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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the hain push of the system. that will get in later tonight around 10:00 o'clock. the here's future weather. scattered snow showers here and this this breaks out, between ten and 11:00 when we will start to see snow intensify, and this is a narrow corridor. we will get snow in the north and western suburbs, the steady will be over city and eventually transferring energy into portions of new jersey and delaware. heaviest snow for all of us look to be around 1:00 a.m. from the poconos to the shore. watch how this starts to pick up steam, along the coast and central new jersey as it waves to the west. 3:00 a.m. we have heavy snow along the coast. coming to than a end in philadelphia. by four or 5:00 we will see this push out to seee. by 7:00 it looks like it is out of here. good news it will, end early enough to led road crews get out before main push of the morning rush and start to come in, and, battle, and, it will be a ties i morning with temperatures below treeing and slick spots leave yourself plenty of extra time. here's our winter weather
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advisory from lower bucks, and points out south include new castle county in delaware. and, until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and our current snow happen, coat to go 2 inches for points north and west. could see two or 3 inches in central new jersey, south jersey and northern delaware where it intense ties just a bit. general 2 inches, plus or minus an inch or so is what we can expect from this. that could lead to some slick spots, for your friday morning commute. coming up we will tell but another chance for snow for some this weekend. for now, back to you. kate, thank you. road crews have been doing their best to make tomorrow morning's commute go smooth thely as possible. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with that part of the coverage, greg. >> reporter: jessica, last night and this afternoon we saw roadways where those trucks brining the roadways raring them for snow. here this is boro of bellmawr thinks the scene. these they plows are ready to go out this is roadways. other municipalities we saw
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salt trucks loading up all in raring for tonight's snow event expected to start this is next few hours. >> not i major they storm, more of a nuisance snowstorm. >> reporter: nuisance or not our region is preparing for first snow fall of the season. >> we're expecting worse and hoping are to the best. >> reporter: camden county has 70 snow trucks at the ready. filled with salt and standing by to cover some 1400 miles of roadways. the philadelphia streets department is ready too, salt trucks, overflowing. but won't notice plow is attached to these guys. >> this is not going to be a plowing event, this is strictly a salting event. one to 2 inches of snow is not going to be enough to really push or plow. >> reporter: further are south and east, totals could push past 2-inch mark which is why boro of bellmawr has their fleet prepped with plows. >> each storm you have to
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prepare for worse. here this bellmawr as you can see we have plowed up every time. >> reporter: plowed up ready to battle whatever mother nature throws our way. >> better to be prepared then it is to be caught balance. >> reporter: all of the officials we have spoken to say that all of the salt trucks will actually start salting the road as soon as this snow starts if you coming up at 6:00 see what the city, municipality are doing. i will tell you exactly what folks living in this region are doing and it might slice you as to what they are and they are not doing. that is coming up in about one hour. for now we are live in the bor o of bellmawr, new jersey i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". be sure to wake up extra earl which "eyewitness news" tomorrow morning. our team will be on the air at 4:00 a.m. tracking weather and road conditions, as you head out the door. and cbs philly wet ther app is also a great the resource when winter wet ther strikes, it puts power of the eyewitness weather team right at your fingertips, it is
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available for down load on i tunes and google lay. breaking news right thousand chopper three over an oil truck spilled in lower salford township. montgomery county authorities say a truck carrying food oil started to leak in the parking lot around 3:30 this afternoon and slowly began to flow down the street. that mess has created closures near main street and alumni avenue. commuters should avoid the area while crews work on that spill. we're following more break ing news in northeast philadelphia, where a water main break is causing major problems for residents. break happened several hours ago, and water still has this is been shut off. this is all unfolding on the 11,000 block of mill brooke road. joe holden is in the neighborhood to tell you more. >> reporter: most of the water flow has been stemmed out here you can see metal plate where water is rising, it is a slow trickle at this moment. philadelphia water department is doing pumping details, for the six houses here on mill
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brooke that air affect. we have seen some homeowners coming home, rushing to their house toes see if their basements are dry or if they are wet. it has been, no doubt, a very frustrating six hours out here as many as five homes long millbrook road have water flowing through them. >> high friend's drive way looks like a creek right thousand. >> reporter: 16-inch main, broke around 11:15 thursday morning. >> the water is just flowing through the door, like a broken dam, because door cannot hold it. >> reporter: ed says he has complained to the city and water department, about a sinkhole in the middle of the street since may. he says that they dropped off this metal plate, months ago and that was about it. at this moment, it is unclear if there is a connection, between that sinkhole, and this water main break. >> they told me that they were ,ing right around the corner, to take, on greenmount for another water leak, and either when they shut water down, and then this thing
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burst. >> reporter: thousands of gallons of water flowed for hours, many out here of not been able to assess, how much damage that there is to the basement. many expect to lose heaters, furnaces, freezers and other appliances. and then is there a level of frustration about why this all happened, in the the first place. >> i blame the city for seven and a half months, they had ample time to correct the problem and their resolution was to drop the steel plate on it, and neighbors have been complaining, and complaining, and complaining but nothing has been done. >> reporter: and you are looking live, out here as members of the philadelphia water department, continue to work to assess, how much damage is inside of these homes, since water flowed through many of them, for at least, five hours. we are on top of trying to get answers to how all of this really bubbled up under the surface, what may have caused it and, of course, how these homeowners will be hell top get the their homes back in order. see new about an hour for that
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part of the story. reporting live from northeast philadelphia tonight i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks very much. a man shot sitting on a relative's porch in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood last night remains in critical condition as police continue their search for the shooter. authorities say that the gunfire came from a park across the street in the 200 block of indiana avenue knew. forty-five year-old victim was hit in the head as he sat the outside with his family members. police hepp surveillance video will lead them to a suspect. hundreds gathered in altoona, pennsylvania today to say good bye to a state trooper killed in the line of duty. family, friend, and law enforcement from all over, packed the blair county convention center this morning for funeral services, for trooper london weaver. the 23 year-old was shot last friday while responding to a domestic disturbance in huntingdon county. state police shot and killed the alleged gunman. today a judge ruled monsignor william lynn can fight an attempt to retry him, on child endangerment charges. in 2012 the jury convicted
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lynn of covering up clergy abuse of children in the philadelphia archdiocese. in august, he was released from prison after an appeals court overturn the conviction. monsignor lynn will be back in court to make his case to avoid a new trial next wednesday. former radnor commissioner william spingler waved his preliminary hearing on indecent assault charges today spingler ace accused of inappropriate thely touching a 100 and three-year old woman in the wayne nursing home. police say witnesses reported it happened three times on three separate occasions. spingler remains freon unsecured bail and his next court date has yet to be announced. lets look at this, composite sketch, burlington township police say this man is wanted for brutal road rage beating of a teenager last month. the suspect is accused of following, and then attacking the 18 year-old victim who cut him off while driving. the victim suffered several broken bones in his face, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 our cleve bryan will have a live report on the police search for that driver, and why his car, could be the key to tracking him down.
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tomorrow intelligence officials will brief president-elect donald trump on russia's alleged medaling in the 2016 presidential election. today those officials testified before the senate arms services commit thee about foreign cyber threats. >> our roll out next week... >> reporter: national intelligence director james clapper said russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election was a multi faceted campaign. >> the hacking was only one part of it, it also even tailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news. >> reporter: clapper says russia's involvement is a major threat to the u.s. government and military. >> whether or not the that constitutes an act of war, i think is a very heavy policy call. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump has been dismissive at times of the intelligence community's conclusion russia tried to influence the election, this week he appeared to embrace claims from wikileaks founder
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julian assange that leaked e-mails were not from russia. this morning, mr. trump tweet ed quote the dishonest media likes saying i'm in agreement with julian assange. wrong. i simply states what he states it is for people to headache up their own mind as to the truth. lawmakers say government is not prepared to respond to sign's tax and new administration needs to develop a strategy. >> we have been attacked. we do this is have sufficient defenses. >> reporter: this afternoon mr. trump's team a once toed dan coates, former indiana senator, will replace clap eras director of national intelligence. the head of the cia, fbi, nsa and national intelligence agency will give president-elect trump a finalized report on russia's hacking tomorrow, in new york. cbs news has learned mr. trump is considering restructuring, some u.s. intelligence agencies. an update to the story we first brought you last night at 11:00, the college band will march at president-elect trump's inauguration despite intense debate over whether or
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not that they should. college president, billy hawkins announce that had decision early this afternoon. for days dueling petitions circulated as critics encourage the band to back out talladega is alabama's oldest, black college. we are your inauguration station, stay with cbs-3 for latest on the presidential inauguration of donald trump. we will update you on "eyewitness news" and on time at anytime at cbs today is even of the samsung galaxy note seven phones in the aftermath of the malfunctioning batteries. coming up how samsung is killing all remaining phones and how some people are rallying to keep their phones active. we will sort it all out for you. social crusade for more male african-american teachers , why one educate the or say that this is a much needed mission. the 4-d hoff i experience is coming to some theaters, ahead at 5:00 where you can experience movement and weather conditions in the movie, in the theater. be right
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this is last owners of the samsung galaxy note seven will be able to use the device. versace ice an and at&t are rolling out update to prevent the recalled phone there recharging, or connect to go
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cellular networks. the three on your side jim donovan reports some galaxy note seven owners don't want to give them up. >> reporter: chris thompson is holding on tight to his samsung note seven, despite nearly 2 million devices being recalled in the u.s. and ban ned on aircraft. >> i'm very attached. it has been best phone i have ever had. >> reporter: despite a defect that has caused smart phone lithium ion battery to over heat and some cases, burst into flames. resulting in at least 13 reports of burns, and 40 separate reports of property damage. >> a lot of us feel that they were, not enough incidents, out of how many phones that were actually out there, for it to be serious problem. i mean, it is less than 1 percent chance. >> reporter: samsung says more than 93 percent of the note seven's under recall have been turned in. but more than 100,000 are still out there. that is why the company worked with wireless carriers on the update that effectively
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renders the phone useless. thompson and other note fans are coming together on line, and sharing ways to avoid the updates so that they can keep using the device. >> as you know, this year, was a challenging year for samsung >> reporter: recall has cost samsung billions, its focus is putting note seven debacle this is past, samsung's u.s. president, tim backs store, spoke at consumer electronics show wednesday promising the company will soon release the cause of the tea tech. >> we continue our intensive efforts, internally, and with third party experts to understand, what happened? and to make sure it does in the happen again. >> reporter: consumer products safety commission and samsung say consumers with a note seven should stop using the devices, immediately. they can be exchanged for another phone, or for a full refund. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. meanwhile black berry is back, and hoping to earn a slice of the smart phone market once again. tcl communications, company behind the mobile device,
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released this teaser video on twitter. new addition of the sleek phone still includes a full keyboard and it will run on an android operating system. for now though the company is stale tight-lipped about any other features. meteorologist kate bilo is joining us now, as the snow, makes its way toward us. >> yes, here it comes, some spots may already been seeing a little bit of light snow this evening but don't freak out on the roads, this is not hain push of the storm. that is coming in later tonight.h of the storm. but we will wake up tomorrow morning to a fresh coating of snow, on the ground, it has been quite a while since we have seen that. we did have a little bit of snow earlier in the winter but that melted pretty much as quickly as it the fell. this will stick around into your morning and slow things down for sure during your morning commute. lets look at is what happening right now. we will start off with a live look outside our studios, our roof cam, showing cloud, they have really increased this evening, with the in and out of the cloud cover all day, you felt difference out there today. temperatures dropped, 15 to nearly 20 degrees from where they were yesterday, and then
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a cold, and cloudy day, and new this snow is coming. it almost feels like snow out there you can see that milky light around the sun that tends to indicate high cloud moving in as system approaches another look toward city from palmyra cove nature park camera shows a cloudy sky and temperatures there below freezing. it is definitely cold enough for snow to come in and to accumulate. here's storm scan three right now, you can see we are seeing some snow, starting to break out, generally light stuff, snow showers, back across portions of eastern maryland. we are seeing a little bit across delaware in new castle county, do not be surprised if you are seeing snow in salem county new jersey as well. light the snow showers just making their way in the harrisburg area but real main crust of this storm is back to the west, it is right about here. you can see heaviest of the snow indicated by darker purple shading is over portions of ohio and west virginia, and it is heading here later on tonight. so, timing it out, we will start off with tonight, through the next couple of hours we will see that first system depart and then we have to watch that second system as
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we get the in to saturday, two chances for snow especially down the shore over the next two days. but let's talk about the first one first. the comes in again as i said, earlier between about 10:00 o'clock and 11:00 o'clock when it will start coming down and we are league at right around 2 inches in philadelphia, 1.8 on this particular model, this is generally by about 3:00 a.m. and then starts to wind down. notice it could intensify for central and coastal new jersey , so 2.3 inches in atlantic city. 1.2 in millville. general coat to go 2 inches from the city on north, one to three from the city on south and east. your time line between 8:00 and 11:00 when that light snow will develop west to east , 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. is when it is steady, coat to go 2 inches with 3 inches possible in new jersey. snow tapers to flurries after 5:00 a.m. watch out for red light conditions on the road here tonight and tomorrow morning and even some icy spots friday afternoon as the temperature drops again. coming up i'll tell what you this means, it is a winter storm watch that has been issued for the shore and southern delaware, on saturday
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, that is that second stormy showed you, where we will delve more into that in our next half an hour. for tonight cloud which light snow, and again, wake up to an inch or two on the ground in philadelphia, gradual clearing through the day tomorrow and the high only 36, and then, the cold comes over weekend, 30 degrees sat the day with that brush of snow along the coast, sunday's high only 27, and i'll also show you wind chills on sunday it does feel like single digits at times, very brutal cold, coming this weekend. >> wow. >> wow. >> okay. >> thanks, kate, see you in a little bit. still ahead tonight turning your house into a smart home. >> robots to protect your home , robots you can build and even a gadget that orders diapers and puts your baby back to sleep. we will show you the new technology, next, pat. last night villanova lost for the first time in a long, long time but before they lost they won 20 straight. just how impressive is 20 in a row? we will look at how that number stacks up against the we will look at how that number stacks up against the rest of the city, did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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traffic trouble abe we are not talking about being stuck in the grid lock. new research links busy road to a serious mental disorder. it is increased risk that is coming up on eye witt the necessary news at 6:00. pat gallen joins with us sports, talk being streaks, one came to an even last night >> all good things come to an end. >> yeah, yeah. >> they last longer then others. >> some do. >> march of 2016 villanova wildcats lost to seton hall this is big east championship game. it was last time they would see an l next to their name. then last night, they ran into 18th ranked butt the letter who killed an i am rest i have streak but how impressive? let me guide you through our city's history. ville know of mens basketball team had their impressive streak snapped dating back to last years tournament which ended with a title, wildcats had won off 20 straight games before a loss at butler. it was longest in the history of the program. number one team in the country had gone 298 days, without the a loss. so how does that 20 game
5:25 pm
streak stack up to the competition in philadelphia? we have got quite the college basketball history in the city but numbers may still surprise you. focusing on the other big five squad nova's 20 game run is nice but others have had longer. lasalle actually bested that with to 22 in a row this 89 on 90. twenty-two is solid but during 57-58 season temple owls won 25 straight. twenty-five is excellent but remember jameer and dell lonty , st. joes hawks started the year with 27 consecutive wins. and, 27 is extremely impressive but not longest in the city's history. that belongs to the penn quakers who won 31 in a row during 1919-1920 season. if we include treks he will, the dragons longest is actually 19 in a row just a few years ago. but if we reach outside history of our fine basketball town it is not close on a national level. under john wooden the ucla bruins won 8871 and 74, and
5:26 pm
seven straight titles. on the women's side had doesn't stack up to the 90 consecutive won by norristown native geno ariema for 2008 to 2010. let's not down play it 20, straight with a national title , is a hazing. >> it was a great run. >> not as good as some but not bad. >> geno, i know, i know. >> great run. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" turning your house into a smart home. >> and video some might find disturbing, mentally disabled hand tied up and beaten, we have got brand new information from police, who spoke just a short time ago. also tonight... >> they said were you a threat to his life, i just could not believe it. >> sisters, thrown off a lane, heart breaking event that they missed because they weren't allowed to fly, and what the sisters are hoping for now when we come
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prosecutors are now calling it a hate crime, four people are charged with the apparent torture of a man with special needs. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. the attack was streamed live on facebook sparking outrage all across the nation. word of caution some video you where to see is disturbing. >> four young adults are facing charges for beating a mentally disabled man and sharing the racially charged attack, live on facebook. >> it is sickening. >> reporter: chicago police say victim was a classmate of one of the suspects and may have gone with them voluntar ily. he was with the suspects for 24 to 48 hours, and had been reported missing. >> images in the video put on display, brazenness of those offenders who assaulted the victim and then broadcast it for the entire world to see. >> reporter: during the attack suspects all african-american shouted racial slurs, and mentioned the name donald trump but police believe the
5:31 pm
victim, who was white was targeted because he has special needs, not because of his race. >> i have been a cop for 28 years and i have seen things that you shouldn't see in a lifetime but it is still amaze s me how you can still see things that you just shouldn't. >> reporter: police say after the assault suspects let the victim go, police found him in the street and took him to the hospital. >> it took most of the night for him to calm down to talk to us. >> reporter: in a statement facebook says it does not allow people to celebrate or galore file crimes and has removed the original video. police say victim is at home with his parents and expected to make a full recovery. two sisters are demanding an flight crew lose their jobs after being kick off their plane and missing chance to say good bye to their dying father. sister tricia baker and debbie hartman were on a flight from north carolina from orlando on monday. they were on their way to visit their fat inner hospice when baker got a text saying he only had hours left to live she stood up to console her
5:32 pm
sister when a flight attendant got involved. >> she said you need to sit down. i said, well, can i just sit here i want to console my sister we just got word that my dad's dying. >> she said you are being very rude, my fat ther is dying and i'm comforting her. they said that she needed to keep her personal problems off the plane. >> they tried to catch another flight the next day but their father died before they could arrive. now they want the airline, held accountable, allegiant air said we rely on our crew members to provide and oversee a safe environment for every passenger. we expect that authority be exercised cop cyst tenthly, with empathy and with good judgment. incident is now under investigation. captured on camera in turkey a car bomb explodes killing a police officer in a courthouse employee. the it happened in the western turkish city officemir. the attacker detonated in a police checkpoint near a courthouse.
5:33 pm
in addition to the two people killed five people were injured. after the blast police shot and killed two suspects. initial findings suggest a kurdish militant group was behind the blast. pope francis met the with a crowd of earthquake victims at the vatican offering consolation and hope. 800 people gathered in vatican city as pope francis welcome all of those affected by earthquakes that hit central it thely, over the past year. close to 300 people were killed in the quake, last august, and two months later, a series of quakes, struck the same region. six days present president-elect donald trump is sworn into office thousands will march on washington calling on the new administration to protect, civil rights. local lawmakers and civil rights leaders invited area resident to join them for the call to action. >> we are going here to protect those things that we worked so hard for, not just in the past eight years under the barack obama administration, but forever in this country, for decades, where we have worked, where we have sojourneyed we will stand
5:34 pm
up and say we will not go back >> that is right. >> reporter: march on washington will take place next saturday january 14th. a local principal is looking for more diversity in his west philadelphia charter school, and the teaching staff teaching is an overwhelmingly female occupation, but he is hoping to change the statistics. >> cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio has story behind recruitment effort. >> reporter: shariff el mackie loves walking these halls. for the past 24 years, he has worked the halls, first as a teacher and now has a principal here, at the mastery shoemaker campus but it was in these halls, classrooms that the overbrook grad noticed that he is one of a few. >> it is a issue national the ly only 2 percent of teachers are black men, locally, about four and a half percent. >> reporter: he believes all kid benefit from diversity in the classroom so he decided to make change. former white house ambassador for education, he launched the
5:35 pm
black male educators for social justice fellowship. >> what we are doggies changing the narrative about classroom teaching. >> reporter: he works to support plaque male teachers, influence policy, and expand the pipeline by recruiting men from other fields, and by planting seed early. >> you don't see too many people that get, you know, every day out of the hood doing teaching. >> reporter: senior justin davis has had only one black male teacher, but it has showed him another path to success. >> i can see myself being a teacher. >> that headaches him shine, and work harder. so to all of those black men out there, and, and -- >> these aretive rent by leaving schools in classroom. >> reporter: share joy of seeing kid succeed with more black men in these halls. in west philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the pea a an owe man is coming back to citizens bank park this summer. billy joel will hold a concert
5:36 pm
on september 9th making it fourth year in a row he has performed at the stadium in south philadelphia. it also means joel will hold record for hose live performances at the venue. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney office proclaimed september 9th as billy joel day to honor anticipated sold out event. if you want tickets go on sale through ticket master next friday starting at 10:00 a.m. still to come tonight it is a dangerous potentially deadly allergy. why doctors say you should give infants food with peanuts reason behind the major shift in guidelines when we come right back. it is in the something you see every day rolling down the highway in pennsylvania, more crazy video and what happened when we come back, kate. well, as we head in the weekend we have got a chance for snow for some of us. if you are down the shore on at day especially in the afternoon there is a chance for accumulating snow, winter storm watch has been posted along the coast atlantic and cape may counties, also portions of southern delaware in the city it looks like we
5:37 pm
will stay try and we will get cloud, maybe a flower friday that system but highs below freezing, and all across the board, sunday's highs not getting above 20's and poconos on sunday highs only in the
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holidays are over and if you have not already you may want to return any of those unwanted gifts, that is because today is what ups calls national returns day. the largest package delivery company says that it is expect to go handle a total of 1.3 million return packages today alone. company says nearly 6 million returns will be made this week with just a couple weeks left in the white house, president obama and first lady decided to donate their daughter's swing set. two teared play set was installed in 2009 for their
5:41 pm
kids who were seven and ten at the time. it was announced that they are 15 and 18. they gave structure to a local organization serving those in need. officials say it was first offered to the president-elect ten year-old son baron or even grandchildren but trump family decline, the offer. amazing to think how much those girls have grown in those eight years. >> before our eyes. >> it is something. >> a major change in guidelines when it comes to infant and dangerous peanut butter allergies. >> stephanie stahl has information you need in less
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take a look at the this bizarre scene on the pennsylvania highway they are pittsburgh. drivers on route 40 saw this yesterday. a giant spool of wire rolling full speed, down the highway, against traffic. it apparently fell off a truck just rolled away incredibly drivers were able to avoid that giant road hazard, and then no one was hurt. wow. on the healthwatch tonight there is a landmark shift in advice that doctors say could significantly reduce peanut allergies in the you had. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with new recommendations. >> reporter: just a big shift, guys. it used to be stay away there peanuts but today new national guidelines, reversed that advice and say most children should start eating foods that contain peanuts when they are
5:45 pm
infants especially babies, at high risk of developing peanut allergies. sixteen month-old caitlin crutchlow eats a mixture of peanut butter and water every day to prevent her from developing a peanut allergies. both her brothers are severely allergic. >> i was terrified, now it is exact opposite of what they told us when our boys were little. >> reporter: new guidelines from the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases recommend introducing high risk babies like caitlin to foods containing peanuts. doctor hugh samson helped write the new recommendations. >> we are saying not only it is okay but we're saying go do it. in these high risk children we need peanut this their children early. >> reporter: guidelines say high risk babe business severe eczema or egg allergies should be given peanut protein in the first four to six months. >> i wish this would cure peanut peanut peanut allergy but it is unlikely. we can significantly reduce amount of peanut allergy. >> reporter: caitlin got her
5:46 pm
first taste of peanut at the doctor's office. >> it is amazing, and she doesn't react, she eats peanut s, every day, and i think as long as we maintain it, she will never to have worry about that. that won't be a problem in her life or an obstacle. >> reporter: if you guidelines follow research that found early introduction of peanuts to high risk babies prevented more than 80 percent from developing, peanut allergies. parents who have concerns, questions about this you need to check with your doctor before you make any changes. >> yes. >> check with the doctor. >> exactly. >> thanks very much. kate joins us with the forecast. we're talking snow but this isn't a french toast alert, you know, milk, eggs, bread. >> someone said should we start stocking up. unless you plan to go grocery shopping at 2:00 a.m. you might want to go early but you will be fine. there may be dicey conditions on the road tomorrow morning because we are going to have lingering snow. this will stick. it will be cold enough for temperatures in the 20's and low 30's that anything that
5:47 pm
falls will stick to the roads and it will be slippery out there. roads are being treated but untreated surfaces, front sidewalk, even things will get a bit slick outside. lets go and look at what is going on right now. we will go outside to the shore camera. we have light on down the shore. quiet the for now but shore is a spot that will pick up two chances of accumulating snow over the next couple of days, and possibly, even some higher amounts on saturday then what the shore will see, with tonight and tomorrow's storm. ocean city right new looking quiet, calm before the storm. the here's storm scan three showing some snow trying to break out over portions of south jersey and delaware right now. also we are starting to see light snow eastern maryland but this is in the main event. main event is back to the west , this you see right here starting to move over western pennsylvania, and it is now picking up in intensity around pittsburgh and thinks all heading ease as we faux through overnight hours. as we zoom out across the nation we have got some seeds zone for our next system over the gulf of mexico.
5:48 pm
cold air skirting across the plains and heavy rain in california for the next several days, some spots may pick up over a foot of rain there, and just not going to end. we have got a lot going on across the nation. temperature change for us in the past 24 hearst we have seen temperatures drop 15 to 20 degrees, across the entire region from yesterday's warmth , the cold is in, and that is setting stage for this advancing system. the lets time it the out once again, by 10:00 o'clock still light snow. out and about you may run into light they showers likely not sticking too bad until we get in the overnight hours. worst of it is between midnight and 2:00 a.m. when northern piece of energy joins forces with this coastal low and that will strengthen one another here. we are going to start to see steady snow around midnight lasting until two or 3:00ah when bulk of our accumulation comes down really. then between three and 4:00 a.m. we will see it even in the city. still ongoing down the shore. by 6:00 a.m. this is pushing off the coast. by the time we wake up
5:49 pm
tomorrow, vast majority of us will see all of the snow we will get and we have to deal with getting to work and dealing with conditions out there on the road. so between tonight and tomorrow morning light they, coat to go 2 inches, everyone from the city north and west, up to 3 inches possible in central and southern new jersey, and slick spots, for that friday morning commute, and, of course, we will be covering that through the morning hours with our morning team so make sure you tune in for. that future weather, then we will shift to that southern storm. this is one to watch down the shore this weekend. you can see on at day at 2:00 a.m. overnight tomorrow night into saturday morning snow, heavy, breaks out across carolinas and virginia. this moves off shore, still heavy snow, in north carolina and virginia, 10:00 o'clock sat take morning, look at how close of a call this is. and this particular model keeps the bulk of the the snow off shore, and if this backs in, 20 miles or so, you will get significant snow along the coast, a very tight gradient with this. it will be difference of several miles that could determine whether you get two, three or 4 inches of snow and
5:50 pm
not much of anything at all. there has been a little trend west ward with this system today, so it bears watching the shore, areas that could get most snow from this saturday storm. we probably went get much if anything in the city. down the shore two chances of snow tonight and sat the day. one to one overnight tonight. end early tomorrow morning. saturday accumulations still in question, right now, looking like about two to 4 inches. there is a chance of some spots could get more off to the south or it could stay mostly off shore and we will see lower amounts but winter storm watch has been issued for atlantic, cape may and down into southern delaware, sussex county as we get into our saturday. future feels like temperature take a look at this, quickly saturday morning we will wake up, feeling like the teens all day and then sunday morning when you wake up look at these thumbs single digits and it will feel like that all day long. cold really will replenish this weekend. light snow, 27 degrees, wake up to snow on the ground tomorrow morning, light the snow to the east and to the south, down the shore on saturday, very cold sunday and
5:51 pm
monday, and it does get more seasonable next week. we will send it back to you at the test being. >> kate, all right. this adorable baby he willtent is on the mend thanks to dedicated vets in thailand. they are using the pool to heel the five month-old, she was found by a rescue group with the badly injured leg after getting caught in the trap. now the group says that the swimming techniques should get her back on her feet. baby is a treasure in tie land , as few as 3,700 elephants are left in the wild >> fury animal. >> animal adoption video shot on the fly is taking over the internet. atlanta area animal shelter took used car salesman approach in the most recent ad s featuring their adoptable cats and it work. improvised ad went viral becoming number one on you tube's trending list. the shelter says video cost them just a few cans of cat food and only took three hours to make. king of pop's iconic white
5:52 pm
fedora is officially off the market. >> it was featured in the late michael jackson's smooth criminal music video before being auctioned this week. there was no chance it was a fake. it was signed by the the singer himself. the auction house says music memorabilia was given as a gift to jackson's former manager, the hats, sold for more than $10,000. >> my favorite jackson video. >> good one,. >> yes. >> rolled out, ready to go. >> red carpet is waiting for golden globe nominee this is weekend. jimmy fallon will host the seventh fourth annual award show. fallon unrolled giant carpet yesterday at beverly hilton. golden globes are this sunday, seating card are in place and swag bags are ready for the guests. each will walk away with a collection of expensive gifts ranging from purses to beauty products. forget those 3-d glasses, cannabis is taking -- they are giving the patients 4-d x experience. customers will experience their movie complete with a,
5:53 pm
shake, rattle and roll of sheet. theater will, and see covering on the films and it is late's tempt to get more fans of film , into the theater. the rocky horror picture show has something going on today, back in the day. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" wearable technology foreman's best friend. and the latest tech for your home including a gadget that can help you take care of your baby, even, with diapers. making your house a smart home
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
one of the largest tech conventions is underway this las vegas this week. >> all this week companies are giving us a glimpse of the
5:57 pm
future, at consumer electronic s show. >> cbs news correspondent hena daniels shows us the new gadgets. >> welcome to the future. >> reporter: chance for to us look at the latest out of this world inventions and make us say wow. gadgets like the mars levitat ing high fi wireless speaker made by crazy baby and available now. smart home seems to be the trend at ces2017 this years, as companies taughted tech guided by artificial intelligence, and voice activation. how about this little guy named carey a surveillance robot keeping an eye over your house. >> robots are showing up, it is in because maybe not that the building of them anymore, but software underneath it, artificial intelligence, again , cameras in a computer vision. >> reporter: or, the robotic smart lamp available in the fall, you you can tell it to move and adjust brightness and connect toss wifi and takes pictures. there is also air to the will
5:58 pm
from math he will this summer, think of it as a high tech baby monitor and amazon echo in one. they say it can recognize when baby wakes up and put them back to sleep along with ordering diapers and play guessing games with the kid. one requirement, when your children interact with the device, they have to use the word, please. and for the kid in all of us, the lego boost teaches us how to code and build robots with the legos you already have. >> people wanting their kid to get their hand on tech early and really understand how it works and how to use it. >> reporter: lego boost will be released later this year and will cost $175. hena daniels for cbs news. wearable technology isn't just for humans. jagr and lewis, company behind this new smart collar says its can sense changes this a dog's mood, and measures eating, drinking, sleeping, and movement, and then crunches numbers if the doggies stressed or sick.
5:59 pm
the collar will cost $200 when it launches on kick starter. >> what is going on. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 gearing up for blast of winter weather, road are treated as crews try on get ahead of the snow heading our way, kate. >> headed our way it is, as we speak this system moving in western pennsylvania. we will time out exactly when snow arrives, when heaviest will fall and when it gets out of here. i will tell you how much you can expect where you live. also tonight a broken water hain send water spilling on to streets, sidewalks, and into homes. our joe holden takes us inside one of the flooded out basements in northeast philadelphia and speaks to frustrated residents. south jersey police department searching for this man, what they say prompted him to brutal willly beat a teenager in the key to tracking him down. and ready or not here it comes. winter weather crews are out
6:00 pm
and about, treating the road, salt trucks are being stopped, as we prepare for snowfall all across the area. storm scan three shows this system pushing closer and closer to our region, right now. winter weather advisory will go in effect in about two hours. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team three coverage for you tonight. greg argos will be here with how road crews and resident are getting ready but first we will turn to kate bilo tracking snow, kate. >> this is our first real shot of accumulating snow that could impact, a very important friday morning commute, tomorrow. it could be slow go out there, tomorrow morning, although, this is getting started a little bit earlier and earlier we will get it in here sooner we will get it out as well. you can see it there on storm scan three light snow breaking out ahead of this system over thorn delaware and south jersey but main, the main event really, the main snow with this system is just now moving into western pennsylvania. it is around pittsburgh, down


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