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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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area. whatever it the takes to get us out of this frigid start this morning. 12 degrees was our morning low , that is coldest temperature in philadelphia since february 14th valentines day this past year. it was a frigid, valentines day, 12 degrees this morning and still, it is very cold right now. temperatures about 20 degrees below average, to 22 right now in philadelphia, 23 in allentown. fourteen in mount pocono. twenty-two in lancaster. we will factor in the wind as well. the wind are strong. the with the wind it feels no better than 12. mount pocono feels like zero, feels like temperature this dover, 14, and wilmington, 13. i mentioned threat for icing, coming up we will break that down more in depth but i want to show you areas under a winter weather advisory that includes upper bucks, montgomery counties, portions of the poconos and lehigh valley. berks county as well does not include areas there philadelphia, on south, so that is good news but we will see some just plane rain, and as that moisture starts to move in and as temperatures
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begins to rise but before we go above freezing, again we are looking at temperatures at 94 hours, below the freezing hashing. we will drop below freezing at friday at 2:00 it the has in the gotten close to the freezing hashing since then, possibly by noon time tomorrow , we will see temperatures finally get above 32 degrees. then we're talking about possibly hitting 60 degrees by the end of the week. i'll tell you her about that coming up. ukee. >> kate, thank you. frightening scene unfolding on a new jersey highway this morning when a 50-s is windshield of the elderly driver's suv. driver then crashed into the wood off the new jersey turnpike and oldman's township salem county. joe holden is live outside crozer-chester medical center where the driver is recovering tonight, joe. >> reporter: ukee, if evening. i spoke to patricia decarlo, she has been at the hospital all day waiting on word of her husband jack decarlo, she tells me he had been in surgery and that after all of this, she is numb.
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troubling questions and few answers as to where this came from and how nearby overpasses could actually lay into this investigation. seven five-year old jack decarlo of hamilton township new jersey is loaded into a waiting medical helicopter after state troopers say that a 50-pound dumbbell, came smashing through the windshield on his suv seriously hurting him. freak incident happened near mile hashinger six on the turnpike's southbound lanes in oldman's township salem county make out jack outlines of the tum bell in the partially shattered windshield. just spoke on the phone with jack's wife patricia said they were heading south and just shy of the delaware memorial bridge when dumbbell shattered the windshield. patricias was than the hurt but tells me that jack had been in surgery. she wanted to thank the police , and passerby who pulled over to him them. as far as investigation is concerned police haven't said where they believe the
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dumbbell came there. but nearby overpasses could provide clues. from chopper three you could see tire marks, left by the car, after impact. the decarlo's suv veered off highway and immediately after crossing below an overpass. and we are in regular contact with the decarlo family. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 more from the family on how seven five-year old jack decarlo is doing, and, more on the police investigation, and possibly the source of that dumbbell. i will see you in an hour. reporting live from upland, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. family of the young girl killed by a hit and run driver in west philadelphia last novice now giving thanks to members of the police department. iisha pool and her three children stopped by 19th district today with some gifts pool just wanted to thank them for supporting her family, as they grieved the loss of eight year-old jay anna powell. hear what else that grateful mother said tonight on
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"eyewitness news" at 6:00. repairs on the giant sinkhole this is philadelphia fishtown neighborhood are continuing after the water main break caused a section of boston street to collapse. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has more on the least pair efforts. >> reporter: this is second day of repairs and clean up for crew is here as they worked to repair this massive sinkhole, but there is still a long road ahead. >> i had a moment this morning where i was like look at this. >> reporter: a list banks never thought she would look out her trent door and see all this but her kia soul and one other car swallowed by a sinkhole. >> street ate my car. >> we heard a lot of commotion , and then looked down the street and my car was halfway this is sinkhole. >> reporter: around 9:00 sunday morning a 6-inch main broke in the 2300 block of east boston treat which gave way to a massive sinkhole >> i heard a noise that sounded like a bucket of the backhoe hitting ground. i was out front. my car was complete thely in the hole. >> i remember walking down the street, and a little kia.
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fell right through street. >> reporter: after hours, were able to pull the 29 cars out of the mess but philadelphia water department spokesmen john dejulius said this will not be an easy fix. >> total loss is approximately 40 feet by 50 feet. it goes under the street. >> reporter: claims department will help any customer with property damage, that includes , bennet daniels whose 2004 subaru forrester ended up in the sinkhole. >> at least it wasn't our house, you know, or to be got hurt. just a cart. >> reporter: crew are capping off sides of the water main that are still salvageable. part broken has been removed, we are toll at least 15 customers are still without power, and water here, and that could continue on for several more days. the reporting from fishtown i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". iraq war veteran accused of shooting a man in fort lauderdale made his first court a earns pennsylvania he is charged with committing
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violence against people at international airport result ing this death. wear shackles and red jump suit, esteban santiago was taken court for his first appearance. during a is a minute hearing, the 26 year-old told the judge he understands, the charges against him, and that he only had about ten dollars in the the bank. >> he responded a property the eighthly with answer that is one would expect when asked those questions. >> reporter: santiago is accused of killing five people and wounding six others in fort lauderdale's airport. video from tmz shows the suspect pulling out his gun, and thehehepenini fire. it is not men how, tmz obtain the video. last november, santiago walk in the fbi office in alaska and told federal agents that u.s. intelligence was controlling his mind. the agents took his licensed gun away a for a month and then returned it. it is the same gun used in the massacre. >> so the fact that he was cleared by the doctors, and that they may have found him to be under some stress or having some issues, the fact that they didn't issue a full
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incompetent evaluation of him, is what allowed him to have his gun back. >> reporter: legal experts say santiago's competent sensecy would be a major factor in all aspect of his case and will be central in the argument for or against the death penalty, if he is convicted. >> he is not the competent, to assist in his defense, they cannot even have a trial for him. he cannot stand trial if hees found to be mentally incompetent. >> reporter: santiago will be back in court for a bond hearing next week. executions have been old hold in florida since u.s. supreme court struck town the state's death penalty law a year ago. florida supreme court overturned a rewritten version in october. one of the airport shooting victims has connection to our area six two-year old terry andres grew up in millville, new jersey. "eyewitness news" talk with his aunt and uncle they say they don't want terry's tragic death the to over shadow the story of his life. >> this was at christmastime. he calls all the time. he is almost like one of my
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kids. i cannot say enough. i loved the kid, every time we got off the phone, wow say uncle dick, i love you. >> reporter: andres is a father of two and grandfather of three was raised in millville and had relocated to virginia before -- virginia beach before meeting his wife. the couple was in florida in route to the caribbean cruise. santiago carried a gun his checked bag which ace loud by tsa. coming up on "eyewitness news" 59:00, some lawmakers are taking a look at guns on planes coming up 59:30. fate of convicted charleston church shooter dylann roof will be in the hand of the jury. the the 22-year old representing himself in the death penalty trial rested his case today with the calling any defense witnesses. prosecutors called 25 witnesses to the stand over four days. jurors will deciding whether to sentence roof to death or life in prison, for the 2015 killings of the nine black parishioners. the deliberations are expect to begin tomorrow. authorities in florida, continue their search for a suspect accused of killing a
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police officer. the master sergeant deborah clayton tied a short time after being shot outside of an orlando wal-mart this morning. the alleged gunman 41 year-old markeith lloyd was already wanted in the murder of his pregnant, ex-girlfriend, last year. investigators say sheriff's department also died in the crash, while searching for the suspect. >> this is probably one of the toughest days for me and my career. because not only did we lose an orlando police officer today, with you we loss an orange county deputy sheriff as well. >> police are calling that alleged gunman armed, dangerous. a $60,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to his rest. police are looking for suspect involved in an early morning robbery, in kensington last week. this surveillance video shows suspect tried to break in the home on, the 1900 block of east letterly street around 3:30 last thursday. when he could not get in he walk away. but he came back a short time
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later and this time, he kick down the the trent door. authorities say that he got away with two heaters, a lock set, and a faucet. if you have any information, call police. governor tom wolf's latest stops on his jobs that pay tour took him to jody natural foods this cherry hill. >> the governor began with the tour of the facility where he, sampled traditional indian food. he hosted an employee round table where he promised to take any concerns back to harrisburg. issues discussed included health care, expansion and creation of new jobs. jody has been producing high quality indian food since 1979 well, coming up on "eyewitness news" a break in the kim kardashian robbery case, police smashed through gates and raided homes taking 17 people in custody. we have details on the wide net authorities had to cast to nab the suspects. on line shoppers beware, your on line history could cost you money, we will tell you how to protect yourself. and it the is the speech a lot of people are talking
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about actress merrill streep golden globe comments and reaction from president-elect trump. we have a live report from los angeles,
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right now there is break ing news coming from philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood where chopper three is live over a crash involving a bus, a cool bus,
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and a pickup truck on castor avenue. the right at on ramp to northbound i-95. it is unlear if there are students or if any students were on the bus. at least one person was taken to the hospital, by medics. we will bring you more information, as it the is made available to us tonight. shopping on line is convenient but could make you a rick tim of price discrimination. companies can use data like your past searches or location to influence the price that you pay. three on your side's jim donovan explains how that could heene paying more, at the check out. >> reporter: like it or this is the when shopping on line, companies learn a lot about you. according to software developers christian benfield. he said companies can track virtually everything that you do on line including had websites you visited, what items you have purchased, your location, or what device you are using. and based on that, you may get different search results, and enterprises. to demonstrate he looked up hotel rises on travelocity
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using house invention called an e blocker which makes it seem as if he he is searching there different devices. >> lets see the price on an i pad. >> reporter: then he searched acting as a lap top. >> lets see the revel lens that it comes up with. >> reporter: he got two different prices. travelocity says it is is attributable a deal this owe tell was offering to customers on mobile devices exclusively. increasingly common practice in the travel industry. it the is what advocates call price discrimination, different prices for different people, and those varying prices aren't limited to help tells, or anyone site a 2014 northeastern university study found evidence of personalized prices on nine out of 16e commerce sites including cases where sites altered rises by hundreds of dollars, on some sites, that said users were steered toward more expensive hotels. but trade experts say that tracking allows companies to
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customized offers that customers to want. >> i don't want to receive ads from zappos for women's shoes. i want to receive ads for hence shoes, and the athletic shoes. >> reporter: some find the ra a little will creepy. >> sure, sure it is a little creepy but so is, all of the stuff that credit cards and retailers have been collecting about you, for decade and decade report report price discrimination is perfectly youe blocker device, use separate browsers or clear your browser history on a regular basis. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. prices in california are bracing for more rain after a weekend storm surging from hawaii toppled town trees, and stranded drivers on flooded road. those torrential downpours caused rivers and creeks to rise rapidly. mud slide and flooding throughout northern california , led to road closures in the state's wine country. the residents say that they are taking it easy as they get ready for the next round of
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storms. >> it is hard to drive. very thick, you know. it rained so hard you cannot see out the windshield. pretty dangerous to drive like that. just taking it nice and easy. >> forecasters are expecting more rain to move through the area tonight and over next couple of days. >> kate joins us now and it sound like we will go from the dead of winter to an early spring next couple of days. >> yes, that is what it will feel like. >> yes. >> so different. >> huge roller coaster as we go from the teens and 20's to near 60 degrees. >> wow. >> possibly in the 60's by end of the week. we will have rain in the forecast as well here in philadelphia over the next few days and rain tomorrow, could come in, in some spots, when temperatures are to still very close to that freezing mark. ground has been very cold as we know in the wake of the snow this weekend. that means we have got threat for some ice. lets get in to it. we will look outside, take you down the shore where we still see snow on the boardwalk from this weekend's snow at the shore, it has had highest totals a few spots long new
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jersey coast checking this with around 8 inches of snow. we had over a foot in spots down around delaware beaches so it is a very active storm, bit of the over performer as it moved a little further inland but we had 1 inches here in philadelphia. but a total of just over 5 inches on the season so far, ocean city looking beautiful with the snow on the ground tonight. that should be melting quickly as will this snow that we are seeing in kutztown. kutztown area middle school, where temperatures currently 20 degrees and plenty of snow the ground as you can see. storm scan three is quiet, just some cloud out there right now, and, now you to zoom out to see our next system that has a warm front that will pass through tomorrow afternoon or evening. could touch off a stray snow shower in spots but then we have got a threat the for rain tomorrow night, and it the is when that rain comes through that we will have to watch for the threat at least for some icing. so rest of today is quiet. tomorrow is quiet until tomorrow night. there it comes. comes through late tomorrow night and as it does so little bit of rain for philadelphia,
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but north and western parts of the city where temperatures are close to the treeing mark tomorrow night we will see a threat for ice at the on set of the the precipitation. not lot. we're talking about .2 in quakertown. possibly a tenth of an inch in the poconos. the that is when things can get dicey on the road. play it safe if you are in the far north and western suburbs. the winter advisory has been issued, upper bucks, montgomery counties right through lehigh veil, berks county and poconos from 11:00 a.m. tuesday to late tuesday night, 11:00 o'clock in upper bucks, montgomery counties, 2:00 a.m. for lehigh veil, poconos and berks county far northern western suburbs, light snow, change to go freezing rain, up to an tenth of this much of ice and slippery road. here in the city mess of the day is dry and then rain comes in tomorrow night, good news about the rain this week is that it mostly will be coming through during the overnight hours, an every night we have a chance for rain and we will see temperatures surge surgeon we will go ten to 20 degrees above average through the rest of the week. we could be challenging 60
5:20 pm
degrees by thursday and friday, coming up we will time out rain this week and i'll tell but chance for wintry wet they are week and then again, your overnight low, 19. that is last time in the teens for a while. tomorrow is mostly cloudy, maybe a stray snow shower in the afternoon but it looks quiet. rain comes in tomorrow night. look at the that jump in temperature wednesday. fifty-three. showers in the morning. then we will clear it the out with some sun, it will be a big difference 567893. to near 60 on thursday. still cannot rule out a shower in the morning but we will have some sun here and there. it will feel like the start of the syringe. >> that is a wildly different experience. >> come on, bring it. thanks, a rebater it. there are some people disciplined and hit the gym every day. >> as we try to squeeze it in when we can as long as you get recommended amount, what is better. health reporter stephanie stahl has the answer for you, don. they dropped passes and made life difficult on sundays and now someone has to pay the price. eagles fired one of their coaches, find out who is on the move next
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don bell, joining us, nice to see you. >> happy new year. >> happy healthy 2017. >> how long before you stop saying. >> all year long. >> until 2018. >> okay, really. >> this july. i will be saying happy to be back at the test being. you know how sports work if you cannot change the layers, um, you have to change the coaches. that is how it rolls. one and ton eagles tired wide receivers coach greg lewis after one season on the job. lewis didn't have a whole lot to work with but wide receivers never seemed to improve from week one to new years day. eagles top wide out jordan matthews and he finish forty-eighth in the nfl in receiving yard. no word, on g lou's replacement. for more than 15 years brian prop was living a dream. he wore defenders on the ice and for tech cade wore orange and black but in 2015, he lost his ability to skate.
5:25 pm
leslie van arsdal has story on his journey back to the ice. >> reporter: flyers alumni get ting ready to take on the penguins, alumni on saturday but for brian prop, it is part of his journey after suffering a major vok. >> i have a good story to tell you this, i'm helping other people that aren't as for the that it with stroke, abe brain injury. >> reporter: he relearn to skate eight months ago but still tastes many challenges. >> getting trusted, working, you though, and eating, my right half doesn't respond as well and i cannot write with my right hand. >> i'm very fortunate that i can still seek, and, i'm getting better every day. >> reporter: a hazing his alumni team hates in the process. >> you can see how much love he has for the game, and how much as. he is always laying in our alumni games throughout the delaware valley, and he just loves being out there, and the fact that he is out there laying and still scoring goals , you though, it is a
5:26 pm
testament to his hard work and perseverance, great to see him out there. >> i think with his screens, the way he has come through with his rehab and where he has come through thousand, it the is great for people to come through. >> reporter: for ron saturday will be much more than just a game but next step on a long road to recovery. >> on a break away, shorthand, score. >> leslie van arsdal, for "eyewitness sports". >> prop is a man, indeed. >> yes. >> the fly guys. >> on top of their record books in a lot of record books >> thanks, done ton. coming up next, the kardashian robbery mystery over? police smashed through gates and homes, taking 17 people in custody. we will tell you about the wide net trench authorities had to cast to nab a suspect. winners of the fashion and the speech, that has everyone talking including president-elect trump, live report there los angeles this less than ten
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airport shooting this fort lauderdale has law headachers taking a you this look at rules about guns on planes, and in unsecure area of the airport. authorities say that the alleged gun hand traveled with the weapon that he used in that deadly rampage, it was in his checked baggage. that suspect esteban santiago appeared this court today. news continues at five will 30 hi everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. in a red prison jump suit santiago was appointed public defenders and ordered held in custody. he was told he could face the death penalty. as cbs news reporter tony, reports same gun seized by authorities last year is one used in the rampage and that has some raising questions. >> shots fired. >> reporter: part of the surprise of friday's shooting is the gun man arrived on an incoming flight and so did his gun. last year the tsa reported confiscating more than 3300
5:31 pm
firearms from carry on bags. but the agency allows guns this checked luggage. they have to be unloaded, and locked in a hard identified containers and owners have to declare them at ticket counter >> we will have to take a hard look once and for all at the unsecured areas of our airports. >> reporter: florida congress woman debbie wasserman schultz said she plans to review security procedures with tsa leaders. a tsa agent, shooting in 2015, outside of a security center outside los angeles international airport. rules regarding guns and air ports vary by city and state. the national council state legislatures has identified 16 , including that, which ban ned people from carrying guns in all areas of the airport. law is only protecting criminals but not law abiding citizens want the right to defend them self. >> reporter: craig stuby introduced a bill to allow own ers with permits to open to carry guns this areas like the place for friday's shoot to go
5:32 pm
occur. he suggest the 452nd attack could have ended even sooner, if other passengers were armed >> that is a ludicrous suggestion, if someone, with a gun, in a baggage claim area, opened fire, in the middle of hundreds of people, the life lost would have been probably worse. >> gun laws differing from state to state dozens of people get to hear at laguardia airport tea claire their gun at ticket counter and then reportedly face arrest because they don't realize under city law they need a special permit to possess it, but in other cities people are fine, travel from air tort to airport with their firearms this problems at all. tony decopill, new york. trench police are questioning 17 people in connection with the armed robbery of reality tv star kim kardashian west. police say that the suspect are between 23 and 72 years old. they were arrested and raided in three different cities. kardashian west was in paris
5:33 pm
for fashion week in october when she was hell at gunpoint in her apartment. ten million-dollar worth of jewelry, was stolen before the robbery, and kardashian west spoke to 60 minutes, about the highs and lows of being a reality star, and suspects can be held for up to four days before french police must press charges or release them. for the first time in 30 years, the u.s. is stepping up military presence in europe. it doesens of u.s. tanks and other weapons arrived to awaiting 4,000 american soldiers. it is all part of the obama administration's efforts to deter potential russian aggression. america is also, increasing its support of nato, although president-elect trump has denounced the organization and says he hopes to restore good relations with russia. incoming administration could reverse military build up, but it would take months or even years. president-elect donald trump briefly talk to the media at trump tower about his plans to bring jobs back to the u.s. they could include economic
5:34 pm
support from two of the world 's biggest companies. these conversations, come as senate prepares to hold confirmation hearings on mr. trump's cabinet nominees. >> yes, we had a great meeting , it is jobs. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump focused on the economy during series of meetings with business executive including jack ma'am >> small business on the platform selling products and american services, to china and asia, because we're big in asia. >> reporter: mr. trump met with french fashion billion air, bernard arnot who is considering new factories in the u.s. >> we will do wonderful things in this country. great things. jobs. a lot of jobs. >> reporter: while president-elect continues to hold heatings this new york the first of his cabinet nominees are preparing for senate confirmation hearings which begin on tuesday. >> i think they will all pass, every nomination will be, they are all at the highest levels. >> reporter: first up attorney general nominee jeff sessions and home land security pick
5:35 pm
general john kelly. senator sessions is likely to face some tough questions from collogues, about his allege racial and inn sensitivities 30 years ago. the those accusations were enough to deny him a seat as a federal judge in alabama but mr. trump is not concerned. >> to, i think he will do good high quality man. >> reporter: senate minority leader chuck schumer systems will focus on senator sessions record on immigration and voting rights during tuesday's hearing. democrats are calling for congressman john lewis, a civil rights icon to testify during senator sessions confirmation hearing. meantime mr. trump took to twitter after merrill streep targeted him in a speech at golden globes. he says quote merrill streep, one of the most over rated actresses in hollywood, doesn't know me but attack last night at the golden globe s. she's a hillary flungy who lost big. that was just one of the stunning moments as hollywood kick off its the award season last night. >> with more on the speech and the tweet heard around the
5:36 pm
world winners and the fashion, nancy odell from entertainment tonight, joins us live there los angeles, and nancy, i know you are standing by, it was what a night. >> hi nancy, can you hear me? >> well, ukee and jessica golden globes is a show of surprise but also an indication who could be front runner for the entire award season. >> ryan gosling. >> this isn't the first time i have been mistaken for ryan reynolds but it is getting out offhanded. >> reporter: ryan gosling may have won best actor for the l.a. l.a. land but he got a consolation prize from his x. >> when you won there was a kiss between ryan and andrew garfield. >> what is this. >> they kissed each other. >> they did not kiss each other. >> they kissed each other. >> they did. >> yes, they kissed each other >> reporter: merrill streep had her home. >> i have lost my voice. >> reporter: but found that
5:37 pm
voice when taking on president-elect. >> when the powerful use their position to bully others we we all lose reports report twit ter at the months fear lit up with praise and merrill went from fiery to emotional ending with a nod to pal carrie fisher. >> take your broken art, make tonight to art. >> it will take longer to get ready tonight. >> would i never be able to look in the the mirror tomorrow. >> reporter: and the secret behind sjt dress is a vera wang wedding gown and her hair , many thought it was a tribute to princess leah, it it was tuesday's greatest hair extension that is came off at the end of the night. >> that hair, um. >> it is beautiful. >> it is like the smaller version, but she like it is beautiful. >> reporter: going dangerously low with plunging neck line was definitely in. so was wearing yellow, wait until you see. >> finding a dress when you are pregnant. >> you know, you have to to a little bittive rent pregnant. >> tell me about that dress. >> well, it is very heavy and everything is very
5:38 pm
strategically laced. >> reporter: and i have got to say usually you see one or two people walking up what were they thinking but i didn't see any of those last night. everybody looked fantastic. tonight, at 71:30 on et we will see date night after parties, we will break it all down for you, it will be a huge, huge, show, ukee and jessica. >> lots to talk about. >> thanks, nancy, a rebater it more entertainment news. u2 is come to lincoln financial field as part of the band's joshua tree tour. the album turns 30 this year, and the album will be performed in its entirety the at the concert. tickets go on sale, january the 17th. are you a weekend warrior or daily gym rat, still ahead tonight is it better to get your work out in gradually or squeeze it in, on the weekend. stephanie stahl has details in less than ten minutes. one big question for fashionistas as the
5:39 pm
inauguration nears what will melania trump wear and how will it affect her legacy in the white house, kate? well, we are keeping an eye on the weekend, we have got mild conditions leading into the weekend but temperatures will start to scale backward through weekend time frame. more cloud in the forecast as well and cloudy stretch through the end of the week and weekend. we have got chance for rain especially saturday possibly even a wintry mix and snow could mix in with temperatures only in the 40's and down to the zero's at night. pretty seasonal stretch. we will kee
5:40 pm
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5:42 pm
she has strutted down runways and appeared on the cover of the fashion magazines but now speculation has begun on what future first lady melania trump will wear to the inaugural ball. >> trump's choice of gown is expected to play an important role in the first lady's
5:43 pm
legacy. the in the past first ladies she case american designers but melania trump does not have to stick with that tradition. >> melania has a very distinct personal style which is quite classic, quite elegant, and not really what would be really fashion forward. i think she's also very confident in the way that she looks. >> mrs. trump's gown is expected to reveal style she will bring to the white house. she's not given any clues about what designer she will bewaring. >> i bet vegas has a wager you can bet on thinking. >> that is right. >> having a hard time getting your work outs in. >> what
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch weekend warriors you do not to have feel so guilty. new research out says even a limited amount of exercise cap be helpful. >> health report are stephanie stahl is here with more on, the new study.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: yes, happy new year. you know, many people cannot find the time to exercise, during the week because they are too busy with work or family or whatever. well, now this new research says that packing in the physical activities, on just the weekends, it is still beneficial. georgio capani is a teacher with busy schedule and finding time to hit the gym isn't easy so the 38 year-old crams her work outs into just two days. >> you know, after long days that you want to go and sit down and rest, and rest your mind. >> reporter: guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week eye tiehlly spread out but new study suggest that jamming your exercise into just one to two days, can also be beneficial. for so-called weekend warriors , like georgia. now the research shows that a reduced risk of death there all causes, including cardiovascular disease and
5:48 pm
cancer. >> that was about a 30 percent lower risk of death compared to an ago i have individual. >> reporter: study looked at fit these surveys on nearly 64,000 people in the u.s. over a decade. but more is better, researchers found that people who exercise three or four or shore times a week had additional health benefits. >> people may want to kentucky health outcomes other than just mortality and death, such as diabetes, or mental health, and depression, sleep. >> reporter: georgia who owns works out two daises in unusually good shape for her limited amount of time in the gym. >> i feel better. >> reporter: now researchers found that any activity is better than none, so it is important to get moving anyway that you can. in terms of the just heart disease, exercise helped reduce risk of a fatal coronary by an i am rest i have 40 percent. so remember, it doesn't have ton intense. ukee's new motto is.
5:49 pm
>> lean, mean in 17. >> that is right, come on. >> let's do it. >> you know, you don't have to go crazy with it. >> that is right. >> thanks, stephanie. >> that is my motto too. >> yes. >> okay. >> okay. i would like to go to the walk but mother nature said no. >> i was out walking on saturday in the the snow because we were at penn state/ michigan state game, and everybody was just walking, and it was just cold. it was not, not good. >> no. >> today and yesterday haven't been too great either. it will get better, finally we're talking about a surge in temperature after the brutal spell of very, very cold weather. thousand we're looking at a surge toward 60's. it will feel like winter is done with us but not so fast. it is only early january. we have plenty of winter left to go but nice respite is just what the there ordered. we will start off in our roof cam in center city. looking beautiful right new. we have everything all lit up,
5:50 pm
skies are generally clear but boy, you step out identify there and that cold will hit you right away. it is in the lower 20's. it feels like the low teens. single digits in some spots. it will only get colder as we head through overnight hours. but maybe it will make it better if i tell will you this is last night we are talking about brutal cold before we warm things backup again. if you can get through it this you are sitting pretty rest of the week temperature wise. only 21 degrees as we check with william in levittown. twenty-one with partly cloudy skies: dew point very dry 8 degrees. there is no moisture in the atmosphere whatsoever. it is cold, dry. humidifiers off tonight if your kid get dry skin and bloody nests with the cold, try air you may need that. 25 degrees at david mitchell's house. pleasant machine evening everyone. cold, monday evening. but pleasant. looking at the bright side. nineteen as we check with chuck pressler, in bedminster. it wasn't a nice looking take.
5:51 pm
blue sky, sunshine that connor sent thus one. this sunrise this morning, nice pink sky this morning. it was a beautiful start the two day but not all that cold. not all that warm. you needed all of the layers out there, didn't even want anything but eyes showing to take. by end of the week you can shed those parkas. we have a big swing coming. lets look at what is going on storm scan three to start things off here. not a whole lieutenant to see in our neck of the woods but back toward midwest and northern plains is where our next system is. it toss than the have a lot of moisture with it. you can see snow lining up there winnipeg through minneapolis and portions of illinois, chicago seeing light they right thousand, that is heading our way as we get into tomorrow. i'll time it out. what to expect? mostly cloudy conditions for your tuesday, at mess we will pick up a light snow shower in one or two spots. highs near 40. it is better. tomorrow much more sees local then it has been. tomorrow night the that rain will move through. here's what that looks like. future weather, counting this
5:52 pm
out, tomorrow not much. one snow shower could creep this midday, and most of us don't see much of thinking at all but as we head into tomorrow night look at the this rain halving from the west. see pink? that is treeing rain, just off to the west but as it moves over philadelphia, temperatures are warm enough here that this is just plane rain. head up in the far northern and western suburbs this will freeze on contact. that is 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night. tomorrow night watch for very slow conditions, icy conditions, dangerous conditions, in north and western suburbs. meanwhile just rain here in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. showers continuing in early wednesday morning. watch what happened wednesday after then. we have sunshine returning. thighs mild day. another chance for showers, midnight wednesday night the in to thursday, and then we will clear it the out thursday afternoon. it will turn milder as jet stream begins to surge to the north right through end of the week and into the weekend. quick climb. we will get from high of 28 today. to a high by thursday of 59 degrees. more than 30 degrees difference in the next three
5:53 pm
days. overnight it is just barely cold again. nineteen, and partly cloudy. you're witness weather seven day forecast look at this jump 39 tomorrow. fifty-three wednesday. near 60 thursday and friday and then we will see snowflakes again this weekend. we will talk more about that at 6:00 o'clock. back to you guys. still ahead on "eyewitness news" performing arts students get a show of the lifetime up close and personal. >> ♪ the the. >> up next how the students, want a preview of the major show coming to
5:54 pm
did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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5:56 pm
a new musical acrobatic adventure comes to the miriam theater at the kimmel center this friday. >> students in our area want a special in school surprise preview because of their a plus generosity. our vittoria woodill headed over to south philadelphia to get in on the excitement. >> ♪ >> reporter: impromptu performance at philadelphia high school of creative and performing arts this south
5:57 pm
philadelphia. where students piled into the auditorium for a vice preview have of sirc and wild west theme acrobatic adventure saloon but how did this come to capa? well, hats off, they led it with their new attitude. >> we had a food drive for philabundance and we raised, we don't know total poundage yet but we raised a lot of food for philabundance. >> reporter: most amount of cans in the area, in fact, which got them a front row preview to the skill, strength of professional performers. >> i trained and dance at art school and i think it its cool to see someone who has gone through a sim hard ram what their life is like right now. it makes it a life after school, and it gives them an idea what they can probably to with their career, once they graduate. >> i know we have performers coming in. the it is exciting. it is in the something that
5:58 pm
happens all the time. we are usually ones to perform we get to see other people to go stuff that we cannot do. >> reporter: this deserved performance absolutely ropes them in. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". such a treat. >> that is great. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. thousand at 6:00 an elderly man is seriously hurt after police say a dumbbell came smashing through his windshield. i'm joe holden with the central question, how did this happen. also, heartfelt thanks for police officers who say they were just doing their job, the family of an eight year-old girl killed in the hit and run accident in november, honors the officers who helped them through their ordeal. we are in for a winter warm up. it does not feel possible if you step outside tonight but we are talking about temperatures in the 20's possibly to near 60 degrees, and i'll tell you when we will get there and which areas could see ice on the way. oh, baby are you expecting you could also expect to pay a
5:59 pm
lot of money. how much it will cost to you bring this child in 2017. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. it is 6:00 o'clock. one minute, he's driving down the highway the next up, a dumbbell crashes through windshield hitting him in the head. an elderly man is hospitalized after this bizarre accident, and tonight, his tamly is talking to cbs-3. amazingly that driver was able to pull over and this one else got hurt. good evening aim ukee washington. i'm jessica keen. that terrifying scene unfold on the southbound new jersey turnpike in oldman's township salem county. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden just spoke with the victim's family and joins us live at crozer-chester medical center in upland where the victim is recovering tonight, joe. >> reporter: good evening, jessica and ukee. we just spoke to the family of jack decarlo who has been this surgery most office day. they tell us according to
6:00 pm
surgeons that they should know not until tomorrow, what jack 's prognosis going forward in the meantime jack and his wife were on their way for a two week vacation, when this horrible incident happened. seven five-year old jack decarlo of hamilton township retired prison guard, grandfather and great grandfather was on his way to the beach with his wife patricia when a dumbbell smashed through his windshield jack was injured critically. patricia was not hurt. within the hour jack decarlo's son jim spoke with us outside crozer-chester medical center. >> just couldn't believe it. just shock. never think something like that will happen. >> reporter: state the police said lit about where they believe the dumbbell came from the incident happened early monday morning, in the southbound lanes of the turnpike in salem county. police searched a nearby overpass for any possible evidence. troopers are now looking for any eyewitnesses who may have seen something, on the


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