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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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it is officially time to say good bye to fall, winter arrives with a little bit of the warm up. that is coming, but not today though. it is coming at some point in the near future. good morning everyone i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. forecast in just a minute but first here's a what you need to know to start your day in your morning minute. >> deadly ambush leaves a man dead in west philadelphia. >> it is 51st street here still partially block off as
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officers continue to process this scene, so many unanswered questions at this point. >> hate to see a business catch on fire this time of the year. >> investigators are trying to pinpoint what sparked a fire at peddler's village in bucks county. dozens are dead after a chain reaction explosion rips through a fire works market north of mexico city. at the time of the blast the market was crowded with shoppers, buying fire works for the holidays. isis claims responsibility for the tragedy in berlin as a massive manhunt is underway for driver who plowed in the crowded christmas village. ♪ >> meisha's jamming out, congratulations to pearl jam, an inducte in the rock and roll hall of fame. >> rapper tupac made it in the hall of fame.
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induction ceremony will be in april. lets get out to katie because a warm up is coming today, better than yesterday but will tomorrow be better than today. >> we sort of leveled off a little bit here, rahel, in the the next couple days but there is a warming trend that comes with a little bit more pal possible and it comes in time for christmas, of course, it is not as warm as last christmas was, we will talk about that more as the show pro gresses, but it is still above average, as we look forward to the holiday itself, for now though it is kind of par for the course. we have a little bit of cloud cover overhead, nothing that is actually indicative of anything that is yet to come but we have just some clouds. we will expect to see sun filters through that and more so as day goes on we will see that sun shining brightly. twenty-nine the current temperature here at the airport anyway, so there is a chill in the air but it is better than yesterday. we will take what we can get, right? twenty-four in wilmington. we are still stuck in the teens, in allentown. notice it is warmer in mount pocono then it is in allentown it doesn't happen often but once in a while you you can
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bottom out like that under a hint of the clear sky and they did have that throughout the course of the morning. now we do have the winter solstice about to kick off here, officially, and just shy or just over ten minutes i should say we should be, hopefully, very close to a weather hit just as we are's going to be seeing that taking place. forty-five is the temperature at the airport. we are at 46 this have afternoon the at the shore and then again more sun then anything for you right there but very typical with these temperatures, your holiday forecast as we jump ahead and take a look at saturday and sunday do i expect we will see a shower on saturday, we're not talking wash out status here but enough to be worth the mention. forty-eight the high on christmas eve and then, the mildest day of the next five comes on christmas itself with some sunshine, yet again. that is a bit of the theme, meisha in the days ahead we will continue that warming trend and we will discuss much more of that later on. >> all right, katie, i like the sound of that, christmas sunshine, again, it is lots of sun, right, good morning, everyone. happy hump day.
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looking outside right now 95 south past academy you can see number one how busy, it is already out there, it is only 5:30 in the morning but also around this area we have police activity you cannot see but head up because you might get slower just because of the little bit of gaper delay. we are looking at the vine closed because of the construction moving in the west and eastbound direction. this is what you are looking at, clearly construction has now cleared and we are just starting to heat up there a little bit. also 95 south at cottman this is what we have construction here, that we're dealing with earlier this week as well, we have lost the left lane both moving in the southbound direction and then as well as the northbound side you cane that left lane over here, it is also, closed, off right now so, three lanes opened, during our morning rush, will that slow you down? yes, it is. it absolutely will. accident in souderton broad street at school lane, heads up on that for those in that area. another accident in wyndmoor, cheltenham avenue at the pennsylvania on road, back over to you. new this morning philadelphia police hope surveillance cameras can help them find a man who shot and
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killed a driver in west philadelphia officers rushed to 51st and market where they found the victim in the driver 's seat with gunshot wound to his head. the medics pronounced him dead at the scene, so far, police do not know the motive. in southwest philadelphia a man was shot and killed early this morning, the victim was shot several times, near 60th and almond streets near 60th, chester avenue at 1:00 this morning. victim died at presbyterian hospital and his identity has not been released. >> we believe at this time that the motive may have been robbery but we are at not 100 percent sure. we think it was done with the revolver are. >> police say surveillance in the area may have caught an image of the gunman. new jersey state police hope you can track down a cumberland county man wanted for murder. investigators identified the suspect as three two-year old jeremiah monel of cedarville. he is want for the murder of his estranged wife tara owe shay watson of commercial township. thirty he lease say he was last seen driving ale 1994, blue chevy f10 pick up with a
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new jersey license plate of k-9 one-gjv. battle against drugs are taken to kensington. department provided this video of the raid that took place between december 14th and 16th officers made many arrests. operation targeted an area where authorities say they have seen an increase in the number of heroin overdoses recently. the officers recovered drugs, salt weapons and thousands of dollars, more raid are planned across the city. time right now is 5:36. in business news this morning who is getting most gifts this holiday season. >> and how investors feel about next year on wall street money watch's hena daniel joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, hena. >> good morning, rahel and jim here the dow jones is flirting with the 20,000 mark again as gains by big banks and travel companies pushed stocks higher dow jones gained 91 points, nasdaq rose 26. a new survey suggest that investors optimism has reached its highest level since the financial crisis. the wells fargo gallup index
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found 54 percent of investors said they were optimistic about the stock market, that is up from 32 percent earlier this year. but nearly three-quarters of investors believe that the stock market will be volatile, next year. the trump effect may be giving the holiday season a boost, new retail study find more americans are being generous when it comes to gift giving this year especially to themselves. self gift giving is at an all time high with more than 40 percent of americans picking up items for themselves, as well as for family and friend. one of the main reasons, given , people feeling positive about the economy, and after the election. back to you. >> i'm all about self gifting. after we had a long day shopping for others you feel like you can treat yourself. >> little something, something >> yes. >> thanks. >> i'm ahead of the trend, i have been doing this for a while. >> maybe you started and rahel followed. >> we have mastered it, i like that. >> we will check with you tomorrow. well, photography company
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is now apologizing after the grinch was no show at neshaminy mall. >> parent tell "eyewitness news" they paid $40 in advance for photo package was their kid with the grinch and santa but grinch never showed. that led to an outcry on social media, the mall says grinch will not be returning this season, would not specify why, and now in a statement worldwide photography has apologized, and has said it is reaching out to its customers. it is unclear if there will be any refunds. well, an 80's singer/song writer subdued an unrulely passenger on board a flight. that story coming up next. also ahead was this little girl scarring you? how this brave 11 year-old drove off a group of rob their broke into her house. and comedian amy schumer has a surprise for her father after he lost the family farm. we are back in a minute but first a holiday greeting from a military member serving overseas.
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i got to tell you richard marx has a soft voice but strong dude. right here waiting for you singer had to subdue a passenger during his flight yesterday. it happened on a flied from vietnam to south korea his
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wife, took pictures of these confrontation. marx said man next to them started attacking flight attendant and passengers. marx helped subdue him. he said one crew member and two passengers were hurt. marx said they are home, safe and sound. he is not a hero but did what he could and what he would hope anyone would do in that same situation. rogu1 is putting disney over the top. >> a star wars stories helping disney score a record, first studio dover hit $7 billion in ticket sales, worldwide. how dare you. i happened to have study in the lincoln school of music. out in theaters, animated feature, sing, matthew mcconaughey, reese witherspoon and set mcfar lane lend their voices about a incorporating competition. and, comedian amy schumer gave her dad an early holiday
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gift, it has been making news, yesterday she bought her dad the tamly's old farm, actress aid her family lost the farm after her dad went bankrupt when she was nine years old. schumer didn't give location of the farm but u.s.a. today reports she did spend part of her childhood living in long island. >> that is a great story so sweet. >> you hear about celebrities that say they buy their mom a house but that has sentimental reasons. >> exactly, goes back and it the is tradition. love it. right around holidays too. very nice. >> feeling like holidays. >> it sure is. you took the word out of my mouth, my friend, chilly for sure, we're in the looking at a white christmas this year. i know you can get behind that news. people are kind of bumped. it is lovely to wake up to snow. very rare around these parts. up in the mountains, not necessarily here we are taking a look at blue mountain in the poconos, it it is hazy up that way.
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warmer air moving in and that is helping that included cover to form but looking for white christmas we will to have hit ski resorts since we are expecting to see a maryland racial in the thermometer readings, in the the days ahead, so you can even see, at this point, it looks like you can get through here and see a bit of the ground but regardless, this is where we are going to find snow, folks and in the days ahead anything left out there will have a easy time melting since temperatures will be above their average. outside to the farthest northern locations we have among weather watchers 21 degrees in keith, this morning. he is in sailorsberg in the poconos and we have clouds out there and he toss note it is warmer this morning. still cold for first day of winter but all things considered what you'll fine in the seven day is in the very typical. let's zero in further off to the south, lets go to new jersey, 22 from ed this morning. out in chesterfield. he has more clear sky then anything but notes it is 8 degrees warmer then this
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same time yesterday. he has a lot to do. home of us still after lot of boxes to check off on the christmas to do list. it looks like heather will cooperate for any of these lance. but, collegeville, no profile picture we'd love to you up load when you get the a chance but regardless, for the update here, he has 22 and lots of clouds for him but noted, noting that it is expected to be a little bit warmer then it was, yesterday. now lets go past that pocono camera and talk white christmas. again, you have to go far north to find it but, 1 inch of snow on the ground during the course of december 21st is actually the official defamation, who knew there was an official one but for me if you saw a few flakes it would be a white christmas but this is what would make it official and again, it is not happening this year. taking a look at storm can three all calm, quiet, couple clouds, certainly but it is still are tranquil outside and we just hit solstice one minute ago, so this marks the
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official shortest take throughout the entire year, but past this point we will start to actually add seconds and minutes to the take. so, you know, from this point forward days start to get longer and we will see warming trend especially notable come christmas take, you'll hit 50 with some sunshine also worth a mention very likely see shower here and there just a rain shower or christmas eve through p.m. hours and then we will continue that warming trend. monday and tuesday 52 appease and you'll see rain on monday but 52 and just rain in, ice and snow. >> you cannot complain about that. i love seeing that sunshine on christmas too. thank you so much, katie. looking outside, happy wednesday, 95 south at cottman that left lane blocked in both directions, we have been dealing with this construction project this week and it will slow you down southbound, raise your hand, class, raise your hand, yeah. you are right. left lane blocked as well. just give yourself a couple extra minutes pushing in the 6:00 o'clock hour. ben franklin bridge in the
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westbound direction toward center city what you are looking at there looking good. would i say we are picking up a little bit out there. so starting to give yourself extra time there but you will later. accident in wyndmoor cheltenham avenue at the path on road. host up on that for those in and around that area souderton broad street at cool lane. a couple of accidents out there hot not to mention we have to bring in the road 295 southbound before wood crest station that is pulled off to the shoulder but heads up driving by, and take a lot this betsy ross bridge we have 15 minute closures between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. that is overnight for sign inn tall lacing. if you want to use an alternator not mess with when that will be, ben franklin bridge will be your best bet. that is overnight so it will not affect us during the morning. the all right. also, and, you guys take a look at this, septa riders will be treated to a very cool light show when they stop in syringe garden. delaware river waterfront corporation, unveiled the completed syringe garden street connection project last night, there is new beautiful colorful lighting at second
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and spring garden station, plus new sidewalks. project took three years to complete and it is of course very proud, enjoy it if you get a chance to get the out there gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> jim and rahel back to you. >> always nice to spruce up the station. >> yeah. labor dispute may prevent amazon packages from arriving in time for the holidays. union pilots who fly for amazon warn shoppers that their packages may be delayed. judge told striking pilots last month that they have to go back to work. pilots union warns there may not be enough pilot to meet amazon's demand. however, amazon is insisting it is prepared for the who will take rush. it looks like wal-mart is certainly in the gift giving spirit. retailer says it will close doors at 6:00 p.m. christmas eve night, so workers can spend some more time their families. in recent years nation's largest retail wore stay opened until 8:00 on christmas eve night. coo of wal-mart, hopes that this two hour trim will show that the company a rebaters
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its workers. well, christmas can be, stressful, stressful as running a marathon, all of the shopping according to a new survey on line retailer e pay. it found your heart rate increases while shopping, you get fatigue after a little more than a half an hour, to avoid those side effects study suggests doing your gift buying in short intervals. >> don't over extend yourself and pull something, pull it back. >> yes. >> sprain your leg. >> king of prussia mall. eleven year-old girl must have just watched home alone movie. >> she's called a hero for scarring away robbers from inside her house. ashley who doesn't want to give her full name but she was home alone when four burglars broke in her family's home in or rang county florida. she hid in the closet as they tried to break into her own room. >> is there so much that was just too much and when they saw me, they ran out and they
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left. >> that is good. suspects crashed their car during a getaway, they are all this custody right now. police say they recover the family's holiday gift. >> that torre just gives you the chills. >> yes, my goodness. >> still ahead meet woman giving away 10,000 holiday card this year. >> generous viewers like you come through in a big way donating thousands of toys for our joy of sharing toy fest. find out the how you can still help even if you could not make it to the
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winter is officially here, as of a few minutes ago. although it has really felt like winter for a couple weeks now. well, we asked and you responded in a big way here at our cbs-3 studios. >> so many stopped by to contribute our joy of sharing toy fest helping to brighten up the holidays for kids across our region. all of the toys you donated ended up here at salvation army on conshohocken avenue. dozens of volunteers there are sorting toys and getting them out to the children. we thank our sponsors particularly, our partners and especially for our viewers. it was a great day, vittoria
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woodill shows us how you all contributed. >> well hi, everybody. >> today at cbs-3 that we look forward to every year. toy fest. >> the sunnies shining, and toy fest is this full swing. for 28 years in the headaching , it all comes down to this all morning, noon, night members of our cbs-3 family. >> long time neighbor gave me a call and aid he could not get down. i pick it up brought it out. >> reporter: our sister station. >> wogl frank and bill are here, hey guys. >> reporter: a few surprising guests. >> you know that guy, that crazy guy. >> so many have of you. >> yes. >> took part in the day of giving, so that children who need it most could receive something under the tree on christmas morning. >> breaking news we have just hit hotter load of giving. >> this person even brought batteries to go with the toys. you talk about a thoughtful gift giver, it is christmas in the heart, christmas in the air. >> thinks our second truck.
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>> reporter: in the cbs-3 parking lot was whirlwind of toys for so many boys and girls. >> thank you. >> reporter: that is what christmas is all about. >> it is all about the children, it is all about families in need. we need your help, salvation army, uso, everyone, thank you , family. >> really thank you. jim, it was so nice meeting some of the families that those toys will benefit and what one lady loss everything in a house fire in october. it means a lot to those families. >> we will do it again next year. >> um-hmm, can't wait. mississippi woman is went ing christmas cheer to thousands and thousands oz have people, with christmas card. this is darlene carroll signed , sealed, hand delivers card to first responders, military personnel and people that she simply meets along the way. so far she has prepared more than 10,000 card. >> i'm hoping that somebody that doesn't have anybody knows that there is somebody that cares about them.
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>> i never had someone walk up to me and give me a card that i didn't know. that is very, very thoughtful of her. >> it sure is. >> carroll says she hopes card not only put a shine on someone's taste but inspired others to do the same, pay it forward. >> those stories are just great. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" historians weigh in on president-elect donald trump's cabinet, people he capped for his administration will go down in history. and forget doughnuts the and pizza and mack and cheese when you are stressed out this holiday season, we will tell but healthier foods that can reduce that stress.
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well, new this morning a man is sitting in his car when a gunman opens up the passenger side door and opens up fire, we're live with the search for his killer. fire at peddler's village just days before christmas, find out what caught fire in the popular shopping area. dramatic video released of cargo plane crashing in columbia, what went wrong and whether there were any survivors, today is wednesday december 21st good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. jim's, first day of winter. >> just moments ago. >> so lets get you out the door, katie and meisha keeping
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an eye on things. >> good morning, happy wednesday, happy friday for rahel and i. >> yeah, okay, whatever. >> happy hump day. >> we know they will miss us. >> of course they are. >> road are looking good, dry but it is chill think morning, katie. >> absolutely, but not the as cold as yesterday. >> yes. >> but we mentioned first day of winter, exactly 16 minutes ago, winter solstice took effect and that means it is shortest amount of daylight we will have the entire year, just over nine hours of daylight and that is all you get here, guys but silver lining there is that with every passing day there this point forward we will tack additional seconds on today light. this is my mother-in-law's favorite day of the year because she likes signal of the longer days and that is what you have today. we have got cloud out there right now, not a sign of anything yet to come, but just cloud, but it is helping to


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