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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> i got say yesterday was a delight. >> great afternoon. >> so nice. >> so pleasant. >> i hope you didn't get used to it. >> here it comes. >> negative. >> yes, very clear outside, you will see, some sunshine but it is a lot colder. the it is a december dose of reality. this is what we should be finding. >> i know, exactly. >> i'm ready for a foot of snow. >> okay, i cannot please all of you but what i can give you is a happy medium here to walk you through. storm scan is quiet. we have clear skies, say for a few high cloud out there, it generally is just tranquil outside, wind is also tapering off. that is a bonus. look at the temperature difference in the last 24 hours. we have dropped from ten to 15 to even 25 to 26 degrees, there this same time yesterday f that translates, from the thermometer low 30's or 40's in spots and one particular spot where that is definitely taking lays as clicker is giving me trouble. there you go outside palmyra cove nature park. nice crystal clear view over the city here but we are at 37 .
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recall your more so in the mid to upper 50's this same time yesterday. it is a turnaround and turning point for us as we have high pressure in place here, full sunshine, it is the spectation as i say that don't get used to this. we are expecting another cold front bringing with it, a pretty good shot for you, yep, the s war, pat, a little bit of snow. much more on that, of course. >> a foot. >> wait and see. >> i don't think there will be a foot of snow. >> you have to wait and see, patrick. >> wait and see. we will look the at the intersection of frankford and girard at fishtown. we have a fire we told but at shackamaxon street, so this intersection here is closed frankford avenue is closed. so going through this area, not well travel at 5:00 a.m. but it is, if it starts to pick up in this area just note that frankford avenue is closed. ben franklin looking beautiful this morning no traffic in, delays between camden and philadelphia, but there could be some delays over here. construction, 295 northbound
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the ramp to route 45, it should be reopening any moment now. also, 130 as we go further north at route 47, right lane blocked there until 6:00 a.m. in delaware, wilmington 95 northbound between delaware avenue and route 202 we have got two left lanes blocked there until 6:00 a.m. because of construction, and one more thing to tell but we have been telling but this for a while columbus boulevard that water main break will reopen, we think on friday, rahel, over to you. we want to get back to that breaking news from philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood where an apartment fire has claim a man 's life. fire fighters rushed to the 1200 block of shackamaxon street around 3:00 this morning, they found a 60 year-old man who died a short time later at hahnemann hospital. two fire fighters suffered minor injuries. fire was under control in 30 minutes. in other news, police are investigating a homicide in philadelphia's nicetown tioga section after a man was found shot multiple times on his front porch. this happened just after 10:00 s police responded to this scene
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of the shooting on the 2300 block of west atlantic street. authorities say that the 37 year-old man was rushed to temple university hospital, where he died an hour later. police say they have no motive , or description of the suspect. well, new this morning the search is on for a gunman who critically hurt another man in the shooting over a pool game. police say it happen at lounge 62, at 62nd and wood land in southwest philadelphia, this happened around 11:30, police, eyewitnesses tell police that the gunfire broke out after an argument at the pool table. >> male pulls out a hand gun, 9-millimeter, fires and strikes our 38 year-old victim in the side, he falls to the ground. patrons run, he leaves with the the gun in his hand gets in the vehicle, leaves from this location. >> victim is in critical condition, police say patrons inside at the time may have known the shooter. major developments in the search for collindale mother who was last seen in 2013, after police dig up her home in delaware county.
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"eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live on lafayette avenue where police searched the property last night, january, good morning. >> rahel and jim, good morning team of 100 people and four cadaver dogs was out here late last night at this delaware county home searching its basement, for any trace of missing mother melissa rodriguez. you may remember this was her home here in collindale, but you she has not the been seen since 2013. take a look at the video. last night crews were inside executing a search warrant. colin tail police chief tells us that cadaver dogs were looking for remains. he said police dug, two, three by 3-foot holes in the basement but they found nothing. he said four dogs were indicating pretty strongly that something was there so he said crews might be back out here later today. >> we keep digging holes keep looking, and i'm in the saying she wasn't there at one time but she's not there now, underneath clay, dirties
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exacted solid indicative of not being moved for years. >> i want to be able to call mrs. rodriguez and tell her we have found her daughter. at this point we have speculation, we have the scent , we have dirt that smells to the dog that it was tainted, but we have in body. >> now last time anyone had contact with melissa rodriguez was back on april 19th, 2013. according to her husband jose, melissa said she was going to newark, new jersey to visit friend. those friend said they expect her but she never showed up. during the investigation police found melissa's car on the 400 block of lafayette avenue. they searched a work truck belong to go her husband and scoured the ground of this home with search dogs, ultimately, they found nothing as you can imagine this has been very frustrating for the police chief. he said he wants to solve this case before he retires. we will keep you up to dayton any new information here from the scene, again, he says they may be back out here with
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cadaver dogs today to take another look at that base many we are reporting live, from collindale delaware county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that update. two nights in a row a un rulely flash mob hits a philadelphia mail but this time police were ready. police say almost 200 teens arrived at philadelphia mills mall last night, they were met though by security detail set up earlier in the the day. only 30 teens were able to get in causing a disturbance in the food court. one tina parentally tried to punch an officer. police suspect much of the planning may have occurred on social media. >> juvenile uses able to get on social media, specifically snap chat and they were all able to meet up at this location at philadelphia mills mall but police were ready for them. they were pro active. >> the stores did lower their protective gates for sometime while shoppers were still inside. officials are
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investigating 25 alarm fire at an apartment building in overbrook. fire crews were called to liberty towers on the corner of 63rd and lebanon avenue yesterday at 5:30. fire was on the 11th floor. it took several fire companies almost an hour to control flames, luckily in one was injured but one resident, had said her cat was missing. >> i saw fear on his face and he ran and i could not find him. i'm having anxiety because i feel like i left my child in the fire. i hope he is okay and i hope everybody else is okay. >> now everyone was allowed to reenter the building except for those on the tenth and 11th floors but no word what may have cause that had fire. around the same time yesterday burlington county, new jersey crews responded to this house fire, they say it started in the garage and quickly spread, throughout the riverside home, red cross is now assisting that family and they are providing free, tell rare i lodging, food and clothing. so far no word on funeral plans for carrie fisher, actress and author died
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yesterday after suffering a heart attack several days ago. the fisher was 60 years old. roxanea sayberry has more on how fans and co stars are remembering her. >> reporter: memorial of candles, flowers, messages is growing in san francisco in front of the yoda statue in front of the lucas films where fans are mourning the death of carrie fisher. >> i want to be princess leah. >> her career lasted four decade but she will be a princess to millions of star wars fans. >> every man my age, 43 and above had a childhood crush on carrie fisher, over our childhood. >> reporter: on hollywood boulevard fans gathered to remember the star. >> she seemed like everything was going in the great direction for her, spiritually >> reporter: well wish's arrived at fisher's gated residents in beverly hills, a tour van drove past the home that housed the legend. >> the way that she project
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herself, and being a role model for everybody else. >> she just showed us woman we can do better and anything is possible. >> reporter: on facebook her mother debbie reynold wrote thank to you everyone who embraced gifts and talents of my beloved, amazing daughter. harrison ford says that carrie was one of a kind, brilliant, original. mark hamill tweeted no word # devastated. star wars creator george lucas says in star wars she was a great, powerful princess, feisty, wise, full of hope. >> god bless, rest in peace. >> reporter: roxanea sayberry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fans had high praise for woman who brought the princess to life, one star wars fancies chris ryan, owner of atomic city comics in philadelphia. >> she never was a damsell in distress, she was very strong, very self-sufficient and held her own with everyone that she
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was on the screen with. >> reporter: star wars creator george lucas says the role was more difficult then most people thought, and as you just heard, he praised fisher as a great, powerful princess. well, coming up this morning a pennsylvania police department is warning people about a bold, and we mean bold , scam. >> the incredible way scammers are trying to trick people into happening over their money and what they threaten if the victims don't supply. a truck slams in the restaurant what caused a man to plow in the building trapping a worker and scary thing that happened right after the crash. and a live look this morning at center city, the wild scene this morning, all quiet here in philadelphia but it was a wild animal roaming in the popular park, in atlanta georgia. the animal that has neighbors worried when "eyewitness news" continues.
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we have a scam to tell but this morning making round in york county, pennsylvania. it is being made by someone claiming to be a hit man. listen to this. southern regional police department says that people are receiving threatening text messages, the text say quote,
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i have been paid to kill you, but wish to spare you. it then tells recipient to e-mail a specific hot mail address to be spared. if they respond, police say scammers tries to convict tim out of montoya void being killed. police are telling people, not to respond. good suggestion there. well, pickup truck rammed into a subway restaurant in illinois and driver's family says he had a seizure. truck smashed into the fast food restaurant on monday, crash briefly trapped a worker but no one inside was seriously hurt. eyewitnesses say driver kept stepping on the gas even after the crash, filling the shop with smoke from the spinning tires. >> he drove straight to the building in to back here and trapped one of our employees between the prep table and the walk in cooler, she was able to get herself out and pull other girl over and got out the back. >> that is frightening. >> police and driver's family
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said driver suffers from a medical condition and was not targeting anyone at that subway. well, parent, pet owners are a bit concerned in atlanta after a wild coyote is spotted roaming a popular park. >> i would be concerned. take a look at this guy, although he may be cute and that depend on how you define cute this wild animal is causing a stir. people out for walk and seen coyote in the piedmont park. neighbors say the animal has largely kept to himself and has not shown aggression. coyote expert says it is coyote mating season and they pose little threat. >> i don't know if i agree with that, i used to work in colorado and they would attack small dogs. so that was my last story in colorado before i came to philadelphia. i love colorado but that was a sad story. >> i don't trust wild animals. do you remember dingo ate your baby. >> yes. >> follow that one, katie,. >> i a do apologize.
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>> i will not pick that up and roll in to it. i feel like you you can transition into weather from anything but that one is tough : but good morning nonetheless. i have quite a bit to tell you the there is a significant transition taking place here in the next couple of days and we are expecting, the pretty decent possibility for some snow, in some spots. so let me walk outside and take a look what is happening with the greater picture here and storm scan a big wide zoom a system currently working its way, it doesn't look all that impressive on the radar but it will blossom well and really rapidly intensify but here is the beginnings of it. we have got the some snow in minnesota, snow in the dakotas and that will eventually turn into this next a information mentioned storm system. let walk through future snow across northeast especially come tomorrow, early morning when we see this build in. notice you are likely to i can up possibly as much as a foot of snow in new england here,
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upstate new york. here locally we are just getting bypassed by it. while i do think we will see snow in the northern most suburbs especially poconos region, maybe on the order of two to 4 inches out of this we will go in philadelphia you might start with a few snowflakes but do not bank on seeing any accumulation here in philadelphia. let alone points south of that winter weather advisory scheduled to take effect for carbon monroe count that is as of 5:00 tomorrow morning no one else is included as of of yet so we will see if this should possibly be expanded but for now sitting in the advisory, poconos we are talking to you your snow accumulation two to 4 inches with reduced visibility a given and slow travel. i'm sure penndot will do their job of pretreating these roads meanwhile sun will shine throughout the day-to-day, no snow yet, noteably cooler, high of just 44 degrees. we are flirting with that already. cold air is catching up as we speak sort of doing balancing act with the sunshine. thirty-two overnight with the
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rain and snow headaching its arrival late. so evening looks good. evening drive no war business any wet weather. it is overnight and about this time tomorrow that the precipitation headaches its arrival. we are talking period of rain in philadelphia, i have the umbrella guys for first half of the day you could get soaked out there by friday, maybe a left over flurry but wind picks up and it is cold outside. >> it seems like a basic seven day forecast for this time of the year. >> not too bad. >> i like it. i also like this. ninety-five south toward the city and it looks g when you put the me at touch screen i got to use it. i have tried this before. how does that work, yeah, all right. let's get red of that. >> now lets do a monet. >> i'm not that good. >> to delays there, no delays four to, headed toward 295 and philadelphia over in new jersey, 5:18 this morning, construction to tell but route 130 and at route 47 that will last until about 6:00 a.m. and that is at brooklawn circle.
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also some construction further south on route 130 at route 44 , and route 322, lasting longer as well and some septa stuff, septa buses, trolleys working object a modified schedule going through friday, jim and rahel back over to you now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the times herald seven people displaced by fire in the 500 block of stan bridge street in norristown tuesday afternoon. all of the resident, family of three and four adults, fortunately got out safely. on the front page of the burlington county times, joint base maguire dixon lakehurst will not face base closures thanks to legislation signed into law by president obama. national defense operations act provides for $619 billion for defense spending for 2017 fiscal year and includes a provision prohibit ing new domestic base closures. from the bucks county courier times future of the the yardley country club was up for discussion at boro hall
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both country club leadership and boro officials hepp to save the club from housing developments by housing the bo ro purchase the development rights to the property. sites and price is 118 acres for about 20 percent of the bo ro. >> that is some of the newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. well, coming up a heart break for temple at the military bowl. >> big moments from temple's game against wake forest and why things started so wrong for the owls, that is up next
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we have multiple jobs around here i wash station cars. >> i vacuum floors. >> pat's doing traffic and sports. >> it is not that bad. >> no, i'm not good at art. i'm not an artsy kind of guy but i'm good at sports. temple owls may have suffered their biggest loss of the season off the told, of course , when matt rhule left for baylor but owls yesterday had to put that behind them and play in the military bowl
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under ed foley. owls taking on wake forest in annapolis, first quarter, great start for owls philip walker with a beautiful rainbow, to adonis jennings for 48-yard. owls up seven to nothing. second quarter tables turned, wake forest pouring it on, matt coburn with the touchdown there they scored 31 unanswered point. temple trailed by 21 at the half. third quarter owls come back, walker and jennings yet again this one goes 58 yards to the house, temple within 31-17. to the fourth quarter we will go temple down eight inside wake forest ten, philip walker , no, you cannot to that he loses 22-yard on the sack, they would get a field goal that would make it 31-26. time minute of the game owls converting on fourth down and they cannot. owls rushed for negative 20- yard on the day. that is not good. season end with a 34-26 loss.
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flyers wrapped up their holiday vacation tonight when they start aid three game road trip in st. louis. orange and black lost three of four and they are looking to get back to better hockey. >> i think especially the way we ended off, that wasn't indicative of our play and how we have been playing in the last two whose. the obviously we want a great start tomorrow night in st. louis and carry it on there them, san help say and anaheim and we are looking to get some point out of this stretch. eagles running back ryan matthews may never wear eagles green again. he has been placed on injured reserve with the and that means free agent to be will not play against cowboys sunday at lincoln financial feel. other bird are wondering which cowboys quarterback will play on sunday. cowboys have clinched home field advantage through the playoffs so there is no need to put key starters in harms way in a meaningless game so that headaches it tough for eagles to prepare.
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>> we have to prepare for both , and, we probably have have to prepare for threetive rent quarterbacks, in the just prescott who we have already played once. we have a lot of film on but romo, who has a track record, if they play him and then sanchez. >> i think it absolutely kills eagles fans that the cowboys are three-two. >> they have had a incredible season. >> eagles haven't won a playoff game in the decade and cowboys are 13-two. >> temple owls. >> i know. >> just devastating. >> but they had a good season. >> great year. they work hard. they were in here. good guys. >> thanks very much, patrick. well this morning a man is on the run after trying to rob a store in atlantic city. >> trying is the keyword here. quick action by teenage clerk that made the man remove his mask and beg for mercy. i saw the fear on his face and he ran but i could not find him, i feel like i left a
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child inside. lost stories of fire how a woman who last saw her cat during a fire in the philadelphia apartment building is coping this morning and impact on the people who live there. we are looking forward to another week end that features a holiday as well and at the this point we are calling for a chill in the air, certainly but there will be a possibility we will see a shower especially ushering in the new year, so we will come back with much more on how this weekend is shaping up but not to mention the fact that in the meantime, some of you are likely to see a little bit of snow, stay there we will it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half.
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broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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well, good morning, thanks for joining us taking a live look this morning, at center city hopefully you had a chance to enjoy mild weather yesterday because making way for a cooler day to day, katie has your full forecast in moments. good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. almost 200 teens arrived at philadelphia mills mall last night, police. >> police were ready for them. they were pro active. >> collindale police are not giving up their search for delaware county mother. >> team of investigators were out here late last night searching basement of this home with cadaver dogs. >> reporter: a suspicious package forced police to clear out lobby of new york's trump to you are. bomb squad determine that it contained childre


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