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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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of mall brawls here and across the country and the role one department says parents need to play. breaking news, tonight, a break in the case of missing grandmother and granddaughter from new jersey, are found, safe. good evening i'm jessica dean. aim nicole brewer. in for ukee washington tonight lets get to cleve bryan tracking those breaking developments in mays landing, new jersey. really good news, cleve. >> reporter: yes, we have gotten from one local source and several police sources town in virginia to our sister cps station in richmond saying that barbara briley and le myr a briley have been found down in a rural area of virginia. they have been missing since christmas eve, family last heard from them around 8:00 o'clock on christmas eve when they understood that barbara briley a 71 year-old
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woman from mays landing was confused about where she was. here's what we know so far, back on christmas eve around 6:00 o'clock she stopped at an exxon gas station about 30 miles north of richmond, virginia told clerk she was lost and then got help reset ting gps in her phone. by 8:00 family was no longer able to reach briley all calls went right to her voice mail. sources told cbs source that is briley's phone gave a brief signal in the we hours of the christmas morning 45 miles south of richmond in the area around i85 and route one, in a county in virginia. state police and local police scoured the area as well as members of the briley's family here from new jersey, traveled down there and be in found anyone, until late today where we are now getting information that she may have been found, inside that same area, and din widdie, in the rural area. this is breaking news.
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we don't know about where she was located, the condition that her and her great granddaughter, is in right now we understand that they have still why it to reunite with family. that will hope soon in the sheriff's office. and we're awaiting more information from hamilton township police, the lead investigation, throughout this entire process. reporting live from mays landing, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just wonderful news from you tonight, thanks very much. we will continue to follow that. also tonight, tracking a wintry mix, the kind of precipitation that you'll get, depending where you are. >> we have live team three coverage tonight, our joe holden is in bethlehem where people are preparing for some snow, but lets get to our meteorologist kate bilo tracking this storm, what is very latest, kate. >> reporter: nicole and jessica to this is a very weak system but not the quite so weak when it moves through our area tomorrow morning. it is a clipper system. here are the seed being zone with this storm as it moves across northern great lakes and it doesn't look like much. here's secondary piece, they
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join forces, already doing so you can see moisture starting to intensify a bit as it moves over indiana and ohio, and that will come through for us tomorrow. we will tap into the cold air to the north, and then milder, moist air to the south, and then the system does ramp up. it will move through quickly but does come through just in time for your morning rush. temperatures are cold enough, overnight, that we could see this start as some snow or wintry mix, in areas north and west, of philadelphia. you can see temperatures right now, cool, and, 33, and 37 in reading, 27 in mount pocono. meanwhile we are still in the lower 40's in the city and points south and east. south jersey and delaware this looks like a rain maker to you rain snow line will set up over portions of montgomery and bucks counties, early tomorrow morning where we could see this begin, as a brief period of they before the warmer air, starts to lift in from the south. keep in mind it can above freezing and still come down as snow if you have cold enough air aloft which we do
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cold air moved in today. temperatures in the past 24 hours have dropped 15 to 20 degrees, setting stage for this system to move in. area that will see most snow will be the poconos, winter weather advisory has been issued this will go in effect at 5:00 tomorrow morning. coming up i'll tell you how much snow poconos can expect and quick look at your storm time line expect to develop between five and 7:00 best chance to see snow that is time frame in philadelphia, quick change to all rain and then rain will taper after 2:00 p.m. we will look at how this pans out on future weather and what to expect as we move forward in the new years weekend coming up with the full forecast, jessica. >> kate, see you then. people living in areas that will get snow from this system are preparing for this little winter blast from mother nature. eye witt the necessary news reporter joe holden is live in bethlehem with more on how rest tents are getting ready there, joe. >> reporter: good evening, to you. i think saying goes when you live up here in the lehigh valley, poconos, you are always ready for some winter wet ther. we did not see the sun much at
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all here today. it feels like snow. i got the to tell you from the people we have spoken with they have not apprehensive about the snow, they just want a lot of it. >> i think they are calling for one to 2 inches. >> is that it. >> that is it. >> all right. >> reporter: bum are. >> bummer. >> reporter: if donna holbeck from bethlehem had it her way she would like to see the area get hammered. >> i'm looking forward to the snow. i ski. i don't like to shovel it. >> reporter: chopper three was over public works crew in the lehigh valley out in a preemptive strike treating road with brine. marlene brown here was kind of used to winter without snow. sorry marlene. >> it is not going to snow. >> reporter: no, it is not. kate bilo says it will snow. >> and she's probably smarter then i am. >> i can deal with a couple inches. >> reporter: he says his carries front wheel drive and undaunted by forecast, that could bring a couple of inches
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>> it is not too bad. front wheel drive to be honest with you but i'm in the sure but i'm not worried about the snow. >> reporter: not worried. >> no, i'm heading to california. >> reporter: own cleaner snow/ the way, people in the lehigh valley don't mine, most say it won't stop them at all. >> i have a good car. i can drive through anything. i have a job where i cannot call in sick or snow or ice. >> reporter: what do you to. >> i'm a nurse. >> reporter: this guy hearsays as soon as a flake falls he parks the car. you don't drive in the snow. >> i do not drive in the snow. >> reporter: as would you expect all of the pretreating has been taken care of, of course, this is expected to hit in the morning commute, that is best advice build in extra time in the morning. live, in bethlehem in the the lehigh valley, i'm ohio holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have got you cover on this one when you wake up tomorrow tune into "eyewitness news", our team gets started at 4:30, they go until 7:00o
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cbs-3 and they will get you prepared with the very latest weather and traffic conditions all before you head out the door. also reminder, you can track weather at your fingertips just down load tree cbs philly weather app to keep up to date as this storm approaches, available right new for freon itunes and google play. montgomery county mother who is considered a person of interest in the death of her teenage daughter is out of jail tonight. forty-one year-old sarah packer posted bail and released friday after spending nearly two months in the the montgomery county correctional facility. packer still facing child endangerment and on trucks of justice charges. the dismembered remains of her daughter 14 year-old grace packer were found by two hunters in the the luzerne county park on halloween. bethlehem, pennsylvania man is facing murder charges tonight, the suspect is 23 year-old isaac infante durant, arraigned in new york city. police say he strangled his ex-lover felicia barahona and
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drowned their four year-old son miguel at her new york city apartment. court documents claimed he was tired of paying child support and did not approve of the way she was raising the child. she was fired, four years ago, from her job as a new york city public school teacher, after it was revealed she had a sexual relationship with durant, was a student of hers. tonight, pennsylvania state police are searching for this man john sota, he ran away after a car chase yesterday through berks, chester and montgomery counties. that chase ended in berks county where soto rammed a cruiser and then ran off. leaving behind his wife and two young children, in his car police say pursuit began after soto was pulled over in berks county. authorities have arrested a woman in connection to yesterday's deadly shooting in germantown. police say martina west cot was arrested and charged this is death of her boyfriend terrell bruce. around noon time police responded to a car crash at
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parkline drive and walnut lane to find bruce suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene, police believe a domestic argument led to that violence. cher i hill police are stepping up patrols to prevent flash mobs from popping up in shopping center. several malls around the country have been targeted in recent days, "eyewitness news" reportser greg argos is live in cherry hill with more on that police effort, greg. >> reporter: police are stepping up those visible patrols all throughout the mall area, in fact, in the past 30 minutes, we have seen two different people pulled over by cherry hill police in the cherry hill mall parking lot but inside both uniformed and ununiform officers, under cover officers are patrolling as well. >> we have mark, unmark officers assign to the mall, doing corrective patrols and the unmarked officers are inside of the mall and with the hopes that they will be inside there and if they see thinking unusual we will get a
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jump on it. >> reporter: report after tuesday night's incident at philadelphia mills mall in the northeast where through snap chat 200 teenagers showed up at the mall, a few dozen making it inside before being stopped by police. >> they saw a large crowd of juveniles. >> reporter: cherry hill police chief william manahan is taking no chance this is side of the river. >> we do not want a copycat situation. >> reporter: making sure everyone knows his towns shopping centers especially cherry hill mall, are being collettely watched. sergeant jason salvatore is in charge of one of those patrols >> we will head over to the hall to do high visibility patrols to deter crimes of all aspects. >> reporter: goal, to make police presence known both outside and inside of the mall >> we're just trying to deter crimes, as best as we can. >> reporter: trying to stop any flash mob which may be in the works. >> it can be extremely dangerous. you know, we have a lot of people in a confined space and you can have a situation where
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they might tramp other people, assault other people, fights could break out. >> reporter: chief also says parent need to take responsibility, they should not simply drop their teens off at any hall, for hours. we are live here at cherry hill mall, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a suspect smashes his way in the bucks county store and surveillance cameras captured it all but it is what he did that he did when he got inside that change. >> when we come back the dramatic video and what that thief got away with. sign that the new year is almost here, mummers are gearing up for their big parade where preparations are underway and you why don't to have wait until new years to get into the action. a massive blow for penn state find out which key starters have been suspended for rose bowl, plus, carson wentz, plays santa claus, bizarre gift that the rookie qb gave his teammates later in
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in middlesex county a high school teach's accused of sending inappropriate photos tie student has reached a plea deal in, june, prosecutors, charged malry chris with child endangerment, she got mass at south plainfield high school. as part of the plea deal she will enter a pretrial intervention program for first time offenders and in rush,. caught on video watch as a brazen burglar smashed his way into a kohl's in lower makefield overnight. police say suspect used a sledge ham tore break glass on the locked trent door. once inside he went right for the jewelry cases. authorities say that the burglar got a waste with between $60,100,000 worth of diamond, jewelry and watches. if you know who that suspect
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might be, lower makefield police, would like to hear there you. well, new year, is quickly approaching and if you live in philadelphia you know what that means. >> ♪ >> that is right, it is almost time for annual mummers parade "eyewitness news" at pennsylvania convention center where rehearsals underway for fancy brigade, finally describe as a cross between a broadway show and mardi gras. colorful high energy she case never disappoints. the vice-president of the fancy brigade association, bill berk. >> we are in for a treat. we're best kept secret in philadelphia. all this, the oldest parade in the you had and when people see it, they say wow, we have never her of this, when people come see it, they usually come back. >> for those who cannot wait until the first, leading up to the event is mummers fest, a four day, family festival, we will give you a sneak peak in the making of the mummers tans
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i parade and that kicks off earlier today. philadelphia officials have announced parking restrictions and road closures in anticipation of the big event. so, to go in effect as soon as tomorrow. for for the information, go to cbs philly to the come. kate bilo joins us now. mother nature bringing us a winter blast the next few hours. >> yes, 12 hours from thousand this will be starting around 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we could see this moving in. good news this is not a snowstorm for most of us, except in the poconos, and it looks like quiet new years weekend. >> okay good you may need to leave extra time for your morning commute tomorrow even if not the in the poconos because even some rain or a little hicks can certainly slow things down on the roadway. let look outside, we will start off with a live look this bethlehem. this is one area that hey pick up snow, and on set of precipitation, the wild card here is how quickly does this precipitation move in. if it begins between five and
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6:00 a.m. early enough in the morning we could see snow accumulations, in the lehigh valley. later when temperatures start to rise we will see a little bit of snow but quick change over to rain and probably lower accumulations there. if you are in the lehigh valley just be prepared for slow go, early tomorrow morning. storm scan three shows us the system we have got two systems to watch. see moisture intensifying over portions of kentucky, indian, northern piece oven why i that is kind of swinging down from the canadian rockies and this is all moving east. we will come together and many pack us tomorrow. temperatures have certainly dropped, you can see mostly in the 30's right now, little creek at dover air force base, lumberton this south jersey, medford 36, moorestown 36, these areas in south letters i is all rain for you. here is timing. this particular model run gets it in a little later. it start off as snow at 6:00 a.m. thirty-five in reading. mainly rain from wilmington on south. temperatures in the the city in wilmington about 35 degrees
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we could see snowfall from the sky mixing with the rain but likely will not stick. very quickly we will see temperatures rise to near 40 degrees. here's snow for lehigh valley around 7:00 a.m. watch how quickly this moves to the north, and north of the lehigh, northampton counties by 9:00 a.m. and changes to all rain there. still snowing in the poconos. still sub treeing. rest of the region seeing steady rain between nine and 10:00 a.m. but temperatures in the 40's. this is all liquid precipitation. 2:00 o'clock it start to taper off and may switch to sleet or rain in the poconos and by 5:00 p.m., afternoon commute it is all out and things are quiet. sun may come out. on try just chance for scattered snow showers. two to four in hunt pocono. one to two in the lehigh valley. it is closer to the one mark. slushy wet snow. mix on set western chester but for philadelphia, nearby suburbs and south jersey it is mainly rain. biggest winner here if you are a fan of snow carbon and
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monroe counties 259 to 4 inches with retuesdayed visibility ape slow travel. overnight snow and rain arrives by dawn. we are down to 32 degrees. we will jump april head and talked about mummers parade and forecast looks good. 39 degrees at 9:00 a.m. forty-six by noon. can't rule out stray shower on new years day but we are dry, in fact, we will sneak a sunny weekend in between two in the so sunny weeks, rain and snow tomorrow. showers, in showers try and then we have rain next week, temperatures back in the 50's, but a sneak peak behind seven day it looks to get very, very cold again. >> okay. >> always interesting. >> yes, all right. don's here with sports. >> we are talking about bird. opportunity knocks for one eagle in particular while another one makes news for a whole other reason, advising gift carson wentz gave his friend up next in
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it is an nfl tradition high priced quarterbacks always buy their offensive lineman gifts for the holidays well, rookie carson went has caught on quickly. went has rewarded his lineman with customized shotguns, yes, you heard me, shotguns. eagles rookie running back byron marshall is red for his close-up. he will be main guy sunday with the cowboys. after all ryan matthews, ken jon barner and wendell smallwood, out with injuries. >> another burst of energy out there, you know, i think, i run a little different. i feel like, you know, just another body that is different then what they are used to. flyers opening up a game road trip in st. louis, fly guys lost three out of four. highlights at 11:00.
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bad news for fifth ranked penn state, the nittany lions have suspended two layers for violating team rules. junior wide out blackwell and sophomore linebacker manny bow even will miss rose bowl against number nine, u.s.c., both are starters and key contributors. new temple head coach geoff collins is rounding out his coaching staff and retain two members of the matt rhule 's coaching staff including ed follow hoy coached the team during yesterday's looks to wake forest and the military bowl. we have got college hoops, penn quakers helps continuing drexel, freshman aj brodeur leading penn with 19 points. the quakers, with a 75-67 win, over drexel. all right. >> well, those presents though >> those presents. >> because, josh hoff got cut, and we were all talking about guns and then, the season is
6:26 pm
carson gifting guns. it is different circumstances but something people will talk about. >> when we come back a sweet excuse. >> a reason could be a guilt tree day to reach for a piece of check late we will be right tomorrow's the day besides video games.
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breaking news, actress debbie reynold has been rushed to the hospital in los angeles for a medical, emergency, the 84 year-old is, of course, mother of actress carrie fish her died yesterday. again right now all we necessity that is reynolds has been rush to the area hospital this los angeles. we will continue to monitor this and have more information as we get it tonight at ten and 11:00. switching gears before we go a sweet excuse to reach for a left over who will take chocolate. >> it is that the chocolate candy day. plenty of people got some for christmas and hanukkah gifts. perfect time tone door a little sweet, present, you know, those new years resolutions. >> pesky new years resolution is all right. >> today is the day. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on our sister station wpsg , cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" and in new york here now is elaine quijano in for scott
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pelley. we will see you at p?


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