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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 9, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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conditions, and because that far overturned septa bus, more on that coming up. >> and what we were dealing with here as we mention is the cold. it is frigid outside. but there is at least a silver lining, you don't have the wind as much here today. that has eased up. so yes, you still have to be to be bundled up. it isn't as harsh, take a look where we're currently bottoming out my friend, thus far, 14 degrees. that's the coldest that it has been since valentine day of 2016. so a loft russ snuggling up on that day. but, at this point, this morning, you may want to make the excuse and grab the heavier blanket. nobody wants to be thrown off the covers and get the day start in the these kinds of conditions. actually even since last check now, at 12 degrees, in philadelphia. so, this is still the coldest it has been since february 14th, when we actually bottom out at 8 degrees. but tenure current temperature in trenton, 11 your current temperature in allentown, look at millville. that stands out like sore thumb, three below zero, the
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current temperature. it is frigid. again, even minus wind, still pretty harsh stuff, but won't be dealing with that until that gets out because of the winds. that's hen full. storm scan3, pretty quiet. peaking at the eyewitness day planner, see plenty of sunshine, so a long with your heavy winter gear make sure to have your sunglasses ready to go. at best hit the upper 20's here today. still very chilly, meisha. >> very cold indeed. the cold and ice on the roads, still, what we are looking at right now, just waking up with us good morning, happy monday to you. this is live shot from mobile three, overturned septa bus in the median. take look at this, you can see completely on its side. woodhaven past knights road, no passengers aboard, that's the good news, all lanes however are block right now. you are being diverted off knights road, or use alternate 95 to bristol pike or 513, probably your best bet. another stark reminder how slippery, in fact, to my ride in this morning i did see a lot of vehicles either pulled over that wouldn't start or it spun out.
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be very careful out there. good reminder again the good news is no passengers were on that septa bus. moving along, another accident this morning if i can pull up this. take a look. this is another one. seconds one. just cracked into the 5:00 hour letting us know probably going to be we know mondays are bus toy begin, with then add the ice on the roadways it is very busy today. a.c. expressway eastbound, hammonton, heads up on. that will look at the censor, all green, helping you know you are traveling at posted speeds, slow down little bit. also yesterday due to sinkhole, we have water main break, boston street near tulip, all lanes block here, you will have to use frankford avenue, jim, rahel, back to you. >> speaking of the water main break, philadelphia water department work remembers going back to fishtown after the sinkhole swallowed 2suv's. >> water main break yesterday morning as we've been saying 2300 block every east boston street. that's where we find "eyewitness news" reporter trang do. good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning. the crews are expected out
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here as early as 8:30 this morning, to be back out here to repair this, take a look, weaver to take you straight to this massive sinkhole. you can see goes from sidewalk to sidewalk. neighbors here tell me that they were told it could be days before this is all fixed. >> quiet sunday morning, quickly took a turn on one fishtown block. >> there was a crash. it was pretty loud. everybody woke up. >> neighbors look out of their windows to see massive 40 by 60-foot sinkhole claimed part of the 2300 block of boston street. two casualties along with it. >> the street ate my car. >> alyssa's brand new kia and bennett daniel's car, too. >> we heard commotion, we look down the street, my car was halfway in the sinkhole. >> caused sinkhole to open up flooding basements, swallowing up cars, sending philadelphia water department crew to the scene. fifteen homes were left without water and gas as crews work to repair the damage. >> and i have got no heat and
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no water and no car. >> water department spokesman assured those affected that the city will help. >> will go through their car insurance, then go through the city from there. but we will work with everyone who had any sort of damage as a result of this. >> so he lost his car, daniels just thankful no one was hurst hurt. >> disbelief, but at least it wasn't our house or at least nobody got hurt. just a car. >> and on top of not being age to use their street here, the homes on this block do not have water service this morning. many of these homes also do not have gas service at the moment. a few tell me they did have gas restored, though all of them will be turned off when crews come back here to work on this project. but for now, liver in fishtown, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, rahel, back to you. >> we have to work ahead there. in fishtown, another water main break happened just after 7:00 yesterday morning there is one on the 1400 block of fletcher street. philadelphia's water department says two customers
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lost waterfowling the break, crews repaired this main around 8:00 last night, water has since been restored to both customer. >> new this morning, police are investigating after a man is found on the amtrak train tracks in north philadelphia. police tell us, amtrak worker found the man with a head injury lying on the tracks just before midnight near broad and glenwood. he was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. no word on how that man got on the tracks, or if he was hit by a train. dozens are returned off a train in new jersey's florence township after a fire breaks out. it happened on river line train at the florence light rail station in burlington county. officials say flames started around 6:30 last night. we're told 40 passengers on the train at the time of the fire. but thankfully forks one was hurt. the man who allegedly opened fire into florida airport terminal and killed five people is expected to appear in court today. surveillance video appears to show the moment esteban santiago pulled 9-millimeter handgun from his waistband, and opened fire inside fort lauderdale hollywood
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international airport. unclear how "tmz" obtained the video but you can see frightened passengers in the baggage area fell to the ground. south jersey native among the five victims. kerry andres grew up in millville. >> overseas now israeli officials believe isis might be to blame for sunday deadly truck attack in jerusalem. truck driver plowed into group of israeli soldiers killing four people and injuring 17 others. the truck driver was shot and killed. nine people are under arrest including family members of the palestinian truck driver. >> bucks county couple is facing multiple charges after investigators uncover disturbing details in the murder of 14 year old grace packer. prosecutors say 44 year old jacob patrick sullivan every bucks county and his girlfriend, 41 year old sarah packer, conspired to kidnap, rape, murder czar's adopted daughter as part of twisted sexual fantasy. >> unfortunately, grace packer was a disposable child to these people. and the question becomes who
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will remember grace patrick? who will now speak for grace packer? we will. we are right here. we are not going anywhere until we get justice for grace. >> investigators say sullivan and packer began plotting grace's murder back in 2015. sarah packer's preliminary hearing is schedule for january 20th in quakertown. >> the faa says someone shined a green lays near the cockpit of military transport plane as it flew over new jersey friday night. authorities say the c17 was flying at 4,000 feet about 20 miles southeast of joint base mcguire dicks lakehurst when it happened. it can temporarily blind pilots, and is a violation every federal law. former congressman chaka fattah wants us appeals court to let him stay free while he appears his racketeering conviction. expected to start ten year prison term this month. essay peeling based on perceived errors during his
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original trial. federal prosecutors oppose it to remain free. >> raphael robb is out of prison this morning, the former university of pennsylvania professor served ten year for the 2006 death of his wife ellen robb. he pleads dollars guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2008, admitting he killed his wife during a aarpment as she wrapped christmas gift inside their upper merion home. >> well, from fried broccoli to pumpkin funnel take. >> sounds good to mement some of the flavor full dishes at this year's pennsylvania farm show. plus this. >> rounds two of severe weather is expected today after massive winter storm system slammed northern california and never add a. i'm hena daniels in new york, how parts of the country bracing for more rain and heavy snow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and, it is one of hollywood's most light hearted awards show. more on last night's golden
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globes when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> biggest stars happen a in film and television hon orders
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during the annual goal end globe awards wards. lala took home awards including best actor and actress, moonlight earned the biggest honor of the night. meryl streep, awards, used her remarks to allow president-elect donald trump. chris martinez more highlights from last night's goal end globes coming up in 30 minutes. >> looking forward it. winter weather slams both coast. still reeling from this weekend's blast that left snow and ice, and while severe storms out west could potentially be the worse in the area in more than a decade. hena daniels with more on the devastating weather. >> resident across northern california keeping close eye on water level, anticipating what could be the worse flood to go hit the state in more than a decade. torrential downpours caused rivers to rise, including the russian river, which could reach flood stage today. >> 40 feet, going to put it all the way to the backyard, and to the bulkhead of my
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foundation. >> along the california-nevada border mild temperatures and warm rain, falling in the sierra, melting snow. causing flooding along this river, this highway in the region was close in the both directions, because of massive mud slide. >> the clean up will be extensive. >> further down street in reason open the rising river has forced the evacuation of nearly 400 homes. >> definitely crazy, we're all hoping that everything is going to be all right, people will be safe. >> the system blanketed parts of oregon, in snow, causing white-out conditions and hundreds of accidents. >> the stormy weather came as california enters its sixth year of drought. people along the east coast dealt with the first major snowstorm of the season. dumped as much as a foot and a half of snow in southern new england. left behind frigid temperatures. >> conditions continue to remain dangerous. >> parts of north carolina are expected to see well below freezing temperatures today. for just the 15th time in a
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hundred 13 years. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well the bad weather will keep the space x rocket launch on hold at least until next weekend. lift off schedule for today. it will be the company's first since one of its rocket explode in the september. new rocket will put ten communication satellites into orbit. >> nice view of the moon. >> time lapse video from "skycam 3" over philadelphia. the moon begins to set. katie is here now with your forecast for today, as we deal with some bitter temperatures. katie, boy, that was an eye opener this morning when i walked out the door. >> no kidding. yes. if you don't have to go outside, i wouldn't. but oh, wouldn't it be nice? but it is monday. kids got to go to school. you got to get to work. we've got to justin life as we know it, right? and it is not like we've never seen colder than this. it is just you don't want this. it is very, very chilly outside. do you have take care. you have to be careful walking out the door. the one saving grace, the wind has eased up, helpful.
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i want to start you off just by looking at the nationwide map. just got off that stormy coming in from hena about all of the flooding going on, back across california, you can see, still a lot of activity right now, into the rockies, all the way back to the west coastline here. so still some very heavy rain continues to fall across the golden state, also, that snow still falling in the higher terrain. this is actually a system, the next one moving into the dakotas here, that will be leading to warming trend for us. the second system here over the great lakes region. so this actually ends up being a really decent story for our forecast. because what we end up with, granted wet weather, but nice trade off is that the temperatures from where they stand will be just going up so, so substantially, so real frost taking place, first system again ushers in warmfront for us, which is going to end up bringing us little bit of drizzle, tomorrow, then probably freezing drizzle or sleet far northwest suburbs. with the jet stream, migration
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off to the north. when it happens, of course the warmth can lift to the north, will get caught in the cross hairs, it means the temperatures will climb in the next couple of days, wait until you see the seven day, flirting with 606 for a few days. looking forward. very cold palmyra cove nature parkette, probably all frozen, but 14 degrees the temperature here. somewhat of a fuzzy view of say the skyline, but clear. that's actually part of the reason these temperatures had a chance to drop as low as they d clear sky. you don't have blanket of clouds to trap in any heat that you build up from the day before. even though yesterday was cold, you can't trap any of that back in. soap it, will go right back up to the atmosphere in the temperature drop. >> this morning's commute as a result, if untreated, i can also guarantee that, if any standing water throughout it has now since frozen over. slippery spots on sidewalks, train platforms, all of that, careful out there. that's the bottom line. phrase all morning, use caution out there, guys. today real cold. high just 28 degrees, as we
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mention, can't even hit 30 let alone freezing mark, drop down to 13 later tonight. then look at how much we are thawing out. flirt with 40 tomorrow. more typical, there is some rain on the way wednesday, in the 50's, and then, check this out, meisha. thursday, friday, flirting with 60 degrees. >> unreal. >> talk about a change? >> oh, huge change, especially from what we are talking about all morning today. freezing cold temperatures, also, ice on the roadways, and because of that, unfortunately we have problems out on the roadways already. what we're looking at right now, just waking up with us, overturned septa bus in the median. take a look at this, completely on its side. see the crews out there. woodhaven, past knights road. no passengers were on the bus, all lanes, how much, are blocked. see where they are blocking the road right there. crews out there. we have not seen the tow truck out there. we have been talking about this since the 4:00 hour. no tow truck as of yet. seems like it will be closed for quite some time. you are being diverted off night road. alternate 95 to bristol pike
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or 513 probably your best bet. also going to start to get some gaper delays on other sides of the road. and also going to get some crews showing up parts of the road as well. if you can avoid the area altogether, you want to, either wise diverted off the road anyway, or use the alternate 95 to bristol pike or 513. either way i would say avoid the area if you can. then another accident, here, a.c. expressway involving dump truck. also in the median. a.c. expressway near route 54, hammonton, heads up on that, another reminder it is very slip rip out there. and disable vehicle, pa turnpike off ramp to delaware valley. rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. >> and now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the delaware county daily time, one year old girl safely returned to her parent saturday after the vehicle in which she was sitting was stolen. parent left the suv running with child strapped in the carseat as they, the vehicle found in minutes, child recovered unharmed. >> press of atlantic city more
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than 30 police officers in south jersey head to washington dc to help provide security at president trump inauguration, officers 20 from atlantic city six from middle township, wildwood, ocean sitly join about 3200 policemen around the country. >> from the news journal, a junior at arch mere academy in claymont, the president volunteer service awards, spent the past three years with safe victory, church in claymont, build its ministry around organizing such things as holiday dinners and booing back drives for the poor. >> congratulations to him, that's awesome. that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware val. >> i famous pennsylvania farm show is underway in harrisburg. >> and besides the animals and farm equipment, jim, do not forget about the food, the food. this year's venue includes old favorites like pulled pork, fried everything. the newest is the mushroom blended burger. expert tell us 70% beef, 30% mushroom, and 100% delicious.
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>> look at the funnel cake. >> yes. >> i'm still on my cleanse, so everything right now looks amazing to me. and the farm show by the way runs through sunday. >> you're on a diet. meisha on a diet. dangerous around here, folks. >> three days left. up next pat is here with sports. >> i am not on diet. so that's fine. good morning, guys, yes, lots to catch up. sixers, flyers, two big nfl games. we have it all coming up next. >> we're glad you're with us, there is dan, there is kneel. >> ♪ >> oh, i was wounds hearing that was. there is rayjin does our
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morning minute, and they are the experts at that. >> a lot of people that bring this show. >> yes. >> everybody else, there is jen, jen connor. >> steve lindsey. >> there is chris, our 4:30 producer. these people are actually here in the morning. >> yeah. >> all right, you know who you're voting for. good morning, everyon
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>> good new york,. >> good to be back. >> nice to have you. >> major struggle recently for the flyers. back to their losing weighs in columbus. second period, against the blue jacket. columbus, takes the lead on goal right here friers looking, do not get one. fashion forward, 202nd left to the gain. the rebound right here. so we're going to the extra
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session. in the extra period, columbus with two on one, and nick, would end it. right there. beating steve mason, columbus wins, two-one, the flyers, have now lost eight of ten, and they play buffalo on tuesday night. the nfl playoffs, day two of wild-card weekend was a blow out. in the nfc, it was aaron rogers and the greenbay packers against eli mangan the giants. second quarter giant have six-point lead. greenbay threatening, rogers drop back to the wall, to the shuffle. dances around, adams, for 5-yard score. unbelievable vision by rogers. the packers are up. last play of the half. everybody at lambeau field knows what's happening. little maryann does work, unbelievable. randall cobb, 42-yard touchdown, packers, beat the giants, easily, 38-13, they will be in dallas on sunday. it was so cold for the
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dauphins-steelers game the referee had to use the hot air blower to de frost the whistle. the colds meant nothing to the steelers though, in control from the start, first possession, ben rot list bing erring to that man, antonio brown, at the 50-yard score. big ben, antonio brown, hooking up again on the next possession. this time for a 62-yard score. he had five catches for 124 yards, and those 2td's, bell, set steeler franchise record. 167 yards and two touchdowns on the grounds, and steelers win 30 to 12. over the dauphins, neck up, our old friend andy reid, the chiefs from kansas city next sunday. steelers assistant coach joey porter facing disorderly conduct and other charges, after he allegedly assaulted a dorman at a pittsburgh bar just hours after the wild-card game. police were called to the flap on carson, and arrested the 39 year old porter, who was taken to allegany county jail. the steelers say they're still
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gathering information on that case. >> big win, then big lost right after the game. what are you thinking, joey? >> thanks so much, pat. welcome back, we've missed you it has been very quiet? glass you're also waking up at 1:00 a.m. >> you would say that. thanks. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", why the man once dubbed the nation's most hated as been kick off of twitter. >> also this morning, three easy things you can do in your home that will save you money in the new year. >> and in her own words, singer mariah carey tweet out audio response to her new years eve performance, hear it for yourself. katy? >> well, guys, already, have our eyes set on the upcoming weekend, and at this point, it is looking like we're going to be wonder off to more than seasonable temperatures like we've been seeing in recent days here. meantime though we will see some serious swings on the thermometer. very cold to very mild, and probably a lot of snow melt inbetween. your full forecast right after
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>> live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. from miserable to mild. yes, i said mild. we are about to embark on weather roller coaster by mid week. temperatures will feel down right balmy. that will be so good. and good morning to you. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. balmy. katie and meisha will be here in just a moment.


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