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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 4, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> only on "eyewitness news", we were there as suspect turns himself into bensalem police in the new years day hit-and-run that sadly injured a cyclist. police say tips hemmed find the suspect. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel some man. victim remains in serious condition, greg argos live in bensalem where the suspected
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driver was take own into custody not long ago. greg? >> reporter: exactly right there, rahel, new years day, 9:30 a.m., detectives say that bagger, local bagger at grocery store here in the area was riding his bicycle home when struck by someone driving a red pick-up truck. it happened on tennis avenue between bristol pike and state road. this surveillance video slows the red chevrolet pick-up truck seconds after police say a driver struck 56 year old lenny golds and, family members tell us he was riding his bike home from the supermarket when he was hit. this afternoon after the bensalem police department posted the video on social media, cbs broadcast the clip, the alleged driver james harbor turned hip self into policement detectives tell us tips poured in. they were able to question and interview harbor over the past few days, after locating his red pick-up truck in philadelphia. now he's being charged with misdemeanor careless driving and failure to render charges. >> we were able to obtain pictures from cameras that
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were traffic cameras that were up in the community. we will get that out on one of our social media apps called crime watch and also through cbs news and we got information through some tips of who, where that truck might be park. channel three certainly had a substantial part in this. viewers witnessed, saw the news coverage, were able to phone in and give us some information, which led to the arrest. >> so really big thank you to the viewers who were able to call in and help with this arrest. right now, the victim in this case, lenny goalan, still in the hospital, where family members tell us he's not doing too well, one leg completely shattered, long road to recovery for lenny this afternoon. for now live in bensalem township, i'm greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thanks so much, greg, for that report. meanwhile, following developing story this noon, as dozens of people are injured in the derailment of rush hour commuter train in brooklyn, new york. correspondent roxanne spoke with victims who tell frightening story.
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more than 100 people were injured after a long island railroad commuter train jumped the tracks this morning as it pulled into a station in brooklyn. says none of the injuries is life threatening. tracey brown was on the train. >> i don't know what happened. all i just know it was just a big, like, like it was like an explosion or something. it was bad. it was total chaos, smoke on the train, you know, we were just sitting there in shock. >> video and photos from social media show shattered glass and broken seats inside one of the train cars. says the front two cars suffered the most damage. the train crashed through a barrier in a mall room at the end of the track. >> a rail actually pierced the bottom of the train. actually fortunate we didn't have more severe injuries. >> the accident happened here at the atlantic terminal in downtown brooklyn, it is a very busy terminal, where thousands of commuters transferred subways every day. >> ambulances took at least 11 passengers to hospitals. some with minor injuries, to
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wait for a ride. >> the most significant injury, possible broken leg. >> officials say about 600 passengers were on the trains. and that most were not injured. roxannea, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> the investigation continues into a suspicious death early today in home berg. police say there was no gun, no suicide note, and no forced entry just a 37 year old man shot in the head inside his apartment on erdrick street. police are interviewing the victim's girlfriends, and cheek nearby security cameras, the man as apartment was ransacked, no far no motives for the violence. >> last night's huge fire at a greenhouse in lehigh county. took firefighters more than eight hours to contain the flames in the zion ville section of lower milford township. eyewitness sent us this video just after the three alarm fire broke out around 8:30 last night and no reported injuries. >> well, pretty nice day for january. but watch out. a drastic drop is coming, and soon.
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meteorologist, katie fehlinger live on the cbs-3 skydeck to tell us when the blast of cold air will arrive. katy? >> you know what, jim, i would say as early as tonight, be prepared for very cold conditions. you said it, you know, for january, this is not terrible. expecting low to mid 50's for daytime highs around the region here today. and, normally, we would only be topping off around 40. already above that before the sun came up. so, off to pretty mild start this afternoon. but we've seen clouds coming in and out of focus here, through the course of the morning, now, into the afternoon. and it is actually as we've got cold front, that's passing through, also, in addition to that, the winds is becoming more noticeable, as the day progresses, and this front passes, seeing few little speckles of green showing up on the radar. but don't worry about any precipitation here today, guys, i think you're really going have to deal with additional clouds and the breeze as this cold front crosses, the current tell readings in philly at 50, low mid 50's from that point on southeast of i-95. so little cooler going off to the north and west. but, take a look.
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how cold it is. even just out in cleveland by comparison, you have lost 20 plus degrees there. and the actual air temperature is now below zero in minneapolis, not below freezing, below zero. so, frigid conditions are on the way, as these cold air reinforcements come charging in, these kinds of temperatures become a memory. so expect a partly sunny sky the rest of the day, hint every winds, but really is nothing. compared to the perception of the drastic change that comes our way. although, we are going to generally be a lot closer to seasonable tonight. it is a lot colder by comparison. and, take a look at the third headline. snow waits in the wings for us, come friday. so we will be discussing, guys, later in the broadcast, what promises to be much more wintery outlook for our area. >> whole grab bag, katie, thank you, see you then. >> the city of philadelphia celebrating the first day of its newly funded pre k initiative. ben park wood, northeast philadelphia, among 09 day care providers receiving funding collected through the
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city new beverage tax. this alone added two new pre k classrooms which will serve student. greeted parent and student for first day of learning. >> with the city adding a few thousand seats, across the city, and different program, we have over 90 providers across the city, 90 different sites, i should say, with over 70 providers we're working with, so just real excited to be, you know, one year after inauguration from last year, that we are will starting off with pre k today. >> and the goal with the city pre k program to add six a hundred new seat with the new funding. >> in other news president obama met with congressional democrats trying to save his signature healthcare law. the affordable care act. >> correspondent weijia jiang reports republicans promise to repeal and replace obamacare. >> president obama made a rare visit to capitol hill this morning. hashing out a plan with congressional democrats to stop republicans from getting
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rid of his signature law. the affordable care act. but the fight won't be easy. with president-elect donald trump vowing to keep his campaign promise of repealing and replacing the healthcare law. today mr. trump tweeted: republicans must be careful in that the dems own the failed obamacare disaster, with its poor coverage, massive premium increases. democrats are issuing their own warning. >> the problem is that the republicans have nothing to replace it with. and i do agree with president-elect trump, we cannot have people dying in the streets. >> cbs news poll shows just one in ten americans think obamacare is working well. while president obama huddled with democrats, vice president elect mike pence held his own meeting here on capitol hill. working with republicans, on strategy to overhaul obamacare. >> obamacare has failed. and it has been rejected by the american people.
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>> congressional committees have until january 27th to write legislation, repealing major part of the health kay law. weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> meanwhile, in other news, us intelligence agencies deny that they've delayed plans to brief president-elect trump on alleged russian interferance in the presidential election, mr. trump sent a tweet claiming the briefing was delayed. he suggested the intelligence community needed more time to build a case. the president-elect has been skeptical of their conclusion that moscow helped him win. >> meantime the president-elect making plans for his first news conference since the november election. it is next wednesday, only nine days before his inauguration. it has now been several months since mr. trump held formal news conference, although has answer the questions from reporters as recently as last week. plans announced for the 22nd martin luther king day of service at girard college. >> traditional hands-on project, projects, kids
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carnival, workshops, training, health and wellness fair, civic engagement expo where dozens of community organizations come together and offer people the opportunity to serve throughout the year. >> tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the tri-state area are expected to participate and the largest king day event in the nation, that's on january 16th this year, the day honors dr. king by marking the holiday a day of service. >> bittersweet night on the late late show last night. >> james cord and paid tribute to his friends, george michael, if you weren't able to stay up to watch it, we'll share a bit of it with you next. >> ♪ >> ♪ plus, mariah carey speaking out about her new years eve melt-down. what she says she was thinking, as everything started to fall apart. you're watching "eyewitness news", at noon.
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welcome back, new development in the search for the terror suspect who killed 39 people during a new years eve celebration, in istanbul, turkey. authorities say they've now identified the shooter, but for reasons that are still unclear, they've not released his name. police also arrested 27 possible accomplices, in new raids overnight, the detainees include suspected isis militants, and 11 women. well, the penalty phase of dillan roof's trial is underway in south carolina jury convicted roof of 33 hate crimes for killing nine black parishioners at a charleston church in 2015. that same jury will now consider whether to sentence
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him to death or life in prison, on monday after judge ruled roof was competent to rep sip sent himself during this phase of the trial. >> well, we're now hearing from mariah carey for the first time since her bungled new years eve performance, and she is saying she was mortified. >> carry stumbled through her entire performance, even as prerecorded vocal track played in the background, they claim dick clark had technical difficulty beforehand. they say dick clark would not let an artist go through that, story production company is calling the claims absurd. >> and the plot thickenings. in case you missed last night, late late show paid tribute to late singer george michael, the inspiration for james cord and's carpool karaoke segments. >> i can remember so many specific times in my life where i might have felton my own and george's music would feel like he just -- would
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feel like he would -- would listen to a song, woe reach his hands out, and tell you you weren't on your own. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so much fun. george michael filmed the original carpool karaoke with cord and back in 2011. >> and late late show with james cord and airs week nights here on cbs-3 after the late show with stephen colbert. >> the newest jackson family members has arrived, it is a boy for singer janet jackson, jackson and her husband welcomed their first child together tuesday, and named him esha. the ooh year old entertainer postponed tour last year you may recall, including stop here in philly. so she could start planning her family. well, favorite time of the year. girl scout took i time. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this noon, what new variety of cookies you'll get to have this year. >> always have good ones, folks, looking ahead to the weekend already, promising to be a very cold one.
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the daytime high in philly both saturday and sunday doesn't even hit freezing. and in addition to that, we may even have may, even have a little bit of snow at the shore, on saturday to go along with it. so, this is a very cold transition we're about to make, it starts tonight, we're going to walk you through it right after the break. game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient.
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>> this is china's international eye festival. today artist gathered at the venue to apply the final touches to their ice sculptures, some resemble
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landmarks, like the leaning tour of pizza, many stands as tall as two, 3-story buildings, the festival is near siberia where winter temperatures can drop below 35 degrees, below zero. really low. >> you know me, i like to travel. i'm skip this place. >> yes. >> just look at the pictures. >> my goodness, cold just looking at it. >> that's the kind of colds dangerous to be out in. the second you walk out the door, everything freezes up on you. >> like one of those situations pretty to look at. >> oh, ya. >> but just, you know? >> from your couch, right? >> looking ahead to our own siberia spell, not quite to that degree, no pun intended but will get awfully cold, and those degrees will get a lot colder in the next couple of days here. wait until you see the seven day. but for now at least it is mild. but there is also a day of transition that is currently underway, part of the reason we have the fog or i should say the low-lying cloud cover earlier on today, also part of the reason we will see the
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wind kick up. not a lot to really define on storm scan, right now, but we have everything sort of moving along, from west to east, you can see little hint of lake effect machine picking up as the win begins to pick up down winds of lake erie, lake ontario, but really stay in some cloud cover here today with breaks for some sunshine as the day progresses, high pressure will briefly take control, then you can see the combination of the streaks of snow, moving out from the front rage of the rockies, also see another disturbance come along come friday to bring a nice little swat of snow. i don't think talking major accumulations, but we will get to that walk you through the pattern quickly, cold front, again, doesn't have a the low of moisture with it but will make up for it with the kind of cold, even as early as tonight, down to the to's, tomorrow rebounding back to the 30's, but quiet things all things considered with the sun. then disturbance delivers fresh round of light snow best chance to see is near the shore, but generally, i would
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say, come to the morning, too, so it will mess with our morning commute as a result. then another disturbance that comes along saturday. this is still a question mark. because, the track is critical. if it gets far enough north, coastal communities of the jersey shore, delaware beaches may see little snow. no one else would have to deal with it but that is two separate chances then for the shore see some snow in the next few days, it is better chance for most of us to see some snow on friday. but again, those storms primarily off shore, brushing the coast, and we could be looking at several inches at the immediate shore line in the next few days, friday like i mention the best chance to see this. so, as you get down toll those southeast most counties that's where you are likely to find the most accumulation, but an inch or two max generally speaking and pretty decent chance even in the sit like i mention this is friday a.m. so, meisha and i will have our hands full, looks like, come friday morning, get you out the door safely here. you might want to make the mental note to set the alarm extra ten to 15 minute earl that i morning just to get out
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on the road with ample time to reach your destination safely. looking at the current winds, really beginning to pick up out there. out of the west, coming in at high as 20 miles per hour, i did see group of kids, couple out there right now having recess, all bundled up, outside whitt fields elementary school. one of the cameras that rocks and rolls any time there is winds in the area. and it has been going off like a roller coaster ride the last couple every minutes here. fifty-four the expected high today. mild, windy, bottoming out to 25 early tomorrow morning. we can't even hit the freezing mark saturday, sunday, monday, a little bit of snow like we mentioned definitely friday. >> well, winter is here. >> indeed. >> katie? >> there you go. >> well we thought the holidays were over, but here is is another reason to celebrate, girl scout cookie time. the 100 year scouts are selling cookies and two new varieties available of smors, you can still pick up your favorites, scout use the money raised during the cookie sales for education and community project.
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well, first sunday gobel globe coming together as both the movie and industry, get ready to celebrate the annual awards. >> 1300 invited guests will dine on three course meal which includes chilean sea bass, filet, and it includes plenty of champagne, golden globes one of the only ceremonies allow nominees to drink, which makes better acceptance speeches. >> oh, very much watched tv right there. >> the second half that's always the most interesting. >> they're tanked by that time. that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> always good for a laugh, my friend. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> stitch: hilary. hilary. >> hilary: [ sighs ] what's happening? what's happening? is devon okay? is -- did -- >> stitch: he's critical but stable. we gave him some medication for pain and keep his muscles relaxed. we'll have a better picture once the anesthesia wears off. >> hilary: [ sniffles ] [ sighs ] last night... we almost lost him. >> stitch: it's not unusual for a patient in devon's condition to experience cardiac arrest. that's why he's in icu. >> hilary: can i talk to him? >> stitch: as soon as he regains


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