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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this was like, your time. >> rescued from danger a bystander takes quick action to save a life after seeing a wreck happened across the street. good afternoon everyone i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. frightening crash unfolded hours ago during the morning rush. >> it happened 6:20 this morning in the 6300 block of oxford avenue at speed way gas station. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has store of the crash and daring rescue.
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>> chaos in the middle on the morning rush, chopper three over a flaming two car accidents at intersection of the oxford avenue and levick street. impact left an suv smashed and sent shop rite tractor trailer dangerously close to the pumps here in lawncrest gas station. truck was engulfed by flames as fire crew as arrived. >> heavy fire, flames shooting in the air 50 feet. i went outside. >> reporter: chris van was first on the scene and documented what he saw on social media he was work ago cross the street, when just after 6:00 a.m. he heard a loud boom and ran outside. >> i heard somebody say a big car accident report report he then noticed driver of the. is uv needed help. >> i asked if he was all right he felt dizzy. he didn't know where he was at i pulled him out. yanked him out of the passenger side. >> reporter: fire officials say accident could have been worse, two people were taken to the hospital but are in stable condition, meanwhile it took 50 fire fighters to get the flames under control. >> this is a very dangerous situation, and especially when
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we're dealing with pumps, we're dealing will with chemicals here. >> reporter: at this point officials believe that the truck hit the suv but exact cause of the crash is still under investigation. in lawncrest, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and chopper three back over the scene just a short time ago you can see crews are still working to clean up wreck and remove tractor trailer. it looks like they are still working on power lines in that area. house fire is under investigation at concord township delaware county. chopper three over the scene on the 800 block of naamans creek road. fire fighters were called just before 8:00 flames damage the home's garage causing the roof to collapse. fire fighters manager to save the main part of the home, no injuries reported. investigators are trying to figure out cause of another overnight fire, this one in north philadelphia. it broke out just before 2:00 this morning in the 1500 block of west huntington street. fire fighters say smoke could be seen coming out of the second and third floors of the three story row home.
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they were quickly able to get the fire under control, no one was hurt. well, search continues for a missing south jersey woman and her great granddaughter who disappeared on christmas eve. police say 71 year-old barbara breally and le myrabriley left mays landing for north carolina on saturday. pair was last seen at a gas station in virginia, that same night. they were traveling to spend the holiday with family, but they never made it. >> i guess it was about 10:00 o'clock, her son stated that he had tried calling her cell phone and it went straight to voice mail. >> police are asking for public's help tracking down barbara breally's car. she was driving a rav4 with a new jersey license plate have of c80-els. police are also working to track down gunman who shot and killed, a grandmother inside of her south philadelphia grocery store, on christmas eve. >> "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live at sixth and wharton with the latest on
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the investigation, joe, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. i spoke to the captain here in the third police district and he tolls me that this homicide remains a giant puzzle. we are expecting an undate from homicide, detectives, about where they stan, in this investigation. it has been 72 hours since 81 year-old marie buck was shot as many as a dozen times inside the grocery store. she operated for more than four decade. police investigation so far has determine buck a mother 306 and grandmother was targeted. investigators say one of the witnesses just one witness in that said at the store of the time an elderly woman in the back room said she heard no robbery ever announced and police say nothing was taken. witness heard those shots and came out, to find buck, on the floor. marie buck with her husband michael lived two doors down from the store, her family since has been very public and pressing for answers as to who could have possibly done this. police have been searching the area for any trace of usable
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surveillance video, and now officers have been at the home , regularly, speaking to family members trying to pinpoint, or key in on any possible information, that could prove to be, useful in this ongoing investigation. homicide detectives tell us that they are working this case, around the clock, as for marie buck her family will lay her to rest on friday. live from south philadelphia joe hold up for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that update. >> such a sad story. turning to our forecast for the afternoon. >> so much of our area celt with rain this morning. it looks like rain is done for the day. the meteorologist katie fehlinger is live on the sky deck and tells us it is a pleasant afternoon, hi there katie. >> good afternoon, we are expect to go see these cloud begin to thin out with time and worse of the breeze we have contended with this morning it is beginning to also fade, at least, we're still transitioning and you will understand why when we take a quick peak at storm scan three. granted still some cloud overhead but even still very
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tail end of the loop you will see a pocket of light showers picking up across portions of southwestern new jersey a cross delaware river, philadelphia i think we're essentially done here. skies are beginning to clear as you go far enough north and west. it is just time and we can expect to see these skies clear. we have a big game down in maryland this afternoon and it looks like a nice comfortable 63 degrees, at kick off, for our temple owls, to take on wake forest, not shabby, for the tail even of december but do not get used to this. even though we are expecting those same conditions even here low 60's still expectation before we will be all said and done. we are in the 50's in philly and 60's in atlantic city. thinks something that as way very swiftly. so, this is a cold front bringing showers in the first place, and it will live up to its name and coming up later in the broadcast we will talk about how chilly, it business to get, guys, back inside to you. in other news delaware state police said they have
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made an arrest in the fatal hit and run crash. that happened on christiana road near east edonberg drive, in christiana christmas eve. bradford pollack is charge in the case. he ace accused of hitting and killing 54 year old lisa bolden. officers say he then took off. pollack is being held on $6,100 bail. chaotic scenes like this played out in several malls across the country yesterday, fistfights and reports of the gunfire sent shoppers scrambling for cover. >> correspondent jericka duncan tells us police are looking into whether the incidents were planned or just part of some disturbing coin dense. >> reporter: dozens of police officers rushed into respond to this fight at the fox valley mall outside of chicago confused, panicked shoppers scrambled for building exits, police say nearly 1,000 teens gathered at the mall, before the brawl started around 6:30 last night. the mall closed for over an hour. at a shopping center in
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elizabeth new jersey, officers armed with long rifles and riot shields search the food court, someone apparently shouted gun after a chair slammed. hundreds ran for the the exits , videos show corridors choke as shoppers tried to get out. at least eight people were injured. in fort worth texas officers responded to reports of an active shooter, although, it turns out there was no gunman. >> anytime we are hearing a mall shooting day after christmas we haveof people, holiday shoppers, of course, the response will be just like this. >> reporter: police are still unsure about why nearly a dozen brawls happened around the country and at least one situation, authorities say that social media may have played a role. >> running, screaming, i seen a girl get trampled over. it was scary, for real. >> reporter: at this mall in ohio, the mall was placed on
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lock down and officers used pepper spray to disperse a large crowd after a fight. >> we didn't know what was going on but at the that point we just pulled everybody in the shop to make sure that they were safe and we could at least contain it a little bit. >> reporter: jericka duncan for cbs news, new york. well, if you take septa, listen up, most services are back on their normal schedule including regional rail broad street line and market prank forward line. buses and trolleys are on a modified weekday schedule through friday. check septa's web site the before you head out. this year marks 50th anniversary of kwanzaa first celebrated in 1966. "eyewitness news" at city hall where week long festivities were celebrate add long side city officials. mayor kenney spoke at the event and accepted wins on behalf of philadelphia the honor anniversary. it honors african-american culture and heritage was first conceived after 1965 watch riots in los angeles. hanukkah celebrations are underway in the city.
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this is a live picture this afternoon from rittenhouse square where visitors air waiting the annual lighting on have that 6-foot tall menorah you see here. day four of the festival of the lights kicks off at 4:30 with music, games and food. that is 5:45 tonight. in a few hours temple owls will take on wake forest in the annual military bowl in maryland. owls just finished their second straight, ten win season, and could set a school record with their 11th win today. seniors on both side are playing in their final college football game. our leslie van arsdal is in annapolis and will have live reports on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00. well, making history, in hawaii. >> japan's prime minister becomes first prime minister to wrist it u.s.s. arizona memorial the impact his visit may have on u.s./japanese relations. ready to return, reason you may not want to make exchanging those unwanted gifts a task you procrastinate
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on, we will be
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welcome back, prime minister of japan will be the first japanese governmental official to visit pearl harbor later today. >> prime minister laid a wreath at hawaii's national cemetery just after his arrival yesterday. chip reid looks back at the date that will live in infamy and state of u.s./japanese relations since then. >> reporter: surprise attack by japanese on the december
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7th, 1941 at pearl harbor killed more than 2400 people, 1177 sailors perished on the u.s.s. arizona. in may, president obama made a historic visit to hiroshima japan, the you had dropped an atomic bomb there in august 1945, killing more than 100,000 people. mr. obama wanted to remind world of the agony of nuclear war. >> we have a shared responsibility to look directly in the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. >> reporter: earlier this month the japanese prime minister said his visit to hawaii would be an opportunity for reconciliation, caroline kennedy, u.s. ambassador to japan told us this is about both nations finding peace. >> what they are really doggies showing respect and to those who sacrificed. >> reporter: tributes are an important step forward
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according to dennis blair, former commander of pacific forces. >> it the is not that history will be forgotten but it will be a historic willal event that is leading to greater things, not as something that will nau on the history of both countries. >> reporter: with that shared history two countries head in the new year and a new administration, rhyme minister aba met with president trump in insuring just days after the election. ambassador kennedy is confident that the u.s./japan partnership will remain on solid ground. >> i think the alliance is so strong, and it has so much bipartisan sporty think president trump will recognize that. >> reporter: chip reid, cbs news, honolulu. you may want to make your gift returns sooner rather than later, consumer from consume are found big stores are tightening their return policies. macy's requires all returns within a year, instead of anytime, and kohl's deadline for premium electronics is now january 31st and cost co
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alliance returns must be made in 90 days. survey found many retailers were more lenient and mess policies remain the same, as last year. a year for macy's. >> wow. >> i don't return anything, i loved all of the gifts that i got. >> um-hmm, i'm sure. we are getting a look at remarkable pictures of a bear coming upright up to cars in wisconsin. >> now we know why, the the 90-o close for confident on highway 17 in the town of cleveland. bear shows no sign of the fear of people and experts say that you will company be because he has had human contact in the past. >> made some noise, clapped my hand, to get him off road but he came around running toward me so i got back in my truck. big piles all over out there. they get used to that. they get used to humans speeding. i think he has just been hand fed too many times. >> ahh, poor baby. authorities tranquilized the bear and being held at rehabilitation center. >> that is one heck of a baby.
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>> coming up, we will get a new look at life. >> take a look at this colorful video we will take you to surprising place where under water robot captured these remarkable images. very interesting. our weekend, of course, marking yet another holiday and we are expecting to see for new years weekend partly sunny, quiet conditions, surely, new years eve it will be breezy but we can handle that since it the is coming up on january after all. not looking too bad for mummers, watch out for possibility of the shower but at this point it is just a chance. we will have a full forecast plus threat have of snow, my friends, stick
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well, take a look at this unbelievable video release by australian scientists shows what life is like underneath an arctic contact using an under water robot researchers caught rare glimpse of the colorful and beautiful marine life that lives under 5 feet of ice. they live in water that is a chilly 31 degrees and according to the scientists thick layer protects environment below from the powerful storms that are common to the continent. katie and i were saying i didn't realize antarctica got hit with powerful storms. >> unless you live in the populated area you probably won't hear about it much. it is like proverbial tree in the forest, right. >> that looks like a beautiful under water garden. >> yes, so tropical, with the colors. >> yes, so, so pretty, who knew. i love when robots can tell us now, drones can show us view and all of that stuff. technology is amazing, right.
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we are looking ahead, my friend to some very interesting ups and downs a lot more downs then anything when it comes to the the thermometer readings but we have a couple different systems working their way through next few days to dictate how our pattern shakes out and we will start off with storm scan, why not, it shows both systems in question here, first of which, it is a cold front crossing through. we were talking about that earlier in the show. rain is tapering off, worst of the win, also tapering off, we are starting to see skies clear. here's the next storm system ushering in snow across idaho, western montana that will pull in the planes and start to pull into even having an area of low pressure develop on the tail even. frontal boundary that crosses through. we will show that that more localized here, out of here, clearing skies, and high pressure takes its place. the just a nice break between systems tomorrow. we will get sunshine and big cool down to go with it. here you go that cold front moving in next and it does again have an area of low pressure that develops on the
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tail even. it is more moisture this time. this is around 9:00 in the morning on thursday important to note this is a model but regardless we do have a good chance to get most of our thursday morning dry, drive-in before we deal with this. not only rain but yes, possibly some snow. it is at least at on set in philadelphia before what eventually has too much warmth to keep it as snow, turning over to rain in the city. far enough north you may even up with a couple inches of snow here. this is something that will be fine tunas we get closer, it is a thursday concern, primarily in the first half of the day, we will be watching that rain/snow line as the week goes on, but i'm thinking that best chance for any accumulation will be, northern third of our other delaware valley. that means it is as far south as upper bucks, western montgomery county but i don't think philadelphia will see accumulation although it may start that way. slow travel, always a given whether it is rain or snow. evolving situation which we will keep awe breast of. for now even if you want it, you wouldn't get it even at
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mount pocono 47 degrees. very mild start. birmingham, of course, with 70 at this hour. you can see just by looking at color contour where this cold front is crossing through. it is below zero on the thermometer in bismarck. that is kind of cold coming our way in the days ahead. so we jump you all the way to new years, 37, come midnight for all of you party animals, it is a chilly, ushering in 2017. we will see fire works around that time around this shot. 58 degrees at palmyra cove nature park, very mild beginning to the afternoon for us, obviously but cold era waits, take a look by friday we won't hit 40 degrees. stay there we will be right
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well, coming up later on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 don't let conn artists steel your hard earned money. i'll let you know about popular scams and common links between them so do you not become next victim today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. that is "eyewitness news", for now at noon i'm jim donovan. and i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line cbs of course, young and the restless is next.
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>> jack: i know it's short notice, but it's a worthwhile cause. >> neil: this is helping so many people. >> jack: this fundraiser is very important to the foundation. it's -- >> neil: call me if anything changes. >> jack: yeah. no, i-i understand. thank -- thank you. a who's who list of donors, top-notch entertainment, five-star dining. hilary agrees to be the celebrity host, and we have everything we need for a great party. >> neil: except four walls and a ceiling, jack. i just -- i knew it. i should have stayed on top of the venue thing. >> jack: don't beat yourself up. there's no way you could have known this guy was gonna be foreclosed on. >> neil: and here we are. it's new year's eve, all dressed up, and no place to go. i hate to say it, jack -- >> jack: no, don't say it. we're not gonna give up. we're not gonna quit. some way, somehow we're gonna make thi


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