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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 8, 2017 5:05am-6:01am EST

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lourd arrived early with reported boyfriend taylor lautner. scream queens co-stars emma roberts and lea michele came together. >> debbie, who started in show business as a teenager, was a performer to the end. as seen in hbo's new documentary "bright lights" debuting saturday. >> i've got to reach out. >> well, debbie got her last big audience friday as loved ones witnessed her burial near friends bette davis and liberace. debbie's daughter carrie, who had died the day before her mother, has already been cremated but some of her ashes were interred with her mother. >> they're together, and they will be together here and then in heaven. and we're okay with that. >> thursday's memorial for carrie at her and her mother's compound above hollywood was just as emotional. "people" magazine reports that long-time family friend meryl streep performed fisher's favorite song "happy days are here again," a tune carrie was
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known to have sung with her mother. ♪ happy days are here again >> by the end the 125 guests that included her "star wars" director george lucas, half sister joely fischer, jamie lee curtis, meg ryan, gwyneth paltrow and penny marshall, were reportedly all singing along. "people" reports fisher's favorite menu was served thursday. fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread. streep and comedian stephen fry were among those delivering eulogies all of which mentioned how much carrie loved her daughter billie lourd. at one point an emotional billie was spotted giving a long hug to a friend. in fact, said a guest, the only things missing were carrie and debbie. ♪ happy days are here again >> it was also on thursday when these heartbreaking 911 calls were released. >> one of our international flights coming in from london. it's about ten minutes out. and it's a medical emergency.
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>> what's wrong with her? >> as carrie lay suffering from cardiac arrest two weeks ago, the call from united airlines operations implied that the pilot flying the plane she was on was hurrying to get to the ground. >> and what's the eta? 12:28? >> no. it's making up time. it's in ten minutes. >> five days later and the call from debbie's house. the dispatcher was trying to quickly get reynolds' medical history from a nurse on site. >> i just checked her blood pressure. >> i'm just wondering about a medical history. does she have any other serious medical history? >> i have to let you go. the doctor is here. >> okay, ma'am, we'll be there shortly. okay? >> okay. >> both movie stars were fondly remembered last week at the palm springs international film festival. >> she was one of the most fascinating and creative brains i've ever come across and certainly a wit for the ages. >> tom hanks worked with carrie in 1989's "the burbs." annette bening had a small role in "postcards from the edge." >> that's when i met carrie. she was a great talent.
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>> it was carrie's mom, debbie, that had inspired the cast of "la la land." >> she was an inspiration to us every day. we watched "singin' in the rain" every day for inspiration. >> the night was also deeply emotional for nicole kidman because the last time she attended the festival it was with her late father. >> last time i was here i was sort of -- i was making a lot of movies and i was single. i was here with my dad last time. and i have photos walking up the red carpet with my dad holding his hand. but i'm not going to cry. >> nicole held back the tears while talking about her dad. she lost her father, psychologist anthony kidman, two years ago. his death, after a fall, was sudden and unexpected. "e.t." was there the day he was her date in palm springs and he was clearly proud ofler accomplishments. >> how does it feel your daughter being honored like this? >> very proud. well deserved.
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>> unbelievable that was 12 years ago, what happened. but i've also, yeah, found love and i have a family, growing a family. so i have four children now. amazing things have happened to me in the past 12 years. >> she credits husband keith urban with helping her to reboot her life. her father gave her away the day they said i do in sydney in 2006. >> i reevaluated what i wanted out of life. and i got a whole -- i got a real life. if that makes sense. >> kidman is presented with the international star award by deb vitel, her co-star in "lion." and 2017 has had quite a joyous start with that nashville new year's eve performance with keith. >> he was like come on, baby, i want you to come out and dance around and sing with me p. and i was like i don't know. i ran out on stage dancing around.
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>> now back here in hollywood. you know it's good to be viola davis. i was with the golden globe nominee as she got a preawards honor. the first star of 2017 on the hollywood walk of fame. [ applause ] >> in the moment it hit me. so many moments since i turned 50. it's doing the work. and as a result of the work it's just -- my life is just coming to fruition. >> viola davis looks incredible at her walk of fame ceremony this week, honored by meryl streep. >> it's an honor to be here. >> viola's close friend was the guest speaker. >> she's possessed of a blazing incandescent talent. >> i cannot believe my life right now, that meryl streep spoke at my hollywood walk of fame ceremony with my handsome husband and a beautiful daughter. >> and 6-year-old genesis just might be viola's biggest fan. >> genesis is more of a positive
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reinforcer. whatever you want, mommy. whatever you do you look beautiful. coming up, golden globe nominee natalie portman's "jackie o." transformation recreating kennedy home movies shot for shot. and what does her baby on the way have to do with nabbing a second oscar? >> i am be superstitious. i wasn't thick about that. >> then -- >> she threaten to kill me or to have me killed. >> nominee bryan cranston's new bombshell. his crazy ex, see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx.
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i'm good. i just took newl take mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. while powerful medicine clears your worst cold symptoms. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. there won't be an empty cabinet act. >> man, she is so good. natalie portman could take home another golden globe this weekend. the expectant mom is nominated for her role for "jackie." she's won an oscar before so you would think no role could really faze her. but she told me jackie kennedy was different. >> are you ready?
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>> of course. >> it was very scary to take on someone people know o'know so well, the way she spoke, the way she moved. you have to overcome that hurdle before you can even get people to sign on to emotionally empathize with you. >> jack, can you hear me? jack, i love you, jack. >> the film not only recreates the tragic jfk assassination, much of the drama shot on green screen, but natalie, who often nailed the scenes in one take, matches the mannerism, the voice, even the look of this iconic white house tour that jackie gave back in 1962. >> just as long as it's the best. >> i will walk with jack tomorrow. >> when she smiles, there's like this thick that her mouth does. it's almost square at the end. and you did that. did you realize that? >> no. i think maybe my mouth does that -- maybe my mouth is square. >> on set natalie bonded with the kids who played a young jfk jr. and caroline.
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and since portman, who is due soon with baby number two, is already up for a globe, expect an oscar nomination later this month. she won for "black swan" when carrying her first child. >> i think it's your good luck charm. >> they're good luck charms in life. they're the best. the best things. >> and while natalie is nominated for playing jackie, bryan cranston is up this weekend for his role in hbo's tv movie "all the way." he plays lbj. >> bryan is definitely a vet at these awards shows. the "breaking bad" earned him one golden globe, four nominations. in order to play his role bryan had to reach in the depths of his past, some of which he details in his new memoir. >> he told nancy o'dell all about it. >> you talk in your memoir about an ex-girlfriend you that say you had a lot of difficulty with. >> i met this vivacious, beautiful young woman at an audition. i come to find out that she was actually very much of a drug addict. and i tried to break up with her several times. to which her answer was, "no."
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she acted insanely and threatened to kill me or to have me killed. and i had this epiphany. i saw myself hurt her, kill her. >> in your imagination. >> oh, my god. it was so real that i didn't know it was my imagination. >> wow. >> until i found myself shaking on my floor and sweating and realizing this is what i've come to. it was obviously a seminal moment of my life but also one of the most disturbing times i've ever had. >> you said you actually channeled this i little bit in playing walter white. >> if an actor is useful in anything, it's being able to draw from your own personal experiences. and yeah, you've pulled that out. and in this case use it for something artistic and creative as opposed to dangerous. >> in bryan's book "a life in parts" he writes about a tough childhood. he his father, a journeyman actor, abandoned his family.
5:17 am
he talked about some of his surprising talent. >> you've also been a hypnotist. >> yes, i have. yes, i have. ta-da. it's a little scary. >> that is a little scary. wow. you better be careful. those people that act with you better be really careful. >> yep, before he made it as an actor he was a farmhand, a security guard, a dating consultant who matched up couples and even a licensed minister. >> how many marriages did you perform? >> i've performed probably a dozen or so. >> so you could actually perform the marriage if you wanted to today? >> yeah. it's still legal. and i can't help but wonder if at some point there's someone watching "breaking bad" and wondering, oh, my 2k3wgod, i th walter white married us. honey. >> he met his wife robin back in 1986 on the set of the old tv series "airwolf." his romantic proposal was in a bathtub and he hid the ring on his foot. >> she turned, we kissed and i
5:18 am
went oh, here. and i just lifted up my foot. and she had -- because i couldn't reach it she had to pull the ring off my toe. it's a tradition. i'm hoping that other people follow that line of proposal. >> i think you guys are -- maybe -- >> it's the cranston move. >> i'll take any proposal. >> i love it. >> you know bryan's not slowing down. he just wrapped shooting a movie with steve carell and laurence fishburne. love that. and he's also in talks to star alongside mr. kevin hart in a new comedy. crazy, right? >> i'd love to see that. >> up next, three shows, three nominations each. "this is us." we're on the set of the drama nominated for three globes with three really good reasons you should be watching. >> we have the most handsome of gentlemen. >> then it's the royal family like you've never seen them before. >> all right. action. >> why triple nominated "the crown" is award-worthy. >> plus, "black-ish" star
5:19 am
anthony anderson. jaime wear with the globe nominee and his mom for one hilarious sit-down. >> everybody say i'm
5:20 am
5:21 am
merry christmas. >> you made it too. >> yes. >> now, that is a beautiful tree. what is that? is that a douglas fir? >> while the golden globes certainly love abc's breakout hit "this is us." >> as do i. >> many people do. the show stars mandy moore and kristen metts. sterling k. brown also up for his role in "the people versus o.j." >> you may be asking what's the key to this cast success? as e.t. online's brian aguilera found out, doesn't hurt when they can't keep the clothes on. >> you almost broke the internet when we say your bum in the pilot. >> i've got briefs under here for the next thing. >> milo shows his skin on this
5:22 am
show. >> justin and sterling. >> we have the most handsome gentlemen. all of them have their shirts off. and it's just like -- >> it's not just the hot shirtless actors that keep 10 million people coming back each week. it's all the emotion, the plot twists and one of our favorite tv couples, jack and rebecca. but as parents of triplets things aren't always so easy. >> is there anything way you can move the meeting? the coaches are going to scout kevin. it's a big day for him. >> it's a big day for me. i'm see what i can do. >> i feel like for people who are fans of this couple, which i am. i'm able to read the script and watch our storylines on tv and go i'm rooting for this couple. >> can you turn the light out? >> during our set visit we found out mandy and milo have a really strong parental bond with their co-stars even though they're all only a few years apart. >> we had dinner two weeks ago and i was kind of randomly singing at the end of the table.
5:23 am
>> they're like thanks, mom and dad, for -- >> yeah, exactly. >> like that's my boy. i was so excited for him. but yeah, you feel maternal and paternal towards them. >> moving forward because i feel it is such a family show, people are going to watch it with their families. and it's going to turn into little mini viewing parties. what do they need to have with them as they tune in to "this is us." >> a nice drink or mocktails. i feel like this is a show that you want comfort food. >> you want to sit with pizza. that's kind of the idea. you want to be together with people. if you're watching by yourself it's like we're hugging you from inside the tv. because we will break your heart. >> i love it. >> now to a netflix series with a royal following. and three golden globe nominations. i'm talking about "the crown." telling the story of the early days of queen elizabeth ii.
5:24 am
we went to the set to see how one of the most expensive shows ever is dazzling audiences and critics alike. >> action. >> "the crown" starts with a wedding. it's an obvious love match with prince philip denouncing all his foreign titles to be with elizabeth. the two started corresponding when she was just 13 and he was 18. no one wanted her to marry him. she did it anyway. less than five years later she was the queen. >> your wife is not asking you to. >> that's what i love the most about it is the fact they genuinely kind of have a relationship and a marriage and at every turn it's thwarted. >> plenty of family drama to work with but what about eye candy? >> absolutely not. >> "the crown" keeps it sexy casting the royals in a bit of a new light. matt smith comes off as a stud who sleeps in the nude. >> he was an outsider.
5:25 am
>> but when the clothes are on they're stunning. not only were replicas of the queen's exquisite gowns created with exact detail, elaborate costumes for more than 7,000 extras. no wonder it cost a reported $1 million to make. season 1 is 10 episodes. season 2 is already shooting. they're planning six seasons in all. >> each season is going to take a look at the different decades queen elizabeth has gone through. but we have to talk about something. >> what? >> the crown. >> we have to stock it with lots of stuff to make it fit. you do have to hold yourself properly. i did have to practice with it quite a lot. >> a couple of days. >> what are you hoping that the royal family's reaction's going to be if they do tune in? >> that they invite us to dinner. >> that would be nice. if it was me, i'd be intrigued
5:26 am
to see it. >> might want to just get an early night. >> feed the coringies. >> you know i love that show. over to the tv comedy category there weekend just may belong to anthony anderson. if definitely might. he's nominated for "black-ish." the show is also up for best comedy series. and his co-star tracey ellis ross is also a nominee. but i got to hang out with anthony anderson's real family and his and his mom, pure comedy. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> where the damn camera going to roll or have it -- >> it's been rolling. >> oh. >> it wasn't too long before i found out if you want the truth you go to mama doris. >> where was my invite? >> hell, i don't know you that well. >> miss door sure keeps it real on "to tell the truth." >> providing a running commentary to her son, the host.
5:27 am
>> do you think you can tell when people are actually lying or when i'm laying? >> you're about to tell a lie now. >> why in the world would you all decide let's work together -- >> i was forced to work with this womb. >> everybody says i'm funnier than he is. he just gets jealous and mad. >> you can look at the tape. >> i was about to say i love you. that's a lie. >> tell me this. have you been recognized yet? >> oh, lord. >> in vegas five girls ran up to me. i'm like what the hell happened? then all of a zub one of the girls -- mama doris." what did you say? ain't nobody clapping for your ass right here. >> what did he do that was funny at 18 months? >> he went to sleep in the middle of the christmas play. i've got pictures.
5:28 am
>> anthony actually got the acting bug while watching mama doris on stage. >> rehearsing "a raisin in the sun." and i looked up and i said that's what i'm going to do with the rest of my life. >> but tell them why, anthony. >> applause. >> where have you been hiding this woman? she is a star. >> you know why? i'm natural. and you've got to have a script. ain't to acting to it. i'm real. >> and that was miss doris sitting next to amy schumer at the emmys. >> juice box. >> you would like a juice box? there you go. >> that night anthony didn't win a statuette. >> i dropped a tear during the commercial break, and i don't know what that was from. i had to gather himself. >> what was it from, miss dor snis. >> he lost. >> he's got another chance at this sunday's golden globes. but miss doris been be his date. >> i took you to the emmys. mama, i cannot take you everywhere. >> amy schumer's going to be there. she loves you. >> call amy, then. amy, hook my mom up with a
5:29 am
golden globes ticket. because i'm tapped out. i'm sorry. >> i am still laughing thinking about that interview. as funny as that was it got even crazier. there was so much stuff we couldn't air. yeah, it was a little too much for television. on the way, three hot leading men including two nominated ryans. reynolds' big hollywood honor before the globes with his 2-year-old daughter stealing the show. >> there will be no show business in her future. until she's 30. >> lnld's secret. >> co-star john legends raffles how ryan gosling mastered the piano in just months. >> i was really impressed with him. >> then what's up with chris pine? he discussed his movie up for a globe. >> i decided to become handlebar gary. >> closed captioning provided by --
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you have dinner on the table at 6:00 every night. hey guys, i'm home! of course no one said it had to be cooked. campbell's one dish recipes, designed around one pan and your schedule. made for real, real life. ♪ [ping] [ping] [glass breaking] [statue breaking] hello, mr. ortiz. do you have a tax question? yeah, i'm teaching tennis on the side now. that's nice. but i'm going through a lot of balls. can i deduct them? in your case, yes. you can enter your expenses right here. oh, cool. hey, david. are you ready for your lesson? [ping] just like that. oh, okay. welcome back, everybody, to our golden globe awards preview. now, two of the big acting contenders this weekend share a first name and a whole lot more.
5:33 am
>> yeah, they do. >> ryan gosling and ryan reynolds. >> sure, there's those good looks. they're also both canadian. just saying. former child stars. dads to two baby girls. but let's begin with reynolds, who finally just revealed his 3 1/2-month-old daughter's name. blake and ryan named herr adorable baby girl -- wait for it. inez. yeah. cue the aws. it means pure. but most likely the infant was named after blake's grandmother willie inez. naming the daughters after family seems to be a thing. 2-year-old james, who stole the show at ryan's walk of fame ceremony, shared her moniker with ryan's late father and blake's grandfather. >> blake, you've given us two of the most incredible children i could ever hope to have. you've made me the father of my dreams when i thought i only had fun uncle potential. you are the best thing, the best thing that has ever happened to me. second only to this star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> this appearance last month
5:34 am
was the entire family's first public outing. >> normally we don't trot the whole family out like this. by just thought i would regret this in 20 years if i didn't have any kids here at well. it's annual incredible moment for me on so many levels. >> looks like james might be getting into showbiz or she's antsy tote begin showbiz. >> there will be no showbiz in her future until she's 30. i think that's a safe time for her to enter the game. >> it was a good year for ryan. not only was his movie "deadpool" nominated for a golden globe but the 40-year-old earned his first very own nomination. >> after those two golden glom nominations you called her a de facto coach. what he is does she teach you? >> everything. she really does show me how to be better in almost every way, as a father, a person, everything. >> aw. have i told y'all lately i love love? because i do. now on to the other rooip. goss'll. he and his co-star emma stone nominated for "la la land" and emma gushed to us on her frequent leading man on their
5:35 am
press tour. >> how would you describe ryan's dancing in three words? >> really super great. >> and really super sexy. the two rehearsed those romantic moves to perfection. >> i love it so much. i'm so proud to be a part of it. >> their effortless-looking steps had some coaching from "dancing with the stars" pro artem, while ryan had a whole other new skill to learn. >> piano is always something i wished i had the time to learn. what other job is it a part of your job to just sit in front of a piano for three months and play? >> in the musical movie he plays a jazz musician who falls for an aspiring actress played by emma. ryan practiced piano four hours a day, and no doubles are used here. that's all ryan on the keys. at the film's l.a. premiere ryan copped to being a naturalate at all kinds of performing since he was a kid. >> you started your career singing and dancing.
5:36 am
what was your fondest memory of your early days? >> my uncle was an elvis impersonator, and i was in his act when i was 8. ♪ that was fun. >> mickey mouse club singing, dancing? that was really good training. >> '90s hip-hop is a little different from softshoe and all the other stuff that they asked us to do here. so i thought that maybe some of that might help but it really didn't. it was like starting all over again. >> ryan's not alone. emma revealed she has her own early history of performing in the spotlight. >> here comes emily stone! >> including a stint at 15 where she competed to be on a "partridge family" remake. ♪ i'm a mother >> got to sing a couple of songs on that. but i feel i really learned when i was growing up doing youth theater. i did a bunch of youth theater. it was a really wonderful experience. >> and now just like ryan chris
5:37 am
pine is the soft-spoken sexy type that we just cannot resist. his movie "hell or high water" is nominated for best picture. and he'll be a presenter this weekend. e.t. online's ashley lawson got to see a whole different but not so squeaky clean side as he cut loose in texas. >> i like your shirt today. >> thank you. i really love this kind of '50s throwback. except for the tightest jeans i could find today. >> super tight jeans, no problem. but how does chris explain this strange behavior at a q&a last year? >> chris pine just shucking a mike was one of my favorite moments ever. >> like a -- cowboy. >> answering our questions with song. ♪ rainbow >> we're still not clear about that mike drop. so we came up with three possible explanations. a, chris was tired. b, he fossed a few back. or c, that mike was heavy.
5:38 am
half hour whatever the reason we're loving the usually straight-laced star kind of cut loose. we explained what was up with this look? >> i thought i have this wonderful potential art project on my face. to the complete mortification of my publicist i decided to become handlebar gary. >> chris goes full-on cowboy with vince foster in their gloeld golden gloam-nominated film hell or high water. they play bank robbers. >> who would be driving the getaway car? >> we'd have to fight for it. >> who's the better driver? >> i don't know if better but i just drove more, crazier. >> who's cracking under pressure in the interrogation room? >> definitely me. >> come on, captain kirk never cracks under pressure. >> captain kirk doesn't but apparently chris does. just saying. straight ahead, globe darling meryl street. 30 nominations.
5:39 am
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea ♪ wonderful. >> you want to try another take? >> i don't see why. that seemed perfect to me. >> that is golden globe nominee meryl streep in "florence foster jenkins." the movie role got her yet another nomination. and that recognition is a milestone. >> indeed it is because meryl
5:42 am
has the most golden globe nominations and acting wins of any star ever. here's how streep became the queen of this golden night. >> meryl streep. >> meryl streep. >> meryl streep. >> meryl streep. >> meryl streep. >> she's won eight times. been nominated how many? >> i've just been nominated 789 times. >> well, 30 really. "e.t." first caught up with her for nomination number 8. she was already a seasoned pro by then. >> are the golden globes important? >> they're extremely important. it helps to have recognition from the critics. >> but it's not her track record that makes her queen of the globes. it's so much more. reason number one, she has moments like this on the red carpet. >> oh, i heard meg was here and i felt immediately better. >> reason number two, the woman comes prepared. >> every star i talk to says they go to the bar. you brought your own. okay. >> i remember a few years ago you arrived at the golden globes
5:43 am
and you were hysterical. you had brought your flask and you whipped it out on our platform. >> i had that with me. >> you do again. >> not with me right now. >> this is a meryl streep tradition. >> it's actually very full. >> and even when she's not totally prepared -- >> oh, i'm going to have to remember my speech. >> we love her even more. >> i couldn't remember all the names. somebody please get me my glasses. >> you can just do it right now. >> but i can't see, darling, without my glasses. >> moving on to number 3, meryl's not afraid to say or do anything. >> would you like to go over to the bar? would you like to sit and be comfortable? okay. just do that. >> oh, my gosh. >> i don't know about you. maybe you're very cool. but i get to this night and my brain is like play-doh at this point. i don't really think about it. all i'm worried about is that
5:44 am
this is gapping. >> i just realized you can see completely through my dress. [ laughter ] >> sometimes it's hard to be dressed up. i'm much more a person who likes to be relaxed and wearing something that's several thousand years old that i had in high school. >> oh, my god. thank you, everybody. thank you so much. i'm really thrilled. i think i've worked with everybody in the room. [ laughter ] >> that brings us to number 4. she's earned the respect of all of her peers. like annette bening who worked with her in "postcards from the edge." >> i was so nervous i hadn't even realized they were rolling film. working with her. it was a great lesson. >> and tom hanks who executive produced meryl's movie "mamma m mia." >> she puts on a clinic every time you sit down to watch her. >> and she's never missed a party. >> tell me how you're going to
5:45 am
celebrate. >> i'm going to take my daughter around to the parties on a leash. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> still to come, we look back at our 35 years conversion tver golden globes. >> that is a combination of spanx and commando. in this week's birthdays, which oscar winner took his name from a comic book? is it daniel day before i had the shooting, burning, of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... kicked off my high school games... and helped those in need. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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the big reveal. this is what i'm doing january 8th. ♪ hallelujah >> well, this weekend marks the 74th golden globe awards. pretty impressive they've been handing those statuettes out for so long. >> we've been at it, "e.t." covering them for 35 years since back in the early '80s. we've got-tone talk to plenty of golden globe winners and nominees. here's a look back at some of "e.t.'s" most memorable moments. >> this is my first big awards show. i'm playing it cool and observing everything. you know what i mean? >> very nerve-wracking. very nerve-wracking experience. >> you didn't come as a couple tonight, did you? >> yeah, we came together. >> did you really? >> absolutely. >> very cool. is there something we ought tho know? >> no, absolutely not. >> okay. >> absolutely not. we're good buddies. >> if there was one star here tonight whose autograph i could get, who would it be?
5:49 am
>> for me i saw leonardo dicaprio. he doesn't know it yet but i'm going to marry him one day or at least we're going to work together. >> anybody here you want to meet? >> looking forward to meeting halle berry. >> why halle? >> she's gorgeous. >> we're at the same table. >> you're -- >> i'm sitting with him. i'll get to see him tonight. that's nice p. >> going well? >> it's wonderful. yes. thank you. >> i'm just prepping you as your prend. the questions you're going to get tonight all the time. when are the ybabies coming? >> you're worse than my mother. >> now that you're officially engaged when are you going to officially tie the knot? >> honey? >> honey? >> honey? >> how does it feel to come to you why first awards show expecting? >> very strange. i feel like i'm an old lady now. usually i'm sashaying down the red carpet in something sexy and fabulous. >> you're looking sexy. >> well, thank you. >> the best part of the golden globes, seeing the stars just be
5:50 am
themselves. >> you know, i was in the bathroom, mom. >> you know, you can't win too many awards. >> yeah, but you usually don't win them in the ladies' room. >> mine was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. >> one none of us will ever forget. >> she's in the bathroom. what do we do? >> the lights went down. they said commercial break. and i thought, hey. >> this has been a great turnaround time for you. is this just the beginning? >> no, i hope it's the middle. not the beginning. i couldn't go through all that again. >> you're making a big mistake. you should go down with the camera. there you are. >> remember 2003 when jen aniston showed up with a cane because she broke her toe? her ex brad did the same thing almost a decade later with his now ex angie. >> still on the cane. >> a little bit. i'm getting really annoying. i think i've got a couple more
5:51 am
days and i'm going to wing it. >> is he asking for a little tender loving care? >> no. he fights through it and pretends he's not injured. >> annual leona's been to countless awards shows but back at the 2000 golden globes we showed her her first oscar appearance. >> are you nervous for your dad tonight? >> i remember just going to the mall trying to find a dress. i'm wearing black leather. even when i was little it was pants, i was such a tomboy. i found everything i could and piled it on. like dynasty. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> that makeout between michael bolton and nickelette sheridan was a cringe-worthy moment. but come on, 35 years we captured countless memories. >> what's my attitude? >> you may not throw up. that's all i can say. >> i want one of those at my
5:52 am
house. >> go stand on it for a second. wait a minute, this is a bond look if i ever saw one. >> i actually had mcdonald's today, which is crazy. >> i haven't eaten the food. we'll probably leave and go get a pizza. >> do you hit it that the public is looking for you to get pregnant every moment of the day? >> i don't hate it aught all. it's something i love actually. >> you google yourself? >> absolutely not. >> thanspanx, g-string and comm. i think the ladies know what i'm talking about. >> did you eat before you came? >> somebody handed me a grape and four slices of chicken. >> can you believe "e.t." made history 16 years agoes at the first show to stream live from the red carpet. >> you are now on the world wide web. >> hello world wide web. >> but our favorite memory is with these two breakout stars. 1998 fresh-faced winners matt and ben. >> hold on one second. here's ben. it's your mom.
5:53 am
>> that was exciting. that was a real nice clip. we were awfully young. >> are you happy with what you said up there? >> i don't remember what i said. >> you want to see it? >> my dad -- i got a better seat than jack nicholson. >> it kind of makes it real. >> man, you remember that? >> the ultimate bro moment. >> this year ben's little brother casey affleck is up for his role in "manchester by the sea." that film which matt damon helped produce is also
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
travel consideration provided by -- look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. jeremy renner is 46. david caruso 61. gaby hoffman is celebrating turning 35. now, take a final look at your choices. which oscar winner took his name from a comic book? that is nicolas cage, who is 53 this weekend. and here's the deal. in order to avoid accusations of nepotism francis ford coppola's nephew changed his name from coppola to cage after the marvel
5:57 am
comic superhero luke cage. monday -- >> "e.t." -- >> "e.t." >> at the golden globes. >> we're celebrating with hollywood's hottest stars. only "e.t." has all the moments you didn't see at the golden globes. >> exclusive right here on "e.t.." >> with your front row seat for fashion. >> va, va, va voom. >> thank you. >> and backstage pass. >> i'm just excited. i want you to see it. >> plus we have all the globes gossip from the afterparty. >> "entertainment tonight." that's what people want. >> monday on "e.t." we're almost out of time but for all the late-breaking news go to our website >> but we're going to leave with you justin timberlake's golden globe-nominated song "can't stop the feeling." >> and any daughter can't stop playing the song. featured in his animated movie "trolls" it was 2016's top-selling digital song. so finks are crossed. timberlake could win his first globe. >> enjoy this video. not my singing. but the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye p ♪ keep dancing
5:58 am
♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ keep dancing ♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ got this feeling in my body -- captions by vitac --
5:59 am
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people will remember grace packer who will now speak for grace packer? we will. we are not going anywhere, until we get justice, for grace. new this morning a suspect is charged in the murder of a missing montgomery county teen , we are live with the latest developments overnight. we're learning more about the the alleged gunman in the deadly shooting here in fort lauderdale i'm craig boswell at fort lauderdale airport coming up. deep freeze sets in making for dangerous conditions one day after the tri-state region is hit by a blast of winter weather. today is sunday january 8th good morning i'm rahel will solomon. let's turn it over to meteorologist justin drabick and just continue a wild day yesterday, woke u


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