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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> we are under siege. >> reporter: war on drugs and violence in philadelphia's east division just came crashing through the doors of drug dealers and users in kensington. police provided this video of dozens of drug raid, as they were happening. >> married with a wife and a kid. >> reporter: three day anti violence initiative from december 14th through the 16th netted an overwhelming amount of evidence from assault rifle s, heroin, cocaine and thousands of dollars in cash. >> attacking warrants and attacking open air drug sales, and third day is saturation coverage of the area where we try to sun rest any violent crime, any crime in the area. >> reporter: this total 170 adults and six juveniles were arrested and drug and seizures were massive. >> we seized over 45 you this dollars in cash and more than $226,000 in narcotics. >> reporter: police left no stone, no house, to street
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corner unturned in an area hit with drug over toeses. >> they take away there this is you kind of makes bad guy keep their head down and gives good people hope and that is most important part of it. >> other three day anti violence initiatives like this have taken place in north and west philadelphia, police tell us that many of the suspects, who were arrested in this three day sting operation were actually linked to gangs. that is very latest for now, we are here in north philadelphia, natasha brown, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new jersey state police need public's help to track down a man wanted for murder. this suspect three two-year old jeremiah monell, he is wanted for murder of his estranged wife, tara owe shay watson of commercial township yesterday. he was last seen driving a 1994 blue chevy s10 pickup truck with new jersey plates, x91, gary j as in john v as in
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victor. now, to a murder mystery. philadelphia police are working to identify a woman brutally beaten in west kensington. housing police officers found victim's body on the 2700 block of north third street last night. it is believed that the woman is in her 40's, and detective are now interviewing neighbors for information, they are also looking at surveillance video, hoping that the killer was captured on camera. in the meantime, anyone with any information is asked to call the police. a home health care provider is facing charges tonight police say 47 year-old lisa ann the waters of warminster a allegedly stole from one of her patients, who is 78 years old. police say, waters made 62 un authorized withdrawals from the victim's atm account and also over billed for her services. she's ultimately accused of stealing more than $56,000. she's currently behind bars at bucks county correctional facility. uber, mad and penndot are
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teaming up to curb drunk driving this holiday season. officials asked residents to take pledge to leave car keys at home and celebrate sober. >> the ride sharing options, and non-drinking friends, who can be that designated driver, there is no reason to drink and drive this holiday season. >> it is not only dangerous and unnecessary but it also puts many people at risk and it is extremely costly for the offender. penalties vary on the number of factors, and those fines can lead up to thousands of dollars. >> reporter: former eagles offensive line hand tre thomas also joined call for responsible choices, this holiday season. autumn is officially coming to an end with some of the coldest weather we have seen this year. but that is all about to change as we officially head into winter. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the sky deck with more on a bit of the winter warm up , kate. >> that is right, jessica. we have talk in our winter forecast about a month ago about how this was a quicker
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transition then last year. we had a very warm december last year, this year, not so much. in fact, friday's high was just 26 degrees. past couple days have only gotten to a low to mid 30's, but that is it, it is the official start of winter things will get less harsh around here. right new we are at treeing in philadelphia. twenty-eight in reading. twenty-five in millville. 22 degrees in mount pocono. feels about five to 6 degrees colder with a light breeze but winter officially begins tomorrow morning, less than two hours away now 5:44 a.m., that means tomorrow is shortest daylight of the year, only nine hours, 19 minutes and 58 seconds. on the plus side days get longer after that and you can see starting tomorrow temperatures go back above average and that is where we will be as we head toward holiday weekend. we will tell you if the warm up last in the holiday but first lets take a look at high vantage point from the camera mounted from the sky deck we are looking down at giant salvation army truck filled with toys, but they are still seeing room, you have until 8:00 to come out here, cbs
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studios 1555 hamilton street and bring a toy. you can help a child in need have a brighter holiday season , only a few days left until christmas. we would love to see you. we will bring you down there live, for now, back inside to you guys. care packages are heading overseas to our servicemen and women thanks to volunteering is tears at drexel university. 125 boxes containing items like beef jerky, headphones, sunglasses are on their way to america's military, the items were collect by drexel university's veterans task force. they formed a human chain to deliver boxes to the 30th street post office. thanks to senator anthony williams, some philadelphia firemen had a delicious holiday meal to eat tonight. senator williams partnered with the fresh gross inner west philadelphia to help kick off his annual day of giving. with help from santa and mrs. clause about 80 meals were dropped off at five
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different firehousees around the district today. all of this in an effort to give back to those who give so much. >> this is the most rewarding thing we can do this time of the year for people that really put their lives on the line. >> purpose of the event is to honor fire fighters and remember those lost in the line of duty this year. um-hmm. well, story of survival that began thousands office miles, in philadelphia, coming up in the healthwatch. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is there as a woman survived being burned in the brush fire in australia, meets the philly transplant team who gave her the gift of life. making it the most wonderful time of the year for thousands of children meet some of the generous people behind this joy of sharing campaign, just ahead. don. lane johnson made a four letter list that nobody wants to be on, but what the right tackle is saying about his return after serving a ten game suspension coming up later in sports.
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story of giving and gratitude this season. on the healthwatch how gift of life ram here in the philadelphia region helped save young athlete in australia. health reporter stephanie stahl was there today when she arrived, to say thank you. >> reporter: wow, what a journey talk about a journey this young woman was hospitalized for months, with burns, covering most of her body, in excruciating pain, and she survived, and it came from an unidentified family in our area
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during a brush fire she was trap. she needed extensive skin grafts but there were none available in her country. >> i was failing, my kidneys were failing. they found this place in america. >> reporter: gift of life coordinated donation from his 16 americans, one came from the philadelphia area. >> you know to give the gift of, a real loved one tissue that you do not even know that is an extraordinary view for sure. >> reporter: sharing her story , she's hoping to inspire more donors like cynthia london who donated organs from her son, sibo who was killed 19 years ago. >> every time i see a recipient, i'm just elated, i know that i made the right decision, for him. >> reporter: as part of her recovery, she has written a book called everything to live for and she's engaged to be harried, hoping to start a family real soon.
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>> i will do three or four operation ace year. >> reporter: she continues to have reconstructive surgery but back to serious running and living a pledge that she hade when she was told what happened. >> because of a stranger's generosity i have life. i resolved to make the rest of my life and to live it to the best of my ability. >> reporter: a hazing, um. she's in the you had to be in the rose parade representing the gift of life and muscular skeletal transplant foundation on their float. as you saw she's back to doing the iron man competition. >> that is absolutely wonderful. >> what a journey, story and courageous, and her fiance has been with her before, during and all the way through. he says she's the same woman. >> god bless them both. that is beautiful. thank you. well, our joy of sharing toy fest tropical off is still going strong just under two hours to go. cbs philly partnered with the salvation army, uso and boys
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and girls club to collect toys this holiday season. jessica's downstairs in the parking rot. those toys, i'm looking, they are still coming in, jessica. >> reporter: oh, they are coming this pouring in we just had a viewer drop off three that are really good. we have good looking toys here so joyful down here. so much fun. when you talk about the uso that is one of the groups we are working with. this is joe, with the uso. tell me about your connection to eye of sharing. >> well, we're about providing comfort, care, support and thankfully channel three listeners are about supporting our military. it has been a success. >> reporter: these families sacrificed so much not the just service member but the entire family. >> yeah, this is about celebrating the military family and there is no better way to to it by providing ties for military kid. >> everybody loves a toy. >> yes. >> speaking of military families we are so lucky to have one with us right here. you guys were with us with the kick off, it seems like it was a blink of an eye ago but here we are. we have technical sergeant
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andreaal monday, with her daughter ava and her husband forest. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> tell me about uso and how it fits in your life. >> uso brought us christmas. they have hade holiday season for us. them and their sponsor hade it wonderful for the kid. i can this is say anything more about them. it has been incredible. >> you guys give us so much, it is nice we can give it back to you a little bit. anything you are looking forward to this holiday season with your family. >> just having a few days off there work and spending time bring leave for my next deployment. >> where is that. >> i cannot tell you where, but it is soon, it is coming soon. it is very important the uso reaches out and made it so session before i have to leave >> as a spouse, you are getting ready to go through another deployment as a spouse , you get to have time together during holiday and that house be nice. >> so looking forward to it spending christmas holidays and new years with my family. >> we thank you for your
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service. ava and temple, i hear you have some things you want for christmas. what was on your list. >> a barbie doll. >> and temple? >> a piano. >> a piano good do you play music. >> yeah. >> all right. we have a barbie doll and piano, i like those choices, receipt i good. in the meantime i want to take new to this truck real fast. can i step up here. look at all of these toys that all a of you our wonderful viewers have stopped by and donated and businesses across our area have all come together to make sure that families like these get a wonderful christmas and celebrate all together around some fun gifts and toys for children. now here's the thing, we're still here this will 8:00 p.m. if you are at home and maybe can't decide you still got time. we will be here this will eight. you can text the word joy to 41444, that is a ten-dollar donation and you don't to have leave your couch. we are looking at for you both ways but we sure would love to see new person.
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so come and say hello. in the meantime let's hear a little bit from the band, you guys, ukee, things are looking promising town here we are filling up the trucks big time >> i love it, love it, raise the roof of that truck, salvation army brass band, later in the show we might do it on camera and my director. >> great job. >> really great. >> we will do it on facebook. >> yes. >> that is great. i hope they have a piano in that truck for temple. and come on down, love to hear from you and drop off toys and wonderful night to do so. we will be coming by and see the whole team. >> that is right. >> that is time to come back. >> love to see you. >> bundle up.
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it is our winter tomorrow morning 5:44 a.m., our winter with warmer weather then how we finished out, at the bottom we will take you out to poconos where we see on the snow board, we have kid out there, enjoying, the fresh powder. scrapping toes big boulder, definitely has been cold enough to make snow the past couple of weeks there. we even had mother nature contribute to the the slopes this past weekend. so things are looking good up in carbon county. storm scan three looks good, no problems out there, we have a few cloud drifting through state of pennsylvania but not even really any lake effect snow. everything quiet across majority of the eastern half of the country, and much of the nation as well as we head toward the holiday. forecast lows it this you can see how chilly it is. we are down to 25 in philadelphia, 21 allentown. twenty-three in reading. twenty this millville. these numbers not quite as cold as last night in the teens but still very chilly tomorrow morning as you head out to work, school, bus stop,
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warm up that car a little bit and then go back inside and grab your breakfast. it will be a chilly tart to that wednesday morning. in the afternoon future weather in the showing much of anything. to clouds in the afternoon. dry sunny day. thursday we have a front moving through, comes through generally in the morning but snow showers, really limited to the pennsylvania, new york border, i don't think we will get any precipitation. that clears out and back to quiet weather for end of the week. this could be the coldest day at least through christmas but maybe even in the new year. temperature outlook through january 2nd has it above if not much above average, as temperatures do start to moderate each day. tonight it is 25 degrees, cold tomorrow better, 45. sunny, quiet, average high is 43. lets head into thursday, big football game here 8:25 for eagles, 38 degrees a to cloud there. hanukkah begins at sundown on saturday, there will be a chance for couple showers, at day christmas eve so plan accordingly. not a big deal just stray sure
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chance temperatures in the mid 40's at sundown on saturday and then christmas day sunday feeling good partly sunny mild , not 68 last year but we will take 50 degrees for christmas take. it does look like our chance of the white christmas in philadelphia is as zero as you can get. eyewitness weather seven day forecast generally quiet in the the 40's for next few taste, in rain, travel plans look fine. holiday weekend warms up and even milder next week but monies day front comes through in the afternoon and evening, could bring a few showers late monday into tuesday morning but that is our best chance for any appreciable rainfall in the seven day forecast, receipt i good news with the big who will take weekend coming up very good news. >> thanks, kate. >> yes. >> all right, don's here with sports. >> yes, i am, joe joe verse un una brow, and this play left fans scratching their heads. including eagles corner jaylen mills. hear a spirited response from jim schwartz next in
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jaylen mills spoke to the media after team's loss this baltimore, one of his answers landed him in hot water with his coach. bird gave up 34-yard touch town toss in the time second of the first half, mills later said he didn't really like the lay. defensive coordinator jim schwartz heard bit and had a little chat with the seventh round rookie. >> i'm going to take ear piece out of jordan hicks head and put tonight jaylen so jaylen can approve have of every call we make from now on. i love the hell out of that kid, i really do. but looking back there is a lot of calls you'd love to have back in the game. the call wasn't the issue. it was execution. he understands that. he knows. >> um-hmm. lane johnson's first practice since returning from the ten game suspension, eagles are three-one with them just two- eight without. that toss than the mean slump was all his fault but right tackle takes responsibility for letting town his team
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hates. >> i didn't like it, i can tell you that much. it was a bad situation. but i will not put blame on others. that thing will get settled here in the next few months. we will see what happens. >> interesting. late breaking story nfl find new york giant 150 you this dollars for using illegal walkie-talkies touring their week 14 win over cowboys. ben mcado faces $50,000 fine. g men will also lose position during fourth round of this years craft and they will select at the very, very end of that round. sixers hosting the pelicans tonight. nerlens though ellis not expected to play. team won't play him but they say he has not been bench. figure that one out. meanwhile this is match up of the big men joel embiid coming off career high 33 points in sunday's night win over net and will face new orleans three time all-star anthony davis, davis is second
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in the nba in scoring with 29-point per game. he is also first in blocks, anthony davis, his nickname is the unabrow because it looks just like this. >> yes. >> he can play. >> he can ball. >> yes. >> well, they are connected. >> strong brow. >> he can back it up. >> yes. >> thanks, don. holidays are a magical time of the year when mayors turn into elves. meet mayor buddy elf when w
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he was dresseds as you can see here. and, councilman mark squilla who dressed as santa kicked off the 5:00 p.m. electrical spectacle, a little help from a lucky young guest. the holiday lights show features 50,000 lights, cover graphed to seasonal. kenney and squilla have dressed up as two characters since light show's inaugural year, in 2013. good times at franklin square. we will send it down to the parking lot to ukee and jessica. all right, kate, thanks so much. >> look at that. >> look at that. >> the toys keep coming in, we have been here all day long, from 6:00 a.m. all morning,
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and we will stop around 8:00 o'clock or so. we have plenty of time to come on down. >> we have been taking videos throughout the day, really need time lapse video of just what it has been like here throughout the day, hours and hearst of people coming out, community members helping other people in our community, it is really, makes you feel like holiday season. >> it is here, tam list have come from all over tri-state area, right here to 1555 hamilton. we have plenty of room, plenty of room. we have a third of the truck that go and this is our second truck, our second truck, fell as, everything okay. >> yes. >> i like what you are doing there, good stacking. stacking it all up. we have salvation army, brass band, a little frosty the snow man. they do a great job. all of you at home are to go a great job as well. come on down we will be here until 8:00. >> we will see you then. have a wonderful night. we will see you back here at
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>> pelley: breaking news tonight. many are dead after a thunderous disaster at a fireworks market in one of the world's biggest cities. also tonight, the christmas market killer is on the loose. isis claims responsibility. and there's a warning for americans. >> we are all valuable terrorist targets today. >> pelley: the tower sends a passenger jet straight toward a mountain. >> pelley: and... ♪ ♪ yes, they're going to the rock 'n' roll hall of fame.


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