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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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, remembering debbie reynolds who passed away one day after her daughter's death today is thursday december 29th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things this morning. we have seen snow, lots of accidents. >> it cleared out a little bit but the weather does not start to affect things later in the rush hour. >> we can give you a sense what you expect when you get out there. i would say that initially if it looks wet, it could be slick because we do still have you have this cold air to support treeing rain, even if it looks like rain drops on your windshield, it may be slick up on the ground. look at how gorgeous. this shot is coming to us from our very chilly kyle hall who we sent out to carbon county because we wanted to see snowflakes. here they come. beautiful sight to see. not easiest to travel in. certainly time of the year is far less than eye tiehl. we wish they were coming overnight when not too many
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had to get up and out the door but here we go, beginnings on have what promises to be anywhere from two to locally 4 . the such a beautiful scene. i wish we could spend the whole weather hit on it. but we have to go to the storm scan. i like how jim coined it, messy mix up out there every color available on storm scan is represented here. you've got purples indicating snow, pinks for icing. it is out there then rain, currently moving into the del marva peninsula. eventually it will turn over into rain but in carbon, monroe counties from jim thorpe we will see more snow then anything initially, then it turns over to rain, later today. we have a bit more time to possibly accumulate two to 4 inches. winter weather advisory in effect from now until 4:00 but there now this will 7:00 this wintry hicks will continue to develop. it looks like we will see this turn over to all rain in philadelphia, by 7:00. so just about an hour or so there now temperatures should be beginning to rebound enough that we will see that change
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overtake lays but would i still suggest that you just take extra precaution, keep a close watch on the car thermometer. if it is at all close to freezing, it could be slick, just be careful. penndot and other to the crews do such a great job ripping road surface, you never want to take a chance though, right we will be in the mid to upper 40's as skies begin to clear but then, win picks up and it is a cold front passage here, so much more colder air waits in the wings behind all this. >> we need to slow it down because it has been a crazy morning but when that weather hits, take katie's advice, pump brakes, slow it down a little bit. here's i-95 southbound right past girard in delays, but some of the brake lights here mean at 6:02 picking up on the volume. new jersey 42 tree way still looking good for 6:00 o'clock with the holiday, lieutenant of people still off this week. it means that thinned out traffic toward i295. this has been out here, basically all morning. route 73 at high street
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northbound reopen, southbound closed. they are clearing it soon. should be cleaned up within the next couple minutes. we have had down wires, tea brings, possible fluid leak on the roadway, tractor trailer was involved just a mess on 73 if you can avoid it please to. columbus boulevard telling but this for a week or so water main break they hepp to get out and open up those two right lanes backup by tomorrow that would be a huge sigh of relief. then all the way out this gilbertsville big road at short road and north char lieutenant street there is an accident but avoid this area by using liquid road, guys, back over to you. new this morning police were called to the scene of the single vehicle crash this delaware county. >> police responded to the scene shortly after 3:00 this morning at the intersection of glendale road and colonial road in havertown. now it appears that the vehicle crashed into a tree, there are reports that two people were taken to the hospital. also new this morning fire fighters rush to an apartment fire above a hooka baron lancaster avenue. officials say crews quickly laced the fire under control. this happened at the 3:00 this
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morning. the cause of the fire is still unknown. fortunately no injuries have been reported. well, happy end to go a story we have been following for days, a missing grandmother and her great granddaughter from south jersey are found, alive. >> what a relief. they were on their way to visit family in north carolina on christmas eve, finally they were found yesterday, and in dimwiddie county, virginia, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in the cbs-3 sat center with the story, trang. >> reporter: at last check 71 year-old barbara briley was in serious condition at vcu medical center in richmond, virginia. her great granddaughter lamyra was check out but said to be doing just fine. the she's now safe with family thanks to the man who just decided to take a walk. a man buck go through his rot in rural virginia broke the puzzling case of the missing 71 year-old south jersey woman and her great granddaughter found alive after missing on christmas eve. >> he took a path that goes
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back in the wood and he came across the vehicle. >> reporter: pair were on a holiday road trip from mays landing, new jersey to visit relatives in north carolina as shown in this surveillance video barbara briley was last spotted december 24th at a gas station, 30 miles north of richmond where people told police that briley asked for help with directions. four days later a county man found her and five-year old lamyra not far from their farm >> months briley and lamyra were 50-yard from the vehicle under a tree. >> reporter: briley was unconscious and troopers had to carry her out of the woods. she was then air lifted to vcu medical center. troopers described lamyra as being alert and in good spirits despite everything she and her great grandmother had gone through. police believe they were in the wood for days. >> there were apples, juice boxes and other items that appear they have been eating and drinking several things during that time period. >> family members from south jersey headed down to virginia last night to be reunited with
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briley and lamyra but still so many unanswered questions that the family insisted briley had in prior medical conditions and made that same trip several times. we are live, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i'm sure her family is relieved. good news for the new year, thanks, trang. debbie reynolds, leading laid any the hollywood in the 50's and 60's has died of the stroke one day after the death of her daughter actress carrie fisher. reynolds is best known as sunshiney star of the 1952 class i can singing if the rain. she received an academy award nomination for 64 musical the unsinkable molly brown. debbie reynolds was 84 years old. reynolds death comes one day after her doubt are carrie fisher passed away at the age of 60. reynolds son todd said that the stress of his sister's death was just too much for his hotter, he added now she's
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with carrie. family and friend will be lining up to pay their respects to marie buck, woman shot and killed, christmas eve inside of her south philadelphia grocery store. buck's viewing will be held it in from 7:00 to 9:00, at baldi funeral home on south broad street. police continue to search for her killer, the 81 year-old was shot 11 times. she will be laid to rest tomorrow morning, after her funeral mass at 11:00 o'clock. a man is in critical condition after he shot trying to flee from robbers in north philadelphia. this happened on the 2800 block of north stillman street around 50:00 last night. the victim told police that five men tried to rob him and then shot him twice this is back before he drove to the they arees police station. police took him to temple university hospital and no arrests have been made. and another shooting last night leaves a man in his 20's , dead after he shot once in the head and once in the back. it happened on the 1300 block of west butler street, in hunting park, police rush that man to temple university hospital, where he was pronounced dead just before
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7:00 p.m. police are searching for the killer. in other news this morning the obama administration is planning to announce retaliation measures against russia, very soon. >> that announcement could come as early as today while president-elect donald trump continues to town play the alleged hacking. fox's rocks sana sayberry has latest. >> reporter: on the steps of his resort in florida, president-elect donald trump responded to the idea of possible sanction as begins russia for it's a ledge hacking in the presidential election. >> i think we should get on with our lives where nobody knows what is going on. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina said on a trip that russia should be punish for medaling in the election. >> i predict there will be bipartisan sanctions coming that will hit russia hard. >> i don't know what he has been doing, as you know, he ran against me. >> reporter: mr. trump responded to john kerry's remarks criticizing israel for
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building settlements in disputed territory. >> two state solution is now in serious jeopardy. >> we have different views. i think it set us back but we will see what happens after january 20th, all right. >> president-elect played down questions about a potential conflict of interest between his global business and his you this job. >> it the is a very routine thing not a big job. you people make that a big deal because hey look, they all knew i had a big business all over the place. >> reporter: despite days of tense remarks with president owe bam at president-elect said transition is going smoothly. >> he phoned me. we had a very nice conversation. >> reporter: rocks san asay berry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama is adding to the list of national monuments despite opposition there advocates. utah's 1.3 millionaire bear ears national monument includes archeological sites
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and cave dwellings. president obama added bear ears and national monument near las vegas to the list yesterday. critics called it federal interference that closes the area to development. well, coming up, don't look down, still ahead where the world's highest bridge has opened up to traffic. that would freak me out. and a car makes a splash landing in a pool, wait until you hear what the driver was trying to avoid when he crash, that is coming up. >> ♪ all is not quite to it day , katie's tracking a wintry mix of weather today, she will also have your holiday weekend forecast. plus the big mummers parade happens you this years day, of course but we will tell you you why don't to have wait until sunday to get in on that action. that is coming up.
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welcome back. world's highest bridge is now opened to traffic in china. this bridge most definitely is not the for you if you air frayed have of heights. it is 200 stories call and connects two mountain province s there. it is expected to shorten the travel time between the two areas to an hour and a half to the current five hours. it cost 150 million-dollar and took more than two years to complete. well, a driver is giving police unusual excuse for driving his car in the the miami beach apartment complex 's swimming pool. he said he was avoiding a racoon that dashed across the street. driver plowed through a fence and drove straight into the pool, and as shocked apartment
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residents were lounging nearby fortunate thely there were no injuries, even the racoon was okay. >> you have to watch those animals. throw you in the ditch. >> they can, they can. well, in our area cars are dodge something rain drops this morning. >> yes, guys, men some cases a little bit of snow, possibly freezing rain or sleet, we have a whole mixed bag out there this morning, guys but good news is this you will fine silver lining it is this, these temperatures are claiming pretty swiftly. even though right the new we are looking at a snapshot of the radar up across eastern pennsylvania, and, this should change pretty quickly. i was over on kyw news radio listening to tim jimenes out near quakertown and he said that there is nothing even falling from the sky just yet. this can be deceptive, leading edge is moving in but regardless, my advice is this even if it looks like it is just wet, it could be slick. now, down through delaware, different story. this is plane old rain, guys.
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but anyway this rain is steady coming down around middletown and north of dover at the moment. traveling route one, 95, any roadways you will get slowed down by this storm system but lets look at it a much wider zoom and put it in motion. it is intensifying as it moves through because it has got area of low pressure developing on the tail even moving in and this will be a receipt i heavy tooth i snow producer for new england. for us it is a glancing blow when it comes to the story of the wintry weather. looking forward, five, six, 7:00 in the morning, even by 8:00 a.m., even if we have freezing rain it will have turned over to rain. these temperatures will be climbing quickly. poconos one to 4 inches cannot be ruled out because by 10:00 it is still coming down as snow but just rain for everybody else at the that point and long gone, and late in the the take they will have far fewer problems then we are facing right now. and then we will clear things out and wind picks up. very quickly looking at snow chances though for you around the region.
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two to four is expectation carbon, monroe, points north of that, and just a general mix which can be just as dangerous for these outlying burroughs of surrounding philadelphia. and then mainly rain for everybody else in southern new jersey and delaware. we will all get some impact, but just, becomes really wordy forecast when we break it down region by region since we have a different forecast. period of rain in the city starting off as snow to the north and west as we are seeing right now, and, windy, cold tonight, gusting to as high as 35 miles an her but looking forward, your new years weekend is in the looking all that shabby. modest rebound on the thermometer. stray showers cannot be ruled out but overall, pat, pretty good who will take weekend. >> not too bad, snow, weather not affecting anything which is a good thing so far at six will 16 this morning. this is video of the accident that is at 73, in maple shade, new jersey, the within that had both northbound and southbound, closed, in both directions, the good news here is that northbound has reopened, southbound though
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still a helps, tractor trailer was involved in this one. they to think they will clean this up soon but it does remain out there and it is slowing things down again. seventy-three southbound still closed, northbound side though is still opened, so this is a look the a the mess from this morning over in new jersey. no mess here on the the schuylkill expressway, headed toward the boulevard, heading this to the suburbs towards city, it is a easy, smooth, drive, before the weather hits out in 73, we told but this one it is at high street southbound is closed but as we go out toward gilbertsville route 100 northbound at jackson street, road is partially blocked here and gilbertsville near boyer town junior high school big road between short road and thort char lieutenant street as well , injuries reported with this one. big mess out in gilbertsville, mass transit, septa, buses, trolleys still working on a modified schedule they will do that through try. we will take a quick break join us when we come back
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♪ >> welcome back. rehearsals are underway this morning for fancy brigade finally coming up this sunday during the mummers parade. organizers say fancy finally will be a cross between broadway and mardi gras. >> 116 mummers parade steps off down south broad street sunday morning, and you can get all of your mummers information on our web site at cbs philly to the come.
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now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the news journal a three three-year old woman was shot in the arm wednesday after gunfire broke out on south jackson street in wilmington. it was the second shooting in less than 24 hours, in the the city, a 19 year-old man was also shot in the leg tuesday night, at taylor and kirkwood streets. and in the intelligencer, tens of thousands of homes and business owners this bucks county will pay more for sewer services in the new year. bucks county water and sewer authority approved a 5 percent rate hike, it is third hike in five years. from the front page of the reading eagle new regulations intended to boost healthy eating could make it harder to use food stamps that small neighborhood markets. retail their accept food stamps will be required to carry more inventory and greater variety of fresh foods stores have until next january , to come into compliance. that is a look at some newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, it is a new movie
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about three extraordinary woman who helped send john glenn into space. >> i hear it is very good one. their story has they ever been told before and now we will hear from the stars of the hidden figures when "eyewitness news"
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our weekend is ever closer , of course, it is a holiday weekend. right new we can see stray showers in the first day of 2017 but general trendies that we will see a modest, warming trend with our temperatures in the upper 40's come sunday and generally some sunshine, guys, back over to you. >> katie, thank you. little known story of several unsung heroes of the u.s. space program are getting their due on the big screen. >> jamie ukiss has more on the you this hoff i hidden figures >> i think you can find me the frame for this data, using the graham schmidt. >> yes. i prefer it over you. >> reporter: hidden figures tells true story of the black female mathematicians at nasa who launched john glenn into orbit. >> that is john glenn. >> calculating launch. >> evening they are. >> i'm proud as a devil to be working with you. >> reporter: catherine g johnson, dorothy vaughn and mary jackson were part of the nasa's group of hugh hand
6:26 am
computers. octavius spencer was first to sign on. >> when i learned what these women did and did exist and make these contributions i felt compelled to be part of this, the telling of their stories. >> we were just on our way to work at nasa. >> i had no idea. >> quite a few woman working in the space program. >> as woman and african americans they broke town many barriers. >> of course, it was unfair but that is the way it was, yes. what are you going to do. >> important message in this story is that throughout those obstacles, throughout segregation, throughout jim crow and sexism these woman did not the allow that. >> they to the the math. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: of the three women only catherine johnson is still living in, 2015, president obama awarded her the presidential medal of freedom. jamie ukiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> this was probably one of my
6:27 am
top ten favorite movies of all time. you sit there from beginning to end, okay, ladies, impressive actresses and based on the real lives of extraordinary woman. >> you saw something, jim. >> yes. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" simple ways to keep your resolution to get healthier in the new year. >> we will also have this. another loss of the hollywood star, i'm rocks sana sayberry in insuring, how friend and fans are react to go her death one day after her taught are died. we are keeping an eye on the roadways looking a little bit more like your normal rush hour on a thursday morning, we will tell but an accident in new jersey, and how that is slowing you town next on cbs-3 "eyewitness
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you're looking live now at jim thorpe up in carbon county , pennsylvania where they are seeing snow this
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morning. a light coating the streets there but around philadelphia, it is mostly rain. katie has more on this system now moving its way in our area in just moments. good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao. 6:31. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> ♪ good morning >> debbie reynolds leading laid any hollywood has died of a stroke, one day after the death of her doubt are actress carrie fisher. >> this is your mother. >> dear, this is debbie. >> there is juice boxes, apples and stuff, around the car. >> the south jersey grandmother and her great granddaughter who went missing for several days have been found alive. >> still many unanswered questions at this point as the family insisted that briley had no prior medical conditions. >> police are asking the public's help catching a thief who stole more than $60,000 worth of jewelry from a kohl's
6:32 am
in lower make field. >> we decided we would throw rain, icing, some snow in this mix here and create just a wintry mess. >> the mummers parade steps off this sunday new years day. >> ♪ >> as you saw rehearsals are underway for mummers parade. >> we will have more tea tails on the celebration on our web site at cbs and, of course, everyone wondering what the weather would be like on that big day, but things are moving out. >> yes, pretty quickly, yes. >> because i do think we will see temperatures climbing, pretty quickly, i have been checking in very often with our eyewitness weather watchers because so often radar can play tricks and it has been what looks like it is some rain, sleet, treeing rain , has been at the moment or at least in the last half an hour not completely been verifying at ground levels so would i love to hear there
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shore watchers up and adam watching us. right now we have soaking rain across kent counties, now moving in salem, cumberland and what basically straight up snow at this point up through basically all southeastern pennsylvania. as morning progresses we will see this rain/snow line lift north and toss turn over to rain in philadelphia. over the course of the next hour and a half. we have winter weather advisory for more row long trailings of some snow, up through carbon,-row counties where we could see two to 4 inches before it the is all said and done. here's a general gist of is what taking place. light accumulation of the snow will be confined north of philadelphia. far north in fact. but wintry mixing is currently going on. morning rush is being impact by this. we are exercising caution. when we have temperatures as they stand right the now you are still just close enough, in philadelphia, and, down toward wilmington that i would say fit looks wet, expect it to still be a little slick out
6:34 am
there but temperatures will continue a relatively quick to turnaround and upper climb. so it will turn over to plane rain even though it is starting off with snow. forty-nine the eventual high down the shore so just rain for you but it has not reached you just yet and further north more likely it is that you will end up with a mod's accumulation of some snow, so, you know, it is one of these kitchen sink type forecast that is can lead to major headaches for you and what you have to tell people this morning. >> yes, so far so if with the weather, but that doesn't mean that the roadways are quiet. this here is a look at the accident from this morning that had 73 closed in both directions, it was really a mess throughout maple shade, however, the good news it has just cleared within the last couple of minutes really. so route 73 at high street, maple shade, new jersey. the accident they have just cleared that mess out of the way. there was tea price on the road, possible link wednesday on the road, we will show you map here and what it looks
6:35 am
like just a couple minutes ago with the utility vehicles cleaning things up. it is cleared 73 high street so that is good news. vine street looking good, busier then it has looked as people head back in the city after the long weekend after christmas but vine still for 6:35 in the looking too bad. new jersey turnpike we told but an accident earlier, southbound, just off of the delaware memorial bridge. the accident has cleared, but right lane still block for repairs and they think it will be block there until 11:00 a.m. we will go back out to a big road at girllock road we have an accident and roadblock and gilbertsville route 100 northbound jackson street road partially block there as well. a mess in new jersey. a mess out here in gilbertsville, guys. >> pat, thank you. actress debbie reynolds sang and danced in the hearts of the millions and month family friend and fans are remembering her. >> reynolds died after suffering a stroke just one day following the death of her
6:36 am
daughter actress carrie fisher roxana saberi reports from new york. >> ♪ singing in the rain. >> reporter: teenage star of the classic singing the two rain died wednesday just a day after her daughter actor carrie fish shore suffered a heart attack on a flight there l.a. to london. >> you wonder if the death didn't have something to to with bringing on a stroke, very sad. >> reporter: video from tmz reynolds was taken by ambulance to the los angeles hospital after suffering a stroke. she tied later this is day. >> it is just too much with christmas, that will never be the same. >> reporter: her son todd fisher was with her. >> the last thing she said to me was that she missed her daughter and really wanted to be with her and literally 30 minutes later she was, she had the stroke and that is exactly what she did. >> reporter: in hollywood fans left flowers, candles a the a makeshift memorial at her star on the walk of fame.
6:37 am
>> i have had a wonderful career. i have had a great life. >> reporter: actor george take i tweeted there is nothing harder then burying a child. debbie died of the broken heart but she's with her daughter now. william shatner tweet debbie reynold was last of the hollywood royalty. it breaks my heart that she's gone have the i had hoped my grieving was done for 2016. >> i have tried to make it through my life. i just finished my last book and a only one about my last few years. i said i will make tonight time for me to to kick it. >> reporter: roxana saberi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". follow our continuing coverage as hollywood remembers the late actress debbie reynolds and her daughter car's fisher at cbs new this morning three people are in the hospital after two cars crashed in north philadelphia this happened just before midnight at second and berks. philadelphia police say that the driver of the striking vehicle was suspect of driving under the influence when it
6:38 am
hit another car and several park cars along that street. the driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, and officers say that two other people in the car that was struck also suffered minor injuries. well, police are asking for public's help to catch a thief who stole more than $60,000 worth of jewelry, from a kohl's in lower makefield. take a closer look at this surveillance video. suspect used a sledge hammer to smash through the rock front doors of the bucks county store, this is around 3:30 or 3:15 in the morning on tuesday. authorities say burglar got away with jewelry or watches. lower makefield detectives say video they have offers some useful clues. >> he was carrying an old style toll bag made of cap vast very large, wearing black gloves, jeans, and some distinct black sneakers with white souls and possibly pink orr range accents on their souls. >> if you recognize suspects please call lower makefield detectives. up next right here on "eyewitness news" katie's
6:39 am
tracking wintry mix for our area. also ahead a story of brotherly love. >> we want to mack sure that every kid who need a computer has one. >> we will show you how technology that might have gone otherwise, into the trash is getting a new life. and forget about ordering your dinner on a ipad in this restaurant we are served your meal on a screen. >> ♪ >> it is coming down, we are looking live this carbon county jim thorpe where they are seeing some snow. advice for starting a new years resolution, doctor rob's here with simple things you can start to do now to improve your health. >> simple things, love them, simple, i like it that way.
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check out this treacherous scene in canada that doesn't seem that treacherous. winter storm in christmas in on tear yes caused a half inch of ice to accumulate. the layer of ice has allowed residents to skate town their streets but obviously it is causing havoc with drivers. >> i remember in the early 90 's we had a huge ice storm and i skated on my drive way and, went dunn my driveway. it is fun for kid but not for drivers, driving out there. >> that is always the thing, i loved snow when i was able to get a day off for it, right. we were out of school. but we have to be adults, basically, and i don't think a lot of us enjoy it except for pat gallen, the boy of heart in the room. lets lot a the eyewitness weather watchers we have precipitation showing up from the watcher report.
6:44 am
eileen did check in with us last hour and said she is starting to see rain. thank you for that. i want to check with other folks we didn't get to last hour. this is where we are finding, this observation that we have got the most mixing, that comes from fran in nottingham chester county where it is 34 degrees. because it is just above freezing mark it is 95 percent rain but there are flakes mixing in. he did send this within the last half an hour but temperatures are beginning to climb regional wide from south to north we will see that rain owe snow line start to, move off to the north. lisa kerrigan checked in with 35 degrees and she's just seeing light rain, and she also sent this over course of the last day of 35 to 40 minutes and then other toll accounts like throweres and john dowell, they reported light rain. any in dover finding rain where it is 40 degrees and too mild for anything but that. let's switch gears. we are certainly seeing active weather in the western half of our area. mainly just rain as we go as
6:45 am
far east as salem, cumberland counties and southeastern pennsylvania more wintry hicks ing we are talking about going on. my advice is keep a close watch on the car thermometer hovering at all close to 32 degrees expect it could be slick even to it looks like lane old rain we would rather have you exercise caution. general synopsis of what each region will be finding poconos has winter weather advisory for two to 4 inches of snow that will eventually turn over to rain but turns over to rain soon inner berks, lehigh valley region and here in the city. even if we are finding a mixing taking place out there we are eventually going to see it turn over to rain and pretty fast. south and east as we saw on the radar it is nothing but rain. upper 40's expectation today, blustery colder tomorrow with the lingering flurry and pat, the new years weekend is looking good. >> this is bad but we can take it the for december, not too bad. precipitation that you talk about falling here by the airport, this is a look at i-95 just past philly international and you can see
6:46 am
it is hitting camera a little bit so as katie mentioned take caution, a little bit driving outside in this stuff and starting to head toward the philadelphia area. ben franklin bridge traffic wise not too bad this morning, starting to pick up heading toward the city of till a, and overall for a thursday morning at quarter of 7:00 we will take this. accident has cleared here on the new jersey turnpike southbound before the delaware memorial bridge but it looks like there is issues with the roadway. right lane blocked for repairs , that will happen throughout the morning this will 11:00 a.m. then accident we talk about route 73 southbound at high street it had both side of the the road closed, just has right shoulder block now as they continue to clean up. gilbertsville route 100 jackson street roadblocked there and same holds true for big road at girl lock road so a mess on the roadways this morning, guys. >> thanks, pat. it is always a good time for good deeds. >> holiday season is an even
6:47 am
better time for good deed like one there last night on the 2100 block of hamilton street in syringe garden where a good samaritan saw a car with the parking ticket. he left a 50-dollar bill with the note that read parking tickets you can is, merry christmas. recipients of this good deed said they plan to spend money on someone else and keep that good energy flowing through the universe. >> good for them. in montgomery county a team of volunteers gathers every wednesday to bring old computers back to life. >> those computers are going to people who might otherwise struggle to be connected. our jessica dean has this story of brotherly love in ought one. >> there is children's learning programs on here. >> reporter: robert is giving eddie a quick tour of the refurbish computer which eddie will share with his grand kid. >> i might to have get the a subpoena to get him off it. >> it is a blessing to the whole family new program is a blessing. >> push green button. >> reporter: eddie is one of the people buying low cost
6:48 am
high quality computers at team children. they accept desk top and lap top computers from corporations and individuals. the machines get new hardware and software, thanks to a team of volunteers. >> teenagers and senior citizens and people ask where they come from. i say god. >> reporter: robert started team children after learning about the digital tea tried in an age of wifi and smart phones, thousands of students in our region don't have computers. >> they have to get to the library, they have to stay after school and they don't get their homework done in time. >> reporter: families can get a refurbished computer at a steep discount. they have to write a letter and pay administrative fee from 65 to $225. >> you will get that second lap top computer. >> reporter: team children technology director joe grimme match families with the compute their they need. >> now she doesn't to have take kid to the hospital. she will have two computers in the the house. >> reporter: organization has
6:49 am
distributed more than 15,000 computers, and they hepp to distribute many more. >> we want to make sure every kid who needs a computer has one. >> reporter: we have more information on our web site at cbs to you don't have e-mail or internet access call team children, their number is (610)666-1795. jessica dean, cbs one "eyewitness news". time is 6:49. there is a lot of course coming up on cbs this morning. >> josh elliott joins us live there new york with the preview, good morning, josh. >> reporter: good morning jan and jim. we have much to get to including more on the shocking death of the legendary actress debbie reynolds the day after her daughter carrie fisher died. that was news as awful as it was stunning to learn last night. plus potential dangers of the president-elect donald trump bucking transition tradition, with his twitter account. a great story here. the lost treasure of king
6:50 am
henry the eighth that may have just been discovered, in a new york city rug gallery. the news is back in the morning and we hope to see you at 7:00. stumped me with that one. >> thanks, josh. starting to think of the new goals, looking to make positive health changes, small steps can make these major milestone shore manageable. >> what is best way to get a jump start in january? family physician doctor rob danoff is here with simple advice. doctor rob, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> new years is about resolution but i find them so hard to keep. what are easy ways to set us up for success. >> first thing toys begin, other thing is be realistic. if i want to be a marathon runner i have to start slowly. also be patient with ourselves because sometimes i will lose weight, right away, tropical 10-pound. that is worse thing to to. it has to do with lifestyle. you want to do that. be persistent because
6:51 am
sometimes we have setbacks f we keep our dream and goal, we keep going toward it. other thing is be for giving. you want to be around people who are supportive. we have setback be gentle with ourselves but keep toward our goal. being around positive people know what we are trying to toys helpful. >> can one change make a big difference overall in our health. >> huge. i will give it to you. average american eats 130- pound have sugar a year. hello. that is in 22 extra keystones a day f we cut out 116 or 20- ounce regular soda a day which many people training, we will lose one to 2-pound a month, without doing anything else. that is something very symptom to. other thing juice trainings instead of the full glass just have half and then add water and half calories and we will still get flavor. >> sugar is easy to cut out. people want to lose weight. what is other advice for losing weight. >> one of the first things is get the a salad, right. i have seen salad with more calories then a hot fudge sun take with the cheese, and the
6:52 am
trusting and croutons. will add 500 or more calories. have a healthy salad. other thing you though a lot of times we ask stuff but beside sugar and drinks is justin more water. >> i don't drink enough water, i will say that. >> everyone istive rent. everybody says six to eight glasses a take. i say at least before each heel have a glass of water. that helps till us up. one of the reasons sometimes we get fatigued is we are tea high traded and water for winter, winter because katie says this winter cold air is trying and it tries our skin it is healthier for our skin. i say to people if you don't like drinking drinking water have water dense vegetables. those that don't get sleep i have done my best but i mean sleep is a big issue for people each year as well. >> huge. we are a tire country. you know what happens? what is number one cause of fatigue? lack of sleep. average american toss than the get enough sleep f we sleep
6:53 am
shore we will lose weight because those people who get five and a half hours of sleep or less gain weight and they get bigger belly. we need better sleep. you are a thin guy but start getting more sleep you will feel energized and concentrate and think better. >> make an appointment for your there. >> trying to prevent things or tea tech things early and be healthier. music's laying, we will be right back with the star wars tribute to carrie fisher. and three things you need to know before you head out the door. three to go is next. >> more water, less sugar, sleep. >> it is a
6:54 am
but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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south jersey great grab mother and five-year old grand doubt are missing since last week even have been found alive in virginia. it is in the clear how their car got there from mace land to go north carolina. white house could announce sanctions against rush, fbi and cia say russia hacked democratic national convention during the presidential campaign, president-elect donald trump disputes those claims. holy wide is mourning actress debbie reynold, she died yesterday at 48 a day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. as hollywood mourns the loss of the the two actresses star wars fans gathered for a fitting tribute to carrie fisher. >> she was honored with candle light vigil but light saber
6:58 am
vigil. they gathered at down town disney and raised their lights to the sky to honor the actress. restaurant in high tech country is offering, dishes on some high tech plates. >> you can enjoy your platter on a ipad. san francisco's restaurant served crockit resembling a white truffle on ipad showing video of the dog, tracking down truffles. the chef says that the food actually sits on a screen above the ipad and both are sterilized after each use. >> yeah, i will pass on that one. >> what? >> last check of weather and traffic. >> yes, i feel like i want to move on from that. >> yes it is very interesting, is word i will use. >> we are, of course, dealing with quite the mess, in terms of the weather out there right now and we will look outside whitefield elementary school school is not in session but beautiful coating of snow right now, please, slow down out there, guys, we do have some slick spots and, it is just a snapshot of the radar. the montgomery county, just a
6:59 am
swab of pink, there is icing going on out there and pat, i know that lend itself with what you have to tell us. >> slippery conditions could be cause something problems on the roadways this gilbertsville, two accidents, route 100 and jackson street, road is partially blocked there and swamp road at new hanover square road injuries reported with that one, and big road, there is a road that is block there so a mess out in montgomery county as we look the at wide though, the main roads, still moving, fairly well, so far this morning. >> thanks shall very much, pat next up battle escalates between u.s. and israel over middle east peace. join is right here bright and early each weekday morning on cbs-3 starting at 4:30 a.m. >> look at jim thorpe. >> nice. >> very pretty. >> yes. >> have a great day. >> look at how cute. >> yes. >> nice.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." legendary act dress debbie reynolds dies the day after her daughter carrie fisher. reynolds's son says the loss was more than his mother would bear. we look back at her 60 years in hollywood. >> israeli's prime minister fires back at the obama administration after u.s. secretary of state john kerry accuses his government of damaging middle east peace efforts. >> a look at the new dangers of over-the-counter sleep aids. while the popular drugs may be costly to your health. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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