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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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c canda >> george michael gone at just 53, what we learned today about his shocking christmas holiday death, and our moments with the pop superstar. >> if i can keep my feet on the ground, i think we'll be all right. >> plus carrie fisher's fight for her life and the prayers from her "star wars" family. then we're looking back at 2016. from celeb moments to the hottest couples, prince harry and his hollywood girlfriend. >> really? >> fantastic. >> plus the year's biggest star "i do's." and 2016 unforgettable fashion. >> get up every day and kick as. >> now for december 26, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. >> hi, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. >> we begin with sad news.
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here is tonight's top story. new details today about the death of singer george michael and his fans say good-bye. ♪ >> this was the scene this morning outside the singer's london home. fans left flowers, lit candles and shared memories. e.t. has confirmed he died of heart failure in his sleep on christmas day. his death is being treated by police as unexplained but not suspicious. the superstar had not been ill recently. the singer avoided the potlight the last few years. this was his last big public appearance over four years ago at a london concert in 2012. ♪ >> e.t. first interviewed george michael at an l.a. concert when he was still part of the pop group wham! in 1985. at what point did you realize you were going to be a major star in america? >> to be perfectly honest, i suppose the minute that wake me upstarted moving up the charts
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quickly. >> he went solo and quickly became a force in the music world. selling more than 100 million records. when we spoke to the pop star in 1986, he already had a sense of the pressure ahead. >> if i can keep my, my feet on the ground, then i think we'll be all right. >> but george michael also made news for drug problems, health issues and run-ins with the law. in 19 # 8 he was arrested in beverley hills for committing a lewd act. in 2006 the first of four drug arrests. years later he thanked his fans for sticking by him. >> my fans are incredibly loyal. there aren't many fans that will put up with years. >> the singer was up beat and looked healthy. a few months later he had a major health care. he talked to reporters after a month-long hospitalization. >> i got strep toe kickal
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something. they kept three weeks keeping me alive. >> despite all his struggles and there were many, the singer today is being remembered as a trail blazer who pushed the boundaries of pop music.& ♪ >> i do have a strong belief in my own ability to write music that people will relate to for years and years. >> george michael was 53. ♪ till the end of time >> while fans mourn the loss of george and sad to hear the news about
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my dear friend. our thoughts are with carrie, her family and friends. fisher was on a united airlines flight on friday when she started throwing up and saying she couldn't breathe. >> we have somm passengers, assisting the passenger, unresponsive passenger. we're working on it now. >> we rushed, i think it was defibrillator and running towards the front. i think it was serious. we didn't circulatory, went straight in to land. >> we'll continue to follow the story. check et online for updates as they happen. >> tonight we're taking a look back at some of the biggest moments of 2016. a lot of them involving weddings and babies. >> first we have to talk about who was the most irresistible adorable couples of the year. we're looking back at tte moments that made us all go, ah. ♪ >> in the year and a half ago, i was in a pool of tears and i was so disappointed and i'm really,
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really grateful to blake shelton for kissing me back to life. thank you so much. i am -- i'm blown away. >> can you describe your year? >> this year was incredible. this year was like someone said, hey, wake up. and i was like, whoa, oh, my god. i thought i was seeing in color, but now i'm really seeing in color. >> that beautiful moment happened last month. now there's rumors that blake is going to pop the question over the holidays, but there's no sign of an engagement yet. >> blake shelton? >> yeah, that fella. >> it's incredible to have a best friend like that guy. he's an amazing person. >> actually lots of celeb couples gave us relationship goals in 2016. >> i want to thank my wife blake. you are the best thing, the best thing that has ever happened to am i. aef as much as we love each other, we really like each other. the best person i want to share anything with is him. yeah. >> i couldn't do what i do if it
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wasn't for the baby. i mean, he really is the most incredible husband, wonderful father. >> beckham posted this throw back pick celebrating his 17 year marriage with victoria. he gave his wife a diamond ring, just because she showed it off at the passenger's premiere. >> and i'm thrilled to be here with him and by his side. >> and then there's katie and orlando who sparked engagement rumors will celebrate one year together next month. >> she's amazing. i'm super proud of the work that she does. >> earn's a teacher in a relationship. that's how i see it now. we've taught each other a lot. >> yes, we had our eyes on a lot of couples this year. one of the toughest couples to spot was prince harry and his lady love megan mark l. they get the reward for secret couple of the year. they top our most royal moments of 2016. >> the royal romance between harry and the 35-year-old actress on the usa drama suits,
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sure seems like a real life fai fairy tale come true. they've been sharing secret rond trips in london. he has a palace on the cottage grounds. she's a catholic native. >> i grew up on the set married with children for ten years. >> wow. >> i know. it's a very perverse place for a girl who went to catholic school no less to grow up. >> harry is clearly submit en, but in the past he made it clear he wanted to separate his romantic life from his royal duties. >> the private life has to be private and i hope people respect that. >> the two shared a romantic date buying a christmas tree. and their american salesperson didn't recognize them. >> apparently i helped the prince pick a tree and his boo, the prince and his boo pick a tree. when they left, my colleague
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said, did you know that was the prince? they were buying a tree, i was selling a tree. >> 2016 has been a great year for the royal kid. since it made her first public appearance, celebrating the queen's 90th birthday. she made children's charity one of her causes. >> i'm sure you agree all children deserve time, attention and love. >> on kate and william's trip to canada, prince charles came along. she couldn't contain herself over the balloons. ah. >> another royal moment we're going to be watching for in 2017 is the wedding of kate middleton's sister pippa on may 20th. 2016 was full of fabulous celebrity weddings led by kevin harte who kept us up to date with every step to the all tar. >> she asked me.
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>> from the wedding band to her cust custom gown, it was elegant and picture-perfect. a gown with hand embroidered lace app lique, she changed into another gown. they shared the spotlight with his children from a previous marriage. his son was the best man. >> hanging out witt my best man. what's up, dude? >> hi. >> hey, my best friend is my best man. >> eva married tv exec in mexico. ♪ >> house wiecdesperate housewiv serenaded her. guest victoria beckham.
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double -- >> more than expected. >> totally. >> singer and wilson wed. the bride wore a kavali gown. >> we had eally close friends and family. they understand that it's about love and about treating each other close and just keeping it real tight knit. >> the couple who abstained from sex before marriage are expecting a baby in the new year. >> up next. >> that's next. >> beyonce played in 2016. we look back at her best moments from lemon aid to her 35th birthday celebration. >> happy birthday, mom i. >> then our star fashion year in review. >> i like her. >> blake lively's pregnancy style and the stars who rocked the red carpet. we break down the year's best and most bizarre looks.
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zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> i mean, how big were the last 12 months for beyonce. she started the year by dropping formation on us and performing it at the super bowl. and now we'll see if her lemonade album will dominate the grammys the way she has dominated theelast 12 months. here are et's beyonce moments of 2016. >> for beyonce, all it takes to make the world come to a screeching halt are five simple words. ♪ >> becky with the good hair was on everyone's lips leaving us all wondering who this becky was. designer rachel got some social media hate but denied any association. as of now becky is still m.i.a.
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♪ >> jay z., he was very much around hanging out with beyonce and ended up making over $200 million. >> always stay gracious. best revenge is your pay. >> beyonce absolutely demolished every red carpet she walked, from the bma, red gala to the c fda, she walked her signature wide brim hat while receiving the fashion icon award. another huge moment, her 35th birthday. >> happy birthday, mommy. >> yep, little blue ivy was front and center at the soul train theme party guests like usher attended in their '70s attire. and because she's beyonce, she also gave country music a shot. and, yes, she slayed. while performing with the dixie
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chicks, there was backlash from hateers, but you know how beyonce handles that. still ahead, the best and worst of celebrity fashion of 2016. >> i think i can sell it. >> the red hot styles that setd the red carpet on fire. >> you rock what you have. >> which star didn't cover up enough in we break down the looks that we love and the styles that left us scratching our heads. >> bringing up my bootstraps. >> closed captioning provided by.
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s >> we are deep into a war show season which means it's time to break out the best dress list. we saw incredible fashion all over the place this year. let's break down the most unforgettable looks of 2016. >> with the golden globes just 13 days away we start with the star that slayed in january, j-lo. bright in a yellow gown, top of her toned leg sticking out and 200 carats of harry winston diamonds. >> wake up, kick as. >> best dressed at the oscars, charlise theron. a divorce dress, she wore this
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one-shoulder ramon a dress four months after splitting. taylor swift and salina gomez. taylor took what was a tube top and skirt. sa lin a also showed some skin. >> i'm wearing calvin klein and i'm very happy because i wanted to ffel like a blue sapphire rock. i don't know what i wanted to feel like. i love it. >> kristen was an emmy stand out. the dress straight off the runway, fluoral and full. he couldn't handle the train. >> so, what are you going to say? >> i can be blamed for it. it literally -- i mean, i live in an apartment smaller than that dress. >> chris gets best fashion secret reveal posting how to get a nonsurgical breast lift. take the girl to your shoulder. repeat on the other side. the giils were on display with
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miranda lambert. our choice for best dressed at the acm awards in that plunging yellow gown. >> a gown and a holster on it. they're hot pink with a tiny gold pistol. >> you were showing off something else. rock what you've got. >> not covered up nut? that goes to chrissy tiegen who afterwards apologized for showing off her, ahem. those gold safety pins were hardest working of the year. on the vma red carpet, blue ivy, gold metallic tullle dress cost $11,000. blake lively best pregnancy style. >> you have created non-maternity maternity fashion. i don't know how you're doing it. >> i like mixing things that aren't expected. i wore a ggwn yesterday. it was very inappropriate at 7:00 in the morning. away with it.t way you can't get
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>> what does james think of you when you're dressed up and looking incredible? >> she's very sweet. wow. very complimentary. that means more to me than any compliment. >> bravo to all the stars and their designers. of course, not everybody nailed it every time. here are a few of the looks that had us saying, huh? oh, madonna let it all hang out. we had the sense of her shot from the front and the back. the 58-year-old explained her black leather and lace bondage look saying it was a political statementt fighting back against sexism and ageism. pregnant natalie portman made us think twice about ever mixing a cape, ruffle and floral. the textured cape dress was quirky, she had a legit reason the. >> i had my second baby a few weeks ago. everything was running amuck. we had to come up with something
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chic, chic solution. 1950s. >> many looks were either love it or hate it. some labelled the goin gown heidi wore a disaster. this was high couture, cupcake or clown. at the met gala, this reminded many of -- salina of ronald mcdonald. acm totally left us scratching our heads. the could you girl inspired look net stockings and boots that were bedazzled just before the show. >> bling it up, my boots. >> and there's a right way to do fashion, and a wrong way. case in point, two stars rocking the globe white shirt dress. gabby hoffman was a miss in her lace emmy attire which she
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called vintage yellow mixing. teraji p. henson gave us a peek at her black bra underneath. >> we want the effortless look like you just got out of the bed with your boyfriend. i was like, okay. >> look back at all the fashion, i cannot wait for the first award show of the new year, the golden globes january 8 on nbc. >> i can't wait. i have so much fashion knowledge in this head. >> and so much mularkey. >> our entertainment tonight birthday, which star had earth aspirations to be a painter? is it jared lett o, or matthew mccona hay? we'll think about it next:
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everything. >> et online, your destination for news. >> consideration provided by. >> welcome baak to the show, everybody. and tonight's e.t. birthday dallas fire star had early aspirations to be a painter? that is jared letto who turns 45. that was my second guess. >> you were close. grammy winner melissa manchester is celebrating 40 years of performing. hard to believe 40 years. she's out on tour. melissa has written an original
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hanukkah song called let there be more light. >> we'll leave you with beautiful music shot in america and israel. bye, everybody. ♪ there are so many ways to let there be more light ♪ let there be more light ♪
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ hollywood remembers george michael. music fans in shock over his sudden death. then, healing prayers continue for carrie fisher, as she fights for her life. and -- ♪ hello from the outside
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>> 2016's major music moments. our music roundtable sounds off on every milestone, including cordon's "carpool karaoke" revelations. >> i might not ever go to men again. then, mimi can't get enough of dem babies. >> they make me really haey. >> carrie gets candid on her most iconic mariah moment. and it's a package, but can boyz 2 men, new kids and paula abdul survive their tour together? >> you have to good get in stage shape. >> i have to talk to my body, come on now. >> now, "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. prayers for carrie fisher pour in as she continues to fight for her life. ♪ this as fans worldwide remember music legend george michael. the 53-year-old '80s icon died yesterday of heart failure at his home just north of london. as we await more


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