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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> a live look at storm scan3, another winter storm is making its way to our area this morning, justin is tracking the possibility of significant accumulations. snow totals, straight ahead. >> today is saturday, january 7th. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's get straight over to meteorologist, justin drabick, with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, justin, avenue feeling you'll be very busy today. we endured the quick hitting storm yesterday morning. how is this one shaping up? >> for the city pretty much similar, maybe inch, two, light fluffy stuff. it will stick around, the shore will get hit pretty good. if you like snow, potential for half foot of snow along the coastline, usually see the
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higher amounts, not this storm, it is hugging the coastline, just clipped close enough to bring steady snow into the region. that snow will be developing over the next few hours, not much happening right now, so if you have to hit the roads early this morning, now is the time to do it. >> the air really dry right now, so, some of the snow may be trying to develop from the clouds, but evaporating before it reaches the surface, quiet here in philadelphia. 25 degrees northeast breeze at 13 miles per hour, making it feel like 14. so, certainly, winter in full force, this weekend. there is the radar right now, looks a lot worse than what it actually is, see snow showing up on radar, part of south jersey, delaware, but again, a lot of this not reaching the grounds just yet it, will take little time, give it another couple of hours, start to see some of the light snow developing along the shore, northern edge of the system, winter weather advisory is in effect for philadelphia and surrounding suburbs in the areas in pink, to the south, coastal new jersey central southern delaware that's the winter storm warning. those areas will see the most
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snow from the system because you are closer to the center of the storm. so here's what to expect for today. see the snow developing through the morning, so period of snow off and on, around the city, into at least mid afternoon. steadiest late morning into early afternoon. again for the city i think around 2 inches possible, less the further north you go, then the further south you go, amounts start to increase, so far southern new jersey into delaware, six, seven, maybe even 8 inches upright along the coastline, temperatures cold in the 20's, so the snow will stick on the grounds throughout the entire region. there are the numbers, 25 in philadelphia, millville, it 26, at the a.c. airport, 13 mount pocono, but looks like mount pocono will stay dry today. just some clouds, snow free, 23 in doylestown, 21 pottstown. the forecast high today, 28, periods of snow, heaviest snow along the shore, upper 20's, poconos mostly cloudy near 20. get more specifics on those snowfall amounts, across the region, i'll let you know when temps warm up coming up in eyewitness wetter. >> thank you, reporter on the grounds says it is now snowing
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down the shore and as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us, cape may is ready for some of the biggest snow totals of the weekends. >> deaf any draw to the winter pace. >> my cousin frank has beach house down here, not rented right now, we decided to get away for the weekends. >> visiting from north jersey dominick's crew arrived in time for what will likely be hardy snowfall. >> do you think they'll add to the fun or take a stay. >> definitely add to the fun. >> cape may was awoke end from seasonal slumber by the sounds of salt trucks early in high gear, spreading portion of the counties 3200-ton reserve in preparation for a storm approaching up the coast. >> we had a dry run last night, a dusting of snow, was enough to get our trucks out, salt our bridges, roads. >> temperatures that won't break out of the 20's through most of the weekends means plows will have their work cut out for them. >> going to be a saturday, get your milk and bread, catch up
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on your netflix, leave the roads open and keep our drivers safe. >> meanwhile locals prepped streets. >> we get a lot of visitors to come down just like to chill out literally, chill out for the winter, no pun intended. >> literally. >> yes. >> in terms every chill weekends, dominick's crew is all set. >> pick up couple of food items for this evening, going to make little dinner, and we will watch movies. that's about it. >> the snowfall likely to begin in this area in the early overnight hours. accompanied by some gusty coastal winds, which should make driving pretty dangerous, reporting in cape may, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now is a great time to make sure you have the cbs philly weather app on your phone or tablet, with it, get the latest winter weather updates from the eyewitness weather team. download the app now in the app store or google play. >> and in other news this morning, fort lauderdale hollywood international airport is scheduled to reopen at this hour following yesterday's deadly shooting.
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so far there is no word on a motive. but authority and relatives say the suspect esteban santiago has history every mental problems, was getting psychological treatment. 's new jersey native, military veteran, who lives in alaska, f.b.i. agents have visited his aunt's house in union city. now investigators say santiago opened inside of an airport baggage area friday afternoon, five killed, eight more injured, craig boswell bridges us up-to-date on the investigation. >> we have suspect with gunshots to the head. >> cell phone video captured the moments after loan gunman started firing in the baggage claim area of terminal two at fort lauderdale airport friday afternoon, killing five people. hundreds of panic passengers ran out of the airport, others hid inside. >> he was not targeting. he was randomly shooting, like walking and picking offer like target practice.
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>> from anchorage, flew from alaska to florida only luggage was the handgun he legally check. after arriving in florida police say santiago loaded the handgun in a bathroom and then opened fire. >> we are looking at all avenues. we have not ruled out terrorism. >> police and witnesses say santiago fired all of his three magazines of ammunition, and surrendered when police entered the building. in november, santiago walked into an fbi office in anchorage, he told agents his minds was being controlled by the ci a and claimed he was forced to watch isis video. >> at that time he clearly stated that he did not intends to harm anyone, however, his irradic behavior concerned f.b.i. agents. >> local police took him for mental health evaluation. santiago served with the alaska national guard until his discharge in august, for unsatisfactory performance. his aunt told a new jersey newspaper her nephew lost his mind during his nearly one year tour in iraq in 2010.
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santiago is expected in court monday. craig boswell, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now for more on the suspect's new jersey connection, as we mentioned, f.b.i. agents went to his aunt's house in union city, she says her nephew lost his mind during his one year tour in iraq back in 2010. in a tweet union city police emphasize there was no threat to the area. >> meantime, learning more about the suspect, esteban santiago ruiz, tell he got into an argument on one every his flights in florida, also receiving pschiatric treatment in alaska. in november, he told f.b.i. agent, that he was forced to watch isis videos and his minds was being controlled by the cia. in august he was discharged from the alaska national guard for unsatisfactory performance. >> stay with cbs-3, "eyewitness news", as we keep you up to date on the latest on the deadly airport shooting in fort lauderdale. our coverage continues on line
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at new this morning, police are looking for who ever killed a man in north philadelphia. officers returned to the 1,000 block of west clearfield street just before 1:00 this morning, they found man believed to be in his 30's, with several gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead short time later. >> and around 2:00 this morning, authority responded to multi vehicle crash in northeast philadelphia. the crash occurred at the intersection every rhawn street and lexington avenue. authorities say no one was seriously injured. no word on the cause of that crash. >> well, the winter storm we're getting ready for today has made major mess in other parts of the country. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", see the dangerous conditions the storm system has already caused down south. we'll also have this. >> flu season is in full swing across the country. i'm kenneth craig, in new york, with a look at what you can do to protect yourself, coming up. >> and don't you worry. this cat is just fine. but finds out how one
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homeowner thinks his pet got stuck in the garage door when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news": live in ocean city where some snowflakes are already starting to fall, and communities down the shore are gearing for the brunt of this impending storm. and looking at storm scan3, now, a winter storm
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making its way into our area, justin drabick is ahead with everything you need to know, his report, coming up in just about a minute. >> and we are not the only ones dealing with winter weather. string of severe winter storms headed across the country. dozens every states under winter weather advisory, getting ready for heavy snow, rain, expected this weekend. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has more. >> the first every three storms already dumped 8 feet of snow in the eastern sierra mountains in california. monmouth mountain expecting another 10 feet when powerful storm from the pacific ocean hits in the next few days. >> and the river just -- >> the storm pattern meteorologists call atmospheric river has northern california cities bracing for one of the wettest winters, anticipating what's expected to be the worse flooding in two decades. that winter blast is stretching across the country. winter storm warnings covered parts of the southern planes and the great lakes, western
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new york was hit with 2 feet of snow, hundreds of students were stranded in classrooms, in a buffalo suburb, nearly 20 spent the night at school. >> it was like fun, but not fun, because it was like we were stuck in a room. >> snow and ice are in the forecast from the midwest to the southeast. in atlanta, storm anxious shoppers have already cleared some store shelves. >> we are addressing to secure adequate food, and fuel, in case of an extended storm. >> at least three states have declared states every emergency ahead of the storm danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> imagine having so much snow that you could create a giant snowman. 18-foot snowman in wisconsin, the giant jack frost towers over homes in the area, so big, the buttons are actually made out of trash can lids. the arms, yard rakes, and the
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nose, a street cone. owner recreate the snowman each year around christmas. >> mighty big snowman there, justin. i'm just hoping we don't have as much snow that we can make a giant snow man like that. >> i don't think that big, but we will be making snowmen south jersey no delaware. so further south you go on in. >> i know the kids will love that. >> if you love winter full force this weekend, we'll have the snow, and then get cold. talking mid teens for low temperatures, add the winds it, will feel like below zero. >> extra blanket today. >> full force winter gear for sure. we have the storm system kind of sneaker that will really impact the southeastern us. poconos, really not protected from the storm. the exception, just some clouds, and cold temperatures, and that's a good thing, because cranking out the snow. live look at big boulder. get the slopes ready for decent weekend, like i said, should be no problems headed up to the mountains today. as the snow stays off to the south and east. look at storm scan3. again there is system really impacting the southeast. not good views at allment only
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takes inch every snow to disrupt things into the carolinas, snowing in south carolina at this hour, steady snows, central virginia, west virginia, starting to push up to the north. again the system stays off shore. but it is close enough to bring some steadier snow along the immediate coastline, virginia beach, up to the delmarva peninsula, coastal new jersey, and looks like cape cod will get pretty good, too, maybe up to foot of snow there, as blizzard warnings will go in effect. here in the delaware valley, starting to see light snow developing across southern new jersey, flurries trying to show up on radar here around philadelphia and areas to the west. air is pretty dry. a lot of this evaporating before it reaches the grounds. will take little time to moisten up the atmosphere. should get steadier snow developing over the next few hours, like i said really impacting the south and east, winter storm warning in effect from georgia all the way up through the carolinas, virginia, notice the red there around virginia beach, northampton county virginia, and southern eastern shore there. that's blizzard warning. same deal up into cape cod. that system will ramp up, increase the winds, through the day today along the
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coastal areas, and you have the winter storm warnings in effect for the new jersey shore and coastal delaware, as well. temperatures cold enough to support snow. that's good thing. so we're not dealing with any freezing rain, sleet, anything like, that all snow event through the region. twenty-four pal my ya, notice the temperatures, cool side. so fluffy powdery snow, little easier to clean off the car, do shoveling, that's one thing weaver going for us. 8:00 this morning, snow trying to get to the city. probably start to see light snow, doesn't get that much further north and west. maybe northern bucks, montgomery, chester county, pretty much the northern edge of the system. 60 miles, going to make huge difference, between six, seven, 8 inches every snow, almost nothing, so again, i think around philadelphia, 2 inches or so. then higher amount further southeast you go. by 6:00, p, most of the moisture off shore. initially heavy snow flying, across southern new jersey, later this morning, into the afternoon. so again snowfall amounts, mainly less than 2 inches, just north of the city.
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say around 2 inches for philadelphia, then the amounts start increasing further south and east you go. so get to the coastal new jersey cape may county, coastal atlantic county six to eight, same deal sussex county, just off or just inland here, from interior new jersey down to dover, delaware, about four-6 inches of snow. and with that, we are reinforcing colds air as well. core of the cold air arrives tonight into sunday and monday. polar plunge here. temperatures are running good ten to even 15 degrees below average. with that added snow pack, that will allow temperatures maybe to drop even more than forecast. so also going to increase the winds. look at the windchill values. this is today. during the afternoon. will feel like lower teens, in a lot of locations, maybe even single digit. 8:00 tonight the snow is done. but the wind starts to increase behind the system, so single digit windchills, if you are headed out. and then tomorrow morning, look at that, down near zero for the windchill values, possibly below zero north and west of the city. again periods of snow developing this morning, heaviest, coming in, late this
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morning, the steadiest will be south and east of philadelphia, high 28 degrees. tonight, we dry out. just windy, cold, 16 for the actual temperatures. you still have windchills down around zero. tomorrow the sun's back out. doesn't help much. 28 degrees near freezing on monday, finally above freezing tuesday, and some 50's showing next week, jan, with some showers around. so looks like everything is on that seven day. >> right. at least this storm is happening on the weekends, justin, so we don't have to deal with the morning commute. >> good timing it, yes. >> thank you, justin. flu season is now if full swing, and doctors are expecting to see it increase. so becoming weak. kenneth craig more on how you can protect yourself. >> yes, that chest x-ray looks normal. >> doctor in the throws of a flu season that isn't slowing down. >> over the last few weeks you've seen a lot of patients in. >> absolutely. my last diagnosis, about ten cases in the single day of not just me, just one site. >> she sees patient at urgent care sent i city m.d.
5:19 am
the flu is widespread in new york and hundreds of people have been hospitalized so far. nationwide, the cdc says they expect flu activity to keep increasing across the country over the next several weeks. >> this year so far the most common influenza circulate something influenza a. >> the spring is known to cause more severe illness, especially in young children, and people six a and older. doctors here are seeing rise in flu cases now, but they say the numbers appear to be in line with previous seasons, the cdc says so far this year's flu shot, appears to be well matched to the strains out there. >> it can protect you against influenza illness, also protect from hospitalization. >> and doctors say, it is not too late to get one. >> it is something that's preventable, so preventable by little shot, you know, why not do something that can potentially save your life? >> kenneth craig, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". a louisianna cat uses up one of her nine lives after a close encounter with a garage door. check this out. this is what bella the cat looked like when sheriff's deputy arrived at a home near baton rouge. luckily bella is okay. the deputy able to get her free without her being hurt, the home own her the garage door open for awhile, and think bella fell asleep on top of it. when he was leaving the house he put the garage door down, got stuck. luckily she is safe and sound now, thanks to that deputy, who is no doubt her new best friends. i tire goodness, eight more lives for that one. we go behind the scenes of some of the movies out this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up, taraji, the true story of the women who helped launch nasa space program. lee
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", broadway pays tribute to debbie fisher, debbie reynolds, on the day they were laid to rest in california. several theatres, posted for one minute in memory of the mother actresses, debbie reynolds died one day just after her daughter carrie fisher died. the pair made their broadway debuts in the 1973 revival of musical comedy irene. meantime, at the movies this weekend, the young boy finds an unlikely ally in a monster call. in a previously untold story takes to the billing screen, in hidden figures.
5:24 am
kevin frazer from entertainment tonight has more on what is new in theatres weekend. >> this week, taraji henson, octavia spend or, mo'ne, three real live mitome tis cents in hidden figures, and liam neice a.m., helped young boy cope with tragedy in a monster call. >> (movie clip). >> in a monster call, liam voices the monster, called upon by a young boy facing a difficult road when his mother becomes ill. it is a tough role for a young actor, and liam had nothing but praise for his co-star, lewis mcdougle. >> he was real, absolutely real, the scenes i have to do, and his emotions, i don't know how he reached them, but unbelievably believable. and how did you that kid manage that without appearing to act? >> i'm afraid. >> of course you are afraid. but you will get through.
5:25 am
>> we're just on our way to work. >> at nasa, sir. >> i had no idea they hired -- >> quite a few women working in the space program. >> and in hidden figures, taraji b henson, octavia expense he will, sheinelle mo'ne, three real life mitome tis cents who help launch early, despite sexism in the early 60s. >> there is no protocol for women attending. >> there is protocol foremen circling the earth either. >> for the cast bringing previously untold story to the big screen, was an honor. >> this is why it is our responsibility to bring these stories to light. >> yes. >> because there are so many people that contributed in our world, and that's why we're all excited to be a part of this movie. because we didn't know these stories. and there are so many more to be told. >> yes. they let some women do some things at nasa, mr. thompson, and it is not because -- it is because we wear glasses.
5:26 am
>> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> the week sends here, and here we are, once again, talking about snow. we're taking live look this morning at the ocean city boardwalk where the snow has started falling ever so slightly, it might be pretty hard to make it out. but trust me, it is happening. >> and looking at storm scan3, as it makes its way up from the south, this storm could bring substantial snowfall to parts of the region. justin back with what you can expect where
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>> and this is a live look, right now, at downtown wilmington, with weather still quiet. no snow there, just yet. as we look live, at a pretty scene north market street. another winter storm is on our doorstep, this weekend, good morning, i'm january can carabeo, joining meteorologist, justin dray brick in the weather center. mother nature delivering one-two punch. >> exactly, then a lot of cold with it, too. winter full force this weekend, for snow, and little different, it will be all snow across the region, we don't have to worry about freezing rain. it is actually a good thing. >> yes. >> travel on ice, and heavy snow will be south of the city. normally we think about the suburbs, poconos, yes. >> less snow the further north you're cross the delaware
5:30 am
valley today, maybe a trip planned, north of the city, poconos, should be pretty good. in you're in the sit, we will see some snow, nothing happening right now, cold at 25 degrees, so northeast breeze at 13, and feels like 14, with the winds, still, storm scan3, looks little worse than what it actually is. see snow showing up north and west of the city. but, that's probably not reaching the grounds. happens to just be dry. snowflakes flying in south jersey, as that heavier snow is starting to develop across coastal new jersey and delaware. went winter weather advisory in effect for philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, then go to the south, areas seeing winter storm warnings for coastal new jersey, central southern delaware, those areas under the warning, see the most snow potential for over 6 inches every snow. throughout the day today, periods of snow, steadiest will be late this morning, into early afternoon. then, starts tapering offer by late afternoon, so expect around two for the city far east and you go talking six, maybe 8 inches, 20's, everywhere. so the snow will stick on the
5:31 am
ground, along the shore line, 25 right now in the city, low 20's, in the suburbs, the wind, going to start increase a little bit as the storm system approaches, and become windy tonight, some of the snow blowing around, maybe the snow to clean off. temperatures upper 20's today. we have wind, talking windchill values down around zero, even below zero by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. apparently winter here this weekend. >> definitely interesting system. specially since it will hit the coast harder. >> fun to watch as a meteorologist, sneaky system. >> exactly, won't be the standards, it will be the snow on the ground. and "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in ocean sit way check on the snowfall at the shore. anita, how is it looking there now? >> reporter: good morning, jan. women it, wasn't coming down hard, just about 15 minutes ago, but really within that time, it has pick up, you can see, the flurries are flurrying now here, it is not quite sticking to the ground, you have got it becoming
5:32 am
heavier about 15 minutes ago. and the wind also pick up. you can kind of see the street signs here in the background, creeping in because of the winds. see the cars really moving through we also know the new jersey department of transportation has of 6 degrees out fighting the snow today state-wide with more than 500 trucks laying down salt, brine, to make the streets safe for you. specially along the 95 corridor, that will be the hardest hit there. will be a lot of dangerous travel conditions as this starts to pick up. specially here, along southeastern new jersey, we're expecting about 4 inches every snow. the national weather service says, though, there is potential for up to 9 inches every snow. so, again, right now, it is just the beginning of the storm. the snow is just starting to come down, flurries in the sky. it has pick up. and it is actually consistently getting worse even within the past few minutes, that we are talking to you here. the snow is getting much
5:33 am
steadier, the winds is picking up, as well, and it is very cold. soap, throughout the day today, we know that crews will be out. they've been preparing since last night, as well, so the storm, and they'll continue throughout the day today. but again, right now, we're seeing generally okay conditions. it is cold. the flurries are really starting to pick un. i can feel them coming this way. again, the street signs, you can really hear them creeping because of the winds. so if you are headed out today you will want to remain safe, and take things slow, but, right now, generally, looking good. for now live in ocean sit, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> anita, really see the winds going with the know flakes, as well, thank you so much. whenever winter weather hits you can always count on us for your coverage, help us tell the story, as women. sends your snow photos and videos by using the #cbs3 on facebook and twitter. >> well, fort lauderdale, hollywood international airport getting ready to reopen this morning after the deadly shooting there yesterday. while investigators won't
5:34 am
comment on a possible motive, they say, the suspect, esteban santiago-ruiz, says the golds controlled his mine. his family says the new jersey native now lives in alaska had history of mental health problems, and was receiving psychological treatment. authorities say santiago ruiz opened fire in the baggage area. woman from south jersey actually in the airport during that shooting. she was flying home to atlantic city, now, she did not want to be identified, but she shared the frightening months with us in a text message, the woman wrote: got to turn the phone off for battery. but clearly not under control. we were sitting in terminal four whether they said solo gunman was in custody. not long after that people from terminal next to us started running, tsa personnel, airport personnel, and hundreds of scared people started stampeding toward us screaming to run. she added: i saw people outside and started running toward the gate.
5:35 am
letting people on to the tarmac. never ran so fast in my life. people were being trample. now we're outside hiding. shooting at for the later dale forced tighter security across airports in america. natasha brown at philadelphia international airport where the reports from were from florida. >> about 1:05 she said there is an active shooter. >> fear it, her sister, nephew, were inside the terminal at the fort lauderdale airport where a loan shooter was opening fire on passengers. gina was boarding her flight in another terminal when she got her sister's mess. >> my nephew heard the shots and everything, and then they all -- everybody freaked out. they ran out. >> chaos, and carnage, followed as police say the 26 year old gunman left five people dead and at least eight injured. airports like philadelphia international airport acted swiftly, with major police presence, stepping up security inside and outside of baggage claim areas.
5:36 am
>> we were reporting as normal, about 1:15, 1:20, i didn't know anything was going on until i got a text from someone in philadelphia who asked was i still in florida and was i okay. >> many of these folks were gathering their luggage, were on one of the last flights out of fort lauderdale before the airport was shut down. >> it is just really frightening. >> at last check, gina says, her sister is still stuck in fort lauderdale, left with images of an unshakable tragedy. >> everybody is just shaken, scared, can't believe it, and everybody was very, very scared. >> just make this, i think, all very thankful, to be alive, and to know that we were not in the wrong place, at the wrong time. >> many say the this latest attack has now exposed more weakness was our nation's airport, especially, areas like the baggage claim areas, and ticket counters that are left slightly secure and more vulnerable. flat tasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, investigators say the suspect had a gun in his checked bag.
5:37 am
airlines routinely let travelers travel with loaded guns in their checked bags as long as they comply with rules set for by the tsa. passengers must declare the gun at the ticket counter, must be unloaded and in a locked case, only the passenger can have the key or combo, ammunition must also go in checked baggage, it must either be secured in a box or in a hard side case with firearms. firearm parts are also allowed in checked baggage. >> president-elect donald trump is blaming the democratic national committee for allowing russian hackers into it computer system. he received a classified briefing on russian election interference, and in a unclassified version says russian president putin re lighted hidden campaign that favored trump and had the motives every under mining the us and establishing dis disparaging hillary clinton. quote negligence allowed hacking to take place. meanwhile, congress has confirmed electoral vote that
5:38 am
made donald trump president and mike pez vice president, final caught 403 votes for mr. trump and 227 for democrat hillary clinton. there were several protest votes for other candidate, it takes 270 electoral college votes to win the presidency, the inauguration is on january 20th. >> vice president joe biden has left his mark on a historic desk drawer with two weeks left in august, he signed the desk in the eisenhower executive building. he is following in the tradition of other vice presidents including two who became president, harry truman, george h.w. bush. >> emotional farewell from the current first lady michelle obama as she fight back tears during her final public speech in washington, d.c. mrs. obama spoke at the white house for an event honoring the school counselor of the year. the president started the event two years ago to highlight counselors with great leadership and promote higher education. the first lady reminded the
5:39 am
crowd that the power of hope and got emotional as she said good-bye. >> so i want to close today by simply saying thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country. being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life. and i hope i've made you proud. >> president obama's term ends on january 20th, at noon. today marks the second anniversary of the charlie terror attack in france, gene the seventh, 2015, gunmen stormed the paris offices of the french newspaper, which had charge toured the profit muhammad. the gunman killed 12 people before escaping, two suspects killed two days later, france held a remembrance ceremony on thursday. >> still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", olympic hero visits philadelphia. plus, the sixers, and celtics, down to the wire. could the sixers hold off one of the best teams in the east?
5:40 am
finds out ahead in sports. >> also, using nasa technology to protect patients from a dangerous and sometimes deadly condition. >> and no snow yet here in the city of philadelphia. but it is snowing down the shore. justin is back with snow totals, and what you can expect after the storm. we're back in just
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", get ready to drive the pennsylvania turnpike, starting tomorrow it, will
5:43 am
cost you 6% more if you pay cash or e-zpass, the turnpike commission approved the hike last july, to help pay for rebuilding, and widening the turnpike. it will also support pennsylvania's public transportation needs. >> a south jersey man is suing uber after he claims one of the drivers assaulted him. "eyewitness news" reporter, cleve bryan, has the details of that lawsuit. >> i'm in shock. blood all over me, not really sure how i'm on the grounds. >> knocked down and beat-down joseph says he was at the hands of an uber driver, didn't want a to drive from philadelphia to cherry hill. >> knowing i was going out, i ended up, ride back, you know, to my house. >> on december 22, he went to holiday party with co-workers at cavanaugh's in university city. 11:00 p.m. called it a night arranged for uber driver to meet him at market street. per uber standards, destination in the ride request, but the driver didn't finds out until the passenger was in the car. said the driver whose identity we're concealing pending
5:44 am
possible charges told him he wasn't going to jersey. and when he argued, things got violent. >> i opened my door, and he grabbed my by the collar, and ripped me out of the vehicle. next thing i know i'm unconscious. >> he said ten police -- police showed him the surveillance video. >> you can visibly see the person go ahead and stomp you, then repetitively kick you, then walk back to the vehicle with no regard. >> got text that night that her husband was on the way to the hospital. immediately dropped off their newborn baby to go see him. >> it is authorities see, there is blood everywhere on his face, i didn't know exactly what all of his injuries were, because there was so much blood. >> he suffered broken nose, broken cheek bone, and lost his front teeth. and adding insult to injury, the driver charged him nine bucks. thursday his attorney filed a complaint in fedotenko role court saying uber shares responsibility in the attack, neglect in screening drivers, and falsely promising a safe ride. >> people are vulnerable.
5:45 am
if they're intoxicated, expecting safe ride home. i think the public needs to know the truth. >> i'm lucky i got to go home. lucky i get to see my son, my wife. >> spokesperson for uber says they will not comment on the lawsuit. but they do say the driver was removed the day after the incident. i'm cleve bryan, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". and in other news this morning, a former pizza delivery driver will receive $4.4 million from the city of philadelphia, the largest police-involved shooting settlement in the city history. in april 2014, 20 year old phil holland was delivering food when plane clothes police officers shot him multiple times in west philadelphia. the officers were looking for a gunman in the area, but holland thought they were trying to rob him, so he put his car in reverse, as part of the settlement, police agreed to establish new protocol. switching gears now, to weather, justin drabick, looking at the for cast here, getting one-two punch from mother nature.
5:46 am
yesterday we endured that quick moving storm. now, snow for the second day in a row. what is up? >> yes, this one has little bit more intensity with it, especially along the coastline, the storm stays off shore, but still close enough to bring coastal new jersey, delaware, some substantial snow, plowable snowfall across southern half of the viewing area, wilmington, see snow later this morning, nothing right now, pretty street on the street every wilmington. you guys are under a winter weather advisory today. probably about two, 3 inches of snow, later this morning, into early afternoon. again, the further south you go, the snowfall amounts start to increase. check out storm scan3. pretty large system, really impacting the mid-atlantic, southern mid-atlantic into the southeastern us causing a loft problems, only takes half inch, inch of snow to the deep south to mess things up. steady snow, raleigh, north carolina, up through norfolk, southern part of the delmarva peninsula, will see the most snow from the system, cleanse, get to cape cod, later tonight into tomorrow. we zoom in little closer here, into the region, you can see the light snow breaking out
5:47 am
across the shore, some snow is sticking on the board walk, ocean city at this hour, dover, delaware, seeing light snow. some flurry activity showing up on radar, from the sit on north and west, probably not reaching the grounds just yet. atmosphere little dry at the moment. but will moisten up, again the further south you are from the city, the steadier snow arrive, especially later this morning, and it is coal enough to support snow everywhere. we don't have to worry about freezing rain or sleet or anything like that. soap, makes it little easier to forecast, little easier to travel. it is that fluffy powdery snow, temperatures this cold, easy to clean up. this blows right off the car. twenty-five ocean city, 25 cape may. see coastal new jersey, cold enough to support snow. potential six, seven, maybe 8 inches of snow, depending how close that actual center of the storm heads off shore. soap, through 8:00 a.m., snow develops from south to north. between 8:00 and 2:00 this afternoon, should see steadiest snowfall from the city on south and east, after 2:00 this afternoon, snow will tart to taper off from wet to east. should be out of here by around 6:00, 7:00 along the
5:48 am
coals, there is the storm, staying off shore, but again, the immediate atlantic seaboard there getting hammered here, steady snow into cape may, or into cape cod into maine main. high pressure builds back in for tomorrow. see sunshine, but it is cold, a lot of colds air behind the system, so have extended periods with temperatures below freezing. snowfall amount across the region, here is what to expect, north of the city coating to 2 inches in the northwest suburbs, 2 inches around philadelphia, and the further south you go the amount start to increase. so interior south jersey four-six, into dover, delaware, right along the coastline, six-8 inches, maybe few higher amount closer to ten into extreme southern new jersey, into cape may county and sussex county, delaware. pretty large system miami packing the east coast here, see the areas in purple. tide water, virginia, into the eastern shore, virginia, near ocean city maryland, possibly foot of snow up through cape cod, blizzards warnings will go into effect later today. again our highs today will be struggling to get into the mid and upper 20's, and mid 20's, this afternoon, up in
5:49 am
allentown, once the snow really starts falling, temperatures drop few degrees, probably stuck in the low to mid 20's, through most locations so you can see everywhere support snow. windchills by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, well below zero, up in the mountains, possibly as cold as minus ten, around lehigh valley, possibly, five below for the windchill values, near single digits, zero windchills around the city. and five to ten tomorrow morning, in south jersey and delaware. well, today, 28 degrees at best. steadiest snow south and east. out of here by tonight. pretty fast moving system. clearing, windy, cold, 16 for the actual low temperature. you saw the wind chills down around zero. tomorrow, sunny, 28 degrees, near freezing monday, not as cold tuesday, back up to 38. then mild push of air for the middle of next week. showers around on wednesday, with temps in the 50's, looks like we stay mild, through the end of next week. jan, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. bed source are a common danger for the elderly. people with limited movement, and complications from them, kill 60,000 people a year.
5:50 am
health reporter stephanie stahl is in the einstein healthcare science center, with a revolutionary new way to treat them. >> ♪ >> the science of outer space helps create a new wireless device that could take the guest work out of detecting bod source. >> lori became paralyzed 36 years ago after a fall. since then she suffered from bed source four times, ironically it, took a year in bed each time to recover. >> it is like a self-imposed curse, information your body scream to go get up out of bed but do you have make yourself stay there. >> researchers in europe say this new device called subepidermal moisture can detect bed source also known as pressure ulcers, up to ten days earlier than visual inspections. >> literally up until today the only way you could assess for a pressure ulcer is by
5:51 am
visually, doing a good visual assessment under good light, then by touching the patient. >> wound care specialist henry is testing the scanner in the united states. it is made with technology that detect earthquakes below the surface of mars. it reads the amount of moisture under the skin surface, which is an early sign of an injury. >> always live in fear that something is going on under there, that you can't see. and you never know it until it is too late. >> if testing results continue to be positive, the company behind the device believes it could receive fda clearance, this year. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news"
5:52 am
5:53 am
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staples. make more happen. >> flesh fresh off brutal at the hands of the rangers on wednesday night, this afternoon, tampa bay is in the house. 1:00 p.m. puck drop. they know they have to stop the slide. >> coming up closely here, you know, losing five in a row isn't, you know, obviously where we want to be right now. and i think we have a lot better, a lot better performance together. >> i mean, no time feeling sorry for ourselves, and we have back-to-back games, you know, tomorrow, so we have to make sure to find a way to get points. >> celtics have not been kind to the sixers. in fact, they've gone nine straight without a victory against boston.
5:55 am
their last win came in april of 2014. and they were task with having to snap that streak on the road. how about this start? first touch of the game. tj mcconnell to joel embiid for the face breaker. ben sill operation traveled with the team and loving t bead, trying to break backboards, as well. rips the rim. he had 23 points, did foul out late. tight to the finish. sixers hang tough. this is gerold henderson nailing a quarter three. we are locked at 104. but albaladejo, he's out here breaking heart. he knocks down the triple. and the celtics, they're back on top. 107-106. the sixers so green can't close out these games. a chance at the lead, but he find nothing but air. boston out scored the sixers by 15 in the second half. they win their tenth straight in this match up. celtics win 110-106. rough year for the eagles, one player being noticed for his fine season, brandon graham
5:56 am
finished with five and a half sacks named second team all-pro by the associated press. after tossing nfl rookie record 379 completions carson wentz was named one of five finalists from rookie of the year. but he'll have some stiff competition, rushing champ elliot and dallas teammate zach prescott in the mix, as well. also, drexel's game against william and mary this afternoon has been postponed because of the winter storm. no make update has been announced. that's sport, i'm pat gallen, have a great day. >> olympic gold medalist simone biles was at the philadelphia free library inspiring others to reach new heights. the gym that is discussed her new book courage to store last night, as part of the library's author event series. over the summer you may remember in rio set record setting four gold metals, one bronze. >> still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we're keeping an eye on another winter storm for the start of the weekends. so far nothing in the city of
5:57 am
philadelphia, as we take a live look right there at the skyline. and here at the shore, the snow has been falling lightly for about an hour now. over in the poconos, though, they won't see much from the system. a reverse from what we typically see in the winter. but there are significant amount expected in parts of our area. and justin, will have the totals for you next
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a live look now at storm scan3. another winter storm is making it way into our area this morning. justin is tracking the possibility of significant accumulations. how much, that is straight ahead. anarchs live look right now, in ocean city. where the storm is picking up. areas along the shore could see some of the most snow from this storm system. >> but, here in wilmington, no snow yet. the city streets are still clear, we look downtown on east state street and north market street. today is saturday, january the seventh, 2017. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's get straight over to meteorologist, justin drabick, with eyewitness weather. justin, real a coastal curve ball. because we're not used to seeing this amount of snow. the higher snow totals, down to the shore towns. >> exactly. little bit of sneaky system, stays off shore, close enough to bring the snow and a lot of cold air in place, all snow event. we don't he


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