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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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was nice mild weekend, making a run at 06 degrees this week, yes, i said 06 degrees, yes, i also know today is the end of december. good morning, i'm rahel solomon, jim donovan is off this morning. let's check on the morning forecast, talking about possibly 06 degrees. >> i know, i like how you repeated yourselves. i like people looking at the screen, say what? then today repeat yourself. we all appreciate that. yes, you're right, looking ahead to very warm air for the standards of this time of year. wrapping up the month of december, you're typically only going to find the highs in the low 40's, this is a week, my friends, though, that does a lot of roller coaster riding. we've got cold spots. we've got very warm spots. the warmth happening at the front end of this forecast. and that's actually because we have warmfront. that's lifting in. at the moment storm scan not showing too much right now though. the warmfront itself hasn't actually moved in. zoom it out even one quick time, you see back through western pennsylvania, hint of some activity on the radar. all really scattered, though,
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the bulk of the action, the energy with this particular front, is removed off to our north and west, so while dow think we have to worry about couple of scattered showers, and possibly even some freezing rain, see through the far northwest suburbs, should be you have ally spotty. so sprinkle or shower the worse you have to deal with, if you are headed out, maybe heading to some of those door buster deals, post christmas, looks like all do you have deal with again couple of sprinkles on south and east, but go in a enough north and west, still quite cold outside. freezing rain advisory goes in effect at 7:00 this morning for the lehigh valley, berks county, and all point north and west of that, it is a little too warm, even though 36 is chilly, little too warm here in philly, though, to have to worry about any frozen precipitation, northwest half of the region where you have to worry about, that primarily just this morning, otherwise, it is mainly cloudy at the shore, 52 the eventual high in philly we should hit ooh, well above average, again going on roller coaster ride of
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thermometer readings until the days ahead. there is some 60s, there is some more 50's, and there is some 40's, even some 30's, to tell you about. so, a lot of movement when it comes to the atmosphere pattern here, pat, and we'll walk you through the rest of it little later on. >> like grab bag of temperatures throughout the next week. >> i'm stealing that line. >> live look at broad street headed towards the city here, spring garden street right here. tumble weeds are out. no one really out this morning, couple of cars that went by earlier, so far in the city it is not that bad. a lot of people are off today. kind of jealous every you. ninety-five southbound, headlights going south near 452. ninety-five looking beautiful, as well. here, not so much. columbus boulevard, going southbound, something we've been telling but for at least a week because of water main break, there is a problem here, right two lanes closed, one lane getting by, telling
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us they were maybe going to close down the entire roadway stuff ramp, it became mayhem on a friday, right before christmas, not going to be able to get there today, will be problems here still in this area of columbus boulevard. and the mass transit checklist, broad street, market frankford line are normalment regional rail on sunday schedule, same old true for city buses and trolleys, that one will go through friday, then the patco speed line is on a modified schedule, as well, rahel, back over to you. >> good to know, pat, back to you. man shot several times in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. police say the shooting may be the result of an earlier fight with neighbors. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at cooper university hospital with the latest on the victim's condition. trang, what have you learned? >> police, and man, remains in critical condition here at temple hospital n addition to witness accounts, police have potentially some surveillance video to work with to help them solve the case.
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take a look at video we shot last night. officer responded to the 3800 block of north buoy street city nicetown section around 11:30 p.m. found shooting scene, no victims, discovered private car, 52 year old man to temple hospital. he had been shot several times in his arms and torso. now, police found five spent shell casings at the scene, and chief inspector scott small says based on witness accounts, investigators believe the man was shot in retaliation for an earlier fight involving his family in the neighborhood. now they do have some leads. >> we did find some private cameras on the block, in the 3800 block of above ear street, hopefully those cameras recorded something to help with the investigation. >> and police describe the shooter as man wearing a camouflage jacket, bluejeans, and timber land boots. that's all we know about the suspect so far. for now live from temple university hospital. trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you, rahel. >> trang, thank you. >> police in north caroline
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are searching for suspect after seven people are shot at a christmas party. 300 people were gathered here at the madison moose lodge in rocking ham county friday night. police say fight broke out around 2:00 a.m., resulting in gunfire. they believe two male suspect got away in a car being driven by a woman. found many shooting victims throughout the country. none said to have life threatening injuries. and in new york, mourners left flowers, canned unless front of this building where two people were shot dead and four were injured yesterday. it happened here, at the mansion, catering hall in mount vern on, north of new york city. police say man was kicked out of the club at about 4:30 a.m., but he came back soon after and opened fire. one neighbor who wished to stay anonymous awoke to the sound of shooting. >> i heard like about maybe five rounds. that got me out of my sleep. it is a cool place, a lot of young people come here. >> one of the victims who died was the club's owner.
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he leaves behind wife and child. police have not identified the shooting suspect but say he is charged with murder and attempted murder. cbs news two report he's been out on jail after a second attempted murder charge. >> battery operated cars, they're always a popular present for kids around this time of year. but, for some children, they're not just toys, the cars are changing their lives. weijia jiang shows us how from arlington, virginia. >> reporter: ryan is going on six, he wakes up every day, and does things that he is not supposed to do. >> good. >> ryan has a genetic disorder known as pch1. prevent the rain and muscles from developing properly. he can't speak. and can he barely move his body. >> the national non-profit program, go baby go, modifies battery operated cars for children who have disability. professor leads this at
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marimount university in virginia. >> how does this help improve the child's mobility? >> we call this a mobility button. we can put this button anywhere either to make it easier for the the child to move oration it as therapy. >> this car was custom built for ryan. >> we added couple of different modification toss help support his body, support his trunk, support his head lit bit. >> in ryan's case the car helps him sit up straight to develop core muscles and use his hands. his mom said that's not the best part. >> in the evening, wherever one is playing, all of the kids are out, he get to take his car out and gets to play like everybody else. >> ryan's life is not easy. filled with physical therapy sessions, and doctors appointments. but when he's behind the wheel -- >> he just get to be a little by the. he get to be a little boy. >> weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> their family lost offering house fire in kensington back in october. but the christmas, these four
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children, a reason to smile. taylor family participated if the salvation army adopt a family program, which links businesses or families in need. our foul kids got cbs-3 annual "joy of sharing" toyfest, which selected more than 6,000 toys for needy families. >> thank you for everything, everything that you did for me, my family, and other families out there, the kids that was in the house, they were okay. everything slowly but surely will be okay. >> and how about this? the taylor children told us that christmas wasn't about what they were given, but what they already have. each other. >> well, this week, we are taking a look back at the big moment of 2016. do you remember this one, the chicago cubs taking the world series win. we'll look back at some of the other big moment in the world of sport. >> from afghanistan, i would like to give a shout to the
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all of my family and friends back in levittown, pennsylvania, merry
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movie clip (. >> the latest installment at the box office. >> rogue one, star wars story reels in 71 million in its
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second weekends easily holding off the competition. and second place, the animated film sting raking in 35 million, and third, the sci-fi flick passengers earning 14 million, rounding out top five, an assassin creed. just wait until i tell but this light show spectacular in new york, check it out. >> yes, sacks fifth avenue in mid town turned into a land of 1,000 delights. that's the theme of this year's lights show. just 11 months to produce and six weeks to install, the show of 225,000 programable lights, strobes, crystals, everything, will be running every ten minutes, now, through new years. wow. that's amazing. >> that is amazing. >> basically next week they're planning already for next year. >> right? >> the displace, oh, all very inch particular cat, too. >> so, so stunning. >> the weather? might just call it stunning.
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>> we do keep it interesting. >> all right. >> it will be a very interesting couple of days, because we have got two separate systems that come through. one of which has been reaking havoc across the mid section of the sment don't worry about it having bad effect. blizzard like conditions, heavy weather in the center of the us, not coming our way. simply because of the way the storm is moving through, the bulk of the energy is actually bypassing us, but, you know, we are going to see the impact regardless, while we don't get the kind of precipitation like they are finding. look at the difference in the thermometer readings, going from the 50's, to the 60s, back to the 40's, at some point even be stuck in the 30's, see that coming up in the seven day. average high is 42. so only couple of days here coming up that are even close or within the range of what is typical. so, we've got a lot of variety to tell you about. with that said, checking with the eyewitness weather watchers who at the moment hey
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we have handful up and adam this morning, thank you for being so loyal, checking in with us on regular basis. we have 34 degrees this morning from ed connor out in chesterfield, he just hat a -- has had a had a lot of clouds overhead. beach, good to be retired, i'm with you, sound like awesome day planned, see little bit of wet weather rolling on through. doesn't look like the beach actually gets impacted by that. 30 degrees the temperature coming in from john this morning out in perkasie, lots of clouds where he is, very light wind out of the northeast, but, it is a little bit more pronounced as you head into some communities. so you may notice that breeze out there. let me take to you one more, back across the delaware river here, check in with jenny. who is in cherry hill and reporting just a loft clouds. and that dew point about 27 degrees. but feels more like it is about 28 when you factor in that very modest winds that we were just discussing. so, let's switch it back. take a look at the storm system. yes, pretty decent looking storm. you notice how the bulk of that energy and the heaviest amounts of precipitation, very
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classic sort of comma shape that comes with the areas of the low pressure, that's bypass you us to the north. precipitation lifting in, still lackluster in the moisture content. we will see few sprinkles or shower. that is kind of it. then you have the trailing colds front, that crosses through tomorrow with a little bit more rain. one more wide zoom to show you, at least the combination after cloud of the next storm system that's going to be eventually crossing through. that will come through as another very potent cold front for our area. and help the temperatures to basically get knock back in reinforcing kind of sense. so let me walk you through future weather. so jump you to 7:00, 8:00 this morning, freezing rain advisory goes into effect here, specific to the northwest half of the region, drawing line from lancaster up to lehigh valley points northwest of that. that's where you have to worry about some icing. for everyone else, either you just have clouds or you just have couple of rain showers. and these temperatures continue to warm up. tomorrow, cold front, just rain showers from it, we
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expect to hit 06. so even the poconos just see rain showers, even by tomorrow, shy of lunchtime, should be clearing out pretty quickly. look at the seven day for you. yes, you have it all here. thirty, 40, 50, 60s, take a pick, pat. we have it all. at this point new years eve looks very nice, and actually, very realistic on the thermometer. >> like i said, a grab bag. >> i love it. >> got to use that later. >> i will. >> at 6:00. we forget. then you came one it, not me. but we will give you the yesterday. >> i a novelty at this point. >> thank you guys. >> love you. >> thank you, appreciate it. this is a look at the schuylkill expressway. the taillights are headed toward the downtown area. things looking smooth. no delays. usually this time it is a mess on the schuylkill. but the day after christmas you will take that as people stay necessary philadelphia their warm beds so far. a look at the vine street expressway. looking toward 95, again, their would normally and
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problem this morning is not so. we will absolutely take it when it looks there way at quarter to 6:00 in the a.m. new jersey, 42 freeway, couple of headlight. i mean, you're normally not backed upper say at 5:46 a.m. but for 5:47 now, but normally, traffic is building toward the 6:00 hour. we're just not seeing it so far, so thumbs-up over in jersey as well. mass transit, couple of differences in your schedule. so check, regional rails, on sunday schedule, city buses and trolleys modified schedule that will go through friday. so really the entirety of the week, mass transit as well over in new jersey, the patco speed line, modified schedule there, new jersey transit, modified schedule will run the entire week there as women. some construction to tell but. between columbia, scott avenue, water main installation will take place, through february 24th. so keep a note, it will start tomorrow. then, abbottsford road in philly between wissahickon and fox street will go until late february, rahel. >> pat, thank you.
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this week we are taking a lock back at some of the big stories every 2016. the year in review in sports. >> reporter: the cubs win, for long suffering chicago fans, it was the party of the century. the cubs beat cleveland to win the world series, for the first time since 1908. finally ending the longest drought in baseball. >> i've sweeping over, covered with tears and i just can't believe this is happening. >> cleveland celebrate in the 2016 as well. >> when superstar labron james brought nba championship to his home state. >> my one mission was to bring a championship back to ohio, back to cleveland, back to akron. look up there. it is right there. >> it was the first major sports title for the city since 1964. peyton manning went out on top, considered one of the
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best quarterbacks every all time, number 18 retired after leading the broncos to a superbowl win. >> it is a unique thing, neat thing to be a part of nhl history. >> san francisco 49er colin kaepernick became national lightning rod for what he did on the side lines, refuse to go stands for the national anthem, saying he didn't want to quote show pride in a flag that a country that owe presses black people and people of color. and the rams returned to the west coast. and fans chose sides. >> they never should have left. they belonged to los angeles. >> we've given them all we have. and if they don't want it, then move on. >> the real of rio olympic saw record highs, record lows, remember michael phelps already the most decorated olympian of all time pushed his career metal count to 28, 23 of them gomes. usain bolt sailed through the 100, 200, and four by 100 relay. for a third time at the
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olympics. and teenage sensation simone biles won stunning four gold medals in gymnastics, helping her team known's the final five take home record breaking nine metals. but in a bizarre twist, american swimmer ryan lochte made headlines after he competed. claiming he and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint at a rio gas station. police say there was no robbery. so the swimmers were confronted after they vandalized the bathroom. lochte later admitted to exaggerating the story and was charged with falsely reporting a crime. >> what a year it was, that was steve nunez reporting. few veterans in florida received special thank you from gold star family this christmas. craig gross opened up franky patriots barbeque after the death of his son, army corporate frank gross, killed by explosive i am improvised explosive device in july, while on rescue mission in afghanistan n honor of his son
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and those who served, he served christmas meals to veterans in need for free. he said it is the least he can do. >> is the reason i am doing it, it is vicinal, i want to say thank you for those who have give cents us their freedom. >> also gave free meals to foster children in the area. well, coming up: history made along the delaware river. we will take you back in time to 1776 whether george washington led his troops across the icy waters. yearly tradition. we'll have it for you when we come bac
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>> the christmas tree still looking good. while it is normally closed on mondays, the philadelphia museum of art, open today as part of its holiday week of celebration. so if you're off from work today, go visit. general george washington crossed the icy delaware river into new jersey. and engaging in christmas day battle many historians consider turning point in revolutionary war, yesterday, that daring crossing once again came to life. cbs photo josh lurks ed spay, and capturing the sites and
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sounds of the past, the blast from the past. >> came up today for the first time to watch the crossing of the delaware. >> ♪ >> fun family day. >> american history is very important to us. >> every man, caring muskets, even officers and musicians. >> being a military family, they get sense every understanding how important it is that america was founded in the way it was, the steps they had to take place. >> the british are forced to surrender.
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>> by the ends of the war, ten to 25% of washington's army was the people of color. >> had to endure hardship ourselves, but they pale in comparison to what they had to endure over 200 years ago. >> this is where they won the war. >> and take a listen to this, guys, the both carried 2400 soldiers, that's lot more zeros, and 18 cannons, across l delaware river christmas day back. >> so much history, right outside our windows. i i just love that. >> we heard one of the package say it is christmas, not so much to do, why no go and watch the re-enactment. >> history very important, why not? >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", live with more reaction to the passing of george michael. >> also, this morning, politics, takes no break for the holidays. we'll tell you why israel with the us ambassador.
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>> rude awakening, finding more than a dozen tires flat. gunned done on street corner. live with the latest on the investigation into shooting that has left a man critically injured. plus, tell you what eyewitnesses say happened before the bullets went flying. also, this: >> ♪ >> the world this morning reacting to the passing of singer george michael. we'll hear from his fans just ahead. good morning, today is monday, december 26. i'm rahel solomon, jim is off today. , in for meisha. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> enjoying one another today, yes. >> enjoying the roadways, as well, because there is, you know, not whole lot, no one out there. everyone is off. but meisha, jim, that means, good news for the roadways, how is the weather looking? >> not terrible. do have little hiccup that we have to talk b you know, we have warmfront, doesn't pacca lot of pun of when it c


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