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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> good news. >> you are like the christmas elf. >> good news for all this morning. ninety-five opened, complete, beautiful. got to love it. >> i think pat's too tall to be a elf. >> too tall to be a elf. >> you can be santa claus. >> so what we're finding out right now is generally a quiet ride but there is a recent hit of activity on the radar. the don't wary why does she point at me. >> you are always worried. >> i see that look in your eye , jim, a lot of times this is misleading, radar does shows things that either aren't there or doesn't show things that are there. so it is a guide, can't necessarily take radar as gospel but what you are finding is perhaps a few snowflakes here and there. this does look a lot more overdone then it is, and even then it is not looking that impressive. off to the the north we have disturbance pushing through where we are getting clipped. so you could end up with a stray snow shower up in the poconos maybe a flurry elsewhere and that will be it. with time they what we will find is cloud breaking for
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sunshine, look at the is your lust, we have actually gotten nearly 20 additional degrees since this same time yesterday in millville and in allentown. in philadelphia it is 7 degrees milder, we will take what we can get and still yesterday was less harsh then take before but it is a thighs warming trend that is taking place. i'm not saying 36 is warm but it is better then what we saw this same time yesterday down in the 20's. twenty-six is the current temperature in ac, but we are going to see milder day unfold here, 48 degrees with cloud breaking for sunshine, pat, over to you. >> here's i-95, take a look, it is so beautiful, i don't know why we get so jacked up over roads but when we have to drive and take an hour from the northeast down to the city in the morning you would feel like i do because i take this stretch of roadway every day and it got old, quickly, four years of this stuff and now it is over between cottman and bridge. trang do will be live with a report in a couple minutes. stay tune. she will give you latest on
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this lets take a look the at the vine, vine is reopened between broad and 76, looking good, so far this morning as it has just reopened right at the 5:00 a.m. also, columbus boulevard as i step back here still the right two lanes are closed because of the water main break, they will close ramp on southbound i-95 on columbus boulevard so they can clean this mess up and construction, pennsylvania turnpike westbound between virginia drive, and it is norristown so they have two left lanes blocked there that should be reopening soon, also , new jersey turnpike southbound past route 37 a car struck median there not causing any delays just yet in this area but it could as the morning rush hour, continues, to ramp up. jim and jan, back over to you. thanks, very much pat. after years of traffic jams your morning commute on i-95, hopefully just got easier. >> right now all four lanes of the highway between cottman avenue and bridge street are opened. eye witt the necessary news reporter trang do is live driving on i-95 this morning tracking your morning commute
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into center city. trang, what does it look like. >> reporter: hi jan and jim, it is looking good. you can see we are moving here this is an early christmas present for commuters, like pat galas he mentioned but also for us for this crew being inside. right here we are on i-95 from cottman heading southbound, this is road so many people take in the day every single day this phase of the rog being started end of the 2012. it seems like forever it is actually finishing on time. as you can see it is a little bit early for big morning rush but it is picking up here as people wake up to this awesome news and getting ready to head into work here. lets look at from above we have video from chopper three, as we mentioned four rains have of traffic in each direction from cottman to bridge. crews replaced seven bridges and upgraded four ramps.
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just a massive huge project as pat mentioned, more than 200 million-dollar. drivers we spoke to are understandably relieved this morning. >> i think it is great. it is not so bad for me in the morning time because this time of the morning it is not that crowded but on the way home, it is terrible. you sit in traffic for, you know, between cottman avenue and bridge street and then it is terrible. >> reporter: we already pass that had section that we were talking about between cottman and bridge but commuters here on i-95 not out of the wood just yet there is another pretty massive project as we get closer between allegheny and girard, that is going to be a similar project where they are expand ago this to four lanes on each side with the fifth lane to go in between. that project is not expect to be finished until 2018. so, slowly moving, in the you know, getting these projects check off one by one but for
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now, we're live on i-95, we will send it back to you in the studio. >> we will take whatever we can get. >> i remember sitting there, i used to bring snacks. >> nightmare. it was a nightmare. >> thanks, trang. new this morning it looks like a demolition derby on 4,000 block of ford road in wynfield heights. police say a driver hit five parked cars there at 2:30 and then took off. one person lives on that block said she heard loud crashes and dashed outside to see her sister's car heavily damaged. >> her car, tires underneath her car, the whole back end, they hit the side, the car hit the pole, her entire drivers side is messed up. >> another eyewitness tells cbs-3 that the driver of the car came back, his license plate, actually broke off during the crash, and eyewitness says that the driver then grabbed it, off of the ground, and then ran away. police are looking for that driver right now. in international news german police are searching
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for this man anis amri who has been on the run since monday, detectives found amri's wallet and identification papers inside the truck that plowed through a christmas market, in berlin, germany. police say he drove stolen vehicle will through the crowd killing a dozen people and injuring 48 others. reward of hundred thousand dollars is being offered to anyone who can help find him. meanwhile president-elect donald trump attributes the attacks in germany, turkey, swiss land to radical islam is the his plan to restrict, muslim immigration in the u.s. is the right thing to do. you know my plan... mr. trump made his comments at his estate in palm beach, florida yesterday where he focused on national security. he also met with ceo boeing, mr. trump recently criticized the company's 4 billion-dollar contract to bill the next air force one. after meeting boeing's ceo
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says he will get the cost down it looks like yesterday was busy day for president-elect who named billion air investor karl eye can as a special advisor to the president on regulatory reform. eye can you may recall owns tropicana casino and shuttered trump taj mahal in atlantic city. meanwhile in less than a month vice-president joe biden is leaving the white house and heading to pennsylvania. >> scranton native is reportedly coming to the university of pennsylvania next month. now biden has hinted that he is in search of university to house his staff and to do his post governmental report. university isn't commenting on biden's new gig but his picture is front and center of the board of trustees page on penn's web site. >> i think he is a great person very inspirational, it would be very cool to be on campus. >> nice guy definitely a fan. >> him choosing is us a great honor so honored to have him so close and use him as a resource. >> reporter: by hone lost his son beau who was a university
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of penn graduate to brain cancer last year plans to continue his effort to eradicate disease. biden's last day on the job is january 20th. last night the vice-president stopped by a flyers game, the team tweeted this picture saying thanks for joining us tonight, joe biden, this coneys on us. it may have been good luck. the flyers beat capitols three -two, jan. today is last day on the job for leader of the chester up land school district. gregory shannon submitted his resignation earlier this month he has accepted a position with the another school district. shannon has been chester up land's superintendent since 2013, school officials say the board and the community will participate the in the search for shannon's successor. well, coming up a philadelphia man is freed after spending years behind bars, for a crime he didn't commit, still ahead evidence that proved his innocence. also ahead a fiery scene on the transit bus, we will tell you what happened when a man's pocket burst into flames
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stressful enough to give a presentation now imagine getting pulled over on the way to class. we will tell you how a officer put one student's worries at ease.
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back on "eyewitness news" take a look, at this surveillance video captured a
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frightening scene the on the the bus in fresno, california, fire fighters responded yesterday after a e cigarette allegedly exploded in this man 's pocket, and the five three-year old told authorities that the device over heated to the point of catching fire. he suffered burned to his right-hand and thigh and treated at a local hospital. my goodness. stolen car chase involving pennsylvania state police end with the crash on i-95 in delaware county. "eyewitness news" was at end of the 20-mile chase near highland avenue in upper chichester and it the beast again in delaware. the authorities say a suspect stole a black suv and tried to out run police. >> during the pursuit suspect intentionally began to ram our psp cruisers, we were able to deploy spike strips at which time vehicle will became disable and operator was taken into custody. police are still looking for another person, from that suv, in of the troopers were seriously hurt but mess did lead to big traffic backups on
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i-95. in south jersey police ticketed a truck driver for recklessly driving in connection with the this chain reaction crash in logan township. it shut down route 130 near route 44 for several hours wednesday morning, eight people were injured when authorities say a tanker carrying waste water failed to stop for a line of traffic in front of him. truck collided with two other vehicles setting off a chain reaction involving four additional cars. an officer in wisconsin pulls over a young man for seeding. >> but it is what he did next that has everyone talking this morning. >> dash cam video capture an act of kindness college student was running late for a presentation because he went to a friend's house so that friend could help him tie his neck tie only the trend was in the the home. so he was not only late but he still needed his high tied. instead of writing ticket officer helped that young man tie his tie. little things like that, that kid will appreciate that
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and hopefully slow down in the the feature. >> and learn how to tie a tie good exactly. >> i went to catholic school. it was in grained into me. it was. i was a dresser back then my little green blazer, it was ugly, wow. >> i'm sure you made it look good. >> i tried. >> irish man, you have to wear green. >> plaid tie that matched the girls skirts. >> i can only imagine. >> i'm sure there is a picture floating around which you need to snap it on social media. >> good picture in the weather today. >> overall not bad my friend. we have a disturbance bypass ing us to the north to trigger a quick flurry here and there but they are making their own snow at resorts. we will show that in a second. we will start off with a view of the city, beautiful shot, nice clear visibility at this point over center sit friday our cbs-3 studios where we're facing south here and it is looking g we can expect this to generally be the story throughout the day. we have higher cloud, granted but those too will be just
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spinning with time and we will end up with more sun then anything. i do have another shot to show you, i mentioned ski slopes they are starting to pick up, that nice, fresh powdered from the machines and they are still at it, hard at work making that snow, and you can see those cloud, of the snow, just as it is looking beautiful out there we can expect to see again maybe a snow shower on the mountains here throughout course of the morning because of the disturbance moving through. at the moment radar can look worse then it actually is at the ground level. it can happen. while this does appear as there is ice heading our way we may end up with a flurry off to the north and west but i'm not terribly worried on it would i love to hear from the eyewitness weather watchers from the ground observation and reports as this is pushing through for the most part this isn't actually verifying as much as anything on the ground the current wind speeds are press i calm overall and you will find it so calm it is worded calm because that is
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all we see in atlantic city, trenton but again you know we will eventually end up with more and more sunshine today and quiet afternoon. friday looks good, saturday, we do have showers in the morning but by saturday evening as hanukkah gets underway mostly cloudy skies are all that is left, not terribly cold and of course we know that is, same, and he will have a smooth sail or smooth runny should say. looking forward to sunday 50 and sunshine. granted in the a white christmas but pretty decent weather for upcoming who will take. >> i was hoping for white christmas but i'll take 50 and sunny too, katie. not bad at all. we will take this as well. i-95, finally construction is complete, let's give it an o-m -g can we do that. >> omg. >> omg. >> omg it is done almost four years of construction on i-95, all four lanes reopened, this is great news for travelers like me who take this stretch of roadway quite often, wow. it is beautiful. this is not so beautiful
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though, this is columbus boulevard at queen street and there is two right lanes that have been closed because of a water main break, they will close, the 95 southbound ramp, and close columbus boulevard as well. keep an eye on this an accident northeast extension southbound past lehigh valley tunnel, tractor trailer went down an embankment. there will be delays on the northeast extension in this area. jim and jan let's throw it back over to you. new for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> on the front page of the mercury fast thinking neighbors had to break in the door to rescue several elderly residents from the burning home in pottstown yesterday. blaze broke out just before 8:00 a.m. at a house on third street, when fire fighters arrived, the back of the home was fully engulfed in flames, the cause of that fire is under investigation. on the cover of the trentonian american idol winner ruben studdard and johnny gill of new addition performed in the capitol city
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but how are they being paid? questions are being raised about a non-of the run by trenton mayor eric jackson which organized free event and brings in big name talent to perform in the city. paper find that since being formed in 2014 moving trenton together hasn't filed a tax return and the mayor claims one was submitted last year. from the reading eagle the outlet center has been sold to the philadelphia based developer. for decade it has been destination for, bargain hunters, they will spend 70 million-dollar to transform the 34-acre site. >> that is a look the at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. well, a 29 year-old man convicted of a shooting six year-old boy in strawberry mansion has been freed, from jail for past decade his family and legal organization has for the the for his innocence. as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells us he spent nine years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
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>> reporter: wait is finally over, daunte rollins is now, a freeman. >> i'm just happy to be out you know what i mean? it was messed up what happened to me but it is over now so i can start my life. >> reporter: for ten years daunte lived in what he described as pure hell, he was 18 when he was arrested, today he is 29. >> i lost my freedom, i didn't lose my mind report report rollins was within of the three men convicted of the january 28th, 2006 shooting of jabber wright, then six years old, wright was shot in the head during a hail of gunfire near 29th and westmont and left paralyzed. rollins was arrested that same night the despite the truth. >> i was than the there. can't get in truth in that i was than the there. >> reporter: surveillance video, cell even if record and more uncovered by his mother provided his defense anal guy. rollins was shopping near south street near the shooting >> but injury that i convicted daunte, only heard a sliver of
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that evidence. had it all been presented neither district attorney nor i believe that daunte would have been convicted. >> reporter: attorneys from the innocence project presented post convictions motions claiming that his original defense was ineffective but full scope of the evidence in view the d.a. reevaluated the case. >> the in the interest of justice and doing right thing the charges against mr. rollins has been withdrawn >> reporter: so now rollins is free, to celebrate the holiday with those who love him most. >> they know the truth and they stuck by me. >> reporter: at the criminals justice center, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, still ahead what the eagles to have do tonight to beat giants from clinching a playoff spot, hear from the coach and quarterback next up in sports. a and ace caught on camera having a fight with a snow man and it doesn't go that panda's way you have to see
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well, eagles are in the national spotlight tonight playing in prime time against the giants. >> and the giants come to the lincoln a mission, pat gallen is here with a look at sports. >> that mission, is the playoffs. >> yes. >> which we don't know anything about here. >> no, we don't have to worry about that. >> with the win over struggling eagles big blue will clinch a playoff spot. eli manning and finds won their last two games while eagles lost five straight now denying a g men post season birth could be motivation for five-nine eagles, coach pederson just want the eagles to play their game. >> i know what the giants have at stake and, you know, they want to do the same thing. they want to win a game too. so, for their own reasons. but for us it is just a matter of going out, executing, playing our style and playing physical and doing things that we have done these last couple
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of weeks. >> carson wentz and the eagles offense will be facing one of the league's most tough defenses, giants allow only about 17 points per game which is in the top five among nfl defenses. eagles rookie quarterback says he is ready. >> they're good. they like to mix it up, quite a bit, cover zero is a big thing they like to do. we have to be ready for that. we have to be ready for blitz looks, we have to know where 21 landing collins is, he is all over the field, flies around, we have to be aware where he is at and be ready for some of that stuff. flyers are hottest team in town and last night they thrilled a regular season record crowd at the wells fargo center. captain claude giroux, would tie the game at two, late in the second, right here in the first game between flyers and caps since last season, first round of the playoffs n a shoot-out that is jay voracek with the move. excuse me, wayne simmonds with the goal, steve mason was
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there, justin williams and the flyers win three-two, they play the devils, in north jersey, tonight. flyers red hot, the eagles though, i guess they are just trying to save face the rest of the season. >> should i take the suit out. >> leave the suit, in the closet, and... >> save it for next year. >> trying to be positive here. >> thanks, patrick. as you know we love panda is here, check out this adorable video from the toronto zoo. >> i watched this at 2:00 a.m. this morning that is how get is this little guy's name is m au, he destroyed that snow man, didn't take him long. the it seems like he enjoys that snow. look at him go. >> wait, wait for it. you know he is going off, there he goes, i love pandas. i could watch that all day. >> put tonight corner of the screen. >> traveling by plane is about to get more complicated for pennsylvania residents.
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>> we will tell you why ahead in the next half an hour and we will also have this. germany mourns christmas market attack we are learning more about the prime suspect and that has some injured and many angry i'm brooks silva-braga with the details coming up. weekend right around the corner, this point it is holiday weekend and we are expecting showers on christmas eve for first half of the day, rest of the weekend looks great though with sunshine, on the holiday itself and also a night warming trend over, over next couple days, with the rest of the
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well, as we get closer to the holiday weather gets milder, but with that comes some rain, katie's tracking what we see, some showers this weekend. good morning i'm jan carabao. i'm jim donovan. the here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. a local street that looks like a smash them up derby, thinks the 4,000 block of ford road in wynfield heights. and where an out of control driver left a trail of destruction. after years of traffic jams your morning commute on i-95 hopefully, just got easier. >> it is looking good. we are on i-95 now from cottman


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