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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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and about, treating the road, salt trucks are being stopped, as we prepare for snowfall all across the area. storm scan three shows this system pushing closer and closer to our region, right now. winter weather advisory will go in effect in about two hours. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team three coverage for you tonight. greg argos will be here with how road crews and resident are getting ready but first we will turn to kate bilo tracking snow, kate. >> this is our first real shot of accumulating snow that could impact, a very important friday morning commute, tomorrow. it could be slow go out there, tomorrow morning, although, this is getting started a little bit earlier and earlier we will get it in here sooner we will get it out as well. you can see it there on storm scan three light snow breaking out ahead of this system over thorn delaware and south jersey but main, the main event really, the main snow with this system is just now moving into western pennsylvania. it is around pittsburgh, down toward cincinnati.
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this is a fast moving system. it does not have ton of moisture with it but we have northern piece of energy and coastal piece of energy and these two will join forces through overnight hours. that will cause the snow to increase a bit in intensity. timing it out hour by hour, really will begin to get underway around 10:00 o'clock around philadelphia, and nearby suburbs, especially off to the west but it will over spread the region, completely by midnight and you can see midnight, 1:00 a.m., 2:00ah help almost all have of us will be seeing a steady, moderate, snowfall, as we get into the overnight. by two or 3:00 a.m. we will see thorn edge, decrease a little bit in intensity, lehigh valley is almost done with this by 3:00 a.m. still snowing in philadelphia it picks up along the coast as well, south and central new jersey hey end up seeing the highest snow amounts with this system but good news is it is pretty much gone by six or 7:00 in the morning. that means road crews can get out and start getting things underway before the main thrust of the morning commute, we may even see some sunshine break through by mid morning here at 8:00 or 9:00 o'clock.
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winter weather advisory initial to effect at 8:00, it goes until 6:00 o'clock friday morning. it is all areas shaded in purple here all of south, central new jersey, thorn delaware, philadelphia and earned ising suburbs as well, and again we're looking at a general coat to go 2 inches from the city north to west, one to 3 inches for south and central new jersey and northern delaware, and then this area may get another chance, for accumulating snow this weekend. we will have more on that second storm coming up in just a bit. for now, back to you. >> see new a bit, thank you. road crews have been busy getting things treat add head of the the snow's arrival. but what are people doing to prepare. our greg argos joins us now at bellmawr with a look at that, greg, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. here in the boro of bellmawr all of the snow piles are at ready but you just heard kate this will be a snow event, one , two or 3 inches of snow, the folks i spoke with in this area say they are in the too worried about this upcoming winter weather. around our region, salties
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loaded, and trucks are prepped >> unaudible. >> reporter: every city and town from philadelphia to the boro of bellmawr, new jersey is ready for the first snow event of our winter's season. >> we have over 50,000 tons of salt available for whatever mother nature throws at us. >> wow. >> reporter: in the brooklawn diner of route 130 in new jersey. >> we have this one to 2-inch snow event tomorrow. >> it is it a blizzard. >> reporter: what are you doing to prepare. >> i'm eating at this dine are >> reporter: is that it. >> yes. >> reporter: no one is too concerned about mother nature 's plan to dump a couple inches of the the white stuff. are you buying milk. >> no. >> are you buying eggs. >> in are you buying a shovel. >> no. >> and one to 2 inches. maybe more. which is why those hearsay they are not too concerned. >> people go crazy, and run
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out, and get bread. >> reporter: by friday afternoon, this winter weather is washed up. >> i would like to look out window tomorrow, see snow on the ground, and then, an hour later i want to see it all melted. >> reporter: back here live, in bellmawr you can start to see the ever so slight snowflakes starting to fall here in this area, it all seriousness once the snow does start falling it will make for a messy commute, messy driving conditions. if you are outside on the roadways, of course, take extra time. we are live from bellmawr new jersey, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now tongue catching snow, greg, appreciate it. get a jump outside, wake up with the "eyewitness news" team tomorrow morning. our team will be on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. tracking latest weather and road conditions as you start to head out the door. for hours today a broken water main sent water gushing through several homes in one northeast philadelphia neighborhood. it is a problem one resident said that could have been prevented.
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"eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live from the neighborhood with a look at the that big mess, joe. >> reporter: jessica, they are moving in the heavy equipment right the now to get at this main, that ruptured about 11:15 this morning. workers from the philadelphia water department, have been busy, the pumping details are out and so is the claims department trying to address some of the damage that happened in the basements out here. at least six homes affected as water gushed for hours. this is view outside ed volmer 's millbrooke road door and here it is from the inside , water gushing through basement of his northeast philadelphia home and out the back door. it was initially trying to sweep it out and uphill, unending battle for sure, they gave up from exhaustion. >> it is a river through my parent's house. >> reporter: this is one of the five homes on this block inundated when a 16 this much hain ruptured. >> the guy told he your water
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heater is probably definitely gone. depend on the furnace how high that gets and your dryer, i have a freezer downstairs in my house. that is under water. that has got to be ruined i guess. >> reporter: metal plate you see there was left behind after neighbors say in may they complained about a sinkhole. it is unknown what caused the main to break, but one thing is clearwater flowed through some of these houses for more than five hours. >> they cannot shut it off, i was talking to the men over there and they are having hard time finding the valve to shut it off. >> it takes months to come out people have to worry about all of the tam age to repair. >> reporter: we're back live, members of the water department down there, at that opposite end of this street, beginning to start the process of getting down, under the surface of the street, you can see there is water still bubbling up from this metal plate in the middle of the road, that, according to residents out here is what is the problem since may. new we have posed a question about this sinkhole, the
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existence of it to the philadelphia water department, and a spokeswoman tells me that they are still working on answers as to if there is a connection between the sinkhole and this break. as of right now water service is off for this entire neighborhood. reporting live from northeast philadelphia tonight, joe holden for cbs eyewitness news >> thank you for that. police in south jersey are asking for the public's help to hunt down the suspect in a road rage attack. the victim a teenager driving home, from work. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in burlington township right now with clues that could lead to an arrest in the case, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, for weeks burlington township police department has been trying to locate this man, that they say he attack a local high school student over a simple traffic incident, and they want to hold him accountable. it started with a simple lane change, burlington township police say late december 14th a teen was attack by this man after accidentally cutting in front of him. >> victim explained to us that
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he was driving home there work , that he at some point as he was driving along the boulevard in our town he inadvertently cut off another vehicle. >> reporter: man started tailgating the 18 year-old for a quarter hyle. when teen got out of his vehicle the suspect pulled over and came at him. >> they had an exchange of word and from what we understand one punch that struck the victim in the face and caused some significant fracturing in his face. >> reporter: teen was treated and released from the hospital and has since continued to get to high school but police have not been able to find his attacker. this is a compose it sketch, the man believed to in his 20 's has a braided goat tea and a pony tail, he was driving a blue chrysler 300 with a chrome grill. we asked around the neighborhood where the assault occurred and ron stewart says he is disturb by what happened >> i know he did say someone was hurt seriously but it is unfortunate that this kind of thing has to happen. people have to be in control at all times. so it doesn't become an issue.
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>> if at any point someone feels their safety is threatened by another motorist , pick up the phone, dial 911. we would rather respond and mediate issue and address it rather than people taking it in the their own hands. >> reporter: burlington township police say if you recognize this man or vehicle please contact the police right away. live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, cleve. community is shaken in philadelphia's kensington section after a home is invad ed in broad daylight. it happened on the 3500 block of emerald street around noon time today. police say a 87 year-old man answered a knock at the door to four men claiming to be gas workers checking on a gas leak group then forced their way inside of his home. they got away with $1,200 worth of cash and cell phone. >> these people usually call, when they take care and they ask about him but it is daytime that this has happened , so nighttime you can this is imagine what is going on. the it happens. it isn't the best neighborhood but not the worst.
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>> thankfully the home owner was not hurt. anyone with any information is asked to contact the philadelphia police. there are new developments in the bill cosby's sexual assault trial. montgomery county district attorney now says he won't fight cosby's request to select injury friday another county, however, d.a. remains opposed to helding trial somewhere else, other than montgomery county. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand. when we come back on "eyewitness news" could busy roads be bad for the brain. our stephanie stahl breaks down new findings that show areas where lots of traffic could increase risk of a serious mental disorder. a big boost to philadelphia's african-american museum, the way this check will benefit that museum and those who visit, pat. >> joel embiid is making a strong push for nba all-star game but does he have extra motivation? we will discuss, plus is there a way millville native and al mvp mike trout could leave
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angels. phillies tans ears should be perking up, a crazy loop hole could help, we will tell but tonight
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it is hard to escape traffic and highways living in the philadelphia area on the healthwatch tonight new research says living close to busy roads, can increase your risk of dementia. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has details on this new study. >> reporter: interesting new research, guys. this isn't a huge risk but doctors say this new study is significant, it is living close to highways is living and bad for your brain. philadelphia is surrounded by hey ways, traffic is every where. new research says living near heavy traffic increases the risk for developing dimension a. >> it does seem receipt i couldn't inclusive about this. >> when they looked at those
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very close to the highways, and major arteries, they have the highest risk. >> reporter: jefferson neurologist carroll lippa says study that covers 6.6 million people were observational. researchers do in the the know how living close to highways, hurts the brain. >> it could be the noise, that did something, like maybe the noise at night, gets people less restful sleep. >> reporter: other theory is pollution, there congested road, it is harmful to the brain and hard to escape traffic around philadelphia. what does that say to people who live in this region. >> it is in the really a cause for an i can because it is just a very slight increase in risk. >> there is no credence to that. >> reporter: strong otter and his elderly neighbors who live in fishtown say they are just fine. >> i sit, play poker all take, i sit, lay word games. i have in dementia. >> reporter: another part could be that six five-year old nancy golden is active, walking her dog louie.
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exercise can help off set dangers of the living close to highways, and another new study confirms that a head train yan diet the rich in produce and healthy fats can also, protect the brain. >> those things actually have a large effect, more consistente tech, on, dementia or just loss of homery thinking abilities as you get older. >> reporter: that traffic published in the lancet covered with mri's. it found while highest risk was living very close to the the highway, the danger was significantly reduced, the further away people lived, from the roads. >> it is interesting. >> it is. there is so many highways, around our area. >> no doubt. >> significant for a lot of people. >> very much so. >> thanks, stephanie a rebater it. african-american museum in philadelphia is getting a five you this dollars boost. >> donation from citizens bank will help fund ramming and discounted admission for four day heart inn luther king junior celebration. free tickets will be distributed to dozens of community groups.
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upcoming celebration begins january 13th and runs through the 16th. >> that is great. kate joins with us our tore case. some of those highways stephanie was talked about will be salted tomorrow to get them ready. >> yes, crew does a great job. they have been out since last night putting brine down and getting everything ready. most have the main road have been treated. if you live on a side street it will be slippery tomorrow morning. snow will stick. it will hang out. lease be safe. leave yourself extra time. wake up you will to have go out and brush off the car and whole thing. maybe shoveling the walkway, things like. that you will need extra time on your try morning. not a day to hit shoes button. we have a system moving this. while they are generally who hades this is our first accumulating snow event, at least impact full snow accumulating event in the season. we are getting exercising our winter weather brains a little bit. we have in the done this since last winter. the here's storm scan 36789 we are seeing light snow break out ahead of the hain system
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over lancaster county, chester county, even down into kent county, delaware right around dover seeing light to moderate snowfall. main event is back to the west it is moving over pittsburgh, central pennsylvania, town into west virginia, and southern ohio, and thinks all going to move in overnight. what we have to watch as we have two pieces of energy with this. one here. this is thorn shortwave what we call it. also a coastal low. once these join forces, and that is when the system will ramp up and that does in the happen until overnight hours. otherwise temperatures definitely cold enough for snow, sitting at treeing in philadelphia. 29 degrees in allentown. twenty-nine in reading. only 11 in mount pocono. temperatures taking a major hit, today, and it is only going to get worse. look at what happens this is weekend, by sun take, highs only in the 20's and won't feel better then teens all day long. as far as tonight the's snow it develops between eight ape 11:00. heaviest snow will be midnight to 3:00 a.m., 5:00ah down the shore. we have a coat to go 2 inches.
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some spots in central and southern new jersey could end up with three, after 5:00 a.m. they will taper to flurries and sun may be out for much of the morning commute. here's one model's interpretation of just how much each area will get with the heaviest around philadelphia and wilmington and down toward shore points where many spots could have an inch and a half to 2 inches of snow. worse travel overnight tonight and into your friday morning we will give you red light, friday afternoon, icy sots are possible but things certainly do i am roof and helps of try is dry. then we will have to watch a secondary system after first one comes this your two pieces oven why i there. secondary low, could impact coast this weekend and it will skirt along the coastline. we will look at that. keep an eye on it chance for shore snow at immediate coast and arctic place will follow this system even for the city, morning lows this is teens and single digit wind chills on sunday, you'll wake up to it dealing maybe seven or 8 degrees on sunday morning in philadelphia you're witness weather seven day forecast we have snow overnight into early
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tomorrow morning. the saturday looks try inland but could accumulating snow, two to 4 inches possible town the shore, sunday, cold, blustery, machine frigid as well but toss get back to normal next week and looks milder by next week. >> okay. >> okay, thanks, kate. pat's up next with sports. >> eagles talk they had a rough seas on but that does in the mean their coaches are not hot commodities. we will explain next. as joel embiid continues to tear up the court fans are taking notice and he hopes a certain someone takes net is of him, that is next up in
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call today. comcast business. built for business. all right. pat's says sixers will go on the road again. >> we're talking about joel embiid. >> yes. >> do you remember when were you in school and pass a note that says circle yes, no, maybe to someone that you like he is doing that but in 2017. >> okay, all right. little different. >> on friday sixers hit road to take on boston celtics. they might, might be without
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joel embiid, the sixers center will travel but he is dealing with the stomach issue and is questionable to play. he is also battling some of the biggest names in the nba when it comes to all-star voting. first return is in and embiid, currently sits fourth among forwards and centers in the east. embiid has been active getting his name out on social media which accounts for half of the vote. he is also trying to get the attention of rihanna who he calls his crush. brett brown says, if that is the motivation then by all means. >> well, if it does, another reason for me to try to help promote him. i had a different agenda but if that is side benefit for joel, i can see that. he has good taste. >> the eagles have finished seven-nine but they still have coaches in demand. only problem they don't want to give them up. jets asked permission to speak with quarterbacks coach john dephilip owe about their coordinator opening but eagles denied that request. over the last few weeks, we have learned newly blossoming
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friendship between carson wentz and mike trout, and every philly fan would love for wentz to get trout back to the area. but there is a small chance, small chance he becomes a possibility. because of an obscure provision under california law , you can only be forced to stay in a employment contract for seven years. trout has been with l.a. for six. he could, could, be a free agent soon. highly, highly unlikely but if it did happen, the phillies would absolutely be all over that. flyers get a few more days to lick their wound after an ugly home loss last night, after 59-two defeat flyers take on lightening saturday at the 1:00 o'clock. minor league sorts are known for wild jerseys but this is up there. the echl toledo wall eye they will represent philadelphia with their rocky tribute night , and absolutely ridiculous jerseys which look like rocky balboa wearing a belt. so, no marketing genius put that thing together, you have to love it. >> that is receipt i good.
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>> i like that. >> get the a couple of them. >> yes, i like it. >> yes. >> that guy is doing it. >> do you think that will work out for joe/joe. >> i don't know. >> you know what it seems like yesterday i was covering kobe going to the prom with brandi. >> so you never know. >> new world with this social media. >> all right. >> big news at philadelphia zoo, when this gorilla is expecting a special delivery, in the reason why, coming
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a 17 year-old western gorilla at philadelphia zoo is pregnant. >> as expect, it is expected in early summer this will be the gorilla's first baby. gorilla keepers at soot said they expect her to be a great mom because she cares for her younger siblings over the years. low land gorillas are listed as a critically endangered species making the birth of this baby an especially joyous occasion, at the zoo. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at the is 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight four suspects will face hate crime charges for brutal attack of a disable man streamed live on facebook. dean reynolds is following the developments. in for scott pelley here's josh elliott from new york, take care family, we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> elliott: he has no doubt russia did it. >> we stand actually more resolutely on the strength of that statement. >> elliott: america's top spy says russia hacked the d.n.c. and fires back at the president-elect. >> there's a difference between skepticism and disparagement. >> elliott: also tonight, four african americans are charged cd with racially motivated hate crimes in the torture of a disabled white man. >> they were beating him, kicking him. >> elliott: doctors do an about-face on how best to prevent kids from getting potentially deadly peanut allergies. and we'll show you how pella the dog helps young witnesses tell their stories. >> good girl!


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