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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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well, drivers rejoyce a major construction project that has inconvenienced and frustrated commuters for years has just wrapped up, the big changes you'll see this morning as you hit i-95. the hunt for a terrorist, new details we're learning this morning about the man suspect of killing 12 people and hurting 48 others at a berlin christmas market and reward now being offered. and future in philly, reason vice-president biden may be making his way to our area after leaving office. and today is thursday, december 22nd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. aim jan carabao. plus if you live in pennsylvania you may see a big change by the way you travel will by plane but first your commute forecast with katie
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and great news about i-95. >> long local nightmare finally over. you have to love it. four years in the making. i rode down it this morning, beautiful. the beautiful. >> oh, man. >> basically you can get a college education and still have traffic on i the 95. >> yes. the guys, we have a little bit of activity on the radar at the moment. >> okay. >> a stray snow showers are out there we will turn our focus to the lehigh valley in bethlehem. the not finding any snowflakes up here and what you do see in the radar in a second here it is a little overdone a lot of times it can look a lot more worse than the bite but it is quiet, albeit chill any bethlehem at the this hour. we have a weak little front pushing through right now helping to bring in what you are finding on storm scan three. there might be snowflakes here and there. not going to see any accumulation out of this but it is chilly enough to support that. when we look at these area temperatures. we are around freezing in most
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instances. thirty-two even, in fact at philly international. chill in the air, requiring a heavy coat for sure, we are colder as you go in the outlining suburbs of the willow grove, quakertown for example but we are all kind of on par at the moment nearing or just below for the most part the freezing mark. as day progresses we are expecting temperatures to be milder then they were yesterday, mid to upper 40's, generally from philadelphia on down to the shore points. 42 degrees is your best shot to sees a snow shower of these three specific locations but i wouldn't be shocked if you saw a flurry throughout lying suburbs surrounding the city of philadelphia. >> pat. >> beautiful pushing 50. we will take it. >> not bad. >> you know what else we will take, this is what it looked like, give it a good whistle, good news, commuters, four lanes on i-95 in each direction now opened between cottman avenue and bridge street. project, to widen the 2 miles of the interstate between bleigh avenue and levick
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street, it is now done. this has been a headache for commuters for a long time. project began almost four years ago, and so there is smooth sailing, i drive this stretch of the roadway every day, and it was absolutely brutal. so, at least a leave eighths things during rush hour. you have to love that for folks to take this stretch of road every single day. for people who take this stretch, columbus boulevard with the water main break near queen, two right lanes are still closed and they will close the columbus exit at 9:00 a.m. also the vine, still closed, we know about that, that reopens between 76, and broad street, at around 5:00 a.m., guys, back over to you. well, breaking news right now local street that looked like a smash them up derby, this is 4,000 block of ford road in wynfield heights, where an out of control driver left a trail of destruction. you can he see several park cars are damage. we counted at least five. eyewitness tells us she saw driver get out of the car, grab his license plate that
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had broken off and then, runaway. as path the path mentioned crews will be back out on columbus boulevard, continuing their work on a water main break in south philadelphia. the repairs are in the works a at columbus boulevard at christian street, where that 12-inch main broke on tuesday, the philadelphia water department is sending out crew s later this morning in hopes of the fixing the broken main as soon as possible. german police are offering a rewar of a hundred thousand dollars to he help capture the man who drove through a christmas market in berlin. police say this man, anis amri hijack a truck and plowed through a crowded market on monday night killing 12 people and injuring 48 others. detectives found the suspect's wallet and identification papers inside of that truck, authorities warned the that the man the on the run is armed and dangerous. it looks like vice-president joe biden is leaving washington d.c., and heading our way. scranton native is reportedly coming to the university of pennsylvania, next month. biden has hinted that he is in
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search of a university to house his staff, and to to his post government work. university isn't commenting on biden's new gig but his picture is front and center of the board of trustee's page on penn's web site. >> i think he is a great person, very inspirational and it would be cool to see him on campus. >> definitely a fan. >> i'm so excited to have him so close and use him as a resource. >> reporter: by hone lost his son beau last year plans to continue his efforts to eradicate the disease. biden's last day on the job is january 20th. last night vice-president stopped by a flyers game, the team tweeted this picture saying thanks for joining us joe biden,, the cummis on us. flyers beat capitols three-two meanwhile today is last day on the job for chester up land school district superintendent gregory shannon he has accepted a position with the another school district. he has been chester up land's superintendent since may 2013.
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school officials say school board and community will join in the search for shannon's successor. well, travel by plane will get more complicated, for pennsylvania residents in 2018 , thanks to new identification guidelines from the transportation security administration. the tsa will no longer accept pennsylvania issued driver's license or id cards to get through airport security in 2018, and next month pennsylvania id's will no longer be accepted at federal agencies, and nuclear plants. delaware licenses are already compliant and new jersey has an extension through next october. new jersey governor chris christie is call for an end to the shame attacks to drug addiction. last night at state house in trenton he spoke at a vigil for people hoff been affect by substance use issues. about 150 people attended, many waving candles as they sang amazing grace. governor says he will not give up on those battling addictions. >> i will not stand for the
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idea that any soul is your re deemable. everyone has the ability to fight back from this disease but we have to give them the tools to to it. >> governor christie has made substance addiction a priority , in his two terms, for making drugs that prevent overdoses more available to opening up drug treatment centers. in other news this morning north philadelphia man is free , after spending nine years in jail for a crime he did not commit. donte rollins was just 18 when he went to jail for 2006 shooting in strawberry mansion that paralyzed a six year-old boy. yesterday, at age 29, the district attorney's office dropped all charge is a begins him. his mother along with the the pennsylvania innocence project , have for the hard for his freedom. >> thanks to my lawyers and my family that stuck with me and supported me through everything, it is finally over i really don't got no emotion i'm happy to be out. >> reporter: rollins was originally convicted despite surveillance that showed him
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at gallery mall when shooting occurred. district attorney seth williams says new evidence, including receipts and cell phone record helped prove his innocence. rollins says he looks forward to spending christmas with his family. happening today camden county college graduates its 69th police academy class in gloucester township, new jersey. this is file video of last year's ceremony, 24 police recruits from seven police departments will graduate from camden county college, nine of the recruits will receive bachelors and six will receive associates degree. ceremony starts at 3:00 p.m. at the dennis flyer theater on the the blackwood campus. well, eagles face a big test in prime time tonight when the new york giants come to south philadelphia with one thing on their mind. eli manning and company can clinch a playoff spot with the win tonight at the link. the giants have won two in a row and face an eagles team that lost five straight. bird offense will have their work cut out, the giants only allow about 17 points per game , fourth best in the nfl,
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game time is 8:25. well, hundreds of children in need will get the gift just in time for christmas, thanks to salvation army's toy drive. >> volunteers sorted thousands of goodies in conshohocken. salvation army is expect to deliver 30,000 gifts to 14,000 under served children in philadelphia. if you donated to cbs-3's joy of sharing toy fest, all of your contributions were sent right here. and package thieves are having i blast this time of the the year snatching peoples on line order from their porch es. >> that is right. but one couple may have caught a serial package thief themselves. >> see it all the time and someone watch the news and someone steals a package. >> they are rarely caught. >> way they were able to real in a suspect thief right into a trap and what the woman did when they confronted her. the grinch goes after christmas speeders, the the surprise he had for some
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drivers instead of the ticket, we will be right back, stay with
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welcome back. deal to repeal north carolina 's infamous bathroom hall has fallen apart. law requires transgendered people to use bathrooms public bathrooms according to the sex listed on the birth certificates. for months, republicans said they would repeal the statewide law if the city of charlotte did away with a local non-discrimination ordinance. city complied but republicans at yesterday's meeting added a new provision to the new deal, that democrats were not happy with. bathroom law caused some corporations and entertainers to pull their investment from his north carolina. a las vegas couple uses good old detective work to catch a package thief. surveillance video captured their package being stolen off their front porch, soon afterward the couple saw their stolen pair of sneakers listed for sale on line. so they pretended to be interested buyers, arranging a
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meeting with the the seller. when morris showed up to buy sneakers their suspicions were confirmed, it was the same person, who stole the package off the porch. >> just a pair of shoes but i was more mad at the fact that she hopped over my wall, invade might privacy. you are stealing from your neighbor. even though i did no know who she is you are stilling supposed to watch out for people around you. >> reporter: they said they had 50 items posted for sale on line leading them to believe she was a serial thief they gave all that information over to police. >> unbelievable, jim. police in chester are doing something a bit out of the ordinary, in the spirit of the holiday but they are issuing turkey citations. starting at noon drivers just like the ones in this video will be chosen at random by chester police. one hundred motorist obeying traffic laws will be pulled over but instead of the ticket and police will give them a turkey. police say it is to break mold of officers only interacting with residents in negative situations. speaking of traffic
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citations, drivers who exceed the speed limit in florida school zones this holiday season could be pulled over by the grinch. grinch is using a radar gun to keep things safe on florida's keys, overseas highways, after real police checked things out , the grinch then hand out an onion instead of the ticket , drivers, of course, were surprised. >> you got to meet me because you were going too fast in a school zone. >> no. >> so instead of the ticket, this is just for you. >> grinch is partnering with us this christmas and he gave me a onion instead of the ticket. it is a christmas miracle. >> sheriff deputies have been staging the grinch speed enforcement at local school zones for more than 15 years. shouldn't he be giving out ho hats or something like that >> yes. >> that is right. >> that will work. >> too funny. >> i don't want to be pulled
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over by anybody. don't give me a turkey, just leave me alone. >> i just want to be on my merry way and get to my destination safely but nothing worse than seeing an hearing sirens behind me. >> yes. >> we have a little activity on the radar. sometimes, the bark can be worse than the bite. that is true in this case. off to the north, granted in upstate new york it is more intense that light snow that is currently coming down but it is light snow and here, you might see a couple flurries to the northwestern most suburbs but that is it, although in the poconos we will see a stray snow shower firing off, but overall we have got still a quiet pattern unfolding here and as we look forward in future weather, i have a feeling this will not have an easy time verifying by seven or 8:00 in the morning. we may see something on the radar but would i not concern yourself with any kind of wet weather today. more than anything, cloud will be clearing, we will end up with more sunshine and by the time you hit noon or one or
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two in the afternoon it is mainly sun a cross the game. we will pass by friday because looking ahead to saturday things do get a little bit more interesting, as we have got a disturbance pushing in yet again that will bring in a new round of showers. maybe in the poconos you see wintry mix go on but for most it is rain showers and timing has been since sped up. it looks like it cuts down as early as morning and then starting to clear out in time for national just hanukkah to get underway but those evening masses we are going to. we, of course, do have an eagles game tonight 39 at kick off. not terrible for standard ovulate december. there will be a breeze out there certainly but it looks like good football weather overall as we head in the forecast, temperatures continue their modest increase , or we're expect full sunshine, on christmas day, pat, over to you. soak this one in, all four lanes on i-95 between cottman and bridge street is now opened. three-year plus project to widen the 2 miles of the interstate, it is opened.
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i drove it this morning. i felt like getting out of my car and just running because it felt so good. we will see how it goes in the morning rush. the it will be first morning rush we have had, all four lanes opened, so this is awesome. this is not so awesome, this is vine street expressway closed until 5:00 a.m., so it will open in the next 13 minutes or so. this is normal routine at this time of the day. also new jersey turnpike there is an accident southbound past route 73 a car struck median there so keep an eye on things not slowing it down just yet. in wilmington some construction i295 and route 141 all lanes blocked there until 5:00 a.m. the as well. jim and jan back over to you. coming up there is a new list ofhe most endangered jobs out there this morning. >> is it ours. >> well, we have to be here at least until 7:00. >> we have sometime. >> we will tell you which one of those jobs is at the top of the list in the money watch
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time for a check on business news. >> money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange. so we're hearing young americans living with their parent is at an all time high. good morning. what is the reason behind that >> reporter: good morning, guys. wall street journal reports that 40 percent of americans age 18 to 34 are doubling up with family members or relatives. seven five-year high. analyst say young people are facing rising rents and difficulties getting mortgages real estate tracker trulia compiled figures 40 percent of 18 to 30 years old. technology i understand, hena, it is putting a squeeze on job growth in many industries, what can you tell us about that. >> career path put together the most endangering jobbed, many pitfalls out sourcing and computer automation. they are sending jobs in decline or stinks. on the list meter readers, jewelers, tailors, disk jockeys and guys, tv broadcasters.
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the top most endangered jobs good old fashion mail carrier, jim and jan. >> i will point out, i'm ted baxter i will be here to turn off the lights, they will to have pry me away from the disk >> we always make these list, most stressful job, most endangered, what is next. >> you would think we would get out but we keep coming back for more. >> glut on for punishment is what i like to say. thanks. a white christmas may not be in the forecast this year but weather for christmas looks good anyway. >> katie, good day to spend outside after opening presents >> why not you will eat the a full turkey dinner why not toss football around and work this that off. we have quiet weather for your christmas holiday but we have showers in the holiday forecast as well for this weekend and we will let you know when to expect them coming
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♪ this is my absolutely favorite christmas song. >> thank you. >> that is me recording it. no, my favorite version has to be judy gar land's version, original old school meet the me in st. louis but this is still a beautiful version of it the as we overlook bethlehem here now christmas city in the lehigh valley and just a really quaint view here , with the christmas lights all calm, not bright, just yet so we have to wait for sun to come up first but it looks like we will see quite a bit of that sunshine today, eventually. we are starting off with some clouds and that is because of the disturbance bypassing us off to the north, you could see a quick snow shower across the poconos, and taking place north of i80, we're not talking about any accumulation out of this, a stray snowflake through northern and western most suburbs but that is it.
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the eventually clouds will be breaking for some sunshine and we will be not just figurative ly but literally in the clear but we will end up with more and more sunshine. wrapping up the week and kick starting who will will day weekend with sunny skies, saturday is when we will put a fly in the ointment, there will be showers that move through, we're not talking wash out but timing has since shifted. it looks like first half of the day we will see rain showers, wintry mix in the poconos and then we're all clear for santa's ride it looks like. >> that is a press the eye good seven day forecast, can't complain about that around christmastime. the cant complain about this either, i-95 between bridge and cottman all four lanes have reopened. this has been going on for almost four years. i guess the cost of this, can anyone guess, 212 million-dollar to widen the road and make it easier for traveling through the northeast and down to the city it has reopened, it is beautiful, it is lovely. lets take a look at columbus boulevard. the excuse me, over in new jersey there is an accident, new jersey turnpike,
4:56 am
southbound past route 73 a car struck median there not causing any delays at this time but it could as the rush hour, keeps moving. also, in vineland, east avenue at garden road intersection there is closed because of an accident but at least next eight hours i guess accident investigation is out there, for a while now. also, pennsylvania turnpike construction westbound between virginia drive and norristown, two left lanes are block there , jim, over to you. well, over next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" as pat mentioned we are live as commuters see a whole new i-95 in an area once congested for construction. and frightening moments for one man man as he pants pocket burst into flames. we will have more on the fiery scene on the city transit bus. shocking murder for a rising singer in our region is back in the head lines, what cristina grimme's family is doing in the search for justice stay with us.
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well, get a load of this smooth sailing on a major stretch of a highway in northeast philadelphia that has given drivers headaches, headaches i tell you, for almost four years. we're live with more on the big project that just wrapped up on i-95. as manhunt continues, we're learning more about the the person suspected of driving a truck in the crowded christmas market in berlin. latest developments, straight ahead. and what is next after the white house for joe biden? potential new gig, right here in philadelphia, for the vice-president. well, today is thursday december 22nd, good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. aim jan carabao. katie's here, pat in for meisha this morning. >> i'm keeping an eye on i-95.
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>> good news. >> you are like the christmas elf. >> good news for all this morning. ninety-five opened, complete, beautiful. got to love it. >> i think pat's too tall to be a elf. >> too tall to be a elf. >> you can be santa claus. >> so what we're finding out right now is generally a quiet ride but there is a recent hit of activity on the radar. the don't wary why does she point at me. >> you are always worried. >> i see that look in your eye , jim, a lot of times this is misleading, radar does shows things that either aren't there or doesn't show things that are there. so it is a guide, can't necessarily take radar as gospel but what you are finding is perhaps a few snowflakes here and there. this does look a lot more overdone then it is, and even then it is not looking that impressive. off to the the north we have disturbance pushing through where we are getting clipped. so you could end up with a stray snow shower up in the poconos maybe a flurry elsewhere and that will be it. with time they what we will


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