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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> rude awakening, finding more than a dozen tires flat. gunned done on street corner. live with the latest on the investigation into shooting that has left a man critically injured. plus, tell you what eyewitnesses say happened before the bullets went flying. also, this: >> ♪ >> the world this morning reacting to the passing of singer george michael. we'll hear from his fans just ahead. good morning, today is monday, december 26. i'm rahel solomon, jim is off today. , in for meisha. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> enjoying one another today, yes. >> enjoying the roadways, as well, because there is, you know, not whole lot, no one out there. everyone is off. but meisha, jim, that means, good news for the roadways, how is the weather looking? >> not terrible. do have little hiccup that we have to talk b you know, we have warmfront, doesn't pacca lot of pun of when it comes to
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moisture, but because it is coming through the cover of darkness, cold enough there could be some freezing rain. >> cover of the darkness, their comes. >> sounds like a movie. >> let's take a look, freezing rain advisory, that will be going into effect actually in just shy of an hour from now, precipitation isn't even isn't even here yet. but not everyone sim pact dollars. urban eyes area philly, trenton, all point southeast that far all in the clear. even as go outside chester, montgomery, bucks, the lehigh valley, berks county, lancaster county and everybody else, off to the north and west of that. that will find the freezing rain advisory, where is it coming from? warmfront. that's lifting in. we'll get to radar in a second. very tranquil view for you outside palmyra cove nature park, facing different direction than we typically do. you have the bridge right there. 33 degrees is the current temperature as we actually face new jersey in this particular view that's the general wind flow we'll find.
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storm scan, very calm, locally right now, but even zoom here and there, will start to show you signs of life on radar, starting to move in across western p.m. a. we will find this arriving just before the sun comes up in some instances where many temperatures are in the 20's, mount pocono at 23, lehigh valley, berks county, in the 20's right now, that's why when these showers come in, even though they are very scattered in nature, we might only see sprinkle here and there, it could still freeze on contact in those north and west suburbs. 3:00 p.m. at 44, these temperatures will continue to rise, and our official expected high up to 50 later today, actually going to continue that warming trends, into tomorrow, too. >> thank you, katie, good morning, everyone, keeping an eye on the roadways this morning, a the love people still off for the holidays. so, as you can see, it means the roadways are relatively clear. no delays here on the boulevard headed for the
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schuylkill expressway. the right two lanes, columbus boulevard, going south, are closed and remain closed because of the water main, needs to be repaired, it was an issue on friday, people driving on the other side of the road. it is going to remain issue today. hopefully, without a ton of traffic, it won't make for many problems in this area. but as you can see, everyone having to push off to the left. an accident in willow grove. fitzwatertown road and moreland road. so, keep an eye there, then to mass transit issues, as well, regional rails. city schedule, buses, trolleys, on modified schedule. rahel, over to you. >> patrick, thank you. new this morning, tire slasher reaks havocs in philadelphia's somerdale section, take a look, 900 block, photo journalist found tires slashed in about ten cars, "eyewitness news", we gave police a call, but they say they've not heard about this yet. anyone with information in this case is asked to call philadelphia police. >> also, new this morning, shooting is under investigation in the city nicetown neighborhood.
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and police believe they do know what sparked this shooting. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at temple university hospital where the victim is being treated. >> good morning. >> good morning, underwent emergency surgery here at temple hospital overnight. still in critical condition. police are still working out the details of all of this, but say, they believe this shooting stemmed from a fight that happened earlier we should yo shot earlier, north buoy street in the city nicetown section around 11:30 p.m. they found shooting scene, no victim there. they discovered private car, took the 52 year old man to temple hospital. he had been shot several times in his arm and his torso police found five spent shell casings at the scene. >> getting information from several witnesses the victim in earlier neighborhoods, we
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believe the 152 year old male was shot, in relation to that family fight. >> and police describe the shooter as a man wearing a camouflage jacket, bluejeans, as well as timber land boots. now, police did find several private surveillance cameras on that block. they're hoping video from those cameras can help id a suspect. for now live from temple university hospital. i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". back to you, rahel. >> trang, thank you. >> and officials are working to determine a cause after house fire in delaware county. flames broke out in a home on marlboro lane glen mills just before 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. the fire caused extensive damage to the second floor of the home. >> it was in the crawlspace of the attic and second floor. once it gets in the walls, we have to try to find it before it gets too extensive. >> firefighters got the fire under control before it reached the first floor, no one was hurt. his music helped define the 80s and the 90s.
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>> this morning, fans are shocked by the passing of superstar george michael. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that was michael's 1984 lit, wake up before go go, first band, woman. also known for the holiday classic last christmas, michael's manager said the singer died of heart failure at his home in england christmas morning. fans remember him as a pioneer. >> when i started dancing and the way he dressed and all of his movements, cute leather jackets, like that was way before it was cool, or acceptable, and he didn't care. he still did it. >> celebrities took to twitter to also remember michael, like late night host james cord and called the singer absolute inspiration, george michael was 53. and, an update now on actress carrie fisher. her mother, debbie reynolds, says her daughter in stable condition. reynolds thank friends and
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fans. fisher reportedly suffer heart attack on plane from london to los angeles friday night. perhaps best known for her role as princess lay an in star wars. >> president obama and first lady michelle obama spent part of their christmas visiting marine core base in hawaii. first family thanked troops and their families for their sacrifice. >> it is impossible for us to fully repay what you have done and the sacrifices that you make. but at least it is important to hear from us that what you do matters. than we know about. and that we're grateful. and that we will stay grateful even when many of you end up being out of uniform. >> and president obama says his gratitude to the military won't stop once the term ends. still ahead, find out the unusual rena man is forced to die on 911. plus, we're learning new details about the crash after russian military plane that left nearly 100 people dead,
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we will tell you what investigators are saying may be the cause. also this. >> a powerful christmas storm hits the northern planes, and is moving east. i'm roxannea in new york with that story coming up. >> take it easy, enjoy, we're happy for you. we're also happy that you are waking up with us this morning. we will be right back in just a couple every minutes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> i hard conditions continue to batter parts of the upper midwest. roxannea reports, the heaviest snow falling in the dakotas, where winds are blowing, up to 55 miles per hour. >> the unrelenting holiday storm spilled into the overnight hours, covering animals, and driveways, in the dakotas with mounds of snow. while the system brought white christmas yesterday. >> so beautiful. my first white christmas ever. >> it also made driving treacherous, throughout the northern planes, and in the southwest. this was the scene in arizona. as interstate 40 was brought to stand still by snow. in minnesota, the semi truck caring 40,000 pounds of chocolate, slips onto its side. freezing rain and sleet covered roadways. >> at that right moment when the temperatures dropped, the dot hasn't been out, you have to watch the ice. >> the conditions kept many plow and tow truck drivers away from their families, in iowa, and utah.
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>> this is my ninth call. and it has been crazy. today's been nuts. a lot of slide-offs and accidents. >> others brought out their sleds, to make the most of nature on the holiday. >> most snow i've ever seen in my life. it is awesome t feels so nice. >> the storm is forecast to reach the east coast later today. bringing messy conditions along with it. >> the system will progress eastward moving through the up of michigan, great lakes, producing some freezing rain, eventually, as we get into up-state new york going into pennsylvania, massachusetts and parts of vermont, too. the national weather service planning people to plan to hit the road today to take extra precautions, roxanne a, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and katie you know, we just heard from the forecaster that it looks like that might be moving into part of pennsylvania, so, you know you got to break it down. >> indeed, yes. i want to just put it out there initially that this is certainly the same storm that will be i am packing us, but it is a totally different animal. by the time it reaches our area. soap, we've got much different
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set of impact that comes from it, in fact today, even not warmfront lifting in from the shore, other than the warming trends that comes with that, really not going to see too much out of the warmfront. because the bulk of moisture far removed from the immediate coastline, quiet picturesque beginning to the morning for us out there. storm scan3, though, you can't call it quiet and picturesque because you have the rain. you have even potential for severe weather, south, and also, of course, a lot of snow. specially falling across the canadian border. here is your warmfront, that's what's lifting through southwest pa right now, then your cold front comes through tomorrow. what this really more than anything will be bringing us is rain into scattered fashion. which we get to. also worth a mention, the beginning of clouds moving in, from the northwest coastline here. that will start to become our next storm system, that eventually reaches our area with another reinforcing blast of cold, from later this week. let me walk you through future weather. that's important. by 7:00 in the morning we will see freezing rain advisory go
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into effect, northwest half of the area. phillies not included, nor southern new jersey, or delaware. when we have enough cold air in place like we do, this is coming just before the sun come up it, will stay cold enough to help possibly bring in some freezing rain into these spots. even as late as 2:00 in the pocono region, possible, but it is a very lackluster warmfront. very wimpy with precipitation expectations, although it is going to warm things up significantly. we should be right around 50 come 11:00 tonight. not too much movement on the thermometer through the overnight, very warm. in that squeeze place, sitting in the warm sector of the storm, cold front begins to cross, will come in with additional rain showers tomorrow morning, then begin to clear out pretty quickly the second half of the day. that's where the temperatures begin their drop off. the temperature outlook for the first week of january, interestingly enough, is generally above average. at least by hands full of degrees. so, this week, you got a lot of roller coaster riding. leading into the first part of 2017, we actually do expect for the most part some above
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average warmth here. current win speeds, pretty light, for the most part out of the northeast, they are coming in here, so helping to keep us stuck in the clouds. talk a little be daylight. even though we are past the winter solsus, might make us scratch our head, why sun coming up later january 1? by the time february 1st, 7:09 the sun will rise, gaining about 20 seconds of extra daylight per day hey we will take what we can get. fifty the expected high today. that happens very late in the day. sprinkle or shower earl toyed, more on the way tomorrow morning, look at the hi, 60, don't get used to it, see the nosedive that takes place immediately after and back to reality wednesday. >> are you a gift takeerr backer? >> oh, i'm just a weather deliverer. >> why not return your gifts while it is 50 or six off? i'm not going, just asking if that happens to you. >> no way. >> okay, sounds good.
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everyone gave katie primo gifts. that's good. cottman avenue at 95. wide open. beautiful this morning. last week we told but there is how they opened up all four lanes, everything moving smoothly through here. but if you go back to the girard avenue portion of this, they will be working on this until 20 a 25. so this portion might done. still have nine more years to go, if you take 95. if you take the vine, looking good this morning between 95 and broad street. no delays in this area. if you are moving into the city of philadelphia, people, mostly off today. looks like traffic is picking up little bit. not normally what we see at 6:16 a.m. but then, the ben looking beautiful. you can count the cars. one, two, three, looks like maybe eight to ten cars between camden and philadelphia this morning, not too bad if you are headed into the city of philadelphia. this is one of the problem spots. and it has been for about a week. columbus boulevard, water main repairs will continue, that
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will happen tomorrow. penndot not working on that. they say today. so the two right lanes closed, at columbus boulevard, here, then mass transit, as we back out of the way, regional rails, sunday schedule into the trolleys and buses through friday, rahel? >> oh, excuse me, we are headed to the break. we will continue with more cbs-3 "eyewitness news" next.
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>> burlington county times reports holy cross academy is adding new tish tifs to help student prepare for their future including ability for students to take up to 46 college credits through partnership with area colleges, catholic high school celebrates its 60 ' anniversary in february. >> reading eagle reports on outreach efforts in berks county to help provide dinners to the less fortunate. more than 150 people died at saint john's evangelical church. >> and big honor for north penn instructor, named, the state's best. a gifted support teacher at penn field, and pen dale middle schools. more said she is humble by the honor. congratulations. that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. up next, the largest evacuation in germany since the end of worlds war two, find out what's forcing residents from their homes. >> i called 911 at that point. no other option. >> what happened inside this movie theater that forced a man to call 911? that's straight
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>> just getting the week started here, we do have another holiday weekend coming up t does appear as new years eve fest i have tis, seasonable cool air in place, but great weather overall for new years celebrations although come sunday we your
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nerve 2017 for better chance for some showers. rahel? >> katie, thank you. >> russian officials say hi lot error or technical problem may be the cause every yesterday's plane crash that killed 92 people. dismissing the possibility of terror attack. the russian military jet was on it way to syria when it crashed into the black sea, moments after taking off in soj i am. included dozens of military choir singer, country in a state of mourning today as the search mission involving close to 3500 people continue. and earthquake rattles southern chile, bridges on fears of possible tsunami. the 7.7 magnitude quake struck a sparsly populated area about 800 miles south of the capitol of santiago yesterday morning. 4,000 people were evacuated, for fear of the possible tsunami. however, the quake so far has left only minor damage, as of right now, no deaths have been reported. and germany, bomb forces thousands of people out of their homes on christmas day. discovered last week, during
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construction work on underground car park. about 54,000 people had to leave their homes. authorities say the british bomb was dropped on the city during worlds war two. well, today is the start of kwanzaa. the week long celebration of african culture. the holiday honors family, community, culture, reflection of seven different principals. today's principal is unity. others reflect on creativity, self determination, economics, fate, kwanzaa runs through new years day. and as kwanzaa begins, hanukkah enters day three. "eyewitness news" was in suburban square yesterday where people gathered for a menorrah lighting. also celebrated by decorating donuts and frying potato latkes. it continues through new years day. >> oregon man tried to catch the new star wars movie and ended up catching some z's instead. justin went out friday night to see star wars rogue one after having couple of drink at the barment sometime during the movie he fell asleep and when he woke up hours later,
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he was all alone. when he tried to get out, he triggered the motion censor alarm. >> i wake up, theater completely dark, i can't see nothing, like i can see the screen maybe my hands in front of my wave. i just called 911 at that point, no other option. >> that was apparently an expensive nap. officer say it was not crime related than theater staff just forgot to check the entire theater. now apparently the movie was not boring, though, because it has been top at the box office for two weeks now, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", katie here to tell us several chances of showers over the next few days. >> as ahead, year of mostly high's on wall streets. a look back at 2016 impact on the business world. plus, we will tell you why israel and the us ambassador, politics not taking time off this holiday. pat? >> rahel, this is a look at the vine street expressway. have you ever seen it so empty on a monday morning, at almost
6:27 am
6:30 snow no, you have not. up a to date look at all of the roadways in our area, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" returns.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. and good morning, a live look at bethlehem this morning, where parts of the lehigh valley, are under freezing rain advisory, beginning at about 30 minute. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. jim is off this morning. let's get right to kate which today's forecast. katie, talking about possibly some freezing rain, but also, some mild weather. you wouldn't expect that normally to be in the same forecast. >> exactly, so much about the timing, also location, too, when it comes to the freezing rain possibilities that we do face here today, rahel. at the moment, things are really quiet at the local level. and we start things off by taking you on out to storm scan3, at the moment, that's very, very tranquil. and you really are just waiting at this point the minutes winding down before what you see off to the west reaches us. and you will notice, it is really, really lackluster. it is a scattered batch of very light precipitation. but, regardless, since we do have the temperatures to work
6:31 am
with right now, well below freezing, in the lehigh valley and the poconos, also berks and lancaster county not to mention, could you ends up with this moving in and possibly freezing in on contact. even though it would be very, very scattered, and whimpy, little bit of ice, as we all know to cause some headaches. you don't have to worry about that if philadelphia or southeast that far for that matter, but eventually trans to all rain for those aforementioned area, could be slick travel in the meantime. temperatures, you can understand why. below freezing in reading, allentown, mount pocono. so as soon as the precipitation does get here, there is possibility of it freezes on contact. but, with time, we are talking about some pretty warm air out there. there will be a shower, nothing more, otherwise clouds in the city, high roof degrees, normal high 42. you do the math, obviously above average. talking 52 degrees, in the mountains where it is chillier, only flirt with 40, also have to worry about the possibility of some freezing rain in the morning, and maybe
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a little bit of drizzle going on. all part of much bigger warming trend that will take place, we have 60 in the forecast down the road. >> crazy. 6606, right after christmas. perfect to take your gifts back. everyone get out on the roadways, because they are empty so far it morning, 42 freeway in new jersey, things looking relatively quiet. as the headlight head for 295 and toward the city of philadelphia, normally, 6:32, and this is jam packed, people, making their way toward the city, but so far, day after christmas, a lot of people still off. thumbs-up here on the 42 freeway. this is a look at the schuylkill at king of prussia. let me allude to that. the king of prussia mall you know will be jammed today with all of the deals. so go out there, and get yourselves some deals at kop. the boulevard at the schuylkill expressway, again, thin dollars out. traffic, just not that bad this morning. you have got to love it. although mass transit, there are some things that we need to keep an eye on, this is a look at the new jersey side.
6:33 am
the patco speed line, there is a modified schedule, so check the website there. new jersey transit, modified schedule there through friday. make sure to keep an eye on that if you are traveling in new jersey, also, septa regional rails, modified schedule, and the city buses and trolleys, that, too, will go through friday. and then a look at the wide, woodhaven, to i676 looking clear, all green across the board, rahel, just nothing going on out there this morning, got to love it. >> being look good, pat, thank you. some drivers in somerdale may be waking up to unfortunate surprise this morning, they owe it all to tire slasher, 900 block of fowl crowd street, photo journalist found about ten cars with floor tires. "eyewitness news" we called police who said that the incidents had not been reported yet. so anyone with information is asked it call philadelphia police. also, new this morning, police are investigating a shooting in the city nicetown neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at temple university hospital with the latest on the man's condition, trang, good morning.
6:34 am
>> reporter: good morning, rahel there is man has several gunshot wounds, remains in critical condition. police potentially have surveillance video that could help them solve this case. but take a look at some video we shot last night. officer responded to the 3800 block of north bouvier street in the city nicetown section around 11:30 p.m. they found shooting scene but no victim there. they discovered private car, took the 52 year old to temple hospital. he had been shot several times in his arms and torso. police found five spent shell casings at the scene, and chief inspect store scott small says based on witness accounts, investigators believe the man was shot in retaliation for earlier fight involving his family in that neighborhood. police do have some other leads. >> we did find some private cameras on the block in the 3800 block of bouvier street. so hopefully those cameras will help account investigation. >> police have vague description of the suspect, describing him as man wearing
6:35 am
camouflage jacket, bluejeans, timber land boots. for now live from temple university hospital. i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. and from nicetown to south philadelphia, now, where flowers and candles are part of a growing memorial at a grocery store where the owner was killed. on saturday 81 year old marie buck was shot inside this store at sixth and wharton, died shortly after being returned to the hospital. so far police say, they've no leads. well, many were able to take a break yesterday, maybe even today, even the president and president-elect left washington and new york behind for their holiday getaways. as read bin john reports, the world of politics still in full swing. >> it has been the privilege of my life to serve as your commander in chief. >> while president obama speak to go troops in hawaii on chris ma, receiving heavy criticism from close ally. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, skating rebuke of the obama administration, summoning the us ambassador to israel,
6:36 am
condemning israel west settlement. typically uses security council veto power to shield from restless cents the us sees asks over critical of israel. >> this time us and stands, the passage came after delay in the vote a mid pressure from israel. and communications between trump and israel, as well as the president of egypt, which sponsors. trump's actions sparking criticism the press elect is over stepping. new criticism coming in over the weekend from lawmakers like republican senator lindsay gram. >> ill responds in 22% of the united nations budget comes from the american taxpayer, and i'm going to lead the charge to withhold funding until they repeal this resolution. >> republic juan former house speaker neutral beginning ridge slamming. >> he is in frenzy, what he is actually doing, setting up whole series every things to distract trump. >> and if you love going to the brandywine zoo in wilmington, well, time is running out to say good-bye to popular animal.
6:37 am
a eight year old siberian tiger will be transferred to zoo in the bronx early next month. now, the specific siberian tigers are endangered, so the hope is he will find male companion in the wrong exhibit. admission free afternoon. >> well, a holiday tradition. still ahead, we will take you to the annual re-enactment of washington crossing the delaware. >> also this morning, we will explain how battery powered cars are changing the lives of children with disability. and, a popular comedy club, opens its doors on christmas day, up next, how some celebrities spent the holiday gives back. >> ♪
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>> joyous day all over the worlds as people celebrated christmas in all sorts every ways. just look at this, gathered at city's yesterday in australia doesn't look cold there. enjoying some sunbathing, swimming, surf boarding, all in the spirit of the holiday. speaking of swimming, over in england, probably much colder
6:41 am
there. swimmers braved the elements yesterday for the traditional christmas day plunge, in the is her pen tyne lake. swimmers of all ages took parts in the race for peter pan cup. all participants received hot drink as a rewards. yum. and they weren't the only ones braving the cold. swimmers out in germany also took part in a similar tradition. dozens took on the christmas day plunge yesterday. some as we can see here wearing some festive santa hats, some festive attire, i think i saw somebody -- at this year we they do not have to chip ice like they did in years past. >> oh, patrick gallen just did a plunge. >> right. >> you know, a balmy 40 degrees. >> yes, i'm feeling like we can't really count that until he's got to actually chip the ice away, so they can actually partake. >> oh, come on. >> yes, i hear you, my friends, yes. really is cold water. but, ya, that's taking it to a whole new level if you ask me. we take a look at the
6:42 am
eyewitness weather watchers, also up and at it with us here this morning, not as many people as we would typically finds at 6:40, and change here, on a monday morning, but again, it is a holiday. special thank you to those of how did wake up early to sends us your reports. we take value in them. thank you for. that will pete is her at 35 degrees, out in lawrenceville with lots of clouds where he is. 61% humidity or so, starting to find warmfront lifting in here. nothing really too warm about this forecast yet. that will be changing with time. a hands full of different observations coming in from delaware this morning. greg is out in marshall ton, delaware, at 35 degrees. more clouds than anything. he did say that he started off clear. it has since clouded up here. there has been little frost where he is overnight. was there is some drizzle on the way, one of those spots where we could ends up with that. let's switch gears, go on back to the maps. take you out to one of the camera shots, shot of blue mountain at the moment, where i believe they are still making snow. they definitely have enough cold air to work with.
6:43 am
to support. that will one of the spots that could ends up with little bit of icing earlier on, or later on this, more with freezing rain advisory going into effect as the warmfront lifts in. hands full of ski reports, big boulder with a 36-inch base, 11 different trails open. just showed you blue mountain, really nice base right now, couple of feet worth. and trails are open nine of them, nine of the trails open right now. but camelback wins the pack here, 22 trails currently open. so if you are going to be hitting the slopes any time soon, granted it is warming up. but there is good base to work with. looking at storm scan, yes, a lot every for us, you have got very well defined storm system, kind of like the candy cane. classic comma shape showing up here. want front here. and the bulk of the precipitation off to the north. really just going to see very tiny little pocket of light showers and drizzle roll through the area. because it is coming in the next few hours, it could still be cold enough for it to freeze on contact in the northwest suburbs. but regardless, once the
6:44 am
frontlists tee through here, specking toned up with temperatures that are all over the place, we look forward in this forecast for the tail end of the week, temperatures up and down. we hit 06 tomorrow. back to the 40's tail end of the week here leading into thursday. as we hit the rest of today, watch for sprinkle or shower. high up to 50. that's well above average by solid 8 degrees. tonight we drop it back down to only 47. frankly these temperatures are for the most part going to be climbing through the overnight. soap, very mild night. see the winds turn more out of the south as would you expect. there will still be showers around, warmfront today, cold front tomorrow. we hit 60 before it crosses. but once that cold front does in fact move through, you knock, just have to take 15 degrees off just like, that back to the 40's thursday. and then come friday, behind the next cold front, reinforcement, come charging in, not even going to break out of the 30's, a lot to process here in the next seven day, pat. >> in any snow in the near future shnewer. >> nothing, nothing. >> little bit of snow. >> for your polar plunge.
6:45 am
>> not doing that again, no thank you. i'll take little snow. no more polar plunge for me. looking at the vine street expressway, beautiful at quarter to 7:00. no traffic to speak of if you are headed in or out of the city of philadelphia. so, you have got to love that a lot of people obviously still up. one more thing about the vine. tomorrow normally overnight construction tomorrow. they will ramp that back up as they normally do it, will reopen 5:00 a.m. a look at 95 southbound, route 452, no delays, nothing to speak of in this area either. but this is a problem spot that we have mentioned quite often, over the last week or so, they just can't get it out of the wayment columbus boulevard southbound, a water main break, still yet to be repaired, penndot says this, they probably won't be able to get out there today. so looks like it will be push off another day. which means, two lanes closed. which means you're pushed off to the left. good news, there is not a lot of traffic. because not a lot of cars moving through this area. so thumbs-up there at least for that spot.
6:46 am
mass transit regional railways, sunday schedule, in the regional rails, city buses and trolleys modified schedule through friday. rahel, back to you. >> so patrick it seems like at some point people might be get being out to shop. so maybe? >> true. >> traffic will pick up lit later, traffic, thank you. battery operated cars always popular present for kids around this time of year. but, for some children, they're not just toys, the cars are changing their lives. meisha jang shows us how from arlington, virginia. >> ryan going on six. >> he wakes up every day and does things that he is not supposed to be doing. >> good. >> ryan has a genetic disorders known as tch1. it prevents the brain and muscles from developing properly. he can't speak. and he can barely move his body. >> the national non-profit program go baby go modified battery operated cars for children who have disabilities. professor sky donovan leads a chapter at marimount university in virginia. >> how does this help improve
6:47 am
the child's mobility? >> this is what we call ability button. so it is really touch sensitive. we can put this button anywhere, either to make it easier for the child to move or to use it as therapy. this car was custom built for ryan. >> we had cup old of modifications zero help support his body, his trunk, his head. >> in ryan's case the car helps him sit up straight to develop core muscles and use his hands, his mom said that's not the best part. >> in the evening, wherever one is playing, all of the kids are out, he get to take his car out. he gets to play out. >> ryan's live is not easy. it is filled with physical therapy sessions, and doctors appointment, but when he is behind the wheel? >> just gets to be a little boy. gets to be a little boy. >> weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and iconic comedy club dished out this christmas, world famous laugh factory in
6:48 am
hollywood, california, hosed its 37th pre christmas feast and toy give away yesterday. the club owner pays the tab for all who show up. single mom who is trying to find work said the event meant a lot. >> what would christmas be like for you and the girls without this? >> it would be hard. it would be no presents, and we would be looking for a place to eat. >> and celebrity comics like tim allen who we see here joined in to serve meals before they did their stand up routine. very sweet. >> time 6:48. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. josh elliot joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, josh. >> reporter: rahel, good monday morning to you. we are track that winter storm that could cause major headaches for so many. hoping to get home from their whom day weekends. plus, how a fake news story led to a real nuclear threat between two countries. and we'll take a look fondly back at the life and times of george michael. also hear world renounded
6:49 am
pianist and kennedy center honoree, as the news is back in the morning, and we will see you in about ten minutes. >> all of the ingredients for a good show, josh, we will be watching. thank you. the business worlds spent much of its year on pins and needles waiting for results from the presidential election. along the way, there were scandels, and mergers. money watch's jill wagner has this look back at 2016 biggest business store. >> i wall street welcomed president-elect donald trump with a stock market rally, in november, the dow hit 19,000 for the first time ever. filling the top financial post, trump passed hollywood financier, steven, for treasury secretary. and billionaire investor, bull already ross to head the commerce department. after the election, the president-elect negotiate add deal to save 800 factory jobs at carrier air-conditioning company. carrier's to keep open its indianapolis factory but still
6:50 am
plans to out source hundreds of jobs. >> ended the year at six hadn't 4%, lowest level in nearly decade. job gains cleared the way for the first rate hike in a year. federal reserve boosted its key interest rate by quarter%. >> i'm fully accountable for all unethical sales barak is tis. >> ceo of wells fargo stepped down, after a scandal over unethical banking practices. employees under pressure to meet ambitious sales goal opened as many as 200 unauthorized accounts in customer's names. >> afraid is afraid. theft is theft. >> samsung galaxy note seven went from flag ship to failure. after some phones caught fire. the company recalled millions of them and eventually discontinued the model. >> angry lawmakers who confronted the pharmaceutical company that makes epi pens. >> the actual suit that's in here that you need, cost about a dollar. >> mylan's ceo promised to
6:51 am
offer its cheaper generic version after hiking the price by 500%. our net sales will absolutely go down. our net per pen. >> in this year's corporate marriages, at&t and time warner, agreed $58 million merger. micro solve announced the deal, linked in, for $26 billion. yahoo salespeople verizon was in danger after the tech giant revealed account information was stolen from for more than a billion users. >> pokemon go became a global sensation. >> just want to fulfill my childhood dreams. >> scattered download records, sent crowd on the hunt for peak a chew. jill wagner, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". so much. seems like it went by so quickly. we will be right back with three things you need to know before you go. plus we will take you to heartwarming homecoming in chester county next.
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♪ ♪ >> before up head out the door, here is what you need to know, three to go. somerdale second show sean of philadelphia waking to up rude surprise, nearly dozen vehicles had their tires slashed, overnight, on the 900 block of folkrod school.
6:56 am
mourning the loss of michael. >> african culture, kwanzaa begins today with the principal of unity, and that's three to go. very special homecoming for chester county family. take a look, depicts the spirit of the holiday to whole new level. carman, the husband, father, grandfather, has been in the hospital since july. former ups driver suffers from peripheral vascular disease, e meisha al roller coaster ride, also had double leg amputation, this year he made it home for the holidays with his family. >> that's the best present ever that i could have ever hoped for. >> just having him back in the house, that he walked out of in july. and with all of us here. >> now, carman does head back to impatient rehab for few more weeks, will also be fitted for his prosthetic leg. he said it was his family and his fate that kept him going throughout everything. so glad to see him home with his family. >> so festive in the jammies. just what a beautiful,
6:57 am
beautiful holiday site that is. >> wish him and his family the best. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> and the weather definitely has some ups and downs to talk about the next couple every days. do have at the moment a lot of clouds overhead, this is just live view outside milk township high school, cape may courthouse, chilly 39 degrees, a lot cold nerve other locations, specific to the northwest half i would say of our area, not including philadelphia, you might ends up with a little bit of freezing drizzle or few freezing showers out there. as a warmfront lets in. for everyone else, sprinkle or shower, that wouldn't freeze necessarily, but might stop the windshield with raindrop or two. and it does start to warm up pretty significantly come tomorrow. but today, really not that bad. we will continue to warm up with every passing hour here. by the time we hit 7:00, 47, and i think actually hitting our high of 50 around say 9:00 tonight or so. yes, so, this obviously is very significant warming trends that continues. right through tomorrow. look at. that will 60 degrees for your tuesday hi, but it does appear
6:58 am
as though we're not going to see that last very long, gets a lot colder by wednesday, but a dose of reality, 45. >> i don't do traffic everyday, but this might be the quietest day of traffic i've ever seen. great for drivers who want to get out on the roadways. >> and do some shopping. >> shopping later on, that should be nice, everything nice and clear. westbound schuylkill, there was a disable vehicle, in the right lane, since been cleared off. soap, it is okay right there. this is a look at the 42 freeway, in new jersey, normally, right around 7:00 a.m. it is a mad house, right now, everything moving smoothly. the same holds true for the vine expressway between 95 and broad street. things are looking very clear right there. the regional railways, some things to check in on, here, with septa, there is a sunday schedule that's running there, same holds true for city buses and trollies. they're doing that through friday. and also, in new jersey, patco speed line has a modified schedule. and new jersey transit, as well, through friday, you will want to check the website there.
6:59 am
>> and pat you know just to piggyback off of that, get to go and from work downtown, no traffic on the roads. >> nothing. >> nobody walking. nobody driving. all right, thanks, guys. well, it's been centuries since general george washington crossed delaware icy river in new jersey. came to light 240 years later. >> many historians consider the christmas day battle as a turning point in the revolution area war. yesterday the christmas day tradition was enjoyed by families, people of all ages. the daring crossing once again brought to life right where it took place many, many years ago. 240 years. well, next on cbs this morning, how fake news story led to real nuclear threat between two countries. plus, have more on the dangerous winter storm creating travel headache in parts of the country. not here, though. looking good. and remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. we leave you with a live picture of the art museum.
7:00 am
doesn't it look beautiful? doesn't it look beautiful? this is from captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, december 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." pop music icon george michael dies suddenly on christmas day. we look back at his life in the spotlight as a superstar and provocative art i- >> a winter storm bringing blizzard conditions to the northeast sweeps east. millions will face dangerous driving conditions. >> a heavy cold forces queen elizabeth to miss church on christmas in decade. the new concern for her health and the message she delivered to her country. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. ♪ >> icon is gone.


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