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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning everyone. this is a live look from jim thorpe, pennsylvania, part of north philadelphia could see a wintry mix this morning. katie shows us these areas and that will be just rain, that is in your full forecast. i'm jan carabao. i'm jim donovan. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. the south jersey grandmother and her great granddaughter who went missing for several days have been found alive. >> there is juice boxes and apples and stuff around the car. >> still many unanswered questions at this point as family insisted briley had to prior medical conditions. >> folks are asking for public 's help catching a thief who stole more than $60,000 worth of jewelry from a kohl's in lower makefield.
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>> broke through glass door and then went straight in the store and then broke in the jewelry counters. well, we could learn how white house plans to retaliate against russia for efforts to influence recent presidential election. debbie reynolds leading laid any hollywood in the 1950 's and 60 as has died of the stroke one day after death of her daughter actress carrie fisher. >> this is debbie. >> interview there from 2010, debbie reynolds and carrie fisher joking about their phone calls. >> both of their passing just one day apart, so much talent in that one family. >> i will miss debbie reynolds i loved her as mom on will and grace. >> i love singing in the rain. >> a true talent. >> i loved that one time she made a cameo on the golden girls, you have to be a diehard golden girls, to
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remember that one. she was very blanch-esque, she will be missed. we have a lot to talk about on my side of the studio. so lets turn our focus to is what happening with the the weather. is there a mess unfolding, especially through western suburbs. we have a whole mixed bag, pretty colors available on storm scan three, they are out there. take a look as we track the last couple of hours, right on the tail even of the loop. you can see the pink just pop up. we have possibility for brief freezing rain out there and as morning progresses this will turn over to just plane rain, but, at least at the on set, especially if you are leaving the house in chester county or western montgomery or delco you could be walking out the door here to some slick travel i know a lot of the pen to the crews and other dot crews around our area have done their job getting us ready for this, however, i still want to you exercise the caution that is always necessary, even with these minor events, and winter weather advisory worth mentioning here for poconos,
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carbon, monroe county, jim thorpe, we have our wonderful photographer who made a big drive to jim thorpe to bring us shots as that snow begins to fall and we are expecting two to 4 inches worth of accumulation. so this morning a wintry mix over to rain, it is general story but that change over, happens from south to north, light accumulation for the northern most counties but of course now that we're in the morning and typical rush you have got the to use caution and you have to expect thaw will be slowed down. current temperatures are flirting with freezing, in most spots as we speak, but with time, we start to rebound as we tend to do, that does mean that any snow, ice, pat will turn over to rain but these next couple of hours are kind of crucial. we need to slow down out there , take it easy and expect that at least for now fit looks wet, it could have iced over at least initially. >> toward back end of the morning rush take it slow, easy, you should always do that but once that starts to come down, yeah accounts be sure to pump the breaks a little bit. vine street expressway, heading toward the schuylkill
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looking good. heading from the schuylkill it is looking good, into the city of philadelphia same hold through for i-95 south heading toward the city of philadelphia, in delays on any major roadways but there is a delay right here. this is 37 high street over in new jersey, an accident, which has bet side closed northbound has reopened, southbound still closed though and there are major delays in this area, from down wires right there, there is a tractor trailer involved but no injuries, so that is a good thing this thing is still out here as well, an accident at new jersey turnpike southbound before the delaware memorial bridge so it is off to the shoulder but hit the breaks coming through this area, jim. >> thanks, pat. police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia police tell us that a woman showed up at a security booth on temple university's campus at 11th and berks, officers say that the woman told the security officer, that she was shot in the arm and regular, and then did not the know who did it. well, temple police officers rush her to temple university hospital, and investigators say when she got to the hospital she change her story, and then told officers that she was rob.
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the victim is in stable condition. now an update on the story we have been following for several days now, a missing grand the mother and her great granddaughter from new jersey, they are found alive, in virginia. and 71 year-old barbara briley and five-year old lamyra briley were visiting family in north carolina on christmas eve but they never made it there. virginia state police say a man was walking on his property, in rural virginia, yesterday, came across, briley 's car in the wood. and they say barbara briley was unconscious and then they described lah my use as alert and joking with detectives. now, barbara, the grandmother is in the hospital in serious condition. investigators don't know how they ended up on that property well, a woman is charge this is death of her boyfriend following a deadly shooting in germantown. police say that martina west cot shot three three-year old terrell bruce around noon time yesterday, police responded to a car crash at park line drive and walnut lane. bruce, was was suffering from a gunshot wound to the head, and then was pronounced dead at the scene.
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police believe wescot shot bruce prior to the crash. family and friend will soon line up to pay their respects to marie buck works man shot and killed on christmas eve on it side her south philadelphia grocery store. eighty-one year-old's viewing will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 i funeral home on south broad street. police are searching for her killer. after the store owner was shot 11 times, after point blank range. buck will be laid to rest tomorrow morning, following her funeral mass, set for 11:00 o'clock. a military helicopter crash kills two servicemen aboard after an explosion send the chopper spiraling in, to a shore of texas. texas army national guard says two soldiers were on a routine training flight yesterday afternoon when something went horribly wrong. rotator was found along fence line near the terminal, officials say it may be their first clue in figuring out what caused at patchy aircraft to go down. >> it business our keepes sim path that i we tell you both service members on board the
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aircraft are deceased. our thoughts, and prayers where their family. >> all we know is that it is highly train, highly qualified , veterans that have been flying this aircraft for many years. >> the names of the victims have in the been released, the cause of the crash is still unknown. well, time right the now 5:37, in business news this morning. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and jan it will be another light day of trading. dow jones lost 111 points, moving furtherer from that 20,000 mark, the nasdaq fell 48 points, and pointing to a lower open again. president-elect donald trump says more jobs are coming to the u.s. he told reporters sprint is bringing 5,000 jobs back to the united states, and the start of one webb will bring about 3,000 people. for anyone still using one of the samsung's recalled galaxy note seven smart phones time is running out, t mobil became first carrier to roll
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roll out an update that remote ly prevents the phones from charging making them unusable. samsung recalled after several caught fire, at&t and verizon and sprint are expect to roll roll out that update in the next couple of weeks. twitter is making a push in the live video game launching 360-degree live videos on the streaming app pariscope. everyone can watch, in 360- degree but only with the so-called select partners, are able to stream them, jim and jan. >> i don't understand that, 360 degrees, does that mean you are moving, i don't understand what that means. >> we have to look into that. >> all that means is we will be doing it seen. >> what does it mean, jill. >> reporter: basically if you are watching a video of someone who is using that app, one of the select partners. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: your can get a total 360-degree view of the what they are looking at, so you can see everything around them. >> okay. >> reporter: i haven't tried it but i watched that first video and that is how they
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explained it. >> you know, with this technology, it just goes right over my head. thanks, jill, we will check with you tomorrow. new year is just days away which also means that something else is fast a approaching. it is almost annual mummers parade, "eyewitness news" at the path convention center where rehearsals are underway for fancy brigade finally, mummers parade is describe as a cross between a broadway show, and mardi gras. >> we're in for a treat. we're best kept secret in philadelphia. all of this is the oldest parade in the you had and when people see it, they say wow, we have never heard of this, where has it been all my life. when people come to see it, it comes back. >> that is for those who can't wait until furnishes of january, mummers fest a four day family festival will give you a sneak peak in the making of the mummers fancy brigades, that is going on right now. speaking of new years
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festivities many will ring in the new years with the glass of champagne or wine but if you are counting calories is there a new option. spiked seltzer. at this bar water tastestive rent. >> it is quite nice, retrekker >> reporter: it has a kick. >> i can still feel the alcohol but it feels good. >> reporter: flavored seltzer what ther with 5 percent alcohol launched by makers of samuel adams beer truly spiked and sparkling seltzer is sold in stores and select bars and restaurant. >> people want to get out with their trend but they want to live a healthy lifestyle. >> reporter: beverage makers are taking note and hard seltzer is growing in popularity. spike seltzer started the trend in 2013 and caught the attention of the anheuser-busch, who bout the company this year. other brand like white claw and thaws i have seen sales spike, so how does it stack up to other drinks is this well, 12 ounces of truly contains 100 calories and two carbs. similar in calories but fewer carbs then the average light
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beer and it usually beats mixed trainings like a vodka tonic. >> i like it is not a strong after taste. it fels like i just had seltzer. it does president taste like alcohol. it is easy to drink that might come back to haunt you. >> new survey find half of all americans who drink alcohol say that there aren't enough low calories options available and with adults buying more water then ever before that could explain the attraction, to hard seltzer. well, this year we have seen wild tires, hurricanes, unbelievable flooding. >> so much owe. >> nature has been very busy in 2016 we will take you back in time and look at six of the big weather headlines in this morning's year in review. >> it
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ariana grande said she was object filed and shared her experience on twitter. twenty-three year-old pop star says people made comments, that she believes quote contributes to women's sense of fear and inadequacy, end quote. singer goes on to say she's an adult human being and women should be treated like queens. it is a boy for singer pink, doylestown native gave birth to her second child with her husband, former motor cross racer carry heart.
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pink shared the enthusiasms with the sweet instagram photo of their son, revealing his name jamison moon heart. he joins his big sister five-year old sloan. congratulations. >> i like her. >> she's great. >> i love her early stuff, she has very catchy tunes. >> fantastic singer. >> quite the performer, i don't know if you have seen her do her cirque du soleil stuff. look it up, if you have not seen it, it is receipt impressive you are not doing that. >> no, i'm just going to tell you what is going on today. what we have is a big old variety pack for you. we have decided to throw rain, icing, snow into this mix here and create a wintry mess out there this morning. timing is far from eye tiehl, you can see very obvious, demarcation between when we have snow, rain, but when i move it in a little bit tighter here you will see a tail end of the hoop is a
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little hint of pink. we will zero in on the leading edge of the precipitation in our area into western montgomery, most of chester, all of berks and portions of lehigh county a little pinkies showing up on the radar. even if it looks like it is rain falling from the sky it could be freezing on contact, guys, so please, bear that in mine. if it looks wet i would just suggest that you expect that it is slick, and take it easy out there now, our eyewitness weather watchers have been up and adam for us and we are so grateful to get these reports especially with a mixed bagging on. the it is so important to find out what people are seeing. five is the temperature sent from eileen, she just sent this in the last 14 minutes, but we showed you a momenting on on storm scan that precipitation is moving. we would love to hear an update next hour but just cloud is what she reported when she said for snow. the just like pat. she is calling out our pat right here. she likes snow just like our pat gallen. lets look further to the east here, jumping out into new jersey, where it is 31 in
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sandra. she has hadding this more than just some cloud but she did say that she's happy hat rain is moving in as opposed to snow. our watchers are not finding any precipitation but again, guys keep us posted. we will keep to check that watcher site and give you an update from them as they move in the next hour. for now though, this is what you can expect, depending on your region, pick your spots, this is what you are looking at, over next couple of hours we will see rain/they line, lifting off, while it does start off as a mixing here in philadelphia and northwestern parts, as we showed you, it will turn over to rain with time. berks lehigh valley, we're talking one to 2 inches of snow max. turned over to rain. in later then 10:00 a.m. we have two to 4 inches of snow on the dock it for poconos but even there it will turn over to rain. we have an eagles game to talk about just a couple days away but it is important forecast, obviously, right now it looks like a good one. perhaps the most stray of showers on sunday but we're in the worried about that. i would dress for chills that would be settling in for the next couple of days especially
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tonight and tomorrow. look at that, pat, we don't hit 40 tomorrow but any wet weather will be gone, at that point. >> i won't say anything more about snow here because i made some people upset here in the studio. so i will just leave that out of here. >> hot button issue. >> it is a hot button issue here in the studio. no delays they are on the ben franklin bridge my favorite camera beautiful heading in the city of philadelphia from camden, so far so good here. so far so good on the vine street expressway as well. come on, clicker there we go, the vine is looking good as we are looking toward the bend been and i-95, up here so no delays in and out of the city of philadelphia some delays right here in new jersey, route 73 at high street, in the northbound side because of this accident, it has been closed. southbound still closed though because of a down wires, they are still cleaning up this mess here, police, still outside in this area, so take your time coming through here, and you will to have take your time because there are some delays on 73. same here new jersey turnpike slow down coming through this area right off of the delaware memorial bridge, an accident still out there on the
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shoulder, police activity right here, it is off to the shoulder but it goes slow coming through here. there is an accident this gilbertsville, big road between short road and north charlotte street, so, this one right here you can take lug ludwig road. septa, buses and trolleys just a modified schedule through friday, guys, back over to you after days of freezing rain, in canada made it too dangerous to drive some people came up with another way to get around. >> take a look they laced up their skates instead. check out their skills out, the storm hit parts of the ontario leaving road coated in sheets of ice leading to several car crashes, but as you can see, these residents made the best of an icy situation. well, this week we have been recapping the big moments of 2016. >> and when it comes to weather, this year has been a very busy one. mary man len has a look at what mother nature through our way this year.
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more rain in 48 hours then mississippi river discharge ness to the gulf of mexico in 18 days. >> in august, catastrophic flooding ravaged the state of louisiana. days of heavy rain caused rivers to overflow their banks more than 60,000 homes were damaged and at least 13 people were killed. red cross says louisiana flooding is worst u.s. disaster since hurricane sandy weeks earlier in texas. >> we lost in this incident nine have of our great soldiers. >> reporter: deadly flooding swept across lone star state for second year in a row, nine soldiers were killed in june when their army truck overturned this flood waters. residents of north carolina, taking a 1/2 punch from mother
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nature, first, 15 to 20 inches of rain fell in september, causing rivers to rise, and then came hurricane matthew in october. >> this has the potential for north carolina to see the worst flooding, since hurricane floyd in 1999. >> reporter: unlike floyd matthew did not make land fall in north carolina but its heavy rain hit the state pushing already swollen rivers over their banks. >> people with little or throwing, could not get out. >> hurricane matthew also hit parts of the that, center of the storm stayed off shore, but pounding wind and dangerous storm surge battered homes and businesses along the beach, matthew wasn't the first hurricane to threaten the sunshine state in 2016 her kaine her mine came through in september becoming first hurricane to make land fall in florida since wilma in 2005.
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>> in tennessee, vicious winds , helped fuel two raging fires, near gatlinburg. >> when you couple that with the dry, the drought that we have been experiencing for the last two months, everything was almost like a perfect storm. >> reporter: chimney tops and the fires charred american 17,000 acres, and destroyed nearly 2500 buildings. at least 14 people were killed two juveniles are new charged with aggravated arson. i'm mary malone, reporting. >> power of mother nature, truly incredible. >> look at that. >> mother nature again. snowing in jim thorpe. >> pat, dancing around the studios right now. >> look at that. >> it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. but you have to be careful. >> just watch out, messy day. well, coming up when you see a envelope on the parked cars windshield it is usually a bad sign. >> you may say a couple bad
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words too. >> two men found a pleasant vice when they opened up that envelope, we will tell you
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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good samaritan is getting on santa's good side next year >> beneficiaries say they are paying it forward. the a in must good samaritan saw parking ticket on a car
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near 21st and hamilton. well, he put the ticket and 50-dollar bill in the envelope and put it back on the windshield. recipients were thrilled and said they will spend money, they saved to spread the good energy right on into the new year. >> pay it forward good exactly >> good for them. still ahead in our next hour right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" katie's keeping her eye on the wintry mix hitting our region this morning. plus a serious crash, this is wreckage from the car overturn, there are reports of injuries, we will tell you where this happened. a movie about three extraordinary women and how they made history working at nast, we will hear from the stars of the hidden figures when "eyewitness news" continues.
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well, take a little rain gear with you, rain in some spots, snow greets you as you head out the door this morning katie's tracking who is seeing what out there, and it is a messy mix. a woman and her great granddaughter missing for days are found safe in virginia. we have an update on their condition just ahead. >> ♪ good morning, good morning ♪ >> and she sang and danced her
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way this to millions of hearts , remembering debbie reynolds who passed away one day after her daughter's death today is thursday december 29th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things this morning. we have seen snow, lots of accidents. >> it cleared out a little bit but the weather does not start to affect things later in the rush hour. >> we can give you a sense what you expect when you get out there. i would say that initially if it looks wet, it could be slick because we do still have you have this cold air to support treeing rain, even if it looks like rain drops on your windshield, it may be slick up on the ground. look at how gorgeous. this shot is coming to us from our very chilly kyle hall who we sent out to carbon county because we wanted to see snowflakes. here they come. beautiful sight to see. not easiest to travel in. certainly time of the year is far less than eye tiehl. we wish they were c


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