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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good news, anita. >> reporter: good evening. that is right, guess contact these neighbors will get some relief thanks to the generosity of others and every little bit will help, after spending a lot of money on christmas gifts for their loved ones some neighbors will to have shell out extra cash, after someone left behind a very expensive, mess. >> horrible. >> reporter: more than a dozen tires, now flat. thanks to a christmas grinch of a different kind. >> wow, it was devastating, you know but what will you do. >> reporter: apparent work of this suspect seen from a distance on grain i home surveillance video sometime between midnight and 2:30 a.m. and philadelphia police. and drivers side, and subaru, also. he was on the bike going from car to cars. >> reporter: angelo cruz who lived on the 900 block of foulkerod street for eight years has to replace his tires on both of his cars. >> i would say about eight, maybe 800. a setback.
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>> yes, financially. >> reporter: neighbors say quiet block but recently, things have taken a turn. >> it is crimes like this, yes , we have burglaries, car break ins, car thefts. >> reporter: that is why north wood civic association is stepping in. >> fifty dollars for a vehicle , help them replace tires. >> reporter: just a small gesture to spread christmas cheer. >> we want to try to get better unity and find out what is going on. >> reporter: another live lot damage on this block. you can see this entire row of cars, has punctured tires, and many of these neighbors still have not been able to go get their cars, repaired, anyone with any information is asked to call northeast detectives. for now live from northwood i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you. we are hearing tonight from the family of the 81 year-old woman gunned down on christmas eve. she was killed while working at corner grocery store that she own. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in her stun south philadelphia
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neighborhood, joe. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. people continue to power out here to say prayers for 81 year-old marie buck, shot and killed just on the other side of that door. in the meantime the investigation continues, police, are scouring this neighborhood for surveillance video, they want to talk to anybody who may have information, about this homicide, and they do say, that they believe that this was not random and that the person who pulled the trigger, intended to do so. >> marie buck's south philadelphia home stand two doors from the grocery store. the she lovingly ran for 43 years. >> she was murdered. my mom was murdered. >> reporter: all damon family and friend stopped by to pay their respects. a few feet away others pause todd pray outside memorial that has over taken steps of the marie's grocery store. saturday morning police say 81 year-old marie was shot and killed inside, 48 hours and counting, the who did it and why are deeply troubling
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questions without answers. >> plus, some say that they had word at one time or another or was it somebody on drugs and completely out of it who just comes over and shoots somebody like that. >> reporter: marie's husband mike returned home after making arrangements for her burial while reporters spoke with family members. senseless tragedy has stun them. had rewas men for playing santa claus for her sharp witt and dry humor. >> she made a big joke about giving everybody potp.o. rri, she would give everybody that this year, paw she just wanted to joke around. >> reporter: laughser replaced with tears and crying and de hand for marie's family that her killer be found. >> this police department and this city and this district attorney need to step up and do whatever they have to do. >> reporter: both d.a.'s office and philadelphia police have promised a 24 hour around the clock investigation, until they find marie's killer. in the meantime her funeral
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arrangements have been finalized. there will be a viewing on thursday evening, and she will be laid to rest, following a mass of christian burial at saint mary magdellan in philadelphia live at sixth and wharton i'm ohio holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police need your though catch this robbery suspect. this man, who was armed, held up the chicken andberges restaurant on kensington avenue around 12:30 a.m. on christmas. he did getaway with cash. in one was hurt but if you recognize that person contact the police. we're now hearing from the pennsylvania family that had ton rescued after being stranded in a snowy arizona forest on thursday. they were trying to reach their north rim of the grand canyon. karen kline of easton was found at a closed grand canyon national park saturday after she hike 27 miles. other searchers located her husband and their son, friday, miles away at their rental car they had rent that had car in las vegas and following their
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gps system in an attempt to visit the grand canyon. >> it was about surviving but it wasn't about surviving for me, i just kept thinking i have to do this for my son. i have to do this for my husband. i have to help them. i have to save them. >> kline tried to hike out of the forest by herself to get help because she's a try athlete and hard thon runner and family agreed she was in the best shape to make that a ment to. she is hospitalized as you can sianni she's being treated for exposure to the cold. south jersey family is worried after this woman and her great granddaughter never showed up for a family visit over the weekend. barbara riley and five-year old, le myra left mays landing sat the day to see family in north carolina but they are still miss to go day. relatives say barbara called them 5:30 on saturday telling them they stopped for gas outside of richmond but no one has heard from them since. a drexel university professor is under fire tonight after a controversial
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tweet over the weekend went viral. and now he will be meeting with school officials to slain his side. george ciccariello mayor tweet ed all i want for christmas is white genocide. he told the associated press that the message was meant to be satyrical and he was mock ing what he called the imagery concept of white genocide. which he says was invented by white supremacist. drexel responded with a statement saying quote while the university recognizes the right of its faculty to freely express their thoughts and opinions in public debate, professor ciccariello mayor comment are utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing and do not reflect the values of the university. the university is taking this situation very seriously. in the meantime the professor reacted to drexel's statement saying it says it is showing message, he says he has received hundreds of death threats since his original post. if you want to save money on gas, you might want to fill
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up this week. the highest gas tax in the country is getting even higher when pennsylvania's gas tax increases by another eight cents per gallon, sunday. after the latest hike, about 78 cents of every gallon of gas, will be going to taxes. that money pays for road repairs, all across the state. so, with that in mind here are latest rises at pump. drivers in pennsylvania, are paying about $2.45 for a gallon of regular, in new jersey, they cost about 2.3 3a gallon to fill up and delaware has cheapest prices in our area at $2.25 a gallon. twas was the day after christmas but shoppers are not done hitting the stores just yet. "eyewitness news" at king of prussia mall where stores are packed with shoppers looking to return or exchange those christmas gifts. experts say at least 23rd of the people will have at least one gift to return this holiday season but not all shoppers we ran into today are looking to make returns. >> spending all my christmas
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money, gift card, burning a hole in my pocket. >> i'm exchanging gifts that i got from santa and i'm purchasing gifts for myself. >> and a little holiday sales advice experts say if you make returns or exchanges be aware of the store's return policy. it was a gray, glummy day for people doing that post christmas shopping in center city. we saw a few rain drops in center city this afternoon. meteorologist lauren casey has a look at what to expect heading outside tonight. lauren. >> thanks, jessica. we had treeing rain in the poconos, couple drip drops elsewhere, in the delaware valley. we are at 46 degrees in philadelphia wind are calm. 48 degrees your current temperature down the shore. we have warmed autopsy above freezing, that is good news in the poconos where we had been hovering at that freezing mark through the afternoon pro tuesdaying light period of freezing rain and drizzle. we have treeing rain advisory for monroe county until 7:00 o'clock this evening. we have another round of showers, approaching, kind of
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heavier this intensity of wind to the west at this point but again with those temperatures starting to warm up, good news in minimize ago this freezing rain threat and higher elevations. elsewhere we are sock in with the cloud cover and temperatures license trending to warm up throughout the overnight, period. but with the warm moisture and temperatures does come some fog, all settles in across the area greatly reducing visability down a mile and a half in wilmington. 2 miles in berks county. same case in the lehigh valley that fog will stay with us overnight tonight possibility ovulate shower moving in late tonight and early tomorrow morning but the sunshine is going to return just in time as we receive a brief warm up as we head into tomorrow afternoon with temperatures taking a swing at 60 but it will be brief because colder temperatures arrive by the new year and i'll let you know when to expect highs in the 30 's and windy conditions in your full forecast in a few, we will see you then, thank you. now christmas is just for people thinking about ways to get rid of the trees, but you cannot just leave it on the
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curb. coming up where you should take your tree to have it the recycled. plus a milestone celebration the 50th anniversary of kwanzaa starting to day, message of the holiday and special message for people hashing the occasion. let the bowl games begin, penn state left to face an explosive u.s.c. offense in the rose bowl and temple looking to make school history tomorrow when they take on wake forest in the military bowl.
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african-american community in philadelphia is observing
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kwanzaa, which is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. kyw news radio steve towa takes a look at the holiday. >> reporter: it is a celebration of community, family, culture as a means to help african hearns reconnect with their roots. on each of seven nights observance lights a candle recognizing seven core principals. we visited the shields home this is mt. airy section of philadelphia where they placed a candle holder, holding seven can also on a kwanzaa table. as she lit first candle, the kwanzaa cooperative told us about the first principal em o.j. i or unity. >> we will discuss what unity means. whatever day you are lighting you have a discussion about that principal, and of how you practice it, or how you need to practice it for. >> reporter: she goes to schools, churches, community sent tours spread the word about kwanzaa. >> it is still a young holiday the holiday that we think we pretty much celebrate in the u.s. is younger then kwanzaa is martin luther king's
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birthday. >> reporter: rather than religious holiday, kwanzaa ace secular encouraging people to research their own history and fine a sense of pride, unity. more cultural holiday. kwanzaa was conceived in the mid 1960's after 1965 riots in l.a. by professor, activist and author, he will be in west philadelphia high school on thursday evening for a 50th annual, kwanzaa celebration. steve towa for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now christmas is over, a lot of people are already thinking about taking down the christmas tree. in philadelphia you can start recycling your tree a week from today. all you have to does drop the tree off at one of the six street department sanitation centers. delaware has started accessing trees but you can this is take them to delaware state parks anymore. there are several other tropical off spots around the area and we put a list of those locations both in delaware, and if a, on our web site at cbs philly to the come
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lauren casey joins us now to have a look at what is the forecast going to be like. >> a lot of people are off this week between christmas, new year, maybe a couple days off for traveling. weather can make a big difference. >> it does indeed. some days you will get outside , maybe one and then rest of them you will be watching movies because it will be chillier. >> yes. >> we have more mild air mass building in as we speak but that is yielding some fog settling in as we get a live look at center city philadelphia, overcast with the fog just lingering over sky scrapers right now, 46 degrees. we have been slowly warming up over the last couple of hours, wind are calm for now but that breeze will pick up throughout the overnight period and temperatures starting to warm up especially to the south 49 in millville. forty-six this dover. conversely we are chillier to the north and west in the city , 35 in allentown and 34 in mount pocono. we are going to get a taste of the warmer air mass off to the south and west where temperatures are in the 50's, 60's and 70's, again just a
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taste heading in the day tomorrow but for tonight that gradual warming will commence and as we head in the evening hours we will be slowly warming up, our overnight low will likely occur around midnight and temperatures will continue to warm thereafter. mostly cloudy conditions with fog settling in retuesdaying visibility as we head late into tonight. as we head in the next several days we will enjoy a mild take tomorrow because of that ridge in the jet stream but it quickly advertise solves into wednesday. temperatures returning closely to average. down in the 40's. they will stay there in to thursday and then by friday we will get a dose of arctic air that will linger around into our saturday as well. it looks like we will be off to a chilly end to 2016. for tonight though we will be warming things up, fog with the shower possible late with that breeze kicking in out of the southwest up around ten to 15 miles an hour and bit breezy at times tomorrow morning but conditions will be improving. we could see passing light shower in the morning and then sunshine breaking out for the afternoon, that breeze winding town and high temperature
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shoot to go near 60 degrees. storm scan three showing us cloud certainly, in place another batch approaching poconos and lehigh valley. we are dealing with the very potent system, that did bring blizzard conditions to the upper midwest but good news is main energy with this system is moving to the north and east. you can see more uniform precipitation. wintry precipitation. we will deal with less energy from this system but could generate syringe also and showers to the far north ape west as we head in the evening hours. overnight it this, early tomorrow we will see showers dropping this but you can see as it moves eastbound, and starting to deteriorate, and, maybe into down the shore before kid move in, tomorrow. and then skies clearing out from west to east and we will give you a really nice tuesday afternoon. tomorrow a shower to sunshine topping off at 60 degrees, but temperatures tumble wednesday into the 40's. mostly sunny conditions and heading in to thursday still in the 40's, a few showers and
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few snowflakes extending into thursday morning but for tomorrow, we are into 63 degrees. down the shore high of 46 degrees in the poconos with that chance early and turning over to some sunshine. 48 degrees the high temperature on thursday with the chance have of a few snowflakes mixed in with rain in the morning and thenquieted down into the end of the weekend. cooling down tremendously down to 39 degrees high on friday with windy conditions, those wind chills will be brutal but we will stay dry for new years eve and all of your festivities. >> welcoming in 2017. >> yes. >> all right. can't believe it. thanks very much. leslie up next with sports. >> your villanova wildcats. >> yes, yes. >> still top team in the country and temple looking to set a record against wake forest but penn state takes off for sunny southern california taking on u.s.c. head coach james franklin tells us how they will stop them coming up next in
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we've got leslie here with sorts but you are going to hit the road. >> yes, check out hope there i watch temple make some history owls taking on wake forest in the military bowl tomorrow, looking for their first bowl victory since 2011 when they won in new mexico. it has been emotional roller coaster head coach math the math rhule left to take over at baylor, ed foley will be coaching tomorrow. he says despite change at top their focus rehaines the same. and we will go to finals and not jeopardize, and we will be best temple team ever. i think if you are competitive and our guys are competitive, that means something, and then you have all alumni coming back and they are around the ram, and they are send nothing snipit on video and stuff to me i'm paring them with the kids, i am like guys, go to the best. penn state departing for sunny l.a. next week.
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they will play u.s.c. in the rose bowl. nittany lions have won nine in a row their last win was come from behind victory against business conn sin this is big ten championship game where they erased a 21-point deficit james franklin says they cannot do that again against trojans. >> one thing playing a pro style offense and they will grind you up like wisconsin and they get a lead on you. that i different then playing a team like u.s.c. who is as explosive as anything and can score bunch of point in the short period of time. you cannot afford to get down by a bunch. our offense allows us to score points but their offense is type that can score points at any moment. eagles christmas break will come to an end tomorrow when they start preparing for sunday's final game with the cowboys at the link. dallas will probably sit their starters since they have clinch top seed and home field advantage in the nfc but for fourth straight week villanova number one in the ap top 25. wildcats 12 and zero, they
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have won 18 in a row, they will start conference lay wednesday against depaul a at the pavilion. >> that is so much fun. we're almost to january, we have to go to the end of march , early may or early april. >> march madness. >> yes. it will be here before we know it. "cbs evening news" is just minutes away, margaret brennan joins us with a look away. >> reporter: hi jessica here's "cbs evening news", cross the country blinding snow and ice shuts down roads while airports delays impact travelers, hoping to fly. plus new technology that could revent drunk driving deaths. why this little scientists may have found the solution for success, just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first, hitting hardwood after the holiday, special lesson these kid are learning on the basketball court.
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philadelphia 76ers are helping some local kid, get a little activity after the holidays. "eyewitness news" at o'hara high school in springfield, and, annual boot camp. this is one of the eight, look at them go different locations the team is hosting for their hosting the camp over course of three days, sixers camp coaches will teach kid fundamental skills and drills, that each runs through thursday. something tells me that the parents are like we love that camp. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next tonight bs evening news, tonight retailers gave bigger that be ever holiday discounts this year, but that is as holiday shopping season losing some of its power. and texas judge unique way to deal with people who cannot pay their court fees. how a man knows lay down the law is giving those a break who need it. here's hard get brennan in for
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scott pelley tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: the present nobody wanted. snow, ice and wind ruin a lot of holiday travel plans. >> if you can't get me out today, you can't get me out tomorrow, you won't have me on the plane. >> brennan: also tonight, this year has seen a jump in drunk driving deaths. >> every waking moment you live with it. you can't take it back. ♪ cause i got to have faith. oh, i got to have faith ♪ >> brennan: we'll remember pop superstar george michael. ♪ i got to have faith, faith, faith ♪ >> brennan: and... >> you cannot touch the disk. >> brennan: this young scientist has big plans. >> it sounds like there's


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