth to in captivity. all attempts to negotiate their release has been successful. >> we have waited since 2012 for somebody to understand our problem. >> reporter: the video shows american caitlan coleman and her canadian husband and her two children for the first time. around the ages of 4 and 2 hear healthy but their clothing is dingy and faces appear unnationed. >> obama, your legacy in leaving office is probably important to you. >> reporter: the obama administration has been trying to bring pennsylvania native caitlan coleman home since 2012. she's being held by the haqqani
7:34 am
network, a terrorist group affiliated with the taliban. she and her husband disappeared after backpacking in an area known to be a stronghold. coleman was pregnant with her first child. in a video coleman warned that their lives were at risk. the haqqani network also held him for five years. she's also calling for donald trump to meet their demands. >> they want money and power. you must give them these things. >> it's likely part of haqqani's attempts to free senior leaders from afghan countries. alex, the state department isn't commenting, but canada has
7:35 am
called for their unconditional release. >> margaret, thanks. first lady michelle obama told oprah winfrey this year's election was, quote, painful. in a farewell interview that aired last night on cbs, the first lady talked about her time in the white house and plans for the future. ms. obama said she will not run for fled 2020. there you have it. she also revealed her frustrations with the recent election. the first lady told oprah, she went to bed before the results were in. >> what was your first thought? >> mentally, i kind of digested it before i actually read it. this is why it's important to understand. as i said time and time again, words matter. and they matter most to our kids. and the words that we say moving forward, all of us, it matters. which is one of the reasons why barack and i are so supportive of this transition. because no matter how we felt
7:36 am
going into it. it is important for the health of this nation that we support the commander in chief. wasn't done when my husband took office, but we're going high. and this is what's best for the country. so we are going throb for the next president and do whatever we have to do to make sure that he is successful because if he succeeds, we all succeed. >> would you ever run for office? i have to ask you. no kind of office? >> no. no, i'm not mixed up. i'm not coy. i'm pretty direct. i don't believe in playing games, you nope it's not something that you cavalierly just sort of ask a family to do again. but let me just tell america, this is hard. it's a hard job. i said it on the campaign trail. it requires a lot of sacrifice. it is a weighty thing.
7:37 am
>> it uses it up? >> 16 years would be -- right? let's just -- 16 years. i wouldn't do that to my kids. >> president obama also made a surprise appearance. he praised his wife for mixing purpose and policy with fun. there will be an encore presentation in the interview wednesday on own, the oprah winfrey network. okay. i think she's putting to rest some finality the run for president. >> it's rare to see the first lady in an extended interview like that to discuss the whole range of topics and her respect for the transition. for the next process. for the nation. >> and for the office. >> yes. >> anytime you can pull back the curtain and realize how hard that job is for anyone. >> during the duration of the term, you never really get to see that. or feel that. it's only in a moment like this.
7:38 am
a government agency is raising serious concerns about fracking and its impact on drinking party. ahead, why the epa is taking a tougher stance than ever before on the controversial practice. 1. and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast on itunes podcast app. today, we have a special episodes with retired cbs correspondent bill plante. he describes his 52-year career. this own words from interview martin luther king jr. and president obama. we'll be right back. ♪ listen, sugar, we're lettin' you go. it's that splenda naturals gal, isn't it? coffee: look, she's sweet, she's got natural stevia, no bitter aftertaste, and zero calories. all the partners agree? even iced tea? especially iced tea. goodbye, sugar. hello, new splenda naturals.
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♪ an epa report about fracking is reigniting fears over the extraction of oil and gas from rock under the earth.
7:43 am
the agency said it's unable to characterize its severity of fracking on drinking waters but it does point to circumstances that can make ground water vulnerable. it happens in seven zones three of them partially in texas. manuel bojorquez is in the dallas area to show us concerns of residents. >> reporter: good morning, this is elizabeth falconer's home. you may not notice anything about it until you walk into the garage. because this is where the family has installed a $30,000 water filtration system. the reason, falconer said she's had her water tested and it came back with chemical levels higher than the epa recommends. elizabeth falconer says the water in her waterford, texas, home is undrinkable, even with an expensive filter. how often do you have to get water? >> we probably go through two or three a week. >> reporter: after fracking starts in 2009, fall donner
7:44 am
claims her drinking water gave her heart papa operations and made her dizzy. is there a smoking gun, something that you can directly point to and say this is directly related to fraccing? >> i'm not a scientist. i can only say this is an interview in time compared with good water and bad water. >> reporter: in the report the epa complains how frac can go impact drinking water resources under some circumstances. but the agency can't say how severely. highly-pressurized water and chemicals are used in fraccing to ex tracts oil and gas from rock formations below the earth. chemically treated water is blasted down a wall. the process fractures the rock freeing the oil to move up to the surface. the government has concerns over well leaks and waste water aboveground. the agency didn't point to any damage related to the fracking itself. >> what we found is although the
7:45 am
overall incidence of impacts is low, is that there are vulnerabilities. >> reporter: the epa is taking a tougher stance than ever before. the language in an earlier draft of the report downplaying fracking concerns was removed. it said, we did not find evidence that these mechanisms have led to widespread systemic impacts on drinking water resources." epa supervisor tom burke explained. >> the gaps in information unfortunately do not allow to us say how much. what is the great of the impact. so that sentence was removed. >> this is fearmongering at its worst. the report is disappointing.ys >> earlier data is strong and shows the technology is not creating widespread systemic impacts to the environment but the data is clear. >> reporter: according to the energy information organization
7:46 am
fracking accounts for 60% of this year's oil production. we have reached out to elizabeth falconer's lawyers but she says she just wants it done properly. >> it's fascinating because fracking has led to our increased energy independence which is a good thing. 60% of domestic oil and gas production. with that, there are going tour more questions like this. >> worth looking into it. >> thank you, manny. a notre dame basketball player gets the best christmas present ever. ahead, how his returning soldier brother pulled off the emotional
7:47 am
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notre dame, congrats on the win. notre dame point guard matt farrell was shocked when his brother bo who was supposed to be deployed in afghanistan surprised him after last night's win. the junior shed tears after he went to hug him on the court. he thought bo was doing a special message from his deployment and had no idea he was there. he told them it was the best christmas present he's ever had. >> look at him bawling. he's got his shirt up in his eyes. brothers. al pacino says there's something different about the honors. ahead the award winning actor talks to charlie rose about his work and how he loved to arch as a child. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
7:52 am
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hello, new splenda naturals. you say "all that mattered" -- >> so, i'm saying. >> there are a million of us. >> charlie's signature like.
7:56 am
>> all tha good morning, i'm jim donovan, philadelphia police are increasing security at the christmas village outside city hall move comes after truck attack in berlin germany killed 12 people, injured dozens more, people notice phillies own display of pop up shops similar to the one attack last night and police aren't willing to take any chances. now, let's check in with justin for a look at today's weather out on the skydeck, hey, justin. >> final day of astronomical fall, clear skies over us, we will have the sunshine out it will struggle to warm the temperatures up, activities starting to develop in the cbs-3 studios that's today, "joy of sharing" toyfest drop off day. need to fill that truck up, we will. stop on by.
7:57 am
cbs-3 studios, anywhere from now until 8:00 tonight. unwrapped toy for child in need. we will be out here all day long, little cold right now, into the afternoon, sunshine will slowly warm things up. twenty-two the official temperature at the airport in philadelphia, it is 12 in allentown, 6 degrees, in mount pocono. so this is the actual air temp, not factoring in the wind. good news is the winds is not as strong as yesterday morning, but still feeling like negative three on exposed skin mount pocono, 20 wilmington. right now strong enough breeze to make it feel like 9 degrees, down in the capitol city of delaware, nice and quiet on storm scan3, high pressure dominating the east coast, we are locked into dry parent, pretty much the rest of the work week. so plenty of sunshine throughout the delaware valley today. temperature this time of year around 43 degrees, slightly below that, but considering where we were earlier this morning, single digits, teens in spots, 40 degrees not bad. low 40's at the shore with the sunshine, and up near freezing, in the poconos, good conditions to make some snow. cranking out ♪ guns here, up
7:58 am
in the resorts good skiing riding ahead. each day warmer headed to the official start of the winter season arrives 5:44 a.m. on wednesday. we head toward christmas weekends, we will be talking about milder temperatures, not as warm as last year, we had 60s, 70s, christmas eve day, christmas eve night and christmas day itself, talking temperatures up around 50 degrees, check the next storm to hole off until late christmas day night, maybe few showers, and that will extends into monday as well, but looks like the rest of the year will remain warmer than average. let's go get a check on the roads with meisha. what's snapping. >> justin let's do, that so looking at video right now, we have been talking about this car fire blue route southbound saint david's villanova all lanes block for quite some time. now it sounds like one left lane is just squeezing by. but you can see, the backups there, are extensive. give yourself at least another hour and a half or avoid the area altogether, jim, over to you. >> thanks, next update 8:25, coming up on cbs this morning
7:59 am
how pregnancy affect a woman's brain. i'm jim
8:00 am
♪ it's tuesday, december 20th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, new information on the deadly attack on a christmas market in germany. police in berlin are now uncertain whether they have the right man in custody. former white house security adviser fran townsend looks at how the west will respond. but first here's today "eye opener" at 8:00. >> local politicians say look we're in a state of war whether people want to admit it or not. >> are we going to reach a point where we literally can't do certain things anymore, john? >> it's about being agile. it's about being flexible it's about being quick.
8:01 am
but as said a long time ago we who protect protect nothing. >> on the face of it, it looks like an act of retribution for russia's air campaign in syria. >> donald trump won the anticlimactic electoral college vote. in fact, he suffered fewer defections than hillary clinton. the outcome was never in doubt. >> putting together any prospects of a candidacy in 2020. >> john mccain criticized president obama yesterday and said he has no strategy and policy on recent hacking. oh, he has a strategy, all right, it's called running out the clock. [ laughter ] >> oh, let me see, i guess that would be your problem. [ laughter ] >> i'm norah o'donnell with anthony mason and alex wagner.
8:02 am
police in berlin, germany now say they are not sure if they have the right man in custody after yesterday's terror attacks. it's not clear if he was the one driving the truck. >> the tractor trailer ran into people in a busy market. there's a suspect in custody, but he denies any involvement. charlie d'agata is in berlin with the latest. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there appear to be a major set ys setback here last night. the police say the man they arrested may not be the driver of the truck. they're unable to confirm the man was the main suspect. of course that raises the question the person they're looking for may still be on the run. what we do know around 8:00 last night at this packed christmas fair, this truck came barrelling in, down this road. veered off into the right at
8:03 am
about 40 miles an hour. flattened some of the market stalls there. finally came to a stop. 12 people were killed, 50 more injured. the truck had polish license plates. it's been traced to be a polish hauling company. police have confirmed that the polish driver of the truck was found shot dead. but again, the main headline at this hour, as police are unable to confirm that the suspect they have in custody was the driver of the truck. alex. >> charlie d'agata in berlin, thanks. the deadly attack came hours just after russia's ambassador to turkey as assassinated as he spoke at an art gallery at the capital city of ankara. a 22-year-old turkish police officer shot the ambassador in the back. he waved his gun yelling remember aleppo, remember syria.
8:04 am
afterwards, security forces shot and killed the assassin. >> an ap photographer in the room took the photos, he said he only went there because the event was on his way home from his office. he said after the shots, quote, people screamed, hid behind columns and under tables and lay on the floor. i was afraid and confused but found partial cover behind a wall and did my job. taking photographs. the assassination comes a week after thousands rallied in turkey protesting moscow's support for the syrian regime. russian air strikes helped the government regain control of the city of aleppo at a heavy humanitarian cost. >> cbs news correspondent fran townsend is a homeland security adviser to president george w. bush. good morning. what do you make of the man who they thought may be the suspect may not be involved? >> what i remind you this is not an isolated incident.
8:05 am
we've seen an increase in secure in brussels, in london, in paris. this comes on the heels of just last week as christmas market in southwest germany, a 12-year-old boy planted a mail bomb. there's been a history, just this year, these sorts of attacks. this is reminisce centntreminisy of the nice attack. we've seen an increase since last year, a 17-year-old girl with an ax attack on a train. and 20-year-old syrian with a backpack bomb in germany, all this year. i think it's going to put enormous pressure on the merkel government to get to the bottom of this. we understand from investigators that just this important at an airport refugee camp, they did some searching in an effort to forward the investigation. >> then in terms of lone wolf attacks those in and of themselves seem hard to prevent but lone wolf attacks where the
8:06 am
weapon say common item like a vehicle, how difficult is this for security services? >> well, it's near impossible, right? you're not focused on sort of disrupting a vehicle, finding a weapon or taking a weapon away in an individual. you focus your intelligence efforts on identifying individuals. but you point out it's a lone wolf, there's very few indicators. so as investigators say from flash to bang, from the moment the individual commits the attack is very short. look at the germany christmas market. we believe from investigators that he stole is, crashed into the market. >> what's fascinating to me is the intelligence, right. so the state department last month issued a warning about potential attacks at christmas-related events. does this suggest that there could be an uptick of this in many different places? >> i think that's right, norah. look at that very threat warning
8:07 am
you referred to. it's clear that there's some intelligence driving the state department's warning. that particularly in europe, during this christmas period, so we have to reminds people as they travel through the holidays, and the christmas markets are really beautiful and a tourist attraction to remind people about their security. to understand where you are. where would you exit. if you had to leave in a hurry where would you meet the travelers you're with. we heard john this morning. we're not hearing this is in the united states. but we have this conversation in a post-9/11 every holiday. look at new york, on new year's eve, they have the most extraordinary perimeters, layer upon layer, each one of those
8:08 am
layers is another opportunity for lw enforcement to disrupt that attack. >> be vigilant this holiday season. >> thank you so much. no terror group has taken responsibilities for the attack in berlin, but president-elect trump blamed islamic terrorists. he said in a quote, isis and other islamist terrorists continually slaughter christians in their communities and places-many these terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the earth. the electoral college cast their ballots in all 50 states. mr. trump received 324 electoral votes far more than needs. >> the fashion world is remembering tina machado. she broke racial barriers in the fashion industry. she was the first noncaucasian
8:09 am
model featured in a national magazine. she appeared in harper's bazaar in 1959. she was in the magazine despite the fact that she was not white. he took his famous photo of her. machado returned to modeling later in life. she was in this ad a few years ago. she was 86. women may not think the same way after having their first baby. ground breaking research on how the brain changes during pregnancy. we're not talking about mommy br
8:10 am
acting legend al pacino tells charlie rose he was surprised at the kennedy center honors. >> kevin spacey does a fabulous
8:11 am
impression. >> do not do an impression of me. not funny. do not say -- i don't like it. >> i don't like it, but i think it's funny. >> who ha! >> it's very funny. the oscar winner looking back at his life and career and explains how he captures the magic of acting. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ masthe lindor truffley smooth. ... from the lindt master chocolatiers. hard outer shell... smooth, luscious center. unwrap. unwind. with the lindor truffle. from the lindt master chocolatiers.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ♪ in our "morning rounds ""a groundbreaking look at how pregnancy can change a woman's brain. researchers performed mri scans before and after first pregnancy. they found changes in the size and structure in some areas of the brain. those areas deal with perceiving the feelings of other people. the changes were still visible two years later. our dr. taryne arula is here. >> good morning.
8:16 am
pregnancy may be priming us for motherhood. we took 25 first-time moms scanned their brains before pregnancy and after pregnancy. also with women who were not pregnant. in architecture of the grain in specific areas of gray matter, not in random pattern but in the ability to process. meaning what other people are understanding, feeling, thinking, what their changes. they did not see the changes in the fathers. >> this makes evolutionary, right? >> it is basically helping a mom hone her intuition. to feel out potential threats that her child may be favoring. and to improve that bonding or attachment. interestingly they did mri scans, functional mris as they were looking at pictures of babies. pictures of their baby, and their pony babies. the same areas of volume loss in
8:17 am
the brain. >> what happened to the father's brain? >> oh, i can tell you. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> they just shut down. >> flatline. >> you hear so many moms talk about mommy brain, pregnancy brain. that's because they say, oh, i forgot this. is that a real thing? >> i don't think we really know. there are some studies that suggested that. they did do cognitive testing before pregnancy they did not do during pregnancy. but what it tells us is that the brain is pastic, there's something called synaptic pruning going on. it strengthens the important critical connections. >> they compared this to the
8:18 am
adolescent >> they do. >> it's not complicated by stress or sleep deprivation, or do we know? >> we don't really know. there are others that play into, dietary and other stress. and it's a couple months after birth so there say window of time that could affect the brain. but they did not see the changes in the men. >> what are the long-ram implications of this, do you think? >> it opens up the door. this is a first of its kind first-time study. and may be able to predict which women may be at risk for postpartum depression which is really important if you suffer from that. >> interesting. >> i'm glad the men did so well. >> yeah, right. >> maybe your brain would be different. >> i think not. prince harry gets emotional as he talks about the death of his mother, princess diana.
8:19 am
ahead, why he said he feels an overwhelming connection to the children his charity searches. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by nexium 24 hours. of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you. and that's why i will never, ever wash you. protect your clothes from the damage of the wash with downy fabric conditioner. it not only softens and freshens... it helps protect clothes... from stretching, fading and fuzz... so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner
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8:22 am
♪ prince harry said he struggled emotionally after his
8:23 am
mother was killed in a car accident in 1987. he made the comments in a documentary about his charity in the african country. he said even though it was hard to face his mother's death, he wants to continue what he called her unfinished work. >> i never really don't wish what happened, a lot of buried emotion. for a huge part of my life i just can't even want to think about it. i now view life very different than what it used to be. i used to bury my head in the sand and let everything tear to you pieces. for me, i can see exactly where i want to take it. i always feel i need to make something of my life. i don't want to be this person, you know, my mom, my mother died when i was very, very young. i don't want to be in this position. but now, i'm just -- i'm so energized inspired. fired up and energized to be
8:24 am
lucky in a position to make a difference. >> a big part of the prince's work is fighting hiv/aids. exactly the impact on kids. he's been there because so many have suffered loss at a young age like he did. one of the highlights of 2016 for me was meeting prince harry and getting to interview him. he's one of the most authentic people i've ever met. he's dedicated his life to charity. >> it's interesting to see how he rebelled against his role in the beginning and didn't want to do it. >> both of those kids have just grown up to be spectacular young ma. >> that's very true. the new inductees to the rock and roll hall of fame getting announced. don't be surprised if you find seaweed chips or russian
8:25 am
hey good morning, everyone, i'm rahel solomon. live this morning, at the cbs-3 parking lot, and our spring garden station for our final day of the "joy of sharing" toyfest campaign drive. we'll have more in just a moment. first let's get a check on weather justin drabick. >> good morning, rahel, look good out, there filling up that truck. temperatures again on the cold side this morning, we woke to up a lot of locations into the teens, even some spots into the single digit. nice rebounds coming at us this afternoon, clear skies right now, still chilly, though. look at some of the suburbs, up into the lehigh valley, 12 degrees at this hour, six mount pocono, low 20's philadelphia and areas in delaware and new jersey, nice and quiet on storm scan3, the next several days going to stay like that, locked into a nice dry weather pattern, like i said, pretty good rebound this afternoon up around
8:26 am
40 degrees for philadelphia, low 40's at the shore, near freezing for the afternoon high up in the poconos with plenty of sunshine, winter officially arrives wednesday morning, 5:44, temperatures back up above average mid 40's, through the rest of the week, stays quiet, few more clouds around thursday, temperatures stay above average, mid to upper 40's, the holiday weekends looking pretty mild, up 40th's saturday, christmas day, near 50. could be some showers late sunday night, into monday, looks like temperatures stay above average into next week. with highs in the lower 50's. let's get the latest on the traffic with meisha. >> good morning, justin, we are still seeing a lot of problems out on that blue route. and we have been basically all morning long, snow is kind of quick update for you. so we did have accident, blue route northbound before the schuylkill, now moved all the way off to the shoulder, blocking all lanes, for quite some time, now that is just opening, we will get back to that in just a moment, first car fire, blue route southbound saint david's villanova, all lanes right now back open, because of due to the truck fire, on the blue
8:27 am
route southbound, broomall, right lane still block. but, take a look at the censor maps, you can see how this is really affecting traffic this morning, much more than it typically would, in being parks here is a back up shot from the accident we were just discussing, blue route northbound before the schuylkill, all lanes were blocked, sounds like now it should be pushing off to the shoulder but you can still see just because of how bus at this got around that area, they are not even moving right now. avoid that area. water main break, columbus boulevard southbound closed between queen street and washington avenue. that water is coming out right now. then it is freezing on top of the road surfaces, rahel, over to you. >> all right, meisha. thank you. meisha you know we've been out here since 6:00 a.m. this morning, and we are going to be out here until 8:00 p.m. tonight. take a look at all of these toys behind me, all of the volunteers that we have out here. now, speak to me little bit more about the campaign drive. we have major phil of salvation army major, thanks for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. so 28 year we've been doing this with salvation army, how much does it mean to the kids
8:28 am
for this benefit? >> this means so much. these kids who receive toys for the salvation army would not be able to receive toys from anywhere else, through no fault of their own, parent, families, in very difficult situations, and this makes the holiday just a bit brighter for them. >> absolutely, and anyway to know how many kids you think will be helped this year because of this campaign drive? >> we anticipate 14,000 children should be getting two toys each, so up to 30,000 toys we hope to distribute this christmas. >> and it is something that a lot of us take for granted getting a christmas gift on christmas morning, but, how does it feel when you see sort of the joy in these kids eyes? >> oh, it is very heartwarming. on day like today, that's very important, to just think about that, how heartwarming it is, just know that they're having that happiness, that joy, of getting something, in many cases, exactly what they want to get too. >> major thank you for being with us, back in 30 minutes, until then we have some toys to fill up this truck. we'll be right back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ street lights ♪ on the boulevard somewhere through the night ♪ wow, remember that? that's the legendary rock band journey performing its iconic song "don't stop believing." journey's among the class of rock and roll hall of fame inductees. joan baez, electric light orchestra, pearl jam, tupac shakur and nile rodgers. the induction ceremony for the hall of fame class will take
8:31 am
place in april. >> congratulations. >> and elo. >> and welcome back to "cbs this morning," coming up in this half hour, a surprising food took off in popularity this year. bon appetit deputy editor andy nolten is in our agreement room with a look and exciting new food ideas that we can expect in 2017. plus, al pacino was surprised to receive his kennedy center honor. he looks at his career with charlie rose. and one that got him into prestigious acting school. the new york daily news reports that former colleagues remembered actor alan thicke at a memorial service. thicke died last week after reportedly suffering a heart attack. on sunday former growing pains co-stars including leonardo
8:32 am
dicaprio and kirk cameron paid tribute to thicke. robin thicke also spoke and sang about his dad. >> "washington post" reports that several major retailers are ending the practice of on call schedules. that's when employees are required to call in to find out if they're working that day. the new york attorney general's office says stores like disney and aeropostale is dropping the practice. it made it harder for workers to plan ahead and arrange child care. "the wall street journal" said medical recipients treated by female doctors lived longer than those treated by men. harvard looks at physicians in 1.5 million visits. they reached no conclusions about the reason for the gap, although there was a suggestion that female doctors follow up more with their patients for care. >> men are not doing very well. >> you're an exception to the rule. "usa today" reports on the
8:33 am
first of its kind study around antarcti antarctica. a research vessel carrying 50,000 scientists to look at the effects of pollution and climate change in surrounding waters. >> with less than two weeks to go in 2016, we're looking back at the year in food. 2016 saw an unique look at foods and cuisine, including the healthier style. joining us from bon appetit magazine, andrew, welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> let's start with cauliflower and seaweed. why not? >> that's not the sexiest ingredients out there. you had kale, brussels sprouts, all of us that none of us wanted to eat as kids is coming back. cauliflower is
8:34 am
holistic cauliflower. crudites cauliflower -- >> which is raw cauliflower? >> raw cauliflower. and kung pao. >> i love cauliflower. olive oil and garlic in the oven. >> you're having a party tonight, i hear? >> right, there won't be any cauliflower. seaweed. we got to get used to eating seaweed because that's all that's going to be left from the ocean. >> charcoal is making its way into menus. what's that about? >> it's literally black. it's the same thing that you would put in your grill. apparently it has alleged detoxifying. you go to the supermarket, the health stand, it will be the black charcoal. >> what is activated charcoal mean? >> i'm guessing it's kind of alive and makes things
8:35 am
healthier. activated is a good word, right? >> yeah. >> it change the taste of things? >> no, it messes with your head a little bit, though. >> what are adaptigens? >> it's not a made up word. it's derived from mushrooms, herbs or plants that a lot of people are putting in their smoothies or teas. they supposedly deal with stress more. there's a big mushroom tea, moon juice that sells sex dust which you put in your smoothie. a lot of natural-based things. a lot of trends this year, we saw, were hippie stores, natural food stores 20 years ago are starting to cross over. >> ingredients are given not by case but by nutrition, right? >> it's the healthyish, being
8:36 am
healthyish a lot more fun than >> working those things into your diet. another one, nutritional yeast, not a great word. nooch or hippie dust. if you haven't had it on popcorn, it's amazing. >> i'm encouraged to see old-fashioned american-style pizza is making a comeback. >> i guess we have the neapolitan style pizza which is a very wet personal kind of pizza. it's okay. i didn't love it. but this is the 1980s pacman game playing, foe tiffany lamps. dryer. cheezier. none of that buffalo mozzarella stuff. and detroit style, the crispy edge. >> that's called detroit style? >> detroit style.
8:37 am
t tomato sauce on top. and the healthyish -- >> taiwan has been big on the political front but i understand taiwanese food? >> yes, cuisine, the italian and then your regional foods. the same thing is happening with a lot of the southeast/asian/asian juaququ c. >> how is it different? >> it has preserved beans in it. i'm not selling you? >> i am not having seaweed at my party tonight. thanks. oscar winner al pacino has . th
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
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al pacino is considered by many to be one of america's greatest actors from leading man to supporting roles as brutal gangsters to good guy cops pacino brings a power to the screen few can match.
8:42 am
that's a big reason why he's among this year's kennedy center honorees. but pacino tells charlie rose he's not exactly sure why he deserves the honor. >> think about this. oscar. tony. emmy. and there you are, kennedy center. >> al pacino! >> with the president of the united states. >> yes. >> this is a signal honor. >> i know. i was really surprised when they told me i was going to receive it. now, i don't know what that says about me. >> because you're damn good at what you do. >> no, i mean about being surprised. >> if pa clecino was surprised the honor, he's likely the only one. >> for al pacino, it's not just business, it's craft. >> his is a career filled with iconic characters in some of hollywood's biggest films.
8:43 am
>> you gaet nominated for an oscar or something, it's great but you don't go back and think about where you've come from and how you got here. that in and of itself was just different. >> so, when you look at this remarkable life of yours -- >> yeah. >> -- who do you think, dough you think of your mother rose, your grandfather? >> my grandfather and my mother, of course. my grandfather was the -- he was -- saved my life. he was a loving figure to me. someone i adored. >> alfredo james pacino was born in east harlem new york, in 1940. his parents split when he was only 2. and he was raised by his mother and grandparents with a flare for the dramatic acting pacino found acting as much as he found acting. >> was it inevitable now when you look back you were born to
8:44 am
act? >> yeah, i think so. >> what was it? >> maybe it was the first way i got to communicate. even when i played baseball they said i would act for the ball. i'd roll over. >> you had a sense of drama? >> i had a sense of drama. to come home and do a dying act in the door in my apartment. there's al. one day, i was flipping on a fire escape, fell down on on crete on my head. went home, climbed five stories, opened the door. fell down and i was out. and then just -- it was just al doing his thing. >> that thing would get him noticed. he was accepted on his second attempt to the active studio. the prestigious acting school where stars like marilyn monroe, jack nicholson and newman learned the craft.
8:45 am
started his first role "panic in needle park." but it was his next role as michael corleone in "the godfather" that served notice to the world. al pacino had arrived. director frances ford coppola described his magnetic quality. a smoldering ambience. >> frances wanted you. why did he want you? >> you'd have to ask him. the head of parparamount, they didn't want me either. frances said they're going to let him go and i want him. so i showed him the scene in the restaurant. >> what's most important to me is that i have a guarantee no more attempts on lives.
8:46 am
>> what guarantees can i give you, mike? >> michael shoots. that scene came up, it hit me. >> i want you to help me get my revenge. >> pacino would revive the role in godfather 2 and godfather 3. >> just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in. >> his sex appeal made him a star. >> vanity is definitely my favorite sin. >> in all, he's been in close to 50 films. >> i don't know how to do anything else. >> neither do i. >> and countless plays. >> oh, but i say -- >> you say? >> i say. >> always sculpting unique characters like over-the-top cocaine kingpin in "scarface." >> you, get over here.
8:47 am
>> the cop, frank serpico. >> you're my prisoner, get over here. >> bank robber in "dog day afternoon." >> attica! attica! >> i say nothing. >> the cartoonish big boy in "dick tracy." >> challenge me, we all go down. there was one napoleon. >> the point is, how do you afford it? even with the student aid and folks back home. >> he won list only oscar for portrayal of lieutenant colonel frank slade in "scent of a woman." >> whoo-ah! >> you don't memorize the lines going in? >> no. >> what is it that you do? >> different levels, i think you
8:48 am
approach different levels differently. you have to look at those lines they don't feel like the same lines but extensions of your wishes, your thoughts, your coming out of spontaneity. saying them, hearing them for the first time, it's all -- >> it's magic. >> it is magic, yeah. >> magic he does so well. >> i know. incredible run. >> i love these moments when you realize that if they hadn't stood by, you know, if frances ford coppola hadn't stood by al pacino, we wouldn't have al pacino. you can watch the kennedy honors. the broadcast airs december 27th. a touchdown by an running back energizes more than his team and fans. ahead how it led to a big jump in donations to the salvation army. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
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♪ this dallas cowboys touchdown was also a big score for the salvation army. running back ezekiel elliott celebrated sunday by jumping into a huge salvation army kettle behind the end zone. it cost the cowboys a 15-yard penalty. but in the spirit of christmas, the nfl decided not to fine elliott. and the salvation army said online donations are up 61% since that touchdown. elliott gave the organization $21,000. >> what a great gesture. that's terrific. >> terrific gesture.
8:53 am
>> that's a pretty good jump.
8:54 am
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. philadelphia firefighters had to deal with frigid temperatures this morning, as they battled a house fire in talcony. "eyewitness news" was on the 6,000 block of gillisbye street. one firefighter suffered minor injury, and he's expected to be okay. so far no word on the cause of the fire. now, a check on the weather justin dray brick, we know it was cold this morning for the crews, looks like the cold will stick around for the rest of the day. >> final day of the fall season, some of the coldest temperatures, some of the suburbs this morning, down around the single digits. at least the winds has calmed down. chilly day today. shear something to warm your hearts up little bit. we take you six floors down, what's happening in the cbs-3 parking lot, the "joy of sharing" toyfest drop off day, we will fill the truck up with unwrapped gifts for child in
8:56 am
need. so come on down, we will be out here until 8:00 this evening, so, again, chilly start out here. people down there helping out, braving the cold, but we will slowly warm things up, close to average, 22 the official temperature at the airport, 18 up in allentown, 14 degrees in mount pocono. storm scan3, nice and quiet, so a lot of sunshine on tap through the morning into the afternoon. again, eventually we try to get the temperatures up to around 40 degrees. but overall, expect quiet weather, as we head through the upcoming holiday weekends, quiet weather pattern, lot of sunshine next few days, slow warming trends as well. looks like we will be staying dry no big storm systems to talk about. so today's high up around 40 degrees, for philadelphia, 43 is the average this time of year, low 40's, near freezing the poconos, headed into christmas weekends, again, temperatures warming up to near 50 for christmas day. all right, meisha, what's the latest from traffic? >> we have live chopper three over something else, we were talking little bit ago. looking now water main break, columbus boulevard, southbound, between queen
8:57 am
street and christian street. you can see right here, all of that ice, that's where the water was coming up on to the road surfaces and freezing over, that's how colds it is, the road was closed, moments ago, we did see a car driving through. we do not know for sure if this road is open quite yet t could have been someone from the crew, looks pretty desolate out there. i'm a zooming the road still closed and we were seeing salt trucks out there as well. heads up on this area, where the water main break is, again, columbus boulevard between queen street, christian street. heads up on that. also blue route, let's talk about it, the accident before the schuylkill has cleared. this is the car fire on the blue route saint david's villanova, also cleared. the blue route before broomall, that truck fire has also cleared. however, when you look at the censor map you can see how red it is letting you know it is still very, very slow. i would still say if you can hole off at homy would avoid the area at all costs, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm rahel solomon.
8:58 am
make it a good morning.
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also try crystals and packs. >> hi everybody, this is jim donovan for our toyfest drop off day at 1555 hamilton street. get a load of this. our elves helping us load toys onto our truck here, we will be collecting toys until 8:00 tonight again at 1855 hamilton street in philadelphia, come by, say hi, and help a child have a very merry christmas, now, if you can't be with us today, take a look here. you can make a donation of $10 to the salvation army by texting joy to 41444. message and data rates apply. and again, these toys are distributed to the salvation army through the uso and the boys and girls club of camden county. and joining me now,ic


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