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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> happening right now, the pope gives his annual blessing. we will take you live to vatican city where thousands are gathering for christmas morning mass. and christmas with a local family as they wake up to find out what's under the tree. we have live report, getting gifts thanks to the generosity of others. merry christmas, today is sunday, december 25, i'm rahel solomon. let's get awe check on weather justin drabick with the eyewitness weather forecast. starting off on mild note. >> it is. >> just like last year. >> not quite as last year. tied the records at 68 degrees, we'll get close to 50 degrees this afternoon. just checked the santa tracker, he's back home, north people, finished up, over 7 billion gifts delivered. >> 7 billion? >> hopefully one of those is
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mine. >> not for you. for todd. >> oh, i forgot about him. >> where are your priorities. >> little selfish right there. forecast looks great across entire region, if you have plans to head outside traveling across the region next 12, 24 hours, no problems. quiet this morning, maybe few areas of fog. still have left over moisture from yesterday's rain, we will dry out quickly. northwest breeze 6 miles per hour, and it does feel like 35, when you factor in the breeze, not bad at all. so 39 at the airport, look at wilmington, dropping to 29 degrees, at this hour, so depend where you are, if you get stuck with the calmer winds, temperatures are able to drop upper 30's, in allentown and in he had rag. sitting at freezing in quakertown, willow grove. so somewhat of chilly start. nice rebounds this afternoon, storm scan3, nice and quiet yesterday. we had the rain roll through, nice and dry today, high pressure in control. so good looking christmas. here is your temperature breakdown, throughout the morning, by the 9:00 around 40 degrees, noontime, mid 40's, afternoon temperatures should get upper four's, maybe
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close to 50 degrees in some spots, we start to drop early evening hours, back to around had three by 6:00. so, forecast high temperature, for philadelphia, 48 degrees. pretty much full sunshine today, around the region we go. at the shore, similar conditions, upper 40's, even the poconos breaking out into the low 40's. we'll talk about warmer temperatures on the way for the upcoming week. details in eyewitness weather in a few more minutes. >> justin, see you soon, thank youment happening right now, pope francis is celebrating christmas mass in saint peters square. this is a live picture from vatican sit. tens of thousands of the faith full have gathered to hear the pope's annual christmas message and blessing. this is the pontiff's last public event at the holiday. round at year marked by the pope's pleas for the worlds to better protect innocent people caught in wars and poverty. >> and, in bethlehem, pilgrims and tourist frost across the globe gather to celebrate christmas. the church of the nativity
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build on the spot where christians believe jesus was born. >> and this was midnight mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in philadelphia. pennsylvania's largest catholic church archbishop charles chaput will preside over services again this morning. every where this morning, children waking to up see what santa left behind. for one local family there is christmas is extra special. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, is live in kensington with their story. good morning, anita. >> reporter: merry christmas, that's right. this one family has lost a lot. but they are also gaining a lot thanks to the generosity of others. they will be waking up shortly and will be spending some time with them. meantime, they have kind of put out some of these holiday lights that you can see, these spectacular holiday displays that they have really tried to capture the meaning every christmas, as i said, they did
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lose a lot in a house fire. this is their grandmother's home, and their two young boys, who will be celebrating christmas here, this morning, so i want to show you some video from the "joy of sharing" toyfest. which is what is benefitting them this morning. we collected over 6,000 toys, some of them will be benefitting this taylor family who lives inside here, will be waking up with them and spending this morning with them. but as i said, the mother is a single mother of two young boys, they lost everything recently in a house fire. and this toy drive is really allowing them to celebrate christmas together and have the presents that they might not have had otherwise.aking up in just a few minutes. and we will be spending the morning celebrating and opening presents with them, eating breakfast with them, seeing how they are sharing these memories with their family. but nor now, liver in kensington, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> can't wait to meet them. sounds like a good morning. >> they are used to catching bad guys, but last night on christmas eve one south jersey
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town had some extra patrols out, hoping to capture something else, a glimpse of santa. alexandria hoff gives us closer look what they caught on camera. >> dash cam footage is a major asset for both law enforcement and citizens. >> they catch crimes in progress, evidence of crime, you know, we use them for everything. >> but this time last year, over sham township new jersey, a police dash cam picked up something almost unbelievable. >> it is one of the most unusual things we've caught on a dash camera. >> while patrolling a rural road, santa's slay was caught passing directly over an officer's cruiser. police say that last year slay was filing very fast, and at extremely low altitude. they say if you get a glimpse this year, do not approach for good reason. >> back off. let him do his job, the quicker he can go in and out the quicker everybody gets their present. >> due to the incredible 2015 siting, over sham police upped their patrols this year in
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hopes of catching another glimpse. >> eyes are up looking to see what they can see, hoping to catch something as spectacular out there. >> he will, we have an update, following our earlier interview, it seems evesham township officer was able to turn on his body worn camera, just in time to capture santa passing again, clocking in this year at 209 miles per hour. in a statement the department said that officers continue to respond to, quote, town wide reports of low flying aircraft, and suspicious noises on rooftops. at this hour, authority suggest getting cookies out and kids into bed so that santa can arrive without incident. in evesham township, alexandria love who have, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and before santa began delivering presents, he visited saint christoff earth's hospital to cheer up patients. of course he came with print of toys. co-not do without his helpers. the committee to benefit children has been sending santa to saint christopher's for almost 40 years.
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>> well, hanukkah the jewish festival of lights is underway. among the many ways to celebrate it in the city, and independence mall at fifth and market street has its very own public men or a last year, they ushered in with holiday gains and crafter for the kids. hanukkah ends the night of january 1st. >> here is a look at boathouse row, which gives its own take of the phrase festival of light. the way the houses are lit, we can see here, you will also see blue and white lights along kelly drive until new year eve. >> police on high alert after isis called for a tax against churches and other holiday gathers in the u.s. wendy gillette reports from new york city home to one of the country's most iconic churches. >> following the latest terror attack in berlin, the fbi and the department of homelands security sent bulletin, the law enforcement agency's nationwide to warn of vigilance against lone wolf attacks. >> one of the most significant threats facing this country today comes from people who
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are inspired by terrorist ideology, but operate independent of an organization. >> bulletin issued friday after isis called for a tax against churches in the u.s. during the holidays. an ice ice social media group published a link listing the names and addresses of thousands of churches. the linc also urged followers to attack other public places. at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, metal barricades are september, police officers direct the large crowds. the city police department says that's norm procedure this time of the year. the nypd says there are no specific threats against any targets such as st. patrick, and that the department is operating with its usual high vigilance, the mcdonald's from easton, pennsylvania, got tickets in august, to attends midnight mass at the cathedral. they'll be met by employees checking bags and metal detectors. >> there isn't a safer place to be really in my view, so i'm not concerned at all. >> pittsburgh resident michelle, also, not worried
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about the threat, as she snaps pictures and tours mid town with her family. >> not that there is not that possibility, i just choose not to concern myself with it. >> bulletin to law enforcement says his tore particularly list like the name churches have never had the terror attack. president-elect donald trump plans to dissolve a trump foundation before he takes office. in a statement, trump says, the foundation has done great work helping veterans, law enforcement, children, but he would dissolve it to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. foundation is under investigation by the new york state attorney's office amid allegations funds were used to settle legal disputesment the foundation cannot be dissolved until that investigation ends. and, president-elect trump started christmas attending midnight services at episcopal church in palm beach. the president and his wife melania as you can see here got an ovation as they arrived saturday night at the church of bethesda by the sea, soon
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to be first couple married at the church in 2005. mr. trump tweeted. >> and our christmas morning broadcast continues in just a moment, but first, holiday music from the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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new this morning, one person is rushed to the hospital after a car accident in south philadelphia. two cars collided around 1:30 at broad and washington avenue. both cars were badly damaged, no details on the person's condition or what caused the crash. police are investigating. >> also, new this morning, police are investigating an armed robbery at a fast-food restaurant in port richmond. police tell us the cashier was held up at gunpoint around 12:30 at the texas chicken and burgers. the thief grabbed some cash, ran away on foot. no one was hurt. >> police are looking for the gunman who shot elderly store own nerve south philadelphia. they say a man walked into march ear's grocery store, and shot the 81 year old woman multiple times. it happened shortly before
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9:00 a.m. at sixth and wharton. he died shortly after. investigators say marie lived right across the street from her store her entire life. >> we now know what that awful smell was lingering in south philadelphia and bucks county, the odor which smelled like pot end eggs came from the pb refinery in balls borough after brief loss of power. the outage caused the odors to travel across the water into the city, and the company has since apologized. >> white christmas for parts of southern california, heavy snowfall at the grape line mountain path forced to leave to shut down interstate five. about 2 inches fell in some of the regions of the golden state tehran cho state park, some snowball fight, even some snowmen. justin, initially you would think that's a bit ironic that california got snow, we didn't, but i get up in the mountains? >> they do have some mountains, but there is some cold in southern california, colder than normal.
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so little interesting there. that's always fun around christmas, kids got to love that. no white christmas here. since 2009, our last white christmas, official definition there has to be inch of snow on the ground, doesn't have to fall, just has to be on the grounds. >> okay, so not yet. maybe next year. >> maybe next year, see what happens. little cooler than last year, but still above average across the region, we take to you bethlehem, the christmas city up in northampton county, all quiet on this christmas morning, looking live from the hotel bethlehem. nice place to visit. great restaurant up therefore the christmas season, then you can see, no snowfall on the ground either up in the lehigh valley. you really have to go to northern pennsylvania, pretty much the state line, new york, pennsylvania border, and then point north. that's where we have at least inch of snow on the ground, and again, the upper great lakes region, as women, so those guys are dealing with white christmas, pretty typical. about less than 20% for white christmas here around philadelphia. a lot of things have to come together to get all out
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snowstorm here in the delaware valley. people don't realize, you need the colds air, moisture, got to come together. just don't have it this year. few hundred miles to the north, get little snow. good news there. ski resort, up-state new york, into new england. speaking every skiing, should be good week ahead. comfortable temperatures in the afternoon, cold enough to create man-made snow at night at local resorts. temperatures cool for the inland spots, 31 millville, 31 cherry hill, close to freezing, in a lot of locations, still little bit of moisture on the ground, so, could there be few slick spots? possible very early this morning. but i think most areas will be okay. as most of us dried out by the afternoon hours yesterday. thirty-two up in chalfont shall freezing in quakertown, 29 in ambler, 39 up in allentown, depends where you are. sheltered from any wind. that's when the temperatures will drop. but mild afternoon setting up. forecast high today, 48 degrees. the record, 68. remember, we hit that last year. also, in 1964, we tide that record, christmas eve last year, was even warmer during
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the day, broke to the lower 70s. nice and quiet on storm storm s, compliment of high pressure, yesterday storms long gone, moved off shore. travel conditions all day today through the region, looking good. enjoy those temperatures well to the who's, even up into the poconos, should feel good in the sunshine. future weather model showing not much happening, coming in this afternoon, kids can go outside, play with the toys that they get for christmas morning. evening plans looks good weather wise. clouds come in, warmfront, little drizzle possible, possible as well, monday. temperatures could be close to freezing north and west of the city. maybe freezing drizzle, not out of the question tomorrow. should be big deal, keep that in mind, in case traveling early monday morning, afternoon maybe couple of showers, clouds kind of linger. then we warm the temperatures up once the front moves through. today, still mild, upper 40's, wouldn't be surprised hitting ooh degrees, pretty much full sunshine. tonight we get back to the 30's, again some areas could inch into the freezing march,
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tomorrow morning, then get moisture in, i think most of the day stays in the mid 40's, on monday, but late in the day those temperatures will start to rise, once the warmfront moves through. so tomorrow evening, maybe warmer than it is on monday afternoon. so, today, looking nice all across the region, sunshine, 48 degrees, this afternoon, 42, average for this time of year. then tonight, partly cloudy, chilly, 34 for the city maybe down to freezing in some of the outside suburbs. here is the extended forecast, dough zero do have few rain chances, nothing too big though. tomorrow upper four's, close to 50, clouds maybe shower or two. tuesday, morning shower, then turns nice, with the afternoon, 56 for the high temperature, thursday, maybe shower. heading into new years eve saturday, little cooler, temperatures right where they should be low 40's, still no arctic air as we finish off 2016, rahel? >> no arctic air. no complaint here. i like it. >> all right, thank you. well, still ahead, a look at the ugly christmas letter phenomenon, they aren't just for people any more.
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now pets are joining the party. we will tell you about some of the worthy causes these dress dollars up dolls help support
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ugly christmas sweaters get more popular every year, now pets are joining the party, as michelle reports, holiday events with pets are not stain gram worthy, they also support worthy causes. >> tis the season to mix and mingle at ugly sweater party. and some people can't resist making their pets participate. >> we all have our own ugly
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sweaters so we buy one for her, as well. >> this sweater gave people a chance to put their pets in party outfits, and support a worthy cause. >> any effort i have to support any kind of charity, specially when it deals with animal shelters, i'm all about that. >> mel i shall a -- melissa enjoys dressing up her dog hershey. but he's not used to wearing a hat. >> some pet owners are willing to pay $20 for a photo of fido with santa. >> dog, cat, turtles, snakes, it is all for a good cause. >> gary has been playing santa for the humane society for 11 years. >> kids don't pea on you as often, they don't drool on you as much. >> rescues crumbs and whiskers cat cafe in washington are all dolled up in their holiday best. one cozy up to cat owner emma. >> a really pretty kittiment look at you. >> she wasn't ready to commit, but those ugly sweaters won over some who came to this christmas is a ray. michelle, for cbs news,
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washington. >> all of the accessories, so cute. all right, the holiday season is one of the busiest times south philly italian market. this will be the last christmas for one of the market most well known shops. still ahead, why a beloved butch letter soon hang up his apron. >> and, emotional reunion just in time for the holidays, little girl meets a man who saved her life, when she was a newborn. >> justin is back with the weather you can expect for your christmas outing today. we will be back in a moment. but first, hear from a group in our studio this week perform ago holiday hit. enjoy. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> therapy christmas, i'm rahel solomon.
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meteorologist, justin drabick is out on the skydeck. most people probably at home right now enjoying time with their families. but if they want to go out a little later today looks like a great day to? >> if you got the new christmas coat, probably won't need it so much this week. temperatures will stay above average, little chilly, though, this morning, compared to yesterday. just because we have clouds out of here. so, whatever little heat we had yesterday, usually goes right back to the atmosphere, 10 degrees colder millville. same temperature, 24 hours ago in philadelphia. but the trends will be cooler morning, but nice afternoon, shaping up. here we are, almost 40 at the airport, in philadelphia, and up in allentown, but look at wilmington. you guys are below freezing at this hour. 29 degrees, low 30's in millville at this hour, near freezing in quakertown, willow grove, pottstown, checking in 33 degrees, and 29 in mt. holly, new jersey. the good thing is, looks like we're fog-free. it could be few patchy areas, locally dense fog, but all of the major airports, reporting good visibility, still lingering moisture around from
6:31 am
yesterday's rain. air is really starting to dry out now. we will see decent amount of sunshine today, storm scan3, doesn't show whole lot happening, maybe few patchy clouds, specially up to the north in the poconos, that's it, but pretty much full sunshine warms us up, into the upper four's, some areas probably going to hit 50 degrees today. by 9:00, 40 degrees, mid 40's by noontime, mid afternoon temperatures generally around upper 40's, going for high of 48 for philadelphia, 47 at the shore, with plenty every sunday, even in the mountains breaking into the lower 40's. now, it gets even warmer this week, talking temperatures well into the 50's for few days this holiday week, we break it down for when you that arrives in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> you know, if you are like me, you wear your winter coat all season, because you are just always colds. all right, justin, thank you. should be nice forecast. every year we hole our annual "joy of sharing" toyfest, and this morning, get to see first-hand how your generosity helps families in need, eyewitness neutral reporter anita observation live in kensington, one family
6:32 am
celebrating chris this year thanks to you, good morning, anita. >> good morning, rahel, merry christmas, that's right there is family has lost a lot. also gained a lot. i want to show you the home here, full of so many gift. look at this. the grandmother here has bought all four children here who are cousins, so two of them are siblings two, other ones also siblings, this whole big happy family, they all have bikes and all every these gifts, the mother has spent all morning wrapping these gifts, and stayed up very early to be with us this morning. so, you lost everything in a house fire in october. tell us about that and what this experience has meant to you? >> i lost, in a house fire, my house, we had a house fire, and we had a house fire, and we stayed at the red cross for about three weeks, and then stayed with my mother. >> were you part of the adopt a family program. how has that been? what has it meant for you are two kids? >> it helped out a lot with
6:33 am
the kids. yes, it helped out with gift, and the whole entire time. but it is a blessing i think. >> we don't want to give away exactly what they got for christmas, but your 12 and ten year old, what were they most excited about this year? we were talking about some of the gifts that they had mentioned to you. >> my 12 year old really didn't mention anything to me, but my ten year old, he said he wanted a drone. so i started him off with one. >> so there are tons of present here, were you spending your christmas with your mother, and your two children, and their cousins. what is it like to just spends it with your family after losing just so much, nan that fire, and so unexpected? >> it is always great to be around family.
6:34 am
you need family, especially at a time like that. and my family, my mother, and my extended family, aunt, cousins, they all reached out, even family from down south, all, when they heard, they reached out. and it helped us the best way that they can. >> thank you so much, merry christmas to you and your family, we're excited to spends the morning with them. the toyfest drive actually collected 6,000 toys, so a lot of families are benefitting from this. we keep you updated throughout the morning, but for now live in kensington, anita oh. >> thank you. no matter how close it gets to christmas morning, some people wait until the very last minute to finish their shopping. dozens every major retailers stayed open to help out those procrastinators, not judging, south philadelphia was busy last night, they stayed open until 10:00. last minute shoppers also headed to the christmas village yesterday, where vendors sold a bit of everything.
6:35 am
>> pick up some gifts, some t-shirts, you know, shirts, pants, what else we get, necklaces? all that far kind of junk. >> and researchers say nearly half of shoppers this year are still shopping at stores, just quite the increase in popularity of on line seaning. around the holidays south philadelphia italian market is pack with people, restaurant are booked, and food shopping foreign greediest, to their favorite holiday dishes. but one staple, the italian market; about to shut it doors for good. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us why so many loyal customers will visit the angelo brother butcher shop. >> inbetween the last minute holiday orders and the cooking advice. >> rub it with olive oil. push a lot of black pepper. comes out perfect. >> is the sad reality, sonny d'angelo is soon hanging up his butcher apron, cleaning off the butcher's block, and
6:36 am
retiring. >> it is certain. >> going to florida. >> no, i'm going to stay home and rest. florida? >> sonny's grand farther opened d'angelo meats in this very spot on ninth street at christian in 1910. for decades. >> fifty-six years. >> sonny himself has not only sliced and cut the meats, he's ran every aspect every his business. >> it is always a chain, because i'm working with other countries, i'm working with import permits, i'm working with airlines, traffic, you know, it is a logistic nightmare. i'm tired. i had enough. >> the store is up for sale. and after 106 years, sonny hopes the new owners may continue the tradition his grandfather started at the beginning of the last century. >> if someone is interested in running a butcher shop, i would be interested in meeting them and qualifying them and
6:37 am
teaching them. >> and servicing, missing your customers. >> terribly. that's my social interaction. >> those customers many who have visited sonny for years. >> you can't get meat sliced like this anywhere else that i know of. >> goes way back to my grandmother. my grandmother, started a catering business, and would come in here, purchase their meets for the business. >> also hopes the new owner, whatever the business, keep at least some of the charm sonny has created after all of this time. >> you never finds anything anything. >> i made it 55 even. merry christmas, thank you. bye. >> greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it will be missed. so if you are looking to purchase some wild bore, alligator or quayle, you still do have few more days. sonny says his last day in business is december 31st. well, still to come this morning, doctor saved her life when she was just a newborn, ten years late area girl meets the surgeon who performed the miracle.
6:38 am
how curiosity made her wish come true. live look this morning, justin is back with the weather you can expect for this holiday week. but first, more holiday sounds this time from the choir from mount joseph academy in flourtown. merry christmas. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> strom brent brain surgeon is reunited wawa little girl who he saved her life. >> he's the brain surgeon who saved lexi's life days after she was born with abnormal blood vessels in her brain. >> it was awful. i mean, because we had no idea >> she was told -- her parents were told she needed surgeon. and the doctor at jefferson was the best for the risky operation. >> it is a very, very delicate and dangerous procedure on an infant. literally we're like it is 50-50, she'll survive. it is another ten to 15% that she, you know, she might loose a limb. >> with a catheter and guided
6:44 am
imaging doctor, and his team, repaired the blood vessels. >> all i remember the doctor sagan i will take care of her as if she is my own. and that that always stuck with me, really was very helpful to hear that from a surgeon. >> the operation was a success, years later, when lexi heard about it, she always wanted to meet the surgeon. so she wrote him a letter. >> dear doctor, thank you for saving my life on december 22, 2006. today i am ten years old and in the fourth grade. >> i've never really met him. so i wanted to see him. >> i said sure, i would love to meet her. >> it was a surprise for lexi the reunion with the doctor. >> oh, you're a big girl now, wow. you feel pretty good. you have really made a difference in someone's life. >> and from the little girl whose life started out in peril, thinks maybe the brain surgery did more than just save her life. >> well, made me smarter. >> but i will tell you, you coming today is the best
6:45 am
christmas present that we could ever have here at jefferson. >> lexi said when she grows up she want to be a singer like her aid oil, taylor swift, or maybe a school teacher. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". oh, that's wonderful. well, santa, probably resting right now, after a busy night all around the world. but before he headed out to deliver presents, he showed off his water skiing skills. check out saint nick, speeding around the lake in alexandria, virginia, along with some of his elves. fun way to unwind before his busiest night of the year. >> and justin joining us now i come with good news, mile forecast? >> people like it cold. it is christmas, i want it to snow. >> i like my gifts wrapped in pretty bows. >> i'm sure do you, i know. >> something little more. >> ya, i said it, spoiled. >> neither here nor there. >> we are spoiled with nice weather if you like it mild
6:46 am
this time of year. enjoy t nice sunrise happening in about a half hour, 45 minute or so, starting to see good color show up at the jersey shore. hard core surfer, surround every oleander ash, pretty good to get out christmas morning, not a lot of wave action, today maybe break out the paddle board if you have it, and temperatures comfortable in the air and in the water, 40's, obviously up need the wet suit. average high temperatures, 42 degrees for christmas day, be above that today, getting close to 50, i think, in some locations tomorrow the same temperatures, clouds rolling in, warmfront that really surges our temperatures by tuesday, up ear's, maybe getting close to 60 degrees in some locations by tuesday, slowly come back down, close to average, still stayed above average. i think by friday, new years eve day, and temperatures little on the colder side. but not arctic air. really no cold air coming at us, to finish offer the year 2016. may have to wait few more weeks to get another cold spell into the region. near 40 in allentown, philadelphia, 36 in reading,
6:47 am
wilmington one of the colder spot at 29 degrees. delaware checking in at 35. nothing terribly cold this morning. even throughout the mid-atlantic, northeast, even the upper great lakes, michigan, 30 degrees, freezing right in you in minneapolis. not bad compared to what it has been for the past week or so. same deal chicago. all of the colds, arctic air wait today our north, stays there, for the next several days. high pressure over us right now, so the northeast looks good. couple of snow showers, northern new england, that's about it, other than that, good travel days, exposed on the roads and in the skies for the next 24 hours or so. let's check out the country here, talk about some christmas theme towns here, comet, north carolina on our way up to 52 degrees, snow, kentucky, not happening, temperatures in the 60s, noel, missouri at 65 degrees, for the high, north pole oklahoma, 71 degrees for the forecast high temperature. colds air to the west, washington, mid 30's for high temperature, and donor, california, coming in below freezing.
6:48 am
donor, you like that? like that name? maybe you can move out there. coal. it will be snowy. >> maybe your you should check it out? >> my pressure, nice and quiet. here comes warmfront, bring clouds in tomorrow. neighbor stray shower, bricks in warmer air specially monday night, i think temperatures climbing by monday evening. tuesday, maybe a shower in the morning, as the colds front moves through by the afternoon, but we will break out the sun, temperatures behind the front, really aren't that cold. tuesday will be the warmest day. temperatures well into the 50's, but today, not bad for christmas day. mid 40's, up into the lehigh valley, comfortable with the sunshine. low mid 40's around christmas town, upper four's for philadelphia, and again, i think this may be couple every degrees too low, could get 50's specially areas to the south and east of the city, vineland, 48 degrees, dover, delaware, upper 50s. overall trend in the jet stream, kind of rings out little bit monday and tuesday. that's the warmth i was talking about moving into the east coast, colds air still
6:49 am
stays well to the north, but starts to show signs trying to move southward friday. so, friday, start to see more typical conditions for late december. but today, great christmas day, 48 degrees. sunshine. tonight 34, chilly, extended forecast, pretty quiet, again, showers through maybe monday, then again thursday, new years day, or new years eve day stays dry. >> sorry to disappoint, but i fully intends to be here in 2017. no plans to move to donor, knock. >> you are the one who said you like. >> thank you, justin. trying to get rid of me? really? time is 6:49. let's go over to a.m. aoun did a mueller. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, rahel, not many people are venturing out this morning, look like ghosttown on this camera here. we do have couple every incidents to talk b taking a look now at columbus boulevard southbound queen street where they still have two lanes closed for water main break that happened yesterday. traffic is getting by in one lane, so not causing any major delays. just be aware it could be attributing i spot during your
6:50 am
travels this morning. we also just received reports after accident on the pa turnpike westbound, between downingtown, morgantown, has left lane blocked on the turnpike there. careful approaching that area. collegeville, weaver one lane closure on route 422 westbound, route 29, that's due to earlier accident from this morning. that's not causing any significant delays right now, but to get around that, black rock road will be your alternate there. and taking a last look at the vine, running like most of your majors, so commute should be smooth this morning. at the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda mueller, back to you. >> christmas day always good movie day l we come back we will take a look at some of the new movies? theatres. stay with
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>> looking for something to do dodd, three movies new in theatres. >> ♪ >> the latest effort to bring a video game franchise to movie screens is assassin's creed, says assassin's could bring in $30 million during the holiday period. (movie clip). >> and the movie passengers is about romance in space. it is on course for $45 million opening, according to both variety and the hollywood reporter. >> (movie clip). >> and third new move any theatres, the american idol
6:54 am
meets utopia animated comedy look to perform the best with variety predicting 65 to $70 million debut. also, today, making its wide release, stars danzel washington, viola davis, already generating oscar buzz. >> easy for me to admit for 18 years, well, i've been standing with you. i've got a life, too, did you think i had dreams, hopes? >> it looks so good, depict the life of african-american father in the 1950's. our ukee washington talks with the two actors, who played the son of danzel washington's characters in the movie. >> this isn't about a man living life in pittsburgh in the 1950's. you know, after a failed career in baseball, he's just trying to raise a family and just really come to terms with the events of his life. >> and can you relate it to anything today socially, politically? how does it compare if rat all?
6:55 am
>> well, you know, every life for every day people. everybody get up and goes to work today and says why am i here? what's my purpose? life? >> and, you know, you want -- you hope it is more than just being a garbage collector, that it is more than just working at the factory, working at the mill, you know, but what it is about, it is about your ability and your willingness to love your family, you're willingness to raise your family. and i think that's those who think i'm just after day worker and every day liver, so i'm person who mat nerves somebody else's life. >> so i think what happens is inability to under stands that, at best, i have to matter in my son's lives, i have to mat nerve my wife's life. but you are looking for validation, exterior validation, where when the love and the validation is right there at home, if you open your eyes, and you embrace it, and that's the met a for.
6:56 am
>> and danzel washington looks like incredible story, by the way the movie nominated for two golden gains and three skin actor's guild awards. ukee reviews another film int td to find home and to know where you are, who you are. has been nominated for four golden globe awards, based on true story. one of the actors tells ukee it was an honor to had he bring it to life. >> roles like this don't come around every so often for young british indian, you know? >> place man armed with only few memories, but a massive amount of determination. to find his original home and family, a true story line, he had a major interest in. >> completely baffled that this could actually happen, someone could achieve the impossible, and find a needle in a haystack from space using -- >> modern technology plays pivotal role in the quest. frightening john that i actually began as a lost child
6:57 am
on a train. somewhere in india. >> how long are you on the train? >> couple of days. >> couple of days. >> take a lifetime to search all the trains in india. >> in the role after lifetime, all it be only five years, sonny, 2,000 children auditioned, sonny was special. >> he came in right at the end. and he just never had been on a film set before. he had never seen a hollywood movie. he had never been on a plane. you know, he carries the film on his how older. >> in some cases he sat in the lap of stardom, nicole kidman plays member every australian family that adopts and raises him, after he was found thousands every miles from his home. but as he grew, so did his curiosity. >> i had another family, a mother, a brother, i can still see their faces. >> many, though, do not. >> the film reveals some
6:58 am
80,000 children go missing in india every year. >> this is one-story of 80,000 a year that's like 11 million children that are left on the streets in india. >> about education, awareness, never ending love of family, longing to see his mother. >> i'm here.
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