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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> i dot like the grade you gave me. >> step into the traffic offers. >> the poor guy wears a sweater now he looks like a professor. >> can't get over it. >> hey, worked for dan rather for years, remember? >> and i know you're very toasty and warm on that side of the table. >> i am warm. >> professor pat. >> it rolls off the tongue. i kind of like t all right, so, we have a chill in the air. so you know, i feel like that sweater is not the worse idea. it is actually quite chilly outside. factor in the winds it, makes it feel that much colder of corpse. outside we go to storm scan3, at the moment, little hint of activity, that's actually because the lake effect snowfall is starting to kick up across central and western pennsylvania, some of that is likely to survive as it rolls our way. talking flurry, snow shower, possibly snow squawl at some point today. but that won't necessarily be the norm. it is sort of the exception. pretty scat nerd nature. but will likely be out there throughout the day. as the winds is expected to stay pretty persistent. because of, that the feels like values are what i want you to use more so as a gauge,
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you walk out the door, and this is what it feels like. while technically, our temperatures are into the mid 30's in shows spots, feels more like the 20's, here actually a look at what the actual air temperatures are at this point. thirty-five at the airport, so even though west to southwest wind, up to 14 miles per hour, and even in the best of situations, at this time of the year, that's going to make it feel that much colder. so bunts up. we walk you through the rest of the day, 40's the best we can hope for. won't see lake effect snow survive out that way, but poconos specially, certainly even here in philadelphia, few additional clouds, and very likely a few snowflakes to go along with our friday, pat? >> i think we can deal with 40 with a little bit of sun and wind, not bad for the end of the december. i'll take it. i hate the winds, though, but that's why i'm wearing my sweat they are morning. >> look at your name on the bottom of the screen. >> prophets or pat gallen. there it is. thank you, guys, appreciate it. >> well done, well done.
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>> school is in session. out to the roadways, 202 northbound here. at paoli pike. there is disable vehicle off to the shoulder, been out there for few minutes, not causing any slow downs or delays in this area. be cautious of the flashing lights here. forty-two, the freeway looking good. headed toward 295, headed toward the city of philadelphia, you got to love with the holidays, everyone is off it, means smooth travel, smooth commute. not here. this has been going on a while now. water main break columbus boulevard southbound queen street. two right lanes remain blocked, they say they'll work on it today. fingers crossed it is out of there. construction should be out of here soon. 6:00 a.m. they say they're wrapping up. hasn't wrapped up just yet. we'll keep you up-to-date. route nine closed at tilt on road. then huge mass transit checklist. regional rails are on sunday or excuse me, special schedule on new years eve. then the sunday schedule will work on monday as well. city buses and trolleys modified through sunday, monday, subways will have extra service as well. then patco, river line, dart,
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changing their schedules for this weekend, change the schedules, guys. >> thank you, pat. family and friend prepare to say good-bye to grocery store owner gunned down in south philadelphia. >> this morning, police have a suspect behind bars for marie buck's murder, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live outside police headquarters this morning where investigators may have motive for her murder. trang? >> reporter: well, good morning, yes, they believe it involves a necklace, but the suspect believes the victim's grandson had stole friend him, and he wanted to be paid back. but now, a family prepares to bury a wife, mother, grandmother, and cherish member of the community. >> whole neighborhood is here. >> the outpouring of mourners outside baldy funeral home thursday night showed just how beloved marie buck was to her south philly community. >> never, never. >> eighty-one year old grandmother lived and work near sixth and tight on, inside the grocery store that bore her name for more than 40 years. tragically it was also the place where she was killed.
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>> really it is sad, and really very, very upsetting. you know, to know that the woman that tried to always help some people, you know, a tragic thing like this had to happen to her. >> officers arrested 31 year old maurice green and charge the dollars him with buck's murder, police say green went to marie's grocery christmas eve morning, looking for buck's grandson who allegedly stole a necklace from him worth thousands of dollars. >> we think he went there with the intention every killing the grandson. he opened the door. he saw the grandmother. and at that point he made the choice that he was going to kill the grandmother. >> buck was shot 11 times. an act so senseless, violent it, shook even the most veteran of detective who hoped to bring some comfort to the family through swift police work. >> he was one of the more horrific murders i dealt with in nine years, 84 year old grandmother defenseless, beloved by the community, and to be killed in this manner, is just horrific. it is very sad. but we are very happy that we
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are able to put this to a clues in a very short time period. >> now second viewing is scheduled for marie buck for 9:30, to 10:30 this morning at baltzy funeral home. a mass will followment but for now live from police headquarters, trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim, jan, back to you. >> thank you so much, trang. >> a south jersey grandmother and her great granddaughter are still recovering this morning after being stranded for several days in virginia. seventy-one year old barbara briley and five year old la myra briley left mays landing christmas eve head today visit family in north carolina but never arrived. they were found wednesday in a heavily wooded area of dinwitty county. >> the great grandmother was obviously in trouble every some sort. she was moving, moving her hands, but she wasn't speaking. >> why they got lost and ended up in virginia remains a mystery. family members have said riley
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was former driver for new jersey transit, and had made that trip from new jersey several times. >> well the obama administration is striking back against russia for alleged hacking, in order to interfere with the presidential election. the white house is shuttering russian compound, can be g dozens of the nation's diplomats out of of the country. return an is vowing its own sanctions once could be announced later today. >> speaking thursday after the white house announced retaliation measures for its alleged election hacking during the presidential campaign. >> we are ex positioning the tactics, procedures, that the russian intelligence services have used, to interfere in our elections. >> the administration sanctioning four russian individuals and five russian indexes, also shutting down two russian compounds, and ordering 35 russian diplomats allegedly involved in intelligence gathering to leave the us within 72 hours.
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russian officials reacting swiftly and angrily. embassy in the uk slamming obama on twitter and calling the sanctions "cold war" dejavu. president-elect donald trump who has brushed offer intelligence assessment of russia's elections, giving broadly worded statement saying, quote, it is time for our country to move onto bigger and better things. senior trump advisor, kelly ann conway, saw something different in the sanctions even those sympathetic are part of the reason did he this today was to quote box in. >> many, including adam, have supported retaliation over russia's hacking. >> he won by having strong message but if a country thinks they can influence in a certain way, there will be consequences. >> now, meanwhile, russian embassy in the united kingdom share outrage on twitter.
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>> everybody including the united states people will be glad to see the last of this hahless administration, tweet also included a photo of a duck, with the word lame across it. and other world news, russia, turkey is declared cease-fire in syria. >> turkey supports the rebels, and the cease-fire is a potential break through in a six years every fighting in syria, leaving more than quarter million people dead and triggering a refugee crisis across europe. if it holds, piece talks will take place next month,. >> still ahead, ringing in the new glee with winter storm. this section of the country getting hit with up to foot or more of snow. >> and we will take a look what drivers in pennsylvania did to pass the time, while stuck in a snowy traffic jam there. >> also ahead, taking up fitness routine in the new year. what you need to know before you get started. >> ♪
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>> peppy music to wake you up this friday morning. taking a look at new new year preparations as the countdown to 2017. we will be back in just a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> powerful storm began bridging heavy snow yesterday to up-state new york, new england, so far, seven states are seeing up to half foot or more of snow, made even worse by strong win, creating snow drifts. >> family stuck in the snowy traffic jam in the poconos did what they could to pass the time. the north dakota family got out of the car, and built a snowman. they even let pets have a romp in the snow. this is along interstate 80 in black sleeve monroe county where police say the snow caused several accidents in that area. >> well, i guess anything to pass the time when you're stuck on a highway, look at that. >> no big snow expect in the our area, katy? >> definitely not. right up around the i80 interchange, jack frost, big boulder, headed up to the ski resorts, ya, what a nightmare to get stuck in that, unfortunate. but the same storm system just talking about still out there. lake effect snow showers that may fire up with the northwest winds flow picking up, cold air over the relatively warmer
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lake waters, that lake effect can get started but you have some heavy snow, that's currently still falling up across atlanta canada now, and also portions every maine. but at least the front that brought us the nastiness of yesterday's morning drive, that's gone. i would still say, though, that because temperatures are near or even below freezing, you may still have a couple every puddles out there or just general dampness. that will have had a chance to refreeze. so, please do keep in mind that if it looks wet, it is very likely frozen over right now. so slow down, use caution, if you run into what looks like a sheen on the road surface, or avoid the spots on the train platform. windy cold today though. expect high to only get to up 40 degrees. so not like terribly atypical to hit just that. factor in the west northwest winds, 25 miles per hour, gust to the 30's, makes you feel that much colder. bundle up adequately, brisk cold night coming up. winds still theme by the way. we've got couple of fireworks displays to tell but here, we look ahead to new years eve.
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6:00 p.m. low 40's, by midnight only dropping to the upper 30's, i can't rule out the spotty of sprinkles, i don't think however that you will have to really plan around that. it is more after mention, more than anything, we should have generally clear skies with some clouds, here there, but not enough to mess with the viewing conditions. next couple every days, beyond that point, warming up very efficiently despite the rain pat on tuesday. we flirt with 6 degrees. >> i know you're such a party animal, kate. >> i oh, ya. >> and it is your holiday. >> song dollars out at 9:00 p.m. if lucky? >> try to stay up, try. here is the ben. not too bad this morning. looking beautiful. my favorite kanka shot between camden and philadelphia, no delays here. no delays really on any of the major roadways this morning. so that's good thing here at 6:15. same holds true for the blue route, looking good as you head toward i76. the brake lights head that way. so again, so far so good. new jersey 42, picking up little bit on the volume.
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all good in this err a to keep an eye on this over the week edge, mummers parade, starts at 9:00 a.m. sunday. broad street will be closed starting seven a.m. and it will go from city hall down to washington avenue, and then headed to the eagle game, ya, still a game, cowboys, eagles, 1:00. you will want to plan ahead maybe give yourself some extra time if you're headed down to south philly. we will be right back here on
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>> from the page of the times herald, armed robbery at wells fargo atm earlier this month in king of prussia. jamal goodwyn of philadelphia reportedly admitted to the crime. goodwyn was already in custody at the chester county correctional facility, in connection with the december 12th bank robbery in malvern. when upper merion detectives noticed his resemblance to the suspect. >> from the news journal, faulty coin-only parking meters cost the city of wilmington more than $117,000 annually in maintenance, lost revenue between 2013 and 2015. yet the city continues to use them. audit released shows those costs primarily result from the meters breaking down due to coin jams. >> from the reading eagle after serving 20 years in congress, joe pits is calling it quits.
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the 77 year old chester county republican, who represents reading, also spent 24 years in the state house, served three tours of duty in viet nam, started out as meat and science teacher. >> that's a look at some of the headlines from across the delaware valley. >> hope he enjoys his retirement. lots of service there inch. >> deed. >> a look at the tribute to the late debbie reynolds, as chinese theater on hollywood boulevard, the theater dimmed it lights for one minute last night. reynolds hands prints have been immortalized outside the theater since 19656789 reynolds you know died wednesday, a day after her daughter actress carrie fisher. >> reynolds' son and fish he's brother, todd fisher tweeted out an illustration, as his mother in a raincoat she wore during her performance in singing in the rain and his sister in her princess leia costume. tweet also reads: love is ever lasting. the deaths of reynolds one day after losing her daughter has people talking about broken heart syndrome. there is a syndrome called
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stress cardiomyopathy, the stress brought on by grief or anxiety can lead to sudden intense chest pain. the symptoms can mimic a heart attack and lead to heart failure. it is much more common in women than men, especially women over the age of 50. so, in a extremely stressful, especially sudden stressful state, there is a large amount of release of these hormones, and there is a possible toxic tis at this they can pose to the heart muscle rendering it weak. >> now the syndrome is usually not fatal. doctors say, most patient make a full recovery. >> well, after nearly 80 years in business, new york city's famed carnegie kelsey closing it doors today. the eatery famous for its 20-dollar pastrami sandwiches closes at midnight tonight. other carnegie restaurants, including one in bethlehem, will remain open. deli featured in tips like broadway danny roseanne on shows like law and order. >> well, just looking at that
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pastrami on rye, might have you thinking about new work out plan for the new year. >> for me just makes me hungry this morning. >> exactly. >> still ahead, some things you should consider before you start a fitness
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>> good morning, spec to go see weekend that features relatively standard conditions of early january. ringing in the new year, a smidge above average for january 1st, possibly a sprinkle overnight, i don't think it messes with the if i
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works displays, but it is worth a mention. meantime, partly sunny, otherwise for the holiday weekends, guys? >> thank you, katie. now that the holidays are winding down, most people are thinking about new years resolutions, and getting healthy. >> well, if you are thinking about fitness program, kitchen hutchinson tells about a few things you should consider before you start. >> physical activity one of the best things you can do for your help. exercise can help you lose weight, reduce the risk every chronic disease, improve sleep, balance, and coordination, even boost your self-esteem. before you start a new work out routine, you need to know how fit you actually are. >> begin with the following simple fitness tests, measure how far forward you can reach while seated on the floor with your legs in front of you. note how many half situps, standard pushups, modified pushups you can do in one session. track how long it takes to walk 1 mile or little stronger how long it takes to 11 and a half miles.
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don't forget to write down your heart rate before and after. measure circumference of your weight. and determine your body mass index or bmi. your bmi is a measure of the fat in your body. you can find calculaters on line to help you figure out what it is. write down your result and keep track of them. they are your baseline fitness scores, will help you how to start your fit fest program, give you bench marks to measure your progress. >> i'm tired just watching. >> that was kim hutchinson reporting. well, still ahead in the next hour, half hour of "eyewitness news": >> new york city takes unprecedented security measures as it prepares for new years eve. i'm in times square with that story, coming up. and the reaction from a gun violence prevention group. to the gift carson wentz is giving his offensive line for the holidays. pat? >> hey, jan, getting you ready for the weekends, out on the roadways, a look at 95 looking
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clear so far. but we have a couple of problem spots, especially in delaware. because of those icy conditions katie told you about. we will tell you about that next.
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>> good morning, looking liver outside right now, hole onto your hats today. chilly start to the day, and whipping winds to round out the holiday week. katie has your forecast for new years, just ahead. >> morning, aim he jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo, now 6:29. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> he opened the door, he made that choice that he was going to kill the grandmother. >> all over a necklace that the suspect believed the victim's grandson had stolen from him. >> he'll have no protection, no diplomatic immunity here. >> the obama administration
6:30 am
has slapped russia with sanctions for launching cyber attacks to interfere with the us presidential election. >> the russians are likely to respond in kind. >> a major winter storm continues to pummel the northeast. seven states are seeing up to half foot or more of snow. >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. katie and professor pat keeping an eye on things this morning. >> how are you doing? >> poor guy wears a sweater, now all the sudden he looks like a professor, crashes he can't get over it. >> hey, worked with dan rather for years, remember? >> oh, my goodness. >> it is friday. can you tell? >> yikes. >> he is such a good sport, pat is, isn't he? >> he is. >> got to pick on somebody. >> uh-huh. how fun stay, katie? my goodness. >> i love it. dying in here. >> and our producer he whipped that up quickly, boy. >> just going it say, major kudos to our morning producer,
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vince, for cooking that one up. and i will say, pat is a very good sport. we make an awful lot of fun of the poor guy. but we tease the once we love. isn't that right, pat? >> yes. >> all right. soap, let's take a look what's going on out there. at the moment, we do have handful every clouds overhead. hint of breeze, not much out here on the skydeck, but i have to tell you any time it blows it, really does make it feel that much colder. storm scan, not all that quiet. take a look, you do actually have some lake effect snow. that's been picking up across central and western pennsylvania, dow think some of this has the wherewithall it, could even survive as it migrate our way in the form of few flurries, straight up snow shower, even snow squawl. could reduce your visibility if caught in. that will generally looking for partly sunny day to un fowl. mid 30's current temperature readings, colder up in the poconos as you might expect. as we go through the course of the day, really not going to rebounds that much my friends. at best hit 40 degrees. when you factor in those
6:32 am
winds, it feels a heck of a lot colder. more like we're into the 20's most spots right now. so, mine advise is this. any time the wind blows, knock 10 degrees off. that's what it will actually feel like. keep in mind that even though you will see some sun today the wind will still be noticeable feature of the next couple of hours here, actually, through the rest of the day and night for that matter. jumping forward here, ushering in the new year with an eagles game, although may not mean a lot to the season, still eagles game that i have a feeling will be packed up to the hill here at the linc. forty-seven is our expected kick off temperature. so, certainly, warming up by that point here. but at the moment, pat, it is awfully cold on the skydeck. i need your sweater. >> yes, exactly. i heeded your visible i knew the winds was coming, i knew it would be cold so i went with a sweater. i don't see a problem with it, fashion forward guys common. this is a look at 95, where the city of philadelphia usually a problem spot, right around 6:30 a.m. not so today. cruising toward downtown, no problems here, no problems on
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any of the major roadways, thumbs-up going through this area and the vine. looking beautiful this morning. you see people doing off the ben franklin, piling up little bit. but really not slowing you down very much once you jump on to the vine. no delays here. no delays, well, there aren't really much in the way of delays here. but, it is kind of slowing you down, been out here for awhile. columbus boulevard, water main repairs, they say they'll get out on that today. hopefully cleared up. talking about this for far too long, like broken records here. there are accidents to tell but in wilmington. because of the icy conditions, that katie mentioned, 95 northbound, ramp to route 202, there are two accident that are on that ramp because of the icy conditions, so right around hovering 32 degrees, i guess, in that area. so, calm down, be, you know, hit the brakes little bit here. there are some icy conditions throughout our area. guys, let's throw it back over to you. >> thanks so much, pat. with new years eve approaching, law enforcement agencies from new york to california are finishing that
6:34 am
err security preparation. >> reporting from times square where security will be extra tight. >> 2 million people are expected to pack times square to welcome in the new year. >> people will be safe this new years eve because we're there. >> a mid the rebelers, will be 7,000 nypd officers. some will be seen, others will blends into the backgrounds. >> this is where everybody has to be on their toast. i know complacency can sit in at times, everybody knows how important this is, everybody knows that the eyes of the world are upon times square. >> among the security measures here, 65 garbage trucks, filled with sand, will be parked around times square. in response to recent attacks in germany, france, where trucks were used as weapons to plow through crowds. another terror attack weighing on the mind of new yorkers. >> something i don't want to think about. but, in the end, unfortunately, anything is possible. >> nypd says no specific threat to the city, but they're taking no chances. >> in many respects, it raises
6:35 am
the concerns that we're perhaps missing something, or not tuned in to something. >> in california, security tightened for pasadena annual new years day rose parade. police using water filled barriers along all 56 streets that cross parade routes, to prevent attack with a vehicle. in las vegas, police joined by the f.b.i. national guard and secret service will provide security along the famous strip. back packs, coolers, large bags, are all banned. roxannea, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". new york city is also making sure the party goes off as scheduled. >> yesterday, they had address rehearsal which included testing the confetti, all systems are a go. 3,000 pounds of confetti will be dumped on the rebelers, celebrating 2017 this year. >> warning residents not to shot celebration guns into the air or risk being arrested and charged. >> "eyewitness news" yesterday at police headquarters where district attorney seth
6:36 am
williams and police commissioner richard ross introduce add man who was injured by celebratory gunfire as a child. on new years eve in 1998 a stray bullet hit then 11 year old joe in the head in south philly. >> hasn't been able to walk, or throw football to a neighbor in the front yard. because every brain surgery i always get more mobility. >> poor man. person that fired that shot has never been caught. if you live in south jersey and frank celebrate the new year in philly, patco is making it a little bit easier. free train rides are being offered on the high-speed line. the free fares start at 8:00 tomorrow night and run fool 4:00 a.m. on the first. the delaware river port authority hopes this will cut down on the number every people driving drunk. >> starting on january 1st, philadelphia will tighten the rules for businesses that sell tobacco products.
6:37 am
new regulations, including tobacco free storm zones, anyone caught selling tobacco to minors, three times within two years, will be suspended from selling tobacco for a year. the city health commissioner says these measures aim to keep cigarettes away from children. most people who start smoking start smoke whg they're children. so it is particularly important for us to protect children from this kind of marketing. and if children go into stores every day to buy a pack of gum, or carton every milk, and they're seeing cigarettes, advertising cigarettes, more likely to pick up smoke whg they have an opportunity to buy those cigarettes. so this is about protecting children from that marketing of the tobacco industry. >> starting in mid february, the sitly also regulate how many businesses per neighborhood can sell tobacco. >> well, happening right now, big sale underway adam son. it is amazon digital day. the intoner retailer offers dig counts on thousands of item including half price on movies, kids games, tv shows. if you didn't get everything you wanted for christmas today, i can buy it yourself. well, the eagles offensive
6:38 am
linemen are experts when it comes to shotgun formation. >> now they are getting to be experts with real shotguns. carson wentz and eagles practice yesterday ahead of their new years day match up against the nfc east champion cowboys at the linc. wentz told that he gave his defensive linemen 12 gauge shotguns as holiday gifts. the linemen appreciated the gesture. i mean, i appreciate it. you know, he was looking out for us, a gift is a gift. i mean, the thought that counts. i appreciate. >> carson, you know, a gift, i know he meant it, you know, and he appreciates us, and we appreciate him. >> after hearing of the gift, the organization cease-fire pa is sending the players gun locks as a safety measure. still ahead right here on "eyewitness news", a look at preparations for the rose bowl parade. plus this. >> a medical miracle is helping one man and his family ring in a very special new
6:39 am
year. i'm marlie hall in college point, new york, with the story coming up. >> also ahead, where they are taking the manaquine challenge to new height. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> one of the most iconic sons from new years eve, prince. >> we remember the legendary entertainer and other famous people we lost in 2016. >> we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> feel getting ends of year parties there is season is the busiest time of years, like de bruno brothers, i was there the other day, packed. "eyewitness news" at the rittenhouse location, people flock therefore specialty cheeses, meats, and delicacy like caviar. also have really good soup. >> we have to stop airs things that just make me hungry.
6:43 am
we're stuck here. someone bring us some food, please. we have heard about the expensive security up greats in place for new years over, new years day activities, of course present. >> i hundreds of volunteers put the finish be touches on the annual tournament of roses parade in pasadena on new years day. forty floats will make their way along the route, decorated with thousands of flowers. >> that's always a beautiful parade. >> yes. >> and it is incredible what they can create with the flowers. >> so, so true, absolute absolutely. of course the nittany lions. >> i knew it. yep. >> talk about sinned ella story of football season, right? we are, however, looking ahead here, we talk about the new years festive tis going on here at home, pretty tame forecast all-in-all. we're used to it being chilly, it is certainly going to be so, looking ahead to the weekends, nothing terrible.
6:44 am
now, at the moment, what i would say is this: the values coming in from our eyewitness weather watchers can't be taken at face value. it is not the fact but the winds picking up, feels heck of a lot colder than it actually is. for example, 35 degrees, comes in this morning from wayne, granted only has 8-mile per hour winds, but it is even that light breeze, makes it feel cold outside. so please factor that in. bundle up adequately, said gusts peaking 12 miles per hour. and again, here comes the wind. it will be running theme throughout the day. go across the river here. take you on into 34 degrees coming in david dutch. pretty clear sky in clementon. closer to the coast, the clearer it will be, but i'll show you why it won't be further inland in a moment. lots of clear skies for us out in egg harbor township. 33 degrees. sun just starting to start over the horizon, light of day is anyway, all clear for him out that way. again the closer to the coast you are, the clearer it will be. we take a look back at the month that was. this last month of 2016. our temperature ended up just a smidge above average by 1.3 degrees, at least so far,
6:45 am
precipitation believe it or not under by over half inch. we have had some decent ants every rain though. at least not talking major deficit like we've seen in recent months, we've been all over the place, 64, bottomed out to 16, and everything inbetween. now right now, it is awfully chilly outside. storm scan, pretty quiet. here's why you will see more clouds off to the western suburbs, lake effect snow actually picking up. so regardless of whether you see flurry or snow shower, or not, you will see bit more cloud cover as go further inland. and that's definately true in the city of philadelphia too. where again, could you see snowflake, don't worry about any accumulation, just sort of again that lake effect that picks up in the wake of these systems, we do begin to rebounds, into next week, take a look, first couple of days the new year, flirting with 06 by tuesday, some rain on the way as well. >> i'm looking for some snow. you know me? >> keep looking, buddy. >> you guys are happy about that. this is 95, southbound, just before the blue route, there is a disable vehicle, off to the shoulder, there is a poe truck out there, as well, looking to pick that guy up.
6:46 am
so, they should be out of there soon, but going through the area brake, slow down little bit. new jersey 42 not much >> accident caused by icy conditions, closed, some of the temperatures in the area hovering around freeze freezing, 195 northbound ramp to route 202 closed. that's closed off. construction later. >> this starts at 9:00 a.m. on city avenue, kind of a pain in the butt, but just to look forward to it later, lancaster, 54th street, thereon city avenue. right lane block for about six hours, because of that construction. and then mass transit, you got to check across the board, patco, river line, dart, plus septa, bunch of changes this weekend because of the holiday, guys. >> thank you, pat.
6:47 am
well, shoe thief caught on camera, but the suspect was a surprise. >> specially since he has more feet than most suspect. take a look at this. there he is. it is the coyote. it is not un come ton see coyotes in this texas neighborhood, but they don't usually come up on the front step. this one grabbed a shoe, took off, there goes. neighbors say kai out east are come on, but still scary. >> the time between me leaving and this happening, just five minutes. what if the coyote was there when we had opened the floor. >> very good point. wildlife experts say it is mating season, which means the coyotes are more active than usual. >> on the cbs-3 health watch this morning, man from arizona has special reason to celebrate this new year. >> was diagnosed with rare cancer last year and told that his chances of survival were less than 5%. marlie hall has more on his recovery. >> hector camacho was not sure he would be around to celebrate the holidays with his family this year.
6:48 am
the five year old retired new york city police sergeant has been battling a rare cancer, that has spread to his lungs. >> i started coughing. i started really feeling bad. a loft pain. painkillers, pain was brutal, brutal. >> last year hector was diagnosed when cancer of the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. >> majority of men with this type of cancer don't live longer than year. >> doctor of nyu cancer center recommended chemotherapy. but camacho wanted another option. doctors came up with a treatment plan that included radiation, and i am aoun therapy. >> the family didn't know for more than a year if it would work. >> it was just total sense of lost, what can we do? didn't know what to do. >> three months ago they got the news. he is cancer free. >> it is a miracle. it is. feeling very luck. >> i very luck. >> i his remarkable covary is
6:49 am
now doctors treating three other patients. >> his experience is leading us to design new clinical trials, new approaches for patients with this type of cancer. >> camacho credits his doctors, his fate, and his family. >> i love my family. >> we love too. >> marlie hall, cbs-3, eyewitness news. >> what great story. time is 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> josh elliot joins because preview. morning, josh. >> morning, to you, jan, jim. that was a great story. you're right about that. ahead here, meanwhile, much more on the potential impact of the new sanctions levied against russia that you've been covering this morning. and we will look at what it might all mean now for donald trump's incoming administration. plus: tis the season, so take a look at some of the most successful holiday ads, and you don't say social media is changing the way retailers reach consumers, we will tell you how, and great story here.
6:50 am
artist carman herrera didn't sell her first painting until she was 89 years old. now her art commands six figures, now, she has achieved a major solo exhibit at the age of 101. don't forget that one. the news is back in the morning. >> incredible. we got to tune in for that. >> exactly. >> thanks, josh, have a great new years. >> you too. >> we lost many notable celebrities and newsmakers past year. >> here is a look back at some of those gone, now, but whose legacies will live on in spirit. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back, tens every thousands of people continue to watch on line waiting for this, bald eagle, nesting in fort myers, florida for the past decade. when a local real estate agent started dock ooh mentioning harriet's life, people tuned in as far away as china harriet laid two eggs in november that are expected to hatch very soon. >> here are three things to know before we go. philadelphia shop owner shot christmas eve, he is -- laid to rest today. >> the obama, hacking campaign during president at election at something g down russian compounds,. >> new years activities in philadelphia, continue, for the annual fireworks show, that's happening on the delawarement tomorrow night at 6:00 and midnight. sunday morning, new years day, there is a good old mummers parade down south broad street. well, it is to has been a while since the last manaquine
6:58 am
challenge video, now the challenge has been taken to zero gravity. >> the six member crew aboard the international space station, froze for the camera yesterday, as crew members floats completely still. expedition 50 on six month mission, studying the genetic properties of space grown plants. >> last check on weather and traffic? >> that just fascinates me. >> no gravity. >> fascinating. my goodness. >> and they're not moving. >> well done. >> exactly, they have very good core strength. looking ahead, guys, to pretty chilly day. we take quick peak at one of the live neighborhood network cameras, outside we go, still some clouds, you'll fine more sun than anything at the shore. further inland few additional clouds because of this, lake effect machine kicking into high gear through western pennsylvania, scattered granted but rounds every snow showers, flurries, some of which could even survive here, as it all heads east with a pretty persistent wind flow. and that is quite the running theme for us even into tomorrow, that wind will still be not whipping necessarily but very noticeable, and with chill in the air, pat, you
6:59 am
need to have nice big sweater like you've got. >> that's right. i knew i wore this for a reason. >> beautiful sun advise, there is an accident, actually, two of them, in wilmington. because of the icy conditions, northbound ramp on 995, to route 202, still closed because of the two accident. so, take some caution going through this area, then the mass transit checklist, get a bunch of stuff happening because of the holiday weekend. so check septa, patco, all of that. >> thank you professor gallonment next, the strongest snowstorm to hit the northeast in two years has left thousands without power. >> and remember to join us bright and early owe each weekday morning right here on cbs-3 starting 4:30 a.m. >> have a great day. stay safe this weekend. happy new year. >> remember, wear a sweater. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, december 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." russia plans retaliation after u.s. sanctions expel dozens of russian spies from american soil. president obama promises more actions to come. the winter's first nor'easter drops more than a foot of snow on millions. we check the hardest hit areas and what to expect on new year's eve. >> plus, retailers find new strategies to make their holiday ads go virle. we will show the videos that caught the most attention. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this is an important first step to saying to


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