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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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health care law, but he won't be the only one on the hill. today's wednesday, january the fourth, good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. meisha's back, katie's back, everybody is back, keeping an eye on things this morning, for you. >> good morning, happy hump day. we started off good. but i can tell you rode ways are wet. we knew we might have have some problems n the last half an hour we have had a string of accidents. two have just cleared four still lingering out there. it is kind of dangerous conditions out there. >> we had wind picking up, so worst of the wet roads will be going away, because it is like nature's hair dryer essentially, wind picks up and will help dry things out. thankfully rain is gone but we have low cloud deck out there. it is in the row tuesdaying the worst visibility but we have enough low cloud cover you might run into. that poorer visibility, in especially places like riverbeds and valley areas. watch for that. our center sit the eye sky line is getting skewed because of the low cloud cover, 38 is our current temperature right now, or i should say current
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feels like temperature. all right. make a mental net what you are seeing right here and remember it could always be worse. take a look at how cold it feels in winnipeg, they call it winterpeg for a reason. it teams like it is 45 below zero. are you kidding me? i cannot even comprehend that. it is so frigid. we are not dealing with that harshness, but, that is the cold, that is heading our way, folks in the next take. so what we are finding here is tech thickcally milder then average day. high of 54. this is bad at all. however you have to keep in mind that the wind will be picking up as cold front crosses and then by tomorrow these, get unquote mild highs in the 50's, are a serious, distant memory and we will be stuck in the 30's the at best, for the next couple of days, meisha. >> it will tiehl really chilly the not to mention we have wet roadways today, this morning, really going to slow you down. so, just like that, we will be in the the 50's to take. katie pointed out we have wet
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roadways this morning we are having to contend with like the wind, as katie said, dries it out for us. blue route southbound to the i-95 north that right lane is compromised forcing everybody to move to the left and cause ago this strung of congestion right the there that is giving you also a lot of gaper delay as well. then schuylkill westbound at conshohocken curve, by what the that i accident has been since cleared. so schuylkill we are looking okay. this is where we have another accident, involving injuries, in media, north providence road at dam view drive, head up for those around that area another one in media as well, route one southbound between 252 and baltimore pike that one is pulled off to the shoulder but we will probably still get gaper that any that area and then, a little bit smaller accident, in flourtown , head up on that, and a lot more to talk about when we come back in 15. jim and rahel, back over to you. crews have been battling a three alarm blaze at a lehigh county greenhouse throughout the night and morning. fire broke out around 8:30 last night, at the dan shantz farm and greenhouse on spinners town road in lower
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milford township. fortunately there are no injuries, known right now, and no word on a cause. philadelphia police are investigating a murder mystery in holmesberg. >> man was found shot in the head inside his home last night. "eyewitness news" reporter trang dough is live at the scene on erdick street with the very late, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. detectives have a mystery on their hand here. woman called police after she found her boyfriend shot in the head but there was no gun or suicide note and other suspicious circumstances here. look at the house, thinks the big yellow home. it happened in the first floor apartment, and that there are several other apartments inside of this house here. and, take a look at this video from the scene overnight. police responded to the 8,000 block of erdick street just after 10:00 p.m. for a call of the man shot inside of an apartment. victim's live in girl friend told investigators she came home around ten and found her 37 year-old boyfriend bleeding heavily on their bedroom floor and he had a gunshot wound to the head and paramedics announced him rather dead on the scene. now there were no signs of
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forced entry but chief inspector scott small says the trent door may have been unlock. he said someone riffled through some drawers in the second bedroom and there was fresh damage to a closet door. >> definitely appears at least one of the rooms was ransacked and the fact that this victim was shot, inside the head, it is suspicious enough for this to be investigated as a homicide at this time. >> reporter: at this point police are not the sure if anything was taken but they did toe a red camaro from the scene. meanwhile detectives are speaking to the victim's girlfriend as well as several friend who showed up here to the home, last night. but for now we are live from holmesberg i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel, back to you. thank to you that report. murder suspect jeremiah monell is due in court today after evading police for two weeks in south jersey. monell was arrested monday avenue in a wooded area in toll some. he had been on the run sips sips his estranged wife was found murdered in their home last month. a judge drops murder
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charges against former professional wrestler jimmy snuka. the lehigh county judge says that the one time wwe star is not competent to stand trial, in the death of his girlfriend , nancy argentino, her body was found in the white hall township hotel room , back in 1983. last month snuka's lawyer says his client has dementia amies in hospice care. author and investigative reporter irving mushkin has been following her death for more than 30 years. >> justice delayed is justice denied and unfortunately the family of nancy argentino did not get the closure that they deserve. >> there is no question in my mind from the interviews, we have conduct and the investigation that we did, that there is absolutely zero, zero doubt in my behind that this was an unfortunate accident. >> now spokesperson for lehigh county district attorney's office says that it is weighing its options. now to a story from our area, that is attracting national attention.
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philadelphia police officer pulled off of the street after video of a physical confrontation with the teenage girl shows up on social media. charges have been dropped against the teenager and now officer is facing an investigation. "eyewitness news" captured this chaotic scene on sunday new years day. police had been responding to a brawl involving dozens of people on south 54th street in west philadelphia female officer is seen here repeatedly punching the girl. teenage girl admitted fault in a statement if you now denies that she ever hit the officer. >> what she could have did was at least tell me to backup first, but what she did was put her hand on me and told me to backup, and it went from there. >> she was refusing command of the police officer, female police officer out there and she kept trying to push her back to get out of harms way and move back and clearly she wasn't trying to arrest her because she would have just done that. >> police say an internal affairs investigation is underway. a former radnor official will be in court tomorrow to face charges of indecent assault on a 100 and
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three-year old would hand. william spangler is accused of inappropriate thely touching the elderly woman at a nursing home in wayne. witnesses reported it happened three times, on three separate occasions. spangler is on the former radnor township commissioner, and he is out on bail now. authorities say they have more evidence that they want the district attorney to review and more charges could becoming. president obama and vice-president elect mike pence are planning separate trips to capitol hill. today, the president will try to save the affordable care ago, and pence plans a strategy session with republicans on how to reverse it. reviewing the law has been focus of the 115 congress which is mostly republican, and president-elect trump, u.s. intelligence agencies deny that they have delayed plans to brief president-elect trump on russian interference in the presidential election. will trump send a tweet out claiming briefing was delayed, he suggested that the intelligence community needed more time to build a case. mr. trump has been skeptical of that conclusion, that
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moscow helped him win the presidential election. meanwhile president-elect has announced his plans to hold his first news conference since the november election, it is next week just nine taste before his that you go racial. it the has been several months since mr. trump held a formal news conference, he has, however, held less formal question and answer sessions with the reporters, as recently as new years weekend. the 115th congress will be back to work today one day after being sworn in. delaware's new congress woman lisa rochester made history she was sworn in as first woman and first african-american to serve delaware in congress. pennsylvania senators bob casey and patrick toomey were among lawmakers in our local delegation to take the oath, after they were sworn this they all got right to work. well, one new congressman had to ground his son for what he did during a swearing in ceremony. this is what has people talking this morning. also ahead unexpected reason why mass murderer charles manson is out of wrist on this morning. and the vannal who change
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the hollywood sign to read holy weed have been revealed, in his identity is coming up next. >> ♪ ride around town, this morning, showing you those roads, everybody is back, meisha's back, katie's back, jim's back, i'm back, happy to be here with you this morning. we will see what those road are looking like, what the forecast is like, and we will be right back.
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police in hollywood say man altered the famous hollywood sign may be giving himself away on social media. >> according to web site tmz zach fernandes goes by the name jesus hand on social media, that name jesus hand was all over the iconic sign which has now been change to read hollywood after over weekend it was changed to holy weed. fernandes is also taking credit on instagram. police are still looking for him. officials are considering a security boost around the land mark. right the now a fence, 35 cameras and a guard and a tower, protect sign. i don't know how much more secure you can get. >> that doesn't seem to be working. this morning i learned something new what a dab was thanks to a you this congressman's son. >> you didn't know what a dab was. >> no. >> he thought his dad swearing in ceremony was perfect time to pull off, the dance pose. check it out watch son of kansas republican roger marshall, he is one in the red , you see him there, in the
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red sweater. paul ryan, wasn't exactly sure what was going on, ryan asked marshall's son if he was all right and you can see the tans move was made popular by football player cam newton, he tweeted, paul ryan don't you worry his son has been grounded for the stunt. i thought my dad was pretty good but i have two teenage brothers 17-13 who tell me it is off, can't dance >> i bet he has got moves. >> can you dab. >> i don't quite do it right. >> i look like a robot. >> yes, or scare crow from wizard of oz. >> my brothers were not impressed. >> i feel lake we think we have good moves, but we're cool, katie, right. >> we're a lot hipper then jim >> what is going on here. >> he is still learning what a dab is. >> at least we know what it is , right. >> we have to, you know, path the path ourselves on the back when we can, all right. let's switch gears and talk about how things will shape up
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for our weather pattern. high pressure in place for our area look ahead for tomorrow but to take marks passage of the cold front. by tomorrow that high, the cold dome of high pressure will really keep our temperatures on a very, chilly note. wait until you see the seven day. then we will look ahead to friday where a disturbance crosses through. we will have cold air to support light snow. it looks like it the is from philadelphia on south east where we will see snow, but at this same time, on friday morning, so toll accounts that are traveling around these areas, garden state parkway, and portions of i-95 there may be light snow on the order of an inch or two, it the depend on how much moisture we have to play with here once it gets here. but general synopsis is this, it is mainly, from philadelphia on south east where we have best chance to see that snow. as that system will be pretty close by and temperatures near freeze to go support it. now, as the day progresses here we will expect daytime high to reach 54 degrees. it is mile, wind which time, and it is already breezy but it will get windier and then tonight under a clear sky, it is very cold as the cold air begins to settle in here. and we will look forward in
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the forecast, we're talking 30 's at best in, fact, it laboratoriesing. saturday, sunday, monday, very cold days and down to the coast, on saturday you could even see a little bit of snow with yet another disturbance that could be brushing the coastline there. so, it really is, like winter next couple of days. >> may feel the cold tomorrow and then thousand there is a you this list of how miserable winter is in each state. >> the study looked at weather patterns, average temperatures , even how the roads are clear. that is a big deal. road closure, the title belongs to. >> minute so the. >> minnesota. >> yes. >> where meisha is from. >> and advisingly enough, it beat out alaska. best winter no vice, hawaii. >> um-hmm. >> how did our area fair? pennsylvania came in number 23rd, followed by new jersey at 24 and delaware with 26. >> it is interesting. so meisha, your thoughts. >> what do you want me to say to that. >> first of all i would like to disagree and says there a lot of snowmobiles.
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we have snowcast also. >> i love minnesota. >> it is funny, when you grow up in an area like that, you get used to it. it does president feel as coal i go back and feel like i have gotten soft out here, in many ways, including my waist line but when i do go back there i got to tell you, yes. >> so, overall, i came back here and it is 30 degrees. i was walking in the building this morning thinking it doesn't feel that bad. it teams really nice. it is all relative. >> it really is. >> how is traffic in minnesota verse is here. >> traffic, it stinks no matter where you are. it the is busy in minneapolis and it the is very busy here. take a will here. what we are looking at this morning is we have wet roadways, and because of that, you can think of a little bit of wet roadways, in rain, you don't think it will affect our morning commute and man it could not be further from the
6:17 am
truth. what we are dealing with is four accidents out there, this is blue route southbound off ramp to 95 north that right lane is compromised. you can see everyone pushed over to the left lane causing not only congestion in that area clearly but gaper delay there as well. the accident here in blue route, then accident, 295 north ramp to route one north bound. that ramp right is there partially block. we have another accident, this one is involving injuries in media, north providence road at damview drive but in terms of the meade yah want to call your attention to because we have a car tire where all lanes are block right thousand , route one southbound before baltimore pike, your alternate baltimore pike, a lot more to talk about when we come back but first we will take a little break. stay where you are, cbs-3
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and now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> on the cover of the times herald pennsylvania state senate is looking in the possibility of eliminating school property taxes entirely and replacing them with other revenue streams. that means shifting about $14 billion in taxes there property owners to consumers and workers through sales and personal income taxes. and delaware county daily times former up land fire chief has filed a civil rights lawsuit against boro, former police chief and council president, claiming that he was victim of a conspiracy. he claims that they conspired to pay false allegations and even threaten bogus criminal charges unless he resigned this is wake of the dust up over improvements at firehouse
6:21 am
press of atlantic city plan to build windmills off the new jersey cozies being cut off, there further governmental funding. u.s. department of energy says that fisherman's energy failed to meet its december 31st deadline to have a power purchase agreement in place, almost 11 million-dollar, has already been spent, on that project. and that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, we're learning more about vice-president joe biden 's plans after the white house. >> vice-president has confirmed his lance about coming to penn, thanks to an open microphone. vice-president was at yesterday's ceremonial swearing in, for senators, and their families on capitol hill yesterday, when a hot mike, pick up his conversation with a guest. biden said he would work on foreign policy issues at penn and continue his cancer moon shot initiative through his biden trust. well, facebook founder mark zuckerberg is men for his ambitious new years resolution , coming up we will tell but his plans for 2017. >> that sound interesting. we will show you this heart stopping video yesterday of a dresser, falling on a
6:22 am
toddler, but this morning, we're getting help from katie, our very own katie fehlinger and her twins on how to keep your family safe from similar accidents, we will be right
6:23 am
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our weekend is closer and it will present i with it some serious chill. we are expecting in the city of philadelphia temperatures to not even crack, the freezing mark at best, 30 degrees for bet of those taste. saturday could even bring a
6:25 am
little bit of light snow to the shore point, but, at least we will see some sun in most spots otherwise, guys? thanks, katie. well penalty phase face gets underway this is the south carolina courtroom for quick church shooter dylann roof. roof will represent himself with plans to deliver a opening statement, jurors will decide if he should be put to death for june 2015 rampage that left nine people dead, roof will not ab allowed to approach the jury, witness stand or the judge's bench. mass murderer charles manson is out of prison and in the hospital this morning. los angeles times reports that manson is seriously ill. the eight two-year old is serving nine life sentences for 1969 manson family cult murders, of actress sharon tait, and others. this morning a group of tourist are lucky to be alive, group headed north with a warning to get an up close look at lava in hawaii. rangers say tourist finally obeyed and moved to a safe area as a huge volcano collapsed in the ocean.
6:26 am
waves four stories high splashed where they were standing just a moment before. the park is new closed while experts make sure rugged terrain is safe around the volcano. >> step away from the lava. well, facebook co founder mark zuckerberg is at it again with another new years resolution. >> three two-year old says he plans to visit and meet with people in every single state by the even of the year. young billion air made ambitious resolutions in the past including learning mandarin, meet a new person every day and only eating meat he kills himself. 2016 he also ran 365 miles and design his own artificial intelligence system. if i only ate meat that i killed high self i would starve to death. >> that is how i feel right now. >> that diet. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" this video making national headlines, this shows a north carolina officer, slamming a student to the ground. we will tell you what led to the incident. plus, will hillary clinton attend donald trump's
6:27 am
inauguration? find out if she will be by her husband's side, her former rival is sworn in as the next president of the united states , meisha. well, we are waking up to warmer conditions, but wet roadways, that is really slowing us down this morning, take a look i will tell you all of the places you will want to avoid are coming up. but first we will take a quick break, stay rig my daughter wants to stay organic. mfrom artificial ingredients. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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well, good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. deadly shooting is under investigation in the holmes berg section of the city >> they found a man shot in the head but no gun and no suicide note. intense flames continue to burn at this greenhouse in lower milford township lehigh county.
6:31 am
eyewitness sent thus video last night. a judge drops murder charges against former pro wrestler jimmy snuka, lehigh county judge said one time wwe star is not competent to stand trial. both president obama and vice-president elect mike pence head to capitol hill today. president will try to save the affordable health care act, and plans to have a strategy on how to reverse it. wells fargo center, pass from covington, yes, with .2 of a second to go. robert covington, yes, you made the basket. well, sixth are had a 26-point lead but hang on to win in dramatic fashion winning 93-91. >> good job. >> lets get out to katie on the eyewitness sky deck. you might the say this weather change is dramatic. i feel like we were talking about mild weather, and new we're talking about a completely different forecast. >> talk about the bottom being
6:32 am
ripped out from underneath us come tomorrow, we are expecting what will be a pretty mild day for standard, anywhere from ten to 15 degrees above average here this afternoon, mid 50's, not bad, normal high is about 40 degrees. but, that will be a memory, come tomorrow, and, it is all courtesy of a potent cold front which doesn't actually usher in wet weather. we have had our fair share in the last few days, thank you very much, but it does usher in trade off of the wind picking up here today and a pretty significant blast of cold. so for now, poor visibility is our main issue, we're not talking about the kind of poor visibility where you cannot see your hand this front of your face. look at lancaster. the under a mile there with low lying cloud cover developing. it is not even all that bad up and down i-95. you will notice a low cloud deck under there and traveling around what we have so many riverbed here around the city, traveling around those areas as you may see become more pronounced. down to a mile, in millville, for example, one and a half
6:33 am
miles in reading and list goes on. we will see that cloud cover get scoured away as morning progresses. currently at 44 at philly interest that the. forty-five in atlantic city. up in mount pocono 36 degrees, wind flow turning west northwesterly at 14 whiles an hour right thousand. the as day goes on we are expecting mid 50's which is this the bad for relevant i january but win, anytime it the bless will make it tiehl chillier but do bear in mind that come tomorrow, we're talking drastic differences, so much so we have to put much in all caps, it is looking so much chillier come tomorrow, brighter but wind toy day in the meantime and then we are going to see some snow before this forecast is all said and done. much more later on. meisha. >> all right, katie, what we need that is wind to come in and alleviate that wetness on the roadways because it is causing some problems. good morning, happy wednesday, what we are looking at is an accident blue route southbound off ramp to 95 north that right lane compromised torsing everyone to move to the left lane and you have gaper delay around here, we are going to
6:34 am
really start to see slow downs now that we are at 6:30. as we progress through 7:00 this will start to slow us down. if you can avoid this area you will want to do so. i'll let you know when that clears. we have a accident here at north providence road and dam view drive. they are starting to clear as well as this car fire. all lanes were blocked here. that has been cleared as well. route one southbound is looking okay there we have an overturn vehicle here goshen road near route 252, police are directing traffic, and there is entrapment involved here as well. head up on this. again, if you can avoid that you will want to to so. then we are left with construction. wet roadways, we have accidents out there. many of which are now clearing like we just talk about and construction 495 north bound near route 13 or du pont highway two right lanes are block will slow you down and construction here on the 35 turnpike westbound this is between fort washington and valley forge that right lane is block there overall, it is slow get so give yourself extra time this morning, jim, over to you. new this morning turkey
6:35 am
has teatained five alleged isis militant, believed to be link to the night club attack this istanbul. isis has claimed responsibility for new years eva tack that killed 39 people , about 70 others were also wounded, including local native jake raak back home in delaware. gunman is still on the run. internal affairs is looking into a philadelphia police officer's confrontation the with the teen anginal caught on camera. that officer is off the street as hena daniels report a similar investigation is underway in north carolina. >> north carolina school research officer seen in this video slamming a 15 year-old girl, to the cafeteria floor has been placed on administrative leave. >> we will work to review any and all, pertinent information so that we can provide an accurate account of the events >> police identified officer as ruben dell santas and said he was responding to a fight between two female students yesterday. while the clip does not show what led up to the incident, parent with students at the school, are voicing their
6:36 am
concerns. >> i don't think an adult ever really should body slam a child. i would like to hear both side , the officer and child leading up to what happened. >> reporter: another incident between a police officer and a teenager, this one in philadelphia, on new years day is under investigation. the altercation caught on video showed the female police officer sitting on top of 16 year-old janet pendleton and hitting her several times. officers were responding to a fight, involving more than 30 people, and reports of someone , with a weapon. the philadelphia chief says that the teen wasn't following police instruction and hit the officer several times, break ing her glasses. >> you cannot see the striking portion where the the female admits that she struck the police officer. >> reporter: janet says she has bruces and a concussion. >> i just feel like that is really wrong, and i'm still a minor. she's a grown woman and a cop. way she approached he is not the way she should have did it
6:37 am
>> reporter: officer has been taken off active duty pending an internal affairs investigation. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". friend and family will say good bye to pennsylvania state trooper, kill in the line of duty last week. two visitations will be held for trooper land than weaver today in altoona filled by funeral services tomorrow. the 23 year-old was shot and killed friday while responding to a domestic complaint, in huntingdon county. state police shot and kill the suspect, in weaver's death, after a manhunt. well, philadelphia police are looking for person who shot and killed a man in holmesberg. it happened at 10:00 o'clock last night inside the man's home on the 8,000 block of er dick street. man's girlfriend found him on the floor of the bedroom shot in the head. there was no weapon at the scene and no forced entry into the home but police say the man may have unlock his drawer waiting for his girlfriend to come home. friend are now being questioned. take a lot at surveillance video camden county police need help finding this man who pulled out a gun at miguel's pharmacy on river road last friday. he got away with bottles of
6:38 am
medications and call police if you have any information. welshes president-elect trump is criticizing auto makers for taking jobs out of the country. trump singled out gm on twit ter for sending the chevy cruz across the board are to be sold in the u.s. he threatened to tax them. meanwhile ford decided to invest in michigan and not in mexico, and reaction was largely positive. >> anytime we can keep jobs in the u.s., that it makes sense it is a good decision. >> if that is what it takes to bring jobs back home, i'm all for it. >> these are an american made cars with american made products with american workers , and they are the workers unionized or not and i think that is how ultimately the second page of historical record will have to be interpreted. >> now is drexel university professor of science bill rosenberg who says that the decision should be looked at, for their bigger picture. ford deal is expected to create 700 new jobs in michigan. rosenberg says move will likely benefit ford customers,
6:39 am
in the eyes of the consumer. former presidents are now making plans for trump inauguration. >> former president george w. bush will attend swearing in ceremony january 20th, his father, former president, george hw bush, went there been because of health reasons he is 92. former president bill clinton will attend with wife, hillary who trump defeated. former president jimmy carter will be there as well. and also at the inauguration the d.c. candidate coalition will be handing out free joints. they want to send a message in hopes of making marijuana legal across the country. it is in the illegal to give away pot on d.c. land but it is illegal to actually light it up. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning it is video that has everyone talking, yesterday, a dresser tipping over, and then trapping a toddler, well, this morning katie and her twins are showing us ways to protect your families from similar accidents. >> fortunately those children were not hurt but you have probably seen commercials for my pillow, huge hit. better business bureau lowered the rating from a a plus to an f. find out why.
6:40 am
plus this. participants get excited. >> you never too old for art, what these butterflies are for , in this weeks story of brotherly love, that is coming up. >> ♪ so, maybe you just are waking up on this wednesday morning. but, the weather may be one reason to make you smile a little. yesterday, day before, were not that nice. it will be really cold coming up. but today, transition day, should be okay. >> mild wednesday. >> yeah. >> so get out of bed, come join us.
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well, back on "eyewitness news" with some startling video we first showed you yesterday morning, dresser tips over trapping a toddler under the furniture. >> he is okay but that is
6:44 am
thanks to the the heroics of his twin brother, and now their mother hopes it can teach other parents an important lesson. cleve bryan, enlisted the help of our very own kate i fehlinger and her adorable daughters. >> everybody need to bolt down their dressers to the the wall >> reporter: utah mother learned that lesson in i heart stopping tags when a dresser felon one of her twin, two years old, with the help of brother bode, brook who ended up under the dresser was fine, but mother caylee necessary that sort of tip could have been fatal. >> we want to spread awareness to this one accident that happened and hepp it doesn't happen to any other family. >> reporter: that hit home with our own meteorologist katie fehlinger. >> we. >> reporter: her one and a half year-old twin girls parker and kay den are more adventurous every day. >> even though we have bolted down, the furniture, you know, that is in the room that they have access too, all it takes is for one to learn how to open up a doorknob one day and we could be in the very same
6:45 am
situation. >> reporter: her question now. >> what exactly need to be bolted town. >> reporter: we introduce heard to baby proofer jeff, from kid protect, who took a look at her new baby dresser. >> a piece like this, good bit of weight is in the drawers. imagine all of the drawers being pulled out and center of the gravity going from here to here. >> reporter: he says dressers and bookcasees of any height as well as unmounted tv's need safety straps. all you need is a stud tuned der which you can buy for less than $15, a drill, and some two this much screws. just about any piece of furniture can be tip proof in minutes. >> we move closer, pull it tighter. >> reporter: katie says it took guts for utah mother to show dresser of video falling on her son but. >> i'm grateful that she did because it the reminded me that we have got things that we need to secure here and baby proof in our very own home. >> reporter: in a statement ikea tells cbs news we want to emphasize best way to prevent tip over of chest and drawers to being anchor products to the wall.
6:46 am
they have included restraints for decade and what i will attachment is integral part of the assembling instructions. i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". katie, you know, i think you said it, perfectly. so often you hear about mom shaping. but it is so good that she did speak out because how scary was that video. >> it is, agreed. you saw me stop in my tracks when we showed that video yesterday because my girls are basically the same age. we have the exact same dresser and so that was a real gut check for me. now that they are getting older and they can start learning these new skills it is important up to grade your baby proofing, as they, become more adventure seeking with every passing day. >> yeah, right. >> i'm glad we were able to help get that word out. we have a to do list for the weekend, let's put it that way lets go switch gears and talk about weather here. eyewitness weather watchers are checking in with really warm air in place, and we have got a lot of temperatures right now this is low to mid 40's in the region. forty-six comes in this
6:47 am
morning. 46 degrees this hour there peter furron in lawrenceville with lots of cloud, 88 percent humidity. temperatures in the 40's in pretty much across the board here. bill layden just outside this delco, with lots of cloud at well at 43. you know, he is thinking it is last time we see 43 degrees. a at least at this time of the day for a while. that is the case for next several days. we will not break out of the 30's for good portion of the upcoming forecast. let's switch gears and talk about why that is. we have a cold front that is beginning to cross through, not terribly moisture layden but we have going to help wind pick up and knock temperatures back. you can see the strength of the snow breaking out across the rockies and nebraska, and, disturbance rolls through and brings us a chance for some snow, try, not tomorrow, not today, friday, morning, and especially your best chance from philadelphia on south, and east, to see maybe at least an inch of snow. if it is coming this time of the day, me and meisha will have our handful come friday. you will want to check in and
6:48 am
set the alarm extra early on friday morning. saturday, could even bring a hint of snow to the shore points as disturbance bypass ing to the south that could clip that area but weekend just looks cold. we have some sunshine. look at this. we don't hit freezing hashing for three straight days. so 30's best we can muster from saturday right through hon, meisha. >> katie, crazy. the just a little bit of a disturbance will wreak havoc on the roadways and congestion levels and traffic volume so what are we looking at right now? we have been talking about accidents, how they just keep coming, and they are proving to do so right now. good news is they have cleared we are looking at an accident i-95 north near allegheny avenue. it is moving this is northbound direction. that is good news moving in the north bound direction. it will slow you down a little bit. we are eag backups, gaper delays, pulled off to the right. the officer right there right thousand. this is basically just letting you in he that yes, it is out there but also what we are seeing, basically, overall scattered throughout the delaware valley, since 4:00
6:49 am
o'clock this morning. then vine, thighs through that construction now busy both westbound and eastbound direction. then we have an overturn vehicle here newtown square, goshen road near route 252, police are directing traffic, it sund like reports oven trap as well, that is going to slow you down, another accident, vehicle spun out 295 southbound ramp to route 38, ramp is partially block, very slick conditions right now, jim, over to you. here is some good news singer janet jackson is having a great new year. >> yesterday, jackson and her husband welcome a son named is sa. you might remember she postponed her tour last year including a stop here in philadelphia so she could start planning her family. congratulations to janet. it is 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us live from new york the with the preview. good morning, gayle, good to see you. >> hey, rahel and jim, were you as excited as i was that i heard janet had a baby that is great news.
6:50 am
>> i was happy for her. >> it is so fantastic. she's wanted a baby for a long time. >> we have been hearing about that, yes. >> i thought the baby would have been named michael but that is okay, very good to see you. ahead, we have how corporate mesh is gearing up for trump administration. plus, not one but two former white house chiefs of staff, andy card and bill daily, one a republican, one a democrat discussing the challenging facing the president-elect. we will continue our series and a more perfect union with the growing bond between boston police and the cities teenagers. those stories and more coming your way straight up at 7:00 o'clock. let the count down begin. >> thanks, gayle. >> we will be watching, happy new year, hopefully 2017 is wonderful for you. >> you too. well in, other news, this morning occupational therapist is bringing her artistic talents to senior citizens. >> and as ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love they are giving their own artistic talents
6:51 am
right back. >> dot whole thing. >> you got it, barbara. >> two languages, sarah brown, is gathering adult elders in an art project at mercy life adult day center on hancock street in philadelphia sarah is an occupational therapist hoist an artist in her free time. she created this landscape scene as a tribute to the friend and tamly of center participants who passed on. sort of a memorial since they cannot light candles here. >> hang in the hallway with a basket, that has, butterflies that hatch the mural and when people pass away we have a space where participants can come and remember their friend or patients that have passed and hang a butterfly as they say a prayer. >> this is the second mural she helped create, first one hangs in the hallway. >> participants and the staff, tea signed it, so our first mural was about life, and these people enjoyed, and,
6:52 am
this one is more focused on, the cultural, spiritual experience of aging in place. >> it is great, lieutenant of the participants get excited when they say they were able to create this scene. >> it is lovely. >> thank you. >> all right. >> remember the people, it is dedicated too. we are always interested in hearing from people about stories of brot arely love, contact us, through our web site at cbs philly to the come /brotherly. i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have may have seen the ad on tv including here for minnesota based my pillow. well, better business bureau is no the a fan of the company 's advertising. bbb lowered company's rating from a a plus to a f. >> you see the ads for my pillow. >> absolutely tree, second pillow. >> while they have sold 25 million pillows better business bureau this week graded them with an f. >> the problem happened when my pillow started to advertise
6:53 am
buy one, get would be free and didn't stop. so it became a continuous offer. >> that violates the bbb code of advertising, that says, that the free offer should be temporary, otherwise, consumers may view it as a continuous combination offer, no part of which is free. michael lendell, the inventor and ceo expressed disappointment in the f rating >> i can see maybe a b, b or c >> reporter: bbb approached my pillow in august about the violation. >> they wanted it out by january 1st, they wanted us to change it up. we missed that date. we would like to change it up but this was so successful we ran it longer then we would normally run. >> reporter: now their accreditation has been revoke. >> there is two reasons this is important, one, the consumer needs to know what they are saving, and number two, businesses need to be
6:54 am
protected as well. >> well this morning the two for one pillow special still exists and being advertised on my pillow's web site. it is important to pint out bb b says f rating isn't a product issue but issue with their advertising. new study by moving company united van lines reveals new jersey tops the list of the most moved from states in 2016. also, fifth straight year that the state has had this honor, if you can call it that. it says 63 percent of moves by garden state residents were out bound, new jersey was followed by, illinois, and then new york. 57 percent have of all moves in pennsylvania are out bound. so basically more people are going out, then coming in. well, i think pennsylvania is a tine place to live. >> biggest place to movies south day coat, you have to move there. >> no, i'm not. i'm staying right here. >> we will be right back here. >> wit ♪ ♪
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well, here's three to go. >> meetings to deal with obama care are taking place in washington. president obama is meeting with congressional democrats to come up with a plan to preserve it, vice-president elect mike pence is meeting with republicans to figure out how to get rid of it. atlantic city mayor don guardian is delivering his unofficial state of the city address at the golden nugget. >> upper perkiomen school leaders are having a meeting
6:59 am
on a new middle school at 6:30 at district education center. >> lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> we are starting to see wind pick up to help news one regard and that is dry out these roadways. that the point it looks like the boardwalk is pretty much and clear and sunnies trying to break through here with the light of day popping up over the horizon. guys, we have got some snow waiting in the wings here, friday morning, and especially south east of the city we will have some travel troubles. >> no fun to drive-in. all right. take a lot at boulevard we are starting to heat up here. we are heating up on the vine street expressway moving in the west and eastbound direction and delaware county, lets look at that. >> thanks, meisha. pile on the pasta and pour on the sauce. >> not for me but today it is national spaghetti day, did you know there are more than, 600 pasta makers worldwide. of course being most popular. go ahead and enjoy a big plate of spaghetti or penne to celebrate. >> wow. >> see you next on cbs this morning. reaction vatican that opened up on the ground floor of the vatican own building.
7:00 am
>> and remember to join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 starting a captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is january 4th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the president goes to capitol hill this morning. it is a last-ditch effort to save his signature health care legislation from being repealed. dramatic video shows a school police officer body slamming a high school girl to the floor. outraged parents demand to know what led to the violent confrontation. and the "titanic" may have been in trouble before it made its maiden voyage. they say it's not just the iceberg that sunk the ship. we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90


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