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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 9, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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captioning funded by cbs it's monday, january 9, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." a winter storm pummels parts of the west coast. strong winds topples trees while heavy rain causes flooding, forcing people to evacuate their home. and another round of wicked weather is on their way. the man charged in the deadly ft. lauderdale airport shooting rampage will make his first court appearance today. and confirmation hearings begin this week for the president-elect's cabinet. without all the background
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causing concern for democrats while their fell low lawmakers say they need to grow up. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, a massive storm system slammed california and nevada where a state of emergency is to be declared. round two is expected today. heavy rain flooded roadways and forces hundreds of homes to be evacuated. in the east, snow and bitter cold. hena daniels is here with more. good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. they expect another foot of rain through tomorrow morning. this comes after powerful storms walloped the state and other parts of the country over the weekend. residents across northern california are keeping a close eye on water levels, anticipating what could be the worst flooding to hit the states in more than a decade.
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torrential downpours caused rivers and creeks to rise rapidly sunday including russian river which could reach flood stage today. >> 38 feet, 40 feet, it's going to put it all the way to the backyard and my noun dags. >> across the border mild temperatures and rain are melting the sierras and causing snow. this highway in the region was closed in both directions because of a massive mudslide. >> the cleanup is going to be extensive. >> parter downstreet the rising river has forced the evacuation of nearly 400 homes. >> it's definitely crazy. we're all hoping everything is going to be all right. >> the system also blanketed parts of oregon and snow, causing whiteout conditions and hundreds of accidents. the stormy weather came as california entered its sixth year of drought, and people along the east coast dealt with the first major snowstorm of the season.
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it dumped as much as a foot and a half of snow in new england and left behind frigid temperatures. >> they're expected to see well below frigid temperatures for the 15th time in 13 years. more than 1,000 homes have been evacuated in reno as much as the sierra's eastern front braces. anne-marie? >> hena daniels in new york. thank you so much. well, meteorologist with wbz has more on the weather system. >> as it pump as i cross the country, flooding rain potential still there with flash flood watches and warnings posted all the way through tuesday afternoon from sacramento to san fran. the sierras, the rockies, under warnings, advisories, and watches and winter weather
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advisory through mtd. hour-by-hour forecast throughout the rest of the day, relentless with more heavy rain pushing through the coast of california and 1 to 2 feet of additional snow accumulation in the sierras. monday afternoon forecast across the country, bismarck, 10 degrees with snow. chicago, 30, atlanta, 42, sunshine. miami, some rain and 70 degrees. i'm pamela gardner for cbs news. well, the suspect in the ft. lauderdale airport shooting is scheduled to make his first dourt appearance today. sanltd yago told investigators he planned the attack but his motive is unclear. david begnaud has new video that shows sanltd yago as he began his deadly rampage. >> reporter: two young boys with a man appear in the video and then comes santiago. 's santiago. he reaches in his waistband and started shooting.
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the man in the gray appears to be the first shot. people drop to the floor. one woman drop behind a luggage cart. there's no audio. it appears to be clear video but it's unknown how tmz got it. the 9 millimeter gun santiago used was the same handgun when he went to an fbi office in anchorage, lak, last november. he complained to federal agents there that his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence and le was being forced to watch isis terror videos. police confiscated santiago's gun and had him committed to a m -- for mental evaluation and then returned it to him. >> there is law against providing a gun with someone who's mentally ill but the law required you bed a jude indicate
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ed. >> reporter: his mother says her son sounded strange and feeling like, don't know, scream? cry? because he was so far away, i could not do anything. sanltd yago allegedly confessed to the attack and randomly chose ft. lauderdale. curtains now shield people from seeing the crime scene. a mass shooting at a major u.s. airport. david begnaud, cbs evening news, fortd lauderdale, florida. >> five people were killed. olga never missed a mass at her church. michael and his wife were headed to a cruise. his wife was injured. terry andres and michael oem.
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ahead on "cbs this morning" following the ft. lauderdale attack, lawmakers are taking a look at new rules regarding guns on planes. overseas a crowded truck drove into a crowd. four were killed including three women. 17 others were injured. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says there's evidence it was backed up by isis. senate republican leaders say the hearings will not be delayed even though some have not completed ethic reviews. errol barnett reports. >> reporter: they say his cabinet will be approved despite delays in background paperwork. >> all of these procedural come
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plants lead to frustration. >> reporter: trump's choice for attorney general jeff sessions and his pick for secretary of state, exxonmobil ceo ron tillerson will face confirmation hearings this week. >> we confirmed seven cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them either, but he won the election. >> reporter: repealing obamacare is trump's first priority but democrats are resisting. >> the effort to repeal obamacare right now without planning to replace it, this shouldn't be about politics. it's about real people in america who will be hurt immediately. >> he'll explain how he will separate himself from his global business brand since his first conference. errol barnett, cbs news, washington. something a little lighter
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now. the musical "lala la la land" dominated last night's golden globe awards. >> the golden globe goes to emma stone. >> emma stone won best actress in a comedy or musical. in all it won seven awarding including best acteder for ryan gosli gosling, best screenplay and best director. we veal more on the golden globes coming up a little later in the broadcast. also coming up, meningitis trial. opening statements of a man accused of a deadly outbreak. and -- with hard work people can change it. >> the cost for tickets to the president obama's last speech soar on the open market. this is the "cbs morning news." the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox.
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wet welcome yesterday to more than 30 veterans. the wounded warriors visited the animals in the florida keys for some physical and emotional therapy. the splash-in marked the end of a three-day bike ride by the wounded warrior project. well deserved for sure. the skyrocketing cost for president obama's farewell speech is supposed to be free and the volkswagen scandal. "the new york times" reports the arrest of a volkswagen official in connection with the automaker's emissions scandal. he was head of the regulation compliance in the u.s. when diesel models were rigged to cheat on pollution tests. sources say the official will be arraigned today on a federal fraud charge. the "washington journaw wal -- he will be sent back to the u.s.
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for trial. his motive is not known though. the "boston herald" says the murder trial of a former executive linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak will start today. the suspect was one of two principals of a pharmacy that produced tainted injections in 2012. the tainted outbreak killed 22 people and sickened hundreds more. the washington most reports. it shows a freelance journalist lauren duca on his twitter profile. she complained to twitter chief jack dorsey. tuukka says he engaged in targeted harassment. the "chicago tribune" report s tickets to president obama's farewell speech are being offered. officials warn tickets offered
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♪ happy anniversary ten years ago today steve jobs stepped onltd the stage in san francisco and introduced the very first iphone ten years ago. apple says it has sold more than 1 billion units since the revolutionary device was unveiled. the launch of iphone 8 is this year and none of us can live without our iphones. i mean i can't live without it. on the "cbs moneywatch," general motors takes a stance against a trump tweet and uber reveals a sweeter way to travel. jill wagner has more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. the dow keeps flirting with the 20,000 mark but the s&p and nasdaq closed at a record high on friday. the dow closed up 33 points, the
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nasdaq gained 13, the s&p was 15 points high jeer the italian awe o'maker says it will awe on theize factories in warren, michigan, and one outside of ohio. this is part of their plan to add three new jeeps to their lineup including a pickup truck. despite criticism from president-elect donald trump, general motors has no plans to change where it produces small cars. last week mr. trump threatened go impose a border tax on the chevy cruz. mar mar all of the sedans are made in ohio. and uber is sharing ridership fees. they're launching a new website called movement. they'll show average travel
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times on specific routes. they believe it will allow the city to make better plans. city officials have complained that uber withholds too much data. and "star wars" continues to dominate at the box office. >> you continue to fight. >> "rogue one"rogue one: a star stor story"", "hidden figures" came in second followed by "sing." >> thanks a lot, jill. still ahead, meryl streep delivers a political punch. >> hollywood, foreigners, and the press. >> we'll show you the speech everyone's talking about from last night's golden globes.
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here's a look at today's
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forecast in some cities around the country. a musical wins while someone delivered a sour note about the incoming president. christina martinez reports. >> and the golden globe goes to "lala land." >> reporter: "lala land was the big winner of the night" sweeping all of the nominations including best picture, actress, actor, or musical in a comedy. >> for any person who has had a door slammed in their face but they get up and keep trying, i share it with you. >> reporter: best motion for
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"moon least." casey affleck for "manchester by the sea." elizabeth oh pair took home the best actress award. >> my heart is beating. >> reporter: the awards also honored the best in television. amc's "the night manager" took home three acting awarding for a television series. politics also took center stage during the show including opening monologue by first time golden globes host jimmy fallon. >> reporter: and actress meryl streep who sepped the lifetime achievement award took aim at president-elect donald trump. >> when they powerfully use their position to bully others, we all lose. debbie reynolds and were
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. a massive storm hit parts of california and nevada. in parts of california roads were flooded. there were mudslides and more than a thousand homes evacuated in nevada. a second round of nasty weather is expected to hit the same area tonight. and folks in the east are suffering with bitter cold and snow. and new video appears to show the alleged ft. lauderdale gunman as he began shooting. esteban santiago is expected to make his first court appearance today. five people died and others wounded friday. they say he planned the attack but officials don't know why he chose ft. lauderdale, and his motive remains unclear.
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donald trump played the role of renegade but he's not the irst person to challenge washington insiders. craig boswell talks about others who shook up the establishment. >> reporter: donald trump rode a wave to the white house. he'll be the first person elected as president without ever holding a position. >> donald trump is perhaps the most far outside outside over anyone ever to be elected president in the history of the country. >> reporter: american university history professor allan lichtman say other notorious renegades also made it to the white house. >> the first true, outsider, to be elected president was, of course, andrew jackson. >> reporter: historians say mr. trump has a lot in common with andrew jackson. he rose in the victory. >> he was elected on a platform of cleaning up the mess in
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washington. does that sound familiar? >> reporter: jackson forced native americans from their land and dismanagementaled the bank of the united states which plunged the country into a depression. this statue will welcome donald trump when he takes over the white house, but over mavericks also live here. the republican party put theodore roosevelt with william mckinley to get the government out of his hair and mckinley was assassinated. >> reporter: roosevelt became known as a trust buster challenging monopolies and promising the average american a square deal. general eisenhower ran for office without ever holding a political office. so did ulysses grant and taylor. at 70 mr. trump will become the oldest person to become president. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. coming up after your local
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news on "cbs this morning," the future of ford motor company and its relationship with president-elect donald trump. we'll hear from executive chairman bill ford. plus, how companies can use your web history to charge you more when you shop online j. and we'll talk with grammy nominated duo the chain smokers. that's your "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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bitter bitter bitter cold. did i tell you it is bitter out there. >> waking up to some low temperatures this morning, just how warm it will get when the sunrises and the surprising turn the temps will take this week. >> so, then, i've got no heat and no water and no car? >> repair crews return to fishtown this morning after water main break causes the grounds to give way swallowing two cars. for the people who lost the cars and people now dealing with property damage. >> facing a judge man accused of opening fire inside a busy florida airport appears in court today. the disturbing new video of the moment it all happened. well, today is monday, january 9, goo dollars morning, i'm jim done val. >> i'm


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