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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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developing right now an all out search is underway for this man after a state police trooper is shot dead in central pennsylvania. we will have the latest on the manhunt. it is one of the biggest party nights of the year and security will be tight, the safety measures philadelphia police are putting in place this new years eve. and the doors are opened, at south philadelphia bakery where workers have been very busy all night getting ready for this new year rush. looks good. it is saturday last day of 2016, happy new years eve i'm jan carabao. lets get straight over to justin drabick with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, justin. a lot of people waking up
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hoping their outdoor plans and fire works won't be spoiled. >> we will deal with some clouds, that is about it. >> don't clouds help with keep things warmer. >> that is right they hold in the the heat that we will get to day and temperatures not that cold by midnight. still talking about 40. colder with the wind but hey, we will take that for this time of the career. >> tire works lance, definitely a good. travel plans across the region today and tomorrow looks great mummers parade good conditions here across the delaware valley this new years weekend. we will go outside this morning, chilly, compared to yesterday, few degrees colder, 31 in philadelphia south breeze 6 miles an hour. that wind will pick up, and, it does feel like 25, on exposed skin, air temperatures ranging from low temperatures, and the lower 30's in philadelphia 28 in wilmington 256789 quakertown. mount holly, new jersey palmyra checking in at 31 degrees. wind chill values right new could be worse, nothing terribly cold, low to mid 20's
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in the the lehigh valley, berks county, 28 on exposed skin in wilmington. twenty-one in dover, delaware. pretty much clear skies right now, couple high cloud moving in especially north of us in the lehigh valley, poconos, start off with decent sunshine today, cloud will thickening up through the afternoon and evening as weak cold front approach nice front coming through dry. look at high temperature, 46 in philadelphia few degrees above average. mid 40's at the shore. more clouds in the poconos, flurry or sprinkle coming in later on this evening. again temperature at midnight 41 degrees, keeping it dry mostly cloudy, we will factor in that breeze it will feel like the 30's. we will talk about temperatures approaching 60 heading in to january, those details coming up in a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> wow, 60 in january. i'll take it, justin, thank you. 6:02. time to check the roads. lets go to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> we are looking at the schuylkill, 76 at 202 starting to pick up some volume as
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people get an early start to their new years eve plans but we are looking clear as well as rest of the majors including 95, 30, the vine and turnpike. the mass transit also looking good this morning but you may notice some changes tonight for holiday celebrations, septa will be running additional trains to get you to all of your activities and will be running on modified weekday schedule both tomorrow and monday, that is after everything wind down. there are some route changes as well, so make sure you check your bus and train schedules before heading out tonight. market street will be closing at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for mummers parade and that will stretch between 15th and 16th street, your alternate will be race street and we are taking a last look at 42 freeway in new jersey, running smoothly like most roadways throughout the area this morning. at cbs-3 traffic event ther i'm amanda muhler, jan, back to you. we are following developing news this morning, out of huntington county, a man hunt is now underway for suspect who shot and killed a pennsylvania state trooper. last night trooper london weaver was responding to a protection from abuse
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violation at a home this juniata township when he was shot to death. police closed off area as they searched for the suspect on the ground and by air. >> so far we have seen two helicopters and i could not tell you how many cop cars, under cover cop cars, state the police cars drove by, so hoping everything is all right and can get sorted out. >> reporter: trooper weaver enlisted in the pennsylvania state police in december 2015 and was assigned to the patrol unit in troop g in huntingdon. police have identified a suspect as three two-year old jason robinson, police considered him armed, dangerous, they believe he has tyed his hair purple, if you have any information call 911 immediately. new this morning an accident in north west philadelphia has sent two people to the hospital, this happened around 2:45 at lincoln drive and rittenhouse street. there is no word on how serious those injuries are, or what caused the crash. an investigation is underway into a fatal crash in
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burlington county. medford police say two cars collided on route 70 east near troth road, killed one person and injured four others. in the aftermath of the several terror attacks overseas philadelphia police are increasing patrols to headache sure that this weekend's festivities are safe "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more on the increase in security. >> reporter: as eyes are fix on new years eve tire works and new years day mummers parade, law enforcement will have their eyes on the massive crowd expected to turnout. >> we just want to send the message that we will be working and working very hard to keep everyone safe and making sure everyone has a great time. >> reporter: from catching drunk drivers to matters of the national security, philadelphia police will be operating with all hand on deck. >> we will have, plethora of assets out there, and every type of configuration, prepared to respond anytime of emergency. >> reporter: in light of instances of terror around the world most recently december 19th christmas
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village attack this berlin, germany philadelphia police have teamed up with official ness other major cities across the country to ensure safe, fun start to 2017 >> i personally have been in contact with the the nypd as well as pennsylvania state police, septa police, fbi here in philadelphia to make sure that we're all on the same page, we're all well coordinated, sharing information. >> reporter: on a week even mark by extravagantly clad men and women strutting down broad street unique behavior is receipt the eye much status quo, but suspicious behavior or circumstances is another story. police are asking spectators to remain diligent and call 911 if they spot something that just does not seem right. along with the fire works and mummers parade eagles will be playing at home on sunday, so extra security will be available as well. the reporting from penns landing, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". looking for something totallitive rent to do with the family today? jersey shore may be perfect place to take kid, for some
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family fun. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us what ocean city has to offer. >> reporter: it is, bars are your thing to ring in the new year perhaps the beach is and don't worry, only two blocks of ocean city's boardwalk will be closed for repairs. >> this year we're celebrating 25th anniversary of first night in ocean city. family friendly non-alcoholic celebrations. >> reporter: first night started in boston years ago and tradition still continues in ocean city, where city spokesperson doug bergen says the beach wakes up starting at 4:00 p.m. new years eve. >> it will look like summer night the streets and boardwalk. >> throughout the town is there more than 70 different shows, 20 different venues. >> reporter: dj will even be spinning tunes at skate park. the aquatic center will be opened if you want to take a dip indoors. are you excited for new year. >> yeah. >> reporter: three-year old says his tamly are have their
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admission buttons which cost $20 a piece. how many total are going with your family. >> so there is five, three, and then four more, right. >> wow. >> reporter: yeah, big crew. >> there is a lot of us. >> great to travel, you know, stay safe. >> reporter: this greek pack will be joined by more than 10,000 others expect to attend tamly friendly party, including many visiting from out of town. >> it is going to be great because of the weather. this is new years. it was zero seven when we left atlanta. >> reporter: it caps off midnight with the bang over the ocean. >> the fire works. >> the fire works. >> we will be staying up late. >> reporter: it is a celebration on new years eve is not enough ocean city is holding a polar plunge new years day, someone thousand people will run right here into the ocean just the thought of this, makes me cringe. reporting here from ocean city , i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i have to second that. parties all across philadelphia will help ring in
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2017, one south philadelphia bakery has been working all night to keep up with the order. "eyewitness news" report's neat a oh is live at c acia's bakery in south philadelphia. how does it look, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan this is the best alarm clock waking up to all of the smells of this fresh bread, they really have been working throughout the night though, many of these work are have not slept. they have even taken a nap for a to hours getting these order ready for those new years celebrations, these are thousands and thousands of rolls, heading out to the super markets. we have seen people in the neighborhood stopping in already picking up their order for their new years day party, over in the back here all of the employees are working on baking these fresh rolls. they have been at this from yesterday all throughout, overnight and they will continue throughout the day to take, filling order of rolls, pizza, roast park, cannoli,
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you name it, they have it and they are working hard to get that ready for people flowing in through the stores today. they are cutting up fresh tomatoes for the pizzaz, we have employees working here for more than 20 years. this is really what they have grown up than. we have talk to the fourth generation store owner here joey cacia who says it is good quality of this bread that keeps the customers coming back and he is really thankful for loyal customer base that they have here and the customers we have spoken to who say the same thing they say they grew up in south philadelphia, they grew up in this neighborhood and this is where they want to get their bread and that is a tradition that they have every new years if you want to head on down doors opened up at 6:00 o'clock, jan, i necessity all this is hard to look at and not be able to smell so we are enjoying it this morning. we will bring you latest throughout the morning but for new live from south philadelphia, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, anita.
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zero seventeen has already started in one part of the globe, still ahead where they already said hello to the you this year. we will also have this. >> it is not easy to admit i have been standing in the same place for 18 careers. >> i have been standing with you, i have got a life too. don't you think i have had dreams, hopes. >> generating oscar buzz, one academy award winning actors star this is movie tenses we will hear from them when "eyewitness news"
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there it is, at the top of the hour, new zealand bid 2016 farewell and welcomed 2017, new zealand is one of the first countries in the world to celebrate the new year, so a very happy new year, to new seal land. i just love all of the fire on , difficulties lays all across the world, justin but we will not to have deal with weather here that might be ruining our party. >> we have just some cloud around, we should be precipitation tree, temperatures probably in the lower 40's for the fire works show in the evening and at midnight but colder when i you factor in the breeze and wind chills in the 30's this time of the year things could be worse. we are colder then yesterday morning but the wind have backed off a little bit. that is why we are seeing those temperatures starting to drop right before sunrise. upper 20's now showing up in new hampton county, charles checks in at 27 degrees under part thely to mostly cloudy skies. in and around philadelphia
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again similar thumbs, across the river here in to new jersey, jenny janssen in cherry hill is checking in at 26 degrees at this hour. partly cloudy skies, and another cold spot we will go down into delaware check this out lower zero's, so you get sheltered from that wind especially new work delaware clear skies, calm wind right now, delores lee has got 22 degrees at this hour. if you have your car outside, you will to have do some work this morning, start it early, let it warm up or you will be doing scraping heading outside , get outside right away. frosty start to the morning with those temperatures cold across the delaware valley. we will go to the neighborhood network and check things out palmyra cove nature park in new jersey 28 degrees across the delaware, nice clear visibility this morning. we have a calm wind, in palmyra but that wind will kick up a little bit later this morning in the afternoon at ten to 15 miles an hour. gusting to near 30. so not as windy as yesterday, wind gusting to 40 miles an hour. cold air, starting to move out we are getting a warm up over next several days. quiet on storm scan 3a few
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clouds to the north, they will move on through, clear skies to the west, start you off with decent sunshine for first half of today and then included thicken up in the afternoon and evening as cold front approaches. not a strong front in, cold air behind it. limited moisture. we have less than 10 miles an hour, calm in some spots but in the afternoon they will start increasing. sustain winds, ten to 20 miles an hour. notice treks out of the south, that pushes out colder air, we are returning above average this afternoon. still breezy in the evening. if you have dinner lance around town make sure you wear heavier coat because it will feel colder when you factor in the breeze and tomorrow wind will start to lighten up, great start to the new year and good football weather as well heading to the eagles game. so again those wind, sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour, south and then they will turn northerly tomorrow and monday, and we will start to see our next storm system moving in. so again partly sunny skies through the day today, more clouds, late afternoon and evening, maybe flurry or two
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lehigh valley or poconos, late the in the evening hours, other than that we are dry and then, after midnight we will start to clear things out again. then for sunday lots of sunshine on tap. temperature wise above average low to mid 40's for a lot of locations. tonight temperatures leveling off 9:00 o'clock still right around 40 degrees, same deal around midnight or just after upper 30's to 40. but that wind will feel colder , tomorrow's highs, mid to upper 40's to 50 degrees in some locations. wind chill values in the evening hours, tonight, lower 30's, same way around midnight , outside for fire works. forecast for today partly sunny skies, 46 degrees, breezy, still quiet tonight, mostly cloudy, little will bit on the breezy side, 38 for the low temperature and then hum mers parade great shape tomorrow, wind lighten up, 41 degrees at 9:00 in the sunshine by noon time mid 40's and that sun continues throughout the day. i think westerly wind should warm us up enough close to 50 degrees for the high on
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sunday. back to the mid 40's monday, crowd, a few showers around, steady showers on tuesday but we are close to 60 degrees for the afternoon temperature, and then winter returns by end of next week to talk about highs struggling to get to the mid 30's on thursday and friday. >> back to reality, thanks justin. iconic american play has finally reached the big screen , and it stars two award winning actors. david daniel has a look at the movie fences. >> i told her look baby, i don't want to harry, i just want to be your man. the rose told me. >> i said if he wasn't mankind move out of the way so mankind could find me. >> that is what she told me. >> reporter: fences hit theaters with denzel washington and viola davis both one tone a ward for play in 2010. washington also directs the august wilson drama about race , family in the 1950's. >> it wasn't that difficult only because we had done it 114 performances so now it was just learning the material and how am i going to tell the story and be true to august
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and i made a conscious decision to lead with august. i could have tricked it up and done all kind of shots. i made a decision until to to that it would have been ease which someone of his caliber to say it business me, shot will be on he, he was so conscious, so conscious of letting everyone shine. >> i don't want him to be like me. i want him to get as far away there my life. only decent thing about me. >> can't be nobody but who you are, troy, that is all you have to measure yourself against the world out there. >> reporter: washington stuck to the original script as much as possible. >> august wilson is american shakespeare, should i rewrite shakespeare? >> august wilson is when he writes about is the flawed every day man. >> this man wrote a masterpiece, one of the great playness american history, there is something there for
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everybody. >> it is not easy to admit i have been standing in the same place for 18 years. >> i have been standing with you, i have got a life too, don't you think i have had dreams, hopes what about my life, what about me. >> reporter: in hollywood i'm david daniel. when we return, viral sensations of 2016, some of the years biggest trend, coming up
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back on "eyewitness news" 17 people were trapped in the stalled ride for over five hours at a southern california
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amusement park and 2:00 p.m. yesterday the sky cabin ride at knocks berry farms stopped 130 feet in the air. maintenance crew where is unable to fix the ride before fire fighters arrived. rescuers had to repel each passenger to safety, there is in word on what caused the ride to stall. switching gears, to what went viral in 2016, jeremy ross has some of the most shared stories of the year. >> 2016 was year full of viral trend, are you ready. on your mark, get set. >> pokemon go. >> reporter: digital scavenger hunt became a phenomenon overnight with players searching for pokemon on the streets, on the front lines and in the state department. >> you're playing pokemon thing. >> because we can't have nice things it led to the discovery of dead bodies, people being robbed and drivers playing when they shouldn't. campus college freshman became a star after a thief broke in and stole a kit the cat bar leaving behind a note that said give me a break, i was
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hungry. it went viral ape caught eye of hershey so they made it up to the student with over 6,000 of the chocolatey thanks. ah, sweet justice. 2016 end up being known for the election and election end up being known for debate then debates will be sheer surely nome for the bone, ken bone, red sweater debate contributor was a viral sensation in one saw coming n a debate with no winners, ken came out, on top garnering a huge social media following and his very own izo d commercial. after a three-year old child fell in the gorilla even close another at cincinnati zoo, authorities were forced to shoot and kill a gorilla named harambe, a name known with animal rights. shooting sparked international coverage of the incident, social media debates on the action taken, protests, memes and #cries for justice for harambe a twitter handle still trending on line. one woman's case of the giggles led to international stardom as viral video of a mom chuckling at a mask became
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laugh heard around the world. the mom enjoyed her 15 viral minutes by doing talk show circuit, and tattoo on the arm and making the real chewbacca peter mayhew, who is laughing right now. it saw viral trend that nobody wanted, case in point, those creepy clowns. weird owes in scary clown masks started in south carolina but began popping up all around the country with in explanation. most posed no real threat but it gave everyone the worries anyway. 2016 finished strong though with the viral trend we can all enjoy, the manikin challenge. everyone was striking a pose with their respective squads, more bizarre, better, celebrities, athletes, even presidential candidates got in on the action, or should i say , inaction. i'm jeremy ross, reporting. cbs-3 got in on that too i have to google it on line. still a head on "eyewitness news" this morning philadelphia is getting held i for not one but two fire works
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show that will ring in the new year what it the takes to pull off those dazzling displays when we come right
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good morning, i'm jan carabao, and happy new years eve, everyone. the lets get out to meteorologist justin drabick live outside on the cbs one sky deck this morning with eyewitness weather.
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the justin everybody wants to necessity how that fire works forecast looks. >> pretty quiet conditions as we head in the new year. that is a good thing, tradition to head outside, see fire works show whether it is evening or midnight you are in luck. no problems weather-wise, on the fence, don't want to battle cold things are not that bad. it will be chilly but could be worse this time of the year. coldest morning, lot of locations in the 20's. we are colder then yesterday morning. wind backed off so that cold air is able to settle into the surface. four this philadelphia 15 this millville. eleven in allentown. a lot of frost to scrape off your cars this morning. looking at these temperatures in the mid 20's in the lehigh valley, 11 at the airport in philadelphia, and millville with the coldest spot coming in at 21 degrees. twenty-three in quakertown. we may drop another degree or two right before sunrise. wind, it is less than 10 miles an hour but still enough wind chill toably those values down in the lower 20's on exposed skin even some teens in the mountains so again you will
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need gloves and wind will increase in the afternoon hours but quiet on storm scan three. a few clouds moving through from time to time this morning more clouds thicken up this afternoon ahead have the on next cold trent but this front is not strong. temperatures above average, mid 40's for highs, for philadelphia and shore, mid 30 's in the poconos. maybe a flurry late in the day in the the poconos. here's that midnight forecast, the actual air temperature 41 degrees under mostly cloudy skies, breezy so that brings wind chills down in the lower 30's. if you like it mild wait until you see start of the 2017, we will talk about temperatures close to 60, i'll show new wet they are a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> thanks, justin. it is now 6:30. time to check road. lets go to amanda muhler in the traffic center, good morning, amanda. >> good morning, taking a look at columbus boulevard right now good news there water main break that had two lanes shut down here all week just opened up last night so there will be no delays today as you head out to celebrate, and if you are planning a night the out
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but least lying on mass transit septa will be running additional late night trains that will be running on mod night schedules both tomorrow and monday after everything wind down, and there are route changes as well due to the the parade so check your bus, train schedules before heading out tonight. as we mentioned earlier thuses will gather near penns landing for two fire works show at 6:00 p.m. and midnight. be ready for significant traffic headache near penns landing if you are planning on driving. taking a last look at ben franklin bridge on this new years eve morning we are looking good heading in or out of the city. this is cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda muhler, you this back to you. in the aftermath of the terror attacks overseas philadelphia police are increase pag trolls to headache sure this weekend's festivity are safe for all. authorities have teamed up with multiple agencies in this city along with others in major cities all across the country to assure a safe start to 2017. however, authorities are asking people to remain vigilant and report any sus issues behavior, in the meantime, another type of
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raring is now taking liaison the delaware river waterfront. cbs-3's photo the owe journalist brad new shows us what goes into making philadelphia's fire works show so second tack lar. >> yeah, this is really where it starts. it started yesterday with laying down the act you'll mix and to take is where it really happens. it is beginning of it you will but there is a ton of work that goes in before we even get to this point. my name is anthony, i'm a technician with pyrotechnic a. >> to we have a moth the owe. >> yeah, do it right first time. >> perfection. >> perfection. >> the rain is making this a problem that slows us down a little bit. this is what i have called for years. so right the you this we are adding electric igniters to the the bombs themselves and that will be cabled back to the computer. so that computer will send
6:33 am
signal to the module and tell it exactly what time to send the shell in the air. >> oh, yeah, you really want to watch out for friction on, you don't want to be bringing them town too fast. they are safe when handled properly. that is the thing. >> here comes the sun. >> a lot of these guys have other jobs. we have college students, accountant is here, police officers and everything, teachers, yeah, we have a teacher right here. they have a lot of passion. that is why they are doing this. they are out here. they care. they want to bring smiles to everyone in philadelphia's face. >> we will be right over there on that tugboat both. as close as you can get. >> good view,. >> great view. >> not as good from the shore though i'll tell thaw. >> reporter: i am rest i have, job, indeed. now parties across philadelphia will help ring in 2017, one south philadelphia bakery has been working all
6:34 am
night to keep up with the order. eye witt the these news reporter anita oh is live from cacia's bakery this morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan these workers have barely slept. they have been baking throughout the night, to get all of these order ready for new years eve and if you are days celebration you can see all these bags getting ready to go out to be delivered to the super markets. we have seen a steady flow of customers coming into pick up that are order for the day as well, over on this side you can see they are putting in the pizzas, that is right, there are thousands of rolls and on top of that they have their pizza, they have their roast pork, they have contact knoll he is. there is so much going on this morning, again these work are have only been able to take a nap. they say this is busiest time of the year. you can see all of these rolls still have to be baked and they are continuing to work throughout the morning to make
6:35 am
sure all of this gets to the people who put in their order and who need them. they are extremely busy, so kay yot nick here. i can tell you as they tried to get all of this out the door this morning. so they opened up their doors at 6:00 o'clock and they will be closing at three if you want to head down to make sure you get your rolls rolls for your new years celebration. this is joey cacia, this is fourth generation his family has owned this bakery since the 50's. there is so much history behind this and a lot of people who we have spoken to say this is just part of their new years tradition. we have the quality, history here in south philadelphia. so right the new we are live from south philadelphia i'm anita oc for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. >> these brick ovens there create magic. they are wonderful. thank you. philadelphia is anticipating a big crowd for annual mummers parade so that means road closures as well, from a 3:00 a.m. tomorrow until the end of the parade market street will be closed
6:36 am
from 15th to 16th. fifteenth street will be clos ed from arch to chestnut, and jfk boulevard will shut dunn from 15th to 20th and later tomorrow broad street will be closed from city hall down to washington avenue. we have also put the a complete list of parade parking restrictions on line at cbs 2016 will be a year to remember, donald trump's election was one of the biggest stories on have the the year but wasn't only one that dominated headlines across the country. cbs news correspondent jamie youkiss looks back at stories from 2016. >> reporter: worst mass shooting in u.s. history took place in june at pulse nightclub in orlando, florida, a lone gunman who swore allegiance to the islamic state in the 911 call killed 49 people and injured 53 others inside gay nightclub before he was killed by police in december, a fire in an oakland california warehouse killed 36 people, and the building was being used as an artist resident and the blaze
6:37 am
started touring a dance party there. 2016 was also shooting of the black men and community respond. july and police wrestled him to the ground. the next day philando castille was shot and killed by a officer during a traffic stop. castille's girl friend recorded it live on facebook. >> you shot four bullets in to him sir. >> reporter: both sparked protest, one of them, in dallas on july 8th, ended with the ambush killings of five police officers. the gun man was killed by a bomb attached to a police operated robot. to cases from 2016 ended without conviction. charges were dropped in the freddie gray cave after three trials and three not the guilty verdicts. in december a jury dead lock in the trial of former charleston police officer michael slager, who fatally shot walt are scott as he ran
6:38 am
from a traffic stop. another jury quick 22-year old dill on roof of killing nine african americans, during a bible study inside charleston, historic emmanuel african methodist episcopal church, self described white supremacist could be sentenced to death, wild fires burned homes and thousands of acres of wood land in lower lake and in california. a callahan was arrested on suspicion of starting the lower lake fire and others. he was charged with 17 counts of arson. flooding was a major problem in parts of the west virginia, 10 inches of rain, in 12 hours caused widespread flash flooding, and 23 people were killed, and in august almost 2 s of the louisiana causing record flooding, and 13 deaths a gorilla at cincinnati zoo was fatally shot to protect a young boy who wandered into his habitat, the gorilla named harambe was seen dragging birth through a pool of water
6:39 am
before zoo workers responded. after weeks of protests, sometimes violent clashes with police, supporters of the standing rocks tribe celebrated army core engineers decision to reroute dakota access oil pipeline. >> cleveland is city of champions. >> reporter: lebron james led cavilers to the first nba title. and after a 108 years the chicago cubs are world series champions. jamie youkiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back here at home now family and friend paid their final respects to 81 year-old south philadelphia shop owner who was killed one week ago. marie buck was gunned down inside of her own store on christmas eve, "eyewitness news" at baldi funeral home on south broad street yesterday morning. funeral mass followed at st. mary magdellan church, police after rested 31 year-old maurice green for buck's murder. meantime family members of the south jersey woman who disappeared with her great
6:40 am
granddaughter on christmas eve are speaking out, barbara briley and five-year old le my ra briley were heading to north carolina to visit family last friday but never made it. the pair was eventsly found wednesday night in a remote wooded area of dimw iddie county, virginia, why they ended up there replanes hey history. >> le myra took the food and she fed federal her and her great grandmother every day. she took water and gave them something to drink every day. she covered her with a blanket , she, you could tell she tried to plug up her cell phone. >> now barbara briley remains in the hospital, in virginia, and her family says that she will remain there for a few more days. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" saying good bye to new york's famous carnegie deli, we will hear from some local customers, who lined up for one last sight, stay with
6:41 am
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welcome back. a new york landmark has served its last heel, carnegie deli which got its name from carnegie hall, just about a block away, fed new yorkers and tourist for almost 80 years. jessica layden from our cbs station was there as fans lined up for their last bite. >> very sad. it has been a part of our family. >> reporter: schwartz family in bawa new jersey could not pass up a chance for final feast at this famous deli that has been enjoyed for generations. but after 80 years, the carnegie deli spent friday
6:44 am
night serving long time and some first time customers, its final stacked sandwiches and slices of helps cake, some came here from out of state for their last case of caring kneeing i corned beef. >> we come here every time we come to new york. >> reporter: for those who never been here expectation where is as high as the meet heat is piled. >> best sandwich in my life, and great company too, yeah. >> reporter: some waited in line outside for five hours, yes. >> the camera pick up the crowd in one would believe it. >> some things have to go at certain times but they should have made this a landmark. >> reporter: marion harper spent the day sharing smiles, conversation with customers. >> i will still keep carnegie going, but super markets, and other locations, and i just want to take a step back and enjoy my life. >> reporter: now it is closing time for place where food fans will always recall, not only the mountains of meat, but their fond memories. >> we are or toy see it go.
6:45 am
>> nothing like carnegie deli are in will there ever be anything like the carnegie deli. >> reporter: that was jessica layden reporting. the there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason joins us life from insuring this morning with the preview, good morning , guys. did you stop over at carnegie tell i one last time. >> you know, i missed my last pass tram i sandwich i meant to get there but didn't. happy new years eve, jan, good morning. we will have the days head line but morgan free hand has taken audiences from the office to middle earth as he brings back his most famous role on the hit series cher lock. >> history of the ball drop we will have detail of the tradition. and if there is a mount rush more of the washington tc food seen help say andres is on it, we will go one on one with the legendary chef in the special holiday addition of the dish. >> all that and more just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> can't wait, thanks, very much. have a happy new years as well
6:46 am
switching now to weather, just continue, a lot of people wondering, the fire works displays will go off without a hitch. >> we will have some cloud around, breezy but not windy enough to really inhibit fire works here, temperatures in the lower 40's by midnight, colder when you factor in the wind but not a bad new years eve forecast tonight. cold morning though, a lot of widespread low to mid 20's at this hour, in new jersey, just outside, of philadelphia cherry hill, jenny janssen the at 24 degrees with the clear skies. get sheltered from the little will breeze we have this morning, temperatures starting to drop off, little milder north and west of the city in eagleville lou has mostly clear skies, 28 degrees and then again inland new jersey we have temperatures in the lower 20's at this hour. maryann at one in browns mills with the clear skies, popular place to be will be at the shore, later this afternoon into tonight. fire works in ocean city, live look, getting ready for nice sunrise with mostly sunny
6:47 am
skies. oaks water low 40's. tomorrow polar plunge, ocean water temperature of 41 degrees for that new years day event. final day of december and once again we will go above average when we average highs and lows together. coming in at 1.8 above average we could use more precipitation, three-quarters of an inch below average. high temperature this month was 64. low was 16. that will stay as we finish off final take of the month. and year. there you go nice and quiet storm scan three clear skies to the west and clouds will build in this morning in the afternoon. weak cold front over yes valley not a lot of moisture but really in cold air behind it. temperatures tomorrow behind the front will be warmer than today. big weekend to hit resorts, skiing, riding, look at these bases good here frost and boulder coming up to 40 this much trails, increase numbers close to 100 percent opened at major resorts in the poconos. here's that fire works forecast two events, two shows for philadelphia area penns
6:48 am
landing, 43 degrees for 6:00 but not much change in the temperature by midnight, 41, skies mostly cloudy, still breezy, wind chills will be down in the 30's. as we go through time again decent sunshine this morning. here comes the cloud, late afternoon, evening, maybe a flurry lehigh valley, poconos possible ahead of the trent. after midnight we will clear out again new years day a lot of sunshine wind backs off good start to the new year. temperatures today for highs, mild, colder, but i would say le to mid 40's in the the lehigh valley, mid to upper 40's around fail, and similar in south jersey. we will go above average today , tomorrow approaching 50 degre. jet stream moves to the north into next week, nice ridge monday, tuesday so we have a shot reaching 60 degrees especially tuesday, coming at a price. we will be dealing with rain. if you like winter weather wait until thursday and friday arctic blast comes at us and sticks around for several days for second half of the next week, typical january stuff
6:49 am
coming back from the delaware valley. partly sunny, breezy, 46 for afternoon temperature and then tonight the mostly cloudy, stays breezy, 38 in the city, colder in the suburbs, southwest wind at ten to 15 miles an hour, eagles game tomorrow great football weather, finish off, sunny skies, temperature at 1:48 degrees, wind light out of the northwest at five to ten. going up to near 50 sunday a few showers monday, mid 40's, upper 50's, close to 60 on tuesday with the the better chance for some steady showers and then wednesday still in the bad at 50 and then that cold air rush necessary thursday and friday, partly sunny skies high in the mid 30 's, jan, back to you. we lost many notable celebrities and news makers this past year. here's a look back at those who are now gone but will never be forgotten. >> ♪ the
6:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> marcia is three years older than you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> lost control of the kid. >> ♪ the the. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
6:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ the. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes, she was incredible. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm morley schaefer. >> ♪ >> ♪
6:52 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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6:54 am
not a bad new years forecast we have dry conditions and clouds roll in, 46 for the high temperature, lot of sunshine tomorrow near 50 degrees, showers hold off until monday/tuesday but
6:55 am
tuesday we will be close to 60 before the cold comes next week. >> i will take it. >> thanks, justin. that does it for "eyewitness news" for now, we will be back for updates throughout cbs this morning saturday but before we go we want to recognize everyone here at "eyewitness news" for all of their hard work and dedication both in front of and behind the camera especially here on the weekend we love you guys. do you a great job. thanks for watching. have a happy new year.
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