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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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german authorities believed carried out monday's truck attack on a christmas market in berlin. that market is reopening today people in one philadelphia neighborhood will have an unpleasant surprise when they wake up this morning, a driver smashed into several parked cars and just took off. this is excellent news for anyone who takes i-95, a big construction project that tied up traffic for four, yes, four long years just wrapped up. well to day is thursday december 22nd good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things and looking good in both. >> yes, good morning. i'm officially become meisha i'm all hopped on coffee and celebrating opened roadways. what is more meisha then that. >> no kidding what can you do about the vine street expressway. >> yes. >> not that bad, we will show you in a minute. >> well, it isn't at 4:00 in the morning. >> what about now. >> give me a timetable on that and we will be happy.
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but what we are facing out there is a hint of wet weather depending on your location. >> it looks worse then it actually is. we're finding at the moment is a couple flurries. i did get reports from the eyewitness weather watchers that they are finding flurries in chester county. this is moving into delco, montgomery, bucks counties, you'll not find a flurry, maybe a rain drop not enough to slick even up the roadway but there is hint of pink, temperature profile depending on your location, right around or even above freezing. so watch for that, in atlantic city we are at 40. wilmington where we are finding a hint of the precipitation rolling through 37. i'm not really concerned about this messing with your travels but granted you may find a flake are rain drop hitting windshield traveling around this area and within the next couple minutes. thirty-four in palmyra, mount holly stand at 37 degrees. the as day goes on we are expecting maryland racial up here 48 expectation in philadelphia, that does exceed
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typical high by 5 degrees or so. we will take what we can get but this is beginning of the modest warming trend with time >> just to answer your question vine will be done fall of 2018. >> oh, no. >> jan's not happy either. >> terrible. that is exactly the word. >> bearer of bad news. bearer of good news is right here, i-95 looking beautiful between cottman and bridge all four lanes are opened, construction is over, four years of nonsense and mayhem, craziness is complete. the it is a beautiful ride this morning looking very good in this area on i-95, new jersey 42, in delays heading in to the city, this is approaching 295, so, things are moving smooth this morning at 6:02. got to love that. here not so much, there isn't traffic, this is a problem spot columbus boulevard water main break there at queen street. they will close southbound columbus boulevard and they will close 95 off ramp at
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around 9:00 a.m. to work on this right here. there is an accident on the northeast extension southbound past lehigh valley tunnel. tractor trailer involved, fluid spill is there are crews on the scene cleaning this up with the right lane block, some problems in that spot. also some problems here 422 eastbound near arm and hammer boulevard right lane blocked and delays are happening, jan, over to you. morning commute just got easier for whole lot of people , right now all four lanes on i-95 between cottman and bridge street are opened. >> after years of construction and traffic jams, commuters are rejoycing this morning, among them "eyewitness news" reporter trang do give you a preview what your drive is looking like heading in to center city, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jim , jan, it is looking very shoot-out here. we are coming from the cottman on ramp southbound toward center city this was also a part of the upgrade we have been talking about. it looks great, freshly painted and everything.
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here we are taking a look outside our window here as we head southbound and a lot more traffic then we saw earlier as we get closer to the morning rush but still very smooth ride we have made this multiple times this morning and it the takes pretty much no time to get between cottman and bridge these days. lets look at video from chopper three aerial video there are now four lanes of traffic, in each direction between cottman and bridge. this phase started in 2012, and for commuters it seemed like forever it is ending on time. so that is also great the news in addition, crews relayed seven bridges and upgraded four ramps along the route just massive 212 million-dollar project here and drivers we spoke to this morning are understand reply relieved. >> i am, relieved it is over because it is inconvenience in the morning, i would have had a little bit of them cleaning up overnight. i would hit that and if i'm
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late for work it does affect he but, you know, i'm glad it is done, over with. >> we're passing up the bridge street exit ramp right here. so that just took no time at all, guys. ninety-five not out of the woods just yet as we head closer to center city. they are running into that other i-95 construction project between allegheny and girard. they are expanding to four lanes on each side in that project, so still a little bit to tiehl with but we are loving it. we have seen these project, that project, meanwhile will not be finished until 2018. but for now back to you. >> we will take good news whenever we can get it, thanks , trang. steady progress. new this morning a trail of destruction in wynfield heights. a driver smashed into five parked cars along 4,000 block of ford road, in wynfield heights, about 2:30 this morning. one eyewitness says driver
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grabbed his license plate off the ground before getting away off foot. another eyewitness tells cbs-3 that the crashes could be heard all over the neighborhood. >> it sounded like, the big crash, a huge crash i had no idea what it was. they hit the car. the car hit the pole. her entire driver side is messed up. >> now police have the vehicle identification number of car involved in the crashes, they are tracking down the owner right now. news from overseas german police are asking for help in capturing man who drove through a christmas market killing 12 people and injuring dozens of others in berlin. police say this man, anis amir plowed through, and, he found suspect's wallet and identification papers inside the truck. christmas market reopened last night and police are offering a reward up to more than a thousand -- $100,000 to anyone who can help find him.
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meanwhile president-elect donald trump respond to the tragedy bringing up his plan to restrict muslim immigration in the you had. he attributes at tax in germany and turkey, switzerland to radical islam is. mr. trump made his comments at his estate in palm beach, florida, where he he was focusing on national security yesterday. he also met with the ceo of boeing, mr. trump recently criticized the company's estimated 4 billion-dollar contract to bill the next air force one. after the meeting, the president-elect boeing ceo says he will get the costs down. yesterday, was certainly a busy day for mr. trum hospital named billion air investor karl eye can as a special advisor to the president on regulatory reform. icon owns tropicana and
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shuttered trump taj mahal this atlantic city. after the white house, vice-president joe biden is heading to philadelphia. the scranton native is reportedly coming to the university of pennsylvania next month. biden has hinted he is in search for a university to house his staff and to to his post governmental work. university isn't commenting on biden's new gig but his picture is front and center on the board of trustees page on penn's web site. >> i think he is a great person, very inspirational, and very cool to see him on campus. >> nice guy, definite the liz a fan. >> it is great honor and so excited to have him so close and use him as a resource. >> biden lost his son beau biden a u penn graduate to brain cancer last year and plans to continue his efforts to eradicate the disease. biden's last day on the job is january 20th. last night the vice-president stopped by a flyers game, the team tweeted this picture saying thanks for joining us tonight joe biden, this coneys on us. he may have been good luck too
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, flyers beat the capitols three-two. meanwhile one local educator is moving on with his career, today is last day on the job for chester upland school district superintendent gregory shannon. shannon has accepted a position with another school district, he has been chester upland's superintendent since 2013. school officials say they will have an interim superintendent in place next month, and successor in the near future. a north philadelphia man will be home for christmas after spending nine years in jail for a crime he did not commit. >> daunte rollins was just 18 years old when he went to jail for 2006 shooting in strawberry mansion which paralyzed a six year-old boy. yesterday at age 29, the district attorney's office trooped all charge is a begins him. his mother along with the pennsylvania innocence rog being have for the hard to get him out there behind bars. >> thanks to my lawyers and my family that stuck with me and supported me, it is finally over. >> i don't got no emotion i'm just happy to be out. >> rollins was originally
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quick despite surveillance video that shows him at gallery mall and shopping on south street, when shooting occurred, district attorney seth williams said new evidence including receipts and cell phone record helped prove his thosens. coming up, got thrown off delta flight what both side are saying this morning. plus disturbing new report on melanoma number of people that will be diagnosed with the deadly skin cancer this year ahead in healthwatch. an e cigarette explodes on a bus, find out what happened to the man that had it in his pocket at the time. >> ♪ >> our dj deserves a bone to us day. christmas only three days away >> that is right. >> three days have you done all of your shopping. >> i was done weeks ago. that is the way i roll, january. >> of course, you were. >> i did get started.
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you tube celebrity to specializes in pranks denies that his arabic phone conversation on a lane was just one more joke. >> but a man and a friend were kicked off the plane. adam saila has 2 million subscribe tours his channels which feature outlandish pranks but when he spoke arab on a plane passengers on the delta flight got upset. he insists it was in the a prank
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they made he feel like a terrorist. >> dozens say saila and his companion were book on another flight and he is demanding a apology. frightening scene in fresno, california was caught on video. fire fighters responded after an e cigarette a allegedly exploded in a man's pocket. he padded out the fire. he told fire crews he believed the device over heated to the point of catching fire. he suffered burns to his right-hand, thigh and was treated at a local hospital. >> you keep seeing this video. >> say away from e cigarettes i think. >> it is not good for you. >> something that is good for us is katie. >> always. >> wow, well done you. >> all right. >> yes. >> all right. i can be bought with compliments. i'm just kidding. what we are finding at the moment my friend is warm air pushing in the area. because we do have temperatures that are still forming with or just slightly above or below freezing just depending on your location.
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we are finding us getting clipped by this. bulk of precipitation all snow primarily is falling toward the pennsylvania state border in to upstate insuring and portions of new england but we are getting in on a hint of this. we will zero in on this we will take a snapshot of the current radar. i will step to the side. it is so, so light but because again we still have very cold air at the surface. even fit is falling as rain drops it the could freeze up, on contact, and we're not talking about a glaze of ice terribly widespread but if you see rain drops just expect that it might potentially get slick. i don't think it is major problem but to use extra caution. slow it down if you see rain drops or maybe a few flurries out there looking forward again this is beginning of the milder push of air, jet stream lifting off to the north, prettier colors of the red, yellow start to roll role off to the north as well and that indicates that. we will see temperatures go on a uphill climb here especially
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lead nothing to sunday. so that will continue in the early days of next week. we will see more zone flow, in other word more pacific air drawn across you had. we will will stay level for a couple of days and then bottom out once more. we have an eagles game quiet weather, breezy, 39 degrees at kick off as new york is in town but cloud are overhead and saturday, hanukkah kicking off. we have can just cloud at that point. there will be rain between those two events and it comes specifically the saturday morning mainly just rain showers but early on, we could see that freeze on contact. we will keep a close watch on that. it is long gone with just left over cloud come christmas eve night, pat. >> what you don't of see this time of the morning are numbers like this, you see a lot of 55, 53 going south on i-95, that is a wide map not a lot of traffic, normally right in your rush hour here but everything looking good.
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i-95 southbound at cottman is one of those trouble spots. this has been beautiful all morning where construction has finally finished, four lanes have opened between cottman and bridge you can't always escape area of traffic. this is ace a problem spot 95 south, also the vine picking up a little bit minor delays near the schuylkill expressway but still looking a okay for this time of the morning. outside, now 202 southbound between welsh road right lane blocked there. there is an accident. tout 422 an accident eastbound near arm and hammer boulevard there are delays in this area because of that accident as well. we will take a quick break we will be right back here on cbs-3 "eyewitness
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spirit in delaware county is reporting chester police officers and fire fighters won't get their annual holiday pay this year from the financialry strapped municipalities. at least not on time. fire department union president says additional money is allocated to their holidays per their contract but city can't pay when it doesn't have money. from the front page of the intelligencers one of the nation's oldest world war two veterans has died. 108 year-old bill moore of upper moreland died earlier this week surrounded by his family and caregivers. last month he attended veterans day breakfast at white house hosted by president obama. from the times herald anyone who attended west chester university ape lived in student house flag 2008 through 2012 may be due money. a legal settlement has been reached with two rental companies that allegedly
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charged students illegal fees during their stays in the boro , properties involved were west chester commons, and the college arms apartment complex that is a look at some newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, in this morning's healthwatch more americans then ever are being diagnosed with melanoma. >> this is scary despite warnings to stay out of the sun and use sun screen and staying away from tanning beds cases of the deadly skin disease spiked steadily since 2009, new researches mate more than 76,000 americans will be diagnosed with this year and more than 10,000 will die from it. >> wow. doctors say there is an increase in heart attacks and strokes around the who will taste especially for 80 million americans living with high blood pressure. heart attack-related deaths are 5 percent more likely around christmas and new years , some tips don't drink or eat too much and try to get some exercise. >> good all the time. ikea wants customers know you cannot sleep over, seriously we will tell you
6:22 am
about the statement company just released coming up. but first popular christmas gift this year but many are raising concerns about this doll, how it could be spying on you and even recording your children, that is
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it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so...
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♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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christmas weekend is upon us bringing with it the potential for wet weather specifically on christmas eve in the first half of the day. so it may start off as freezing rain early and fit starts early enough then we have got sunshine for christmas day and little warming trend that goes with the weekend, guys. >> thanks, katie. this is creepy, there is controversy surround ago i any doll on your child's wish list this dollies certainly unique as they tell us it doesn't just listen tour child but it record what your child says. >> can i be your friend. >> reporter: seven year-old sage is having a conversation with her new friend kayla. >> i would love to be your friend. >> reporter: this smart doll can answer questions, read stories, sing songs and play games. >> these dolls are marketed to be a child's best friend, but yet they are eavesdropping and you know, spying on every seek wet they tell them. >> reporter: claire garland with the center shows thus complaint they filed if the pedestrian trade commission.
6:26 am
they collect and use children 's voices without parental consent, and all that violates the federal law. children's on line privacy protection act. >> parents should be very concerned that they have no eye tea, you know, is what being ton with their children 's conversations that who is gaining access to it. >> reporter: she says audio recording have our child is sent to nuance communication ness massachusetts, the speech recognition develops voice analysis technology which it sells to military law enforcement and intelligence agencies. >> it is a concerning to think bit because then what if? what if it is used for something. >> reporter: doll's terms of service say speech date ace collected and can be used for other services, and products. >> it is not very clear about the third party. >> parents are not sufficiently aware that these toys are subjecting their kids to on going surveillance. >> that was melissa howell reporting, the doll's
6:27 am
manufacturer has in the responded to request for a comment. >> but nuance communications which receives the voice recordings say it does not share the voice data. it is creepy. that remind me of those chucky dolls. >> one step away from coming to lifey don't need that in my house. after you open up those gifts there could be a few you need to give back. coming up, we will look at stores that have changed their return policies. plus travel trouble for millions of the people in our area, why a pennsylvania driver's license won't be valid for an air travel which that goes into effect, pat. is there always travel trouble but right none/i-95 they have opened up, construction is done between cottman and bridge, we will tell you how it is looking so far this morning, on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we will be right
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good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao. it the is 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute: how about this, all four lanes on i-95 between cottman and bridge street are now opened. >> it is looking good. we are on i-95 now from cottman heading southbound. >> it looks like a demolition derby along 4,000 block of ford road in wynfield heights, police say driver hit five parked cars there at 2:30 this morning and then took off. >> german police are offering a reward for a hundred you this dollars to capture man who drove through a christmas market in berlin. >> it looks like vice-president joe biden is leaving washington d.c. and heading our way. >> really cool if he was on campus. >> definitely a fan. >> scranton native is reportedly coming to the university of pennsylvania next month.
6:32 am
>> he scores. >> flyers win. >> wayne simmonds and steve mason coming up big, big time for the flyers. >> yes. >> flyers beat capitols three- two. flyers man, they are on fire this season. >> they are. >> katie's out there not too warm. >> yes. >> you know, i have a little breaking news in the weather kept my friend. there is a hint of sleet falling right now, on the cbs-3 sky deck. it is so light. i heard what sounded like leaves, and then realized there was a ban of sleet currently moving in. it is starting to fall on me. it is really light though but what i to want to point you to is radar and over last hour, two or three hours or so, you can see, it is moving through lightly this is all we will find from it. the here's a snapshot of the most current radar. you will fine more freezing rain situation especially
6:33 am
across cumberland county, gloucester county but it is so light, i don't want to completely tell you there is no problems out there but i don't think you'll have major issues. if you do see rain drops is there a chance it is freezing on contact be extra careful, this is a very minor problem. go up to the poconos, it is a stray snow shower few flurries here and there looking at these temperatures you can understand why we are talking about possibility of freezing, on contact, we have hint of moisture it is just rain falling from the sky, in millville, but potentially treeing at ground level. the since ground is chilly at this point. upper 40's expectation from the the shore up to philadelphia. we will expect to see clouds eventually break for some sun and as we are speaking that sleet is completely ending, it is a minor problem but certainly worth mention to be traveling. >> katie, i have been dreaming of the white christmas but now i'm wearing shorts to christmas 50 degrees, looking balmy. this is a look at boulevard
6:34 am
southbound toward the schuylkill expressway, and i showed you wide map earlier, where we had bunch of 55's all over the area it is starting to slow up a little bit but as you can see heading toward that ramp still in bad at all. couple delays, not much throughout the area. on i-95 looking north just past cottman the ramp coming on there cottman avenue, it is looking good this morning as they opened up four lanes on i-95 between cottman and then south to bridge. some delays are south of this camera, but this is a problem spot, this is where it used to backup, now looking crystal clear heading toward cottman avenue on the southbound side. septa regional rails some issues west trenton there are 15 minute delays and then cynwyd line is busing p.m. train services suspended through friday, in this area. jim and jan, back to you. >> thanks, patrick. international manhunt is underway for the man accused of driving through a crowded christmas market.
6:35 am
tensions high in berlin as police search for anis amri who has been on the run since monday night. cbs news correspondent brooks silva-braga has the very latest. >> reporter: demonstrators gathered outside german chancellor angel merkel's office monday night angry over monday's christmas market attack in berlin. >> this man called for merkel to resign, saying her open door refugee policy allows anis amri into the country. german officials say main suspect this is deadly truck attack was seeking asylum when he entered from tunisia last year after his application was rejected and evaded deportation. detectives found amri's identification papers in a wallet under the the driver's seat of the truck, officials have since linked him to this man, an iraqi arrested in germany last month accused of recruiting fighters in isis. isis has claimed to inspire the berlin attack. amid manhunt country and capitol continue to mourn
6:36 am
victims. germany's foreign minister was joined by his italian counterpart laying roses at a memorial. >> these days it feels incredibly good to know that we are not alone in this sorrow, he said that we can rely on friends of europe and world. back in the u.s. president-elect donald trump was asked if the attack led him to rethink his plans for muslim registry or ban on muslim immigration. he called it an attack on humanity that has to stop. brooks silva-braga for cbs one "eyewitness news". death toll continues to rise in the the fire works explosion in mexico. thirty-three people are now confirmed dead and 12 people remain missing, this is new video of the aftermath, investigators are combing through searching for a cause and focusing on ignored security measures some vendors displayed fire works outside
6:37 am
their stalls. cristina grimme family is suing concert promoter and foundation that owns venue where she was kill. you may recall the 22-year old singer was shot to death last june during a fan meet/greet at plaza live in orlando, florida. accord together lawsuit defendants failed to take adequate security measures, to ensure that the safety of the performers and concert goers. investigators say man who killed grimme was able to get in with two handguns, bullets and a hunting knife. traveling by plane will get more complicated for pennsylvania residents, after next year, thanks to new identification guidelines, from the transportation security administration n2018, the tsa will no longer accept pennsylvania issued drivers licensed or id card to get the through airport security. next month pennsylvania id's will no longer be accepted at federal agencies and nuclear plants either. delaware licenses are already compliant and new jersey has an extension through next october. well, ugly holiday
6:38 am
sweaters, wrong toy and yet another boring tie, no wonder 23rd of the people return at least one holiday gift. >> but before you head outside the door to the store or post office to make those exchanges cbs news business analyst jill celestinger joins with us tips , live from new york, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. would i never get you an ugly sweater or a tie. >> thanks, jill, appreciate it >> so what do we need to know. >> these return policies, they vary dramatically depending honorary tail, you should do research before you head out. go banking rates ranked 50 least tailers, they say best ones offer generous return windows of 90 days or more, they accept returns without receipts and they provide satisfaction guarantied. your top three nordstrom, cost co and bed, bath and beyondy love nordstrom you can bring anything back there, it can be 13 years later and they will take it back, not that i have done that but i just heard stories, yes.
6:39 am
>> yes. >> how about retailers change their return policies. >> reporter: one big change is that the big ones have really started to look at certain items and treated them differently. so for example, kohl's added a deadline of january 31st for premium electronics, and toys-r-us imposes a 30 day return period for computer hardware. target, wal-mart, toys-r-us have new shorter return period s of somewhere between two to four weeks for drones. i'm in the buying a drone. the on line with amazon you have until january 31st for most of the items that ship last couple months of the year there are no refund on down loads, so sorry if you don't like it. over gives you until january 31st for most of the items you purchased there november 1st through the end of the year. fees a lie if the item is open , used or late, jim. >> can't getaway with it much
6:40 am
longer. >> believe it or not i have never return one gift. i have been pleasant liz surprise by my gifts. >> very kind of you that is the kind of purpose i am, appreciate it. one of the hottest gift this year hatchimals but sit worth the hype? coming up an eight year old tells us what she thinks. >> she's frank about it too. plus cold and flu season is here but not just people affected, dogs get it too. >> oh, my. >> find out how to protect them from getting sick. get this no sleep overs at ikea, believe it or not it is a problem and now company has a message for its customers. we don't make this stuff up. plus this. >> i'm's here with my friend claire and tray and we are hanging out at elmwood park zoo getting held i for christmastime with what else, reindeer, we will tell you about this when we come right back. >> ♪
6:41 am
>> this myself favorite, waiting for this, and one minute pat in the studio, next with reindeer, he is a multi task person who knew reindeer were right outside. >> exactly. >> we will be right back stay with us.
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look at the that smooth sailing. >> looking good. >> yes. >> toward philadelphia. >> welcome back everybody. president obama's health care law seems to be holding it own , 6.4 million people signed up for coverage under affordable care act for 2017. >> that is record number americans are signing up as republicans vow to repeal and replace the health care law amid rising premiums and dwindling insurers. open enrollment the end january 31st. >> check this out ikea want teens to stop sleeping in its the stores, really.
6:45 am
company put out a statement recently that their stores are not meant for sleep overs. >> who knew this is a thing. this video shows two guys secretly spending night in idea and inspiring other teens to participate in what is described as, non-sponsored sleep overs. the teens apparently hide out in closets, then come out when store closes. the swedish furniture giant is fed up, they want it to stop, at least, ten incident have been reported. while they are there one tried putting together some of that furniture. >> ah. >> it is latest internet fad. >> exactly. >> one pops up every week. >> my goodness. >> put it on video so we can be recognizable and figure out and arrested for it the. >> let's think, mcfly, think. come on. that is just a crazy story. that one blows my mind. i have no more words. lets move right a long.
6:46 am
>> okay. lets look at eyewitness weather watchers, guys, we have a handful of pictures very festive ones over the last couple of hours but a couple i wanted to show you that are more weather related. phil sent this one in his camera outside his photo shop in chestnut hill. this is thursday morning and it is dry. we have seen a hint of wet weather rolling through we will get to that in storm scan in a second but this is one spot where it has remained dry we have a moon shot for you as well from ed connor this morning. beautiful shot there, basically half moon at this point but what we will find throughout the covers of the day is a moderation on the thermometer, our first temperature readings are generally speaking hovering near freezing mark a little bit above or below or right at that treeing mark for most of the watchers this morning. so, it is chilly outside, not as harsh as recent mornings but because we have wet weather moving through this could be freeze ago this takes place on contact, if any of that is here.
6:47 am
it is so light. such a minor problem but i still need to mention it. it is one of those. we will look outside palmyra cove nature park over the city sky scape and at the moment we have decent visibility in the distance there. but there is a crowd deck that is still hanging out overhead and from that disturbance a bit of moisture rolling through. it is so scattered, so light, i still to have mention it the because it is wintertime at this point. but i don't think you have to where bye a flurry or rain drop air as i just say a hint of sleet. it was there for a minute and then done. it is so, light and so quick. next couple days starting to warm things up. saturday brings some rain showers, maybe bought of freezing rain fit comes in early enough on saturday morning. the dries out saturday evening for hanukkah and santa and then sunday itself looking beautiful. sunshine, high of 50, pat. >> no snow. >> no snow but i know you want to break out your short pants. >> i would rather have snow on christmas but i'll take 50 degrees, not that bad. good morning.
6:48 am
four lanes, yes, four lanes are opened on i-95 between cottman and bridge. we have been talking about this all morning and finally at 12 minutes to 7:00 it is starting to pick up. traffic as you pass the cottman avenue on ramp, the things are so far this morning have been looking really good. septa regional rails in the so much, west trenton has an inbound delay of 15 minutes and cynwyd line is busing, pennsylvania train service or p.m. train service is suspended through friday there 202 southbound there is an accident before welsh road with the right lane blocked and also 422, this is still out there causing some delays, right lane blocked eastbound near arm and hammer boulevard with that accident. as we go up northeast extension southbound past lehigh valley at tunnel there is a tractor trailer accident, fuel spill with hazmat crews on the scene there jim. thanks, patrick. we cannot pass up video of panda, adorable new video from the toronto zoo watch as this panda, destroys a snow man.
6:49 am
>> and falls off to boot. it didn't take too long for him to meet his end. it seems he really enjoying the snow. >> look at him go. >> um, um, um, boom. >> he is out. >> he loves the snow, so cute. >> i'll do that out in the parking lot if we get blizzard >> cold, flu season is here and not just people but man's best friend can get the flu too i didn't know this. >> interesting, vets warn that this new k-9 influenza is more potent then previous strains. experts say that the best defense is cleanliness, you want to watch your dog and how it interacts with other dogs because virus likely the new k-9 flu thrives with dog to dog contact. >> sicker, longer and they are sick from three to seven days, they can shed virus from anywhere from one to two weeks , so even after they are nice, healthy, and they start to shed shy rustes. >> there is a vaccine
6:50 am
available for k-9 flew, and the time is 6:50. coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live there new york with the preview. >> good morning, ahead in berlin with the latest on manhunt for christmas market suspect as we learned about americans who were injured in the attack. plus there are new concerns that some members of the medical community are pushing the use of addictive painkillers for profit. also word amazon fulfillment center with the the last minute rush to get presents out on time to you. then we will take you on a tour of the florida ever grade the project that almost destroyed the national treasure and the threat facing the park right now. the news is back in the morning so we will see you after that. >> always looking forward to it, thanks, nora. christmas gifts are going to hundreds of local children in need thanks to these
6:51 am
volunteers. they sorted thousands office toys for salvation army toy drive, in total philadelphia salvation army expects to deliver over 30,000 gifts, to 14,000 under served children in the area, including some of those donated to cbs-3's joy of sharing toy fess. well, word of warning for parents this holiday season one of the hot toys may not be that exciting. >> i guess not that is what what one mom and daughter say about hatchimals. the toy isn't getting such great reviews so far. of the 400 reviews on amazon, 49 percent, and give hatchimals one star. some say after the toy hatches all of the funnies over. >> it just talks but it just makes noise. >> when people are paying these large amounts, i really think they would be let down. >> consumer experts say all hot toys, lose their appeal after a while, remember, tickle me elmo or furby. >> they need to change the name to hatch boring.
6:52 am
>> that will not sell very well. >> no. well, it is almost that time of the year when man from the north pole hits the road or disguise. >> who could that be. >> pat gallen met up with friend in advance of the christmas. >> i did, i got an inside look at how they live. >> in just a few days, santa will be on his way riding his big red sleigh but who will be pulling it well, reindeer, of course, i met a few of them hanging out in our area. >> in just a few days santa claus will travel the world with help from his friends. so we are here at north pole aka elmwood park zoo getting ready for christmastime with reindeer. this is tray and claire, and they are ready to hang with santa. hi, guys. tray and claire won't be helping santa this year but that doesn't mean they could not in the future. >> this is tray, she's five years old one of the reindeer here at elmwood park zoo for the season. the she's very sweet and
6:53 am
impressive set of antler here's. >> reporter: thinks claire, she is two, she's about 130- pound and she's a lot smaller than tray. size difference does come with age. >> reporter: reindeer can reach 700-pound but most are in the 400 range. while tray and claire won't get that large they will still be big enough to pull a sleigh >> we think, i know, right, yeah. i thought so too. good answer. >> another interesting fact reindeer regrow antlers very quickly. >> pretty cool these are only species where male and female grow antlers and they drop them and grow a whole new set. they get larger every year. >> every year they drop. >> yes, and they grow all new set. these were from this past year usually female drop them late spring, male starting to drop them early december. >> if you want to hang out with tray and claire you can meet them at elmwood park zoo but they get home january 2nd. for more information on how to see tray and claire go to
6:54 am
elmwood park they have times when you can get your photos taken with them until they helped back north. >> who knew about the antlers, you learn everything on this show. >> yes, so true. >> very informative here. >> every year they drop them and regrow them. >> headaches for good holiday gift too. >> yes. >> don't take them yet? thanks, patrick. don't go anywhere, three to go is coming up next. we're rocking and rolling, blake, minder, katie, and we will be right back stay with us.
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♪ i for christmas ♪amus ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you.
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6:58 am
well, here's to go. >> four lanes on i-95 in each direction are now opened, between cottman avenue and bridge street, nearly four year project to widen 2 miles of the interstate is now complete. well, is there a $100,000 reward for information to help find the man accused of driving through a berlin christmas market. police are seeing anis a.m. am er, they found his wallet and id in the truck.
6:59 am
eagles host giants in prime time, they have run two in a row and face eagles team that loss five straight. >> we will think of the positive side. lets check on weather and traffic. >> 39 degrees, breezy by that point too but lets give you a snapshot of our holiday is shaping up there will be showers first half of the day on christmas eve and then clear it out and warm things up, pat. >> roadways not terrible but there is an accident route 30 eastbound at downingtown right here near business route 30. that has both lanes, blocked, just crawling by on the shoulder, and overall, in the area not bad boulevard to schuylkill looking good as it is usually does not, at this time of the morning but it does today. we will take it. >> thanks, patrick. check out this new seasonal employee of the traffic keys employment team. he is monitoring drivers speed in south florida, if you are over limit a few miles you get an onion instead of a ticket. >> grinch likes that onion. >> that is cbs this morning
7:00 am
next. >> catch us weekday mornings at 4:3 captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." commandos launch overnight raids in the international manhunt for the berlin truck attack suspect. officials now say americans are among the injure. >> a drug company is accused of driving doctors to prescribe opioid pain medicine. the alleged conspiracy that highlights america's painkiller addiction epidemic. >> a holiday rush is hammering online retailers and shipping companies like never before. we will take you inside the mad dash to get all of the christmas packages delivered on time. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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