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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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and evening news is up next, here's jeff captioning sponsored by cbs >> the 115th congress opens for business with an abrupt about-face by house republicans. under pressure from the president-elect, they abandon plans to weaken an ethics panel. >> jesus had the right the face his accusers. >> glor: also tonight, preaching to the choir. >> i'm speaking out according to my conscience. >> glor: why a former member and other trump critics say skip the inauguration. frightening moments aboard a southwest airlines flight. as the clock struck midnight, thieves struck a jewelry store and made away with millions. plus researchers say it one just the iceberg. new clues to what sank the "titanic." >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> glor: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm jeff glor. the new congress was sworn in today with republicans again in control of both the houses. but first there was a fire to put out. it started when house republicans attempted to weaken an ethics panel over the objections of their own leaders, and it turns out the president-elect. conditional correspondent nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> do you solemnly swear... >> reporter: the first controversy of the 115th congress came even before members were sworn in. house republicans voted to gut the office of congressional ethics only to reverse themselves 19 hours later in the face of bipartisan condemnation. virginia republican dave brat. >> part of it is the headlines were we were backing off on ethics. that's not a good headline. >> reporter: the white house called it revealing. >> that's not draining the swamp. >> reporter: the final straw
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came in the form of a social media tweet from donald trump, who usualed the party to focus on tax reform, health care and so many greater things of far greater importance. that prompted an emergency meeting and an about-face. >> it's been withdrawn. it's been withdrawn. >> reporter: republicans say they still intend to reform the office, which currently has the power to investigate anonymous complaints that can turn out to be baseless. iowa's steve king. >> jesus had the right the face his accusers. he asserted that before the high priest, and we're saying members of congress shouldn't? >> reporter: some democrats saw today's flip-flop as a gift, but missouri's emmanuel cleaver argued the episode hurt both sides. >> everybody is getting an avalanche of angry phone calls from around the country on this issue. >> reporter: what are people saying? >> well, they're saying you guys are trying to remove any kind of ethical standards. you guys want to be able to do wrong and hide. >> glor: all right, nancy, what are the republican priorities now? >> reporter: well, their first
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goal in this new congress, jeff, is to do away with obamacare, something they've been trying unsuccessfully to do for years but now have their shot with a republican soon-to-be in the white house. so they're aiming to pass bill by the end of the week that would make it easier for them to repeal the entire health care law within the next month or two. president obama is coming up here to capitol hill tomorrow, urging democrats to stand their ground, though, jeff, it's not clear that they have much legislatively they can do about it. >> glor: nancy, 34 senators sworn in today as well as the entire house. can you talk about some of the new faces? >> well, there are some firsts here in the senate. kamala harris of california is part indian-american. you have katherine cortez-masto of nevada, the first latina in the senate. liz chaney is now a member of the house of representatives, the daughter, of course, of former vice president dick cheney. she's representing wyoming, and
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a once-undocumented immigrant from new york is also joining congress, a first. >> glor: nancy cordes, thank you very much. it is t-minus 17 days and counting to the trump inauguration. there is some controversy about the parade that will follow along pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: performing in an inaugural parade is considered an honor, something to cheer. these days it's also considered something to protest. the mormon tabernacle choir often participates. it has sung in five inaugurations over the last half century. but this time member jan chamberlain resigned from the choir rather than sing for president-elect donald trump. >> i have the take a stance against something that i see as coming across the others throughout the world as supporting someone with horrible practices and beliefs, and i can't support that. >> reporter: groups from new york's marist college will
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perform for the first time, but several students are refusing to appear, and the college is under pressure from alumni like kelly hetrick to back out. >> it's also sending the message that we're okay with the things that the president-elect says. >> reporter: alabama's oldest private historically black liberal arts college also plans to march, but it's taking some heat for doing it. there are petitions online, both for and against the talladega college marching band's appearance. >> we're open arms to everybody. >> reporter: but boris epshteyn with the trump inaugural committee says who is in and who is not does not matter. >> i will tell you, this will be an inaugural unlike any other, and it will truly, truly, truly show off the best of america. >> reporter: important people who have now confirmed that they will attend, presidents jimmy carter, george w. bush and his wife laura, and hillary and president bill clinton. jeff? >> glor: anna werner, thank
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you very much. under pressure from the president-elect, ford today scrapped plans to build a factory in mexico. it will expand a plant in michigan the build electric and self-driving vehicles. the company says that will create 700 jobs. here was ford c.e.o. mark fields on our streaming networks cbsn. >> one of the factors we look at is what we expect to be a more positive u.s. manufacturing business environment under president-elect trump and also looking at the pro-growth policies and reforms both tax and regulatory reforms that he's been talking about, so it is a consideration, and it's a vet of confidence that he'll be able to deliver on those things. >> glor: also today mr. trump threatened to take action against general motors. he tweeted, "g.m. is sending mexican-made models of chevy cruze to u.s. car dealers tax-free across u.s. border. make in u.s.a. or pay big border tax." in response ford said most cruz cruz -- chevy cruzes are built in the u.s., only a small number
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of hatchbacks are built many mexico. overseas police are rounding up information on the man who attacked on new year's. john vigliotti is in istanbul. >> reporter: new video today from the turkish police showed the suspected gunman filming himself in istanbul days before the nightclub attack. it is similar to a video that surfaced after the attack on the berlin christmas market where an isis-inspired militant also took selfies. turbish police have still not released the gunman's name. it's not clear if they have it yet. what they do know is that he arrived at the club by taxi, striking at 1:15 a.m. he killed a police officer at the entrance and barely missed the club's co-owner, who jumped over a railing. "when i opened my eyes," he was still there," said ali unal. i was thinking of jumping on him, but he seemed so professional and flexible. inside the gunman moved
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methodically, using several ammunition clips, indications he may be an experienced shooter. in his wake, 39 dead, nearly 70 injured, many of them tourists. police say he left the club in another taxi heading to an apartment near the airport only to walk casually away. police searched the apartment but turned up nothing. [gunfire] isis sympathizers online are already claiming the gunman has escaped back the isis territory, possibly across the border to syria. police have now detained 16 people, including two at the airport who police believe may have helped the killer in his attack. the turkish police have taken an unusual approach to handling this investigation, leaking a steady drip of information to friendly local media instead of going on the record. jeff, this allows them to release crucial photos of the suspect while giving them deniability if they don't catch him. >> glor: jonathan, thank you. the holiday travel season came to an end with a series of head-scratching incidents. first customs computers went out
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for several hours yesterday at a number of international airports causing long lines for returning travelers. kris van cleve is following this. kris? >> reporter: jeff, customs says there's in signs of any sinister activity here, but this outage couldn't have come at a worse time. >> it was like a line of 1,000 people or more, and it was absolutely despicable. >> reporter: it was a nightmare for international flyers with lines lasting for hours. miami's airport was particularly hard hit. the outage came right as 30 or so flights were arriving. officers had to manually check each passenger before they could be cleared. flyers who have global entry and are used to speeding through customs in minutes, well, last night it took hours. hundreds missed their connecting flights. now customs says the outage appears to be due the a software update that was installed last week. that update caused the system to crash. but, jeff, at this point everything appears to be running normally. >> glor: kris, there were a couple other unnerving airline
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events over the past couple days. >> >> reporter: absolutely. take a lack at this video. southwest flight 3556 flying from san antonio. the airline says the 133 passengers on board had to put on oxygen masks after a pressurization problem developed in flight. the boeing 737 diverted to jacksonville, where it was met by emergency vehicles. there were no injuries. and a bag act worker was not injured sunday after being locked in the cargo hold of a united express flight from charlotte. crews on the ground at washington's dulles airport found him there once the plane landed after an hour-long flight. the worker declined medical attention. we should tell you that cargo hold is pressurized. still, the f.a.a. is going to investigate how this situation happened and how no one appeared to notice that it had happened. jeff? >> glor: kris van cleve, thank you. the deep south is drying out and cleaning up after severe storms, including tornadoes that swept through several states yesterday. at least five people were
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killed. omar villafranca is following this. >> reporter: residents in southeast alabama woke up in the path of the storm's destruction. in rehobeth, four people were killed when powerful winds sent this 50-foot tree crashing into a mobile home. next door, j.p. kelley spent the morning corralling his cows. the storm raked across his family farm, destroying a 50-year-old barn. >> it's the worst wind that i have been through. >> reporter: he rode out the storm with his wife, huddled in an interior room of his home. >> the tornado sirens went off probably 30 seconds ahead of it. >> reporter: is that all the time you had? >> i think so because it built so fast. >> reporter: in jackson, alabama, blinding rain flooded the streets while the high winds ripped the roofs off of homes an left thousands without power. even animals at the alabama gulf coast zoo had to duck for cover after the storm that ridded
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their enclosures. patty hall is the ask's director. >> our perimeter fence, part of that, about 30 feet of that has been taken down, and it has disappeared. it has gone away. >> reporter: the system shifted east to georgia where kenny simmons and his wife watched the fast-moving storm hit their home. >> the whole trailer started shaking. i looked at her. she grabbed ahold of me. i grabbed ahold of her. the winds came through. >> reporter: nearly 80,000 people in two states are without power. jeff, clean-up is expected to take several weeks here, and there are more storms in the forecast for this weekend. >> glor: omar, thank you very much. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," a dresser tumbles and a two-year-old saves his twin brother. also ahead, a tragic mistake calls attention to the dangers of pesticides at home. and new evidence about what sank the "titanic."
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>> glor: a mother in utah wanted to warn parents of young children about the dangers of unsecured dressers. so she posted video of her two-year-old twins knocking over the dresser in their room. one was pinned. for two minutes the other searched for a way to help before nudging the dresser off of him. their mom says the dresser was made by ikea. the company could not confirm that but says it tells consumers all dressers must be secured to the wall using anchors it provides. ikea recalled millions of dressers last year following the deaths of three children. in amaral, texas, four children were killed yet after an accidental poisoning at their home. their father set off a chemical reaction while using professional grade pesticide. mireya villarreal is there. >> reporter: amaral investigators say the father caused the deadly chemical reaction when he sprinkled pellets of a pesticide called
6:46 pm
weevil-cide under the home and tried the wash them away. >> there are eight people sick in the house and one is not waking up. >> reporter: fire captain larry david says the water intensified the release of the toxic gas aluminum phosphide, which killed several family members as they slept. do we know how the homeowner got his hands on this chemical? >> we're not positive. we were told the homeowner was given this chemical by a friend. >> reporter: the environmental protection agency restricts the purchase of weevil-cide to licensed professionals and warns it should not be used within 100 feet of a home. the four children killed were ages 7 to 17. six other family members are in stable condition. hazmat teams returned to the house today beginning the process of cleaning one of the worst poisoning accidents ever in amaral history. -- in amarillo history. the pesticide pellets are smaller than this dime, which will make finding them all and
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6:51 pm
the abdomen. scientists have known about it since the days of leonardo da vinci. it was long thought to be several separate structure, but now research shows it functions as one organ. on new year's eve, thousands of new york city police officers had their eyes on the ball, and that's apparently what a band of jewel nieves was counting on. here's don dahler. >> at the exact moment one million revelers were ringing in the new year in times square, blocks away three burglars smashed their way to an estimated $6 million fortune in gems and jewelry. as two of the men used a sledgehammer and heavy wrench to break into the offices of gregg ruth, a jewelry commercial company. one caught sight of the surveillance camera and put it out of commission. the jewelry store is in a non-disscript building in midtown manhattan. authorities say the thieves made their way to the sixth-floor offices and waited until the stroke of midnight before making their move. 7,000 n.y.p.d. officers were on
6:52 pm
duty nearby. the n.y.p.d. is looking at this as a possible inside job. the freight eastbound transwould ordinarily be locked. and the burglars either found two of the four safes already open or they had the combinations. former f.b.i. agent manny gomez. >> the timing was no accident. >> the focus on that day was terrorism, active shooter, violent crimes. burglary of a jewelry store was not on their radar, and that's why these perpetrators acted on new year's eve. >> reporter: detectives are currently interviewing employees and anyone else who might recognize this man. gregg ruth jewelers specializes in rare pink and yellow diamonds. there was reportedly another $7 million in jewelry in the other two safes, but, jeff, those were left unopened. >> glor: all right, don. thank you. what sank the "titanic." a change of course from
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>> glor: a century after the "titanic" sank in the north atlantic, there are new clues to the cause of the disaster. researchers say it wasn't just ice but fire. here's mark phillips. >> she was the largest ship ever built. >> reporter: the documentary gives a new twist to an old story. >> and yet her maiden voyage would be her last. >> reporter: everybody knows why the "titanic" went down, she hit an iceberg, and despite being supposedly designed as unsinkable, she sank and took 1,500 lives with her, but that, the filmmakers say, isn't the whole story. the whole story involves a fire
6:57 pm
that had been smoldering for days in one of the vessel's coal storage bunkers. >> look at this anomaly in the hull. >> reporter: a fire whose heat may have severely weakened the ship and hastened its sinking. the new theory comes from recently discovered old photos of the "titanic's" launching. >> they gambled? >> yes. >> reporter: irish journalist senan maloney had been working on the fire theory for years. he says the dark patch on the "titanic's" hull shows the coal was burning even as the ship was being launched. >> the intensity of the fire not only weakened the forward bulkhead but also may have caused that severe deformity to the hull and the ship put to sea with an out-of-control fire that required 12 men to try the tackle it for most of the maiden voyage. >> reporter: the coal fire was known about at the time and was dismissed as the cause of the disaster by the official enquiry that followed it. the smoldering fuel was dug out
6:58 pm
and burned in the ship's boilers, but maloney says the mead to get rid of that burning coal quickly may have been one of the reasons "titanic" kept going at high speed despite knowing there were icebergs around. almost 105 years later, there's still enough doubt and interest to keep the story of the world's most famous maritime disaster alive. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> glor: and you can watch the documentary on the smithsonian channel on january 21st. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. for scott pelley, i'm jeff glor. thanks for join us. good night.
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tonight, breaking janet jackson baby news. what the 50-year-old pop star named her son. then, inside mariah carey's epic new year's fail. what really went wrong. >> that was -- >> who is to blame for one of the biggest disasters in live tv histo history? was it sabotage and can mimi recover? p> plus, breaking down the biggest premiere surprises. >> what the hell is she doing here? >> from a one-night stand to the girl shocker. then the official kickoff to awards season. >> i loved every minute of it. >> our back-stage exclusive with the nominees as mary hartley returns to "e.t." and our golden globe countdown. what


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