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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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starting job in 1975, she starred alongside warren beatty and goldie hahn in the comedy shampoo, and just two years later george lucas cast her in star wars. >> after that blockbuster came empire strikes back in 1980. >> it looks like i'm stuck here. >> reporter: return of the jedi in 1983. fisher was also a author semi ought bee graph california novel post card from the edge her struggles with addiction and difficult relationship with her famous mother. >> you are jealous because i can drink and you cannot take drugs any longer. >> reporter: best seller became film starring shirley maclean and merrill streep, seven more books followed most recently this year princess di ary, and memoirs based on fisher's tiery while filming the star wars thrilling. she wrote been an affair with co-star harrison ford. the two once again pared up on the silver screen for 2015
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film star wars the force awakens. fisher is repricing her role aspirin -- as, princess, alongside a other former cast mates. she had one daughter, actress billy lord, fisher was an advocate for mental health issues, openly seeking about her own battle with bipolar disorder. >> i was a kiddy used to say i would just love to be able to sit in the chair for a while and turn it off, and that is what i did with drugs, with trying to just take this this away. i called it taming the beast. >> reporter: she was only 60 years old but still experienced a roller coaster live with brilliant highs and devastating lows. it didn't take long for fisher to start trending on twit eras other celebrities mourned her and remembered her , remarkable career, lets take a look at some of those tweets now. william shatner here i'm deeply sad toned learn of the death of carrie fisher, i will
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miss her wonderful talen ain't light has been extinguished. up next we hear from billy de williams he wrote i'm deeply skat end of the news of carrie 's passing. she was a dear friend whom i great thely respected and admired. the force is tark, today. and finally, there is the one so many people were re tweeting and looking at this from her co-star mark hamill who simply wrote no words. #, devastated. we have much more coverage of the carrie fisher's death coming up on "eyewitness news" including her close ties to philadelphia, that is all new on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we're to go breaking news in camden, new jersey where police are investigating a deadly train crash, chopper three is live over the patco station, that is at broadway and heart inn luther king boulevard where a man was hit and killed by a train just about an hour ago. patco services has been suspended in to and out of the broadway station, but for the time being, the transit agency says new jersey transit will cross honor, tickets.
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well, search is on tonight for a 71 year-old mace land would go man and her five-year old, great granddaughter. they were last seen on christmas eve in virginia, they were heading to north carolina to spend the holiday with family. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan, is live, in south jersey, with the latest on this investigation, cleve, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, joe hamilton township atlantic county police say they have no information, about the whereabouts, of the 71 year-old woman from mays landing and her great granddaughter. today i spoke with family who said they are trying to stay positive as they wait for this nightmare to come to an end. >> everybody is stressing we don't know what to do. >> reporter: they say their family has been in panic mode for three days. christmas eve their grandmother barbara breally and le myrabriley lost contact driving from mays landing new jersey to north carolina. >> we have to worry when she wasn't answering her phone and going straight to voice mail.
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then her family was waiting for her but she never arrived. she always, answered her phone , she always calls us. >> reporter: seventy-one year-old barbara is five-year old le myra's great grandmother and heading south to visit family for christmas. she was last seen asking for directions at this exxon station about 30 miles north of richmond around 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. clerk joanne strange said she helped barbara with her gps. >> i was hoping she made it. now i hear this story and, the victim and great granddaughter >> reporter: barbara last spoke around 8:00 and said she was stuck in traffic in southern virginia. all calls went right to voice mail and nobody has seen or heard from barbara or le myra. >> we have in the heard from you. what is going on. now we are very concerned and worried. >> redidn't even celebrate christmas. >> reporter: family says barbara is retired new jersey transit driver used to long hours behind the wheel, they say that she was in good health and never failed to call people back. >> i will go with she got lost , you know, reception got bad, her car broke down and
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she is just waiting for someone to see her and that is what i'm thinking b i'm not thinking about nothing negative. >> reporter: those are briley family left new jersey gone down to virginia and north carolina to continue with the search. you can help out by sharing this story on social media and as anyone has any information, contact your local police department. reporting live i'm cleve bryan , cbs cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a fast moving house fire claims the life of a resident in concord township delaware county. fire fighters were called to this home on the 800 block of naamans creek road just before 8:00. fire burned through the roof of the home's garage and damaged main building, as authorities say that is where they found an unidentified male victim. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. and philadelphia's lawncrest section a close call and a daring rescue after a tractor trailer crashed near a gas station. this happened around 6:20 this morning at speed way gas station at intersection of the oxford avenue and levick
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street. that tractor trailer narrowly missed a gas pump and then caught fire. christine was working at rite aide across the street when he heard crash and he saw a victim in the smashed suv. >> he felt dizzy. he didn't know where he was at i just pulled him out. i yanked him out of the passenger side. >> fifty fire fighters were able to put out the fire, two people were taken to the hospital in stable condition. the search continues for the gun man, wanted in the christmas eve murder of the grocery store owner in south philadelphia. let's go ahead and take a live look outside growing memorial for 81 year-old marie buck, at sixth and wharton. that is as loved ones continue to mourn victim's senseless death police say they won't rest until her killer is found tuesday afternoon head of the philadelphia police homicide unit walks the block, just down from where 81 year-old marie buck was murdered on saturday. pressure is mounting for investigators to track down shooter whom police say fired 11 shots at point blank range,
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killing the grocery store owner. >> we cannot find or any of any justification or any motive why anyone would kill a 81 year-old mother, grandmother, wife, the day before christmas. it is just one of the more horrific, sad, senseless murders i have seen since i have been here. >> reporter: the family declined to speak to "eyewitness news" on camera today. we saw them with detectives. police tell us they have been able to retrieve surveillance video and now they are reviewing it. >> i still can't get over it, tragic to do something to that poor old lady. one of the nicest ladies i met in my life. >> i grew up here, after school, she would let me go. >> reporter: people like mike pinto joined the mourners, dozens stopped each with a personal story of a fiery lady with a sense of humor, big heart and a mean hoagie. >> she would curse you out when you walked in and love you at the same time. she was that type of person. >> reporter: as to describe the person responsible captain james clark offered this. >> i would characterize him as an animal, who would go and
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kill an 81 year-old defense less grandmother. it is unspeakable, we will get to the bottom have it very quickly. >> marie buck will be laid to rest on friday. anyone with any information on this case is asked to call philadelphia police. well, certainly doesn't feel like the last week of december, out there right now meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the sky deck where it feels more like spring, kate. >> jessica, it certainly does right now but not to worry, it will feel like winter, soon enough, even tonight, into tomorrow, where we are going to be right back to normal, which is still, normal for this time of the year but definitely not feeling balmy like today. we will deal with clouds, and then cloud cleared out, sun began to sign and temperatures skyrocketed. lets look at these numbers still right now, the sunnies down but it is 60 degrees in philadelphia 57 in wilmington. fifty-seven in dover, 59 in atlantic city and we're sitting at 53 degrees still in allentown. allentown one spot that actually broke the record today, the high got to 61
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degrees in allentown today, that breaks previous record of 59, and that was set way back in 1949. wilmington delaware tied a record today, so very, very warm air but only for one day. what i like to call a bonus day cold front has passed through, that is line of the clouds you see off the coast but sometimes it takes a while for the cold air to catch up with the cold front passage. it is not always instant. day like today when warm air sticks around longer that is what i like to call bonus day with the cold air coming in tonight. our next system is up over portions of can inadequacies, you can see snow near winnipeg our next clip their could bring us rain and yes, some snow, as we head into thursday your weather headlines temperatures plumet tonight we will need coats again tomorrow toll you who could see snow later this week and have your new years eve and new years take forecast for upcoming weekend in the weekend watch coming up shortly, stay tuned, again we will break down threat for thursday, which commute could get messy, new back inside to you. >> kate, thanks very much.
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temple football team is trying to make history. >> trying. sports director don bell, he is here with the look at how owls are doing in their bowl game right now. >> right now, emphatic i'm trying. >> no team wearing cherry and white has won 11 games in one season. 2016 owls are, trying to become the greatest temple fat ball team of all time. now owls battling wake forest in the military bowl, in annapolis, maryland. this is happening right now. there is no score in the first , philip walker deep drop , toss to adonis jennings, 48-yard touchdown, great kid, catch. john woolford for wake, to the tight-end, blown coverage, 41 yards, and no one near him. still in the first, quick screen to sa thebari heinz and temple, absolutely get shag redded right now, they trail
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31-seven in the final seconds of the second quarter. live look at mattress bar and restaurant in, north philadelphia, a watch party in fully affect, fans flat out bumming. the not a whole lot of cheering right there. owls are playing consecutive bowl games for the first time in school history. now the owls trying to get it done without their head coach math the math rhule and we will hear from the big man on campus, new head coach geoff collins. he talks to our leslie van arsdal. i was saying on twitter, whoever that team is, out there right now wearing cherry and white, i don't recognize them. that is not the same team that significant of the team. >> that is not same team we saw weeks ago i don't know it is new head coach maybe they are distract, they are not focused, luckily they have a second half to reboot. >> dial it in, fellas. >> we will see, don. don't fall victim to the latest scam. >> three on your side with the
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most popular scams being pulled off this year. plus. >> running, screaming, i seen the girl get trampled, it was scary, really scary, for real. >> may him at the mall when brawls break out on one of of the busiest shopping days of the year, the connection at these chaotic scenes. then an entire street threatened by sinkhole the underground problem that is causing the ground to cave-in. are you feeling frustrated do you want to hit something? how angry customers are turning a new business into a smashing
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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have you ever just wanted to break something, out of frustration? think about it. now there are handful of businesses allowing people, to to that. >> about to say no comment. >> okay, fair enough. cbs news correspondent don champion checked out the anger room in dallas. >> reporter: have you ever been so angry... you just wanted to smash something. at this dallas warehouse, people can. it is call, the anger room. morgan churchill came her with her little sister looking to relieve a little stress from school. >> doing bad things is fun, you know, you don't get to break stuff every day. >> reporter: for $45 they suit up in safety gear, pick their weapons and then get 15 minutes to smash, anything that they want. from a tv, to a manikin, a
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desk, and lots of dishes. >> it is just a way to release the anger. >> reporter: donna alexander created the anger room in 2008 in her garage. >> i started to get strangers at my door saying is this the place to break stuff. >> with more and more people looking for relief she kept moving into larger spaces, people upset over work to the newly divorced, and even frustrated reporters. >> you hear things about work lays, people that hate their bosses, or hate their co-workers, you know, yes. >> reporter: this isn't the only place cashing in on anger >> so cool. >> reporter: similar businesses popped up in canada and houston, alexandria is looking to expand to las vegas next year and eventually new york. >> it is amazing, this is an amazing feeling. >> reporter: making this business a smashing success.
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don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we were all debating during that story, it is just clean up that is really what you are paying for, right? you could get some cheap things for $45. >> yes, we're going. >> i will be there. i can go for smashing plates and not have to sweep it the up because it is not as much fun when you have to sweep up your whole mess. >> it was so beautiful. >> it was nice once that sun came out. >> it started out glummy looking, even damp this morning but then the front cleared, and what a beautiful, afternoon.t then the front temperatures in the 60's, nice little bonus day for mother nature. taking a live look outside at cooper river park winter fest in fully affect, they had a delayed opening in pennsauken, opening up at 3:00 definitely on the warm side for doing some ice skating but it is perfect day. you need a light jacket, ice looking good, still frozen outside now that the sun has gone down they have got a little helper things for the kid which is a great idea for
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little ones. most people out there, with the sweat shirt light jacket, vest. we are not seeing heavy winter gear at least tonight. looks like a great time at winter fest definitely head there if you have not been already. a fun time. here's another live look at palmyra cove nature park showing a beautiful sunset in philadelphia temperature is currently 55 degrees in palmyra. keep in mind lower 40's is where we should this be time of the year. new is there always a but, cold air moving in as we head into tonight. it is moving through great lakes, you can see lake effect snow showers here. thinks our next system, we will call these alberta clippers because they org national here in alberta where it is right now. they will dive south and east ward heading through remained over the weekend and get here by thursday. quick hitting storm without a lot of moisture but it may bring snow to the area early thursday. temperatures right the now 53 degrees in allentown after that record high of 61 today there. we're sitting at 60 here in the city. fifty-nine in wilmington
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567895 in millville. it is a comfortable 43 degrees in mount pocono. zooming out, look at how warm in atlanta, 70 right now. sixty-five in birmingham. cold air lock up to the north where it is 11 in bismarck, north dakota 23 minneapolis. forty-eight in omaha. you can see clear division between warm air in our region stretching down to the the south east and that cold canadian air that is unfortunate liz moving right back in the legion as we get into tonight, and into tomorrow, back to normal at least. up and down temperatures 50 degrees yesterday. sixty's today, tomorrow right back to the 40's and we will stay there through thursday and then even colder, highs only in the 30's by friday. the here's what we have to watch, rain and snow line on thursday morning. notice precipitation around 7:00 a.m., temperatures in the 30's. the it could start as a brief period of snow or mix of rain and snow even in philadelphia and your northwestern suburbs. we will head to the 40's, transition go to rain but toss continue to snow before moving out. we will look at potential snow
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amounts up that way but again watching that rain/snow line there will be concerns for the morning rush, rain and then snow mixes specially in the northwestern suburbs it could slow you down a bit on thursday morning. overnight tonight down to 35, temperatures dropped, tomorrow much more seasonal noticeably cooler, your high 43 degrees, not bad but colder. thursday, rain, could mix with some snow early, rain will last until midday but there could be accumulations north and west we will talk about that next half an hour and friday highs only in the 30's, what does that mean for your new years eve plans. we will have that coming up. >> all right, kate, thanks very much. think it is too warm for a snowball fight, think again. >> how you can participate in the world's largest indoor snowball fight. and then inside george michael's final moments what his partner is saying about the singer's sudden death. plus, it is rush to return , why you may want to hurry up and take those unwanted presents back to the store, don.
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eagles preparing for an unwanted visitor how bird plan to attack the number one team in the nfc the hated dallas
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teenager turns table on the robber and it it is all caught on tape. our cleve bryan talks to the young hero seen in this dramatic video. see he grabs a gun from the man trying to rob his father's store, and what he was thinking, while he was risking his life tonight at 6:00. >> just stunning. fingers crossed with improvement for temple game. >> they have half time to figure it out. craze year things have happened, okay. they have scored a touchdown. we have got that. temple playing wake forest in the military bowl, right now score 31-ten this is third quarter, new owls head coach geoff collins won't take over reigns until after the season but our leslie van arsdal caught up with him before the game. >> how impressed are you with what you have seen.
5:25 pm
>> obviously, back to back ten win seasons, back to back east champions, the way these kids go about their business and handled adversity, they have been amazing. i have seen some practices and seen how they handled themselves the last couple of days. i'm proud to be part of it. >> switching gears, what a charmed life dallas cowboys are nfc east champs, they are number one seed in the nfc and right now they are right behind the patriots as the favorites to win the super bowl. eagles host cowboys on sunday, dallas just crush lions last night on monday night football and top seed in the conference , they don't to have play their starters. they can go with the backups. how will eagles prepare, here's defensive coordinator jim schwartz. >> we have to prepare for both and we have to prepare for three different quarterbacks, you know, not just prescott whom we have already played once and we have a lot of film on but romo who has a track record, if they play him and then sanchez. >> sanchez, of course, they know as a former bird.
5:26 pm
eagles bringing holiday cheer to children's hospital of philadelphia, jordan matthews, jordan his, naji goode, rodney mclaughlin cloud playing bingo with the kid. many are not able to have holiday at home. some of the birds bringing holiday spirit to them. >> very nicely done. >> well done. >> there was musical bingo you said. >> yes. >> i was looking at that trying to figure that out. it looks like karaoke. >> i'm not the smart enough to figure that one out. i have never played that before. >> they were having fun. >> yes. >> coming up next, half an hour honoring some of the biggest stars in the country. >> special tributes at tonight 's kennedy center honors. first mall brawls break out across the country what sparked a string of fights and how they could be connected. >> they don't go together no. >> no bad blood between taylor swift and her oldest fan, see the special moment when pop star advised, the
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flying fists and reports of gunfire inside more than a dozen american malls on the day after christmas. the chaos, sent stunned shoppers scrambling for the exits, and now police are looking into whether the incident were planned, or happened to be part of the coincidence. several people were hurt, others were taken into custody news continues at 5:30, good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm joe holden in for ukee washington. unrest span add cross country in sit fridays new jersey to texas, our rahel solomon has a look at some chaos caught on cell phone camera. dozens of police officers, rushed into respond to this fight, at the fox valley mall out identify of chicago. confused, panicked shoppers
5:31 pm
scrambled for building exits. police say a thousand teens gathered at the mall before the brawl started at 6:30 last night. mall closed for over an hour. a shopping center in elizabeth , new jersey office are armed with long rifles and riot shields searched the food court after someone shouted gun, after a chair slammed. hundreds ran for the exits. they were coping with shoppers trying to get out. eight people were injured. fort worth, texas officers responded to reports of the active shooter but there was no gunman. >> anytime we are hearing a mall shooting day after christmas you have tons of people, you know, holiday shopping. of course, the response is going to be just like that we will get in here as fast as we can. >> reporter: police are still unsure, behind nearly a dozen brawls happening around the country. at least one situation, authorities say social media, may have played a role. >> running, screaming, i seen girl get trampled over, it was scary. it was really scary for real.
5:32 pm
>> in ohio the mall was placed on lock down and officers used pepper spray to disperse a large crowd after a fight. >> we didn't necessity what was going on but at this point we pulled everybody in the shop. you want to make sure they were safe and we could at least contain it a little bit. >> reporter: police made a number a rest as cross the country because of the fights and while many malls were closed or evacuated last night during police investigations they reopened today to handle the post christmas shopping rush. i'm rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new developments in the case of the missing washington d.c. yoga instructor, authorities say that trish mccauley's body was found inside of her car, and police have a suspect in custody. reports say that the 46 year-old missed a christmas dinner with friend on sunday and then miss aid flight to visit family the next morning. police say suspect this custody was tied to the vehicle after a theft at a cvs where employees were robbed, and assaulted. it has been another spike in violence in chicago,
5:33 pm
according to the chicago tribune, 61 people were shot in chicago over the holiday weekend, 11 of them died, seven people were killed on christmas day alone. in one shooting brothers roy and james gill were killed and bullets hit five of their relatives. >> these were deliberate, planned shootings by one gang against another. they were targeted, knowing fully well that individual would be at home of the family and friend celebrating the holiday. >> so far this year there have been 770 homicides in chicago. partner of the george michael is describing the moment that he found the pop star dead on christmas day. he says that on twitter that he found michael quote dead peacefully in ted first thing in the morning. continuing the quote i will never stop missing you, he told britain's daily telegraph they had plans for christmas lunch. fans continued to flock to michael's london home.
5:34 pm
they have left letters, flowers, other tributes to the singer. george michael dead at 51. in russia investigators say they are starting to review throughout data record er from a crashed russian military plane, main flight recorder was found in the black sea and quickly flown to moscow. priest limb nature i findings could be available as early as wednesday according to some aviation experts. the authorities want to know why the jet went down, moments after taking off sunday killing 92 people, russia does not suspect terrorism. in michigan, a huge sinkhole is threatening more than two dozen homes, on christmas eve morning more than 20 people were forced to leave their homes in frazier near detroit. authorities say a sewer pipe collapsed underground causing brick walls and sidewalks to buckle. that areas now under a state of emergency. engineers hope to get all resident back home within two weeks. leaders of the u.s. and japan come together in pearl harbor the place where japan bombed the u.s. thrusting
5:35 pm
america into world war two. president obama joined japanese prime minister shinzu abe at the memorial and then reza top sunken u.s.s. arizona 1170 sailors perished there, abe is first japanese prime minister to make a visit to the memorial alongside a u.s. president. >> the united states and japan chose friendship and they chose peace. over the decades our alliance has made both of our nations more successful. it has helped underwrite an international order that has prevented another world war and that has lifted more than a billion people out of extreme poverty. >> in may president obama made a historic visit to hiroshima, japan, united states dropped an atomic bomb there in august n 100,000 people. big night in washington d.c., some of the country's most influential stars are
5:36 pm
honored at the kennedy center, at ward is given for lifetime achievement in the performing arts and impact on american culture. and this years class features some big names. from the red carpet to the kennedy opera stage it was a who's who of hollywood broadway, nashville and beyond , and with president obama presiding over the ceremony, for the last time. visit from the forty-second president kicks off a tribute to singer/song writer james taylor. >> but the wisdom behind that unbelievable voice was harder. >> reporter: the five time grammy winner has sold more than 100 million records, and how sweet it is when darius rubbinger and cheryl crow comes in. >> to get the crowd on their feet. >> i was totally surprised, darius rubbinger and garth brooks my dear friend and cheryl crow and my original band they were all there. >> reporter: flash back to 1992 as former co stars
5:37 pm
gabriel anwar and chris o'donnell reinact the tango from the scent of the woman for legendary actor al pacino: also a heartfelt look back at the life of prolific gospel singer mavis stapel. >> i just feel good. i just feel so happy. i got my health and this just means a lot. >> reporter: previous honorary violin player itsack pearlman and placido domingo are paying musical tribute to martha argo rich and bitter sweet grand finally for surviving members of the eagles who were supposed to accept the award last year but postponed hoping that the late glenn fry would recover. >> everyone was really looking forward to, he was probably more excited, and so he will be missed.
5:38 pm
>> a passionate performance by bob seager of the song he wrote with fry, his trend, of 50 years. you won't want to miss all of the special performances, from the kennedy center honors hosted by stephen colbert starts at 9:00 tonight right here on cbs-3 followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00. still to come, tonight, thieves trying to steel your hard earned money. >> most popular conns they have pulled off in 2016 and what is similar about these scams. but first, fashion versace sued, secret code work some workers are accused of using for some customers, kate? well, time for weekend watch as we head toward new years weekend and it looks like nice weather, partly sunny, quiet, most of saturday and sunday we will be chilly for new years eve plans, plan to go outdoors make sure you have heavy coat, temperatures in the the 20's and 30's ring nothing 2017. milder on sunday but we have a chance for a few stray showers
5:39 pm
during the parade on sunday so keep an eye out for that.
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luxury fashion retailer versace, is facing claims of discrimination and unfair business practices, in a lawsuit brought by a former employee. christopher, alleged during a new employee training a store manager instructed him, to use a special code word to alert staff when a black customer entered the store. twenty-three year-old claims he was wrongfully terminated from the versace outlet store in pleasantton, california two weeks later. versace has denied those allegations. star bucks is ringing in the new year with these classic beverages.
5:43 pm
you can pick up three tuxedo beverage collections during and until january 1st. fashionable drinks are topped half whipped cream and half with mocha drizzle create ago this black and white tucks sued owe effect for the new year. >> yes. >> collection includes mocha, hot chock lame and a blended, beverage. that is a mouthful to order. >> do they taste good though. >> i don't know. we need to do research. >> we have to research and get back to everybody. i will go out and do that. >> you take one for the team. >> thanks, joe. up next taylor swift's big surprise for
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a special celebration in city hall in honor of kwanzaa, mayor kenney accepted symbols of kwanzaa on behalf of philadelphia in honor of the holiday's 50th anniversary. week long celebration was conceived after 1965 riots in los angeles. every day of kwanzaa is dedicated to a different principal. major retailers are tightening their return policies according to consumer
5:47 pm's annual survey. macy's will only accept returns on purchases made within a year, instead of allowing returns anytime. kohl's eliminated its open ended return policy for premium electronics, and those items can only be returned until january 31st. santa claus isn't the only one keeping track of who is naughty and nice, better business bureau released its list of the top scams for 2016 as three on your side jim donovan tells us the scams vary in name but they are similar in the way that they work. >> countless of americans received a call similar to this one including mary van. >> he says this is irs. >> reporter: conn artist posing as irs agent said if she didn't pay her family's taxes she would be thrown in jail. she forked over nearly $100,000. >> he said, don't tell anybody , don't call anybody because your house is bug.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: better business bureau say tax conns were top reported scam of 2016, in other popular scams, criminals posed as debt collectors or say you won a sweepstakes. unlike when victims by items from a fake web site. scams involving job opportunities made the top five list too. >> this can happen to anyone. >> reporter: better business bureau's emma fletcher says various phone scams have something in common. the conn artists want money right away. >> they love to create a sense of urgency, to get you in a heightened emotional state where, you need to get them that money immediately. >> reporter: that is what linda williams told us earlier this year and conn artists called her claiming she won $50,000 but first had to wire them several up front fees. >> i guess i hoped that it was real. >> reporter: and scam artist won an untraceable form of payment. >> they are asking to you transfer money through wire transfer services or asking to
5:49 pm
you pay, with a gift card, money card, green dot, those are big red flags. >> reporter: experts say that if someone is demanding money or if the offer sound too good to be true it is likely a scam there is some good news on the irs scam, better business bureau say reports of the scam went down dramatically after authorities shut down an alleged criminal call center in india. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. okay, kate, i'm afraid everything is downhill right now. >> yes. get outside today everyone today we had christmas. 60 degrees today. now it is getting colder by day. averages are dropping. janice coldest month of the year, and temperatures are now dropping, as well. hopefully you enjoyed it. >> we did. >> we had record temperatures. some spots near record temperatures. today we will have a record, wilmington tied a record but now here comes the cold again. lets look outside and start off in the poconos where these folks are not minding the coal we had a big snow board group
5:50 pm
on the slopes. they are taking a little break right now but all of the snow on the slopes there at jack frost big boulder. ski resorts are loving cold weather because they had a rough go last december with all of the warmth we had, definitely been cold enough to make snow and cold enough for mother nature to provide her own. more on the way for poconos later in the week. storm scan three showing clear skies, the front, passed through this morning with the shower here and there and then clear on out and now we have been left with beautiful conditions this afternoon. sun came out, temperatures skyrocketed in the 60's for most but cold air is coming quickly. all lock up across canada this little sits tell doesn't look like much, but alberta clipper will slide down and move through here on thursday, again, quick moving, not much moisture with it but could pro tuesday a mess just in time for your thursday morning commute. the temperatures right now 43 in hunt pocono. fifty-one in allentown. look at the city still sitting in, 60 and feeling cooler but great night to be out and about, in philadelphia, walk
5:51 pm
around, grab dinner, great night for that. fifty-five in millville. fifty-nine in atlantic city. what to expect moving forward? temperatures will plumet tonight, well above where we were jed yesterday, look at the this jumping temperatures. 20 degrees warmer in reading then it was this time yesterday, and, 18 degrees warmer in allentown then yesterday, but temperatures will be crashing, come tonight , and then we will have have to watch that alberta clipper. we will start with tomorrow. here's 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. tomorrow's a beautiful day, cooler but seasonal but not a bad day to be outside. thursday morning here comes this clipper system. doesn't have a ton with it but cold enough in the morning that this will start out as snow, possibly even in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs early thursday morning first part of the morning commute there could be snow falling likely won't stick but could be snow reduced visibility concerns there. notice rain/snow line pushing north as warmer air works its way in, we will see that snow moving out quickly. change over to rain and move
5:52 pm
out by 3:00. just a few rain showers and snow shower in the poconos. quick hitting system. then moves out. we will look at one model which looks reasonable to me as far as snow amounts. not much of anything in the city, light dusting at outset, inch or two in the lehigh valley and probably two lust in the poconos and then changing over to rain and moving out quickly. overnight mainly clear, temperatures drop, 35 degrees is your low. tomorrow lots of sun but noticeably cooler and here's your midday forecast to ring in the new year 37, partly cloudy and chilly at midnight. coming up at 6:00 we will have your new years kay forecast, wednesday sunny and cold, thursday rain and snow around early and then as we head into friday that is when cold comes in at 39 but looks like a quiet new years weekend with temperatures in the 40's both saturday and sunday. coming up at 6:00 we will look closer at thursday's system and your mummers parade forecast, jessica and joe back to you. berks county's own taylor swift delivered a special
5:53 pm
holiday gift to one of her biggest fans in missouri. >> she popped up in his house the day after christmas. >> ♪ >> well, pop super star gave world war two veteran super fan cyrus porter a private cons inert front of his family yesterday. swift heard about porter's look of her music on the year. ninety-six year-old has attended taylor swift's concert and said he helped to attend one more in his lifetime. he looks pretty excited in that picture. >> oh, yeah. >> do you think it ties warm for snowball fight today? think again, tori. >> reporter: well, we are live right now from a roller rink in northeast philadelphia although weather was beautiful there was a snowball fight in here, find out place where you can get cool and have a great time with the family over your winter break, that is com
5:54 pm
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you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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it has been a warm december day and in snow to be seen out there, joe. >> right. >> it doesn't sound like a proper time for a snowball fight. >> is there a cooler side of it and we necessity who has been out there for this take, vittoria woodill live from north philadelphia with the story. it is an inside snowball fight >> reporter: that is right. you guys know how much funny had last year covering or doing snow coverage, well, almost last year, well, there was a snowball fight here at rolling thunder rolling rink in the north east. we had a ball. we will talk about that in a second. i want to interest tuesday to you ivy smith, operations manager here. why is coming to rolling thunder the place to skate in the northeast. >> rolling thunder is such a family oriented place, home of philadelphia's number one birthday center. so rolling thunder is definitely place to be to keep kids safe and just to have exercise and to have fun. >> reporter: this is where you
5:58 pm
want to bring the family. >> definitely we have tons of activities. our skate is happening tomorrow. they have a circus happening on thursday. it is a line up with the dunk tank and so many wonderful fun activities. >> activity that went down today which i may have taken part of was snowball fight and that was awesome. >> yes, definitely we had fun, it brings you out and having our characters coming out which we bring out for most of your events. >> reporter: you had characters from your favorite movie, you had snowballs, they weren't icy snow balls which was good because it was too hot for them to even last today with the weather but these kid as they were skating around they put skates away for that specific snow ball fight and then went out and had a ball and that is what it is all about, winter break is about having fun and this is place to to it. >> we want all of the family to come out and not only have fun on a daily basis but come out and have yourself a birthday party with us. >> reporter: if you are looking for a great time this is place to be rolling thunder , roller rink here in
5:59 pm
northeast philadelphia, it brings back to me being a kid because i used to skate here when i was little. so these guys are having a blast and i will put on my skates, so i'll send it back to you and show you a little crisscross, ivy, i will show you. >> you did a great job earlier >> reporter: i will show off. >> you guys take care of business. >> well done. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 tables turned a would be robber caught when they are team grabs the gun that suspect was using to hold up a store, incredible moment all caught on camera and we talk to the teenager who pulled off this amazing act of bravery. star wars fans in shock over death of carrie fisher as our coverage continues, we are live with the family ties the actress had to philadelphia. they came here to escape horrors of war refugees living in our area now being taught new skills to help them earn a living. how they are leaving a new way
6:00 pm
of life, kate? we have had a bonus of warm up to day as temperatures surgeon to the 60's, even a few new record but don't get too used to it i'll tell but temperatures making a drastic tropical tonight and when rain and even some snow, will return to the area, right now on "eyewitness news" at the 6:00. first at 6:00 tonight breaking news out of riverside , burlington county, chopper three live over a two alarm house fire on the 700 block of gazoo street. no injuries have been reported and this time but you can see right there several fire companies are on the scene. battling those flames. we will continue to follow this development here we will bring you more information as it beast comes available. good evening i'm jessica dean. aim joe holden in for ukee washington. search is on tonight for a 71 year-old mace land would go man and her five-year old great granddaughter. barbara briy


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