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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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local man inside when it all happened. well, today is monday, january 2nd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. to up date first on this freezing rain, katie, really not good way to start the week. >> definitely not. certainly not in 2017 either. so many people going back to work today, close watch on the car thermometers, where we are finding the worse cases of any icing out there this morning, but kind of just dreary day in general. let's back it up. take a look though, what's happening with the freezing rain advisory, again it, lasts us through the morning, different expiration times, that's why they're putting time for this on you. but, on this graph inning rather. but this morning, we're going to see some of these go out of effect, what the that the err weather service can cancel, this is going to be shrinking advisory, and wrapping up, latest, the further north you go. look at storm scan. you can understand y we've got the rain. pretty much confined, through
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chester, most of montgomery county, still finding the change-overtaking place, certainly berks county, even upper bucks county point north that far, traveling 78, 22, northeast extension, any of those spots, really, especially side streets, you got to be careful. expect if it looks wet, it is very likely icing up right now. but, you have got quite the variety pack right now. anywhere from mount pocono down to dover, for example, where you are in the low 40's, but still flirting with freezing far enough to the north. now everyone eventually will warm up to above the freezing mark, unless you are in the poconos, won't break out of the 30's, that tends to be the colder places right? we do however expect that the warmth is going to be running theme for us headed into tomorrow. so once we see all of that freezing rain turn over to rain, it is just rain. but it lasts us through the rest of the day, and even tonight, rahel. >> thank you. katie you know that rain causing some slick spots out there, let's start with i76 near spring garden street. we can see most of these headlights moving eastbound, through the city see the rain here creating slippery
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conditions as katie has been warning about this morning, also the roads looking slick in new jersey. this is route 42, near i295 bellmawr. now, there are no accident reported. no delays. >> there are reports of icy conditions as well at the intersection of fifth avenue and main street, this is near ooh sinus college, no accident reported but of course be mindful of that. mass transit, septa regional rails will operate on sunday schedules today. city buses and trolleys will be modified. and patco speed line will run on special schedule. new this morning, intense flames tore through delaware county home. >> family did make it out in time. but the homemade and total lost. trang do live on the scene at prospect park with the details, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim. firetrucks have cleared the scene. but crew remains here, boarding up this home, take a look at it, it is very heavily damaged, miracle that this family made it out unhurt as you look at the damage here, this fire moved very quickly through this older home.
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so much so that firefighters had to call a second alarm, and that brought out fire companies from across delaware county. but take a look at these intense flames coming from the home which at the corner every 14th and pennsylvania in prospect park. this fire started just before 1:00 a.m. the firefighter on scene tells me it started on the ground floor, and then quickly moved its way up through the home, told family of six with three young children made it out safely as well's their dog, did lose several other pets in this fire. the red cross helping the family this morning, who are staying with relatives, and again, no one was hurt. now firefighters did really great job containing this fire, to the corner home, the house next-door did sustain some damage to the siding. now neighbors tell me that this house here, right here on the corner, actually, caught fire twice before. the cause this time is unknown. live at prospect park, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> meanwhile, overnight, isis claimed responsibility for the deadly massacre in istanbul's
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turkey. meanwhile the the manhunt undery for the gunman. gun map walk into the night club news year eve hoped fire. thirty-nine people killed. seventy more were wounded. one of those was from delaware county. jake raak's family spoke exclusively with "eyewitness news" as joe holden reports, a cell phone may have saved raak's life. >> jake raak made last minute decision to travel to turkey for the new year holiday. family tells us he was inside that night club when loan gunman came in and started firing. jake, delaware county native, did recover in a istanbul hospital. >> crazy people came and shooting everything. >> german tv capturing jake rak being brought to an ambulance. and he explains what happened inside an istanbul night club. jake was monde dollars wounded shot once the it ricocheted off his cell phone and hit hit
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leg. speaking to jake's younger brother chris outside the family chaddsford home. >> i'm just very happen that i my brother is okay. that he's coming home. it is really sad for the rest of the world and what's going on and things. let's pray for them families. >> family first contacted cbs-3 about jake after word came an american was among the wounded, in the deadly new years eve attack on an istanbul night club. death toll riz tone 39 people. governor of istanbul told reporters the gunman aimed mercilessly over innocent people. meanwhile jake's family says after he was shot he remained motionly on the grounds playing dead in hopes he would survive. jake's mother who did not want to be an eye peer on camera told us he made spontaneous decision to travel to turk toy meet one friends on friday. >> you guys doing okay? >> mother is a little upset naturally, but yes. >> jake had trouble reaching family because his cell phone was destroyed in the shooting.
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however, he remembered one phone number, he dialed it from his hospital bed, and that with a to his brother. of course his family is grateful they expect him home on tuesday when his flight lands at philadelphia international airport. reporting in the sat center, joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> stay with "eyewitness news" as we stay up-to-date on the night club massacre in istanbul, turkey. our coverage continues on line at philadelphia sugary drinks law in effect, and the judge ruled the tax is allowed by state and federal law, but the beverage industry plans to appeal, the tax is expected to raise about $09 million a year for the expansion of pre k programs and renovations at parks, libraries, and community schools. in sports, eagles are looking forward to next season, after finishing the schedule on up note. eagles and dallas cowboys,
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their starters were resting. intercepting dallas back up, for the err eagles quarterback sanchez. carson wentz through touchdown pass toss tightened zach ertz, there it goes, and the birds beat the boys. coach pederson said he likes the season. >> he's an exciting player to watch. and to coach. and pleasure having him in this year. >> ultimately we want him to be playing in january. we want to be playing. but, obviously, looking back now, now that it is over it, will take some time to reflect for sure, both mentally and physically, butt just building something special. >> that guy look familiar? baseball mvp, taught. millville native spent some time hunt withing carson wentz over the holidays, wentz, as you see, there made sure that trout got a game ball. now it was a tough season, but
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fans say they're thinking positively about the eagles. >> i think the eagles are pretty good. i mean, they got a lot of things to step up on. but they are pretty good. >> this is eagles nation. we bleed green, good or bad, go eagles all day. >> all day. every day. doug pederson and his rookie head coaching season seven and nine. cowboys have first run bye in the playoffs. >> new years tradition full of music and fanfare. here in philadelphia. >> indeed. the annual mummers parade strutted down broad street and considered to be the oldest parade in the country. >> for many, participants, dancing in the mummers parade each year is a family tradition. many walking in the parade with their young children, at least one memory was made this year during the parade, marriage pro p postal. while some took in the colorful sites for the very first time. >> amazing. this is incredible. these people are just like crazy, and awesome, and it is just -- it is the best time
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period ever, period. >> period. the city of philadelphia holes dollars its first mummers day parade back on january 1st of 1901, and the mummers parade also in quaker city took the top spot in the spring bands contest, in the comic division, murray took home the first prize, south philly vikings, took top honors in the fancy brigade, and oregon was the year's winner in the winch brigade. >> jim you know aid friend in from colorado. and trying to explain mummers to her. you can't. you just have to be there to see it to believe it. >> exactly. >> well, back to business. president-elect donald trump is in new york city after taking some time off in florida. >> his new response to the link between russia and cyber attacks, influencing the us election, and what the while house is now doing. >> and celebratory gunfire. the high profile victim now recovering after being hit by a stray bullet in the head. we'll be back, stay with us.
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>> bullets fly in a miami neighborhood the first day of the new year. seven people were struck including juveniles as the group stood outside a home in the northwest part 69 city. according to police, one of the victims is 15 year old, two others are 17. the car was seen fleeing the area. authorities believe there were multiple shooters involved. well, texas law maker is in stable condition today after being struck by a stray bullet on new years eve. a local sheriff believes that representative armando martinez was struck by a stray bullet, during new years celebrations. the incident is being investigated. well the president-elect is back in new york city this week, he will have intelligence briefing on the links between russia and cyber attacks aimed at interfering with the us election. mr. trump he still isn't convinced russia is responsible saying, quote, i
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also know things that no one else no, sir. over the weekend president obama order his staff to modernize technology in the white house, but the president-elect pushed back and said no computer is safe. >> well, no one here is safe from this wet weather that we're experiencing now it could sort of change, depending where exactly you are, maybe freezing rain, maybe it is rain. >> good thing, a lot of people are off today. so there are only few every us working. >> yep, we clearly several of them. but, you know, even we guys have a chance to beat the rain before it reached us. start today move in really as we were going on the air at 4:30 this morning, and across philadelphia, but, you know, you have got a pretty big swat of moisture working its way in from the south here, bringing with it milder air. but also going to bring some dreary days. for today and tomorrow, in fact, feature some rain for our area. right out of the northern fringe of this, yes, some icing taking place in that zone. so the northern half, i would say of our region, still just cold enough, you want to spec
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it could be slick out there even if it looks like it is just wet. then another cold front, that's starting to get its act together here, that's through the northern high planes. that's going to be dragged through by wednesday, into wednesday night. brink withing it pretty significant blast of cold. talk about that in a sent but walk you through future weather here. initially the rain, i cannot say i am crazy but who this initialize dollars on this particular model. it is a light rain. it is a fine drizzle. but it will be a little bit more widespread than this for the next couple of hours. why i show you this, because of the pink showing up. even as of 8:00 this morning, still battling the real cold air in carbon, monroe county, portions of lever high valley could be slick for the next couple of hours. meanwhile the rain will persist for us throughout the day. there may be some heavier pockets within it, but generally steady but light rain continues even into tonight and even into tomorrow. we start the day off on relatively quiet note. still little drizzly, then steadier batch of rain comes in through the afternoon. then it lifts out. and then we're done with it,
6:15 am
at least for now. but there is trade off that comes with that, again, very cold air waiting in the wings for us. once that reaches us, come wednesday night into thursday, you're really going to see drop off on the thermometer reading. that will justin, even into next week, with temperatures remaining anywhere between five to 10 degrees below the average. now, today, actually above average. eventually. light rain, drizzle, you can see the theme, we warm up to 45 degrees. later tonight dropping down to only 42. quite mild night. don't do drop off that much. continue into tomorrow, despite rain, some heavy, to contend w then scaled back to just flirting with 50, come wednesday. but the drop off takes place, leading into thursday, and frankly wednesday's high of 49, probably doesn't last long. probably going to be a situation where that thermometer drops with time. then we are just stuck in the three's, right through the weekends. rahel? >> katie, you know, that wet weather creating some wet conditions on the roads. fortunately not many problems to tell you about. let's start at the
6:16 am
intersection of route 309 and route 202. montgomery county near the montgomery mall, as we can see here, the roads are wet, but apparently not causing many problems for commuter ers. ben franklin, traffic moving nicely. no issues on any of the area bridges. one accident we've been telling but all morning, taunton lake road close in the evesham township new jersey due to accident that happened about 2:00 a.m. this morning. downed wires at the scene. we're told the road will be closed until clock 30. at this point no word on any injuries. also public transit, septa regional rails will operate on sunday schedule today, city buses and schedules modified, patco speed line will run on special schedule. >> how does a swim in the schuylkill sound right now? >> probably not very appealing. >> not at all. but that's how some people welcomed the new year. we will tell you the reason they say the cold water wasn't the toughest part. the toughest part. we will be rightways wins. especially in my business.
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>> shooting 5:40 a.m., 200 block of tioga street, both victims were transported to hospitals from the trentonian. >> intelligence err, 25 year old man suffered serious injuries to the left side of his body yesterday after
6:20 am
trying to set off illegal fireworks to celebrate the new year. authorities say the incident happened after midnight at the foxwoods manor apartments, that's off 413. from the pages of the mercury about 100 people welcomed 2017 with a splash sunday morning as they plunged into the chilly schuylkill river during the ninth annual polar bear swing at riverfront park. for many it was the river's brisk chill not the water chem tour that was a real challenge. >> that's a look at the led lines. the new yeast tradition taking place this morning in california. >> we'll take to you pasadena, where finishing touches are being put on the annual rose parade. also, the way police are working to keep spectators safe.
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>> expect to go see sunshine, very cold air, and winds become g up the second half of the weekends. winter is certainly going to be here. we'll have few more days like this leading to up it, which we'll get to little later in the show, guys. >> thanks so much, katie. penn state nittany lions are smelling the roses, later this afternoon, they take on usc in the rose bowl. team picked up pictures outside the rose bowl in pasadena over the weekend. last time penn state team played in the rose bowl, was after the 2008 season. they played the usc trojans, game kicks off 5:00 our time
6:24 am
this afternoon. katie will be watching. along woman others in our area. well, before the game, hundreds of thousands will turn out for southern california tradition. >> 128th annual tournament. roses steps off 11:00 our time. and final touches being put on floats for today's rose parade. using everything from flowers, seeds, beans, to decorate 20 different floats, in addition to the spectacle, the police presence will also be at an all time high. >> incident like berlin, east france, serves as starks reminders as security, the reason we have to remain vigilant. >> roads along the five and a half mile route will be closed as safety precaution for today's parade. >> this morning, couple every says apple is to blame for a crash that killed their five year old daughter. >> the reason they say the company's negligence was partly to blame in the fatal wreck. >> plus an overnight fire forces several people out into the cold. where this all unfolded, just a few hours ago. we'll have the details coming up.
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good morning, hammy new year, thanks for waking up with us. take a look, live look this morning, from sit hall in center city. freezing rain is a problem for parts of our area this morning. katie will tell us exactly where her forecast is in just a few moments. >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:28. here's what you need to know today for your morning minute. >> isis now claiming responsibility for a massacre in turkey. jake rak is recovering in a istanbul hospital. >> i'm just happy my brother is okay. >> intense flames rip through home in montgomery count. >> i flames heavily damage this home as well as neighboring home.
6:29 am
>> freezing rain going on out, advisory posted for good portion of the area. >> penn state playing in the rose bowl for the first time since 2009 when joe paterno was the head coach. >> wisconsin man charged in a police cruiser this weekend, throwing himself on to the windshield, and shattering it. >> annual mummers parade strutted down broad street yesterday. >> i thought we had the parade because we beat the cowboys? >> did you enter this year? did you? >> no kidding? >> did you strut down broad street? >> final appearance of the suit tan will get put away. >> for a full list of winners you can visit >> i could have blended into the crowd with this thing. >> oh, ya. completely. because that is the most nary thing i've ever seen you wear. >> i could wear this outside today, rain just beads right
6:30 am
off this thing. >> yes, one of those fabrics that you just can't destroy either, because i know i've tried. >> indestructible. >> such a shame. just kidding. we're so proud of our eagles, even despite the season coming to ends, with a nice win there. we are expecting unfortunately to see a lot of green on the radar, as well, apparently our radar also an eagles fan. you can see all of the action packed over my shoulder here. let's take you right to the full veer haven't shore of this, colors play an important roll. how you need to plan when you hit the road here today. obviously, do you have a widespread swat of this. most of us are not in view of the rain. let me stop the radar image for a second, see how the change-over is starting to take place here, north of the pa turnpike for example going up toward 81, 78, 22, northeast extension, still have the pink showing up on the radar. but another update to the freezing rain advisory for you here guys. take a look. we've seen now eastern chester, montgomery as well as lower bucks counties, get
6:31 am
taken out of the freezing rain advisory. so, it continues to sling on us that advisory, and thankfully we will continue to see many temperatures climb well above freeze withing every passing hour. so take a look at the map here. obviously we can't show you every single location. but if you are close to freezing, in any of these spots, you still want to expect that it will still be slick as you travel. and rain, you know, not the easiest thing to drive through. but at least not going to be slipping and sliding around the road surface as would you with a iced over surface. now as the day goes on, we're eventually going to be flirting with 50 at the shore, 45 in the city of philadelphia, with light rain and drizzle, continuing for us, and even up in the mountains, there could be light wintery mix. that continues to be the main threat zone throughout at least the rest of the day for any icing. but with time, everyone else can expect that we are going to see any icing turn over to rain, and at the moment certainly philadelphia continues to see the same. so at least that's good news to look ahead to here. but, this is also a story that
6:32 am
will be a theme for us with the many days yet to go here. expecting warming trends, but eventually, still some will be heavy, we'll walk you through the details a bit later in the show. >> ann creating wet spots. take a look, i95 at cottman. looking north wounds, no delays, that is good news, roads are a bit slick. you can see the icing there. rest of the majors also indent free at this time. looking at the vine street expressway, near the schuylkill expressway, traffic also moving smoothly i would say you can tell this is a holiday. not too much traffic out there. also reports of icy conditions at the intersection of fifth avenue and main street in collegeville, montgomery county near ursinus college, there are no considers reported here. you should know that "disney on ice" has its last show at the wells fargo center this afternoon at 1:00. as we said a lot of people probably home enjoying the day off. there could be some extra congestion during this time. i heard good show. >> i saw it two years ago. >> okay. >> i was like oh! two alarm
6:33 am
fire rips through delaware county home. >> fortunately the family just made it out safely, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in prospect park with the detail. good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim. we saw the family this morning. they are extremely shaken but are otherwise okay. take a look at their house here on the corner of 14th and pennsylvania. it is very heavily damaged, as you can see, crew on scene here, boarding up this house, as we speak. but, take a look at these intense flames coming from the home, which is on the 700 block of 14th avenue in prospect park. this fire started just before 1:00 a.m. firefighter on scene tells me it started on the ground floor, and then quickly traveled upward. the fire moved so fast, it went to a second alarm bringing out several delaware county fire departments, so they got the fire under control, in just about two hours, we're told family of six lives inside of the home, they'd three young children, they and their dog made it out safely so they did lose several other pets in this fire. the red cross is south here helping the family who are staying with relatives this
6:34 am
morning. no one was hurt. now the home next-door did have some melted siding but firefighters real did i great job containing the fire to this corner home, and neighbors tell me this house actually caught fire twice before. this time it appears to be a total lost. so far, no word on a cause. but for now live from prospect park. i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jim, rahel, back to you. >> fortunately they're okay, thank, thank you. in other news, man in bucks county recovering after suffering some severe burns at his south hampton township home. yesterday 300 block of orchard lane, medics air lifted him to the hospital. neighbors tell us he was burned by a fire pit he start in the his backyard. investigation into exactly what is going on is continuing. well, one man is in custody, and manhunt underway for another after shooting on the grounds after delaware elementary school. police say these two men are connected to a shooting on the property in sussex county lake forest elementary. the 17 year old suffered minor
6:35 am
injuries, david brown on the left was arrested short time after the gunfire, but the suspect on the right, 19 year old perquon seth remains at large. >> gunman of deadly gunfire, 39 people were killed, 70 more were hurt, including a man from our area. this morning, jake raak from delaware county is recovering from istanbul hospital. he said his cell phone may have saved his live. his family spoke exclusively, and say jake was shot once, the bullet ricocheted off his cell phone and then hit little leg -- hit his leg. >> happen that i my brother is okay, coming home. really sad with the rest of the world, you know, what's going on and things. just pray for their families. >> and jake's family also says after he was shot he remained motionless on the grounds, playing dead, in hopes he would survive. he is expected to return home tomorrow.
6:36 am
well, president-elect donald trump is back in new york city after spending the holiday at his florida resort. >> this weekends trump reported skepticism of russian hacking all this as the white house upgrades it technology. here is hena daniels. >> president-elect donald trump will be briefed this week, by intelligence officials on links between russia and cyber attacks aimed at interfering with the us election. during his annual new years eve bash, mr. trump says, he's still not convinced russia is responsible. allude to go having insider information, he will share in the next few days. >> i just want them to be sure, because it is a pretty serious charge. and hack something a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. i also know things that other people don't know. >> congressman adam shif insists top democrat on the house intelligence committee. >> members of the house intelligence committee, congress, democrats, republicans, none of us have any question about this. the the only one who does is apparently donald trump.
6:37 am
>> ordered his team to modernize technology at the white house including new computers, faster inch nets. but the upgrade might not win over in trump. he said no computer is safe. >> you know, if you have something really important, write it out, and have it delivered by courier, the old-fashioned way. >> early new years morning a plane caring russian diplomats and their family members ordered out by the obama administration left the us. mr. trump's incoming white house press expect suggested the move may have been unfair. >> when you look at 35 people being expelled, two sites being closed down, the question is is that response in proportion to the action take never. >> has scheduled senate hearing on russian hacking for this thursday. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, coming up, a.m. sell facing a lawsuit from the parent of five year old, killed in a 2014 crash. >> what they say the tech giant failed to do resulting in the death of their daughter during that crash. >> new year, new laws.
6:38 am
a look at some of the brand new regulations going into effect across the country in 2017. >> and this is a live look of center city from our studios on spring garden. you're watching "eyewitness news" on rainy holiday monday morning. bruno mars, cranking it out. tuning it out for thus monday morning. appreciate you ringing in 2017 with us. >> in every life a little rain must fall. >> oh, look at you being philosophical. >> we will be back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> this rainy monday morning, will he high valley, if you are headed to work this morning, get ready for some slick roads, parts of the area are also seeing freezing rain. we will keep recap the roads to watch for and the weather to plan your day in just a few minutes. >> north texas couple is suing apple over its face time app. the parents of mariah claim the tech giant is liable for a crash on christmas eve of 2014 that killed their five year old daughter. the other driver, when using the app, smashed into the family's car. the parent claim apple failed to implement a safer alternative design that would block out and prevent use of the face time app while driving. well, california's one of four states where marijuana is now legal. >> as tony reports, the new year bringing some new laws across the us. >> reporter: new congress convenes yan third including dozens of new faces. among them, the first latina
6:43 am
senator, catherine cortez masso of nef add a of course new president follows on january 20th. donald trump will be the first commander in chief with no prior experience, in any elected office. but it is not just washington, that's changing. california is one of four states where the stroke every midnight brought the first totes of legal man juan a. bringing the national total to eight states. millions of workers are making more money this month, as 19 states, and the district every columbia, bump up their minimum wages. members of the military will also see slightly fatter checks, thanks to 2.1% increase in basic pay. fewer than one in five people thought the country got better last year, according to new pole, by the associated press, most americans, 55%, said they believe things will be better, at least for them personally, in 2017. >> cbs news, new york.
6:44 am
also in california, it is also now legal for citizens to break into a car to save a an animal. >> i like law. in tennessee, new law may allow brew tears deal with alcohol content for more than 10% you. >> like that option. >> i'm not a bare drinker, but how much alcohol is in beer anyway? >> compared to like strong liquor? >> not that i drink anything. >> no. >> good day for hot cocoa. been very chill. >> i little gloomy throughout. >> yes. >> to say the least. yet, you know, leading to some problems out there this morning, for a loft us, too, with the icing that's out, there but then, you know, any time there is rain falling, of course can pose a problem, too. let's talk about what's going on with the radar. wider more region wide zoom. obvious that you have got enough cold air to support some of the icing we see take place here, there is transition that's going on as well. so that's at least some good news. all part of larger system, two separate systems by the way that move in.
6:45 am
one today, another tomorrow. but all coming from the south. so pushing the warmth with it, by keeping things again on the unsettled side as a result. first of two straight days, of rain, so the area starting off little bit on an icy note. the eyewitness weather watcher did report little bit of that. go on out to eileen, back in gilbertsville area, she at this point is still finding i believe this icon correct, still having some rain out there, with 31 degrees, as the temperature she sent in. also did say she had freezing rain earlier on this morning, advising people to drive carefully. 37 degrees from least a she is down in wilmington, delaware, where it is a little too warm. thankfully cold rain granted. but too warm for freezing rain. and also safe advise, don't forget your umbrella today. >> the rain will be light and drizzly through the day, one of the situations where you don't want to get caught in it. i would advise having the umbrella ready to go. one more irks take you back into new jersey, where john
6:46 am
sends in from tabernacle, light rain falling, and he said you can hear the rain but can't actually see it where he is. so it is very light rain. it is again fine drizzle or just very light rain. but it is still out there. let's switch gears. take you on out here to the surface stuff. high pressure really just moving on out. we had the sunshine yesterday. that's a memory at this point. one pushes in, another low pushes in on its heals, tomorrow, bringing fresh rounds every rain, likely some of it heavy tomorrow and second half of the day specially. with our highs in the 40's and 50's, that's well above average, folks. you can't get used to, that enjoy it while you have it, even despite the trade off with the rain. because we are going to end up with a very significant arctic blast that comes along later in the week. so for now, the morning commute is generally light rain. we are likely to show you still finding some icing off to the north. it is still pretty dreary for the second half of the day. whole day really frankly could be little dicey. so i give you the caution light right throughout today. tomorrow as well. just rain. thankfully no icing.
6:47 am
but some of the rain could be heavy. so it is the caution light right through tomorrow. in the meantime today's high reaches 45 degrees. obviously warming up from where we currently stand. only bottom out to 42 degrees tonight. so not heck of a lot of movement on the thermometer, indicating the warmth is really taking over, still that fine drizzle to contend w and the sunset being two minute later than did just yesterday. looking forward in the eyewitness seven day, yes, these become a memory, these temperatures, come thursdayment take a look, even the high of 49, very likely to actually fall throughout the day wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday can't break out of the 30's. i wouldn't be shock to actually see couple of flurries come friday, rahel. >> katie, thank you. good advice if i ever heard it, if you can stay home today, good idea to. a lot of people are still on holiday from the new year, so we appreciate you being with us on this 2017 monday morning. now if you do have to head out, maybe traveling back to your home, a look at i95. philadelphia international airport, good news, no reported delays at the airport, but, of course as
6:48 am
always, be sure to check your flight status and allow extra travel time due to the weather as we can see here, roads are wet, give yourselves extra time. moving to route 42 freeway near i-295, bellmawr, new jersey, also no incident or delays. >> and, town ten lake road remains closed due to accident that happened 2:00 a.m. this morning. telling you about this since 4:30, still watching it now. we do know that there are downed wires at the scene. the road will be closed for at least another hour. but you can use tuckerton road as alternate. if you are traveling into town, maybe taking some public transportation, mass transit, septa's regional rails will operate on sunday schedules today. city buses and trolleys will be modified, and patco speed lines will run on special schedule. rising into the new year. well the search resumes this morning for small plane that disappeared while flying over lake erie near cleveland. it was lost thursday night, where the family of four and two neighbors on board. a bag washed ashore sunday, but there is no confirmation on whether it is from the missing plane.
6:49 am
>> time now 6:48. there is a lot as always coming up on cbs this morning. >> joining us live from new york with a preview. jeff, good morning, happy new year. >> reporter: happy new year, jim, rahel. good morning. we're in istanbul, manhunt continues for the suspect in deadly new years night club shooting t injured nearly 07 including one american, 39 people died. plus president-elect trump claims to have insider information from the presidential election hacking cast out on russia's involvement. mark joins with us fall out from his comment. and cbs sunday morning connor night on, see in you just about ten minutes, guys? >> sounds like great show. thanks, jeff, we will be watching. and the time of year where people make rest lakes cents to get themselves into better shape. >> for most people that means working own their bodies, dentists say many need to pay more attention their teeth, as well. marlie hall has the store. >> i she wants to keep her teeth in good shape. but few months ago her dentist
6:50 am
toll hershey had a bad habit to break. >> he notice that my teeth were really taking some abuse because i was grinding. >> doctors domenique lizio says grinding unclean thing your teeth is a bad habit many people should try to break. >> a lot of americans do it. it is usually related to stress, anxiety that they have, the teeth are worn down, fillings start to break. >> biting nails is another lab at this time give up t can chip the edges of your teeth. >> also, makes the jaw end in a protruded position for example for period of time, on the jaw joint and muscles, that holds the jaw. >> mother dental resolution to make this year, stop chewing ice, using your teeth as tools. the best habit for your teeth is to brush twice a day for two minutes. but dentists caution don't brush too hard. that could damage the enamel of your teeth and gums. >> i always tell patients to brush longer, not harder. >> also trying to break that habit. >> i am an overzelous brush
6:51 am
err. so i've gone from the, you know, manual toothbrush to the electric toothbrush. so it sort of self-correct for my. >> and she's also wearing a mouth guard at night, to keep her from grinding her teeth. marlie hall, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and dentists say another lab at this time break, as well as overall health, to stop snacking all day long specially on sugary foods and drinks. >> new jersey couple celebrated 2017 by bringing the state ace first baby into the world. meet sawyer robert nelson. he was delivered 13 seconds after midnight on new years eve at virtua hospital in voorhees. they were doing what a lot of other couples were doing on new years eve. >> he came at a perfect time, right as we were watching the ball drop to ring in the new year. he came right at 12:00. so it was real exciting. >> very exciting time for our family. >> and baby sawyer is healthy and doing just fine. doctors say he weighs in at 8 pounds and 19 inches.
6:52 am
>> and another sawyer making news, and the last baby born in 2016, in glendale, arizona, already big brother. sawyer matthew shea was born at 11:51 on new years eve. about ten minute before his twin brother, everett, was delivered just after midnight at 12:01. parent holly and brandon shea believed having twins born in different years was a very real possibility. >> as it was happening, we were like oh, this is like we had little foreshadow that this could happen. and it did. >> and the family's two other daughters are age 13 and four, and we're toll they're waiting at home with bated breath to meet the twins. >> and luckily for some folks in montgomery county, the weather wasn't too cool yesterday. >> that's because they chose to hit the water on new years day. "eyewitness news" was in norristown where hundreds turned up for the 37th annual indian ski freeze. each year brave men and women hop on water skis to raise money for a good cause.
6:53 am
>> it is great. we come together every new years day and do this. it is all about community. it is all about helping out camp rainbow. we try to do what we can to raise money from straight donations to food sales to ravel prizes. >> the ski freeze raises money for camp rainbow and overnight summer camps in montgomery county. well, we will be right back with three things that you need to know before you go. >> three to go next.
6:54 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> before you hit the road it is three to go. icy now claiming responsibility for deadly night club massacre in istanbul, turkey. >> meantime the manhunt continues this morning for the gunman, 39 people were killed, 70 hurt on new years eve, including a man from delaware county. his family tells us his cell phone saved his life. >> president-elect donald trump and his wife will have new high tech equipment when they move into the white house. president obama has ordered the staff to purchase new computers install fats err internet inside white house. >> northern half of the region under freezing rain advisory today. expect light and steady rain throughout the day. also just be careful of slippery roads and sidewalks. that's three to go. >> last check on weather. >> i want to show up the freezing rain advisory one more time too. we've seen some counties getting taken out of it, eastern month gum county, lower bucks, you are thankfully in the clear, electsly where it is little too warm for anything but
6:58 am
plane rain. here is a example of that. where we are are still finding a chill in the air at palmyra cove nature park. dreary beginning to the day for us out there. we do continue to track rain however in many locations, that's going to be with us the better part of day. so slow it -- slow it down out there, slicker the further north you go. >> katie, also taking a look around, this estimate 76, roosevelt boulevard, headlights moving eastbound, no delays or incidents at this time. here is a look at the current speeds on the area majors, i-95, schuylkill, blue route, all good. usual. looking pretty great right now. a lot of people probably home not on the roads but of course be cautious of rain causing some slippery conditions. now there is one accident we want to tell but in new jersey, on route 40 at blue anchor road. buena atlantic county. there are no reported injuries. right now still work to go learn if the road is blocked. up. >> ♪ >> and thousands of brave souls celebrated the new year by taking the polar plunge in
6:59 am
the icy waters off coney island, new york. 114 time for the dip into the atlantic. organizers say as many as 3,000 people took part this year with children benefitting, proceeds benefitting with life threatening illnesses. >> i think katie took the plunge, she is congested and coughing away today. you need to rest up. next on cbs this morning, cbs dunn day morning, shares what motivated him to visit all 59 national parks. >> you know i think isn't this year the centennial year for the national park? one hundred years. >> yes. >> that's right. very cool. and remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a great day. >> happy new year. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, january 2nd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." isis claims responsibility for the new year's eve terrorist attack at an istanbul nightclub. a manhunt is on the way. president-elect donald trump says he has inside information on the cyber attack. he promises to reveal what other people don't know. plus dick clark productions is pushing back after carey


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