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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, everyone, happy monday to you. very cold, icy conditions, and we have a lot going on on the roadways, not to mention water main break of course now ice. so busy in the traffic department. >> anything that even was just the tiniest little puddle of standing water absolutely frozen at this point. what i will say on my own drive in, man, crews did great job, the side streets, though, and meisha will have lot of field cameras throughout the morning, side streets even just side walks and the edge of highway. maybe not completely cleared out. so stay in your lane really that's the storiment storm scan p three, nice and clear, throwing to the satellite model over top it, really is clear sky for most every us. few high clouds starting to build in through the western suburbs, generally, clear sky, temperature had a chance to bottom out. so early morning lows in the single digits for teens at best, and we will not even hit 30, we don't think, most spots today. let alone the freezing mark. so with windchill values, you
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know, not really talking about as much wind today, but if it blows at all it, will make it feel colder. sub 32 degrees is the story until we hit midday tomorrow. that is when we actually see warmfront begin to lift in. and we will break the pattern of this arctic freeze. for now though, actual air temperatures are as such. bit of variety, millville below zero through most better part of the morning thus far. currently 15 at the airport. but we look forward here, won't get too much better than there is guys, i expect maybe ten, 12, 13 degrees better than currently finding on the thermometer, even despite generally full sunny day. there will be additional clouds that build with time however. that's sign every things to come. warmfront within, actually one of two separate warmfronts. and that's going to allow for this major thawing that we expect later this week, but that also comes with its own set of problems, meisha, which we get to later on. >> sounds good, thank you so many. we are still tracking this overturned septa bus in the median. this is live video from the
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mobile three, you can see, crews are out there trying to get this flipped right side up. then towed out of your way. woodhaven eastbound past knights road. no passengers were on that bus, all lanes however are blocked. if you are being divert today night road, alternate 95 to bristol pike or 513, probably your best bet around this. but yikes. this looks like process. >> this might be out there for quite some time. you can imagine how heff a septa bus is trying to get that towed out of the way. before do anything, the clean up after that will be a little while. also, platt bridge mid-span accident web penrose closed. our alternate, probably going to be 95 or passyunk avenue. twenty-sixth, also close the. these guys traveling in the eastbound direction, this is the westbound side, completely closed, see the crews out there right now, just heads up on that again. your alternate probably around this area, 59 or passyunk avenue, jim, rahel, back over to you. >> 2suv's are gone, but the sinkhole that swallowed them is still there.
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>> repair crews going back to fishtown after water main break created? sinkhole on east boston street. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live this morning, and trang, has the water department come back yet? i know it is early. >> reporter: rahel, they are expect in the just a few hours around 8:30, 9:00. and take a look. they have a ton of work ahead of them. when they do arrive, just massive sinkhole pretty much goes from sidewalk to sidewalk. neighbors here tell me that they were told this may not be fixed until wednesday or thursday. >> why sunday morning, quiet sunday morning, took a turn on one fishtown block. >> it was a crash. pretty loud. everybody woke up. >> neighbors look out of their windows to see massive, 40 by 50-foot sinkhole, had claimed part of the 2300 block of east boston street. two casualties along with it. >> the street ate my car. >> alyssa banks' brand new kia and bennett daniels' car too. >> we opened the door. heard a lot of commotionment look down the street, my car
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was halfway in the sinkhole. >> 6-inch water main break caused it to open up, swallowing up cars, flooding basements, sending a philadelphia water department crew to the scene. fifteen homes were left without water and gas, as crews worked to repair the damage. >> and i've got no heat, no water and no car. >> water department spokesman assured those affected that the sitly help. >> we will go through their car insurance, go through the city from there. but, you know, we will work with everyone who had any sort of damage as a result of this. >> so he lost his car, daniels just thankful no one was hurt. >> kind of disbelief. at least it wasn't our house or at least somebody got hurt, you know, just a car. >> and taking another look at this massive sinkhole here, all of the homes on this block are without water. though six homes did have their gas restored. all of that will be shut off once crews returned here later today. but for now, i'm live in fishtown, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, rahel, back to you.
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>> big job ahead of them there today, thanks, trang. staying in fishtown, another water main break on the 1400 block of fletcher street. this happened just after 7:00 yesterday morning. the city water department says two customers lost water as a result of the break. crews responded to the scene and repaired the main around 8:00 last night, water has been restored. >> well, new this morning, police are trying to figure out how a man ended up on the amtrak train tracks in north philadelphia. officers tell us, that an amtrak worker found the man with a head injury laying on the tracks just before midnight near broad and glenwood. he was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. no word if i was hit by a train. well, a fiery blaze forces dozens of passengers off a train in new jersey's florence township. >> this happened on a river line train at the florence light rail station in burlington county. we're told the fire broke out around 6:30 last night. of zero irks say 40 passengers were on board when the flames began, everyone fortunately made it off the train safely. >> the man believed to be the florida airport gunman is supposed to make his first
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appearance in court today. airport surveillance video appears to show the moment esteban santiago pulled 9-millimeter handgun from his waistband, and opened fire inside fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. unclear how "tmz" obtained the video but see frightened passengers, baggage claim area, dropped to the ground. one of the five people killed is from south jersey, he grew up in millville. israeli police arrested pine people after palestinian truck driver drove into crowd every israeli soldiers at a jerusalem tourist spot. four people dead, more than dozen hurt. israeli officials believe isis may be to blame for the attack. >> woman and boyfriend behind bars charged in disturbing murder of the woman's adopted daughter. prosecutors say 44 year old jacob patrick of bucks county, his girlfriends, 41 year old sarah packer, conspired to kidnap, rape, murder 14 year old grace packer as part of sick fantasy. >> unfortunately, grace packer
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was a disposable child to these people. and the question becomes who will remember grace patrick? who will now speak for grace packer? we will. we are right here. we are not going anywhere until we get justice for grace. >> now the county d.a. says his offers may seek the death penalty for the two alleged killers, sarah packer's preliminary hearing is scheduled for january 20th, in quakertown. >> four pennsylvania congressmen chaka fattah, asking for more free time to fight his legal battles. he has petitioned us appeals court to allow him to remain free while he appeals his conviction. he expect to win new trial based on perceived errors during his original trial. federal prosecutors oppose his request toss remain free. >> terrifying armed robbery targeted kim kardashian west. this morning, french police say extensive dragnet ends in the more than dozen arrests.
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coming up what the suspect left that led to their capture. >> plus wild weather on the west coast, massive winter storm bridges flood to go northern california, and nevada. the danger that area expects today. coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ >> well, yes, it is colds outside. >> christmas carols all over again. >> yes. >> nothing wrong with a little dean martin had it is cold outside. >> if say. sultry voice. >> it is monday. stay with us. >> ♪ ♪
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>> rid conditions lead to frightening situations. >> child trapped in the car on side of california freeway. woman emerged from the vehicle, you see the car there, woman emerged screaming that her 12 year old daughter was trapped inched side. rescuers jumped into the water to get the child. unfortunately, they did pull her out to safety. >> space x rocket launch, supposed to blastoff today from vandenburg air force base, but high winds, rain, have to disrupt those plans. event all launch will be the company's first since one of its rockets exploded in september. the new rocket will put ten communication satellites into orbit, the new date is now set for january 14th. >> heavy rains are also causing major flooding in nef add a nearly 400 homes have been evacuated so far. with more rain on the way, the situation is only expected to get worse. mud slides are expected in the national weather service says it may be the largest storm to hit the area in more than a decade. >> entire country seems to be dealing with something, katie.
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>> yes, they do. you know, we are at least here, going to end up getting some benefit out of this systems rolling our way in that. actually see the temperatures rebounds very, very efficiently. in the days ahead. so, what that will mean, thawing, can take place, it is still really cold outside right now. but thankfully we've lost the worse of the wind, not quite as harsh, system one, rolling right now, with some light snow, across the great lakes region, actually going to lift through as warmfront through our area tomorrow. then we have the second system moving in across montana, the dakotas, eventually comes in as the next warmfront. right now it is still bringing us additional precipitation across nef add a really are getting just pounded out that way with the precipitation from that first system. meanwhile, pattern change on the way. courtesy every those warmfronts. what is going happen is the jet stream. lifts off to the north, allows the warmth to nudge in. as that happens, of course the temperature is reflect in the that regard. going to ends up with these temperatures that are into the upper 50's, flirting with 60
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in some instances, and just real real change. coming our way later on. with change, a lot of times, can come some headaches, and with the warmfront, tends to get precipitation. tomorrow, late in the day, looks like, especially, we start to see some drizzle picking up. it should just be rain, from philly on southeast, but if you draw a line from berks up through the lehigh valley in toward portions of the poconos, shot to see couple of a hundreds of inch of icing before it turns over to rain. so specially for the evening drive tomorrow, things could get pretty dicey, and icy, for that matter, but, eventually see it turn over to rain. so, tomorrow evening, especially, careful, traveling there. sun and clouds, high hits 28. drop down to 19 tonight. very cold, once more. but then, it becomes a memory, that cold we start to really warm it up. flirting with 40 tomorrow. more rain comes along west. and we flirt with 606 like we mention thursday and friday. >> gorgeous, all right, katie, thank you so much. so we have to get through today first which katie said
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is very coal, there is ice on the roadways, causing for some slick conditions, just waking up with us, good morning, happy monday to you. what we are looking at live video, overturned septa bus in the median. barely see it because of these. you can see these big tractor-trailers trying to move this out. trying to get this moved out of our way for us. it is taking a minute just because that bus is so heavy. so where is this? woodhaven road past knights road, no passengers on the bus, all lanes however still blocked. and will be blocked until the septa bus gets towed out of the way. then the clean up afterward. so it could be little while. alternate 95 to bristol pike or 513. then also this. another accident platt bridge westbound, penrose closed, traffic is moving on 26th. you can see this is the wean side. eastbound side looking good. westbound side you will be stopped. will not be able to get on that bridge. so what's going to happen? use alternate. fifty-nine or passyunk, going to be your best bet. twenty-sixth street southbound off bound, closed. a lot more to talk about, first a break. stay right where you are.
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right b
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>> and from the press of atlantic city, princeton public library will reopen after being closed since october. that's when hot water heater failed, flooding the library, water was running for five hours, until it finally took the security alarm. library suffered more than $180,000 in damage. bucks county courier times about 100 people braved the bitter cold, and blowing snow, assumption of the blessed virgin mary parish in lower southampton. the garden dedicate today all of the priest who is have served the parish and those who currently or will serve the congregation. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, the long time or did a shows at san diego sea world are part every history. >> watching the final show, one ocean the title of the or did a show, stars pulled out all of the stops for the final performance, public and political pressure, over the treatment of them. it will be replaced by educational production this
6:19 am
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>> what will go along with this, temperatures into the 30's, so getting back to little bit more of dose of reality, we're everywhere on the thermometer, extreme cold, to extreme warmth. talk much more about that later on in the show, guys? >> thank you, katie. new this morning, french police arrest 16 people in connection with kim kardashian west robbery. >> reality star held up at gunpoint last month in paris. tide her up, lock her in a bathroom, stole $10 million worth of her jewelry. authorities say the robbers left dna at the crime scene. she was in paris at the time attending fashion week shows. >> some of the biggest stars in film and television were honored at the 74th annual golden globe awards, lala land took home record seven awards including best actor and actress, moonlight earned the biggest honor of the night, best drama meryl streep
6:23 am
awarded, used her remarks to call out president-elect donald trump. >> and you know the golden globes the official kick off to the award season, also preview of the celebrity style we can expect to see over the next few weeks. >> suzanne marquez on the red carpet, and shows us some of the hottest looks from last night. >> the goal end globes red carpet is the ultimate catwalk. >> who are you wearing? >> tom forward. >> gucci, lovely gucci suit. >> who are you wearing, sweetheart? >> i don't know. i got this from a tux rental place. >> littered sequin beaded and shiny gowns and rich tones, sparkled on the red carpet. >> with girls, i think sparkles are a trends every year. >> yes. >> and diamond, yes. >> designer dressed tracey alice ross, lilly colins, olivia, and sophia, sarah jessica parker oregon from vera wang's broad al collection, wing and nod to her role divorce. nicole kidman also wore off
6:24 am
the shoulder alexander mcqueen, complete with a choker, the evening's ultimate accessary, kaylee seinfeld with diamond choker her shear vera wang. pants were trends on evan rachael wood and felicity. >> one it looks great. two in honor of hillary clinton. >> the most popular color? few leading men line ryan gosling, jeremy renner wore it, lot of leading ladies as well, white. >> i was scared by white, because i am such a messy opinion. be it was just perfect, first time at the goal end globes. i feel like this is a virgin al color, so hence i am wearing white. >> christy said she had few zero seans, settled on royal purple velvet, but says curvey girls need more options. >> when you are not kind of the size zero or the sample size, you know, it is just going to take a little education. it is coming around. >> perhaps the most meaningful look was evan rachael woods' suit, tribute to david bowie's birthday, woe have been 70. in beverly hills, suzanne
6:25 am
marquez, cbs news. >> looked so good. >> the talk of the office this morning, hard to pick favorites. so many beautiful gowns. rahel who caught your me? >> mo'ne, look at her, she looks absolutely flawless, wearing armany, she had pearl in her hair, the bottom so cute. fluffy and fufu. and look amazing. also, i saw hidden figures over this weekend, amazing, brought me to tears. >> i told you. i told you. one of the best movies i've ever seen. >> did amazing. >> in my check plus is sophia, she could wear a paper bag, as far as i'm concerned. she always looks fantastic. she was in a embroidered cue tour gown. but i just, i mean, i just think she looked like a superhero over there. there weren't any crazy things last night. >> apparently she had leopard print that is g, what i'm hearing. >> sometimes you need a little something-something to get you
6:26 am
through the evening. >> whatever gets you through. >> i don't have a flask here, can you imagine if we did this show with mimosa's? that would be a good show, right, katy? mimosa's for everyone. coming up in the next half hour, repairs underway for massive sinkhole that opened up in fishtown. and swallowed up 2suv's, find out when crews expect everything to be fixed. >> and president-elect donald trump is less than two weeks away from taking office. how he and his cabinet are preparing this week. >> rahel, starting off cold, slick, busy monday morning, shuttle bus accident on the a.c. expressway and updates on water main break. all of that coming up. jim, rahel, back to you. >> live look inside day two, put being finishing touches on your morning minute. where are they? there they are. all you need to know in 062nd. that's what we do each day. that's coming up next.
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>> good morning, it is 6:30, and here areas what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> weaver some problems on the roadways already. overturned septa bus in the median. take a lock at this, you can see completely on its side, woodhaven pass night road. no passengers aboard. >> the street ate my car. >> repair crews going back to the fishtown neighborhood after giant sinkhole swallowed two cars. >> boston street remains close today traffic. take a look at just why. >> police investigating after man found on the amtrak train tracks in north philadelphia. police tell us amtrak worker found the man with a head injury, laying on the tracks. >> the man charged with killing five people and wounding six others at a florida airport is due in court today.
6:31 am
embiid taking on lopez. lays it home. it is for three, caught it, and great spot by joel embiid. >> and the sixers beat the nets 105-95. the team has won ten games so far this season, matching last year's total. >> so it seems like the process is actually slowly working. all right. >> slowly. >> let's get out to katie. >> this pros he of this weather, slowly, starting to become something that we can agree on, little warmer. >> that we can, that we can appreciate. and actually look forward to. we're not expecting any kind of major drop off. rather, a pretty significant thawing expected in the days ahead. doesn't happen today though folks. we are off to very frigid start. let me take you back to the specifics of the morning here. which is we bottomed out early this morning while on the air in fact around 5:00 a.m. at 12 degrees. yep. that's our early morning low. coldest temperature that we've experienced, since last valentine day, interestingly
6:32 am
enough, and we are expecting to thankfully start to rebound from here. but today, isn't that transition day just yet. for now we do have generally clear skies, clearly there are some clouds beginning to roll their way in. across southeastern pennsylvania, so call it partly sunny throughout the dayment look at the area temperatures, they currently stand, again, bottom out at 12 in the city. currently at 15. not much better. obviously, even single digits, is the story four mount pocono, millville, pinelands, been frigid start. at six and in atlantic city. as the day progresses expecting partly sunny sky overall. 28 degrees, both at the shore and here in the city. but again, with the sunshine along the way, your high hits 20 degrees, meanwhile coming up we are expect to go see significant climb on the thermometer, a we mention, we go from the 20's yesterday to the 20's today. then the 30's tomorrow. that starts to trend, by wednesday, thursday, meisha, talking 50's, serious surge coming our way. >> wow, that's almost unreal,
6:33 am
what we are dealing today to the 50's. speaking of this morning, morning, if you are just waking up with us, we've been tracking this overturned septa shuttle bus in the median. live video from mobile three. woodhaven road eastbound past knights road. clean up is still underway, in passengers were on the bus. septa mechanic was driver of the vehicle. all lanes still blocked, being diverted to knights road. this is getting cleared out of our way, as quickly as they k but because of the septa bus so big and hefty will be a while. not only do they have to get that pulled out of the way, but then they also have the clean up. clean up crews have to come in. so it will be a while. another alternate 95 to bristol pike, 513, your best bet. then going outside, looking at the platt bridge, where we had accident westbound mid-span. that has now since been cleared. you can see westbound side is now open. eastbound side, you have been looking good the whole time. also, been talking about this water main break in fishtown, all morning long, near to up i am street. all lanes blocked, use alternate, as well.
6:34 am
frankford avenue or york street your best bet. again, that happened yesterday. and it is still out there, this morning. then we also have another accident that's still lingering out there. a.c. expressway eastbound 054 hammonton left lane still block. a lot of construction that he we will get to in about 15 minute, jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. severe weather striking both coasts storm hit the east coast this past weekend leaving behind obviously snow and ice. >> forecasters saying that the storm out west could possibly be the worst the area has seen in more than a decade. here is hena daniels with more on the devastating weather. >> residents across northern california, are keeping a close eye on water levels. and anticipating what could be the worse flooding to hit the state in more than a decade. torrential downpours caused rivers and creeks to rise rapidly, including the russian river, which could reach flood stage today. >> you can see 40 feet, it will put it all the way to the backyard, the bulkhead of mine foundation.
6:35 am
>> along the california nevada border mild temperatures, warm rain, falling in the sierra, from melting snow. while some flooding along this river. >> this highway in the region was close in the both directions, because of massive mud slide. >> the clean up will be extensive. >> farther down street, reno, rising river has forced evacuation of nearly 400 homes. >> definitely crazy. all hoping that everything will be all right, everybody will be okay. >> blanketed parts of oregon with snow, causing white out conditions, hundreds of accidents. the stormy weather came in california entered its sixth year of drought. people along the east coast dealt with the first major snowstorm of the season. dumped as much as a foot and a half of snow in southern new england. left behind frigid temperatures. >> conditions continued to remain dangerous. >> part of north caroline are expected to see well below freezing temperatures today. for just the 15th time in 113 years. hena daniels, cbs-3,
6:36 am
"eyewitness news". repair crew going back to fishtown after water main break creates monster sinkhole. this is live picture from the 2300 block every east boston street. now we're told krause will be back around 8:30 this morning, water main break around 6-inch water main broke around 9:00 sunday morning, flooding basements with weighter, philadelphia water department arrived, the sinkhole swallowed two vehicles, one including to melissa banks. >> i obviously had no idea what to do. it is not something you expect to see when you open your front door on the major city. but the road just cave in and eat the car. little troubling. >> fifteen customers still without water. six are without gas. repairs could take couple of more days. >> happening today, the murder trial starts the new jersey father accused of killing his three year olson. prosecutors say david creato, jr., killed little brendan in october of 2015 to stop his
6:37 am
teen girlfriend leaving him. his body was found in the woods after creato found him missing. exact cause of the death was never determined. >> raphael robb out of prison this morning, former university of pennsylvania professor served ten years for the 2006 death of his wife ellen robb. raphael robb pleaded guilty to von alterer manslaughter in 2008. admitting he killed his wife during argument as she wrapped christmas gifts inside their upper merion home. >> the senate will be busy this week, with confirmation hearings for president-elect trump's cabinet picks. republican leaders say the president-elect trump, president-elect can net will be approved despite backgrounds paperwork delays. sessions and secretary of state, exxon mobile, ceo, are two of the seven cabinet mom nominees to face confirmation this week. >> we confirmed seven cabinet appoint the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them
6:38 am
either. but he won the election. >> these are people who are billionaires, and have vast holdings, vast wealth, and the american people have a right to know if they're going to be entering into office was conflict of interest. >> and inauguration day by the way one week from friday. once again, president-elect trump cast sized the media on twitter over reporting hon is paying for the wall on mexican border. he tweets: dishonest media says mexico won't be paying for the wall if they pay a little later so the wall can be built more quickly. media is fake. >> well, it is the hottest ticket in chicago. president obama farewell address, thousands of people lined out outside mccormick in the bitter coal. all tickets gone in few hours. president's farewell address is tomorrow night of the speaking of addresses, new jersey governor chris christie working on his seventh state-of-the-state address. each will be delivered tomorrow afternoon, and comes as he enters his fine year in office. >> this year's address follows
6:39 am
christie's failed presidential run in the bridgegate trial. if your commute takes you along the pennsylvania turnpike it will cost you more. tolls went up 6% for drivers paying with cash or using e-zpass, spokesman for the turnpike commission says the 6% increase helps funds long-term widening project, maintenance, toll money also goes to mass transit agencies around the state including septa. and speaking of septa, an unusual site for some septa riders and passengers started taking off their pant mid ride. >> oh, my. >> oh, ya. it all happened yesterday as part of national event first organized by comedy group people meet at 15th street station before boarding the train. they then ditch the pants, people who took part donated their clothes to local september ers. >> hundreds of transit workers walk off the job, making for messy commute for millions who rely on the subway. up next, finds out where that is happening right now. >> and we're also talking about the golden globes, we'll
6:40 am
have all of the big winners and big moments, in the awards show that honors both film and tv. plus this. >> what melania trump wears to the inaugural ball will be much more than a fashion statement. i'm weijia jiang, in washington, with the significance of the dress, coming up. >> ♪ >> hi, everyone, i took the sued off. i got the work out clothes on, here in brewerytown getting ready for special challenge, getting all of these crazies in shape. at 6:30 in the morning, so, i mean, i've got to do it, too. ready? >> ♪ >> that pat gallen, so fast, just sitting on the bench with us. >> he was. >> cold as ice outside.
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it is bitter, bitter, bitter. but, good news, it will get warmer. we have the details when we come back.
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>> jimmy fallon hosed last night's goal end globe awards, opened with musical tribute to one of the year's claimed movies, lala land. that musical set a record last night. >> chris martinez with a look at all of the big winners the 74th annual goal end globe awards. >> and the goal end globe goes to: lala lands. >> lala land, was the big winner of the night. sweeping all seven of the film's nominations. including best motion picture, director, actor, and actress,
6:45 am
in a musical or comedy. >> any creative person who has had a door, slammed in their face, finds it in themselves to get up, see moving forward, i share this with you. >> best motion picture drama went to moonlight. casey after electric won best actor foreman chester by the sea. french actress isabel, took home the award for best actress drama for elle. >> my heart is beating. if you could hear what is going on here. >> ruby weren't the only big winners, also hon orders the best in television. amc the night manager, screen acting award for television series, politics also took center stage during the show, including during the opening monologue by first time golden globe host, jimmy fallon. >> goal end globe, one of the few places left, where america still honors the popular vote. >> and actress meryl streep,
6:46 am
who accepted the lifetime achievement award a mid stant g ovation, also took aim at president-elect donald trump. >> the all my. >> kerry fisher, debbie reynolds, remembered with special tribute. chris martinez, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> you know it is a good thing they host the awards over there in california because if they were doing it here? >> but a lot of rain out there on the west coast, isn't there? >> but to find certain parts of the state, so luck any southern california not dealing with it quite as much. but also like you said, rahel, not dealing with the colds out that wayment like we are, here on the eastern seaboard, and the eyewitness weather watch remembers direct reflection that far, you have got single digits, at the moment. and couple of sub zero values, sending sending in from tabernacle one below zero, starting to see clouds building in, he actually said he never even saw the negative number on his weather station before today.
6:47 am
so you can see stars in the sky. meanwhile under generally noise clear sky, clouds building in from the west. not helping matters though. when it comes to any kind of building warmth or blanketing us, i guess could you say, from the drop on the thermometer out in that. still only at 10 degrees which ever you duet you want to pull from your hat here, i'm baby it is cold outside, little smiley emoji. cold air in place. we look at the nationwide map, you guys mention the rainout west, yes, so call not as much rain finding up toward san francisco for example and into the valley region there. but actually going to be seeing warmfront slip into our area next few days, first this system, next of which comes with this one, both roll through. both bring warming trends even despite the fact currently snow as oats aid with them. watch this. looking forward to future radar and temperature here.
6:48 am
so, noontime come tomorrow, it is definitely still cold enough in the poconos, could be snow shower. then the warmfront itself lets in. so 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 at night prime time rush hour, even as far south as indicated here on the model, there could be little bit of icing. but, it is going to warm up enough with time that it is just rain for everyone, again, tomorrow evening, there could be some icing issues in our far north and west suburbs. then look at this, flirting with 06 by thursday and fly. but still with a trade off, meisha, here, of little rain, comes with the warmfront. >> always trade off. katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, if you are just waking up with us, still following this overturned septa shut shuttle bus in the median. it was completely flipped on its side. now they have got ten right side up. this is live video, woodhaven past night road. no passengers were aboard this. septa mechanic behind the
6:49 am
wheel. all drivers blocked. you can use alternate still 95 to bristol pike or 513 going to be your best bet. but all morning long, it is taking hours to flip this right side up. then they have to actually tow it out of the way, move it out of the way, clean up crews got to come in and get it cleaned up. we expect that will be closed for quite some time. accident here 422 eastbound, between royersford and route 29. left lane block. we have more to talk about coming up in about ten to 15 minute or so. jim, rahel, back to you. >> developing now, already done bridge isn't falling down, but its subway system is on strike. >> that walk out is forcing millions to fine another way to get to workment many going by car, those on the double decker buses or walking across the bridge. protesting job cut, and safety issues. >> it is now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning, well celebrates five years on the air this morning. >> wonderful. charlie rose joins us live from new york with a pro view. good morning, congratulations to the team.
6:50 am
>> oh, thank you so much on behalf of all of us here, thank you so much. it has been a great five year run. and to you, rahel, jim, good morning, we are in the middle of the massive storm, to bring flooding to the west, plus hollywood uses goal end globes to training on president-elect donald trump. we will talk to former ciansa director michael hayden about the intelligence report on russia hacking. and this. nominees, how strong that they wrote as a joke. pushed them to fame. we'll see in you about ten minutes. >> sounds like a packed show, thank you, charlie. well, the presidential inauguration less than two weeks away. so are those in inaugural ball. >> once the ball begins all eyes on first lady mill end ya trump. the gown she wears could be an important part of her legacy. >> melania trump has graced magazine covers as former model. but her latest fashion challenge may be the most daunting yet. choosing an inaugural ball gown. no matter what she wears after
6:51 am
that, this will be the dress that is always remembered, and will be pictured on her forever. >> lisa, the curator of the first lady's exhibit at the smithsonian national museum of american history. this is woman who represents us. we feel a certain kin ship. we opportunity know that she is appropriate. >> first ladies often showcase american designers. michelle obama wore this gown by jason woo to her first inaugural ball. woo went onto create several of her signature looks. designer cove see kelly also dressed mrs. owe bamm, a but vowed not to work with mrs. trump because of her husband's rhetoric. ford also said he won't dress mrs. trump: others welcome the opportunity. like caro lena herrera, diane von first ten berg, tommy hill bigger. says fresh beginning for the nation, predict this mrs. trump's dress will reflect that while staying
6:52 am
true to herself. >> melania has very keen sense every style. quite classic, quite elegant. not really what was considered fashion forward. i think also very constant in the way she looks. >> the style she will bring to the white house. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> so it is the beginning of the year, many people on diet trying to get back in shape after the holidays. >> one local gym encouraging all to join them for 21 day challenge. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live in brewerytown with the detail. pat, i have to let you in on little secret. we can hear you, and your trainer sounds real intense. >> yes, pretty intense here, getting ready for the 21 day challenge here, my man, osia. good morning, you have beaten us up already. >> good morning. >> tell us a little bit about the 21 day challenge you are
6:53 am
doing to get people back in shape. >> yes. really our new years pretty much resolution for our entire group. twenty-one day challenge about great workouts, putting at least 500 to 800 calories per work out. about eating extremely healthy. you walk into this building, and it is about warning. it is about accountability. last piece, social accountability. >> i like this portion of it it, keeps you accountable with other people in the area. >> exactly. we are a big community, very social. so together we go through the fitness training to get the special sauce. >> what rocks it for you? where did you come up with the idea of 21 day? >> i do a lot of research, what works, what doesn't. and 21 days shows that it helps it create new habits. >> right. >> so after that, hopefully most habits are fixed and people start to use those throughout their eating, work, lifestyle, workouts. >> the diet, i think, it has it be one. most important things.
6:54 am
i mean, could you work out all you want but if you don't eat right what's the point. >> diet is the key factor. pretty much low carb protein diet. no alcohol. >> no alcohol? >> no alcohol. no wine. for all of the winos and beer guys, no alcohol. but so after you do it, your body feels great, detox, and you lose pounds. >> twenty-one day challenge, diet. a lot of people when they get into it back in january, they jump noop a gym. they fade out. >> yes. >> what's the one key that you would give to those people? don't give up and get active? >> well, i would say, one, go with a friends. you say do you? you may not want to work out or eat healthy but if you do it together it will go longer. >> all right, let's jump in. >> guys, this is real sweat. this is really make up running on my face right now. >> good. >> kick, kick. side to side.
6:55 am
good. curl it up. curl it up. >> jim, rahel, this is right up your alley. did he say right up our ally? >> be sure before and after exercise, because his arms, they're like tree trunks. wow. >> oh! >> you might remember osai from the art museum work out. >> yes, i was going to say, same guy? >> i remember the arms, holy cow. >> i would definitely pay attention if he were my instructor. >> i have arms like that, but i wish to cover them up. just too much for television in the morning. >> i thought we were leaving the lies home? >> thanks, pat. >> we will be right back. three to go coming up. >> they are, they buldge through this giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
6:56 am
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in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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school across the area are opening late after this weekend's snowfall. see the full list on our website and the cbs local app. >> krause returning to fishtown after a sinkhole opened up. 2300 block of boston street. >> nash start the year with a clear desk, work space, you are welcome, jim. >> that's three to go.
7:00 am
cbs this morning is next. cbs this morning is next. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is monday, january 9th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive storm swamps the west with what could be the worst flooding in a decade. rushing water goes through home and traps people in their cars in the hardest hit airy. hollywood uses to golden globes to attack donald trump. how to avoid a victim of price discrimination on the internet. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's crazy how


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