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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 9, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. from miserable to mild. yes, i said mild. we are about to embark on weather roller coaster by mid week. temperatures will feel down right balmy. that will be so good. and good morning to you. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. balmy. katie and meisha will be here in just a moment. here's what you need to start
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your day in our morning minute. >> the man is dead after being found on the amtrak train tracks in north philadelphia. police tell us amtrak worker found the man with a head injury laying on the tracks. >> the street ate my car. >> repair crews are going back to philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood after giant sinkhole swallowed two cars. >> boston street here remains closed off to traffic and take a look at just why. >> the man charged with killing five people and wounding six others at a florida airport is due in court today. one of the five people killed is from south jersey. to any creative person who has had a door slammed in their face or anybody anywhere really that feels like giving up, sometimes, finds it in themselves to get up, keep moving forward, i share this with you. >> that was an impressive speech from emma stone, giving that moving speech after winning a golden globe for best actress. >> more highlight from the
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award show coming up a little later in the broadcast. but first, let's get out to katie. we're using words like mild, balmy, so you know we need an explanation. >> oh, yes, exactly, because it is still really cold outside right now. so when the heck is this thawing supposed to take place? you got to give it cup old of days, giles. tracking two separate warmfronts passages in the next couple of days. so, that's where this is going come from. but that also does come with its own set of problems. which we'll get to. but let's take you outside, since probably just trying to get out the door this morning. and do so safely, my advice is this. not only do you want your sunglasses cents for that very bright sun that will be with us, but also nice heavy coat, all of the accessories that go along with it, storm scan quiet, one saving grace, is that the winds has really eased up. barely notice it. so the temperature change is still pretty brutal. i mean, about what 5 degrees, 6 degrees colder along i95, but i think your eye gets immediately drawn here to millville, atlantic city, ten to almost 20 degrees
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difference from this same time yesterday. so sub zero in the pine land areas meanwhile philly more like 12, not much better. 7 degrees in atlantic city, three in mount pocono, make sure you and the kids are bands you will up, hitting 28 degrees today, i wouldn't be shock by that. but do expect the sun to go along with it, and eventually again as we mention, two separate warmfronts, will roll through the area bring the warm up, but also bring some precipitation, we'll time it out a little later on. >> great. standing by lit inning to that. speaking of this morning how cold it is, because that far ice on the roadway, and at any causing for some ponding out there. happy monday, just waking up with us, live mobile three on the scene of overturned septa bus, now in the media. i'll back out so you can see. >> this take a look at this, completely on its side, the under carriage of the septa bus, see crews out there right now, they are right now in the process of trying to get this out of your way. it will be in the woodhaven
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road eastbound, past knights road. good news, no passengers were on the septa bus. all lanes however are block right now. and you are being diverted to knights road. alternate 95 to bristol pike or 513 probably your best bet if you want to try to avoid t also this accident involving a dump truck, route 54, hammonton, heads up on that steak a look, kensington section, now boston street near tulip street. all lanes block, you will have to use an alternate. york street probably your best bet. again a lot going on this morning plugs construction, more coming up in 15 minute. >> we will stay on the main break-in fishtown, repair jobs resume this morning in the fishtown neighborhood after that water main break created giant sinkhole. >> now you are looking live on the 2300 block of east boston street. we've been told the crews will be back by 8:30 this morning, the six-inch water main broke
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around 9:00 sunday morning, flooding basements, with water after the philadelphia water department arrived, the sinkhole swallowed 2suv's, including one belonging to alyssa banks. >> i honestly have no idea what to do. like it is not something you expect to see when you open your front door on, you know, the major city. but the road would just cave in, eat the car. it is a little trouble bling. >> fifteen custom remembers still without water. six are without gas. neighbor tells "eyewitness news" he was told repairs may take until wednesday or thursday. happening today, the murder trial begins for a haddon township man accused every killing his three year old son. prosecutors say david creato junior killed brendan in october of 2015. the child's body found in the woods hours after create a reported him missing, the cause of death was not determined. but prosecutors say he killed his son because his teenage girlfriend did not like children. >> well the time now 5:35. in business news this morning, uber is teaming up with some
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city planners. >> and the dow yet again flirting with record territory. money watch's jill joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> so close but so far. good morning, again, jim, rahel. see if today is the day that the dow finally hits 20,000. it came so close friday it, rose 19,999.63. but eventually it fell in the last hour of trading. this is a symbolic milestone more than anything else, say additional confidence in the market. >> in all the dow rose 64-point friday, the nasdaq rose 33 points. job growth, slowed a bit in december. on friday, the labor department also released the final big jobs report under president obama. it does show 75 straight month of job growth. and wages are finally showing up. uber sharing info about its ride, launch new website called movement.
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average travel times on specific routes, uber thinks it can help city planners make better decisions about road closings, improvement, and eventually it will be open to the public. jim, rahel. >> always improving on that. they always are pretty accurate where the car is. >> i take uber every morning, so -- >> thanks, jill. we will check in with you tomorrow. >> well, if you are planning on using the pennsylvania turnpike today, or from here on out, shear heads up. drivers now paying more for tolls. both using e-zpass and cash, the turnpike commission says the mondayly help fund project to rebuild and widen the turnpike, as well as support pennsylvania's other public transportation needs. well, believe it or not, the iphone is celebrating its tenth birthday. today marks exactly ten years since the late apple ceo steve jobs introduced the device to the world, it quickly set the smart phone age in motion. apple road the wave to become one of the top technology companies on the planet. the company says a new device
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will debut this fall. >> one most hated man, has been suspend from the twitter. former pharmaceutical executive who hiked the life saving drug by more than 5000%, harassing the editor of team vogue. says it is temporary. goes on charges of conspiracy fraud. >> many of us have habit of waiting until things break before we fix them. but little maintenance could keep you from spending more money than necessary. in this week's angie list report look at household chores you may want to tack nel this new year. >> now is a great time to make resolution to take care of the little things around your house. even the most experienced homeowner, often leaves these things go can cost you big money in the long up. >> when was the last time you paid much attention your water heater? if you don't give it much thought, chances are you haven't flushed it, which is one annual chore that can help it run smoothly. twelve years, it is meant to. >> plumbers tell us the
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leading cause of cracks in your water heater is the build up of calcium and lime in the tank, that's why the flushing of the send meant each year is a real money safer. >> another chore some of us ignore, cleaning your outside dryer events. 15,000 homes catch fire when back up debris gets too hot. clogs also affect your dryers performance. once it starts to stop up, you still want to dry clothe, where it may have taken you 30 minute to dry the laundry, maybe it takes you 35, then 40, then 45 minute. that's all byproduct of dryer events getting stopped up. >> you may want to add carpet cleaning to your list of annual chores, pros say, carpets should last at least a decade with yearly deep cleaning, high traffic areas, along with weekly vacuuming. >> and when it comes to appliances, regular maintenance does help them live longer, or last more longer. if they are running more efficiently, also save on your energy bill. >> well the stars come out in beverly hills, for the goal
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end globes, full report just ahead. >> plus he's been the inaugural parade announcer for decades, but won't be back this year. hear from him. plus this. >> what melania trump wears to the inaugural ball will be much more than a fashion statement. i'm weijia jiang in washington with the significance of the dress coming
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>> a look at last night's winners. >> and the goal end globe goes to: lala lands. >> lala land was the big winner of the night, sweeping all seven of the film's nominations, including best motion picture, director, actor, and actress, ma musical or comedy. >> any creative person who has had a door slammed in their face, finds it in themselves to get up, keep moving forward, i share this with you. >> the best motion picture drama went to moonlight. stacey afleck won best actor drama foreman chester by the sing. >> the surprise of the night, french actress, isabel, award for best actress drama for elle. >> my heart is beating. if you would hear what's going on here. >> rube is he worth the only big winners at the globe. awards also honored the best in television.
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>> amc night manager took home three acting awards for television series. politics also took center stage, during the show, including during the opening monologue by first time goal end globe host, jimmy fallon. >> this is the goal end globes, one. few places left where america still honors the popular vote. and actress meryl streep, who accepted the lifetime achievement award a mid a standing ovation, also took aim at president-elect donald trump. >> when they use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> carrie fisher and debbie reynolds were remembered with a special tribute. chris martinez, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". big night. i have to tell you mariah carey continued to blame producers for that new years eve performance, listen to what the pop star posted on twitter. >> it is not practical to sing live and be able to hear themselves properly in the middle of times square with all of the noise, the freezing cold, the smoke from the
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machine, thousands of people celebrating, especially, when their ear monitors were not working at all. listen, guys, they spoiled me. thus, it turned into an opportunity to humiliate me. >> she needs to stop. >> yes, because i fowl like she was done. >> just move along here, marble eye a, let's go to the next. that's not helping. >> no one forget it if you keep brinking it up. that's what we do very well. we just forget about stuff. >> always something else down the pike. >> always something else. so, you have to wonder? >> who knows, who knows? >> every party needs to end. move along. >> i can definitely sympethize with not being able to hear, if you're out on the skydeck every morning, and -- >> i don't know what's going on half the time here but we still put on the show. >> you know, i'm with you, like we have to move on from this. >> apparently she said she is still going on tour soon, so let's move along, people. >> our floor director, come on, let's do this already.
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we have weather to get to. all right, so if we must, yes. i think trying to hold back, because i don't want to tell you about the cold. that's no fun. but at least we do have much much better news to tell but as the week progresses here, take a look at ocean sit, blanketed in some snow. how about the system on saturday? what a sharp gradient that set up as well from all of the snow that did end up rolling through our area. but at this point, we are just left in the clear. high pressure on our side. eyewitness weather watch remembers reporting some very, very frigid air, zero, 0 degrees, out in the chad worth area, nice clear atlantic city, pine lan section of the south region, yes, it is really cold. one below zero, even worse, for mary ann, also nice clear sky. thankfully no wind though. that's our saving grace. granted one below zero doesn't feel that great. but definitely beats having to factor in the windchill. finds couple higher values here if we can.
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in fact, i take you off to the north, 10 degrees, rather nine, hit the wrong one, 9 degrees out in lawrenceville from peter do. have handful of low teens also being reported by the watch they are morning. going nationwide. for the next thing in the pipeline for our area. that comes in the form of actually two separate warmfront, the beginning of the first system, across the great lakes, then you have all of the soaking rain back down to california. and the snow lifting into the dakotas, montana, that's what's eventually drawn through our area, as another warmfront. but, still, incredible amounts of rain, which they could use, but in the south, going to lead to serious flooding. so looking at projected rain and the, down across california, it is absolutely unbelievable. over 4 inches every rain over the next few days, modest tow, peco, out over three and a half. so really incredible rainfall rates for those areas in the next couple every days. again, you know, you can always have too much after good thing. so they do need the rain.
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look at what we will ends up here. a lot of goodness down the road here. flirting with of zero both thursday, friday, but at the price of some drizzle tomorrow. maybe freezing rain, drizzle off to the northwest, wednesday, some additional rain. meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much the good morning, everyone, still tracking this accident. we have been talking about it all morning long, heads up just waking up with us, very slick conditions out there. good morning. overturned septa bus in the median, see it, there under belly of the septa bus, see crews trying to get this owed out of the way. it will take a while. pass knights road. no passengers were on that bus. but all lanes right now are still blocked. you're being diverted to knights road or alternate if you want to avoid it altogether, 59 to bristol pike, 513, probably your best bet. plus take a look, another accident here. now, this is platt bridge westbound, we have an accident, mid-span. so, all of thee travelers moving in the eastbound direction. this is the westbound side. you can see it is right now closed off. westbound at penn rose closed. traffic moving onto 26th street however.
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heads up on that. plus we have another accident out there. the a.c. expressway eastbound near route before hammonton, involving dump truck until the median. so a lot of stuff going on out there. plus this water main break fishtown. we are talking more about this coming up in the next 15 minutes, jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. donald trump's inauguration less than two weeks away, while attracting a loft attention, will have competition for the spotlight at the inaugural ball. >> because all eyes are on first lady mel n ya and her ball gown. weijia jiang shows us, melania's dress will play a first role in the first lady's legacy. >> melania has strutted on runways, grails dollars magazine covers as former model, but latest fashion may be the most daunting yet choosing inaugural ball gown. >> no matter what she wears after that, this will be the dress that is always remembered, and will be pictured with her forever. >> lisa kathleen grat i is the curator of the first lady's exhibit at the smithsonian national museum of american history. this is a woman who represents
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us, we feel a certain kin ship. we want to know in a she is appropriate. >> first ladies often showcase american designers, michelle obama wore this gown by jason woo to her first inaugural ball. went ton create several of her signature looks. designer sophie, also dressed mrs. obama. but she has vowed not to work with mrs. trump because of her husband's rhetoric. tom also said he won't dress mrs. trump. others welcome the opportunity. like carolinea, die on von furstenberg, tommy hill beg err. school design sign professor fresh beginning for the nation. he predict mrs. trump's dress will reflect that. while staying true to herself. >> melania has very discontinuing personal style, which is quite classic, quite elegant, not really what would be called fashion forward. i think she is also very confident in the way she
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looks. >> and no doubt reveal the style she will bring to the white house. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> really looking forward to. that will american politics begins week on friday inauguration day. >> not just because the day donald trump becomes the next president, first in decades not being announced by charlie, he's 89 years old, has announced every inauguration celebration since dwight eisenhour in 1957. he learned last beak the presidential inauguration committee is replacing him with steve ray, a trump campaign volunteer, and fro lance announcer. >> at first this is yesterday, i was destroyed. i want him to do good. as opposed to hoping he fouls up, they say we want charlie back. no. i don't want that. >> ray said he is not replacing him, just filling his shoes, inaugural committee is offering to announce him as
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announcer chairman, emeritus. the three of us are look at this t still deciding whether he'll except. >> well, when we come back. how one community recycling christmas trees and feeding its animal hop population. >> we all
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>> clock out the pack cast, they look almost like foxes, cheated strout dollars around their enclosure, you know how we love pen wins, they felt right at home in the wintery weather. the first snowfall of the season, at the zoo. you know, our producer vince lovers penguins. if he could adopt a penguin, he would. if you are taking down the christmas tree, weaver a suggestion. >> don't throw it out. give it to the coats. most goats raised for their milk or farm shows, here is something you didn't know, also great tree recyclers, they eat the needles. also good for the goats digestive. >> oh, my gosh. that's what meisha is eating on her diet this week. >> learned two new things today, learned about the goats
5:56 am
and meisha. >> coming up, we have been talking about the golden globes all morning, now a closer look at the fashion. see the top looks on the red card this year. >> and donald trump's transition to the white house, see what is ahead for the president-elect at his cabinet pick this week. we will be right back.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. bundle up. seriously, may not even want to walk outside orr door. waking to up temperatures in the teens. katie will let us know when we will be thawing out from the bitter cold. get this. see temperatures in the 50's. >> oh, my. >> and, crews are working through the cold, to repair giant sinkhole that swallowed two cars. we'll have a look, liver with a look, at the progress. and, the suspect in friday's deadly airport shooting in florida will be in court today. we will show you the exact moment the shots were fired sending passengers running for cover. well, today is monday, january 9. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. you can find the school closings at the bottom of our screen or on our website now a check with weather and traffic with katie and meisha.
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>> good morning, everyone, happy monday to you. very cold, icy conditions, and we have a lot going on on the roadways, not to mention water main break of course now ice. so busy in the traffic department. >> anything that even was just the tiniest little puddle of standing water absolutely frozen at this point. what i will say on my own drive in, man, crews did great job, the side streets, though, and meisha will have lot of field cameras throughout the morning, side streets even just side walks and the edge of highway. maybe not completely cleared out. so stay in your lane really that's the storiment storm scan p three, nice and clear, throwing to the satellite model over top it, really is clear sky for most every us. few high clouds starting to build in through the western suburbs, generally, clear sky, temperature had a chance to bottom out. so early morning lows in the single digits for teens at best, and we will not even hit 30, we don't think, most spots today. let alone the freezing mark. so with windchillal


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