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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 3, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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tonight, breaking janet jackson baby news. what the 50-year-old pop star named her son. then, inside mariah carey's epic new year's fail. what really went wrong. >> that was -- >> who is to blame for one of the biggest disasters in live tv histo history? was it sabotage and can mimi recover? p> plus, breaking down the biggest premiere surprises. >> what the hell is she doing here? >> from a one-night stand to the girl shocker. then the official kickoff to awards season. >> i loved every minute of it. >> our back-stage exclusive with the nominees as mary hartley returns to "e.t." and our golden globe countdown. what goes on on the biggest
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night? now for january 3, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight". now, this is the way to kick off the new year. janet jackson becomes a mom at 50 years old. >> the superstar singer gave birth to her first child today and we have the details behind the delivery. ♪ damn baby is right. the singer has a brand-new son. she and her husband have named their baby boy esa. we have learned that it was a stress-free delivery and baby and mother are resting comfortably. the grammy winner hinted in may that they was going to have a baby when she postponed her concert tour with this message. >> i thought it be important you be the first to know. my husband and i are planning our family so i'm going to delay the tour. janet and her husband was in of october in london. >> i don't have any children. some day i know it will happen. exactly when i don't know. >> congratulations to janet and her husband.
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so happy for them. all right, we move on. rumors are flying after one of the biggest live performance fails in tv history. we're talking sabotage and a possible lawsuit. we have new details and answers on mariah's new year's nightmare. >> i think it's hard to wing it when you can't hear. >> people still talking. fing irs still pointing. >> we didn't have -- ♪ ♪ >> what went wrong while neither ma rye wra's team nor dick clark productions is taking responsibility but five hours before her performance, sources say mariah looked relaxed. this picture shows the grammy winner chatting at rehearsal while her boyfriend holds the phone to her ear. an eyewitness tells us mariah didn't seem too concerned about rehearsing. >> i'm tryinging to be a good
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sport here. >> according to her manager he, ten minutes before her appearance, mariah's team told the crew that the singer's earpieces weren't working. she just couldn't hear ryan seacrest or her music. typically in a live performance a traak would sound like this with the lead vocal low so the singer can add her own voice live. ♪ dick clark productions claims they changed mariah's earpiece package twice before she went on stage. the problem persisted. >> it just doesn't get any better. >> one reason the controversy is still blazing is mimi's manager who is not letting this die. she is a former reality show producer herself and had this to say about dick clark productions, quote, their decision not to cut to commercial or cut the performance out of the west coast feed is in a way sabotaging as they wwnted a viral moment. >> we don't have a sound check for this new year's. >> for their part dick clark productions call did defamatory,
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outrageous and frankly absurd. >> defamation is grounds for a lawsuit. >> no word on legal action yet, but is the diva's image permanently damaged? we went to a brand expert. >> she has nine lives. >> mariah generated less than 100,000 tweets before the performance, after the it, 24 million tweets hit social media. >> mariah carey is the bullet-proof diva. >> mariah carey! >> one ever the 24 million unique tweett about mariah came from josh groban who posted, anytime one of the greatest voices of my generation lip-s c lip-syncs an angel loses his wings. the premiere of the bachelor, nick vials the new bachelor met the 30 ladies fighting for his heart. and what a bombshell. one of the girls he has actually
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been intimate before. nick stopped by "e.t." today because we needed some answers. what did you think when liz gets out of the limo? >> i noticed her right away. >> i actually met nick at -- wedding and there definitely was a connection and chemistry there. we had sex. >> you didn't realize you had slept with her? >> i knew exactly who she was. when she got out of the limo i was like, wow, that's liz. there's those moments like am i right? am i wrong? >> we were with jade last night. >> i'm curious to why you weren't more open to hearing liz out and giving her a chance to be there and to see if there was anything else. >> out of fairness to the rest of the woman, there's 30 women, while i know i had definitely met liz before, i didn't think liz deserved any more time than some of the other women. in fact, even though the conversation did not go well at
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all, i still gave her a rose to want to give her that consideration. so i guess i would totally disagree with jade. i think you'll see next week that conversation actually really happening in its entirety. >> i don't know, though. did you find love? >> maybe. if i could tell anyone, it would definitely be you. >> well, we did see a reading in last night's promo and a lot of tears but it also pales in comparison to some of this. >> can't wait to talk to you more inside. >> a lot of moxie to come out dressed as a shark. >> i like that moxie. >> and then to pretend that you're a dolphin. she stuck with it. >> so rapid fire like your hardest moment. >> not losing my mind. >> biggest regret? >> none. >> how many women did you sleep with? >> you'll have to watch. >> you said you were -- >> i feel like i have this reputation. probably not as many as a lot of people think. i'll say that much. maybe none. >> he'll be such a great
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bachelor. i asked him if he was happy he did it since he has been on the show so many times before. he said he was. news tonight on carrie fisher and debbie reynolds. a private memorial will be held for carrie on thursday. debbie's funeral friday. only family and very close friends will attend. both ladies were on everyone's mind last night at the palm springs international film festival. >> she was one of the most fascinating and creative brains i've ever come across and certainly a wit for the ages. >> tom worked with carrie in 1989's the burbs, annette benning had a small role in postcards from the edge. >> that's when i met carrie. she was a great talent. ♪ singing in the rain >> it was carrie's mom debbie who inspired the cast of la-la land. >> she was an inspiration every day. we watched it every day. >> missing from the palm springs emma stone with strep throat. >> she's sick unfortunately.
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>> we he got a photo from the emergency room. it was a very bad case. >> bringing a special guest was laura dern as mary hart found out. >> do i understand you have a daughter here tonight? >> i do. >> who is she? >> hey, kiddo. i'm mary. what do you think about all of this? >> i think it's really cool. it's nice to be here. >> pretty cool? >> gia wasn't the only one thrilled to be there. after all, palm springs is often a precursor to oscar gold. >> i think it's like wayne's world where they're like, we're not worthy. >> be thankful that you get to go and rub elbows with these people. >> before awards season kicked off, casey affleck it took a ski trip with brother ben. >> we were trying to ski. lasted a couple of hours. then we decided we didn't want someone to die so took it easy. >> also taking it easy is natalie portman expecting her second child early this year. >> i'm doing well. >> she was in full length navy.
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>> i just want to know how many of you are wearing the same thing you were on new year's eve. >> the floral embroidery on amy's dress had a special purpose. >> a little bit of holiday. you start with the holidays. >> as for her gown for sunday's golden globes, amy is not ready. >> no, actually i haven't. so that should be a fun friday. trying to figure out what i'm wearing. >> amy will figure it out. this really was a night to celebrate but it was also a deeply emotional night for nicole kidman because the last time she attended the festival it was with her late father. nicole opened up to us about her dad, and i guarantte it will touch your heart. that's coming up. palm springs got the award rolltion, but awards kick into high gear sunday with the golden globes. we got a little taste of what to expect. >> i'm very excited. >> over 800 pounds of chilen sea
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bass will be served. and to wash it down, the 1300 guests will pop 1500 mer lo minis, 500 signature cocktails and 125 cases champagne. >> sometimes these things are so tricky. >> i said less tricky, not shower in it. >> "e.t." can announce that chris hemsworth and jon hamm will be presenting. >> that is good news. that is it good news. coming up, you see the new news. kevin hart is here and we're going to talk drake and j.lo and how they rang in the new year. are they for real? >> i don't care. >> kevin hart's here. don't go away. how did you get in the door? >> i know the people, man. how did you get in the door? >> i know the people, man. when you know people, library break! shhhhhhhh.
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welcome back to kevin hart's owe entertainment tonight." >> kev, kev. i'm here to help guide you. you're a guest on our show. >> not true. it's my show. welcome back to "kevin hart entertainment tonight." >> i want you to look at this happy couple real quick. look at how you rang in the new year with your wife. how was that? >> you know what? it was a good time. i just want you to really get a good look at my chiseled face and beard in this shot. it's working for me. it's working. you know this shirt shows my collar bone? a new thing for 2017. i'm giving more collar bone. >> lots of stars ringing in the new year together. you know who spent new year's together? >> who? >> drake and j.lo. >> oh, yeah. the drake-lo. >> yes.
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they grabbed dinner with friends in vegas before heading out to the nightclub where drake performed and j.lo was there. she was close by the entire night. and here's the thing. jennifer was spotted rocking a necklace that night and it looks suspiciously similar to the one drake rocked before christmas the couple spotted leaving together around 2:30 in the morning. is this real? >> i just want to say, i don't like drake's turtleneck in this picture. i think that turtleneck stinks. >> i was asking about the relationship. >> i'm talking about the turtleneck. no one wears turtlenecks anymore, drake. looks stupid. that's all i have. no collar bone. you got go collar bone 2017. >> what are you talking about? let's move on. let's go. to the next story. i didn't know we were talking about turtlenecks. >> go ahead. >> britney spears also seems to be starting 2017 with a new love. this was her first instagram post in the new year. a picture of her rumored boyfriend male model, sam. they met in october on the sest of her slumber party video.
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what do you think of britney's new boyfriend? >> i think we both share the same hobbies, interests. we're both models. good to see someone in the same field doing good for himself. another male model. >> what are you talking about? >> well, we're both models. he's ace model. i'm saying as a male model i understand how easy it issfor us to get attractive women. >> what i don't understand is who thought this was a good idea. >> what are you talking about? >> this, today. >> welcome to "kevin hart entertainment tonight." >> weere going to take a break. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> take a break. make-up, hair. >> this is one of best shows i've seen you do. still ahead, andy cohen's clubhouse makeover. we are getting a tour of the new set of "watch what happens live." >> we've got some real pop culture artifacts here. >> but what does he think about mariah's new year's disaster. >> nicole kidman's emotional red carpet moment. why she wws fighting back tears. p> i'm not going to cry. >> closed captioning provided by --
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oh, hey. i'm just getting a quick touch-up. don't worry. -pi'll be right back. >> yeah, you'll be right back all right. >> he just takes over the place. cracks me up. >> he does. michelle turner is here right now. now nicole kidman and keith urban, they put their love on display new year's eve. . >> it was so cute. really adorable. i was with them in nashville hosting coverage. and she left there and headed
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over to the palm springs international film festival where we saw nicole's emotional side while remembering her late father. >> well, last time i was here, i was sort of -- i was making a lot of movies, and i was single. time. here with my dad last and i have photos walking up the red carpet with my dad, holding his hand. so i'm not going to cry. >> nicole held back the tears while talking about her dad. she lost her father, psychologist anthony kidman, two years ago. his death after a fall was sudden and unexpected. "e.t." was there the day he was her date in palm springs and he was clearly proud of her accomplishments. >> how do you feel about your daughter being honored like this? >> very proud. >> oh y gosh. >> yes. >> unbelievable. that was 12 years ago, what's happened. but i've also you know, yes, found love and i have a family, growing a family. so i have four children now.
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amazing things have happened to me in theepast 12 years. >> she credits husband keith urban with helping her to reboot her life. her father gave her away the day they said "i do" in sydney in 2006. >> i reevaluated what i wanted out of life, and i got a real life. if that makes sense. >> kidman was presented with the international star by her co-star in "lion," dev patel. >> just wanted the earth to swallow me up. >> abd 2017 has had quite a joyous start with that nashville new year's eve performance with keith. >> he was like, come on, baby, i want you to come out and dance around or sing with me. i'm like oh, i don't know. then i sort of ran out on stage, dancing around. >> and then leaves. she stayed for the entire set. leading the crowd in purple rain. it was great. of course we'll see nicole at the golden globes. she is nominated for her performance in "line," my
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favorite movie of the year. and she is amazing in it. >> you know, the new year brings lots of new things including a new set for andy cohen and his show. only we got a tour of the new digs from the man himself. we'll get to that in a second. but we had to ask andy about his good friend mariah and her lip-sync disaster. >> i thought her response to what happened was perfect. here's to making more headlines in 2017. i think mariah will be okay. i'm not crying for mariah. >> mimi was one of andy's last guests in his old studio. now -- >> you may look at it and think it looks exactly the same. you may be partially right. >> tonight cohen has a new opening with his name in the title, a new seek rent enes rance and a bigger set. over the past seven years, the famous bravo clubhouse has turned into a true pop culture museum. >> lindsay lohan's old cigarette.
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tamara from the orange county housewives, her last set of implants she donated to the clubhouse. so we have some real pop culture art i facts here. >> now andy sealed it with some of his own mementos. >> these are my child craft encyclopedias from growing up. these are from my basement in st. louis growing up. everything in here means something to me. >> the 48-year-old former executive vp of bravo has gone from mostly hosting his real housewives stars to some of hollywood's a lists like j la and cher. >> justin timberlake, beyonce, madonna. katy perry. stephen colbert making his debut this week. >> he would also love to have oprah back. and by the way, she may recognize andy's flush chairs. >> two new chairs from the original set of the oprah winfrey show right here in my clubhouse. we bought the chairs online. they were about 500 bucks each. well worth it.
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>> the interesting thing about those seats is they are reserved for vip guests oeld only. i don't know if you'd be able to sit there, kevin hart. >> that's not true. that's not true at all. i can sit there when i want. ask me why. >> why, kev? >> i'm a vip, very important producer. >> let's move on. i want to know about your new year's resolutions. seriously. >> serious. >> of course. >> fine. i'll be serious. >> wait. that was a tease. >> stop doing that. stop talking over me. >>
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before we go. i want to put kevin on the spot. i want know your new yyar's resolutioned and how long will you keep them? >> p my new year's resolution is simply to motivate and aspire. help people to understand their potential. live good. eat good. move around. >> those workouts are real. you should sign up for rally message. that's the way to simply inform yourself and nknow where you ar and where you shoulddbe. ttat's the beautiful thing about all my relationships. they coincide wiih my lifestyle,
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dude. nothing i do is unauthentic. it is all real. except that little piece of happiness that i just gave you. that was fake. this here was fake. >> kev, we want to thank you for being here. you will notice that wasn't genuine. thank you for being here and we want you to come back. >> how long before we can change the sign in. >> to? >> ket, kevin's entertainment tonight. >> we got to go. >> let me see your paper. you don't have a sign-off. that's why you're stupid.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ number one. was mariah set up to fail on new year's eve? >> if people don't know me as a singer, they need to check my catalog. bing bong.
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>> why critics are piling on mimi after her recent diva antics. then hollywood celebrates carrie fisher and debbie reynolds. >> we watch "singin' in the rain" every day for inspiration. >> i was in palm springs athe fares remembered the iconics mother/daughter duo. >> it's a big loss. and number three, the stars go overboard for new years. why even kim couldn't resist ringing in 2017 on camera. ♪ plus your "insider" bonus. >> i've had struggles. >> oprah's weight war. lady o reveals the truth behind her yo-yo dieting. then. >> it's "scandal" stoso it's calls crazy. >> get ready gladiators. scott foley is spilling new season shockers. now "the insider" tracking hollywood froth


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