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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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well, good morning, thanks for joining us taking a live look this morning, at center city hopefully you had a chance to enjoy mild weather yesterday because making way for a cooler day to day, katie has your full forecast in moments. good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. almost 200 teens arrived at philadelphia mills mall last night, police. >> police were ready for them. they were pro active. >> collindale police are not giving up their search for delaware county mother. >> team of investigators were out here late last night searching basement of this home with cadaver dogs. >> reporter: a suspicious package forced police to clear out lobby of new york's trump to you are. bomb squad determine that it contained children's toys.
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i have like one second to think, should i give him money or take the gun. >> reporter: teenage clerk turns tables on the would be robber in his family's convenient store in atlantic city. >> i took a chance and went for the gun. >> tributes continue to power in for carrie fish shore died yesterday. >> she was never a damsell in distress. >> we were lucky to be able to have someone like that to look up to. and carrie fisher, of course, leaves behind a lifetime of work in the entertainment industry. >> her work will continue to headache people smile for a long time. now lets check the forecast, katie, you always continue to make us smile with the forecast, so to be expected for december but compared to yesterday, it is not as mild. >> much, much colder. you know, nothing terrible, nothing atypical of the late december but we are expecting a dose of reality, folks and expect ago this chill to linger. nice trade off you will not have to deal with gray skies offer wet weather, a break in
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the action means we will end up with sunshine but we are back to the mid 40's, at best, but where we should be. storm scan is tranquil at this hour. we have high cloud, no harm, in foul, to problems in other word. we are at 40 currently at airport. that is even not that bad but we were 16 degrees milder then that this same time yesterday. it is, a noticeable different from one day to the next but no wet weather at the moment. we are in the upper 30's in the outlining suburbs to the north of philadelphia. and as day progresses we will have 44 for a high under generally just sunny skies. however, coming up, we do have another cold trent that is scheduled to cross and that will bring us, pat, i know you are excited, a little bit of snow and we will tell you where just a bit later on. >> it makes me weird that i like snow especially in this area. good morning, everyone. this is 422, headlights moving eastbound, and so far, so good over last couple days with the holiday weekend, moving into
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the holiday week, it really hasn't been much traffic, yesterday it started to pick up after that but right now 422, in delays there. in delays on the boulevard heading toward the schuylkill expressway, again, smooth sail ride, and this didn't pick up until 6:30 or later yesterday. same holds true here blue route northbound approaching route one, we have got a good look all area roadways, majors looking really good. one in particular not looking good and we have been telling but this for about a week, feels like longer, water main break columbus boulevard southbound at queen, two right lanes block. penndot thinks they will get this out of the way by friday, fingers crossed that they do that. construction still in new jersey route 130 at route 47, right lane is block there until about 6:00 a.m. so should be opening up in the next 30 minutes or so. same true further south on route 130 between 44 and 322. some construction there should get out of the way very soon,
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rahel, over to you. breaking news from philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood where a man has died in an apartment fire. fire fighters head to the 1200 block of shackamaxon street around 3:00 where they found the 60 year-old man. he died at hahnemann hospital. two fire fighters suffered minor injuries. cause of the fire is under investigation. police return to the collindale home of the missing moth the shore has not been seen since april 2013 and hopes of the cracking the case police have executed a search warrant last night for delaware county home of melissa rodriguez. he entered with cadaver dogs looking for woman's remains, four different dogs, hit on the spot in the basement but after digging through holes they found nothing. >> the doggies still indicating quite aggressively on the second hole and back wall in the basement, that without tearing the house down and tearing the house apart we just keep digging holes and i'm in the saying she wasn't there at one time, she's not there now. >> police may be back today,
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to search basement. stay with us on "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow this developing story. officials are trying to determine what caused a fire that damage several apartments in the the high rise building in overbrook. fire broke out at liberty towers yesterday afternoon at 5:30. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with the very latest on this story, trang. >> reporter: jim and rahel, this is a very large apartment build with 200 people living here they had to be evacuated. they are back in their homes except for those on the tenth and 11th floors where this fire started. scary moments for the nearly 200 people, live in the liberty tower apartments in overbrook. a fire broke out inside of an 11 floor apartment at the 5:30 tuesday night triggering fire alarm and sending resident scrambling to get out. >> fire people came up and they started, banging on peoples door and we had to get out, water coming in my apartment. it was a mess. >> reporter: fire rose to the second alarm shortly after
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fire crew as arrived leaving connie, no time to look for her beloved cat, sweety. >> i saw fear on his face and he ran and i could not find him. i'm having anxiety because i feel like i left my child in the fire. >> reporter: in your fire fighters evacuated people from 96 apartments. fortunately in one was hurt. >> it was a real valiant effort by members of our fire department to address this fire, in a quick, direct, manner. >> reporter: overnight licenses and inspection as loud most resident back inside where she hopes to find her cat alive and well. >> if i lost everything that i owned, which all my stuff is getting messed up from the water, i didn't want to leave my cat. i have allowed the most important thing in my life for me is my cat. >> reporter: these five apartments are damage here but that number could go up as inspectors see this building in the day light.
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still no word on a cause but we are live in overbrook, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel back to you. time right now 5:37. in business news the markets are still in that post election bounce. >> and how much it cost to make money. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good to see you again, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. u.s. markets opened up at record highs today, dow jones is slowly climbing to that 20,000 mark. we will see fit continues today. yesterday it is jumped 11 points, nasdaq up 24 points. future pointing to a bit of the higher open. so why is 20,000 mark so important? well, it is really more symbolic then thinking else, it shows confidence in the markets and the economy and part of that donald trump rally. so far dow jones jumped 1600 points roughly since the election. home prices are on the rise, data released tuesday shows rises jumped 5.6 percent
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, some biggest gains were in seattle, portland and denver. amazon says it had its best holiday season ever shipping more than a billion items across the globe. ec ho products with amazon's virtual assistant alexa were top sellers. it still cost more to make a penny then it is worth. spokesmen says it cost 1.5 sent to make a penny in 2016, a nickel cost about eight cents to make, and dimes though cost just under four cents a piece. jim and ra hell. >> some might say jim, i don't know if you are using them anymore. >> some might say you are a dime piece. that means you are a ten on a ten. have you heard that when someone says you are a dime piece it means you are a ten out of ten. >> i have never heard that but i might start using it you learn something new every morning, jill. >> every day, it is very enlightening, love it. >> all right, jill, thank you.
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well, in other news, investigators are still looking for 71 year-old woman from mays landing, she disappeared, as you may recall with her five-year old great granddaughter. about a crash briley and her granddaughter have been traveling to north carolina to spend christmas with family members but they never arrived the two were last seen asking for directions at a gas station in virginia. barbara's family reached her by phone that night, and that was last time that they heard from her. investigators are trying to identify a man found dead after a house fire yesterday in delaware county chopper three was over 800 block of naamans creek road from concord township. fire fighters arrived to find flames coming from the garage. they later found the victim inside the home, cause of that fire is also under investigation. new york city police have book a lehigh valley man for two murders, one a four year-old boy. other woman with whom he had child while he was a student and she was a high school teacher. police say 23 year-old isaac d
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uran infante of bethlehem confessed to killing 36 year-old felicia and their son miguel in their upper manhattan apartment. investigators say during the confession infante said he was tired of paying child support. he reportedly told police felicia was interfering with the relationship with the new girlfriend. well, a teen clerk out smarts a would be robber at his family's convenient store in atlantic city and police are searching for that suspect take a look, thinks incredible video. the clerk was working at ac convenient store on vent none avenue on monday when the man walk in and demanded money. a mad said he was acting like he would open up it register but then quickly snatched the robber's bag and gun. the robber pulled town his mask and pleaded for mercy. he wouldn't recommend grabbing a gun for a armed robber but he said he had no regrets. >> i had one second to think should i give him money or take the gun. i took the chance and took the gun. >> he said that he recognized
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the man and told police he goes by the that i am eddie. police say he may be responsible for another armed robbery last week on that very same street. and now, as we wrap up 2016 we are looking back at big moments from the year. >> when it comes to viral moments a lot come to mind, we will take a look at seven big ones that received a lot of attention and one of them is still trending.
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police found queen latifah 's car after being stolen near atlanta stars mercedes was taken from a gas station while someone else was driving a week ago. according to the driver a bmw pulled up, to the car while in one was inside it. someone jumped out, got in the mercedes and took off. police later found car at an apartment complex in southwest atlanta. no arrests have been made. star wars co stars are sharing fond memories of carrie fisher n a statement harrison ford called her one of a kind, brilliant, original , funny, and emotionally fearless. billy tea williams said i'm deeply saddened by the knees of carrie's passing. a dear friend who i admired. the force is dark today. mark hamill posted a picture of him ape fisher as young luke and leah, he said in word
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, #devastated. i didn't realize she had a south philadelphia connection. her dad. >> yes. >> what a loss. >> my goodness. >> i loved the lines from one of those gentlemen we interviewed when she said she was never tamsell in distress. she was such a role model. >> yes, absolutely. >> for sure. >> as we turn to weather and talk about is what coming here , some snow, for you snow lovers. jim, i don't think you have to worry about it. >> as long as i don't have to shovel. >> i think you will be okay. we might see a few snowflakes in the city. it will be a quick turn over for rain for philadelphia and mainly rain producer for most of us. >> sure. >> but you go far enough north that rain/snow line does set up and we have cold air in bethlehem for example where you will see mod's accumulation. i would say this is a modest expectation where we are may be looking at an inch or two in this area.
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we have a breeze out there. you can see that flag waving in the wind outside hotel bethlehem. live look at main street. all nice and clear at the moment but i have a dealing penndot crews are out salting these areas roadways for what is coming. lets very quickly check with the weather watchers and see what we have going on here much colder air this lays here this morning as our very loyal , dedicated watchers are up and adam with us this morning. thanks for reporting in, guys. five the temperature from allen, out in the delran area a lieutenant of cloud overhead going down south into delaware where we are at 34 degrees where jason is reporting, just a few cloud, modest breeze at this point out of the west at 5 miles an hour, but 67 percent humidity. we can take to you one more pack into pennsylvania where phil chapline is at the 34 under a nice clear sky. he had a couple gorgeous shots there yesterday, with that beautiful sunrise we saw yesterday morning. it row duesed double rain he when we had rain pushing
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through. however, now that we have switched gears and talked about next big thing now that the warmth of the 60's from yesterday is behind us and we are back in the chill here is next system. not terribly impressive looking, right. it is beginning of the next storm crossing through. bulk of which bypasses us to the thort. actual storm circulation will rapidly intensify, causing a big headache for new england but we are going to end up with the trailing cold front crossing through. i like this synopsis, pick your region. this is what you end up with. poconos has a good shot for 4 inches worth of snow. it likely start this same time tomorrow give or take an her or two. berks lehigh valley one to 2 inches of snow, eventually turning over to rain by ten in the morning. morning commute up that way not eye tiehl, and then we will get into philadelphia briefly starting with snowflakes, turning over to rain rapidly and northwestern suburbs, chester, montgomery, bucks counties we will mostly see rain out of this but first half of the day issue and then clears out.
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maybe lingering flurry with the wind northwest on friday, pat and chill will return. >> are you telling me tomorrow 's traffic report will be messy. >> it will be an interesting morning, buddy. >> get ready for it, people. right new in the so bad. ben franklin bridge my favorite camera, in delays between camden and philadelphia right here. traffic moving smooth thely at ten of 6:00 in the morning. same holds true for vine street expressway looking eastbound toward ben and 95, traffic will begin to pick up, we think last couple taste, hasn't because of the holiday. columbus boulevard, we will show you this camera. we have been showing you this for a while now two right lanes are closed but we heard from penndot and they say this will be complete by try. this will then left lane will still get by so it will cause headaches. it is in the too bad because of the holiday not many people traveling on this roadway. instruction, in wilmington 95 southbound on ramp from jackson and second sleet is closed until tonight at 5:00 p.m. n new jersey route 130 between 44 and 322, this
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is this will further notice and then further north on ten at route 47 right lane blocked there until 6:00 a.m. for construction. jim and rahel, back over to you. have you ever wondered how they put together new years eve ball that drops overtimes square if well, have a look workers finish installing these crystal triangles on the ball yesterday. waterford unveiled its new gift of kindness crystal design this year. it features roseets that symbolizes unity and together ness. on this week we are taking a look back at big moments of 2016. >> at this hour we are looking back at most shared stories of the year. jeremy ross shows us a few. >> reporter: 206 was year chalk full of viral trend. are you ready. on your hashing, get set, go. >> pokemon go. >> scavenger hunt became a phenomenon overnight the with players searching for pokemon on the street, on the front lines and in the state department. >> plague poke hand game.
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>> because we cannot have nice things it led to the discovery of dead bodies, and drivers playing, when they shouldn't. a kansas college fresh hand became an overnight star after a thief broke in and stole a kitkat bar leaving a net that said give me a break. i was hungry. note went viral ape caught eye of the kitkat maker hirsch hoy made it up to the student with over 6,000 of the chocolatey snacks. sweet justice. 2016 end up being men for election and election end up being known for its debate the debate will be men for the bone, ken bone, the red sweat erd debate contributor with viral sensation in one saw coming. in the debate with no winners, ken came out on top garnering huge social media following and eventually his very own iz od commercial. >> after three-year old child fell in the gorilla even close another at is that the i zoo authorities were forced to shoot and kill a gorilla named harambe, a name men for animal right. shooting spark international coverage of the incident, social media debate from the
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actions taken protests, names, and #cries for justice for harambe a twitter handle still trending on line. one woman's case of giggles led to international stardom after a mom laughing at chewbacca laugh became laugh heard around the world. she even eyed her 15 minutes by doing talk show circuit, her claim to fame on her arm and headaching real, who is laughing right now. 2016 also saw viral trend in one wanted case in point, those creepy clowns. weirdos this scary clown has accounts started in south carolina but began popping up with no explanation. most posed in real threat but gave everybody a little grief. zero sixteen finish strong with the viral trend we can all enjoy, man can challenge. everybody was striking pose with the respective squad more bizarre, better. celebrities, athletes, even
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presidential candidate got on the action or i should say in action. i'm jeremy ross, reporting. i want to hear the laugh. >> imitate it. >> i want to hear the laugh. >> why don't you imitate it. >> laughing. >> you work on that. >> i swear that was spur of the moment. >> it was a hearty laugh that makes you so happy. >> yes. >> one thing about the clubs, just go away. nothing good about them. >> exactly. >> bash the clubs. many are used to sharing office supplies, maybe lunch with co-workers who shares lunch with the co-worker. >> you definitely don't. a kid knee. remarkable story of self less ness florida police office shore made that choice for a fellow officer in
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two florida police officers are back to work. >> that may not seem like a big deal but they will be forever link, back in august miami dade officers underwent surgery. so officer diana castillo could donate her kidney to fellow officer hermand alex. there were plenty of hugs as they reported for duty yesterday for the first time since the trans plant.
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>> i got to feel better, and better. >> they kept asking are you sure you want to do this. can we get this done already, stop. >> officer alex suffers there a genetic condition that lead to his kidney failure. doctors expect both officers to be just fine. >> that is just published full >> would you do that for me? >> coming up in the next hour of cbs three, that is a lot. >> would you give me your kidney. >> do you see. >> all right. well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> helping people with a condition that makes them shake with tremors. >> that is interesting. >> look at big news that made interest that the headlines this year. we will be back in a momen
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a deadly fire in the fishtown neighborhood, leads two fire fighters injured. jan. she vanished without a trace nearly four years ago but now police say there is possibly a new clue in her his sing persons case. i'm jan carabao reporting live from collindale delaware county. a fat's rested for murder of his own son, pennsylvania man who confessed to the crime in new york city. today is wednesday,
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december 28th i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things, good morning. >> good morning, happy hump day i'm in the as pretty as meisha but i come with good news that there is not a lot of traffic. >> and she always has construction to talk about. >> for one of the first times in a while i feel like traffic and wet are are very quiet, and, we have got quiet weather here today, just a little brief break between systems, guy but it is colder. yesterday we had 60's, that will not happen to take, what we will find is a dose of reality for standard ovulate december. to storms to report. we have got temperatures that are a heck of a lot colder by comparison 29 in mount pocono, we have dropped as well from last check 37, current temperature and at 34 in atlantic city. one other big difference is wind has really tapered off but we are leveling off now as well, with regard to the cold air catching up to


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